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i eiopate of Lewin liad Carke to
.ame Delegqtes and Alter.
nat to Bosemn.m
.. n te countr Wi as
Riprn nom d, ,
Lise of These thsae bhe Clay ad Some of
the Outslde tnreldets Who Will
Take Part.
'.The a.morate of Lewis and Clarke
ght di will bold their convention to-day,
gouvealag at soon at Electric hall There
have been 141 delegatee and the mane num
ber,of altemuates hosen to represens the
various precinets, and the prospects are
that every precinct will have nearly a full
representation. The convention is to
ohnose forty delegates and the same num
baer of alternates to the state convention
that meets at Bozeman, June 9, to name
the delegates to the democratic national
convention at Chicago. Each of the wards
in the city is entitled to ten delegates in to
day's convention, Marysville to 15 and
East Helena to 10, The apportionment
for the other precincts is Unionville, 5;
Basendale, 2; Mouth of Nelson, 1; Rimini
and Little Jennie mine, 4; Butle-, 1; Kess
ler. 5; Empire, 8; Jay Gould and Stemple,
2; Canyon Creek, 1; Goodwins, 2; Silver, 8;
Valley, lt French Bar and Spokane, 2;
Mitbhells, 1; Carte nrvlle, 2; Craig, 1; Deir.
born, 1; Hogan, 1; Angqsta, 6; Dearborn, 1;
Book Creek Basin, 1; Middle Fork Dear
born. 1; Bald Butte, 1.
The delegates and alternates that will
represent the seven city wards in the con
vention to-day, as well as several of the
outside precincts, are as follows:
First Ward.
Delegates Alternates.
A. J. Fowler, J. C. Remington,
T. O'Donnell, Thos. Purcell,
J. B. Atchison, Jacob Post,
J. M. Clements, D. Merritt,
G. .W. Hauchild, D. Keenan,
John Post, John Frey,
A. O. Hanohild, L F. LaCroix,
M. Liasner, W. H. McCann,
Judge Totten. August Fack,
A. G. Clark, Jr., Joe. O'Neill.
Fecond Ward.
Delegates, Alternates.
. R. Comly, H. C. Bugard.
Finlay McRae, Leon A. LaCroix,
. Drown, O. W. McConnell,
*. M. Donahue, Morris Mathee,
O, B. Garrett, W. L. Steele,
J. A. Johnston, Jacob Feldberg,
T. J. Cronin, W. B. Bryan,
H. D. Hauser, John A. Quirk,
Geo. Marht, Jacques Cartier,
N. W. McConnell, E. L. Flaherty.
Third Ward.
Dolegates. Alternates.
C. B. Nolan, Michael Byrne,
M. J. Hutchins, Jr., W. M. G. Settles,
C. D. Curtise, C. L. Payne,
Jas. Sullivan, J. J. Fallon.
T. J. Walsh, A. P. Read,
A. J. Steele, Pat Sweeney,
S. Alexander, P. J. Connors,
H. S. Howell, Wm. Tampkin,
J. B. Simpson, Thos. Cruse,
W. M. Blackford. Louis Israel.
Fourth Ward.
Delegates. ' Alternates.
E. W. KEight, Sr., Dave Blacker,
t. R. Purcell, N. J. McConnell,
Jacob Loeb, Henry Vogel,
C. C. Stubbs, Chas. Rumley,
E. N. Brandegee, A. Gerhauser,
Wm. Davenport, Ed Zimmerman,
J. Holzberg, E. D. Bannister,
W. B. Huandley, E. B. Brnden,
J. W. Buskett, Henry Pfaume,
8. Braden. Harry Cannon.
Fifth Ward.
Delegates. Alternates. t
W. E. Cox, Percy Kennett,
Wm. Steele, S. Poznnaskl,
Lee Word, W. H. Little,
V. M. Collins, G. D. Linn,
T. H. Pleaeants, W. E. Caig, t
T. E. Crutcher, J. E. W. Clark,
W. J. Bickett, J. ILRussell,
T. L. Martin, H. F. Galen,
Pat Galvin, S. C. Gilpatrick,
C. D. Greenfield. Geo. F. Cope. t
81x th Ward.
Delegates. Alternates.
T. J. Davidson, L. Anthony,
W. C. Hickey, G. D. Francis,
Thio. Conlon, Wm. Duncan, s
John Brady, W. W. Stewart,
Jas. Cuskelly, W. L. Kelly, c
C. G. ,>tubbs, Chas. Healey,
H. Menth, D. B. Seifleld.
1). J. McNally, Wn. Moriison. H
D. Day ton, E. Hawkins,
'T. J. bebelist, M. Monheim. a
Seventh Ward.
Delrgates. Alternates.
David Marks, S. W. Langhorne, O
J'. S. M. Nesll, Joseph Evans,
E. W. Bach, Henry Fisher,
A. B. Nelson, E. W. Knight, Jr.,
H. H. Snow, John B. Olayberg,
H. S. Hepner, John Workman,
L. a. Bary, John Steinmeta, c
E. Wommelsdorf, Capt. John L. Smith, I
Wn. Taylor, Frank Jacoby, oi
W. E. Perasell. hol. Genzberger. n
East Helena.
Delegates. Alternates. d
W. O. Hutchinson, Gottlieb Kutrie, F
H. F. Gidolph, W. H. Mo;n, t
W. W. Norton, Thos, Crystal,
H. J. Slavin, H. H. Clark, w
A. F. Borns, Byron Humphery, di
Bill Downey, IDan Terry, J
Geo. Downey, G. H. Danford, N
8. T'. Ramser, A. Bohmalsle, 81
J. D. Iurns, James Lindell, L
C. N. Williamson. F. Shutten. J
Delegates. Alternates.
D. B. McKillican, John DaftlHy,
Frank lurray, W. C. Eddlemen,
G. W. Padbnry, J. P. Dunn, .
P. B. Dillon, E. H. McDonald,
J. N. Ralston. Geo. Conrad, i
J. A. Hendricks, J. J. Davis, o'
Bam Garnes, John Gleason,
P. H. Shannon, 'Thos. FarIell, DI
W. H, Finney, J. B. McKillican, He
J. D, Conrad, WC. Ilirkhead,
C. It. Dudley, ..C. ullivan; ,
iVn. MIKendrick, Pat ttarinrton, i
James Douglas, F. M. Collins, Vi
11. C. lnacorn, II. H. FIrrnny,
D. 14. Peeler, H. F. Harris.
Kessler's I'roe.lllt.
Delegates. Alternates. or
Wm. Muth, J. P. 'Po tor., l
C, P. Connell, Clorre eymer,
H. B. .Ilord-Jones, C. it. Shaw,
W. J. Fuehs, A. W. Ide,
T. O. Bach, S. H. Drvis.
---- wi
Onodwin h'reelnut.
Delegalte. Alternates., re
It. W. Dunann. C. M. Johnson, T'
Allen Gilmore, Blunrl Monroe,
Del lebert. John Whitcomb.
Rlmin l.t
Delegates. Alternates. so
Brace Willoe, R. A. ,Ion.s. Cn
J. U. Murphy. J. J. H,.aisosagy,
J. F. Mdulgrew, W. I. iartSran,
0. F. Woodrufft. George W. Love. ,
Wolf Creek.
Delegates. Alternates.
William Morris., Thomas R, Willis bil
James W, Carter Onarlie Foreman.
cuatIyt state to Aid in Vlolet
Slenetary Ja, 0, Eauay, of the board
9 Word's fair m . i., workting bare
tp 1s001. thibit of Mon
taun or t4*' lair, T
t* 1liowug lette
"1$ bhp t 40a to write I
b the OSdirdRe s f llty ommi
ners t out state a to the ad
Lsability of d ooty faire in eeal
county mar e time during the month o
ptember t rst eek of Oetobe.
he M taa tae Fair assoolatioi
ll d a state fair a
of the new auditorium building is
Helena about the middle of October
and liberal prisen ad awards will be of
ferd for exhibits in every department
The board of World's fair managers recom
mend the adoption of county fairs, for the
reason that the finest exhibit can be se.
Sleoo0ted fromeaoh, and sent to the ete fair,
a, at Helena, where the selection for the
re World's Columbian exposition can be madu
o. to a far better advantage than by gatherin.
e articles all over the country, and those who
have charge of the selection of the exhibit
re will be able to see where each county's ex.
It hibit lacks and will be able to mak,
to this arrangement to cover said defeats.
a. write to the county commissioners to take
action at their June meeting to recommen.
' the holding of county fairs, to appoint come
ae mlttee to attend to this, or to try and in.
l terest the County Fair atsociation, oi
Is boards of trades in their respective counts
seats, so that each county will have a fin
exhibit at the state fair."
Mr. Ramsay has also written letters to
it the same effect to the members of the
iii board of world's fair managers, of the same
Ii tenor, asking them to have a conference
with the county commissioners in their re
spective counties at the June session, and
a endeavor to have them carry out the msug
8; gestions made.
2; If all the countlies will send their full ex
Shibit to the state fair at Helena, Executive
' Commissioner Blakford will be enabled to
1; seleot the exhibit of the state to be sent tSc
r- Chicago. A great advantage in the stati
fair will be that the commissioner will be
II enabled to see just what each county ex
hibit lacks, and be better abl to make
good all defleiencies from any section than
Le in any other way.
Private lessons In shorthand and type
writing; first-class Instruction ; terms rea
sonnble; can hegin any day; speed alass
organized Thursday evening June 2. Call
at ofioe, room 48, Dlailey blockl. Mary &.
Programme for Those That WIll be Given
This ]vening.
The following is the programme for the
concerts to be given at the Broadwater this
evening by the Ringwall orchestra. The
first part will be rendered during the dinner
hour, from six to eight p. m., and the seo
ond part from 8:30 to 10:30:
Grand March-The Dudes.................. Blse.
Overture-Blimiramide........ ..... o,ini.
vWaltz--La irene.................-Waldteinfel.
Grand Selection-Le African.... ....Mey.rter.
Patrol-Thu lHottentots ................
itiOte--Leclsrmonde ..............Saint Ssens.
Medley American--rlks Frolics......... loeltger.
Galop-The trrasshopper.............. trauss.
Oscar Ilinawall. Conductor.
Overture--The Wstercairer............Chirubini.
Polpani-Lucie de Lammamore ...... Donizette.
Desoription--forge in the Forest....... Michelie.
Siegmonds Love's Song from Opera
Waleyria........ Wagner.
Ballet Music from Faust .......... ......ounod.
CoL. Iroadwater's-Fnnora March.... Ringwain.
Piecode d along--Golden llonde ...... Eilanherg.
Grand celection-Queen of ttaba...... Goldmerk.
Oscar idnOwaUe, Conduotor.
Lar line of new glassware Iust received at
The Hive Tat prices that deft competition.
All new patterns.
Legal blanks at this office,
ars. Anna Rarstedt's. midwlre, No. 200
N. Rodney, services can be had on the
shortest possible notice.
Resolutlons of Excelsior Lodge or Which
He Was a Member.
At the regular meeting of Excelsior lodge
No. b, I. 0. 0. F., last night, the following
resolutions were adopted:
Whereas, In view of the loss we have suen
tained by the decease of our esteemed
brother. David Orear, and of the still
heavier loss by those who were nearest and
dearest to him; Therefore. be it
Resolved, That it is but a just tribute to
the memory of the departed to say that in
regretting his removal we mourn for one
who was in every way worthy of our respect
and regard.
Resolved, That we sincerely condole with
the family and commend them for conso
lation to Him who orders all things for the
Resolved, That the lodge charter be
draped in mourning for thirty days and
that this testimonial of our sorrow be
spread upon the rsecords of this lodge and
published in the papers of this city and a
copy be sent to the family.
Miss Julia Lawrence Is aboeut to move
from room 4, Denver block, to 10i, ground
floor of tie samne blak, wlth a nmost select
stock of ladies' powders and other faeny
Officers Elected for the Essning Year and
Delegates to Bozemon Namned.
There was quite a good attendance at the
Hendrieks club meeting last evening. It
was called for the purpose of electing oflii
care for the ensuing year and naming dole
gates to the state convention of democratic
clubs that meets at Bozeman simulta
neously with the state convention. The
following officers were elected:
Presideut, 'lT'.J. Walseh; tirt vaice presi
dent, 8. K. Davis;. second vice-president,
Frulay Moalie; secretary. H. t. Hepner;
trieasurer, W . J. Fuchs.
The following delegates and altenates
were also elected to the state convention of
democratic clubs that meets at IBozeman on
June9: Delegiates, It. 1. C eith, C. IB.
Nolan, David Marks W. J. Fuohs, James
idllhvan. Alternates, 'r. J. Walst, Loon
LaCoix, Samueal Langhorne, a. K. Davis,
John A. Quirk.
Congreguatlo.il oaeclabt.
A "sociable" will be given at the home of
Mrs. Gen. Hooker, (40 North Benton cve.
by the ladies of the CongrepationaI church
Friay toening. A most cordal invitation
is extended to all. (Cronlmoireio at nine
o'clock the following prorrmumse aill bet
)oit ........Madsaln Medini and Mr. ('Iar ily.
onlo,................... .... .hl,dc 'dde y " r..
...... . ............ r.......... i Idd p m ax odi ni.
)uort .............. are. oedr aa r i t lie.s v ir .t.r'.
Violii itluo with pisl,, tcoormroioorrn.l.
Mr. :\iro arid Mr. Clark.
Puplls V*ante,l.
Would like four or five pupils in svertlh
or eighth grade wort. 'ternmo, Id rent.
class instrlction; individual Ie~e)ne, $1.
receipts are for the purchase of a lng.
rni' grove lo . oa and private houser.
ele, Inquire atrthegrove.
lIaby c .rrls ... st TI.. Has Hive.t ler than
erirr ie,. (tIalI (otm r see stair rulalcrsj iroc
whlleel trra ien ba John.
At the Montana Busiess collegef, Mlectri.
block, this wree. ,smaeor the dorut, ooan
E. 0. nIuien attii, Prin.
r Connelly, the Bal Player, Is Re.
ro leaked on Habeas Corpus
o Proceedings.
s* A Jury Flnd, That the Kleinsoh
ah midt Heating Plant Was
of all Right
in The MerrlttMeNally Damage Aultt Before
the Supreme Court-Rteovery for
. Assessmaent Work.
Joseph Connally, a member of the Great
s Falls ball team, wa released yesterday on
Shbabes corpus proceedings, There was no
'I proof thbat he was with the three thugs who
It killed Swanson near the gas house and who
-. are supposed to be the same men who
(e broke away from Ofoers Sehairrenbroieb
I and Carleon. Connelly told bow he came
id to meet the men. He was sitting in the
I. X. L. beer hall the evening before Sohair
an renbroioh was shot, when the three men
or came in. They spoke to him about the
lI game played at Electric park that after
noon. He said he did not know them, but
6 thought from their appearance that they
te were railroad men. At their invitation he
to took a drink with them. One of the men
;e handed him a $10 bill before this and
id asked Connelly to pay for the drinks. He
g. said he knew of no reason why
he should refuse the request, and
received 69.85 in change from the
to bartender. ihe man who handed him the
to $10 bill also requested Connelly to keep $5
to for himself and return the balance, which
1e Connelly did. After this the three men and
Connelly went to the Bucket of Blood
n saloon on Clore street, and had some more
drinks. All four then returned to the At
lantic Beer ball where Connelly said he left
them and returned to Great Falls the next
It Connelly applied to Judge Buck for a
writ of habeas corpus, saying he was re
strained of his liberty since May 28, by
Marshal Galvin. The hearing was before
Judge Back at two p. m. yesterday.
is The Jury Return a Verdlet In Favor of
e Fred. Gilbert,
ir A jury in Judge Hunt's court returned a
v- erdict yesterday for $1,736.50 'against
Maria and Carl Kleinsohmidt and Henry
Vogel. The suit was brought by Fred.
Gilbert for putting in, a steam heating
plant in the Kleinsoehmidt building on
Warren street at the corner of Sixth avenue.
SThe defense was that the apparatus was de
fective. The plaintiff introduced testimony
to show that the plant heated the room seat
isfanetorily. In their special findings the
i. jury said that Gilbert had performed his
part of the contract and that there war no
i. collusion between him and the arehitaects,
Mathias and Heinlein, when they gave him
a certificate to the effect that the plant was
put in according to contract. The jury were
J. E. Allen, B. W. Duncan, E. E. Wood
man, D. A. Johnson, V. H. Combs, W. H.
Battersby, A. C. Votaw, C. L. Reinig, Tim
othy Wilcox, George Bardwell, Seth Bow
t den, C. L. Fayne.
For Assessment Work.
Frank Geiseen and John Milch won a case
yesterday in Judge Hunt's court to recover
a balance due on account of representation
work done on the Red Latter mining claim
tn this county. The amount charged was
.100, and suit was brought for a balance of
66.67 and an attorney fee of $50 against
S. C.Gilpatriok, F. L. Reece and Emma
Mary Kleinschmidt. The jury brought in
a verdict for the amount against the last
0 named defendant and for interest at 10 per
cg ent from Jan. 1, 1891.
The McNally ulit.
I Arguments were heard by the supreme
I court yesterday in the suit of David Merritt
I against Building Inspector McNally for
damages by reason of the killing of his
little son, Grover Cleveland Merritt, by a
falling wall. On the trial of the case be
fore Judge Hunt Merritt lost.
Other Proceedings.
John S. M. Neill vs. Edward Jordan.
Judgment ordered for the possession of lots
8, 9 and 10, block 57, Helena townsite.
SC. E. Marvin et al. vs. . H. Klein
I schmidt. Dismissed without prejudice.
An order was made directing Receiver
William Muth to pay $500 rent to Arthur
t R. and Mary Wilson for the time during
which Sheriff Jefferis had possession of the
stock of Greenhood, Bohm & Co. The re
ceiver was given permission to continue the
prosecution of two suits in Idaho to recover
on promissory notes, the suits having been
instituted by Greenhood, Bohm & Co.
The trial jurors in departments' 1 and 2
were discharged yesterday from further at
The calendar in department No. 2 will be
called on June 4.
The largest line of purees, card eases and
leather goods in the city at 'I'ie Bee live.
Tho celebrated Jackson corset waist in black
and colors at Itutchor & lredlrly'e, Io0 Iroudwty
Ladies' underwear at The oee Hive in large
vahiety at bargain irrices.
A Special MIeetling
Of Capitol lodre No. 2 A. O. U. W. will be
held in its hall on Friday evenin', June 3,
at 7:30 o'clock sharp, for the purpose of
periectinog arr:anreOments fr tile supreme
loidge reception. All members are expected
to be present.
Ii. LOKEoY, M. W.
S. A. D. Hxtn, Recorder.
HIy a ladies' silk umbrnolla Cor $1lO or a gen
tlrrsu'e 28-ineh ,dl silk umbrolla for ti. lb at
'The leo live eoPeisl sale.
rio to 'lThe lise tlivo for bargsin-i in ladinri'
nite8oo' anrd hiiidr','r'i hoaioriy arid underwear.
Notice ito 'ralyers.
All parties having assessment lists must
fill out and return the siretto tihe ass0.csor'A
olicr forthwith, otlherwise the tr:sosement
will be made up from the records, and any
mistakes made will he attributed to their
own niegligence. Gro. VAt.LR,
lvery o:e can albord to carry a silk uomhrell.a,
faist black. w+I, in ii.+}'t iCr+ lIw a: *I 'itt aS
edvurrtrverl ii:ttt ri cllr 'hi nby ri nhe ti Ililew
Nllolmi itRekrskl Lrodlgr. No. t, I 5
IMorts t..el fret and third Thuredays of
every mouunth t eight o'clck p. tI.
Ni.l,te W1. N.lrs, Noble Grand.
A. (i. r 'rnsran, Secretary.
l',rtr kidriglovres at 'l'h, Lee Ilire thl wsk
only $1."5,
Agents ~Vtlateld.
Agent in Hlirlena uand every city itn Mon
inu, wanted by New York Life insurance
coral'rnay. Large comnliaiaiou iaid; ex- V
rrtnoe linot necessary. Address 1i, liailey
Ihturnagreiywo srrlrreirPiery silk.'. Jarran ir,*R.
]I irtirrni Ilr,m sad roler silk only 15o it atPr doen at
irder Your .Ulte.
An elegant line of spring uoods has jnust
been received. The very latest ,ttern
-rices reasonable. J. 1. Jonson,
Slioet arneic meet . e.seleat at The les lIris,
coarprtiagthin latest esatl.at . oill 10 cents an
~tier opy. Seed foeaoeluu
The sale of $8 shoes at $5.75
still continues at J. P, Wool
man & Co.'s shoe store.
Don't fail to see them and
be convinced that you can
positively save $2.25 on a
single pair of shoes.
Will undoubtedly be pleased
with our various different
styles of Oxford slippers,
shoes and sandals, of which
we handle complete lines
from the cheapest to the best.
Please give us a call and in
spect our immense stock.
Next Door to First National Bank,
Montana Sapphires
.00 A Carat, (finished
weight) our patent
Diamond cut.
'.2 0 A Carat, (finished
weight) prdinary
Sapphire cut.
D.DeS01a endes &Co.
51-53 Maiden Lane,
~.'E.W - "Y'OIB.,
No. 43 Montana National Bank
Building, Helena, Moiot.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
A. . Sand berg, DETIST,
(Late hiack & Bandberg.) L 111I1
Officein lIale's Block, South M -it Street.
Flnest Gold orown', gold fillingo. ato(,d hriddlg
and asl other brancthes ol melern dentastry. Ar
tiiciat teeth oqnal to tho Iaet andt d chteap as
th chealst Nitrons UOxide for v.anloas uopor
Also dealer In Deatatl alSpplles nd In
struments at eastern catalogue prices
Flathead Transportation and
Flathead Navigatibn Co,
The boats are now running,
raking daily trips from I)emers- I
ville to foot of lake and return,
:onnecting with stages at foot of i
ake (except Sundays.)
spokane Loan Office '
F. Freldman & Co., 111 South at at stest. buy
td sell eaoud band o:othinng. te. Thlpe who
oee seae lor aleaddrue tsem.
; -· i
e TRB e •
" 0r " .
GLENDIVE-June 21 to 23.
MILES CITY-June 25 to 29.
DEER LODGE-July 4 to 7.
DILLON-July 9 to 13.
ANACONDA-- July I 6 to 27.
BUTTE-July 29 to Aug. 10.
HELENA--Aug. 18 to 20.
GREAT FALLS-Aug. 22 to 27
MISSOULA-Aug.80 to Sept.2
The 6 eetlimgs of the Mntana Circuit,
As shown above, present to the
horsemen of the country 43 actual
days of racing, and provide one
hundred thousand dollars in purses
and added money to stakes.
The programme includes run
ning, trotting and pacing.
The tracks are all full mile,
regulation, and no expense has
been spared to make them both
safe and fast.
The stables are large and
The grounds are located within
easy distance of the various cities
and are connected with them by
steam railroads or electric motors.
The betting privileges will be
in the hands of capable men, well
known to all horsemen. Last
year, with five meetings, about
$6oo,ooo passed through the
pools, aside from the books; and
with the increased interest and
high class of contests expected,
it is certainly safe to predict larger
sales this year.
Our circuit is the center of rac
ing for the Pacific coast and
Rocky Mountains. Horsemen
coming from the south can at
tend the May-June running meet
ing at Denver, where $3o,ooo
are offered in purses, and the
mixed meeting commencing June
II, on the new mile track at Salt
Lake City, where purses aggre
gate $20,000; or coming from
the northwest can follow the
Spring meetings at Portland,
Walla Walla, Spokane Falls, and
other points in Washington and
Oregon, finishing the Montana
circuit in ample time for the Fall
races in other sections.
Nothing will be left undone by
the officers of the different asso
ciations to insure the comfort and
convenience of owners and train
ers who attend and enter horses I
on the circuit.
Table of distances between
po:nts on circuit:
Deer Lodge to Dillon.. 94 miles
Dillon to Anaconda... 81
Anaconda o Butte... 27 "
Butte to Helena....... 73 "
Helona to Great Falls. 98
Total for xmeetings .373 miles
* * TIlE a
Montana State Fair,,
J-Ilelera, Aug. 13 to 20.
A, J. Davidsotn. Wmn. Muth,
L. H. H-erhfield, (C.. . Ha-lrd,
,V. A. Chcsmrnanl, B. II. Tatom,
W. 13. Hutndley, H. M. Farchoen,
T. H. Kleinschmnidt.
Exhibits are solicited from all
parts of the State. No entry fee
charged. The l'rnemium List is
in the hands of the printer and
will soon be issued. For entry
ists, premium lists, and all other
iformation, address the secretary.
A. J. DAVIDSON, President.
W. A. CHES -MAN, Vice-Pzrea.
B. H. TATEM, Treasurer.
FRANCIS POPE, 8oTertary.
* T.E . PO W
Steam Boilers, Pumps and Hoits, Wine p'
Quartz, Lumber, WAGONS. Q
and Farm WAGON . S .
Fence Wire, Wind Mills and Pumps. Deere ,Pie
Cultivators, and Disk Harrows, all styles and sites " ..
liable" Schuttler and "Bone Dry" Rushford Farm, QO i
ingi Wagons. Headquarters for Grass and
every description. Send for catalogues and p 1rice i
On Improved Farms and iCity '
Reed, Craig & Smith C
Men's FurRiskers,
a Something New,' r
Sa a aT f f .,
The Largest and Handsomest Display of
Imported Pattern Bonnets, Hats
And Millinery Novelties in the County,
Also Crowns, Straw Braids, Feathers, Flowers, Crepes, L.aces,
and Straw Goods of the very latest
All orders promptly filled. Be sure and call and examine for y
SOL ý catN Fon l idi R Oenor thPlaca: AGSTno
Centineri Kid Gloves, aso x' SC$LLING
Eery pair warranted., Novelty Block.
L. 1. KAUFMAN, Preal4em·.
D. J. ARNOLD, Ranager.
L. STADLE, Seeretar y sad Teesurea
Slaughterers and Wholesale Dealers In
Beef. Mutton. Veal and Pork.
But flow Stroln tle Biargains Of
This is the question the people are mostly interested I
the magnet that d.aws the buyers to a live and .olagg
center. We think we have just such an establishment.
of a store cuts no figure magmfoience and splendlor a
way to those powerful factors, QUALITY AND PIIC.S,
store that sells thecheapest; it's the stere that savesa .
It's where your dollars go farthest. We are hustllog
businesq, by selling the best Of everything below all
petition, by dividing profits with our customers, and tie
has the nerve to meet our extreme low prtoes or offer, i
more powerful baigains does not exist in this city. We are
more trade every day, and if you are with us the usL
profits in Helena is at an end.
'e Leadia~n Ilinherl, Nolon l s!.u .F Dij

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