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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, August 16, 1892, Morning, Image 5

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s**geru May Go to Spokane by
the Northern Phoiif ,.or
Great Northern,
ething About the Ountry
Through Whh Wobthe bttWer
ROad PNases.
NBrlingtoe Will spend Two MilliO1
bofllae on' Its Eatesdle ti Thisa
les peopli now have the option of two
to Mpokala-oaer by the Northera
go, via QOrrlsou, Miesolsa sad Hope,
the other by the Great Northern, via
it Flls, Vavre and Bonners Ferry. The
train over the Great Northern for
kane left St. Paul BSunday night, and
arrive at Havre this mornlng at 6ti0,
Montana Central people in Hlena
e not as yet received the tarif sieet
* the fare between Helena and Spo
, and it is pretty hard to tell whether
ill be higher than the Northern PaelAe
or not. By way of the Montana Can
and the Great Northern the distance
be much greater, and the trouble arises
,ina the rate from the fact that if iI
ado the same as by theNorthern Pacifie,
.10, it will have a. tendency to afeot
I faree, and give the sealpers a big
one to get their work in. Of course the
et busineess the Great Northern will
Sout of Helena will be to those places
ag the extension in Montana. not
abed by the Northern Pacific, and it
not sacrifice the rate there in order
_teh the much smaller Sipokane bstl
s. The rate sheet, however, will be out
few days, and then all uncertainty will
over. Helena people who desire to go
points west of Helena, will take the
ntana Central, that Ieaves here at 10:15
5., arriving at Pacitic Junction at 6:18
. The next day they will take the west
nd train at6-0sm. .It is probable anew
e card will be issued in a little while.
a circular to agents, announcing the
ning of the western extension, General
nger and Ticket Agent Whitney says:
On August 14 we begin daily paseenger
vice from St. Paul and Minneapolis to
kane, Wash. Oar line to that eity is
only the shortest, but it has the light
grades and easiest curves of any trans
tinental road. The extension is bal
ted from one end to the other with rook
vel. Much new and valuable mining,
bering, farming and stock raising ter
ry is opened up in western Montana,
rthern Idaho and eastern Washington by
* new line. '1 he distance from Havre,
ere the extension leaves the Great Fallsi
lena and Butte line, to Spokane, is 512
lea. The line runs through a ranching
atry to the Bookies, crossing the mount
s at an elevation of 5,200 feet, the lowest
a in the, range. The Flathead valley,
t west of the Rookies, is one of the finest
ricultural sections of Motnana, and offers
e inducoements to farmers and stook
sers, and lambermen also, for the e.r
nding mountains are covered with fine
dies of timber.
'West ofithe Flathead valley the road fol
SAshley creek and Fisher river to the
tonal river, one of the large and impor
t tributaries of the Columbia. From
nings the Kootenai is navigable north to
baseo Plains and Fort bteele, B. C. The
otenat is followed sixtytwo miless,the
oh passing on route through Libby, the
int of supply for the Libby creek mining
entry. At Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, con
otion is made with steamers for the West
tenai and Bloman mining districts in
itish Columbia. Continuing westward
e road opens up the Priest river country
e to Lake Poend d'Oreille, crossing the
er of the same name at Albani falls,
ar Newport, and then skirts the Little
okane and r pokane rivers to the metrop
s of eastern Washington.
"The way is very picturesque, and the
ute will be a popular one with tourists.
Seountry abounds in magnificent rivers,
es and streams, affording splendid water
wer and unlimited fishing, wbile the for
ts are filled with deer, boar, elk, moose,
d smaller game. The deposits of gold,
ver, copper, and lead, when developed,
I1 make many prosperous towns. The
mber industry will also become a large
Has Twelve Mlillon Dollars for Eaten
atons and Bettermentrs
The most aggressive of all the roads in
o Western association to-day is the Chi
go, Burlington & Quincy. Its business
at year showed a prosperous growth, and
ently it borrowed $12,000,000 to be nesed
extensions and betterments. In the
tter line it will be put in shape to take
re of all the World's fair business that
n be brought to it, and as it penetrates a
ickly populated section that will be a
sat deal. About two millions will be put
to bridges at St. Louis and on the Bar
uton & Northern. Bet the beat news of
1 to Helena people ia the fact that this
ar, according to the Chieago Post. the
yomine extension will be pushed a hun
ad miles or more toward Helena.
Butte, Delse and an raneolsoe
It is now an open secret in railroad calrcles
at J. J. Bill as going to build into San
anceisco, Just so soon ac be oondipletes the
atern extension. The line will be what
now known as the Butte, Boise and i'n
ancisco, and will open up an entirely new
nntty and one very rich In natural re
uhees. It is said that Mr. Hill has the
oney already promieed for the under
king. About one-half of the route has
en surveyed, and Mr. Hall's hobby of low
ades can e ridden to great advantage.
here is no doubt the initial point of the
ne will be Butte, a continuation of the
ntana Central, but under another name.
not to ezeed two years the work will
On Better Terms Now,
the Southern Pacific has isued a cirea
r revoking its action in denyipng the
orthern Pacifide connoctlon over its line
ith .n Franooico. The privilege was
-niedt when the decision in the Oregon
hrt line case was handed down, but its
vival is looked upon as the dawn of more
,iable arrangemente betwaen the com
All those indebted to .. C. Stubbe will
Iase call and settle at once, as all ac
ants will be turned over to attorney for
llectionafter Eept. 1. 1892.
M. S uLVERMAN, Asignsee.
Helena, Mont., Aug 8, 1912.
Beneft for New Coesers.
The Wolf is hungry for more trade. pe.
a half rates during far week. Oleaning
n ropairing. Guarantee satisfaction.
ruer Jackson and Grand street, No. 102.
For Sale.
tafe nsarly new, double deoes. Oan be
n at Benson, Carpenter & Co.'s. Will
I oheap. Apply to F. X. Boasquet, at I.
The Bee Hive will alos out thatr entire aek
alnps at two-t.ird vanucj A r*JetIoun of s
r eetwill ha g1.ve onevery tmp in ie houe
H" we re etermiel to drop ns line,
plpeakieg at the luditorium.
eo.a Wsaver and Mrs. Leae will speak
the auditorium Tueday eveninrl Aug.
at eIght o'elook.
l " .ý "ý ¶. Orhes.tra
'.lA . .. ,..~. Wan ,srd
fs olbaeolnd p sa st roae yea
W 00l ,almue oy W h elp
|-s e o el he, o hlli
oeft a lanem. nthe have been mad to
Smay enjoy themselves pia
S ,yoer has been provided where
old baroelere may et apart,, aind smoe,
. ober b lad th tral., nd mnee onL bte
Turn cot, old clpolW b, and bring youo
(znoutive eomirtte --C, Dr. Cn rti, He.
mar H~weon.l rd
Reception eommiltee-.Ez.Gov. 9. T,
Hase, Mrs oW. A. Clark,, afud IroL .
S ithe or, Pursu Word b leeras.l tdo
Se the s Uoo. Mr. Pooor oC. t.H.
Proctor, of Proetor A Gamble.
A party of eleven persons, consisting of
Robert Clark and family, of the celebrated
Western Pblishing house of. Robert Clark
h Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mr. Proctor
and five children, also from Cincinnati, ar
rived at the Hotel Broadwater on Saturday
last, in their own private ear, from a tour
of the National Park, and yesterday took
in the l ghts of Helens. Mr. Proator is
member ofthe firm of Proctor A Gamble,
well known to every grocery house in the
ountry as soap and candle manufacturers.
'iThey will leave to-day on a trip to Alaska.
The party was entirely unanimous in their
praise of the grand soenery, the wonderful
geysers, et., of the park. They traveled
through it at their leisure and in their own
conveyance. They expressed themselves as
surprised at the solid sud substantial ap
earante of the publi buildings, bousiness
ouses and numerous splendid private resi
dencs in a city the size of Helens. Mr,
Clark was particularly pleased with the
three libraries now established bhere, and
spent a good deal of time in visitinA the
library of the Historical sooiety, and said
is collection of historical matter relating
to Montana was surprising and would be of
vast value hereafter.
Odoetunder applied to the esums or
painless extraction ofr teth. Positively
nopaeln. Dr. Skimmin, detlist, Sixth ave.
'Ladles' Jersey ribbed Its very cool and aom
fortable to wear, only l0t at The ei e Hive
Lecal Members or the Order Asked to
The local branch of the Iron Hall has re
ceived a cironlar letter from F. D. Som
erby, of Indianapolis, supreme justice of
the order, saying that an application for a
receiver had been filed there, and that the
hearing commencsd on Aug. 11. The judge
has assured counsel of the order that sufi
cient time will be given in which to make a
complete defense. The circular says: "We
are satisfied that the proceedings are insti
gated through malice, and are possibly up
held by our old enemies-the insurance
companies-and we deem it important, in
view of thq. fact that the order's business
methods ath assailed by "the three members
bringing the suit, that the large body of
members, who are the most intelested,
should express themselves in no uncertain
tsr me in support of the order." It con
tinues: "The naffairs of the order within
are harmonious and satisfactory, and we
appeal confidently to the members at large
for their unanimous support. They may
feel assured that this call is only made
because of the fact that the affairs of our
o-der are necessarily submitted to an out
side tribunal."
Big drive in men's underwear, shirts, hose and
furnishing goods of all kinds at The Bee Hive.
A few more baby carriages left t The Bee Hive
nt$5, $7.25 and $9; being cheaper than Ch icago
Samnel K. Davis' Speelat
10,000 Iron Mountains, lots 1500 and 1,000.
This is the most regular monthly dividend
payer in the market.
10,000 OCmberlan&.. One block at a price
that will pay large holders to buy.
10,000 Helena & Victor. A dividend pay
ing stock-this block as an investment
is it pu chase.
10,000 Polaris, Beaverhead county. A
safe investment, few owners,will bedivided.
5,000 Bald Butte. One blook-a great
gold mine and a Rreat purchase.
Bald Butte--10, 250, 1100 shares; safe.
2,000 Whitlach and McIntyre end Union;
500 and 1,000 lots. The coming gold mine of
The cheapest free-milling gold property
in Montana for sale.
Rooms 26 and 27. Bailey block.
Go to The Bee Hive for one of their silk um
brellas, only $1.50.
Batcher & Bradley turn their backs to no one
in low prices, they load all the time.
Where Travelinlag Is a Pleasure.
A trip east from Chicago via Pennsylva.
nia Short Lines is characteriaed by all the
enjoyment luxurious service. fast through
trains and a scenic route affords. To Pitts
burg, Baltimore, Washington, Philladelphis,
New York and other eastern points, this di
reot route is the favorite with travelers who
desire first-class accommodations. Address
Loos, 248 Clark street, Ohiosgo.
lady Saxondale and Lady Bess are the latest
issue of the Court of London series. 'the Bes
Hive has the complete line at tUo per volume.
L. H. toethe, Portrait Panlter.
Graduate of Munich academy. iMrs
losetbe, landscape, still life, etc. Atelier
601 and 602 Power building. A limited
number of pupils taken. Visitors welcome.
t:lrlng loutsailesof summer goods at The lies
Hive. Slmmergood of all kinds must go.
When In Butte
Stop at the Silver Bow house, 25 South
Main street, where you can gat a large,
sunny, well furnished loom cheaper than
any other flrst-olnass bose in the state,
llg line of ladies' and children's hesler to
arrive this week. at special sale prices at The
lies Hive.
For atle.
Twentyfive thousand young sheep for
sale. J. GaGs.
Remember that The Ben Hive is the leader of
low prices and that they brook no competition.
a..l Baking
(l APowder.
Used in Millions of Homes-4o Years the Standard.
The Amerloan Closed on Acoount of
Not Taking Out a County
Coquard, the Mining Broker Dis
mimee Kim Case Against
the West Granite.
New stutes eommaned In the Distriet
soart--Oresby Estate Prop.
esty to be gold.
Whe American saloon and concert hall, at
the e0rner of Wood and Jackson struts,
abus one out of basines. A few days ago
it was opened by Billy Morris, at one time
a variety aetor, and Nelb Newman, Charles
Weiber and Charles Newman. Before
opeling the place the firm did not procure
a license from Lewle and Clarke county.
Morris kept putting of the county treas
urer until yesterday. when a warrant was
lssued from Justice Woodman's court for
the arrest of himself and pastners on a
charge of running a saloon without a
lene. Ball for Morris was fixed at $200
and his hearing set for 10 a. m. to-day be
fore Justice Woodman. Hi failed to give
security for his appearance, and was sent
to the county jail. Morris also has a
charge against him in Pollee Judge Gage's
court for using abusive language toward B.
J.. Sehlessiner.
L. A. Aoquard Withdraws Hfs Suit Asainst
the West Granite.
In the United States cirouit court yester
day the eas of L. A. Coquard, of St. Louis,
against the West Granite Mountain Min
ing company at al. was dismissed at plain
tiff's cost.
A libel was also filed in the United States
distriot court in the ease of the United
States vs. Afty pounds of unstamped
District Court.
Suit was filed yesterday by Walter Mathe
son against Daniel A. Larson to recover
$185.80. The plaintiff alleges that he taid
allsgher & Gookstetter $188.50 and the
Montani National bank $52 for the defend
Nils Paulson brings suit to foreclose a
lein on the Gold King lode, an extension of
the Iron Kina, in Arasta gulch between Oro
Fino and Dry gulohes, for $97.84 and $50
attorneys fees. The defendants are M. M.
Moore, A. Weisenhorn, E. A. Jones and B.
T. Heard, and the aotion is to recover
money for labor performed on the lode.
Probate Buslness.
An order for the sale of the property be
longing to the estate of Edward F. Crosby,
deceased, was made yesterday. It consists
of a one-fourth iitorest in forte-seven and
a half acres in sa neM4 section 27, township
10 north of range 4 west, subject to a mort
gage for $6,097.80 in favor of A. Hershtield;
one-half interest in certain placer and stone
quarries, lots 8, 6 and 7 in section 24, town
ship 10, north of range 4 west, and a fourth
interest in the O. K. lode.
A final decree was entered in the estate
of John Armstrong. Susan Dunphy, ad
ministratrix of the estate of Elijah M.
Dunphy, was discharged. Celestia 13.
Priest, administratrix of the estate of Vale
hntine T. Priest. was also discharged.
The Bee Hive has a large line of decorating
bunting and flags at reasonable prices.
The bargain counters at The 1toe Olive are now
loaded down with uesful household goods at sc,
l0i 150o, o and 25r. Every article a bargain,
and neoessary in every well regulated household.
Public Library Moving.
Next week the public library will be
moved into the new building and an in
ventory must then be taken. To allow for
this the library will be closed from Monday
morning to Monday morning, Aug. 15 to
22. No fines will be charged for the days
when closed. On and after Monday Aug.
22 toe library will be open the usual hours
at the new building on Warren street and
Seventh avenue. In order to facilitate the
work of taking the inventory, it is asked
that all who conveniently can will return
their books to the library before 5 o'clock
Sunday Aug. 14. By order of the trustees.
Librarian, President.
Mrs. Lamberton will give private lessons
In dancing darlnr the almmer. Inquire
at Independent oilloe during afternoons.
New veilings, ruehing and ribbons at The Eee
Hive at bedrock prices.
Call for Meeting of Demoeratrl County
There will be a meeting of the democratic
county executive committee of Lewis and
Clarke county, in Helena on Saturday,
Aug. 20, 1892, at the rooms of the Broad
water club, at eight o'clock p. in., for the
purpose of issuing a call for the county
convention, and transacting any other bus
ineas that may come before them.
DAVID MizxS, Chairman.
T. E. CnUacna, 8eo'y. '
New books by the best authors at popular
prices at The Leo Hive.
Private school In shorthanlnd and type
rltliuga. ien Pitnman sysIem taught.
Mary At. Jaehman, 48 Halley block.
Change of Time on the Great Northern.
Commencing Monday, Aug. 8, the Great
Northern trains will leave lelena as fol
No. 1-Butte local, 8:50 a. m.
No. '24-Atlantic expreH, (oast bound),
10:15 a. m.
No. 2--Paliflc express, (weet bound),
8:55 p, m. 3. H. LANOLEY.
General Ticket Agent.
A few more decorated tea sets at The Bee Hive
at the very low price of 58.7,.
Legal blanks at this oftioe.
The sons and daughters of Montana pio
neers-young men over 18 and young ladles
over 16 years of ase-are invited to meet at
the court house in department No 2, on
Thursday, Aug. 18, at 10 o'olock a, m.. for
the a urpose or oganizing a sooiety to be
called the Booiety of Sons and Daughters of
Montana Pioneers.
alies' lace wr ap ac belng secrlficed at The
Bee Hive. be sure and sa them.
Jnlst Recelvedl
A shipment of high grade cigars, compris
ina the famous makes of Beidenberg, Oata
Garcia, Flor de Teller, oenr Hlavunas at
Grand Central hotel ciJar store.
Made by Ilay & Martin, im
ported direct, this inestima
ble composition, with half
the labor, produces a most
brilliant jet black, fully equal
to the highest Japan varnish;
affords peculiar nourishment
to the leather, will not soil
the finest linen, and is per
fectly free from any unpleas
ant smell. Try it.
J.P.Wo olman& Co.
Can You Read It?
There may be some mystery
about that sign, but there is noth.
ing mysterious about our fine gro
ceries. They are right in quality,
right in weight, right in every es
sential that contributes to the best
service, and they are sold at a price
which enables the purchaser to
have the price to buy them. They
include everything, wet and dry,
fresh and prepared, and they in
clude the choicest varieties known
to the trade. You can buy noth
ing from us that you cannot buy
with perfect safety.
-- TURNER & Co.
i ew ei of Poorman.
4,15O0Shares of Combination.
.10,0(0 Shares of Southern Cross.
'5,000 Shares of Elizabeth.
2,600 Shares of Iron Mountain.
4,000 Shares of Bi-Metallic Exten
2,000 Shares of Pandora.
500 Shares of Bi-Metallic.
300 Shares of Granite Mountain.
400 Shares of Alice.
We will take all or any part of
the above named Stocks if price is
reasonable. We buy and sell min
ing stocks on commission; sell and
buy on margins; sell options. 10,
20, 30, 40 and 90 days, and will
loan money on any of the above
named stocks at a reasonable rate
of interest.
W. J-l. Nichols & Bro.,
Rooms 2-3 Owsley Block,
Ilay, Grain, Flour, Fed, Rolled Oats,
Storage and Commiltlon Merchants. Consign
menta Solicited.
Wholesale agents for the Celebrated
Royal Banner and Pride of
the Valley Flour.
Telephone No 108. 1812 Bozeman St.
Near N. P. Pasesnger Depot.
No. 43 Montana National Bank
Building, Helena, Mont.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
$500 REWARD!
The Body of John McPhee
Who was lost Sept. 30, 1891, in
Deer Lodge county, west of Rimini
and south of Elliston. Was last
seen about three miles east of the
Ontario mine. He wore a dark
suit of clothes and hat, also a
watch with his name engraved
on inside ease.
Address information to
tS 8out Rligh St., Helena, Mont.
T. G. POWER & GO.,
Montana Agents for the world renowned Walter A. Wood Har
vesting Machinery, Single Apron Binders, Mowers, Rakes and
Hand implements of every description. Schuttler and Rushford
Wagons, etc. Send for ciroulars.
On Improved Farm and City Property,
2N Sr V-.es TO r7ITzz.
On Improved City and Farm Property, for One, Two, or Three Years,
at lowest current rates of interest.
Win. eeing & Cao.'s Crass Cutting and Eane t.n Machines,
e • • Manufacturers of a.d Dealers . L e e
Carriages, Wagons, and Carriage Material.
HRelena Av., Adjollng tSteabost leek
A large stock of Trimmed
and Untrimmed Hats will
be Sold Regardless of Cost.
No, 15 South Main Street, Novelty Block.
5o will buy 100 White Apron Goods.
T 5o will buy 15o Children's Hose.
Soc will buy 100 Ruching.
- 10c will buy 20c Lace Curtains.
10o will buy 200 Ruching.
15c will buy 250 Women's Ribbed Vests.
15c will buy 25c Embroidered Mull Ties.
S 15c will buy 250 and 350 Children's Hose.
200 will buy 30c Turkish Towels.
W 25c will buy 400 Infants' Cashmere Hose.
250 will buy 450 to 750 Ladies' Hose.
E 25c will buy 600 Silk Gloves.
350 will buy 60c Hemstitohed 81ik Ties.
E 350 will buy 600 Veiling.
400 will buy 600 Casslmere.
K 45c will buy 60c Embroidered Chiffon.
$1 will buy $1.75 Chiffon Fronts.
We have all the New Fall Styles In Felt Walkin HMat
and Sailor Hate

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