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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, September 11, 1892, Morning, Image 10

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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The Most Thrilling Adfu nur. of S
Young Man Who Wont to
Thrown Overboard by a GV*$
Luroh of tbe Veel to ia
VIrnes r in the Oaaan on *o RN{ $0 I1
A44ab.d fr (Ien$ $fie-Ith
IWrlten or Tf#l tlsiNca IImtfs.,rsctW I
Mlrlpoua, ellling between Man Yra.
Selve and Aeetralle, was formerit'
wealthy young man, who went Ito he F
sneu he loved life on the water, ie wlee
asked bye paseengr on mne of the Mari
poa.'s trips how he same to addpt a esmter
ing Ilfe, and to relate bhi moet thrilling ad
vent.re, M11 is l is etryi
1l was 24 years old when I lof Hlarvard,
hasving grdnuted well up in my alse, I
had ldo1,4e ntbo pynluasin of the pnopertv
loft to ine by my father, in that eril, lnod
. may mother had also died and my eslrtes
hbad married, I derterminrd to stead a
feW years in travel, I went to ~lrop
and to H4onth Afriet, returning to lon
don the same year, ilark luseeli.e sea
stories had alwys intlereeted me greatly,
and I mrade nu my roin to roelgh It on a
trip to Australia in ja rliepcr abip, I tried
to engage as al,a paInsge lit the ar epbhine,
then ode of the nlagest olling ships aflaet,
but old Cnit,. Hardy, whom evorybody
called 'thy bear' itenetr( he was em fough
and brusque, refulSea will, m.or an oath,
saying he didn't keep any blanLkety IlaLk
hotel, and no man could ail oI hie ship
without eslaing asteleesl all doing his
proper anount of work, Of eonore, I knew
a ship oa well of I knew a bones, and de
.tded to go on the Josephine before the
mijast, Jast f',r the fun of it, I saw a
wrinkle in the old captain's eye as I slgned
the sual artioles for the voyage to ftydney,
New Mouth Wales, oe lit.pl remarsked,
howeer, 'You're big enough by -. - to do
your share of the work,'
"I rrocnted a regalar oautit, cent rmy ktl
on board and took my place mongb the
crew, I found ielnds in the foersOctle at
onee, for I aseamed nor site, acted jeut oc
everybody else did end studionuly mnlded
oy own buieine . In spite of ray 4dlarer.
tion, though, I smade some enemie,, t)us of
them was in the same wathb wetn me, f.ie
name was Norris, and be claimed to be n.
EJnglishman, but ha spoke with a slightly
foreign aessna and was dart enriou to be
taken for a Portuguese or a s..lard, I
disliked him from the first, and he ervi
denily had as Jitele regard for nme a I had
for thim, He iunsuted toe cne day in the
foreenatle during our watnb below, and I
strunk him a blow nader the earr s,,n pot
bim to cleMp very aff.rtnaily, lie was on
consclonu for two hours, and I was really
afraid that be was done for, lie regained
A- -
-4- - --
etglouistiane finrlly, and alter thrit time
did not in. Anlly way lutrlfere with 116.
When we were aloft 5,o rmtun#', Ihowevre, I
e.,uld gee earht ruyg tri stjiurptl. And wasi
satisded Lhat h, was *rilnrteftiftlv 5'! soie
irt of trenILrFry. I amid tnothing but trlie'
always So keep rcy eyi'n lbill dirfeitri.h
"We had it fairly good voyate until we
etrook solracezatrsin~ly roughi weather off
tape Horn. I'ru two days we ran Ohiti
class reefs with the wind atheari,, and then
the gals haer me, ejiolenit that we batd to
hIvei It to wi.gt,,er It. (i, s the IrattIb day
of the slorri, the wind rarcsdetated and l;As,.
Heidi ordered Ii ic wiet to sliak nt the
toWer resls. We had saitimaell oir iy iO*flA
ard were hIrlmini alronig at ahood ten
"AlthorLr tile win'l Ihad t-I friitritrd nonr
*idnratty ttCi CI Wrlt a w rk~ vrrery Ail t.ond"d,
with e:uud., it, de, -- . A lie, i t bhitgb,,
bn th b eweather, ar-I I oItI.r te l the I w'* mdo
orrfbak·Igo- It iVa if Ije r1f., '.i,v
lirary toff if A ,"R W coti. , ii
threw her ahiriiie "I, r!' I,, I I taut ,li r ¶4
I at nd Ian Ite I~ ,. Irrrr wl (Irrv " rcl 11 ·
dgill""' iilt.aity ,C,i'r.,.ew'itI ea ,,ry ,
ht lr IrL· ·icitig~t f-c k· .lrar.c.
Irr W. c"IIW~g. .nd~,n t,+ I .kst i ny.b
crtr 4l sc gr·:nr r flit-' w1 +"', I W A 4 te t ' (
n 1 "t, ,- f", : i I·,t r',; u I'
Wr). is c'ccfr.:v x rI s c,' I I.'. n~rs,,
faal t I g lttu ct n ,r - i n.y, ,.t lii xii 4+
1-, grnap ri ,i n ,lp . e -.t 1n -a I, l Ii r,
the M eir a,'t " R I hf-i! 1. w3i I .- t'W,.
54-a. I iiv lr, *i r I... - R, , t ,f 1 ,-"
cent.I . i Ar. t i' . *. i
stI. tsar, f id ga- eat ii it o-w .,.,-l
eoig.e rI, kuuiw WAit*(.r) t,~
I.IuI~ln d,..s 11049.4. 14 r. 1.1 ,n re . t R I
ttItrut· t ki. Ie at,4.,ac',r rV r,
hv.it fi ndr gi.4a.; r I, ..r w. r.t 1 we
tltit.5MCWCSI .t I pi d . "wIlt, r
$a d attelmgt Iit. W et, =. i .o wI
of ii 1 i.caO ii L at t a is .1 . a7 .
hI e.,1 findace, l." - '.rI itta i'-I w,
t,"I htetisi," 1.b i-U c " ii Ire. 4t. a"c i
s~l- e· igts~at.
t atliri-le i Iw t i ii f6 I. . 3,' J-f,.I
Asaih 1.ita i - It Iw.t-,ert".v -C . r r.
3-e hiUL l,-ih.., Ii luIri. I·(j -.g p 'ii
cant .0 I i atu- It'", a aie . f, "*a.i
Wana-C. I b -ir *-I-iitg-.t, g, 001
vs. , . c a. t.. i" 'av I ,.lr W I-t I r i, -- -
M5Ir c I n- If. c lo l o in ii. ti'i
lo 4g Al e.I . "Ii -e *Ie I P'.-ig .1R i I - -
xAs OIet a. I Was, ~ta geinh..o. nw l WA1-, cw S
Illý}h kVmkr ovoaaA ht rdar 1 h a1t4
s!. as, wiik a ll of of rlla/atwi11111
errrll ml~~~l rem*60*
eftoa2L, IV eNgwmafed lb wevlcM
beeeied # " mee .; .ad W I" n r e etehles
lb. eeifaee, I oea ed 6eltl 0 Ie
eona iee a , v IMee at lMwo roam 1.
beep tie di vnowal, A 10$ I 40e10
lhe bqtai, g10ep e ofadai beh, sil
1ýeri4d rannklthY rrr I had .I afS, afr~c:k
ibe .a ile witl wEoiNW e M
So Ibea boted i bitty from p r iholy r
NM { t sea/
"t ihiah I Aai MaraeMaps$far a liov, 6.
ovit. Ed eotdrd, A{ gov ss I9. Jveaaoifr?
tha6 b..0 lr ea eme ealdeiilv ewliIaf, SI1
wined 6,eolo 4504 .war Si' 9i0S'1, c
A. a b{ moo o a frakr r rrf l ,ratrbl
Stra41511ww amleaIn o4loa n of - w'k w"
bhd elleO riw, A m&* vhboeit7 o Eseg
mov 6. ln fItem ! b. g100 ber d
of lb ai9 51*. form lb *0*1*
001 od SI de Qo 'lbi aul wee a
wh17 log e ise, bern I waie 00$ 40,46061
1 ee le46d eel Nite b. wove. is '0!l
.1l Iaaar4V010110,b ee. 1901 saw vlooaw,
aid woe of uSrcra acd a
lad on i' la rttw.R l wat oly
faitlos, an I aitass m watw ii
663;" l *e a 09 600l of 110 her
Mat it taighS tea lnd , n I elt iie akla
tat wbet I saw cSlA eurros Uait e01rr1i9
Ne 1. lb. 110ik05 r0 I we es wy Ierngt
00a6 I 10ev le if I d64 I reb lod, vii br
IHely lo 914101 dealt Ifrm .ros1l 044
vaiir~n of d owniv% I dtda t eoiin oia
swih r tdanerr, whleh lsruWd ant o I'
rse 4'1arro~ #1* 11*00rrt 114,r h ~*4be
she M itreS, 611014 9W5a1 isii i I oiw a
ti~itrl.#1u' of 95 9l a lfrrl" r*0l4*ll4 % El fil6
Rama 011 601 ontf{ I alltlnl· iO w11h Olil,
1009w admnltltitv, Ni5one R sa id 1 wee ai
01591400 nlaps #50%, 'f0er* r ,w I h 1g4141
the all gsid wl, e l* ellwa low, Mlr n1j tr i
Immenae .54,0!. hvin esw to olide to d1le I
itrl eou me, bus raevr ovp~eovnog 1*, oslam lb.
.00hr *101 iiillivotr, 'l'r were Sibo 04,* Ed
the air, 0010 nlIbSIha #5*14409000610, 01*43 #451
to poifoes knlwle#6ge 1,1 looolsk, Nsi~s% 00101,
554 1461 'l 4 U l 54i 4 In 5*it waf 4 and
fifere w00*d1*4*4h, equl 1rae6lls, In No,
a~nifu~~i't5,InS 56a0 sho 0500in1* RrI loftS
a*fatlt 44 thrce fol, oo if I 1*ll e,4l,/' 41,
%troa Sheep 4*010 0t mot.1 Ihf 0414r14*9 if
dia((gll tlian the wav.,
" ow)?.f and nna.lt Stely 04049, 041d I
4,06ld wawe 11*trl .~r, 050151r 914n tWdl*lnM
iff. wish e14500541445 in !hair "s pa off n ns
moadet t30 .hlver, 6','.. 114ar4 t44 94ts Mott
p .saI1 lay dane,, he tnr of f*1m 0IV,r110
pool ma So lkisn. 5h10 I woe fuhn*' flt 160
a51 Ne had d ilidt1rl, It #0r 1,it 1*461 94,'
nhal b ad ade aies 1otew jrab atl wo wIth h6,
ubo o AA thoews'se S I* hal tha Iep.ool 10 lif
dfrfe$0iti lIt he rbuiw etl *14 544,1,r1*, I
had nnar rtn LoI a josklalfo, *140 I
Oni*I594, 01ti #ill i*ch6 I I lepof 4 o do .
10411 nftaell, I had hiaci, 61640 dws all
1545 tuitu, bus I nov aol up, and
r1140.1 todyo Ios lb. assail ksnot I 1t.61 r41
oviuld eosne, It warw SoS 6rcl W ovlneI,
cif ot toey NalvibOfs4osed 55h64n 014(41t flw at
me, p~akiuX At my rlas sold Amr I *IIrrkrrrl
whil,', It. 56, hipea of 990190% 1110 1,1*4140
h,,routs way, I inset bro'a*dfIkdw*S P010'4
flat t£hy fame as me aytiit 440 Ove',n, 44'*H
145ero 1,1x 0.ljelM fl, lIoli,1,llp, 4n
wire f al thatr I ,'soak! s lo t woo n rtlflt$
fasa 6.40 014 I16 4910 437 1 fed t"r, r 5",
44mrr,1i51, ond I wolf mo,,, 04,14"01 with
SLo th'rw,'r 5r 1 r,4 6llk'we46 ffsn, my W4,41t,
"I' Wi0 1n thea ,s.,ua td lass.5.n w1,o I
hoarsl ah ohs Roaat st ood44,6 'imoI', I
saw* art oasOloely OlppfOEhlnf.V, I i w t hI i
besn so sbelbed 6n 14f 64564 *wth She 9Af, IA
that I led nsI t, ,iia aIow alrh'.w ls',#A k, t
Iisrld I had dIftiqI, 4I109 tL,~ 1 C 9,0,4 t w
5"1i5i955 o b,01 9itiisr I i .1151,ia, 14 t,1'. vd
Ciii * Mlil 1'a aaa to ee at tIss OM 1.
gJttfl5 ti ii ( hSiI , s'9. I* l,4114 ii (I'* *o tli
rtolra A'ofst1 l th ils bo Ct d IlCsr IAntes!
awaC( if tutui *A$I*e'C'.
hOIb liatiaC' ilisk, C h;,s'1i~i ',Piisst'
which I pons~l t Io nly aliyt i nflidACfo,,
bbl lon it I 9fiith$599i51 th',t ttsa r I#io t
JAdl Iiiigina, 011'1 'hot I war 9, tIVcy Ie,1s
A h'ssa, I iii 9 9 II E i', ti t I'4', anhtu *
isliu,,ist iiv'"Iisi I t'. Su~nk ttiCU 1, ~,I I bassa
0, 001,ats/ tos harb Set i,,t~i.Sf 91fo' . I
w(4 hour Waryt Offal Aidss Wl aft I 'abl~t w4
iedfida l hrp fis 195, isanff I,',s eAis'sfs I ..ei
thil-ie 1', a Dint A1,,ps" iCAv *5111,41 *if".
drAaslsd 9,3 ii, 1,1') *.45ts9,. sh', la n',9 "t
all iI 9,ad Osulu(''i. 4.1), 'fts. h' '0,1iy s.atss
It ste.a. I *a.e ti,+n ti;.'"is 4 ig45tfr4
.itseta I",',f .., 1'tl~ tif'*s, -aesIr t"f4
Ai nut i's',f s · 5 ,*' 4
i,'.ssi of sss f' ces 1' a ' s at, of'. ki i
1 1*5 +1 ,'t 4. 0 iis' . , ,rs ".r, t' t tti
Ii,. 1: s 1 1.' I of ar 1 "'s, I i,'s'
5'. tsas,~ .',isr aiile rrrrleti, Wsi
tut i.4u, 4 d'" 9 1,4 ''a· ~ '9.1 I'ei r",
ivd"r~ «'.' us," , s,'u , F5' ts is I "Fs di as
Sfla 1-1 s, if i-ssJ i
l'A' 'vet,%sal t tas t r, I U',' , 5
off.lai.'S'1 bs"A FiIte t" " a , I ." I
5 1..94sS5I '" . I " 5
It,) I L 9 1.w 1, vr t - . rt'ýr 1'"t4 1 " '
·t ' IrM, r't . 1 lt ' , I,, .^«
a-,,r ,' , "a , ;' t 1 ,. " 3
1 16
ass .- .· .S
4 'r 0 4 , 111 d 6
1 , 4 ' . ', , CIs 4
Isai, o ,,s,,.1. , 4 1
5 sri'$
'ilL iebigt (Ye. (Yeui
ssn 7vaa~ice .d Namsn
cSfr (fnst UtInsaeg
Frlm Uicrt WNflW
R[ft will atawia .1.l9 Mapll rsto M h "# Now
bv, Ne-p IIst Pt an a *mrrn~sllm #409.
I 'dive 9ýMcr Nr, A, C,/lk*lMM Am t Ma
) *rrm r- rr trA*u rrr41,m aUnt
aae4#*l veal -u $at RI sWornr s81
lo,* 'rtw* Crnra 91W rlS M , raIM
of ft 4 ru,.., - 4l A ON *M9polio, o
11(0,m; na. Allow#ea, Va~p*A v3 auid AIM/u
ý Ikrlrr~l* ImN rkM r, oi4 V Ic r W
!r/, IWeb aNrleneA 9aw 983* rSd "M SaRM a
044.40041 n Wf4 t at u Sk bMP DUO
OMaaey 9NEv, ankCa1 E4AllI IM~ l Bt
Valy f lv Sansy JC~tlegtl as
g vi a v a a d 1 aNM I i v sA N
e ,R * anrm/ s ; ar ff945
F hi iafui b Tarr
Er~la g4$ er dflLry lt44,
*'s. is rw, bfmra
St arl 45A (I lIM '11M '41
01*9~ IbM
f't rNý 1prt AI
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rmf rfr Ico'. t. %ay, 1 !'11j
44R 4 IvtlftrN 1*109 Ave 9Pa//19
tdh K 444 w o arl, ay arqelti
aitav aal ifrdw .w I,*tb9!{ b* `nr ww,,7'l4 1
47~fR 1/00,Xt ftke IDNa nra4m ( 44.
(.,aa rCE af, erRdd mU
W*f AA e, y. /wr 9/1110, 114* 4.0f
lai iwp l IoPrx"rf t ! 1
trlrEA%444 p ýr A 9, ,
A Jr AM bl h N w .J1, 9,
a. M d rý k
vlbaasaa, pa,,I.416 fffatkma:P .000.- If4
Minwt, vvo,nva rK/ Aý~AN t Piayt4l9 f rr , r ~
Ir 5Do ii abtAi fl-II alr, fitt tat'1W
(1 vf 1~04, 009waM w rroll w,4 4109 Fi- 9
0011r I( nelM 4gts r VaJ lie 000
' 'h'v,, 0 4040 ýr ~,*iI 1.4.110 raa ea
trig fee H.1 Awre m .rti p0fit.ikf#4 n
StMrMNf/ 0.00.µA ft tr', 1000,/(. afwieN r" at,44
,'.4w Ito i0ft44 aflsd*.E9/ ttasn lis%,t- #44 i0t0
64t, #4151* by ((0sR( 1n"rrlafle44, We~ ,/r ira
vasr~f~s,"'fý,fa* hf b" 6- 0',,, n-'d
01,1, that eta" "nn'90 0/«091 tan~e w~~ as40M9
'"(t110491a" 1 tbvinc {{{famp r1h *e ainRta (0"-
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frtN 114,1ia r0aa0,1,1 M/90 4y4, 111m,4e trait '~n
V hrS Ns- ,*d. ri 914(1,51 0 .r5- ArirreeN s,0.,4y
flv 1 rsi1, f' p-I 'A6f 4l~, Nth* b vr*4 a'00,((11
all *rtftbtj Ifrig 9'la10941aa0 1040s 90091.a e 'N4.
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g~1P,"100'tI~~t, E~Anrd rlmrM~ 0 ,40,f lAt ifista,'
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'saa'mnkp",t~ f re, ft,,10,4(, a ee %,Kl- 11rtM* H".
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4'. Ihr~r, Itt/irtsl ma', iSail*ice Itt.asa'u 4 E
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r 'S.ai . , l *4NA mr1.414 a a.yr l, ll~ytrr f's 9r.
Mtr r V ia,-.lIa ` ma.ie, la ,1r0, ra .
- ma 'ant f-arila nats~~r, gelsaAn-a *ml er
'it#* ttI.~dll~li~ u'4I s1i4-peie. t Mapasa-ia
lra. fttt 14 tatr I'a, ald'#ta* awn c Ifati-fSa
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a 1.hranetaai ep 'mala at.kr. aasu,iat/iesai$, a6~nt
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f~ltt~nl I~e -ttuf a-an I Usgs6 ~hr'vs~ai,
t-.. flft'"-i· A~~mtt VrM '*4 o h·~ra~ rr
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Tb kf rIobl~ ralc d Fr ~ reucb Cu rrl~ re,
sv/r lp) APHBOrr~~Dlyh ITI~NE"h~lr
Ii ·el~CCAi It~
-~ :r,,l "nrP a a.-*a,
a7r~r~m , rft6
. . . . .'8'er 'ar· ~rrlrh:r ~n~t hr Pr*
Jil AP'chFl*r IMO, MIkr heteaLCo.
r·,,r~y Rl u*4191,,. ,..-n~i~ sp ft~~
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a'n,- itar.raA..1.ha. I.. n :
5 *,* . I-"
*ýOR $2.OOO.*'
OWW4 Wsy1-k Warn'
Mws, t - a
kdRIias edrrr Ik
t m' vi r day, 1't*
r a. Mis heedntfwee ale s
I'4 4awr a k~i dd ss4 h kl
Mn'm l1, *s/p ufavd f
eke d a4Wvs net 1*
ee~us*At#4tweko Absy
sa Imca rave of oxavik
rr. .arut a w. z ro armr 0
Mow., AedyrfA ire
We are eared greet web,+*
p wa 11" Irrvarl to ik '
the aer CRr* to atsAa.re
*41 4 #49*4 a rt,
t+. a a sr n a F<
nr ad-cva v/the Akgc ,nfl
a44.tnk Caoih5ad They
mefr .pro l .e
The Weekly Independent
Positively Payable in Advance.
Sf :'tlrlt0% 5% DIftf %fl f /flyt '9'1 1f
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Ney f dra ,* aIr rft Y mr 44. o a *. 941
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to, r1 oYt, # ort ob On eovnra. 4*4 #r.' 44
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