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hose Who Have Had Cholera Re.
late Their Experiences of
the Pest.
hle Story of a Man Who Nar
rowly Ecoaped Being
olleotens of the Epldemlo of 1840
Strlekes Down at His Desk While
S Editlag a Paper.
My experience with the oholera dates back
o 1855, when the dread scourge had reached
he west, and was making itself apparent
n the steamere plying the Missisilppi and
te tributaries. I had occasion in that year
go from Memphis to Louisville by boat.
e were on oar way to New York, where
he cholera had abated, and which every
y believed to be the only safe ground in
marios at that time. We numbered about
on board the vessel, and were two days
odng up the month of the Ohio. There
he cholera struck us. and the people on
ard began to die of by tens and twenties
ally. There were some odd regulations
aforeed at that time which prevented the
epositing of bodies of cholera stricken
ictims in the Ohio river. I imagine it
as because traffic on the river was very
eavy at that time and it wees felt that
hen the bodies rose to the surface they
ould spread the contagion to the people
n the small crafts as well as to those on
e larger vessels, and that was why we
ade landings every ten or fifteen minutes
bury a few dead. I was st ickon with
he cholera at about midnight on the four th
fifth day out from Memphis, although I,
ke everybody else, had filled myself up
ith the best whisky we could geot along
ie route. The symptoms were the terrible
sampe which are now afflicting the vio
ms, followed by continued discharges
ad vomitings of rise water. I believe
lost thirty or forty pounds in six hours.
t any rate I was so low that the doctor
ho stood over me just as we were putting
to shore for another burial remarked,
He'll be gone before we get in. Get
nother box ready," It took up ten mia
tee to get to that landing, and I was just
eginning to revive a bit when three of the
ew came in "to get the Freel cornsee" as
ey put it. Well that ws as anear as I
er came to death and burial in my life,
d it wal very, very near. When we got
the final landing I don't believe there
erare fifty people left on board, including
e crew, and we were the sickest, most woe
gone lot of bedraggled humanity that
or left a pestsbip in this country.
H. FiREL, New York.
e Thought He Was Going to Be
"Bsoomed" Down in a Big Box.
I do not think that this community will
or experience an epidemic like that which
eyed havoc in New York in 1849. In that
ear I lived on Williams street near Duane.
pposite us was the old school house No. 1.
hieh had'been changed into a hospital, in
argo of Dr. Alexander L. F. Vaohe, one
the best physioians of that time, and
lendidly capable of combating the
saese, which had fastened itself on the
war part of the town. He visited us very
ten and kept us supplied with the very
Bt French brandy in the market. This
as well as all other physicians, regarded
the best preventative of the disease.
ere was nothing really peculiar about my
se of the cholera except the fearful fright
sed to get at four o'clock in the morning.
en myself in terrible pain, I would hear
e "boom! boom! boom!" of the coffins that
re being rolled down the stairway of the
hool for quick interment. I was wonder
g most of the time how it would feel be
g shaken up in a box on those terrible
airs. My symptoms were, as I said he
re, like those of all cholera' victims. It
me with a terrific headache.- followed by
a awful cramps in the stomach, continued
akening discharges and awful vomiting
atil there was absolutely nothing left of
o but skin and bones. The cure at that
e was always began with an attempt to
aden the pain by putting the patint into
sleep. But the opium had little effectand
lamet was simply powerless. It all de
nde, as it does to-day, on the general
alth and strength of the body and on its
ility to stand being racked with pain for
six to forty-eight hours.
deem Tucker Tells How the Scourge
Struok a Newspaper Office.
have been through all the scourges
eo 1832, but only caught the disease in
.4, when Albany was striken with the
at. I was then one of the editors of the
bany Argue, and it can be imagined how
rific the scourge was when I add that
roe men were left at that time to run the
per. The rest had either been stricken
fled from the town. Of course our fam
es were all as far away fe um the scourge
we oonld get them. Well, we went to
d each night feeling entirely sure that we
mid wake up during the night with an
ack of oholera. The one oreventative
vised by physicians at that time was
undy and lots of it. So when we three
tors went to bed it was, in the parlanoe
te-day, "well loaded." In faot, eaoh of
made it a point to eat a
d meal, avoiding fresh fruit and
stables, and then to fill our
ves up with the very beat cognac
could get. I had followed this pre
ibed course one night as usual and woke
at one o'clock in the morning with a
11 defined case of the cholera. The
mps simply doubled me up. Words ab
utely fail to describe the skate suffering
this intesttial disorder. It was as
ugh some demon hbtl found his way
the abdomcn and had started in to
e the wan a dose of the "Inferno" on
* side of the Styx. I called Dr. liun,
use son is now practicing in Albany. and
o at that time was really doing marvel
work in saving human life. He was
of the finest men 1 ever met anti cer
nly one of the gratest physleicians we
in the state, if not in the country. He
lated the hosee at once aind then began
sating me with opium atid calomel. My
ptoins were I eculiar in one leapect. I
no discharges other than the vomiting
water, and this st ange fact, if an, thing,
ravated the case. 1 was a stiorng, heavy
n at one in the morningi and at two in the
ernoon when the inletnal : ain had left
I was emaciated beyond all conceptlon.
strong constitution and the splendid
k of Dr. Hann had saved my life.
en my wife returned a few days later to
let in nursing me to complete recovery,
failed to resounize in the emaciated.
sworn, bloodless victim the husband she
left a few weeks before strong and
he devastation in Albany, particularly
r Eightbh and Canal streets, was well
h complete. 'l'bee sere really "only a
of us left." I was u1eo through the
lera of lI6G, but my time was spent
ely on the river between here and Al
y, for I was at that time servnag in the
ble capacity of surrogate here and mem
eof the constitutional convention iu Al
y. 8o I avoided the awful cholera in
t year. In 1849 I also escaped the shot
by going up the river.
OGIroN Tuc(ana.
Iauckles's Arlea Salve.
he beet salve in the weold for eats,
ises, sores, alcnrs, salt rheum, fever
, totter, chapped hands, chilblainse,
as and all skin eraptions, and positively
eares pil or so pay required. It la gnar
anteed to glve perfe teatisllaetion, or money
refunded. Priem 26 cents per box. For
aale by I. B. Hale & Co.
ERoUnrlon Rates to Californla.
On the 15th of eaho month the Northern
Pacieio railroad will sell round trip tickets
to Californla points as follows:
Helena to omn Francasco and return, go
ir viav Portland end returning same way,
To Ban Franoleco, going via Portland
and returning via Ogden and Silver Dow,
To Los Angeles. golin and returning via
Portland, entering Hanl F'rncrelrslo in one
direction either going or returning, 489.
To.Los Angeles, gouin via Portland and
San Franolsoo and returning via baera*
mento and Ogdon, $99.50).
Tickets will be limited for sixty days for
going passage, with return at say time
within the final liit of six months.
A. I). EroAM, Gen. Aut.. Helena, Mont.
Cruts. t, Fro, G. P. & T. A., St. Paul, Minn.
Master of human doestiny am I,
Fame, love and fortune on my foetsterp
Cities and fields I walk. I penetrate
Deserts and seas remote, and passing by
Hovel and mart and palace, soon or late
Ikanok unbidden onese at evey gate.
If sleeping, wake; if feasting rise eflero
I turn away. It is the hoar of state
And they who followme reach every state
Mortals desire, sand conquer every foe
Hare death; but those who doubt or hbel
Condemned to failure, penury and wee
Heek me in vain and uselessly ilplereg
I answer net, and I restrn no more.
JIo. J. Iue1Lza
uat fail ye not In this respect,
Beize every opportunity to travel
Over the Chies.o, Milwaukee A it. Paul
This is the advise of
Ono. I. HnArroun.
General Passenger Ageat. (Jhieagl, ILL
$500 Reward!
We will pay the bove reward for anyr case of
Jer Compllaint, ~)peps.sa. tick headahe. In
igorton, o on inrtanah,in or Costiveors we car
olt cure with West's Vegeita)le Live Pills, when
the directions are strict) complied with. They
are purely vegetable, adnever fail to give matie
faction, Sugar tonted. Lare boxue, 2i aunts.
llowar, oef rontentlt and imitations. The
e-ai.o aucd by Ii. a. Parohen Cu.. bLsraa
court of the first judicial district of
the istate of Montana, in and for the county
of Lewis aind Clarke.
Agnes Behrens, plaintiff, vs. Henry eihb
ream, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greeting to
the above named defendant: You are here
by reqaited to a; pear in an aetion brought
against you by the above named plaintiff
in the district court of the First judicial
distriot of the state of Montana in and for
the county of Lewis and Clarkle, and to an
swer the complaint filed therein within ten
days (exclusive of the day of service) after
ths service on yoa of this summons, if
served within this county; or, if served out
of this county, but within this district,
within twenty days; otherwise within forty
days, or judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to the prayer of said
complaint. The said action is brought to
obtain a de.ee of this court dissolving the
bonds of matrimony existing between your
self ard this plaintiff upon the around of
wilful desertion of this plaintiff and upon
the further ground of habitual drunken
ness for more than one year last post, and
that the custody of the minor child be
awarded to plaintiff, and for alimony.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said aone
plant. as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relief de
mended in said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
district court of the First judicial district of
the state of Montana, in and for the county
of Lewis aud Clarke, this 10th day of Sep
tember, in the year of oar Lord, one thous
and eight hundred and ninety-two.
1By G. O. FRZErAN, Deputy Clerk.
C. W. FLEILOSCxr, Attorney for plaintiff.
i. of the first judicial district of the state
of Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
and Ca: ke.
* J. T. Walsh, plaintiff, vs. DoR Creek
Pancer Mining company, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greeting to
the above named defendant;
You are hereby required to appear in an
action brought against you by the above
named plaintiff in the district court of the
first judicial district of the state of Mon
tana, an and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, and to answer the complaint filed
therein. within ten days (exclusive of the
day of service) after the service on you of
this summons. if served within this connty;
or, if served out of this county, bus within
this district, within twenty days: otherwise
within forty days. or judgment by default
will be taken against you, aceording to the
prayer of said complaint. The said action
is brought to recover judgment against the
said defendant for $2,228.90, due plaintiff
on a certain contract wherein and whereby
defendant agreed to pay plaintiff $3,000 as
its manager and superintendent for the pe
riod of one year, which said contract vlain
tiff has fulfilled on his part, though defend
ant has paid him but $771.10. and has de
tained the remainder by a vexatious and
unreasonable delay since September 1. 1891.
And you are hereby notilfed that if you
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
will take jdnuinent naginst you for said
sum of $2,228.90) and interest from Sertem
ber 1. 1891, at 10 par cent. besides costs.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
district court of the first judicial district of
the state of Montana, in and for the county
of Lewis and Clarke, this 13th day of An
gust, in the year of our Lord, one thousand
eiuht hundred and ninety-two.
SEAL.] • JOHN BEAN. Clerk.
By H. It. THOMPSON, Deputy Clerk.
'1. J. Walsh, plaintiff's attorney.
court of the Firt Judlicial district of th
lato of Montasa. In and for the county at
Lewie and Clarke..
liep :art ..tych, Jr., plaintiff vs. N. P. Shaw,
The state of dMntana sends greeting to the
heove nanr, d defendant:
You are hereby required to apDpear in an action
roughlt against yoa byr the above named plaintiff
tihe diefriot court of the First judicial distriet
pf tt m sate of Montaus, ini and for the county of
Lewis and ( larke. and to answer the complaint
iled theO.tin.withmn tor d:iay (exclusive or the day
of servico) after the iervice o yon of this sum
iens. if served wrtt'in tlti county" or. if ayrced
eUL ot tlis cult Iv. Lint w. thil thi distr:ct. within
Leuty dae. otL!toirvlio witllmll forut dryn, or
uidgtmnti by donillt will by taken against yif
iacrordini t, th, t nayir of said ,itmplaiut.
'I th said act.ou is brought to rovert tr a judg
OIILtt 5o *.h,7 tttl,, an account for gtuoc, var..a
tad merchandise for,-abshed to tihe dtefendant by
!Lt t,pai,;itt at the rgectal iso'atno and requeot
if t!ltcldant. an i or .ntorert tIereun troun
lhi d ot.. atol:d ftr r.t- oIf etit
.nd you are ttret.y oitlfietl that if oui fall to
tiptar and rn wc r- his 'aid ,'titlaintine. as e~r
requirud, tleratd ;lacntiit ~wilt take dIfsnit nnit
rldgtorot IIsa.nt ,in for .b hi and interest and
Se o o it :slit
iven under m had ndlll the peal of the di,
trict ounrt of the Ifirst ;rudiial dinatr;cl of the
state of AMontana, in andti for ti
-- '-- rriounty of Lewis and (t'nriki.
{e.il- First i thias ld ay of A.gtner,. in the
.ud. Uiet. yeoar of our ti.nrd ,t thluusnd
t.o ur eighe t hundred ail l e ludut,.twto
JOHIN IlAN. /'hrk.
L o y r . W. IuilTri. Deputy t'i.t.
WoaD. Ba.tt & Woan., AttorneYa for Plaint
N ~OTIC TO CE.DI'd lite . --EtATrE OF
van. anMtt le, d..oo m.
Not.iro In herely given by the undersigned, ad
-anlitratria of the estate of i-vau Metli.'.
dceneed. to thle reditor of and all t,aronae
having elaimo againste the salS iiMsased. to ex
tlbit tlini, with tho n.uiseary voileirs. %iiihti
fiunr monthn after the ºr.t Pebtication of thin no
reto. t the raid adtluititratrix at lher residnn,-o'
n the city of Helenea. Mlntena. the same eiein
the plac for t'e transaction of the btlutsc. !s
said estate, is the ooaunty ,.tf Lewis and f'lae..
J,\Av; I. MA'ltrutl,.
Aimainistratrix of Evan Martioe, dec aced.
-aet.l Aug. Itn. l85
". annual meeting of the stockholders ol
the iioutanma Fit. Clay comnpany for thug
eleotion of ulioere and for the transaction
of such other business as may uaoporiv
conie before the meeting will he held at the
ofire of Prof. (1. C. Swallow, St. lo.tl
block, Helena, Moat., Saturday, Sept. 17,
Ittl2, at seven o'clock i. u.
brpt. ti, 11912. L. F'. TlL2Xsr, Bee'y.
First National Bark
PAID UP CAPITAL, $500,000.
Designated Depository of the
United States.
Interet Allowed on Time Deposits.
General lBanking BusinscH 'Tranaoted.
bafety Deposit fIxise for Hent.
Direeters a
B. T. HAUSIR ......................Presidenl
I. W . KNI I'............................... shle
P. HH. KLEINSHUBMIDT......Aelestant (mshis
BE. IL HILL........ Second Assistant Cashie;
renvills Stuart................B torkgrowei
hlor . C'. . ower................U. S. Honatoi
. C. Cnrtin... ........Clarke. Conrad & Curtl,
K. S. llamilllou ....... ..........apilalifs
I). It. Alien............ Mining and Swtrckgrowe
Chan. K., Wells ......................... Merohanl
L M., Holier........A. M. Holtor Hardware Co.,
Aeeolanted Ranks
Nortlhwestaern National lhanuk.........Great Flll
First National lanlk ...................Misaoul,
First National Bank............... .....Btte
Srchants Nationa
Paid in Capital, $350,000.
Surplus and Profits, $90,000.
L. H..HEBRnHIIEJD............ Preslden
A. J. )DAVIDBn N.............Vice-P'reide,,
AAHON HlIiHFIEL)D ........"........Cashier
Board of Dlreatores
Thomas Cruse, M. Bands,
B. S. Huntley, A. K. Presrott,
A. J. Davidsorn. Molo, Morrie
L. H. torshlehld, Aaron Merehlield,
J. Switzer.
Firrt-class City, County and State Seouriltie
bought and sold.
Exchange isuned on the principal cities of th
United btates and Europe. 'lralluf.rs of mone_
made by telegraph.
Interest allowed on time deposits. Collection
promptly attended to.
Hoses for rent at reasonable prices in one oat
the best constructed fire and burglar proof sat.e
deposit vaulte in the country.
M ontana National
Capital Paid in, $500,000.
Surplus and Profits, $200,000.
U. A. BROADWATE..................Presides
L. i. PHELPS..............Vico-Presiden
Al. L. MHtULLOH ......................Cauhie
A. L. Smith .................Assistant Cashia
A. G. Clarke. Herman Gang.
I. F. Gslen, Peter Larson,
. W. Cannon, . C. Waller
D. A. Cory.
S econd N atiorUna,
A General Banking Business
SD. Edgerton. ........ .......... ....Preslden
K. COLE ...................Vise-Presiden_
BEORGE B. CHILD.. .............. hie
OB.0PH N. KENCK..........Aisetant Cashies
Board of Direetors
J. B. Sanford, C. G. Evens
H. W. Child, B. J. Jo0es0
A. H. lpratt. Chris Kenc.,
. D. Edgerton, C. K. Coln.
Georgm B. Child.
No. 4408.
- elena National
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi
JOHN T. MURPHY. ......... ....President
SHIRLEY C. ASIIBY............Vice-President
FRANK BAIRD.......................Cashier
Interest allowed on time deposits. Exchange
Isleed on foroign countries.
Transfer of muoncv by telegraph. Firset-oass
city. county and state eo:uritice bought sad sold.
Collections promptly attended to.
Beard of Dlreetors:
John T. Murphy.
Shirley C. Ashby, P. . McAdow,
Frank Baird, Chas. I. Wells.
J. P. Woolhnan, I'. Gi. Maclay,
W E.. Cullen, .Ino. S., Mendenhall,
Abner H. Cleuente, it. h. ord.
A. A. McDonald. J. P Porte~
She Thomas Gruse
Incorporated Under the Laws o1
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
]HOMA (RTTE ................... President
FRANhK H. ('IllRjb..............Vice-President
WM. J. (OOI(E....... Asst T'reas. and Socretarj
WM. J. SWEiNEY ....................Treasurer
5 rustesl,
Thomas Crnse, Frank t . Cross.
Wmin. J. ('ook ". W ,11. I. Sweeuey,
John Fag an.
Allowse per cent in'nrest on Savinge Deposit,
somrlnntl..l January arnl July.
Traneac a g.eu ral banuking busaies. Draws
sxchang. An the principal citios of the United
Blatn anil E'uropo.
D)ials in county and city hbnd.. and makes
loans on r at estate tnorttages.
Ofticn hours from 11 a. m to4 p. m. Also on
Rat rrnay and Monday evenings from i to b
rmerican National
CAPITAL, $200,000.
'. C. POWER .................... Prnidnt
A. J, NEI,l,4'IAN .............. Vice -l'PreileUt
A C. JOSHNP)N .. .......... . .('ashler
IilO. F. COlE ................ Asirtat t'aohiur
'. C. Power. A. J. F..llgman.
A. C. Johnon,. Itchatd l.ockey,
James Sullivan.
Interat allowed on t.it deosIlts. I'tioange
Ienettl oI Irinclltl citis of the I nitid .State..
Canada and Il'lurous. Transfers of touney tonad,
'ily. county sad eta'o ues'lrtoio Olgusand oltl.
Freight and Transfer Line
-t1 kinds of merehtsadla and oetLs fnkt--,
terludltl orsa promptly tresn.trd fIrom the
d ot. Oltera will rueeive prompt .te.tl~ I
olta. M J. Irele seao Sdternenad at a se
4o-inch Serge, Elegant Colorings.
Worth 6oc to 75c. This week 450.
Special 40-inch Storm Serge, New Shades. Special
Worth 75c to 85c. This week 6oc.
42-inch Camel's Hair Plaids. Winter Colors.
i Worth $1.25. This week 95c. Prices
New and Novel Shades in Brocade Silks.
Beautiful Colorings. This week 4oc.
The values offered for the prices quoted will surprise the hargain seekers of Montana
especially the Brocade Silks mentioned at 40c, which contain almost every shade, and
which are elegant as a dress material or for a trimming.
plaintiffs, vs. J. W. Howell and Lizzie
Howell, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale issued
out of the district court of the First judicial
distriot of the state of Montana, in and for
the county of Lewis an I Clarke, on the 9th
day of September. A. D., 1892, in the above
entitled action, wherein M. Bolles & Co.,
the above named plaintiffs, obtained a
judgment and decree of foreclosure and
sale against J. W. Howell and Lizzie How
ell, defendants, on the 9th day of Steptem
ber, A. D., 1892, for the sum of $1,974.75,
besides interest, costs and attorney fees,
which said decree was on the 9th day of
September, A. D.. 1892, recorded in Judg
ment book No. "H," of said eanrt, at page
-. I am commanded to sell all those cer
tain lots, pieces or parcels of land, situate.
lying and being in the county of Lewis and
Clarke, state of Montana, and bounded and
described as follows, to-wit:
Beninning at a point in the west side of
Park street, fifty (50) feet north of the
southeast corner of block numbered forty
five (45) of the Grand Avenue addition to
the city of Helena, running thence north
along the went side of Park street forty-five
(45) feet to a point, thence west nlnety
eirlht and two-thirds (98%) feet to a point
in the line between lots numbered two (2)
and three (3) in said block forty-five (45),
tbhnce south along the line between said
lots two (2) and three (3). forty-five (45)
feet to a point, thence east ninety-eight and
two-thirds (98%) feet to the place of be
ginning; all in the city of Helena, county
and state aforesaid; said lot, piece or parcel
of land consisting of portions of lots nam
bered one (1) and two (2), in block forty
five (45) of the said addition, necording to
and as described upon the official plat ef
the said addition, which plat is now on file,
in the manner provided by law, in the office
of the county recorder of the said county of
Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all and singular the tene
ments,. heredltaments and apportenances
thereuato belonging or in anywise apper
Public notice is hereby riven that on Pat
urday. the 1st day of October, A. D., IS)92,
at 12 o'clock in., of that day at the front
door of the sourt house, Helena, Lewis and
Clarks county, Montana, I will, is obedi
senee to said order of sale and decree of
foreolosure and sale, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as
may be neceasary to satisfy said judgment,
with interest and costs, to the highest and
beet bidder, for ca.h in haud.
(liven under mny hand this 10th day of
September, A. 1)., 18")2.
('HARLES . l. J EFFEIRTS. Sheriff.
By ItAriPH G. JoinrsoN, Deputy Bherif'.
,lIIIlEtFF'8 BAIl, MH. EIOL..E- & Cto.
l aihllll. vc Eli:aletli Hoe.. eduaiuietratr e
if lthe, isalc of lflery Iloin.rra. iE.eo lis lab..h
B,,.,"i 'trl Wail, a ,ri i., r+,tchr,.. ,lroflcdart,.
lindrr asn by virtu,, u nall order of stle and
dir:I of fl,r.rlor,.. and rvate iCuted olut of the
di t-icr rcourt ,of the ri t l ,udicial ditrict of tie
lur'e ilf tlOiitrtts. In bnd for ItJIu tu)'t of
I n so and Clarker. on th, :'le rsar of Aue.,, I. A.
I). lhee. in the abt~iu .ntirlstl act.roT, wheollu
. e. &1. r l. " . ti, saevet nai.led plaintrft..
oltixinal a jniduTerlr t a l,lte a ln rieu of forectlenri
a , h sale a aiu.to ,la bt oItillr adminintraltrx
, -, , nt K allnce it, I hrnll urgh d,"feal lalt'f t
o the lit day of A u , ),,. 1. D. Ir'. for
tuhe i .' u ofr $I.t,.i(ri, ihetdo n il ttere , ci st
si.l :ittrtti y fri.. cll.trh srta l r ,ior'ee war oi irt,,
ulht Clay of trt nri , A. +) i .i., retird-dl a .ludrg
im.it tlook No. t. IUf til colurlt rat pio
Ss coullanided to ci all clthat ,-erta.li lot,
p eco .r parel of landi. silt.. I inlg and be
iii Iti t r)r atoly -if i.,wim aUd t'lrll.ro mati ofU
tlcrnsus. and bl.ruldhl aid der'ribe.l as follows,
tc w*ll
.et nlulnw r hrte I,. in block ulriulmb stry
tirt, az, of Ielmiate rwnmitr.i ti t i - ci, ut:nt) of
I oni andlt (larke. Mtate of M5lntauai. s dmevrribed
I It.o tiii' ial plat of said IlelL,, towuinsi, In
I,a oiio, ofn thle cluia', clerk ana.l rcourdler of
paid county. Tliicr.lher with all and elasular the
tiiornment hteriltitalsent, and apitpIrtoi.air.es
llvecl:t. brrd, ntll in, nr ini as) iiei.ctpierrtllitm ll..
i of t hhat day a c l frrit door of it,h ie,i.rt lii,,,,
tel,tea, iwi, n.il ('lark. reunt. ti,nrt-illc,
.ill. in olnilenr to said oeris ut mk, aal ,iasree
Pi ferhlsusre and atle. sell (th* ab.,leriftrd
iirs,lt.ry. usr , a n, er tereof as r ay l
cr Teary to aiel( aid jutirgaet, with interaet
.d n,,,.te, to the hhllhst and tbest biddier for caah
tiven under my hand this 3st day of ausual.
It. I'. I Aft
t'IlAli. H. JEFHERISt, yherif,
By RtLrE U. Joittog. Depaty iharitl.
CARL GAIL, President.
E. BUMILLER, Vice-President and Treasurer.
H. UNZICKER, General Manager and Secretary.
M. UNZICKER, Western Representative.
* * * * BUILDERS OF " 0 a *
Gralold Mills, Wet and Dry
V Crushing Silver Mills, Smelt
ing, Concentrating, Leach
ing, Chlorinating, Hoisting
____ and Pumping Plants of any
----AND - S capacity. Tramways, Cor
liss Engines, Compound En- t
i a gines, Boilers, Cars, Cages,
Skips, Ore and Water Buck
ets, Wheels and Axles and
all kinds of Mine Supplies.
* * Exclustre Eastern Mannufactrersland Agents for a "
J. M. Bryan's Roller quartz Mill and Ilendy's Improved Triumph Concentrato,
Western OiMee: General Ofmoe and Weorks
leIlenL. flMontana C'hloago, Illinois.
' plalutif. v. IN liuam J. :.'onu. al,,u knowun o
na n alledi Jamn, W. Noonan, ('athrrtneNoonnn
Jamae liroonhoid sand lelinand Iloh,u. plrtnerll
doiug and tra.nonting hnaiiirs uudir the firm
namne and sltyi of rroeiahood, t;iohnl I. ( o.; the
Ilunnlll A li (n Inentlntm t collmpany. a cllrlor
attn. 'Max Kahln Alll it illitot Multht. dfellin.to.
I allr and by virtuo of an ttrder, f nial and
At.e of fO , 'll'*ll. lod l ae , ind It of t.h
iatl. r'ctnrt ,f tide F.e.o ;nli. il dhtr, r of Iilo
tlatte ot llrtai.i. isn and Lor tilto t(-i cl) ut Iafwin
atI ('latrk.. n t.It ,d -1, al .f lA.o ..AI LA .
tbnt-., io tlt ' ounce otielid atctio. wti'e.Ia
obtainled a Judournt a.i i ltha inr of fourno
un, and .t, . gain. ltI1hhant1 J.. \ooant at-,,
lnuawi na ird clted .tatl s Wn. Nouaana.
Catrthrint Noonan. I'.s c Ii Cre hood and anrdi
I I i· iohlt. t,arlwnora dulo and tranSattl'ag
bu.lolta under th firm n,,mu. aud a1lae of
(Itrenhoodu. 1l'lha 1n.. T'hn. Inlkonll( n VFo1
luto.tnu~at cin 44a ny, i cIt.,ritra.on Wax Kn ah
and Wiliam (nilol. dofendalncet otn tho i:'.1 day of
Adttt r*o. A. It rtlstur thn pln ll.f Sto:fltt.
Lnei.lt. inlllto.. cora hand tittornsy tne. whlidit
aid do IV--. in.n tIhe .1 il ta .l"goa,. A. il
I0ri. rnuniorl.d In llodllln IJtok No "1I" iof
aidl ,ourt At ags, . I am ruamntlaudil to
tll ll tIa ctaitrllllh. pitce or iaitorl i landl.
itualt,. lying asid lnlll.g in Ll til, count of I.a(ai
alndl ('larkn.la. ut f .ontlltaa, auld otond.l and
daitritwd w follow,. t--wit.:
L.n aIIttbubbr ihllton "13 in block nllurbor
taat-faour l( t, iu the Northern Pactifi add,
liii to the city of Ililona. in ti- toullnty uf
Ilwn and (tarse. and sate of . laMntana. ac
curling to tI.e 1t.ltt o'f sail North, r al r'jino
ladtitl.n tin it u thn. tli. of tie tuuuiy
rea.rdor if acid si1at.t.
ig-itt ncr wilh all alid iiut'l!ar thot lenoment.,
erhaitItnuioniC ad apllttrltttiuaunt tlrnntllto be.
log itie or in aao win aytlnllalti;ia.
I'alihi notion, i herebyt iv.ut tatn onl, aturday.
I,. ltlh ,Ia. ,.i eto,.tthi.r A t. t. bL2. t It
olIhna l u,. ofl t t taty he frolnt diour Uof h
·l'lllruu ltu. 1."ll.w l.wi+ sandl (Ilnako iluut',
ld alana. 1 will. in .Utllirare to said itidor of alon
and doorro of forntloanra and aae. call the aboti
deanribad pro'tty, inr ao mali tharaof at. tay bt
ntawaary it natiaf" nuaid jullmenten.l with Iternat
and rosta. to tho higheat and beat bidder, for
each in hatnd
Rivesn luder loy band this 24th day of
Auluct. A. . t1Ogl
$ yflea Q. JUnamon. Deputy hbelL
Con pany towanio and operating the Jerse
Iluo bnin u-:lor Ilulte. iSlver Bow sounty. Mon
tana). ieleran. Moot . i.pt. ii 1bL.
No ric. 1 here is delin ueutt upon the follow..
lacr e.li. ·nd ock of t..H l elena and Hutto
-oWpauy ont account of acoes.ment levied on
Nhn 75d day of oily. 1892. the several nmnonts
sot oj.poit,' tlhe nlime of the roepective shore
holders as follows, to wit:
N(. of Amount
Nan.l. tertiiate. Shares. Delinqunont.
ryn Lrvino....... 5 25, $ 8 75
1;. W. 0Iatiie .... . 5.9.4 1177 7
A. A. oj,,ould ...0 1 19.:':: 1;8 ui
,. I). hlaonietrr.... 11 7.79' 2.13 7
I. A. V. la!rar ...... it l17.09 m 1 14
.W. W. Iesl.y... .15 .747 44l 41
I,. 1. hrt....... . .5o 15 I,
I. ii. Maine. ...... I . 0670 100 111
F. II. lie l,,n .....3 6..1k1. J 71
0. 1. lioddard.... (8 '.7,0i 75 00
AL. Olde ........ L " .9(0 ' :
1. C. a lld........ 17 13) 2 7
L W. 'l ole........ .'.0 6.,9 l I. t' )
8: D. Wmol ........ 3L 5.,0 15.0 t)
. : Ilalteman.... 13 _.1 h 6
MI.N lisarl . :4 ...:14 .74 :414I
'T. . llowman..... 17 1. I ,
Chose. Ruserll ..... 3 5 00
l.eo. 1). Hleattie..... 40 L.3 1;77 0i
liles Cavennaullh.. 41 X.tlnO 164 00
11. C Multkeru... 44 1.510 196 ii
an t liloy.......... 46 l.5l6 46 ,I
• A.. 'luney....... 7 1. 8 43
Go. ('unningham.. 48 1.45 49 71
(1. W. (iauI ....... ,1 147 4I 71
0.C. 1ocklr .... 4 1 0
O. . '/.oeokler..... 5 1.719 13 17
Amos Calli ..... '7 1,614 483l
Inilseella 'alkl... 4 1,:00 4i00
Yloeuoe uao s. Wils (. .i9 11 00
1. 43. WlllHton .... 13 5,0I 15010
Wim. Linton....... 7 . ,1x19 6
'otsol . ........... ,01 .... ....
A nl itn aeonrdane with law sO meap ehlar OI
_lrch t·reol of said stuuok as may be a esey
will be Lold at tie oioet the le.. .i 9alk
ononpaay. loom L I'owe beidilgia ia Sh oil
Hslena, on the 2d dayte Of blig. 10, at UL
o'olhL noon. to day said dlellalqj t ams mtee a
thero a 1ot hier with oost of adetelsa a
te sre.n I . 1hl
Bem i F war~aal101H

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