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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, September 12, 1892, Morning, Image 4

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MI.day .nly Iis dtaesal per pear..... ... 2 I
weekly fin advance oanly pr ar. ....... a
DIs by carrier, per week. mLaves issues.
HELENA. MONT., SEPT. 11 18.2.
Woautanlmanm ead will always la T
Answ lnrrmozsr OT isle at their favorit
betols; ifth A enama sd Metropolitea. -ew
Yerk; Welt. Ulnneapolli Baldwin and Palas.
lea Franucdsco; MoDarmaen. Batta Lalani Hote
Seioadlahd. Ill.
a demorattle state sonventlon i hereby called
to be held in the city of (irea Iat l. Mast.. on
Monday. L 1,1. II. l1Wl at four o'clock p. m.. for
the purpice of nominating eaeidates for tea a
ottearr a eandidate for the nati..al house of
repremntativel, and thuse ,reside.tial el ecors
and forthe transaction of eoen other business
as may jrop.rly come before the convention
In a cordance ,Ith a resolution amJo :d nb
f.. state d'mocratis committee. the delagat. e
and aJ:erntes to tie lat rconvention ha!d st
Feeman JSane 9. 1IL err the debnrate and
iternates to the ctarentioa to be alid a. (,rest
I Nb.. tep. 1. 1~2o
Se Dstate central committle hae adopt!e the
F:nZ.a 4.len for the government of the s at
L ibeeguo and alternate delegates shall be
d ocrscut :said.ote of tte county they repr
I i us t e at a delest Lis alternate
ts-i CA "Is volt.
SI lai e tarare df a delegate and i alter
ur. a saerty of tie de.asati'n of that co0nt1
tais b reatiad to esM Laote of te atmurs em.
A y are al oty stall Ne wtot repro
st=a!a'id eth' 7 1y fk.:ltea or their altasetra
sermti rwtas NtaLr sot bt a :.oa' t! ro':.
sTy moer - oie y Mtate deocrrtic central coin
eebe T. u L o LA s. Chairmaa
Si s 1 idleas hoeIe t*wr..
Btetrs.fim !Lt1 d
e ewT, g........ N.. .c ir:nsa wil f
elma cunt e ..eit b
s u2. Tta f - nw- I
not'ek e a buapsrtt .e
Xttiierat at rteat -s to.
A*iea 'orlta fot Heiri leah warmer.
HelvUeti. ts'f IL S- u.
Foce me.tenaro governor: Ai man who
can count s:zteen.
Lrtr us be thankful that Helena i
not a seaport town.
RE.MEMBR..., gentlemen, no permonal
ities at Gcreat Falls, but winners.
AN early frost in New York would
arouse more joy than free silver in Mocn
THy. people of the United States will
remember but one of Mr. Blaine's
EVIDF.YTLY Miss Nancy Hanks will do
well to keep in form until the bicycle
season is over.
THE facts on labor statistics in New
York have seemingly buried one Mr.
Peck under a bushel.
THE first gun in the democratic cam.
paign will be fired a four o'clock this
afternoon at (;reat Fall,.
TaH man who can beat D)r. J. M. Fox
in Park county will be a gocd deal
smarter than hirer Rianbbit.
DF.MOCPATIC delegates should comi
nate a candidate for auditor who will
Cook trtat goose to a urn. it can re
THe candidate who has the support
of men who "never atked anythrng fror:t
the party" will have a decisive majorty,
It will be a case of 'eight. nine, ten
and out'' with the entire rerpulican state
ticket if democrats at Great Falls do
their duty.
Don'T get the cholera scare. Th.e
only sanitary methods neetlId in
Montana concern the cleaning out of
republican ticket.
-r.Ox the enubbing admrnirstered at
theG(reat Falls convention we gather
that ..,nius Glatliolus Haniers as j!u.ht
now a bgger man than ,.sa brother.
In M,nister Pat Egan had started
for house six mor.ths ago irsad of now,
retations between the Icated States and
Chili would not .ave been ,laturbed.
]:"': foi'r l'v a;trso ti.e vrea',-.t pa.e
on earth was New Gr:ear.. '1turday
it was Sari F'ranhr;co ad on, tre rnoom
ing of NOV. `' it Io ' I .rir's Bar.
THt beet th.r .g ,a:1 V .J ,.n :Eras
IGi'kards n 1... s;pee c ofr aceptance
was h.e prorlie r..,t t , vf.y , ,e tppo.
rer t. I. r, j,;rr:-r.t, hv-, r.r, w:.l lt a
man whor, rrn ti r.:.n : ..fy.
T.tx frie.ds of Jo:r. !tray It.tar.rds
boast that he ct, 's-1l e,:;it ldermc:rat,(
senatre o,,.t of tie -'at. 'tey aiil be
made mnindful of th,, fact that John
Ezray i. d(,:n t 11.( , ka.k tIs year.
Tmi Journal is nee s,.cly a'.arrre,
over the case of Dr. :I:t.h.bli If thai
contemporary wial orly i,,,il ,t through
the campaign tlo d,-aertions from re
publican ra;r.ks will ,,Omle fast enougi,.
THOMAs COMMODloRg POwit: will g,
down into the political La.tory of M,n
tana as the author of that famroui
phrase "I think we'vo got 'ema." Bl,,
the commodore does't think so this
THrE recent exhibition of knockoutt
in the New Orleans ring will be recalle,
with sympathetic memornes when th,
court house ring is cleaned out in No
vember. Politicians as well as pug:lint
can fight once too often.
MAYOR MANTLE is all but sure of the
aezt senatorship while Carter casts
windward eye towards it in the event of
HarrLIsona' deeat Each will rmpe
thise with the other when the returns
sanguneo a demoiatic legislaturae
Bawtia of the nap on grandfather's
hat Itis filled with the gurma of high
tariff bcholera, a disease far more dan
gerous to the posIperity of the country
tban the AsiaUc scoarge The people
who have suffered under its hurdens
these many years will establish a quar
antine this fall that will stay.
Tua name of Mrs. J. Ellen Poster is
conspicuous among the campaign side
partners of Gov. McKinley and other
leaders. This woman's happiness would
be materially increased it presidential
terms were shortened to one year. A
campaign is as welcome to her as a par
tridge season to a pointer dog, for the
people then learn that the government
and Mrs. J. Ellen still live.
In the first place, Ameriesa wool has not
"dropped from year to year" under this
"so-called neeseary protectlam." sad the
indastry hbs not lessened importance
ouder the regime of the tariff. Secondly.
neither this no: any other tariff is i the
slibrhtet degree responsible for say fall in
the pries of wool.-Helenas Journal
Teot us see about that.
In 1t,67 a duty of 11 cents per pound
was placed on unwashed wool through
an agreement between the associations of
wool manufacturers and wool growers.
There were then more than '7.(I,00,0
sheep east of the Mississippi and Mis
ouririvers. In 10t1 there were only 13.
476.(u sheep in this region. In 19:. there
were in Ohio 6.7:30,0f shlee'.; in 1870 it
.al only 4...18.-O;o n 18f) 4,4J.(Nii0;. in
ISt;. 5,!04,0:0; and in 18.) It had but
.94I:,0100, though in 1891 it had 4,161i000.
A falling off of more than one-third in
the state of Ohio during the twenty-one
rears of protective tariff on wool, and in
that time the populat.on had increased i
more than 1,000.(j0. In the meantime
the prices of Ohio wools of the various
grades have dropped from three to five
cents a pound during the last eight
rears The figures in the wool market
to-day present a startling comparison
when we remember that from 1857 to
1iOXi when we had free wool, the price
reached as high as 53 cents a pound. It'
also appears from the -Woo Book" of
1.1, that the grade of Ohio fleece wools
which sold for 13 cents in 19)0 were.
worth but 32 cents under the tariff from
1,4:' to 1K:0.
So much for Ohio. Now let us look
at Montana. In 1886 Montan wools sold
at from `3 to `5 cents per pound, rang
ing at 24 cents for the best clips. In
1887 the highest price paid was 210'
cents, and in 188, the average price was
1) cents. In 188J the bulk of the clip of'
the state was consigned on an average
return of not more than 13 cents. In
1890 the average price was not more
than 17 cents, and this year it thus far
averages that or a fraction more.
These are figures and facts which the,
esteemed Journal cannot refute despite
its broad denial of everything. It is
conclusively shown that prices have
dropped heavily under a protective tariff
and it is absurdly useless for our con
temporary to explain that this as the
result cf a continual glut in the market
for many years.
it is rte result (A tLe rorrier tr.:n
and there is nr getting around :t.
"Ids is the Lincoln of our day," says
the New York Recorder in a single par
agraph. In the absence of any further
reference to the identity of this mean we
aasume that the Recorder means the
greatest statesman of this time. Per
haps the key can be found in these
words from a speech of James Russell
Iowell before the Boston Tariff Reform
"I feel myself strongly attached to
Mr. Cleveland as the beet represents
tire of the higher type of Amer:canism
that we have senr eince Liaco WaeS
snatched from us. - Every
word he says is weghel with what he
:e. * * W-e are here to fec litate each
other that this man. understands poli
i:cs to r.ean businese, not chicanery:
plain speakuin, not paltering with .a in
a double sense: that he has had the
courage to tell the truth to the country
without regard to personal or party
D)r. Chauncey M. Depew is regarded
by t,:a brethren as a pretty gr./, author
itv on republicanism and by the people
of the country as a go-ld ;edge of cus
tomri and of men. Tr.e harking curs of
the reputrhcan press have assailed the
publ, ari,, persnai character of Mr.
(Cievelund very vigorously in the past,
but no amount of party pr jud;ice could
keep their great leader from th.e seriti
rment expressed at the Washington ban
quet in New York:
"'f I arm to narre tr e typical A.rer:
can, the man who Euves ar-I i- 'A i:r,
h-, country ,eyonr.d every ti.r.g ,le-, tr.,
'ran v ho, deternm,r -',e .. wci i, d,
rectorn i.i duty lei", s .car.ot li e ewerved
fro::. the patht tie i .ar, 1.0 'rloggedly
jiera.ttent in vhat .e hti-iiews to be
Irgr.t -rr.e man who t;r:ns ,rot of ecf,
but of ,:s rourtry ni its nee-,. I ,woola
name (;rover C(;vi-lan(d. i Hiat hie ia
acorui pluh.d is tie very i ,,hest trbte.
to the pei:biiit:e of Arriunan ct;zen
IIIp. A country lawyer In tre ,:,.y of
I Eruffa!lo, he shed luster on the i. .,i, pro
fi-irion which he had c,,oer.. .is t;.o
mayor of his native city le presnr.ted as
his record a clean and ecorno:,:cal a-l
minie-traton. (Cor:ring into tti: hi ghest
txsition of the larl without previous
exl,-eri.ir N, and with scarcely a prev
dent to guide ,hin, :n the 'onrnditions
vi.:h mrroulnded him, he won the af
fert-on of is party and tr.onrnalled the
resipr-t of his oppl,onnat. I findl myself
in one of the prouldeit positions of lmy
life in being lprnittel to present to you
!;rover (:lveland as the typical Atieri
t can."
Grover C:oveland is the tyiical Amer
ican and the people will elect him in
Novemruib,r ibcause they like th.at sort
of a mii.
a (.eorg.e tlIem CLurt"i. Last Article
- cOne of the firm of Hlarper Irotherse .id
that Georug William Cu tis' last article
was the *"Easy ( hair" for September, the
principal uart of which follows.'
Tlhe part of the English speaking people
B that inhabit the British islands is apt to
a show, among its more ignorant elasse.,
mushn mnee imtesiee the isa sheall W fl
Asmeeess heash lr ts teal , !seqi.
laghtp pears s the a0 e
usbm tfel0ipl peeamld b1 mdU e
tsry mula eiesthib4 byth gies el the
sees, took especsal eleasese in prieklug dad
proddig us with his pea, whik, after all
was more blast the polated. In th.-e
elltiermt days our lIacry folelatne.r
maarny retorted with the .I quoqwg~ and
tee are pamplets of the time whis as
mainly eatalogaes of ineideate of btetality
and oetrage culled from the British popA
"'rte dredful people," said the lritos
"spit a t eat deal and at peas with a knif.
and sit in their shirt slaves at the theate
and ask a great many queItsta sald speak
the language somewhat dlltreatly from as.
Pigsa nn at large in the strets of New York
ity and man genral it is va, vular _ad
boastfal people." In the whole eborus of
writers who easperated as by sae com
ment there was nso one of ability. no one
who was worthy of attention, hardly one
who could be eslled elever. Bat the efect
apon our sensitiveness was undeniabl anad
none of bhem was visited with more wrath
than a certain commonplac elergyman
named Fidier, who might have been ca rate
in cue of Mi Austen's noels, and whose
dullines wa so dense as to he entertaining.
The rejoinder, however, was alwayr nash
isa If Amerleans eat pes with a knie.
Englishmen kieked their wivre sad sold
them ia open masket, and every ofcnse
against social convention on oar part was
sat off by an ofense against common ho
manity on the partof John BulL To cata
lugs was long and painful, sand it left the
-sme Impression of brtality among the
lower English novels of the last century.
and fro'.. hints in Hogarth's pietures and
whieh i constantly confirmed by courrent
reports. The latest of such stories is that
of the missil thrown at Mr. Oladstone and
the riot at the speech of M. Stanley.
Our elections are elcited, and there I
sometimes a quarrel at the polls. But ther:
is no breaking up the meetings of one party
by the attacks of the other. Jast after the
adoption of the constitution Alexander
Hamilton made a speech in the open air in
New York. and atones were thrown at him;
and in the hot campaigns that preceded the
civil war there were sometimes violent in
.errau;iocs of political meetings. But the
custom of our eamraigns is wholly differ
ent. Each ide respects the meetings of
the other, and a personal indignity from a
democratic opponent to Mr. Edmunds'
speaking upon the stamp would be resente
noon ail sides as warmly as a republican as
sault non Mr. Bayard.
ich a scene as that as Iambeth in Lon
don, where Mr. Stanley and his wife were
driven from the platform by an angry mob.
which sought to tear them from their ears
ages, and from which they esaped only
w.th great deniculty. is wholly unknown in
this part of the English speaking world.
Yet is seems to be very familiar in the
British isa:nd. It springs from the same
spirit that makes priz: fighting a national
institution, and which made Taine feel that
upon a ce tain kind of Englishmen the
veneer of civilization is very thin.
New FlIh Steries
An albino lobster, a rare and remarkable
specimen was recenty found in a cargo of
lobsters from New Bunswiek. It was
blish white in color, and has been sent to
"Washington to the United bastes flab cm
The danger of small boys fishing for big
game was ilinetrated by John Keim, a lad
of l3 years. ie stood on the hchnylkiii
river bridge at Pottetown, Pa., and in
attempting to land a five-pound bens he
was pulled over the railing and into the
water thirty-five feet below. Friends
pilled him oat and found his lag broken.
but he got the fish.
In the beginning of this esntry a shark
was taken at Surinam. and in it was di
covered the body of a woman, exeapting
the head. Instances are recorded upon
good authority of specimens being found
in the same sea, one with a sea-calf in its
,..n~r.h . hi, . an n aneath.e with a
whole horse, and another with two tunnies
and a man.
The Norwegian steamer Henry Damois
recently, when forty miles southeast of
South bhoal lightship, picked up a fisher
man in a dory who had gone astray from
his vessel. He stated that he had been
sword fishing and had been towed several
miles to sea by a huge swordfish, which he
had harpooned. For nearly twelve hours
he said, the fish had drawn him, and when
it died he pulled it in and it weighed aboot
:3(i pounds.
A fish that was exl:bited last century
over Europe weighed nearly two tons, and
ery nearly re-enacted the part of John's
fish. A British war vessel was sailing in
the Mediterranean. when a man fell over
board. A Lnge sharp Instantly aros and
the unlucky seaman disappeared within ite
mouth. The captain fired a gun at it from
the deck, and, as the shot strnek upon its
back, it east the man out again and he was
rescoed by his companions. ' hey forth
with harpooned the fish. dried him and pre.
snted him to his intended victim.--E
A G-mod "'tuttering' Story.
Nat Goodwin has a slight impediment in
his speech, as is weil known by everybody.
Henry Guy Carleton, who is the author of
Mr. Goodwin's newest comedy bas a still
more marked peculiaritr of this kind. The
other day Carleton came up to Goodwin
and asad:
"H-h-hbare you anything to do f-f-for the
next t- t-two hours?"
". Lto," replied Goodwin. "W-why do
you ask?'
"1:-tbbecause if you have a e-a-couple of
boers to scare I'd like f-fi-five minutes'
conv-ersation with you."
Stories (f Mr. Carleton being In order,
ere :a one thait a friend sends me from
rston: Henry iuy Carleton was walking
or. Iremont street, l~reton, recently, when
there parsed a manager between whom and
tae p'ayw:iibt has existed an Antarctio
eronesa ever since the manager "did" a
play of Carleton's in more ways than one.
' Your friend isn't looking well," oh
served Carleton's companiton "A little
pale about the gills."
"He has tot-two tood reasons for not tfof
feeling well," said Car;eton.
"And what are they?"
"Why, his non-new company can't set,
and his old kuk-kidneys won't."
Miarriage In Turkey.
"Marrying in Trakey." said I. ". fto
thart, of l.ondon, to a Chicago Inter- esean
reporter, "is a different thing entirely from
a marriage in America or England. hb.
knows nothing of her prospective husband's
tastes, character or habits, and has possibly
only caught an occasional glimpse of him
through some screen work. ithe is literally
taking a jump in the dark. Her father has
chosen for her and her only sourse Is to be
lieve In his wisdom. Nor is this her only
sourse of trouble. she knows that her h..
band has never seen her,and that while she,
on the other side, relies on her father's
judgment, he has chosen her only from
hearsey and becanse his mother happened
to be pleased with her, She may
well fear they will be a ill-mrated asotol.
al, mutsuay i e.a. lOh at en
earnams i arthay.
"At a Tulbish 1*1O the haies het
tnhe emof aha' he bgd'a aat is "m o.
submimeia. Is Taum a wmas divewore
froa hoe hImhbad le sa ased with at
tamelyr, n Is la the ghast ases,
often mares aae, thi beigu esan d
s th adity with whi. k a mas may dIve_
ble wife. Thel la sO eOas to o to se d -s
trial so eseu. A ma esmply salse to his
wife that he has divesod bee, as whisk she
will go away, and (he mte spas sesttaal
this to the ead will have ao set of divor+
writtenr whioh e will end iee. Hs may
take hue bask Swis without sna formalit
and divorsoe h asib, bus it e sely aft.
the third divese that shbe is leat to his
"This is noo so oammesm i t t. high as
in the lower elasames, whete a man ofte
diverass his wifeo for a badly sseek dinam
or a poorly sawed on batte. kaowlag that
it be wats to be omn tal hau beek beiae
"I know of a Turkish woman," oneluoded
Mr. btotbart. "who has baes divoesed three
tiamo fromr oah of re husbands, sad is
now living with the sixth."
Laames l. a svW aoee"a
- eerne srooan
Iron Mounltat. The beet sad sfest I -
vaesmars of say dlvldead paing mine i
the oLnited s.ate. letsoed., $12,000 dlvi
dads paid the last seves monthsl over 40
per sent per sunam, with thre years ore is
might. Lots large and smail at bottom
Bald Butte. The best gold mins so far
developed in Montana. One blook 5,000
barees and a few emall lots that are a safe
Bl-Metallie Extenason (Pbllipebu"g). Bas
the Bs-Metallic and Granite leads. As a
ste* "e stive investment is recom
Cumberland (Castle). Olne 10,000 sh
block for sale at a price. The ilto devel
opments would warrant the purohase of
hbis block as a speoulative investment.
A free-milling gold property near Helena
for sale. The developments showltbi to be
the cbsapest property o.ered in this mar
ket Booms 2B and 2,. Bailey bloSk.
Lmtdes, Attsatona.
Before parehasing any other awin ma
chine call and oaamine the "Davis." the
bet machinble made. Strrock & Brown,
"'The Bristol."
Corner S. Main and State Streets,
Helena, Montana.
Street Cars to and from all Depots ever, Afteam
ROO1S BY THE DAY, 50c TO $1.650
Special rates by the week.
Mineral Spring Restaurant.
O day mad ight Special accommodations
fIr indies. Mineral tyrinng watr tired rxclasively.
Hi! There!
Do you want hck?
Or I oar line uansfmvrrd?
Ortospcil MLIasIfor ifirtied
or coutie for Bh aon
i anrn va ena.`1 8 riat 10 Y_ AIR 0
St.Vionent lcayem .
The MaYues] Department of St. Vincant'
Aremy dorinn toe present acholtanio ear
will be i charg of
Sister Mary Zoe
. . . £ASSISSTD B .
Mliss Lizzie O'Jleil
Thaongh imtrector. in eve?7 branch of
the artt YimO'Net'. s~aecialtiee are harp.
ianro and roic--cnltare. and that ohe is
ighly qualibed may be jidtad from the fact
that ate ta tore a ive-year a couse of
trainir g under note
FtodiLe will be resumed in L TVincmnt's
the rst Tnueday of epttember.
F 9 J 0",
Diamond Brand
Hard Wheat
Patent Flour
I: mrnv,', only by the North Da
kot"a Mili.Lg Company at Grand
FOrkTH , : Dakota. Ask your
grocteror t.
a 0 " L*hDIMO * * *
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
For the largesttock, most complete in every line, and at
the LOWEST PRICES, go to them.
Z= s'~OLS TO 817=T.
On Improved City and Farm Property, for One, Two, or Three Y
at lowest ourrent rates of interest.
h Generally Renovated and Under New Manaement
Ielena Lumber CGompany
o -- - - - - . "I J A l" n.- - - e
iqlu sad Bishini Luoual, Shieae, Lal Dos, Sad ad Louua
t.Mghe.. 14 clit 0., Meem S. The... 3i..k. naim M~we
0"60" am" -lrN Um"L
Guardian Assurance Go.
Clarke, Conrad & Curtin
Complete Line of
Acorn Stoves and Ranges.
louse Furnishing Goods in endless
Miason Fruit Jars, Jelly Glasses, Ice .
Cream Freezers, Lawn Mowers, -r
Refrigerators, etc.
A2 and AA South Main Street. Te'enhone on.
Furniture and Garpets.
Shliades Lace f Office
COesille Curtaiui School Furnit
J. B. SANFORD, Nos. 112 and 114. Broadway, Helena.
Montana Sapphire~
4 3 00 A Carat, (lnished
w eight our patent
Diamond cut.
SA Carat, (finished
.00 weight) ordinary
Sapphire cut.
D.DeSolaMendes &Co.
6 1-b3 Maiden Lane,
i "~w" - TO.l,
500 RtEWARD!
The Body of John McPhee
Who was lost Sept. 30, 1891, .
Neer Lodge county, west of Rimu
and south of Elliston. Was lad
seen about three miles east of th
Ontario mine. He wore a darl
suit of clothes and hat, also 1
watch with his name engraVes
on inside case.
Address information to
15 South Raleigh St., Helena, Mont
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