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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, September 13, 1892, Morning, Image 6

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e-rhaps It Was a White Shark lasteas or
,a Whatle.
There is no argument valid upon a prem
ts of inherent itdpossibility. It used to be
conoluded beyoad question that there were
go black awan, berause it is impossible to
onoLeive a black swan. But one harmless
and uneonsclous black swan from the anti
podes put all the ingenious thinkers to rout.
Hume argued from his conception of the
true introduction that the major premise
must include all possible cases. This he
thought eonclusive against a great deal of
lar belief. But what test have we of
th poslble? It is harder to belleve that
we have explored and classified the whole
ield of knowledge than that a
ravenous fesh-with no higher and no
lower thought in its meagsr brain
than a plentiful dinner-should have swal
lowed and then disgorged a man. Bealde.
we are not without evidence that such pis
cine conduct is at least possible. Jonah
was sailing in the Ilediterranean-right
along its whole length-from Joppa in Pal
estine to Tarshisa, in Spain; and It Is in
this very sea that even at the present day a
huge flsh, the white shark, is found; and
not only this, but the bones of a much
larger species now extinct. For the word
used in the Bible is a general term for a
large fish, and it includes in various writers.
eharks, tunnles, whales, dolphins and
seals. This white shark attains snch a
size that it has been known to weigh
four tons and a half. One that was ex
hibited last eentury over Europe weighed
nearly two tons, and very nearly re-enacted
the part of Jonah's fish. A Brltish war
vessel was sailing ia the Mediterranean
when a man fell overboard. A huge shark
instantly rose and the unlucky seaman dis
appeared within its month. The captain
fired a gan at it from the deck, and as the
shot struck upon its back it cast the man
out again and he was rescued by his com
panions. They forthwith harpooned the
fish, dried him and presented him to his
intended victim.
In the beginning of this century a shark
was taken at Surinam, and in it was dies
covered the body of a woman, excepting
the head. Instances are recorded upon
good authority of specimens being found in
the same sea. One with a sea-ealf in its
stomach as big as sn ox; another; with a
whole horse, and another with two tunnies
and a man. That a man could live there
for a considerable time seems by no means
im.ossible.-The Quiver.
Good Looks.
Good looks are more than shin deep. de
pending upon a healthy condition of all the
vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you
have a bilious look; if your stomach be dis
ordered you have a dyspeptic look, and if
your kidneys be affected you have a pinched
look. Secure good health and you will
bhave Rood looks. Electric bitters is the
great alterative and tonic; acts direotly on
these vital organs. Cures pimples, blotches,
boils and gives a good complexion. Sold
at R. S. Hale & Co.'s drug store; 500. per
Excursion, Union Pacific System.
Sept. 15 this system will sell round trip
tickets. Helena to Pacific coast points, lim
ited to sixty days going, with privilege of
returning any time within six months, at
following rates:
To San Francisco, going via Ogden, re
turning same route, $75.
To San Francisco, going via Ogden and
returning via Portland and vies versa. $90.
To San Francisco, going via Portland and
returning same route, $75.
To Los Angeles, going via Ogden and
Sacramento, and returning via San Fran
cisco, or vice versa, $89.
To Los Angeles, going via Ogden and
San Francisco, and returning via San Fran
cisco and Ogden, $93.
To Los Angeles, going via Portland and
returning via Sacramento, or vice versa,
Tickets will also be on sale the 15th to
Balt Lake and return, fare $30, limited to
ten days going, fnal limit sixty daysve.
Remember the Union Pacific is the south
ern route and makes several hours quicker
time to San Francisco than any other line.
Through slee! mg car reservations and
further information can be had by calling
on or addressing 28 North Main etzeet, Hel
ens. H. O. Wnsos,
Freight and Passenger Agent.
The Favorite.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
way is andalways has rteen the ropular line
between St. Paul and Minneapolis andMil
waukee and Chicago.
Its road along the banks of the Missis
sippi from St. Paul to La Crosse, skirting
also as it does the full length of beautiful
Lake Pepin, gives to the traveler one of the
most delightful and picturesque daylight
and evening rides on this continent. From
La Crosse east to Milwaukee and Chicago
this road penetrates the garden of Wiscon
sin and touches, with its mail line, the lara
est cities and towns in that state. Its road
bed, train service and geleral equipment is
absolutely unexcelled. The famous vesti
buled limited train, with its electric lights,
electric reading lamps, and elegant sleep
ing and dining car service, is not surpassed
by any train in this count'y. If you are to
take a trip call for the "Milwaukee"-the
Government Fast Mail Line-and secure
absolute comfort, sceed and a fety.
From Minneapolis and St. Paul to Mil
waukee and Chicago, four passenger trains
each day.
From Minneapolis and St. Paul to Kansas
City, two passenger trains each day.
From Minneapolis ad tit. Paul to St.
Louis, two passenger trains each day.
For further information apply to nearest
coupon ticket agent or address
J. T. CoNr.EY,
Ass't. Gen'l. Pass. Agent, Mt. Paul, Minn.
Coneessions to Naval and Grand Army
The Baltimore & Ohio railroad will grant
most liberal concessions in the way of stop
over privileges on the tickets sold for the
reunion of the naval veterans at Baltimore,
Sept. 15 to 19, and for the Grand Army en
campment at Washington, commencing
hel t. 20. Tickets will be sold at thei oflces
of the company and at offices of principal
railroad companies of the west, from .ert.
13 to 20 inclusive, at very low rates, and will
be valid for return Jou ney until Oct. 10.
loth going and returning tickets will be
good to atop off at all stations between
(Cumberlnnd and Baltimore, a region ren
dered familiar to all veterans by the con
stant warfare along the Potomac, 'T'te sig
nature of purchaser to tickets will not Ibe
required, nor will it be necessary to have
them stamped to make them valid for the
return journey.
For more detailed information as to time
of trains, rates and sleeping car accomi.o
datlous apply to i.. t. Allan, asnrtitant rerl
eral passenger agent, thre l;okery, Cliiag ,,
or O. 1'. McCarty, esaistrant general piasen
gor agent, (inclnnati, O.
Aro Youell ',trrin
From back ache, inflammnateou of the bild
detr, brick dust deposit or etone in theblad
der, or in fact a.iy dcerrnrrue lret if the
Iridneys or urinary orsrs? If thus aflicted
do not lose time iand waste maoner oil worth
less liniments tnrd worse paunters, but strike
at the seat of the disoase at once by us:rr
the greatest all of known remedies, thi cel
ebrated Oregon Kidney 'lea. I'leasant to
take, parely vegetable. atisfaotion every
Dy.-pepal g.
1 hat nightmare ofman' oxilsteno) which
snakes food a mockery and banished sleep
from weary eyes, readily \iclde to the pa
tent influnce of the celebrated 'Engliei
Dandelion 'onic. It tones up the digeas
iv.e organs, restores the appetite, makes as
similation of food possible and invigorates
the whole system. All druggists sell it at
$1 per bottle.
Thousands of iufferlng Womren.
Plelieate women who comulain of tired
feeling, pains in the back and lolns, drs-ere
tosleei. dirzziness, painful or eunuresser d
uenstruation, will find in Oreguoa Kldasy
't ea a faithful friend. Itean be relied un,oa
In every instance to give immedlate relief
from kidney and urinary troubles Thoa
sands of women are suffering every day
irom some disorder of the kidneys or liver,
who might be permanently eared bh auind
(regron Kidner 'lea.
"Dr. Liebil & Co.0cmin."
San Francisco and, Kansaq
City's Great Steoialists'
From Liebig World
Will certainly visit laryrville Sunday and Mon
day, oept 11 aqd 12, offices at Amerioan louse .
'The reasa Dr. A. C. Steddart could not visit
Mimsoula and Marryville Aug. 10 and at, was on
account of being delayed by eoermona praetice
at spokane. Will visit Miesoula-etlioe at
Floreno--Tuesday noon, Sept. 11. until morning
of 1bth, afternooen of 1th and natil morning of
17th, at Kaiser hoese. Philipsburg, all day 17th
and until morning of Seth at Uranito. and at
Merchants hotel, Helena. Oat. 1 to 4.
Dr. Liebhi & Co. believe that a special physi
clan's enesee entirely depends on his skill and
ability to oure dLsease lieaUoing this faettwen
tIt ears ao the gave up aoute caoe and family
prvattea, nad have devoted all timen to cronin
dieu o. me'adea . r6etorlna lot health and
igeor i old and ye. and to-da huve he mas
ortr of erei eases to treat west of the Mi.
coari river to ste Panlin oaeno. Making ipsejialy
to Order frem meenr.leat. broo anal app.
aanoe for alldetfomi e nIe phmpieean o per
form twenty-eve men's work, no braa is capable
of doing a. lie who pretend to our all disoe,
be a bedside phyti-ran, a surgeoa. a vretie
diesane expert. etc., etc.. claims an lmpeasbllity.
Dr. liebig & 'oa.'e sucwsa dependn upon epecial
work. doing only etaih practice and treating
Scertain ess of dioaeae aps iee aalts. I hro ni
privatand ecoadary disease,. often called in
curable, moe piee.ly oared. Iirueas of the
eye, ear, noe, throat, blood and nervous system,
and giuito, urinary and roprilductive organie r
oeivo careful special attention. It is a well
kuowp fact thet crs ons and phyelians treat
in only a special cls o of direabts obtain great
skill and are univeranlly senieetful. Dioeasee of
anun trrattet confidentially and never referred to.
Itellate and licatd m diseases of women
oktlh 'I lly treated.
he L ruig .'Worldl ispensary i. the larget in
oorrui .ed mcdiol end snurgial institutte in the
world Eco'rund under onr e anoteagment. oivn
sioea in Kasaa City, Butte City, Los Aneelee
and ien I rncu ese. The olel, the tried, the
trusty. Not hlre to-day and away to-morrow,
ut !etre now, first laet and all tphe time; form
bining .kidl rwth reliability has bronoht unpar
ai.od lnt..av to ir. Licebig A Co. it the past
tweutg-fonr years.
brr.e t t II, tM. TOBACCO--Drunkennes.
Opium eiabit, and xcxessive onm of Tobacco de
estroy mrillits of svaesble ren asdwomen yeardi.
l)r. lUbig & tee. gire ,uomsffi treatment 9
the Chloniedes. Cianhonidme and the liatet moth
ode, which overeomee the hatit perfectoy and
permaenutly. Consultation free. personally or
byloett.r and snaredly cofideantal.
BAD Bi.ATH- Catarrh is very prevalent in
Montana. It destroys the parity of the breath,
the hearing, the siht. and if negleoted extends
rdown the membrane of the threat and bronehial,
attacrilg the lungs, heart, stomach, bladder,
mkideayy anti whole mcus membrane of the
body, destroying the vital organs. Dr. Liebig 1
taO.' treatment Is eafe, epeedy and c sueessful.
MIEN' D~lEABEP-Whle some might won
der tshat a large and rero .sible iicDpen.,ary like
!;r. Llaig & CTo's aoutl.. pecHyll treat private
dit sca. aernijnal reaknit o spomato orrhea.
e.lect, arictirs. varioeele. syphili, blontd
poivsmnng, rain dieree. and ll eor.urnic ail
rent. ,f imen .lat lnfit theils for life's dtio, or
its onaaurer. Al rep.table phyrsicians and
far.ni:y rroaieiasei treat itth diseaon . We hare
, r n over e n onr ahove do. i.. on, no one to re
flen to io aso. WI y shouid fir. Lietig t ( a not
treat tihet also. 'vlwn they are specia into for anil
iromn t aiiarue and aie far betlrr prepared to
, so, andr have more foiltrise and great, r num
b.re to treat, hbnoe avDtniro W li more skill anod
,arxliieneo. and certainry rcan treat aroveo Sprci
oasnes ta more turceesfully tran ho-e who do
not speially treat thean. lndtial., half of the
extenLrive ractire of D"). liebi! & Coe. are of
saes trat hiv.e been b,,l. t.rated try so r.ollard
"'unr aii"i---re aeffueanr g from de.taroy..t dis
eanno ar oro.aNlla of abuse or meesire. ithe sad
lesson tud . ei. ;tve emxpor.nare, and their prni
ton: e .es wit:. ittri prertgal scn- -rri~yra mnly a
wayward. y., ohblemea to a life of rv"nitudi,
and wh!u.toaee the Plriair-ical tay think or easy.
L'r Liohi ( i "o. prron.,n to be god .ar.marirane
and .lroetrtn, anrs then Frear: ole sin no more."
Mr. itrrv. (til a wiealthy crtttB ard stork
man, or i:w-.itt, Idrlno. was a hetiltlree invalid.
:ouhiod to bed two earns. givnen up by all tl,)
he-tr, ".or: ia Idauo. lie had to brturnedin hid
by .hoerr, itd two me"t luir-en to attenrd hirn.
wan .iun-in tasot from a spinal altedla.n taind
pai-ly.le ,,t Ihwor oar.renaiies; went under treat
inent lpril. lilt, is nrow ab to rdire out noru
In.; ::nI e tenin-. His rcs was romplicrlt'd
with v Ilnta,'ldivr-ar of Icait aind ncrvor n, b 1
itr It p it I ir. :-todar: I:.f,0 for his nervireo.
Write tar p rt.culari to Mr. -.A11.
Mr. lhomras ti,off, of 6C ilytrnd street Heelena,
stals i.at lih: owes hin lie to lr. l.ihigr & ('o.
lie war a hRlies rirlle ori crtches. given rpi to
die. ind h:a brnl cured of intlaimmatory rhe rna.
tism by iri. 'I big In('o tucli chronic cases
seem only to yield to tratment used by tie cere
brated epecia.itm of the ANiohil World lEtspeneary,
no 1 tried ot--rs first and fadiled. 1 will explain
to alty one who calls.
John 'tnr'. a pioner of lilehna, Fuffered
dreadfnlly from Merrrrial talavatlon, (lhronic
Ithenmatiem and lal.nritv of r.lo.i, tri-d ananny
dortors. but rnltinu.ed to suiter until l)r. i-tod
dart ofLi}rig \\'World lisponraray. w ,f tlSan Fran
cise- antd ilioanes (itr, srecdily currtvl Itimr. Mir.
¶lurk it well known. Ai.k fur. Iivlter. Holter
Merdwars (',,.. or ,.udqe Allan atroot him.
lrc. Alniedarl Mlrtain. 1'tttl Ftet setroet, fpoi
-oric. hra lbern retiirid to perfect hrialth. ottre
ryilryie- Iranr lieding prlyet,:iaii. l\e came to
eec I)r. Storidrrt on rttrirtes: woe piartially para
lyzed and anti miietely trokeri dern friiroi nero
orus pinstritlt n. Today lhi in roninletolycrrred.
l'hourieuid oef sch rcironic craes are twin_
ured r.y h)r. It.,b g A f'ri, all over tire weat.
T'hle dorta r will in, in Montsroa fri,,m lin Fran
rinrir. anil hrri ,,f].ieoi rcurmO 1. rI-rchAntilia
tol. Hnenr. flct lto 4
fail or Aidders: ia-n trancriro odeifir, 4It eary
street. utte ( ity office. 8 oast Broadway.
No olattor frrlli wtat aOmRe CoIIntLains no iritri
orat. i'iriio. Ot. itVolsoale and retail drrggists
aupltoy thiu ilniitiirti.
Irpoeeitrir. I, I ,r I;nitert Hlates ald ('anada.
'ibr h urtl,, i.' :an eisent ir mail sealed on re
ceipt of ciannir.
i50,000 Cigars at Considerably Reduced Pric
- _-- -=--=O= ýhQNT MISSHIS OWPZS PORTV.-_ -
No. 101 SmItlh Main St., Corner orf Wood St.
. iArrT. " *
Passengers few the East mfro
Helena and other western points
will find the NEW ROUTE via
CENTRAL R. R. not only desirable
as to time and equipment, but one
of the most attractive, passing
through Sioux Cite, the only Cora
P,.laoe City of the world; Dubuque,
the handsome Key City of Iowa;
Rockford, Illinois, a new manufao.
turing city, that has become a
"world within itself;," and Chioagtd'
whose growth and enterprise is
the wonder of the world. With
elegant free Chair Cars, and Pull.
man Palace Sleeping Cars on every
train between Sioux City and Chi.
cagoe, and with a close connection
with the Union Pacific trains at
Sioux City, the
Illinois Central R. R
respectfully presents its claims fq
the new and every way desirab"g
For folders and further partiot
Lars call upon local ticket agent, q
address the undersigned at Mar
ehester, Iowa.
Asst. General Passenger Agentl
C., ST. P., M. & 0. R. R.
"The Noth-Western Line,"
This is the only line making connection with
everyday in the year for Chicago and the East.
Leave Butte........ .................. 6:45 am
Leave Helena......................... 10:15 a m
Leave Great lls............... 2:15 pm
Arrive Minot. ................. . 10:0 a m
Arrive (,rand orks .................... O:20 p m
Arrive St. Paul ......................... 6:55 am
Leave Butte ................. 1l2:25 p m .5 p m
Leave Helena ............. 1:10 p r 10:35l pm
Leave Boreman............. 5:1U pi 2:25 p m
Arrive it. al .............. 12:15 p in 0:20 pm
Leave St. Paul..... 7:55 am 5:15 p m 8:05 pm
Arrive Milwankee.. 7:55 p m 7:25 a m 7:25 am
Arrive Chicago..... 1:35 p m 8:00 am i 9:.30 a m
'The North-Western Line" is the shortest line
in both distance and time to Chicago.
For map folder of line address
General Paseenger Agent, St. Paul.
" a AND e e
Are two things which every.
body wants when he gives
an order for
Job PriRtiRg.
The Independent meets these
requirements in every re
spect. It has just added
To its already fine plant, and
is prepared to execute any
order from a Circus Poster to
a Wedding Card, without de
Work for Minin Companies
Is a specialty on which we
pride ourselves. We are al
ready doing the work for the
big Companies of Montana
and Idaho, but we still have
room or more.
Artistic Work,
Low Prices,
No Delay.
Write us for estimates.
We will give to thb boy or girl obtaining
the largest number of subscribers to THE
and the 1st of January. 1893, a first-class
railroad ticket from Eelena to Chicago and
return, a ticket of admission to the Fair,
and free board at a first-class hotel during
the stay in Chicago. There are no condi
tions attached to the offer except that with
every name sent in the sum of $2 shall be
remitted in advance for a year's subscrip
tion. Names may be sent in one at a time
as they are secured. They must be accom
panied with the statement on the . part of
the sender that he or she desires to enter
THE INDEPENDENT'S World's Fair contest.
Remember this: The greatest line
of railway operating between St.
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau
kee and Chicago is the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
operates, under one management,
6,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
handsome, elegantly equipped pas
senger trains from the Twin Cities
that run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change of
cars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. Louis and Kansas City. The
train service and general equip
ment of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
not surpassed by any railway in
A.merica. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled lim.
ited train to Chicago daily-con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Offical Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi
cago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, cut this out:
Leave St. Paul B 7:35 a. m., arrive at Chicago
10:00 same evening.
Leave St Paul A 2:t5 ip m., arrive at Chicago
6:45 next morning.
Leave St. Paul A tI:5S p. m., arrive at Chicago
7.00 next morning.
Leave 6t lPul A 8:00 p. m., arrive at Chicaeg
9:),0 next morning.
Leave Mt. I aul A 9:15 a. m., arrive at St. Louis
7:30 next morning.
Leave St. Paul C 7:15 p. m., arrive at St. Louis
6:15 next evening.
Leave St. Paul A i:15 a. m., arrive at Bannas
(ity 7:UO next moreling.
Leave St. Paul (' 7:15 p. m., arrive at Kansas
City 6:00 next evening.
A Daily. B Except unday. C Except Saturday.
Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on day trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul-Union
Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any ticket agent
or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. Fass. Aqt.,
St. Paul. Minn.
TAzz A COUReaE I Tfg
Iprague Cerrespoeaeaeo
eheeol of Law.
lend ten cents (steam)
for particulare to
d. Ootner, Jr., Secy.
me. 888 W hltaer· Blook. Detraet. MI4Y
House Furnishln Goo0s Honses ~In' os5, OrgaE 's,
Orguinettes, Guitars, Violins, Accordions)
Honse enlarged to four times former capacity. AND A FULL LINZ OF
entire blimmense floors extending through the MUSICAL MERCHI-ANDISE.
A stock greater than that of all other Helens Hole aSnt fIr Steinway & Sons Sohmer
ouses combined. Gabler iros.. Wegman, Mason a lia mlin, Brie
(ash purchases and straight carload ship- and other first-c!ass pianos.
monta only.
SOrderr will receive prompt attention.' W. Low prices an4 easy terms
H3ELE1%T.A. * .MleONT A.N.A..
ANHOOD RESTORE e wonderful reed
tas g rn teeI B/ I I sol h with a writ
a ten guarantee torerno ll norv,rls Deleagnsn ll as Weak Memory,
L os] or Brntn Power . Ileadaheb. Wakefaiuess, Loqt MIbn
C -. = hod NIghtlY EmlssiUons, QuIekness. Evil Dreams. Lank ot
- onedenee. l;ervounse. I.alrtude, all drnins and loss or
.powerof the Genertlve Orrgans In either sex moused by overeater.
.'0 ... M" the, youthlfHl errors0 ur exetssive e .of tobacco, opium or stlmuo
z> nt / nt whieh soon loal to inlirmity. Consumptioh and insanity. ltu
up convenient t carry In vent portHt. tcnt by msl i plain packago
to any nddrsse for i,. orBl fr 55. (With every 5 order we
glve awrltten suaralntee to rure or reurnd the mone.)
For sale in Helena, Montana, by Pope & O'Connor, Druggists, Bailey Blook
plaintiff, vs. enjamin W. 8i. IFolk and Mary
Folk, defendente.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale issuled out of the
district court of the First judicial district of the
utate of Montana. in and for the county oa Lewis
Ind ('larks. on the z2d day of Anignt, A. D. 1-tt:,
in the above entitled action. wherein Duncan
Hunter. the abooe named plaintiff, obtained a
judgment and dacrae of foreclosure and sale
against ilenjamin W. f. Folk and Mary Folk,
defendants, on the 22d day of Angnet. A. D.
IS9t, for the earnm of $5t1. besides interest. costa
and attorney fees. which said decree was on
the 22d day of August, A. D.. 1892, recorded in
judgment book Nio. H of said court at page -
am commauded to sell all thosn certain lote.
pieres or iarcirs of laud. situate. lying anid bing
In the county of lewis anil ('larko. state of
Montana, and bounded and described as followe,
to wit:
Iots fourteen (1l). fteen (15) and sixteen (16)
In block number one hundred and six (10t). of
the Ming addition to the city of Udlena, as said
lot aciid b oak are t mbered, deolsignated nd
desacribed upon the official plat of said addition
on hile in the office of the county clerk and re
corder of I.ewis and Clarke county, Mntana.
'l'ogether with ail and sinmular the tenements,
boreditamonts and appurtenances thereunto e.
looging or i. any wise appertainling.
Public notice is hereby iceis that on Wednes
day. the 14th dno of t.teulel.r, A. 1). 1812, at
12 o'clock nm. of that day. at the front door of
the court house. Hileno, LewiS and :larkhe coun
ty. Mlontana, I will. in ihodionce t,, raidl rcler
of sa!e ancd decree of foreclosunre and sale. ell
the olo.ve drecrib ,d prope.ty. or so much there
of as may be ncce sery to satisey said judgment,
with Internet andcl rose, to thebs high:est and boest
bidder for iash, in hand.
tGiven under my haud this 22d day oe August, A.
D., 18!r.
Bs IRALPun . Joilrsoyt. enouty bheritf.
Civil Procedure
Complete Sets For Sale at This Ofce.
$ 0 PER S

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