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nglish Styles In Silk Tiles Give
the Bell-Shaped the
But the American Oholoe Is the
Bell Crown and Full
Roll Brim.
en of Fashion Are Departing From the
Patent boe--Ualque Pattern of
n Shoemaker.
[Written for Tea IltLaUA TnnEPINurNP.1
whose fad is the very swellest
things In pajamas, some who have a
soktie roek that would eut to blush the
irideseenoe of an aurora borealis, many
who have a truak fall of trousere, more
who dote on every conceivable style in
skirts, bat all bow to the latest style in
There the masters of fade meet on one
leveL They must have the English er the
Amerlean styles as sees as they some out.
I had oeeasion to visit the leading Amer
lean hatter the day of his fall openiag, and
on the very day his English styles arrived,
and I noticed, with eurprise, the marsh of
the army of Amerilea swells. The local
politician was there for his Ameriean silk
hat; the business man was in line for the
latest in the derby, the soft felt hat and the
milk, and the man of fashion, he who bows
at the shrinae of every season's styles, was
there to seleet the very latest in the English
This make is, after all, the fad of the man
who would be an "out-and-outer" in the
fashionablb world. Nor are they well
pleased with the new fall styles that have
just come In from abroad. They are too
conservative by far. The bell-shape is de
parted from more than ever, and one or
two of the styles look for all the wprld like
the straightaway tile the Irishman wears in
the play. The brim is full roll, as in the
spring style. In the derby the round crown
is unohangad and the colors remain abso
lately the same. If anything the brim is
I then took a glance at the latest Ameri
ean styles, and found but little ohanue.
The bell-shaped silk is still the vogue, and
in the derby there is not the slightest
change in either the share or orown or in
its height. I here is some slight conces
sion to the English styles in the full oill
,rim of the high hat., but beyond that the
American silk is sni generis. In soft felt
hats the styles at home and abroad remain
Among the men I met there was Congress.
a-an Warner, of New York, and his friends
will probably fail to recognize him id his
latest style. That tall, white hat, with its
creamy, silky texture, and the nap of which
always looks as though it were brushed the
wrong way, has been exchanged for a black
silk. I do not know what Congressmen
Warner's constituents will say, but I feel
like predicting that some of them will ask
him where he got it, and, possibly to "shoot
But I was attracted a moment later to
where De Lancey Nicoll was giving his or
der for the English styles. 'he district at
torney always shines in the latest from
across the deep blue, and I was surprised to
see him order a airw style hat case. "It
is the most convenient thing I have ever
peen," said he. "Why, it will hold
twelve hats." And the fashionable district
attorney is right. There is no question but
what it will this season supersede all een
trivances of the hind. The case is made to
hold six or twelve hats, has a detaohable
cover, and is designed to tit into a trunk.
from which it can be removed without dis
urbing the hats. The hats awe packed so
earefully that they cannot be injured in any
dearee in transit. The invention is cer
tainly the most thoroughly practical thing
of its kind I have ever seen.
Incidentally I took a look at the new
gloves for the fall. The tan shades, I am
told, will be leaderd. The inclination, how
ever, is toward dat k colors, and it is safe to
predict that the bright, loud t me will not
be accorded a flattering reception. There
is no change in full-dress gloves.
A new idea in seat dugs for fall is a square
of silk called in London a "long shawl."
'hese are intended for four-in-hands or
Asoots, or they may be worn as mufflers. I
notice, too, that the fall scarfs are again
made up in Enamchandas, twills, armores
and silks.
1 had devoted so much time to getting at
the proper thing in head and incidentally
in neck wear, that I determined to round
up my information by acquiring something
concerning the fall styles in shoes. "Pat
ents" ale, of course, in style as much as
ever, but as yet the guarantee that they
won't "crank" is missing. taid a fashionafble
.oaler in footwear to me: " notice that
since the'patents' have come into such gen
eral use the ultra lnan-of-fashion has shown
a tendency to avoid the'extreme polish' style
end is looking to dat ability even at the saa
rifice of the mirror-like glisten. Alligaton
Balmorals will be much worn this fall. They
last through a season withot much wear.
But the fad this fall will be in the oork sole
protector which makes goloshes unneoes
gary. The nicest shoe a man can wen',
however, is thin leather, say a good calf
skin. with a medium beveled sole, and
laced plain. Buttoned shoes are entirely
out of style, and the Blucher shoe is re
garded by many as "just the thing." In
slippers the Venetian and Verona shapes
are "the go." They are all leather in
light shades, and sub on and of easily and
bold well when on the foot. In the fash.
ionable shoe the toe is no longer pointed
and the heel so broad. The shoe may
he worn tipred or net, as may strike
the fancy, but of course the tip is the more
fashionable. I was told that a Fifth ave
eque shoemaker, who has the lasts of the
best set in the fashionable world, has intro
dueed a new style of shoe for his patrons
which will be exolnaive, Indeed.. It is the
very opposite. I am told, of the ladles' high
heel, the heel really being broader at its
base than at the top. '1 hen, toe, he has
modifled the general coatear of the toe,
making it broader than ever. The shoe
laees high, ve - hiLh indeed. In riding
attits, I am 1 V' iLt styles remain abso
intely without *, a to footwear.
The lis llyn, w rL ,iha,'e out their entire s·oek
of latps at two-tidrds value. A r,'durtl,o of a.8
per cont will he iisen on very lami inu tihe homes,
s we are determ line to drour the line.
Ceommerlat w wrk with dispatch at the
l'depeaeant Job Kaoem
min 5
P! trou WIJCein, Minneota, North Da.
son and chtngtoa.
]]pining O ., Ian r h .1et . o, .i as),
Vettlstad 4ou d elen, - te.
Psllman service daily between Chloago. t.
,au Mo taess al¶ th. Paotlio Northweetl and
en w t. Paal inpol and Einaaeoti
North so nd Manitoeb pointe.
Dali1 Expee.m Trains carry eleagnt Pnllmau
Ilsd C arL Dising Cars. Day Ctachee, plL
man Tnsri.tnelton* and Free Colonist 81eep
The Northern Peotie railroad is the rail line te
Yellowetote Park the popular line to Cailiornaf
and Alaska; and ite trains pas through the
grandest seemory of seven states.
Are sold at all ooupon office of tLhe Northern
amio tatiroad te point. Ne'th, Lect, fontL
and Weet, inthe Uatnted Stateo and Ceada.
Toa sest en and after Sandeg, Aunust t.
lu AAarnv A.T IWn5EA.
L a, lb gU wtot boana ........ 1.00
No. 4odo 561. eat hn ........eln p. . pa
No.. 5. uttr iasoene, hitsussla end
Bntte epres ... .............. ...... 6:45o p.
Na e, ass v.d l ., ......e ..S. :pul m
neaeday and Fridal .................... .00 p. n
iTkAt D.PAT 1tE LN.dA .
Na 1, Ymeral Mail west bor nd....... E, at
No, hut.oi.. eonLaNA, O :T:':lee
No. 5, Butte, Mimoulaaeu (r dC h..e .
ex rese ..c.... .. ............ 7:40 a. im
No. i, Mevlle paMenger ............. I:
o . M9 Mnvllaooopmod~r tiona n....... i$ pna
iNo. 1, Wla, Bonldsr and hlkhon
Pa enger ........... ....M d ........d. ?:a0º as
N. 101, R rtn mid, Monda. Wed
iadae std Pridsay ................. 8:3 IIo
Tee Noe. 1 4,'n 6 a noc at Garrion
with eLatma nian d trains to a ld fram Butte,
sa. b swd 6 w nl run between Helenio
ymWad olioe, Idaho, witht ehange of car.
eor watme. sape, t ain ables or apeoIal
Infornation apply me Chbm. L Wee, General
I Paaneer and icket lAgent. at. anul,
Mi.nn,, or
. D. EfI::)Ar. ,
enteralAceat of the Northrn Paofio I1. 1 at
Rcently ths followln. Notice pl.rmed In the
San Francisco Chron cue.
' judge S- had been sick only about two
weeks, and it was not until the last three or
four days that the malady took a serious turn.
At the beginuing of his illness be suffered from
diabetes and stomach disorder. Later the
kidneys refused to perform their functions and
he passed quietly away. Thus ended the life
of one of the most prominent men in Cali
fornia." Like thousands of others his un
timely death wa the result of neglecting early
symptoms of kidney disease.
,Ip" YOUt.
are troubled with diabetes, gravel, or any de
rangnement of the kidneys or urinary organs,
do.t delay proper treatment until yo are
forced to give up your daily duties ;. on'
waste your money on wonblesn liniosents
and worse plasters, but strike at the seat of
the disease at once by using the greatest of all
known remedies, the celebrated Oregon Kid
rv Tea. It has saved the lives of thousands.
Why should it not cure you? Try it. Purely
vegetable nod pleasant to take. $..O0 a pack
I ate, ti foi.r,.
.-, .-' N1 l i .m
The Gelebrated French gure,
Warranted "APHRODITINE" or, m, e
to cure any
form of nervous
disease, or anly
disorder of tile
"FON' generative or- AFTER
gans of either sex whether arising from the
excessive use of Stimulants, Tobacco or Opium.
or through youthful indiscretion, over indulg.
ence, Ac., such as Loss of Brain Power, Wakeful
ness, Bearing down Paints in the Back, Seminal
Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Prostration Nocturun
al Emission;, Leucorrhcea, Dizziness, Weak Merm.
ory, Loss of Power and Impotency, which if ne.
glected often lead to premalureoldagesnd insan.
ity. Price $1.00 a box, 6 boxes for $5.00 Sent by
mail on receipt of price.
order, to refund the money if a Permanent
cure is not effected. Thousands of testimonials
from old and young, of both sexes, permanently
cured by APHRODITINz. Circular free. Address
!Sld by H. M. Prirchen & Co.., druggists
sNa'er, Mont.
Manhood Restored.
br. If. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment1 a
epciftie, for Ifyeteria. Dieziness, Fits. Neuralgia.
lHleadache. Nervous Prostration caused by alcohol
or tobacco. Wakeofulness. Mental Depression.
SSoftening of Brain, causing Insanity, misery, dea
eay. death. Premature Old ago, Iarrennes, Lose
of Pouwer in either sex, Impotency. Leucorrhuas
sald all Female Weaknesea , Involuntary lsossoa
opermatorrhbs'a, eoned iby over-exertion of
brain. elf -ebusa. over-indulgeesre. A month's
Itreatment ý1, (I fr a5, by nmail. We nlarantee I
b oxes to ers. Eactl order for S boxes with $3
will send written guarantee to refund if not
eored. (tuarant,.es wesated only by H. M. Parshea
& Co.. sole agents. Helene. bsot.
Ihave a poitivs lemedy for the above disese; by its
-ge thousands of eases of the worst knd and of l.ng
asaading have been cured. Indloed so atsg is my faitt
I ltets eacy, that I will smee Two nOTLrrt s nam,with
V-ALUABLE TREATISE on this disease to any ut.
farer who will mend me their Express and P.O. address,
W. A. llocum. M. C.. 181 Pearl St. N,. Y.
e . EASION OU r 19. e *
Kootenai Lake and Slocan
Dl lat seat. to the('OLIL-LL VALLFY,
CKI E.. RUSbON. NtLNs '. SAL lo
points In Uritish Columbia.
Passengers for Trae l Croelt IKooteaI
'sednye anadl.artdh s t 7 a, an., atier tIo
arrival of Nortekrn Psffile tralae N.oS,
as s--alatg throgls from Speameo to
aec Sb earsm day.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $500,000.
Designated Depository of the
United States.
Interet Allowal op Tiros Deplosit,
tSd tl Deposit Boses for Rnt.
. T. HAUBER ...................Pr.eident
N. W. KNIGHT......................... Cashier
F. H. KLEINtSCIMIDT...... Aseltant Cashier
BEO. H. HILL........ econd .sistant Cashier
Branvllie Stuart....... ......... Stokrewer
Hlon, T. C. Power............U. . enatr
. C.Curtin.. .......Clarke, Conrad I Cntin
Io. R. Allen ........ Miaiag and Stoktgrowec
'ue. it. Wells ...... rehat
L M, ilter ........ A,. a.Hlter Harwar (Co.
Assealated alatke
Northwestern National Bank.........Great lls
first National Rank............... Missols
First atiounal Bask..................... Bate
erchants National
Paid in Capital, $350,000.
Surplus and Profits, $90,000.
L. . HERSEJIELD............Preldeat
A. J. DAVID NON ........... Vice-President
AARON EkIHIMIELD................ .ashier
Board of Dlreeters:
Tbomas Crw, M. Sands,
B. s. Huntlty. A. K. Prescott,
A. J. UDavidson. Meee Morris,
L. I. Hershfleld, Aron Marshfleld,
J. Switzer.
First-elss City, County and State Seounrties
bought and sold.
Exchanoge iuaed on the principal oities.of the
United States and Europe. Transfers of money
made by telegraph.
lnateret allowed on time deposits. ColletliOns
promptly attended to.
Doe. for rent at reasonable price. in'one of
the best construotoed fire and burglar proof eae
deposit vaults in the country.
ontana National
Capital Paid in, $500,000.
Surplus and Profits, $200,000.
C. A. BROADWATER............Preeldeal
. G. PHELPS ................... Vie-President
L, McUULLOH.......................Cashis
L. Smith.......... .....Assistant Cashies
A. G. Clarke, Herman Gans
I. F. Galen, Peter Larson.
C. W. Cannon, I C. Wallae
D. A. Cory.
Second National
A General Banking Business
D. AEdgerto- n...................... Preildent
V.L COLE ..........................Vio.Preien.
EOR(I B. CRILD ..................Cashier
IOSEPH N. KENCK.......... Assistant Cshier
Board of Direeters:
J. B. Sanford. 0. (. Evans,
H. W. Child, S. J. Jones.
LA. N. Spratt Chris Kensk,
B. D. kdgerton, C. K. Cole.
Geore IB. Child.
No. 4400.
J elena National
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi
JOHN T. MURPHY ..................President
MH IRLEY C. ASHBY............Vice-President
FRANK BAIRD.......................... Cashier
Interest allowed on time deposits. Exehange
issued on foreign countries.
Transfer of money by telegraph. First-clase
city, county and state securities bought and sold.
tollections promptly attended to.
Board of Directors,
John T. Murphy.
Shirley C. Ashby, P. W. McAdow,
Frank Baird, Chas. K. Wells,
JT. P. Woolman, F. G. Maclay,
W. E. Cullen, Jno. S. Mendenhall,
Abner B. Clements R. R . . ord.
A. A. MoDonald, J. P. Porten
he Thorras Gruse
Incorporated Under the Laws ol
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
THOMAS CRUSE.....................Presidenl
IlANK H. CRUBE..............Vice-Presidenl
WM. J. COOKE....... Ast Treas. and Secreltar
WM. J. SWEENMY..................Tresures
Thomas Crue, Frank H. Cross,
Wm. J. Cooku. WIn. J. Sweeney,
John Fagan.
Allows 4 per cent. interest on Savingss Deposits
fom u..n.ded January and J,,l,.
Tranestea geneal bhnainl buslnes, Draw-s
exchange on the prtnoipal eities of the United
States and Eurole.
)sals in county and city bonds, and makes
loans on real estate mortgages.
Ofce hour. from 10 a. m. to 4 p. inm. Also on
Saturday and Monday aveninls from 7 to S
merican National
CAPITAL, $200,000.
1'. V. POWER.... .......... ...Preident
A. J, BELJ.M&N...............Vie¥-Proaldeut
A C. JOINSON............... ..... Cashier
iiEO. F. COPE................Assistant Cashier
ilrectore :
AC. Jhnona. Rio ard Lokey,
Jame. Bullivee.
Interest allowed on time depoelts. Exchange
isuted on principal oitios of the United State.,
tauLada and luru . lTratufere of mone t made
b Itelegraph. C:olletlons prom tl$ attended to.
Utt, county and itateee onritie boubtad eeld.
ilhlIrOLDKHl titM h I*. l'ISt NOT 'I'tI'h It
L herebyar [ Vro itha the amnual meeting of thte
tuockhboldere of the Indeolndeut tnublithiug
company will bt hold at the utilee of the cotm
timy. tNo 1. Broalway. Ittlea. Mont., ot
idluday, th.l9thl day of i.Leptember. iteWJ, oMt
menchinp at four o'clock 1). m.., fr Ith pulrpOse
of elecltin truetoee, and for the traUsaotion ot
elob other buselaeas u It LYetteeetead.
A. W. LYMAN, PrreidoAt.
Attest. I
S ASA KA lt ILLtitit. Secretary.
Helena. Sept. ii. t99i.
- -·-~---r- ~ -------
- TO 'HO j__ I-XE PIRt.
We will give to tbh boy or girl obtaining
the largest number of subscribers to THE
and the 1st of January, 1893, a first-class
railroad ticket from I elena to Chicago and
return, a ticket of admission to the Fair,
and free board at a first-olass hotel during
the stay in Chicago. There are no condi
tions attaohed to the offer except that with
every name sent in the sum of $2 shall be
remitted in advance for a year's subsorip
tion. Names may be sent in one at a time
as they are secured. They must be-aocom
panied with the statement on the part of
the sender that he or she desires to enter
THE INDEPENDENT'S World's Fair contest.
plaintiffs, vs. J. W. Howell and Lizzie
Howell, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and deeree of foreelosure and sale issued
out of the distriot court of the Firt judicial
district of the sates of Montana, in and for
the eounty of Lewis end Clarke, on the 9th
day of September. A. D., 189t, in the above
entitled oaction, wherein M. Bolles & Co.,
the above named plaintifs, obtained a
judgment and decree of foreclosure and
sale against J. W. Howell and Lizzie How
ell, defendants, on the 9th day of Septem
ber. A. D., 1892, for the sam of $1,974.75,
beosaes interest. oests and attorney fees,
wtloh said decree was on the 9th day of
September, A. D., 1892, recorded in Judg
ment book No. "H," of said eourt, at page
-. I am onmmanded to sell all those cer
tain lots, pisees or parcels of land, aitnate,
lying and being in the county of Lewis and
Clarke, state of Montana, and bounded and
described as follows, to-wit:
BeginninR at a point in the west side of
Park street, ifty (50) feet north of the
southeast sorner of block numbered forty
five (45) of the Grand Avenue addition to
the city of Helena, ranning thence north
along the west side of Park street forty-live
(45) feet to a point. themes west ninety
eight and two-thirds (98%) feet to a point
in the line between lote numbered two (2)
and three (8) in said block forty-fie (45),
thence south along the line between said
lots two (2) and three (3), forty-five (45)
feet to a point, thence east ninety-eiht and
two-thirds (98%) feet to the place of be
ginning; all in the city of HIlena, county
and state aforesaid; said lot, piece or parcel
of land consisting of portions of lots num
bored one (1) and two (2), in block forty
five (45) of the said addition, acoerding to
and as described upon the official plat of
the said addition, which plat Is now on fle,
in the manner provided by law, in the ofMce
of the esunty recorder of the said scounty of
Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all and singular the tene
mentsi heredltaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise apper
Pteblle notice is hereby given that on Sat
urday, the 1st day of Ootober, A. D., 1898,
at 12 o'elock m., of that day at the front
door of the sourt house, Helena, Lewis and
Clarke county, Montana, I will, in obedi
ense to said order of sale and decree of
foreelesare and sale, sell the above de
scribed yropcrty, or so mune thereof, as
may be neeaary to satisfy said judgment,
with Intereot and costs, to the highest and
best bidder, Jor ocbh in hand.
Given under myv hand this 10th day of
September, A, D., 1892.
By BAILPe G. JonreoN, Deputy Sherlff.
plalntilf, vs. Eliahbeth Bosen, administretra
of the estate of Henry Heen. deoeased. Ilisaheth
Hoon and Wallace A& 'lhornburlh,. defendant..
Under end by virtue of an order of sale aln
decree of forelonro anid eals te sueu out of the
distrioct ourt of tis int judioial district of the
stateo of Moiana, in and for the county of
Lewis and (;ls, an the lset. day of August, A.
D. i in the aboe centitled acrtion, wherein
N. e 'CO. the shabove sed plaintiffs,
obtained a Jdment sld dolo roe of forecloeuro
ald eel againet yllulaeth Hkeon, admi.stratrlz
of thb estate of eury ltoon, deceasued. tllsabeth
licy sad Wallace &Thornbnrgh, defendants.
on the th da of Aug.sot. A. D. 189,. for
the sum if 5.le7t.60 besides Ilterest, oote
and eltovUe fee, which said dterae was e; th
6thi day of Azmia A. DI). 15, raoordeA In J -dl
reit hbook Not.; f said count at pglle- -
1 am eiesmnded ia sel l1 tha oeortain lot,
pleas or pareel of ladL stitua.e.iit aaid be
fng in ue ooustr of Lewle .d t'larits state of
Montana, sod ounded sal descrlib ase llows
l[ot . unmbr ie 15. . In bloek numeer sixlty
two .tl) e ]elenatoeWlmte, hI the county oc
t eols and (lark stlate of atana asdec. bed
on the odoil iat of said Ieleua twntlle i
the uss of the eloty tsitec and recorder of
said otunty. Tgther wit ll and sat ler the
teeseaotes hredihtaete and appurte lan.ce
tl me btlts itter n or in at. wlsappertalelug.
Puh. alia i l ' gibe ven that oa 'l'hcercday,
the td dar of eptw er. A. . tl. a it e1 o'cler
tose that dy at l.e frci Mt dcor if ich .cltrt lhoac
Hleloen. Lewi. andi Clarke cua.y. MoIctaia. i
will. In obedience to said order atof .ai,, andr(eres
of toreolounre and ale. eill the aboveidcirlbec
proLert, or se miqth titere. a icay It
necessary to atilr ld Jsudnente, with interest
and t, to the hlhest and ht bidder for oaih
Given uer my hand thid alt day of August,
at L CHAS. il. JEFFZIIIS. Sherif,
or HAIue , J.u.son, Depoty therit
CARL GAIL, President.
E. BUMILLER, Vice-President and Treasurer.
H. UNZICKER, General Manager and Secretary.
M. UNZICKER, Western Representative.
" * • a BUILDERS OF " S " "
Gold Mills, Wet and Dry
Crushing Silver Mills, Smelt.
CuiSlrising, Concentrating, Leach
ing, Chlorinating, Hoisting
SANDE and Pumping Pla'its of any
liss Engines, Compound En.
1 1 gines, Boilers, Cars, Cages,
Skips, Ore and Water Buck
1 ets, Wheels and Axles and
1 all kinds of Mine Supplies.
e " Exclusive Eastern Manufaeturers and Agents for o a
J. M. Bryau's Roller Quartz Mill and liendy's mproved Triumph Concentrator
Western OMee. General Omfo and Works,
Helena. Montana. Chicago, Illinols.
f laintlI, vs. N illiat J. hooneu, alse knownl as
nd crlled James W. Ieman, ('batherineNoonanu.
Isoam treuhood audl Veriiaaid luhm,. partners
doing and tranlacting buusiness under the Arm
PIame and style of tireenhood, Itohlni & Co.; the
llonnoell& !ti' Investment oampnay, aa rortor
ation. Ma Kehn and 'Alliaim Mlith. defendants.
Under adby virtue of an order of sale td
decree oi foreoline and sal lsued out of tlhe
district coort of the First judihial diitrict of the
stat of Montanar. in and for the count. of L.wle
and Ulaiko. on the iii deay of Autnal, A. U.
180. an tae above entitled action, wereln
henry Calnon, thle auoVa natuedl ialinllt,
obtained a jndgnet sod doors of f eel.
ure and sale against Wllliam J. Noona also
known as and talled Janmes W. Nqnn.
Catherine Neonan, Ilaao tIroenhood and Ferdi
nand aioke. partners dlutg end transacting
busnes nnder the Arm nime and sile of
Imrenhoed, Itohm &tCo.. The Bunnell A Ko
Invatmont eoinp.n, a corporation. dlya Hahn
sad WUHlla n a ni defendanti, on the Utd day of
AuortA. AD. . rlfl~ for the soot of $1.263.22
besdes lIterest, oet* and attorneyl me. whioh
said doroets weas on the Yin lay o fu AoIut. A. D.
1121 reoordedin joudment Iweok No. "H" of
raid oo at .- I ant ommn adsed to
l all that ortanlot. t plian or parcsl of land.
eituate. lying and being in the county of lawis
anlid lark. state of Montana. and bounded and
described a follows, toowt.:
Lot etbers thtrtean (11) is oak number
5w.ay-hr (ii l In lte Northern Paitlio add4
tion to . of l..ieno, in the l oUnty of
Sad arao ansd tstat of Montana, ao
ý to the pat of sa4 Northorn Pacific
adtiti on tits in ihe ote of the county
rse.rdr .1 said reonty.
_ToltJo with eli al singular the tenements,
aeqltanapis atnd appurlenanote tiereunto be.
lo or et anywise apertaiulnu.
. notice i hesby glvan that on tlaturday.
the ito ua' o? oaptember. A. D. Ieg2. at 1'3
rclo rk. at tlat da. at the irnnt door of the
trtllciiotm. He~tnis. T., a iitd (Ihtrr* acuut.T,
ren seslee.ts Lewt at Clarke ao -o.
Moutntl wll|. in obedlelt to said oter of sato
nd de~r*e of foreclosre and ,nb, sell the abovr
d.ecrilbed property, or eM schl therof as 'sy be
neessary to tlle tsald JudglU sot, with intereal
and Vets to the iheu ad bot bidder, for
catl In hand.
iven tinder my hand this 24th dayr of
Algustt, A. 11,,A M, J1 FFhIShl
y AB. 1l, o r>. De RIpt 9heL&d
By iA1.r*'. JUZ1rOx, Deputy lt~L rib
SCompay (owuin d ei.rtilg the Jet -
Slue a Uar iutto. ver How ooaaty. Mon
ta). s, leep. ee. IbpL 1. 166.
utie.--'Fro is delinquet upea the tllow
lur deoriohed stock of th lilo"a end Butte
rompa.y on aeoonmt ef esmemont levied on
tse nd dyy of Jly, 1I6. tihe everal amonuto
oct o=pste the name of the repeootive share
hulders folloow, to wett
No. of Amo.it
Tame. (ortl$cte. 8hare. Deltaquent.
Bryan Irvin........ 5 606 $ 18 7
h. W. Btti ...... 8 1.94 177 12
A. A. McDonald ... 10 59.881 178 01
F. D. fbnllter... 11 7,792 7
W. WB owlel ..... 1,747 417 41
II. . Oeart....... 1 56.000 15 00
. .e ...... 18 .070 100 10
Al. " .... 0 190 7170 29
W. G l....... 97 7.793 Y18 76
, e........ 0 5.000 100 00
S. ......... It 5.000 1.0 00
J. Aeloame.... 18 .8102 041
1 ts..... 40 0.:3 177 60
Sv .eaaa . 41 1.0 16000
.C" .lhlknru... 44 4,600 16060
. t, loq . ...... 46 1.111
me A. ie....... ,47 l09
Win, tc'. oa....... 6 F1.19.
4moeCah16.. 7 1640
dison 1 fltn. 01
H. L!. il tu1k... 10 9.
Woo. LIetoa..., ,.. 16 41N
Tuoul ............. 107.I .
A d In tooo..-dane with law so mny e ha oat
each t=rcol of said stock as he I eow
will eoo at the o0r1Ieef the bo d MBt
company. oom 1I. Powor elalt t ýi
lHe!ns. n the Mdy q. 4 I9ol 101., sS
o'olot eno. to pa sali 0e g ehemolt
thoeeon.r ºe w It cot. dwl a
espwes of 1 se.

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