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Reemoval Sale. Prices Cut Below Value.
B, H S
,,'.:. THE -BBB HIME +
Will remove on OCT. 1, 1892, to larger and more commodious quarters, and until then will CUT PRICES IN EVERY
DEPARTMIENT. We shall discontinue some lines in our new quarters, and add other ones to take their place, and we offer
suoh goods at less than oost. We mention among them:
Framed Piotures of all Rinds. WHICH WE WILL CLOSE OUT:
56-Piece Tea Set, in Blue or Brown........................... $3.75
Bird Cages Vaes and Bri-a-Bra, iece Dinner Set in Blue or Brown.....................12.50
9-Piece Chamber Set, decorated ............................... 3.00
Big Drive in Towels and Table Linens,
A FEW MORE OF OUR SPLENDID Fancy Table Spreads, Lace Curtains, White Marseilles and Honey Comb Quilts.
Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Underwear, Men's Underwear and Hosiery. Ladies' and
At One-Half Actual Value. Children's Hosiery.
ign of Dahlia Purple and Pome
granate Red and Oak
Russet Begun.
he Fall Toque and Also the Com-.
plexities of the Latest
ng Skirts Still Worn, Under the Dress
maker's Compulsion-Walking Gowns
and Evening Gowns.
penal Correspondence of Tax TNDEPENDENT. 1
thing could redeem the feather boa,
in spite of its popularity, it would be
adaptability. Everybody has one, and
the boa faithfully tries to be all things to
I women. The boa of last winter-a fluff
shaking feathers about a central core-is
ill worn by thousands and teas of thoas
ade of conservatives, but the newer de
artures in boass do not shnake, their feath
e are built on the quill principle, and are
rled too tight and stiffly.
The heart's desire of'the new boas is to
itate, or at least to saggest, autumn
a.es, and the success they reach is peon.
ar. It's partly in the curl, which conveys
hint of the rumpling and the crumpling
f the dead foliage that goes down with
lots flying: and it's partly in the colors,
hieb carry now a maple mixture of brown
nd crimson, with yellow touches, and now
ear a russet livery with green and dusky
rown oak trappings.
The boa has always seemed to me partio.
larly useless and not particularly orna
ental. but a tall, bright-eyed, sun-browned
oung woman in one of the picture galler.
as this morning made me change my opin
n measurably. She wore a tailor dress of
rown mixed stuff with lines of darker
rown and threads of crimson, and she was
one up in yards upon yards of russet boa
attilasn ux No cowr
rith metallib green:gýlntings. Her bat was
ibrown felt toque with a twist of dusky
reen velvet and one orimson ring. There's
io particular use n romancinog about her,
Out she made one feel very reasonably sure
she had thoroughly enjoyed her summer
The autumn millinery chiefly strives after
variety in the bow. Given a knot essen
tially different from all other knots, and
the hat it adorns is a success. There was
set as a lure in a milliner's window this
afternoon a lead-gray felt toque with a bow
'over which you felt instinctively the fingers
that fashioned it had been thoroughly sat
failed. It was an izidescent green velvet
bow, with a base of loops that sp~ead out
in as many directions as rose pe isle. These
loops were brought together and made to
feel the hand of authority under a hard
twisted green velvet ing, through which
they or some of them, nevertheless, aspired
upward and came out in two erect, wing
like, flaring ears, just above the front or the
crown. I suppose the toque had other trim
mings, but nothing to be remembered by
one who had seen and wondered at the bow.
Another toque which made its debut at
an autumn tea one day this week was a
4 (
peaked mite of bronze felt that found lodg
mret in a tumbled mass of yellow hni'.,
with a handful of short curls in front and a
loose, flying knot of curly behind, and be
tween them this sharp little point of a hat
with a roll of dahlia velvet to give it some
semblance of a brim, said roll curling over
in a half circle on either side in front and
having a standing feather in bronzy green
and shaped like a leaf springing up be
tween them.
The opening flame with the scarlet of the
pomegranate and the crimson of the holly
berry. The gRayish white of the featlhery
clematis rests the eye and is almost the only
soft tone exoapt a downy tan that reminds
me always of a wild grape leaf's under
side. Gloves are bright red and are not
itkirts stay lone under drpsswaker's eom
pulsion. "I can't walk," said a small body
this afternoon, as ah, signaled a street car
for a four blocks' ride: "my dress is too
"Rint why do you have it so?"
"Can't help it; I told Mme. -- and told
her twice over my skirt wasn't to come
within two inches of touching, but, youn see,
she'd rather offend a customer and run her
chance of loling her than risk her reputa
tion by letting anything not 'cor eat' in
style go out of her workroom. lBesides, 1
imagine she thinks this is shot t. It's cer
tainly not long by compaslion with other
'Ihe long skirts are ruched with silk.
whatever their material. The ruches are
narrow and pinked on both edges or solme
times they are picked out in fringe and then
piled up in asch thick soft plaits as to look
like feather or marabout trimming.
iaodioes are made with an infinite variety
of jacket fronts, some ending just under
the arms or even hiaghs: suomp ot off with
square corners at the waist; some of tihe
three-quarter length execrated a season or
two ago. but now accepted as a "lovely ele
canoy" especially in black or dark green or
blue velvet, and some fomling princess
coats and resohipa nearly to the ground.
A very pretty collection of autumn mod
els inspected yesterday included a calling
gown of dark olive green cloth, with heavy
rows of tailor's stitching at the foot and
with a long "T'alliere" coat of thesame ma
terial, tailor-stitched at the bottom, and
made with a waist so short as scarcely to
reach below the arms. To this apology for
a "body" were stiltched the deep coat skirts
in full box plaits and hanging evenly in
front and behind. Large triangular revevs
of olive green velvet turned back from the
breast and the sleeves were full and gath
ered in velvet cuffs at the elbows, close ecru
cloth sleeves coming from beneath the
nuffe and finishing in coat cuffs at the
This last century coat opened in front to
make generons display of a long waistcoat
of ecru cloth bordered with very narrow
black feather bands and fastening in a
straight seam in front running nown al
most to the knees. A wide folded piece of
g een velvet was the waist finish and the
hat Suggested as an accompaniment was a
straight-brimmed black velvet with huge
velvet bows held by a pearlbuckle and with
long black plumes.
Almost equally novel was a walking gown
of cream and dusky masoon striped cloth,
out on the bias, the lines running over the
firnre diagonally. The skirt was absolutely
plain and the bod'oe was cut around just
below the arms, finished with a black velvet
cord and filled in with a yoke of e sam cloth
coming no in a standing collar under the
eare. On each shoulder was a wing-like
piece of cream colored faille, laid in plaits
and forming the semblance of a cape,
widely open in front, but coming more
nearly together behind. A wide sash of
coeam silk fastened at the left of the waist
with a gold buokle and fell to the ground
in fringed ends. There was, if one chose
to complete the outfit, a big cream-colored
felt picture hat with a wreath of velvet
leaves in autumn colorings.
An evening gown is ii trousseau not yet
finished illustrates the tendency to return
to the empire styles while yet it does not
interfere with the tendency to stick to long
waists, the world and the minds of women
beinig large enough for a considerable num
ber of tendenoies to co-exist for a consider
able time before clashing. The dres re
ferred to is of a delicate rose tinted silk,
with a short, folded Josephine bodice,
showing a bent of lace between its curves
over the bosom and confined by a wide pink
snah knotted in two puffy bows under the
left arm hand hanging in two lobu ribbon
ends. The short, round balloon sleeves a o
of dark green velvet, reaching less th:n
half way to the elbow and with frills of
point dobchesso lace spreading upon the
shoulders above them. ihll skirt is saent
and trained: it Is untrimmed except for a
nor ow shell ruching.
'1 hoautunri coat is becoming a thing of
consequence. It takes many shapes, most
liii. AUTIrMN rOA'T.
of them meaculine. The one illustrated is
the latest and is to ie considered respect,
fully as a serious attempt on the part of
Dame Fashion, from whom it is prudent
that involuntary grimaces should be con
cealed. It is made of a silver and black
striped cloth, with loose, double-breasted
fronts, fastened with large, diamond
shaped pearl buttons. It has a shawl collar
of gray, whose identity you would not
recognize from the back, and it has gener
one leg o' mutton sleeves. The general
character of the back, with its bias lines
and straight seam down the middle, speaks
for itself too eloquently to need descrlp
The Eton jacket still rides on the top
wave of favor and its most recent examples
show dark silk-faced lapels opening over a
plaid vest and a stiff cambric shirt with
gold buttons and four-in-hand tie. The
long eloaks are as voluminous as ever, a
recent example being of marine blue camel's
hair, with a deep border of Persian lamb.
It was made after the manner of a close
fitting gown. with a gathered length of the
goods tacked to a pointed yoke in t ont and
at the back and falling loose to the ground.
There were balloon sleeves with pointed fur
caps, and shere were velvet vandykes stimo
lating a basque at the waist. With this
cloak belonged a dark blue velvet hat, with
a white aigrette and blue plumes.
G uaralteed Cure.
We authorize our advertised druggist to
sell Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs and colds, upon this con
dition. If von are aflicted with a cough,
cold or any lung, throat or chest trouble,
and will use this remedy as directed, giving
it a fair trial, and experience no benefit,
you may tetnan the bottle and have your
money refunded. We could not make this
offer did we not. know that Dr. King's New
Discovery could be relied on. It never dis
apooints. Trial bottles free at R. 8. Hale
& Cq.'s drug store. Large size .0 cents and
Thousands of bufferin~ Womien.
Delicate women who comolain of tired
feeling, pains in the back and loins, desire
to sleep, dizziness, painful or suppressed
menstruation, will find in Oregon Kidney
Tea a faithful friend. Iteon be relied auoa
In every instanaento give immediate relief
from kidney and urliary troubles Thou
sands of women, are suffering every day
from some disorder of the kidneys or liver,
who might be permanently cured by using
Oregon Kidney Tea.
Recently the folowln Notice appeared n the
San Fncisc Crne.
Sudge S-- ha bell sick irly :thout two
wees, tuld it ws not until the 1 lut thre or
At t he begin htlg of hts illness le suite rte front
diabetes atd stomach disorder. L.ter the
kidneys refused to perform their functio s and
he passed quietly away. Thlu; clncd the life
of onr of the IMst plroliiuret lees in Call
f(oroI." Like tot.l1'd1. of olhers his lln
tiilety death was the result ofucolcctiug early
synptltous of kidney disease.
I= ~or 0 .0
are trouiled with diletles, gral,v , or sny cde
ralclecluel of the kidiineys ori lntnary oretans,
don t delay proper trrclltmet unitil you are
forced to give up your daily duties i d.n't
waste your mon0ev onil worthless lionlmnts
nld worse pltisters, but strike at the sent of
the disease at once by usirg thie gtreatest of all
known remedies, the celebrated Oregon Kid
Why should it not rcure you Try It. Purely
vegetable nd pleasant to tale. $1.00 a pIeL
atge, 6 for $5.00.
Let like meagl on t stoinelih, Liver and ilo.i .
s:t dispels. D'sep+sa. Bilion inss, Fevsere. ('Col,
lervota Dilsorders, Weelllieauses. Iloss of Appe
te. reestre the ('ompleaiun; perteot d/Seatiiu
hllows their ne., t'+elwv earn for lick Ileadl
ache and , , sliatioa. timil. mild es.j to
1ewa L 'lr vefllor fIils IS ocnts. hold bh
--. 1. Irhoo tc. dreuats. lileas. _Hens
CARL GAIL, President.
E. BUMILLER, Vice-President and Treasurer.
H. UNZICKER, General Manager and Secretary.
M. UNZICKER, Western Representative.
* * * * BUILDERS OF e e e e
Gold Mills, Wet and Dry
Crushing Silver Mills, Smelt
ing, Concentrating, Leach
ing, Chlorinating, Hoisting
and Pumping Plants of any
"=-AND- j: capacity. Tramways, Cor
lies Engines, Compound En-.
Skips, Ore and Water Buck
Sets, Wheels and Axles and
all kinds of Mine Supplies.
S 0 Exelusive Eastern Manufacturers and Agents for " a
J. M. Bryan's Roller Iuartz Mill and liendy's lmprover Triumph Concentrator
Western Office: General Omeo and Work.s
Helena. Montana. Chicago, Illlnois.
Furniture and Garpets.
Shades, Lace Office
Chenille Curtain. School 'urniturm
J. R. SANFORD, Nos. 112 and 114, Broadway, Helena.
Capitel Patld tI, S,(et.ooo. " * * Asoets, Over $.08,-'Oe.0
QuardiaR Assurance Go.,

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