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$ttempt to Close Up the Park The
ater, Great Falls, on
Slds BSolicited for Paving Central
Avenue With Cedar Blocks
or Briok.
News of Other Flonriahlag Cities of the
Treseare state. Their People and
Their Prespects.
GIaT FALLS, Sept. 24.-[Speelal.]-An
drew Johnson, the Swede who tried to com
mit suiiolde Sunday by hanging himself
with a piece of wire, has been in the county
jail all the week and will be released in a
few days.
W. A. Snow, a musician at the Park the
atea, has filed information against the pro
prietor of the place for keeping the same
ppen on Sundays. The outcome of the
trial will be watehed with interest, and if
the state win similar suits will be brought
against other places of a like nature.
At a meeting of the city opuneil held
Monday night the city engineer was or
dared to adyertise for bids for paving Cen
tral avenue from Park drive east to Sixth
street. Bids will be received for paving
the avenue with either cedar blooke or brick.
Linda Hansen. who came here recently
from Butte, swore oat a warrant for the ar
rest. of Chrles Hansen. n,a teamster, on a
charge of bigamy. She claims they were
married in Chicago in 1885, and came to
Montana in 1891. In the fall of that year
he left her in Butte and came here, where
he married Marie Jansen. Wife No. 1
eame here and was dumfounded to find
him married to another. He hastily got
together a few of his effects and with his
work team left for the north. As yet he has
not been captured.
Margaret Mather's performance of Romeo
and Juliet at the opera house Wednesday
night to a. crowded house was one of the
events of the season. Soaiety people turned
out in full force, many of the ladies and
genatlmen being attired in evening dress.
Frank Marion, a well known Neihart
mining man, who lives here, met with a
painful accident one day last week, While
hitehing his horse to a buggy the animal
kicked him in the month, knocking oat
four front teeth and badly damaging the
process of the upper jaw.
E. R. Cowan, an old employe of L G.
Baker A Co.. in the Northwest Territory,
has been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. G.
Graham Taylor. of Lexington, Ky., is
visiting hie brother, Geo. W. Taylor.
Attorney Largent returned Thursday
from Da nville, Ill., where he was suddenly
called by the death of his father.
,George A. Jameison, a prominent banker,
Of Edinborough, icotland, and a party of
relatives and friends were here one day
last week. They eame in the private oar
of President Oakes, of the Northern Pacific.
They spent a day eight-seeing and pro
eeded on to the coast.
,T, E. Collins, oandidate for governor,
has gone to White Sulphur Springs and
Castle where he will deliver some speeches.
G. E. Ingersoll, engineer for the street
railway company, returned Friday from St.
Paul accompanied by his bride and was
given a warm welcome by a host of friends.
They were married in St. Paul two weeks
ago and spent their honeymoon in the Yel
lowstone park. The bride os the daughter
of the late Gen. MoLaren, of St. Paul, and
was one of the society belles of the Saintly
A great many Great Falls business men
are acquiring placer mining property on
Dog creek, a few miles south of Craig, on
the Missouri, and expect to work the
ground themselves another year. Some
fine nuggets and a few sapphires have been
found there. All together they have taken
up thee far about 2,040 acres of land. The
enterprise promises to be an extensive one.
The roasters at the United, Itefning and
Smelting company have been started up
and the works will be in full operation by
the middle of the week. This smelter has
bea~~abut down for over a year.
Interesting Budget of Notes From the
Yellowstone Metropolis.
BLLnmos. Sent. 24.-[8pecial.]-Mr. and
Mrs. Mains and family, who have been out
camping, returned Saturday, feeling much
benefited by the change.
The concert given in the Congregational
church last Thursday evening was quite a
success. both financially and otherwise.
Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Durbin were the manag
ers of the affair.
Miss Edith Matheson, who has spent the
summer visiting friends in Helena, Mis
sonla, White Sulphur Springs and Boze
man returned to Billings Thursday night.
Will Sleeper came down from Horr
Thursday night and spent several days
visiting his mother.
Mrs. Paul McCormick and her children
returned from Wyoming Sunday. bhe has
been visiting her mother there for several
A very pleasant party was given Tuesday
night by Drs. McDowell and J. Chapple, at
the residence of Dr. Chapple.
Mrs. John Ramsey. who went to Denver
at the time of the Masonic gathering in
that place, and who has since been visiting
her daughters in Salt Lake City, returned
home Monday night. Mr. Ramsey went as
far as Butte to meet her. She left her son
Arthur at school in Salt Lake City.
Miss Chris Fraser, who has been visiting
at the ranch of Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun, up
the valley, returned Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Adams, who has spent the last year
with his daughter, Mrs. H. M. Allen, of
this place, has gone to Portland. Ore., to
visit another daughter.
Fred Fields, who has been spending the
vacation with his parents, returned to Den
ver, where he is attending the mining col
lege, last week.
Dr. and Mrs. Chapple and their little
daughter went to Deer Lodge Sunday morn
ing to attend a meeting of the grand lodge
of the Masons.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Befiner died Thursday after a short illness.
James Schuall, the cattleman from the
Musselshell, is in town this week.
A. Hirsh, the dry goods merchant, has
gone to custer this week on business.
Col. A. L. BaUnbcock has been attending
the Masonic gathering at Deer Lodge this
D. A. Corey, who wee recently called to
Chicnao by the seriousness illness of his
wife, has returned br:ngRng Mrs. Corey with
H. Murphey is here this week shipping
cattle to Chicago.
Judge Milburn convened the September
term of court Wednesday morning.
Master Edward Munson Tompkins, son
of A. C. Tompkins. was baptized at St.
Lar's church Tuesday morning.
Mr, Lawson, the photograi,her, who has
spent the summer at White Sulphur
Springs, returned to Billings last week.
The editor of the Miles City Stock
Growers' Journal, Col. Edward Butler, was
in town Tuesday.
SJ'L. Hayes, of Cleveland, Ohio, is visit
inu his son, George Hayes. He is on a bus
iness trip to the coast, and his arrival here
Friday morning was an agreeable surprise
to his son.
W. t. C'enshaw left for Butte last Fri.
, T. Hanna, C. F. Batton, Earnest
Tiendell and Frank Mann have returned
rom a hunting trip to the Prior moun
A very successful "chicken tea" was
given at the residence of Dr. Free Saturday
0. W. Shoemaker has broken ground on
Montana avenue for a three-story brick
business building. iHo wll use the fires
floor for his drug business.
C. George, brothe: of our City Treasurer
W, 3. eorae. of Camden Point Mo., has
come to semad sevyral months.
C. W. thowning and J. T Murphy maaun
ager sad presiadent of the Montepa tatle
soeinay, were thi week aeperintendin.
the shippieg of eight tar load of cattle
for the Ohieago markets,
0. A. MoMasier, eaaurer of the ooeky
Fork Coal company of Red Lodge, was in
town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cameron went back
to their ranch on the Musselshell Monday.
Frank Higgins Surprises Hi8 Friends by
Gettlng Married.
Mi.sootLA, Sept. 24.--Speolal.]-Just at
present the new railroad is the moseet die
cutsed question in Missoula. Marcas Daly
when in Missoula a few days since stated
to a representative of Tan INDRTPNDENT
that this city for a short time would praba
bly be a terminal, but intimated that its
construction beyond this point was very
probable in tLs not very distant future.
Definitely there does not appear to be any
thing known as to the plans of the man
agers of the new line exoept what has al
ready appeared in print. There has been a
general stiffening in real estate owing to
this railroad talk, but as yet there has not
been any material increase in sales.
Building on the site of that ,portion of
the town destroyed during the recent fire
has been commenced, and before winter a
portion of it will be covered by brick struc
Granville Stuart was in the Garden oity
during the week.
F. M. Malone. of Miles City, spent a few
da ys here.
L. N. Cushman and wife eame over from
Helena during the week.
A marriage lloicense has been granted to
Hugh Overatrect and Miss Mary Etta Hen
derson, both of Missoula.
Mrs. K. M. Nicole has left Mismoula for
an extensive visit to friends and relatives
on the coast.
Major and Mrs. Ritlins have gone to
Buffalo, N. Y., whore the major has been
auaigned to a recruiting detail.
Lieut. Edwards, quartermaster of the
Twenty-fifth infaptry, has been assigned
to a reoruiting detail at Columbus, O., and
will leave for that city next month.
Dr. and Mrs. Smith, of St. Louis, have
been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Crosby,
at Fort Missoula.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Buyn have located
permanently in Missoula.
Nellie MeHenry played to a crowded
house Wednesday evening. Margaret
Mather, in the Lady of Lyons, is the next
attraction at the Benett, Sept. 27.
G. W. Hartley was married Sept. 21 to
Miss Chrissie Cooper, at Fredericton. N.
B. Mr. Hartley is the popular manager of
the Benett opera house, in this city, and
also one of the prosperous merchants of
Missoula. The happy couple will travel in
the east for a few weeks, and will receive a
royal welcome upon their arrival in Mis
soula, which they expect to make their in
ture home.
The marriage on Thursday of the Hon.
F. G. Higgins to Mism Abbie Hayes, at
White Sulphur Springs, was somewhat of a
surprise to their many friends and r -uain
tances here. Mr. Higgins is the ol ...t ,on
of the late Capt. C. P. Higgins, and is the
first white male child born in Missoula. He
is the mayor of the city and president of
the C. P. Higgins bank. At one time he
was the youngest member of the Montapa
legislature, and has been prominent polit
ically and financially throughout the state
for several years. Miss Hayes has resided in
Missoula for some time past and has been
a leader in social cireles. The many friends
of the happy couple will give them a warm
welcome upon their return, which, it is un
derstood, will be several months hence, as
it is understood they intend to travel ex
tensively before their return.
Major Ronan spent a day in Missoula
during the week.
Mrs. McCullough and two children have
gone to St. Louis for a two months' visit.
Hon. C. M. Cruthfield has returned from
a few days' visit in Helena.
Mrs. G. Marotz and Mrs. J. B. Fribly
have gone to Horse Plains for a week's
An Independent Candidate In the Field
for BheriiY
LEWISTOwN, Sept. 22.-[Special.]-Mrs. O,
W. Kelley is dangerously ill at her home on
the ranch
Weymouth Symmes, nephew to Mrs.
Burg, is very ill with malarial fever, but is
thought to be past danger.
J. M. Vrooman is building a large addi
tion to his cottage near the beneh.
Daniel W. Reardon. from Lnddington,
Mich., has decided to open a law office here
in Lewistown.
Miss Helen Gray left some time ago to
spend a year in school in Chicago. She
sent home the and news of the death of her
grandmother, Mr. Gray's mother, a few
dave ago,
George B. Diehl, of Helena. moved his
household goods and family over here a
few days ago, and is living in a house he
erected near the Methodist church.
Mr. Mor:leon has returned from his trip
to Helena.
John Hull, the baker and confectioner, is
recovering from an illness that has confined
him to his home for several days.
Meeser. Hobensack & Sloan are erecting
a large warehouse back of their hardware
R. W, Noble has announced himself as an
independent republican candidate for
sheriff, which has caused some new com
plications in the political field.
John b. M. Neil, of Helena, has been in
Messrs. Noble & Smith, of the Lewistown
hotel, have dissolved partnership and Mr.
Noble will soon return to his ranch.
George Bach has severed his connection
with the Chas. Lehman company.
Mr. Selvidge has rented a part of the
Bennett house and will move in as soon as
it is ready for use.
James Curtin tell from a sdcffold while
painting Dr. Lepalme's house and suffered
some bad bruises, but no bones were
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Bertrand on Sept. 17.
Prof. O. C. Mortson arrived from Great
Falls last week and went to Maiden to give
his personal attention to oullecting the
mineral exhibit from Fergue county for the
World's fair. The exhibit will be ve y
fine, and speelmens of ore will be secu'd id
from the Judith, Moccasin and Nolth
Moccassn mountains.
Mrs. Erickson has been at the ranch of
her father, Mr. Shipman, and is much im
proved in health.
The preliminary hearing of Mr. Smith,
of Lavina, who was charged with robbing
the mail near that place, has been changed
from this place to Billings.
Telephone Connection East and West to
lie Establishd.
BOEMasN, Sept. 24.-- Special.]-A tole
phone line ls soon to be built connecting
Bozeman with towns west as far as Helena
"41 + JUST + RECeI eD. -. .+
Two Cars of the Celebrated St, Louis
A. B. C. Bohemian Export Beer.
and east to Livingston. H. Boameve, a
Helena, suprlintendet of the telephome
company, and 8. W* Maning ove over
the proposed sate from Helena Jýis. week
and toani everything satiefao for a
The macbhiery forhibe Bozemah Milling
company ha, arrived and is ,ow being
iplacd in order for an earls start. The
are elevator is now completed.
Telson Story & Co.'s four mill to almost
completed. The machinery Is expeoted to
arrive from Milwaukee early next wek.
The mails are now being take to and
from the trains by the olectrio street oar
Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. L. 0.
Haskett entertained a number of friends
with cards and a "German lunch." A very
pleasant evening was spent.
Mrs. J. J. Reeves gave an afternoon tea
Thursday to a large gathering of friends.
Friday afternoon a large number of
friends drove out to Rosedale, the home of
Mrs. Raufer, where an elaborate tea party
was given.
F. B. Turner, who went to Idaho a short
time ago to look at some mines for Boze
man parties, returned home Monday.
Lawrence Dobell spent a few days last
week visiting in Helena and Livingston.
Miss Fannie Williams who has been east
for a month or two looking ap millinery for
the fall trade, returned home Thursday
after having made an excellent selection.
Miss Laura Thompson. of Missoula. is
making a short visit in Boseman, the guest
of Mrs. C. C, Wylie.
D. P. Patenaudo and A. L. Stmith, of
Helena, were in town this week and visited
the Ferris hot springs. They left Thursday
for Springdalea.
J. E. Martin and Alex Proflt left Monday
for a little hunting north of Livingston.
Emory Cobb, of Kankakee. Ill., president
of the Bozeman National bank, arrived in
town Tuesday.
Mrs. Eokenbeek left Thursday for a visit
with friends in Fort Missoula.
D. O. Hopkins intends leaving shortly
for the state of Washington.
A large and merry party of ladies and
gentlemen went to Mystio lake Sunday,
where they spent a very enjoyable day.
Assistant Postmaster Wait, the Fuller
brothers and a guide left Tuesday for a two
weeks' outing in the wilds of West Gallatin
Col. Sanders and wife, of Helena, are the
guests of Gen. Willson this week.
Hon. Sam Word, of Helena, spent a day
in Bozeman this week, the guest of Walter
The death of Mrs. Fridley, relict of the
late F. F. Fridley, ocaured Thursday eve
ning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M.
M. Black. She was buried Saturday.
If you want youar ,job work done quickly
and neatly, patronize the Independent Job
0 " TEE " 0
Pausee through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Da.
kota, Manitoba. Montana, Idaho, Ore.
gon and Washington.
Dining Care are run between Chicago, St. Panl,
Mtnneapolis. Winnipeg, Helena. lintt., Taoma,
Seattle and Portland.
Pullman service daily between Chicago. St.
Paul. Montana, and the Pacific Northwest; and
betweean St Paul, Minneapolis and Minnesota
North Dakota and Manitoba points.
Dfaly Expresa Train carry eleant PnLin}
leeping (are, Dining Cars. Day Coaches, Pull.
man Toarist Sleepers and Free Colonist Sleep.
lag Cars.
The Nort horn Pacific railroad is the rail line t
Yellowstone Park: the popular line to California
and Alaska: and its trains pass through the
grandest scenery of seven states.
Are sold at all coupon offices of the Northern
Pacific Railroad to points North, East, South
and West. in the United States and Canada.
In effect on and after Sunday, August 28.
No. 1. Pacific Mil. west bound ........ 1:i 0 p. m
No.4, Atlantic mail. east bound........12:40 p. mi
No. d. t ..u: aess. i.t.s::ula and
Butts nie..... ...... .t . '. :45 p. m
No. 8. Marysill ene aenger .. ...... 11:20 a. m
No. 10. Marytvi'll accommodation..... 7:0 p. m
No. A'. Wickes Boulder and Elktorn
passenger .............. . ..... 5:10 lm
No. 102, Rimini mixed, Mo ndays Wed
ne.days and Fridays.................... 5:00 . sa
No. 1, Pacific Mail. weast Ihound ........ 1:45 p. m
No. 4 Atlantic n:aii east hound........ :10p. in
No.5, Hutte, Missou;aninw (turd'Alene
enr ......... .... 7:n m
No. 7. Marysville passenger ............ 7:45 a. m
No. 9, larysville accommodation ....... :00 p. om
No. l,. Wickes, Boulder and Elkhorn
Passenger ........ ... . 7:20. n
No. 101, Rimini mixed, Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays............. . 8:15a. m
Srains Nos. 1, 4, 5 and 6 connect St Gariison
with Montana Union trains to and from Buttes
Deer Lodge and Anaconda.
Trains Nos. 5 ead 0 will run between Helena
and Wallace. Idaho without change of cars.
For Rates, Maps, Time Tables or Speelal
Lpformasloa apply to Chas. 8. Fee, General
Passenger and Ticket Agent, St. Paul,
lian., or
-.. D. E -G..K.,
General Agent of the Northern failio I. It.. at
C., ST. P., M. & 0. R. R.
'The North-Western Line."
This is the only line making connection with
lvery day in the year for Chicago and the East.
.save Butte........ ................. :15 am
nrave Helena.......... . ....... 10:3l a in
eave (treat Fale .......... .. . 2:.5 p m
trrive Minot .......................... 10:o a ,
trrive lrand Forks.................... I:2 p ru
trrive St. Paul ..................... 0:5[ am
Leave Buitte.... ....... 12:.',p, rm 925 D m
Le[rave Hlerna ............ J1.10O p' ]l::;l p m
Leave ltizerrla ............. :10 p .n 2:', t m
lrrive StL aul ........... 12.15 p m 0i:2, p m
Leave Bt. Pautl..... :5 a In 5:1i5 1 m :0 p m
irrive Milwankee.. 7:33 1 m 7: '12. a m 7:2, a mi
trrivo (t ic.,g ..... :35 p m t:00 11 t (::to a in
"The North-Westa.rn 1.Ie,"' i. the shortest line
In both distarlln antd time to ( hic:ago.
Sor map folder ,of line aldree
ene·r al Palsenger A.nut, bt. Paul.
+Pacific Rolling I.Yll Co.,
TUp to 20,000 Pounds Weight.
True to pattern and superior in strength, toughness and durability to Cast or Wrought Iron,
in any position or for any service.
Gearings, Shoes, Dies, Cams, Tappets, Piston-Heads, Railroad and Machinery
Castings of Every Description. Also
Also Steel Rods, from / to three inch diameter and Flats from r to 8 inch. Angles, Tees,
Channels and other shape Steel Wagon, Buggy and Truck Tires, Plow Steel; Machinery and
Special Shape Steel-to size and lengths. Steel Rails from z2 to 45 pounds per yard. Also Railroad
and Merchant Iron, Rolled Beams, Angle, Channel and T iron, Bridge and Machine Bolts, Lag
Screws, Nuts, Washers, Ship and Boat Spikes; Steamboat Shafts, Cranks, Pistons, Connecting Rods,
etc. Car and Locomotive Axles and Frames, and Iron Forgings of all kinds. Iron and Steej
Bridge and Roof Work a specialty.
Orders receive prompt attention. Send for Catalogues. Address
Remember this: The greatest line
of railway operating between St.
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau.
kee and Chicago is the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
operates, under one management,
6,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
handsome elegantly equipped pas.
senger trains irom the Twin Cities
that run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change of
cars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. Louis and Kansas City. The
train service and general equip
ment of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
not surpassed by any railway in
America. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled limr
ited train to Chicago daily-con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Oifical Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi
cago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, cut this out:
Leave St. Paul B 7:35 a. min., arrive at Chicago
10:00 s0er. evening.
Leave t PIaul A 2:.s p. m., arrive at Chicagl
0:15 next morning.
Leave St. Paul A :5., p. m., arrive at Chicaeg
7:00 nuxt mornirug.
Leave St Paul A 0:tI p. m., arrive at Chicago
9:30 next morrng.
Leave St. Paul A 9:1 a. m., arrive at St. Louni
7:30 next moraing.
Leave St. Paul (' 7:11 p. m., arrive at St. Louis
A:15 next evening.
Leave St. Paul t : :15 a. m., arrive at Kanesa
(City 7:00 next mtrning.
Leave it. Paul (' 7:15 p. m., arrive at Kansas
City 0:00 next evening.
A Daily. B Except bunday. C Except Saturday.
Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on day trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union
Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any ticket agent
or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. Fass. Agt,
St. Paul Minn.
kvan Mataice, deeased.
eNotice I. Ierelt) given by the nndereignel, ad
miniottratrix of thi. estate of I vau llattico,
doceasod. to the ,reditrr of anld al persons
having lainu~ agai4ut the said dereserld, to ex
Iibit thern. with the netessary vouchers, within
four muontlr after th, itrot rublir:ttitt et lhutan
tic,. tt the hald adnliuittratrlx at lier relsento
in the city of Ilrelna, ontana. e the come brin;
the place for i e transaction of the Ilttitn* a of
aid etate., in the coaty tf Lewis and (l Jarke.
J:1 oIt I. ATAPd.Oll:..
Adminietratri, of Lyn Ilattice, deo.ad.
vated Anug. 1, 18. ,2.
House FnurishinI Goofs HOlse. Pia -o , orga.e,
Orguinettes, Guitars, Violins, Accordionsj
House enlarged to four timen former capasclty. AND A FUILL LINZ Oo
an ie blimcense floors extending through the MUSICAL MERCHANDISE.
A stock greater than that of all other Helena Sole agenta for Steinway h Sone Bhme
houaes combined. obler gentrs. or Steinway d l Bon , Ioigg
Cash purchases and straight carload ship ler ir.. erman, ssun & amli ig
n10nte only. and ot her firstsass pianuos.
monts only.
I. Orderr. will receive prompt attention. i-WLow prices and easy terms.
-IEL- B . * I11ONTArNA..
of the Filet judicial district of the
state of Montana. in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke.
E. W. Knight, agent. plaintiff, vs. Lydia
F. Lundeen and John H. Lundeen, defend
The state of Montana sends greeting to
the above named defendants: You are
hereby requi ed to appear in as action
brought against you by the above named
plaintiff in the district court of the First
jndiumal district of the state of Montana, in
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
and to answer the complaint filed therein,
within ten days (exolusive of the day of
service) after the service on you of this
snummons if served within this county; or,
if served eat of this county, but within this
district, within twenty days; otherwise
within forty days, or judgment by default
will be taken against you, aecording to the
prayer of said complaint. The said aetion
brought to foreclose a certain mortgage
exeouted by defendants on the 22d day of
November, A. D. 1890, to secure the pay
ment of a promissory note of even date
payable to the plaintiff, and to obtain a
jndgment against the defendant Lydia F.
Lnndeen for the sum of one hundred and
afty dollars ($110.00), with interest the:eon
at the rate of one per cent per month from
the 22d day of November. A. D. 1891, made
and delivered by said defendant Lydia F.
Lundeen to plaintiff as agent, which note is
owned by plaintiff as agent, and for judg
ment for $10.00 attorney's fees, $6.00 taxes
paid on said premises covered by said
mortgage, and for costs of suit.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relief de
manded in the complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
district court of the First judicial distriot
of the state of Montana, in and for the
county of Lewis and Clarke, this 12th day
of beptember, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and ninety-two.
[LsAL.] JOHN BRAN, Clerk.
1'y H. R. Tnoareonu, Deputy Clerk.
0. B. NoIaN, Attorney for Ylaintiff.
of the First judicial district of the state
of Montana. in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke.
Laura Wilson, plaintiff, vs. James Wil.
son, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greeting to
the above named defendants
You are hereby required to appear in in
action brought against you by the above
named ulaintiff in the distriet court of the
First judieial district of the state of Mon
tana, in and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, and to answer the complaint filed
therein, within ten days (exclusive of the
day of service) after the service on you of
this summons, if served within this county;
or, if served out of this county, but within
this district, twenty days: otherwise within
forty days, or judgment by default will be
taken against you, according to the prayer
of said codplaint. The said action is
brought to obtain a judgment and decree of
this court dissolving the bonds of matri
mony heretofore and now existing between
the defendant and this plaintiff. For that
said defendant did on the 9th day of July,
1891, willfully and without cause, desert
and abandon this plaintiff, and ever
sines has, and still continues so to willfully
and withoat cause desert and abandon said
plaintiff, and live separately and apart
from her without any sufflcient cause; or
any raseon,and against her will and consent;
and that said defendant did, on or about the
date aforesaid, depart from the state of
Montana with the intention of not return.
ing thereto; and for the costs of this aotion,
and for general relief.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said oom
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relief de
maunded in the complaint and for costs.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
district court of the first judicial district of
the state of Montana, in and for the county
of Lewis and Clarke, this 13th day of Sep
tember, in the year of our Lord, one thous.
and eight hundred and ninety-two.
By L. W. BulaTog, Deputy Clerk.
BoTran & BSED, Attorneys fur Plaintiff.

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