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Daily by carrier, per week. lerven issuesl.. 26
HELENA, MONT., OCT. 14, 1892.
W"Montanlans abroad will always And Tun
DAILY InuarzexPn T on file at their favorite
hotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitan, New
Fork; West, Minneapolis: Baldwin and Palace.
Sa Framnisco: McDermott. Butte; Leland IHotel
B.ring.cid. Ill.
For President
For Vice-President.
For Presidential Eleotors.
A. W. LIMAN, sewis and Clarke County.
PAUl, A. FUSZZ. Deer Lodge Conntr.
WA.\LTER CtOOPER. Gallatin County.
For Repreenntative in Congress.
K. W. DIXOn, Silver Bow County.
For Governor.
T. E. COLLINS, Cascade County.
For Lieutenant Giovernor,
H. It. MELTON. Beaverhead County
For Secretary of ttate,
B. W. S. FOLK. Missoula County.
For 'Treasurer,
JESSE HAiTON, Custer County.
For Auditor,
W. C. WHALEY, Jefferson County.
For Superintendent of Public lnot-notion.
J. C. MAlOiUNY, Madison County.
For Chief Justice,
W. Y. PEMBEITON, Silver Bow County.
For Attorney General.
E. C. DAY. Fark Connty
For Clerk of the Supreme Court.
J. L. SLOANE, lissonla County.
For District Court Judges, HORACE EI. BUCK. T.
For Clerk of the District Court, DENVER P.
For Sheriff. C. D. Crrnts.
For Clerk and ltecorder. P. M. COLLINS.
For Treasurer, C. B. GARRETT.
For (ounty Attorney, C. B. NOLAN.
For Assessor, W. J. BICKErr.
For Auditor. 8. POZNANRKI.
For Superintendent of Schools, MIss C. L.
For Surveyor, Jows W. WADr.
For Coroner, T. H. PI.EASANTS.
For Public Administrator, F. M. BTAUB.
For County ('ommniesioners, E. BEACH, W'ItLIAM
For State Senator. Do. W. L. STEIE.L
For Heprosentatlve.. ROBERT B. SMTrrc, THOMAR
C. iACi, H. 11. C('(LY, C. K. BIowN. A. J.
I)AIDsON, J. 11. MUtRPHY, C. I. DUDLEY, it
F. LIDtoeP.
For Constables. Jo.Nt A. QUIRK, FRED GRARAM.
For Justices of the Peace, TERRENCE O'DoN
The demooratic state central committee
announce the following appointments of
Hons. W W. Dixon and W. M. Bickford:
Townsend, Oct. 14.
White bulphur Springs, Oct. 15.
Neihart, Oct. 17.
Barker, Oct. 18,
Great Falls, Oct. 19.
Fort Benton. Oct. 20.
Havre, Oct. 21.
Kalispell, Oct. 22.
Stevensville, Oct. 24.
Hamilton, Oct. 25.
Missoula, Oct. 26.
Philipsburg, Oct. 27.
Granite, Oct. 28.
Deer Lodge, Oct. 29.
Heons. E. D. Matte and E. C. Day
Granite, Oct. 14.
Deer Lodge, Oct. 15.
Hon. N. W. McConnell and Stephen De
Missoula, Oct. 15.
Stevensville. Oct. 17.
Hone. T. E. Collins and R. B. Smith:
Castle, Oct. Ii.
Placer, Oct. 15.
l'eported for THE INrtEPc:NDENT daily by F. J.
Olass. United Statea observe.r.
ti.Ol)asm. 6:00 p. m.
l'aromrnor ............... 0 : 2 l
l'mnpterature.............. :.0 51.0
WiloO. .................. ss -. e
'olo )eoratlltr at noion. 48.0. w
axiimum trnmpyrrauurc, 57.0.
Mlinimunm temp ;rature., :t1.0.
I oal fteorast for Ileirna: Fair; warmer
'JiT; (;ladtiolus hlas bloomed once too
'ITtt capitatl and the curfewr bell must
not go tugol her!
you are 'i':vr a barrl" already.
ONs u more, will the Inter Mountaint
t:ll its rOeadLers where it standls on the
capital question? I
Ttt. Warhorse'o fiery snort wafteoil
awny with his failure to explain that
military post aftair.
WELL. , ('OttUonlore l'owOer, yO don't
honestly thlink "we've got 'uoi" this year;
at lI.st you Ih iven't 5sall so in public.
IlrKA.st:t, will be beaten by a major
it. that he can't get aronud. There will
beo no seven annl fifteen business in it this
THE loegisoltors of Montana do not
wa:nt to meet in a town where there is
an ordinance compelling tlhem to retire
at sundown.
'JTH Old Warhorse is having no endl
of fun in lashing the people's party. As I
his pass will be taken up on thlis trip
we see no objection to the I;utual entr
A (t)t':T racing tip to Mr. )Daly; do
tn;t expect that Anaconda will run at a
'Tammany pace this year. T'Ihere is a
thoroughbred fron Last (:lhtnce gulch
in the race.
lI appears that the fame of "Blocks
of-Five-Dudley"' is hlikely to be eclipsed
by Corruptionist Hackett of New York.
The latter prefers to send the cattle in
car loads, but thus far his plans have
resulted only in his own disgrace and to
the discredit of the party that employed
him for this service.
TuERi Is a republioan up in Choteau
county, named W. (ould Smith, who
wanted to bet a car load of steers that
Harrison would not be re-elected. Are
there any takers?
IT Is perhaps just as well that the
great Chr:ltifo Columbo cannot be
present at the numerous celebrations in
his honor. Hsll head would be too big
for grandfather's hat.
Will the esteemed INnsvrr.i.T please
state when and where and by whom Labor
Oommissioner Peok's report has been dis
TuE. IN,)iPIEN)EN.T stated that yester
SANDERS must be replaced by a dem
ocrat in the United States senate, and
the people of Lewis and Clarke county
must do their part in this good work by
electing a straight democratic legisla
tive ticket.
So the lion. Jack Carter, brother of
Thomas Henry, reports prospects for
republican success very bright. This
assumption is probably based on the
rumor that the Port Orchard vote is
now fixed.
HAve your wages been raised by the
McKinley bill? Hlas the price of Mon
tana wool been raised by the McKinley
bill? Have the prices of anything been
raised by the McKinley bill except the
necessities of life?
'l'a illness of Chairman Mantle will
bring to him sympathy from all sections
of the state. It was feared at the out
set that the responsibilities of manag
ing the republican campaign would be
very great this year.
Ms. HicARnos, the republican candidate
for governor, is a nice mnn, a gentleman
and a scholar.-Oreat Falls Tribune.
Tell the truth. Mr. Rickards is a
good judge of paint, but he is not a
We learn iron, the esteemed Leader,
that Great Falls is being overrun by
Helena boomers with their pockets full
of gohl. We offer this news to refute
the Leader's favorite argument that
the people in Helena are continually
THE Butte Miner asks what has be
come of Orator Callahan, of I)illon, in
this campaign. According to the last
reports he was still soaring around the
sun-kissed peaks of snow covered moun
tains waiting to be joined by Rickards.
Blake et al.
THE democrats in Montana are strong,
hopeful and united. From Dakota to
Idaho. from British America to the
southern boundaries there are neither
breaks nor dissensions in the ranks and
they will win this year because they de
serve to win.
TnF: emperors, William and Francis
Joseph together with a few royal flun
kies, recently cemented friendship by a
big dinner at Vienna, after which they
attended a performance at the Rung
theater. The next important theatrical
event will be the performance of Rick
ards and Blake's minstrel's at the ]Rung
out theater, and it will be attended by a
large and enthusiastic audience of Mon
JAMES G. BLAINE, at one time a prom
inent figure in the republican party, is
at Whitelaw Reid's farm to superintend
the fall plowing. It is said that during
his stay he will meet a number of re
publicans and give what aid he can ii
the canvass. This will probably consist
in explaining why the price of ice
dropped under the liar- In administra
tion. and Blaine ought t. now as much
on the subject as anyone
TiHE registration books ' --'ised
on Saturday. Do not fail to , ice your
name in the list before that tim.', for if
it is not there you cannot vote. It is a
matter of very great importance this
year for every oitizen of Helena regard
less of politics to cast his vote for Ilel
ena for the capital. Do not delay the
matter of registration another day.
'l'H London Star protests against the
refusal of the iprinco of WVales to attendl
the funeral of Tennyson. As a tax
piayer it fails to lundlerstandl why hlie pIre
fers a day's shooting to the require
ments which his position deimailnedl for
ithis rnlelancholy event. P'eriiaps this is
not the true explanation after all. The
Star should renmember that when a manIn
is a lIer in a game of baccarat, he feels
like blayiniig until he iii wiii out, no
matter what the exigencius imay te.
TnIE Anaconda Staindardl charged Ileol
ena w ithli "having mnanaged in its time
Sby its policy to alienate inearly every
Scounty in eastern Montana." 'l'lE INE
IF ~rnrii askedl the Stanilarul to explain,
to cite Instances when suclh policy pre
va'iled, to (,fftr proof. 'IThe Standard
makes this answer:
Things have now so shaped thomnselves
that the press in Butte and Anaconda is not
- called upon to publish the past offenues or
I Helena aginst thes constituencies of the
a state-the people of the east side are doing
this work and they do it effectively.
Ulncle Rlemuis once relatedl a parable
Sof a smart rabbit who had never seen an
5 elphaunt but know he c,,uiild swallow
Shiii,. lie clhanged his mind when they
SCenie face to face. -
a The capital light is warming up in fino
I, seal. andil thle idiuations are that Ollr
-le-steellied contelnlpll raric's In (;oie t lulls
iand Aunaconda will fight it ouit on a
Swhlito heait iiasis uIt til the polls are
I closed. ()Other 'lontemiporaries in iUitti
a ahd llBozenlan, notlably, arii mniaklig on
i thusiastio and energetic caiipaignis fr,
their cities, but they are in gooid hlii iur
hand their plans for success alre Ieuing
- carried on with proper regard to de
d ency. Thoe (;reat aIlls Tribune is In
c. dined to act fairly, but its neighbor, the
Leader, oversteps the bounds in several
instanose, and in particular wan' it says:
The people of Great Falls should treat
the Helena agents in our mid.lt, who are
trying to buy up votee, as they dad the Op-•
namen. Dusk them is the river and theu
show them gently bat iraly the way toi
This statement is supplemented by
another, stating that as high as $10 has
been offered for single votes for Helena
in Great Falls. We do not believe it
necessary to deny this absurd and base
less oharge. It carries its own denial.
Furthermore, we promise that any gen
tlemen sent to Helena to secure support
for Great Falls for the capital will be
treated with the hospitality proverbial
of this fair city. They will be allowed
to stop at our best hotels, to move
around the streets as they please and
will be offered the same security to their
lives, their fortunes and their saored
honor as is accorded to every citizen, as
well as to every Chinaman in Helena.
So much for the Leader. Now a word
with our valued contemporary, the Ana
conda Standard. That paper has this
to say:
Too late in the day our Helena contem
poraries are trying to make it appear that
the capital controversy is an east side fight,
and that Helena stands sponsor for the east
side part of it.
This is not true. The only attempt
to make an east side and west side con
troversy was thatof the Anaconda Stan
dard when it advocated a west side con
ference. ltelena has stood from first to
last as a candidate for the capital before
all the citizens of Montana. It has ap
pealed to no one section, but to all sec
tions, for it rests its claims for capital
honors on its adaptability as a site, not
for the east side or the west side, but
for the state. Facts, figures and the
map prove conclusively that this city is
the natural railway center of the state,
that its advantages in a business and
social sense are greater than are offered
by any other city; that there are fewer
delays and changes in traveling to Hel
ena than to any other of the capital
aspirants. It is therefore supreme non
sense for tie Standard to attempt to se
cure a solid west side support by mak
ing the people believe that Helena is
working for a division of votes on a geo
graphical basis. But we fancy that this
attempt will fail, for it appears from the
following excerpt from the Butte Miner
that the big mining camp is still in the
Any man living in Butte, making his
money in Butte, keeping his family in
Butte and maintaining a home in Butte
cannot do otherwise than vote to locate the
seat of government in Butte without being
disloyal to himself and to his family.
Our Anaconda friends are playing a
very pretty game. They throw kisses
to Butte and bulldoze Deer Lodge. We
believe that the people of both worthy
cities understand it.
In the meantime their fair sister Hel
ena is sawing wood and reiterating the
best claims of all for the capital.
Gov. lIonAcc. Boise who is making
one of the most ejYective campaign tours
of the season, in a recent speech, stated
the tariff situation with a conciseness
to be understood by the simplest tyro.
This is what he says: "Concisely stated,
a taritff is a tax which our government
levies on nmerchandise produced in other
countries and brought here forsale. Be
fore it can be disposed of the party who
imports it must pay into the treasury of
the United States the tariff which the
law imposes, and then in order to save
himself from loss he must sell it for
enough to get back the original cost in
the foreign country and the tariff paid
on it here. If the system had been con
fined to its legitimate purpose of rais
ing necessary revenue, to be economi
cally expended, I doubt if any consid
erable opposition to it could have been
aroused. But the hope of gain has led
interested parties to insist that the sys
tem shall be extended beyond the pur
pose fcr which alone it may properly be
used and made to embrace the distinct
purpose of building up special lines of
industry independent of the necessities
of the government. Inasmuch as this
can only be accomplished by taking
from one class that which is given to
another, it is plain that by such a sys
tem our people are instantly divided in
to classes occupying directly opposite
relations to thie governnment, one of
which is the recipient of bounties be
stowed by the law, the other the bearer
of burdUens imiposed through the same
Are you one of the burden bearers?
Indlcted by te G;rand .Tury at Indian
apolls, Inld.
INDIANA'Oiis, Ind., Oct. 1t.-Lats this
afternoon the Marion county grand jury
returned indctments against seven of the
supreme oficera of the Iron HIall, as follows:
Freman X. Somerbv, supreme justice, of
Indianapolis; Mark l)avid, supreme cashie.,
of Indianapolis: J. TI'. Younghunbend,
suprvme trustee and chairman of board, of
Detroit, Mcth.; J. Itenry HIayes, sullreme
trustee and secretary of the board, of (Can
den. N. J.: C. I. I homrpson, sulpremne trustee,
of Binuchanmton. N. Y.; Gseo. C. Fountain, su
prmne t;nstaet, or Jersey City, N. J.; E. W.
Itouse, suprenle t ustee. of Blaltimore.
The fl't count chlaures them with the
embezzlement of $2J,0.,000 of the orde 's
funds, which were converted to their own I
SIGI-IT FLAKEY BIC.;CUITS and white spongy bread, is esit
should be, the hligh.n st ambition of every good housewife,
arul with no Flour c.lcn this much to be desired result be
so easily attained as with the
rancy Patent_
Manufactured by the North Dakota Milling Company, of Grand
Forks, N. D. Ask your grocer for it.
use. The second charges them with oo0
vertlng to their own use .U0,QO0 b!y sing
it in lomsiby'a bank at PhiladePla. No
oessary papers will be issued in the morn
ing and the governor will be asked for re
quisitions., he grand jury have now com
lated the work as far as the omfoals of the
ron Hall are onoerned. 'there aa more
of the supremers who are not impllat .d.
Ther cmases will receive attention next sea
Vengeanee Meted Out.
MONTOOMEursY, Ala., Oct. 1.--Foue negro
boys, from 18 to 20 years of age, were ar
rested for the murder of Riohard Johanson
and hie grown daughter and burning his
honus near Bell's Landing on Monday
night last. They confessed their RaiN.
They usaid their purpose was to rap the
young lady and rob the old man. They
were placed in jail at Monroeville, but a
number of oititens took them to-day to the
soone of the murder and shot them to
Not Much to Show Anyhow.
LoUIlVILLE, Kr., Oct. 18.--The Louisville
Times urges, in view of complications as to
the World's Fair appropriations, and the
fact that the hostile attitude of the Chicago
press forced Congressman Bieakinridge to
give up the position as orator of the day
at the dedication ceremonies, that Ken
tocky make no exhibit at the World's Fair,
and also calls on Kentucky's members of
the national commission to resign as a
Manufacturer of
Wholcsale and retail dealer in imported and
Domestic ('igara, Cigarettes and Smokers' Arti
cles. Large-t and best assortment ,f lriar
Wood, Meernchaum and Fansy Pipes in the city.
No. 135 Iorth Main St,, Helena.
Inquire of your friends aboat
For County Treasurer,
WILLIAM ZASTROW, People's Party1 >
Chop and Oyster House
Open day and night Private dining room for
ladies. Strictly first-clIes. Upor Main atre.t,
Helens JACK SPARROW, Proprietor.
Cleanliness N1_ Godliness
Robt. Williams has completely
renovated the Bath Rooms at his
Tonsorial Parlors, 108 S. Main St.
New porcelain tubs, shower baths,
and all modern equipments. Try
We would like to call the attention of socleties,
olubs, etc.. who intend to give dances, etc.,
during this season, that the
Now leased and occupied by Linden & Grimm,
can be had at very reasonable rates.
St. Vincent Academy.
The Musical Department of St. Vincent's
Academy during the present eoholastie year
will be in charge of
Sister Mary Zoe
. e * ASSISTED BY. *
Jvliss Lizzie O'JVeil
Thorough instructors in every branch of
the art. liac O'Neil's suecialties are harp,
piano and voice-culture. and that she is
highly qualified may be ju.ged from the fact
that ise has taken a five-year's course of
training under noted
Studies will bh resumed in St. Vincent's
the first Tuesday of lSeptember.
Montana Sapphires
3. 0 A Carat, (finished
S Diamond cut.
, A Carat, (finished
weight) ordinary
Sapphire cut.
D. 1eSola dendes Co.
51-b53 Maiden Lane,
1.T.="E - YOR".
$100 IN CASH.
-- -- . ,i---- -; _: ,,,.- -;,.i. I~ 5., -~~-- --_, , ,i . ..,,,,, , "-- .
I guess the total vote for each Presidential candidate in the
State of Montana, Nov. 8, 1892, will be:
Name Age . Time of day.. ...
Address Day of month
We hereby certify that the above guesser lives in Montana,
and that the guess was made at the hour and on the day stated:
Name Address
Name Address
Name Address
67 South Main Street, Helena, Montana.
Gonditions of Gontest.
Any man, woman, or child living in Montana who on this coupon guessel the
total vote (or nearest thereto), for Benjamin Barrison, and the total vote (or nearest
thereto) for Grover Cleveland, and the total vote (or nearest thereto) for J. B.
Weaver, to be cast in the State of Montana, Nov. 8, 1892, will receive $100 in cash.
The three witnesses who actually write their names on the coupon of the successful
guesser will each receive a crisp $20 bill. Each coupon must bear the hour, minute
and day the guess is made, and the guoes must be forwarded promptly to the
"Guess Room, Headquarters, 67 South Main Street, Helena, Mont." In oase of two
or more correct guesses, the coupon bearing the earliest date will get the award.
Coupons which are manifestly nor timed in good faith, and which are not forwarded
within a reasonable time from the date given, will be thrown out of the contest.
This coupon will be printed on this page of Tan ISnrDPEDnsT until the close of the
contest. No vote received after Oct. 30. 1802.
e e e LEADING " a e
Wholesale and Retail Druggists
For the largest stock, most complete in every line, and at
the LOWEST PRICES, go to them.
Life Assitance Society
What You Get if You Iive.
Resnits of a 2l-Year Endowment Poicy. taken out on April 25, 182. olicy No. 70.450.
on the life ot D. B., Jr. Age at isue, 80. Amouut, $10,003.
Ananal Premium ............... ........................... S48', ^0
Ttvt Premium Paid ........0.......0.............. ,.OJ
L. ('abh vs uo t ril 25,.182 ....... ........................................... . ..1. $81321.20
2. (,r, in lieu of cash. a pild-uppolicy (payable atdeath) four............... 84,950 0
. Or an annuity ur life of ................................ ........ . . 1.,:00.00
. A.--This Investment realizel over 5 p'r cont. compound interest, besides the pro
tectin tfurnished for 20 years.
New Business Written in State of Illinois in 1891 by all the Companies
Transacting Business in Said State:
;o9 EQUITABLE ..... . ..................$ $ 13,847,835
15., Nw YO.. L.,s..............................................56.50.422.$1 933 71a
1842 Mutral. N. ¥............................... . .,67,1138, q39
1i3l N' r:hweetern. Wi ............................................ 5.27,125
5(1 I o sn otiest M utual .... . .................................... 1,5I|,0741
1800 Manhattan, N. Y.. ..... .. 1,104,215
t45) 'ekhlllir. Mass ................. 0000
101 PruvMl.nce. lire & Troet. .................................. .... 4 $12.5
1) ntio na. 'r n.... .. , n...·. .. . .0 812,813, 882
il82 John lancock. lavan... ..... . ....... . .2. . ,1007 I
0-.1 1.f. Inv .t ,nv., luwa. . ...................................... 2;7.01
14i l'an Mutual........... ............................... 7;10.08i0
1820 10lr Inis. ( ou:n..· . 3.01 01
18;7 Erq n ie. 'own ......... . . .................. ... 24.01
i .2 01 A t n e , ( 'o un . .. . ... . . . . . . .. . . .. .. .. ..... . . . . . . . 2 . 01 ,0 1 0
il:l Travelersr, Ceor .................................. . . 1 ,th UA.l1 ,
liND IUartford h & A., 'on ........... ·1,7;*"1ag
001i? Union ('ontral. Ohio . ..................................... 1,712 461
1,-,1 7lne. l t ,-., . IHOe.. ................................. . . . . . .. 4 2, ,,.'., I.I, I .
1047 Allt.c Mutol, (a......... ..... K.INGat·2,5i3)5
11,50 P1r:drntil. N. JMOT.............. ....... .....1,000
IvO) ('ono:erciil AlL, N. Y...........4...0.1 ..................... 100
i108 Mstr,:p lttn. N. Y............................................. 4 r0
,5IO Ua.t,,i1tata.o. . Y............ .....22 )1:,0(tiro
1815 lotnal I eoofit. N. J.......................................... 2.u.2,.)9
I t | h~ m o e , . Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , .0 2 . ,7( 1 1
10:15 New lo, Bl ttual. Maa....................... . ............... 1.27.000
,s5 prvIident aVtfC. N. Y.............. . .... $11" 793,884n
1844 Union tual, Minest, a..................... ..... 14,126
I)0 ~tal ihit4gt . N. I..Y........... . ...... .............. 817.13L
1 1 7 E .q istil le. lowe . ... . . . ................ . . . 2:9. €)0 I
1i88 Vermoat. t................ ....................... ... lit
The verdlact is overwelmflnly Ira fever t the EQUITABLR.
i. A. KINQ, Cashier,
lay, Grain, Flour, Fedl, Ralled Oats,
Correspondenoe with ranchmen sllited. me we
are always ruady tou ilrrhae ats in large
S qtantiles for oeh.
Wholesale Agents for she Celebrated
Royal Banner and Pride of
the Valley Flour.
Telephonu No. 210. 130 Boseman B6
h.ar N. P. Passenger Depkt
rhs oldest fruit and pro- Established 1888.
ducue house in ouutal"
Lindsay & Co.
California Fruit. Sole
Orneou bruitn. Reeived Agoot
i rruits. i yti' lrlY flH 4
otsnwrd (iruita Car Lots. FoT
Jersey bweet Potutes. .1 er1

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