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The Coeur d'Alene Nellie Has
Begun Shipping Ore to
Much Expeoted from the Libby
Creek County Now it Has
a Railroad.
A Concise Dserliption of the District with
a Brief Mention of 8o.0e
of the Properties.
Oaneirc. Idaho, Oct. 13.--Special,J-The
Ceeur 'dAlene Nellie mine at this place has
commenced shipping ore to lHelena via the
Northern Pacific road. One car load was
sent to Pueblo. Col., as an experiment.
Heretofore all Nellie ore has been treated
at the Ryan smelter at Tacoma. She Nellie
mine is about a mile back from the Ccunr
d'Alene valley and the Northern 1'acifie and
Union Pacific tracks. A fairly good, though
somewhat steep, wagon road runs to the
mine. Enormous loads of ore are hauled
down this road to the railway switch where
the cars are sidetracked The other day an
ore freighter started down the grade with
8.000 pounds of ore on his wagon, when the
brake gave way. The enormous weight
made it imnpossible to stop, and the only
chance was to run for it. Btrauge to say
the outfit stack to the road, although the
speed was something terrible before the
bottom was reached. The wagon ran 300
yards on the level valley before the horses
were able to slacken its speed. The driver,
a nervy fellow, stuck to his post and saved
the outfit at the risk of hie life.
Cooper-silver ore in good quantities has
bae n struck in the Shannon at this place,
but the main ore body has not yet been
reached. Development work has been in
progreas for some weeks in the Shannon,
and over 500 feet of tunnels are completed.
This property is owned by F. A. Stevens
and Win. Payne, and is now under bond to
C. S. Jenning, T. H. McIntosh and others.
The work has been done under the direction
of Foreman J. J. Liddy. The Shannon is
situated midway between two good mines-
the Mineral Point and Ceour d'Alene Nellie
-and the finding of a big body of or0 is
oaily expected.
The little mining town of Osburn is al- i
most booming this fall. Active prepara
tions by the Minnesota syndicate which has
control of the Mineral Point and Cetur
d'Alene Nellie are on foot for extensive op
erarions on the Mineral Point. President
Samuel McClure, of Stillwater, Minn,, is
now here. Already this company has a
monthly pay roll of about $5,000. The Ar
gentine mine, owned by O. M. Lonsdale
and others, of Portland, Oregon, it is re
ported will resume work within a fortnight
with a force of sixty men. This mine closed
down in May last on ceconut of some disa
greement among the owners. A new ser
enty-five too concentrator and an expensive
hoist had just been completed when the
works shut down. The Argentine has a
large body of low-grade galena with some
gray copper and spathio iron. The ore is
transported from the mine to the railway
bl a gravity tamnway about 2,500 feet in i
length. J. 1i. end Frank Davey, father and
esn, a e arleral mIzlarriers. Last winter,
while the mine was in full operation, eighty
tone or ore were shipped daily to smelters
at eloleun, with very satisfactory results.
A s astem of wariter works is being put in
at Ocborn by local cairitalits. The supply
is taken f, om three large springs about a
mile south of town, flumed 1,150 feet,
thence carried by ion mains 2.000 teet to
the main street, thence distributed to all
rnrts of town. Electric lights are a possi
bility for Osburn within the next six
A Promlisng Section of Mllissoula County
and Its Mines.
The Libbv Miner, published at Libby, in
Mihsoula county, on the linei of the Great
Northern extension, in the last issue gives
quite a lengthy description of the mines in
that section. It sas that on what is termed i
tile Big lnid of the KootLenai river, be
tween latitude 4' and 4:1, longitude (Green- i
wich) 115 and 11' 30-100( west, lies a mining
district that until recently wa.s as little
known as some vortioue of Alaska. lav-y
ing made its debut as a mining country
fi at in the early '60's, by placers located and
worked on nearly every portion of its area,
it naturally subsided owing to the floating I
disposition of its discoverers and the then
unknown existence and vi-tue of ar
gentifelous quartz, and the lack of trana
portation, into a state of lethargy, its quiet t
only distnrbed by the regular yearly visits
of some few prospectors who came to sluice
cut its still remaining "diust." Tin'e,
energy and persietance on the part of theOe
who had faith It it, con st.nt discoveries of r
larie ore bodice and t!e advent of thI
(ir-nt Northern railew y, pio iuced resulnts
that mairk-d it as the Lldoraldo of the
northwest, tlie aqual it not tke peer of any
in existence.
The rplacers are st.l an inmportant fector
and thiir generous output tends se-rly to
naike Montl.reh hol be. prel nit Ioiltinll ia
a mineral aroducere. '1e principal plaie re
nrc locatd oiLI the upperoror aunth-rn pci r
tion of Libby creek rnd its tributries,
nid are of a character tlht causesa I
active develoaImrrnt to bie iparnred dur
mg thh entire year, thie eluptr-alullldarlces
of water arnimitting ol ti.is I It, product is
exceritlorlnly fine, the local t:Rads g iri ee
reing 1,I pre ·oullca ind acsay returns
netting uI.Li; (U. . ).int). It is coars In
chlractor with a bed rcock of slate and
.'Le qllirtz lodes are tile mlrin features in
tills ditll(. t. IiIIlnnlllng at a point ablOUit
forty-ilv I nlll 'is iu.nth it Ill.y rti tli, ent
sln, r i th, 'ba` l iri l ri..--, at rr ni a the
hltiader t..is of tie va ',,im. io ki of F'isher
creek, are tll ti et xria.l:nI. ,rprliiiq irn l1
on th- g cEa (t initnt cv-.Cht, Itere are
located th'e iii op sri lake ,ed th
lack ta larwi t. u-ire "I in:,roaiwird b'i
J. ll ire . r Tnt.Thc ,r- al hi ' grca d p goll
a.id ertier Inre r I e . i, l r-,nt irihw
Ilnugs hlatvl free .IL d i ilt.lnnillilc . lueI
rext : line, ia,, n1 Ls Ierth, in sls Crn k.-h
by sonic terrein tie l.and If of !tby (r k.
Her, are siiinit.il t... rig ,her , ir sit
iorthern. F m.r,, t r alri J lair, thu nritri
West. ' M rvii W t, s Ivr,,r i- b, ,ui crutr ;i
Ierlrg rnld Ca.rn.-. -alirli, i., nir.id ,Jnhnk I
and Simnson ani theI irthx, r inlih crid,
ores s arryinri gird ii. rac. ri,.r -i- i'--tnt n,
the first two ,r-ily-i bulnl' lie iits -II.(
strike. 1hree in le ii thi I;- iruisey ri-er k.
having nur eroura cItltmus o!r tie errnllr.t , inl,
ind tie character of th- irae the anine :ri
tie Falls croek hlrop-rtv. Tlhre ulrilo
riorth is Piooriran crerek, whliilil r"lerts.la
at al- times a shirat of aitlav.'.. ei. rI
develoLriient is uiusel with w i rltiad Irl,[
teI: showing ia cunsetlquteitl g','l
blie neix in order, thre-e icl , north- . i
Cabtle creek. l'herll, one llle I ,cr1., ia
i-ear creek, hbvirin for its r-rn-liotcrv tire
E.lst Kootenslt bliniiig cRilla l"s, Ornv
Iriy and contiollinu a nuirrlter of cliii.n,
,irlllag which is thie well knowni (aribhuti
lIrde. ' hree Iiilcs northl is frould I ri
ilr-try ce k, alirit entirely owlrtd i-rnd
crntrolled by an active -lrokatir corllitalv,
I heiir holdrr gsl ur numerous aunl Rord.
]-,, ll oward owns the count Ctin, iannL br
tweli their io T oup lil ani-. crletr)Rateld -U,)w
Shoe, and has la snowing cecond to nurne.
(One asudne-half miles north is the Pnow
inMet creek, havring withiu its boundnrlse
the er-)up cousiastlng of the hilUow hU,.
trustler and oroupine, having doevelop
urelrt -f ruot.lrlt amounlllt to have pro
duced 1,00(0 tous of re on tme dump and
opening rnd atrippirn a contin.ouir chute
of ore for I,: 0 test if groJ
quality. 11ere also is foantQ the
American lor. One and one-half
miles north we come to Leigh creek.
The next oreek is tGmerle end of it very
little is known at presert, owing to the re
sult of a snowstlde, which in its edovement
deposited soll enormous quantities of de
brim that it is blind to all uses. Its future,
however, is not blighted, as energy will
overcome all such obstacles. Coming two
miles (north) is Deep creek, the possessor
of many fine propesties, the names of
which we are not familiar with. Four
miles north from Deep creek is Grante
creek, having along its contour the Silver
Crown group,, the Bl3ue 1Eyed Nellie, the
losz Saw, Pay tock, lirotherhuod and
othere, having within their limits nearly
700 feet of development, and possessing
many virtues. Passing Flower creek the
next mineral group is found on Cedar
creek. They contain copper-silver ores and
are owned by Clark et al. North of the
Kootenai river on Rainy creek are several
bright prosperts, notably the Kooteali
lode, the Tombstone and the Violet. West
of Libby creek 10 miles is the Grouse
Mountain district, North and east are
others in various stages of development,
which await but the necessary capital to be
brought ap to a paying standpoint.
The product olt each district is of a char
acter very valuable, owing to the high per
centage of lead and iron. the spathio iron
carrying from $12 to i90 in gold wherever
found, and occurring an all properties with
detlh. Although the bulk of the ores
would not lie oiseaed as high grade in na
tivity, their abundance and excellent con
centrating privileges which abound in
every section render them such after treat
ment. The present drawback Is the lack
of facilities for transportation of the ores
to the railroad and the return of supplies
and necessary mnachinery.
Ladies will do well to reserve their orders for
dry gorre of every description until the grand
opening of 1 Ie ioe Ilive in their now and comn
modiose quarters. lemplete line of dry roods,
teverrything now anldl fresh, the latbst patt-rne and
bottom prices will be their watchword. 'Their
removal takes place Oct. 1.
t)dontulnder applied to the rlmsl for
painless extraction of teeth. IPositively
oe pain. Dr. Skimmin, dentist, Siath ave.
and Matin.
Sam Mitchell, of Chotean, is a visitor in
G. I. McLaughlin, of Fort Benton, is at
the Grand Central.
Rev. C. It. Allen, Jr., ham been called to
Indianapolis on account of the illness of
his mother.
Mrs. Len Lewis and Mrs. John Moore, of
Fort Logan, are visiting the capital and are
stopping at the Grand Central.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Taylor for Minne
apolis, R. J. Winter for Kalamazoo, Mich.,
and J. HI. Lewis for Chicago, were among
the departures via the Gieat Northern yes
The Northern Pacific departures yester
day were D. 11 Norse and daughter for
'endleton, Oregon, F. W. Isberwood for
Portland, F. C. Fairfield for Chicago, W.
M. Long for St. Louis, W. S Warren for
Kansas City.
Arrivals at The Helena.
G(c Borthwrck. iuffalo E V Eades. Chicago
I) ilattney. ,ew York James L legy, San
111t lioge. Portland Francisco.
J Carl, untto ltre Carl Ibutte
L t -diwnrds. San Wm li iclntire, Salt
Francisco Lake
K H Manning, Minne- J H Cunningham, Salt
apolia Lathe.
C L liuubo. Chicago. K 1' Merritt and wife.
C S B hitney and wife, Boston
aliles City F Muir. London, Eng.
A Brand, I ondon. Eng. B ,leffrie and wife,
J 3 handers. C'hlcago Chicaro
W T Turnbull. St. Paul J ( unninkahmr, St.
Ira Myors. ,reat Falls t'ail
: A : ytes. (Chicago W 1I Graves. San
John S Siloan, Mis- Francisco
errula C H iliompson. Red
Leo Ileymair, NewYork Lodge
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
F J Davies. Bozemen C Bottle. tig Timber
J A XVragrrr, ie marek Sare Mitehell. , lhrtean
I A Mlntaeh, Cole'sa Frank aratmnan, Hutts
C'amp Lanirl lManley, lntte
i) .I M ailly, Butte (' W \Vrod, tllitoin
J J Ward, hisr-oula W II lenley. Groat
P J Phecney. Great Falls
Falls Gio 13 McLaughlin,
F rr Juller. Ureat Falls fort HeLton
loerbert K. l:ushnell. It re. .en Lewis. Fort
buitte Logan
Mrs olhn Moore, Fort T B Harris, Houlton,
Logan Me
N B'l homrnr sn. city W J Kennedy. city
Mrs ]tartn'tt, rickly S C Treat. Decorah. Ta.
Se r I alay 11rs Learnington,bioux
Mri W Drnber, Sioux City
City John A Reasting, liHa
MI MacDonald. Ra- derrbarg
drsr-hurg Andlrw '1 urner,Towns
H L rhariock. Rader,- end
Lurg J A anderson, Iaders
0 1 II Allan, Towns- burg
end Mrs Allan and family,
The New Merchants.
Operated by the Merchants Hotel com
rany, now begs to announce that its rooms
are open for the receptionof gueste. iooms
will be offered to transient guests at $1.25
pecr day (parlor floor), $1 per day (third
floor), 75 cents per day (fourth floor). Ex
tra for more than one occupant. All mod
ernt improvement, steam heat, electric
light, return electric hell call system, and
ounshine in every guest chamber. Brussels
and velvet carpets used exclusively through
out the house. Office, elegant bar and
billiard room, cigar stand and palatial bar
ber shop on first floor.
The diningroom in this hotel has been
lensed to and is now operated separately by
the Misses Nagle, who are prepared to fur
nish board. Meals 50 cents. Board $7 per
week. Tickets, twenty-one meals, $8.
Large liun of fancy table covers just received
at rho liee lievo.
heating stoves at eost at Sturroek &
IElkhorn and Old , a ldy Railroad Com
Notice is hereby given that books for re
ceivine subscriptions to the capital stock of
tIle Elkhloru anId Old IBaldy Railroad com
,any will be o.ened on the l10th day of
Novenmbr, A. 1)., 1)12, at the parlors of
tire First National bank at lielena, Mon
I hat at said time artl place and f-orn
that timre forward subsc iption to the capi
tal stock of the said railrnad conrpriny will
ho rece.vrd. 'i. . H KLlsCHMIhYr,
(Gr,. 1. Illi,
]. W. KNIOsnT. Jn.,
Pr, rrr anI sea Tl he :ron hlive line of tablr
lilrnn, and Iown,,s befs making nour purchar.se.
N-w veiline an all thIe lat--t atylos and pat
Mr. I1i. I. May, of Boston. Mass., gradu
ate of the New Enrgland conservatory, tun
inl unl rel aringl department, and re
cently emiployed at the Chickering factory,
lain been enrraged arid is now enroute for
Mlontaira to take charge of the tilnlnr
dr.I rt-irent of JdRecksor's music honser, .:
It. Zirirrmio.rn burtiu no lonier in tie emsa
L'lory o,f (. \V. Jackson. All orders left at
our stcros will r-caive preeumpt attention
and all w.ir k nuaranteed to be hrat class.
Iir, tr ( llO r nr . jrl ut rIro T in , an rrIrrir l r
li]rru ,f a-li-,, nri-.ne airri rrhlldrr ns rrrlrl r'era
Frill line of irful hr,,snhrhrl goads on the bar
gaill Courr terns at l1 ir :eO liy..
Aittnrtron Ei tizenr.
f)nly one day more to register. Any •itizen
knowrlrn of voters c l nt registered will
I lease report names and IRlace of residence
of eauch to the u:derrignd.
1 inK r 1'. .eiFRLrINer,
1. It. Co(els,
II. 11. Fh.rr-Jrr-,r,
('a ital HIer ltration (Commlittee.
lroomn 41 and 42 Mlontana National lank
) i tirt ie ,rl all ilnda of glassbware this etek
at Thie 1 l.* Ie.- O
h"rer Ih,-,t.
Seven-room house, elegantly furnished,
hot and cold waater, hard coal bunruer in the
tarlor arid stoves in each room. hlath, coal
bhorrue end barni in the r-ar. Nice lawn and
warnr house. Apply at llRoom 14, Merchants
National Bank building.
Matting Average of the Beslera ?lsye
for the Seaeom of 1838,
. M. Strathee, captaln and maaevn of
the Helena bas ball club. as made on
the batting averages for the membera a
the team for the peat season The recoro
is as follows:
Oames Times
Names. Played. attlt. Bas its Avera
Crottl ........... b 14 t11 8
Il uentin ........ 47 19 e00 81,
latlt,,ld ........14 64 18
Slaseam er ......11 .i 11 12)
it org h ..........27 1 19 8 l t;
lnmrnan........ 18 151 47 al4
Atrathers ...... 52 213 o ( 681
LohLbeok....... 22 9 2 31
Mrnday .........28 121 29
Dunning ........7 114 4 .8.
bentuel iK. liav i o' t psea
Iron Mountain. Eight' dividends in
eight mouths, $15.000 per month, three
cents per share. '1 hre years ore in sight.
Average shipments of concentrates over
thirty cars per month. A sale and sureo in
vestment. Orders in any amount filled at
bottom prices.
Helena & Victor. Eight hundred shares
at a bargain. Safe to buy. Dividends paid
18t1 and 1892, e90,000.
lli-Metallio Extension. Has the Granite
and Bi-Ietallic leads. As a speculative
stock can be recommended. At the present
time blocks can be offered at a price that
will warrant purchase.
lienton Group (Neihart, gold, silver and
dilatnum). 'Ihis is an exceptional mine.
Tunnel 1,300 feet, all on rich ore. Last
two cars shipped aggregated over $20,000.
I have 10,000 snares of the stock that, at the
price offered, is a safe propoQitien.
a ooms 26 and 27, Bailey block.
The BRee live wilt remove to the old stand of
GOrenhood Bohm A Co. on Oct. 1, and will have
an entire new starock of goods in every depart
Heating stoves at cost at Sturreok £
Friday and Saturday Only.
This will be the last week in Helena of
the collection of watercolors and etchings
that are being offered for sale at r8 North
Main street (Bailey block), by Frederic C.
Terry, representing W. K. Vickery, of Ban
The desirability of choice pictures for
holiday gifts is respectfully suggested.
Fresh Fish and Oysters.
Salmon, sturgeon, Lake Superior trout,
whitefish, smelt- and fresh oysters to-day.
Jaekson's music store. Bailey block..
SHAUL-At Helene, Oct. 12, 1892. Margaret L.
Ohaul, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Shaul,
agod 20 mnothe
Funeral to-day from the Presbyterian church
on elolena avenue at two p. m. Friends are in
Iueen City Lodge No. 42, L O. O. J.
Meets every Friday.
1Legular meeting of the above lodge will beheld
at Odd Fellows all this evening. Sojourning
brothers are cordially iuvited.
O. C. KIRKWOLD, eoc. leoy.
Sortslmel's _Headllarters.
Where you can find anything
you want to shoot with, or fish
with. Shooting clothes of leather,
corduroy and canvass. Leggings
of all kinds. Shot gun, rifle and
revolver ammnunition. Bicycle sun
dries, boxing gloves, and in fact a
complete line of Sportsmen's
We invite attention
to our superb line of
Fur Goods.
Everything in the
line of Fur Goods
from Seal Garments
down to cheap Fur
Eastern prices are
guaranteed. Write for
Th'le Bro;wn es are brushing
And b,.ickinil the shoes,
That 3 o will quite soon have
T'o pui chase and use.
Our fall stock is arriving. In men's shoes we have all the
styles in lace and congr:s:. We particularly call attention to
our line of miIen's ý2 and $3 shoes. The best value in the city
by all odds. We have the line grades also, at moderate prices.
Chenille Portieres
$5.00 PER PAIR.
We place on sale this week a line of all-wool Chenille Portieres,
with double dado and double fringe, at the extraordinary' low
price of $5 per pair.
NOTE-Portieres of a similar quality have never been offered elsewhere at the price.
We invite special attention this week also to the exceptional
values offered in Fall and Winter Dress Patterns. An assortment
comprising Storm Serges, Bedford Cords, Belgian Serges, Scotch
Cheviots, French Plaids and Novelty Suitings at $3.00, 8$3.50,.
$4.50, $5.75, $6.50, $8 and $9 per pattern, and a great
variety of exclusive styles in fine Bengalines, Epinglines, Crepons,
Brocaded Bedfords, Cheviots and Silk' and Wool Novelties at
attractively low prices.
In addition to the bargains in Dress Patterns we offer a
handsome assortment of Scotch Cheviots at 50 cents per yard, and
a choice variety of Storm, Belgian and Fancy Serges at 65 cents,
75 cents and $1 per yard.
United States and Foreign Pat.
entr obtained and any information
Attorney at Law.
PIttsburgh Blook, Helena. ..nt.
or building School Houses will find
it to their interest to correspond with me. I have purchased more
School Bonds in Montana during the past year than all other bond
houses combined. Am prepared to advance money for the ereo
tion of School Houses in advance of the issue of bonds.
Will purchase all classes of Bonds, State, County and City War.
rants. Correspondence solicited.
Clarke, Conrad & Curtin,
Complete Line of Sr
Acorn Stoves and Ranges. "
)Oier eqe
House Furnishing Goods in endless
Mason Fruit Jars, Jelly Glasses, Ice ..
Cream Freezers, Lawn Mowers,
Refrigerators, etc. " I ,
42 and 44 South Main Street. Telephone go.
Furniture and Garpets.
Shades, Lace Office
Chenille Curtain School Furniture
J. R. SANFORD, Nos. 112 and 114, Broadway, Helena.
C. T. Morrell, Practical Gunsmith, 17 I. Main Street, Ilclna, Montana.
WhelelatO and Retatl Dealera I OIaun Wishing Tackle* Ammunition, Aportlmg
Goods, Tet, oat. ar, Cat Or i, Cmplig autfintl, ila les. Et. Oinne MRds to order and
repaired also Trunks, Parasols. Imtarellts, Etc. Key ltlWsie and kale Work a
speclLty. sa.s, Teals uad lasing lale lo reaek ...--_-

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