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.t1ional Guardsmen Begin the An
nual Rifle Competition in
Helena To-Day.
Teams of Five Men From the
Several Companies Will
Rules Governlng the Tournament as Laid
Down by General Orders of Adju
tant General Hlowetl,
The four days' rifle competition of the
Montana National guard will begin to-day
at the range just north of the Northern
Pacilo round house. Adjutant General
Howell thinks there will be fifty marksmen
present. Lt. Geo. P. Ahern, U. S. A., sta
tioned at the College of Montana, arrived
yesterday with the Deer Lodge team and is
at the Cosmopolitan. In the team are F. B.
Williams, Samuel Baker, Jr., Oscar SBd
man, A. E. Blazr, O. H. Adams and W. H.
Steele. Company A, of Great Falls, is rep
resented by B. D. Whitten, Samuel French.
A. W. Joyes, O. M. Boardman and William
Maunroe. They are at the Cosmopolitan,
The Bozeman marksmen are also at the ho
tel and are J. W. Drennan, J. F. Keown,
W. B. Benham, J. B. Cain, G. W. Whitney,
L. Bartholmew. .The. Virginia City team,
the present champions, will be in Helena
with the Butte men this afternoon. Com
pany O of the Washington guards, of Butte,
will send a strong team which will be made
up as follows: Capt. Byron H. Cook, Lient.
t. W. Graves, Corporal A. E. Baldwin, J.
H. Hoffman and J. T. Carter. T. E. Man
chester and W. B. Knowlton are the mark
ere. Company D, of Virginia City, will be
represented by Dr. C. A. McNulty, George
E. Lowman, Knots Ellingson, and Dean
Vickers, under command of Sargent G. W.
R.it. The order governing the contest is
as follows:
1. The second annual rifle competition
for the national guard of Montana will take
place at the Helena range, commenoing
Mgpday, Oct. 17, and closing Thursday,
it.. 20, 1892.
2. The competition will be betweenteams
of five (5) men each, from the several som
panies of the national guard of Montana.
8. The competition will be governed, ex
cept as hereinafter modified, by the firing
regulations for small arms now in force in
the United States army, the team making
the highest aggregate soores at all distances
to be declared the winner at the competi
tion. Scores of individual members of
teams will be recorded and published fo,
the information of all concerned.
4. A state trophy will be competed foi
and will be awarded to the company whose
team attains the highest aggregates.
5. The company so winning the same
willbe entitled to hold it for the period oi
one (1) year. when it shall become agair
subject to the competition and be retureec
to the control of the adjutant general.
6. Any company winning this troph]
three times (not necessarily in succession)
will be entitled to hold and own the same,
7. Hours for firing will be such as are
designated by the officers in charge, ant
when once announced will not be changed
except in case of rain or stormy weather.
8. Places for ilring will be drawn for eaol
day by the team captains.
'. The detail of commissioned officers fo
the competition will be as follows. On,
officer in charge; one quartermaster, who
will act as commissary of subsistance; one
record officer and one range officer, wh,
shall be appointed by the adjutant-general
10. The officers and enlisted men attend
ing the competition will have the authorit3
sad verform the duties above prescribed
together with those laid down tor officer,
and enlisted men, detailed and assigned to
Similar positions in the army and will bb
allowed per diem and transportation fron
their respective stations to Helena and re
11. The following speoial regulations
will govern all firing at this competition:
(1) The following positions only will be
permitted in preliminary and competitive
firing: At 200 yard!, the standing position;
at 300 yards, e-ther kneeling or sitting; at
500 yards, lying down, prone position. Any
variety of these positions authorized by the
regulations for competitive firing will be
pei mitred.
(2) The service rifle or carbine and orig
inal service cartridges only, will be used in
corn petition.
(3) If a rifle or a carbine becomes disa
bled the competitor will at once submit the
piece for the inspection of the range officer.
(4) During the progress of a match or
competition, no one except the ofiicers on
duty at the range, the comrpetitors and the
score keeper will be permitted at the firing
(ii) ' he squads of competitors will be sta
tioned at least ten (10) yards In rear of the
firing moint, where they must remain until
called by the score keeper to take his po
(6) No expression on the part of compet
itore of approbation or disappointment,
with reference to any scores made by them
selves or others, must be uttered loud
enough to be heard at the firing point.
(7) These regulations and such special
rules or directions ai tile officer in charge
lay give mast be rigidly enmiplied with by
all com etitors and all other persons upon
the range.
(7) Marking and scoring will be con
ducted in the manner prescribed in para
graphs 484 to 1100, small arms firing regula
(9) The score keeper will be seated close
to and in the lear of the firing point stakes,
and will, as each shot is signaled, announce
in an audible voice the name of the corn
putitor and the value of the shot at the
conclusion of the score of each competitor,
repeat his name and total score.
(10) Competitors must pay attention to
the score as annoulnced and ecoided, so
that any error may be promptly investi
(11) The iecorded value of any shot will
not be changed after the following shot has
been fired, unless some special moessege
with reference to it is rooleved from the
muarshal of the tit.
(12) Any alteration of the scoring must
be witnessed by the ofticer in charge of the
firing point, and endorsed with his initials.
(13) ''tle t igger pull must always be at
least six (d) pounds, and will be tested by
each cowil otitr, under the supervision of
the range olicer. behfoie firing each day.
(1.1) C(ompetitors will submit their pieces
for further Inepection whenever required by
compertent authority.
(10) (ompetito.l will wear the presciibed
fatigue unitorm with service belt, issued by
.he state. The use of a campaign hat or
cap, other than the forage cap, will not be
((1i Competitors will not be hurried in
their firing, bus such slight delay per
mitted after each shot as they may desire,
Irovided the time of firing the score does
nrot exceod an average of one minute per
shot, or thirty aminutes for each team.
(17) If au accioent to a target or any
othrer cause over which the soldier has no
contr ol prevents hinm rlonl comnpletiug his
scoe withnl a recionarle time, he will be
allowed such addltonal time as the range
u.ticer Irmay dtclue.
(18) No two comupetitore steall in any
maluti or colmpletltiOn use the same Ilile or
ca blue, nor alsall a competitor change his
piece during any competition unless his
piece hits Ibeoole unsourlvioale through au
anoudent, whinchl tact must Io verilioud by
the rantIr!t! tlli - . V. rful, but not unin
tentionail vll~ltion of thlb regulntion, will
warrant thile lios in charge, in his disesu
trun, excluding the slidter from ulather
onlr etltlolh.
(19) ltifles can only be cleaned upon the
completion of a score.
(2)) In tellru matches tile presence at
the firing point of the team captain will be
permitted, who may giv he members of.
bs team such advice or disoretiouns as he
may think proper.
(S1) Any competitor who shall be de
tooted ip any Invasion of the conditioan
prescribed shall be exoluded from further
partlicipating in the ii ing at that meeting,
or who shall be guilty of falsifying his
score, or be accessory thereto, or who shall
offer a bribe p1 any kind to a scorer or
marker, shall, upon the fact being proved
to the satisfaction of the range offioer and
offlcer in charge be reported in writing to
the adjutant general of the national guard
of Montana, Who will then direct that the
copipetitor he forever disqualified from
taking part in future competitions held by
the national guard of Montana.
(22) Any competitor refusing to obey his
instructions of the officer in charge or his
assistants, or violating any of these regula
tione, or being guilty of unruly or disor
derly conduct, or being intoxicated, will be
immediately disbarred from further coan
petition at that nieetmna. The officer in
charge will also report the fact to the adjo
tant general, who will take such further ao
tion as he may deem proper.
(21.) All ties shall be decided and dis
posed of in the manner prescribed in para
graph 651 and 652, small arms firing regu
(24) Any person, whether a competitor
or not, Interfering with any of the firing
squad. or annoying them in any way, shall
be warned to desist, and if he repeats the
offense, will be at once ordered off the
range ground.
12. The detail of oficers will be announced
when determined upon by the adjutant
13. Preliminary practice will be had in
the forenoon of each day, and record firing
in the afternoon, as follows:
First day, 200yards, five shots, no sight
ing shot.
second day, 800 yards, five shots, no
sighting shot.
Third day, 500 yards, five shots, two
sighting shots.
Fourth day, 500 yards, five shots, no
sighting shots.
14. Classification will be as follows for
rifler First-class, 40 out of 100; ritemen,
50 out of 100; marksmen. 67 out of 100(; ex
.*ert, 7+1 out of 100; sharpshooter, 80 out of
15. Classlfication for carbine shooting 10
per cent less than the foregoing. 'lhe fore
going rules may be modified to nbch an ex
tent as may be approved by the commander
16. While it is expected that the men sent
to attend the competition will be reasonably
expert in the use of the rifle, it is not in
tended that they will be nrsred solely on
account of being the best shots in the corn
pany proper. Attention will be paid to the
soldierly appearance and good standing of
the men. The details will be made im
mediately upon the receipts of this order
and the names of the oficers and men sent
at once to this office. The commanding
officer of the company will certify that the
men named are bona fide members of the
national guard of Montana. By order of
the governor and commander-in-chief.
H. H. HowEn,r, Adj.-Gen.
Leave orders for Zimmerman, the piano tuner,
at the Helena Jewelry Co.
New books just received at Illse Be Hive.
100 dozen ladies' fast black cotton hose, seam
less, this week at The Bee Hive for 200.
Programme of Exercises at the High
School Next Thursday Evening.
The exhibition to be given at the audi
toriam 'Thursday evening promises to be a
very sucoessful affair. The proceeds will
be used for the benefit of the high school
library: Following is the programme:
1. Music, High tSchool chorus.
. "'The Aboriginal Age," taulean.
3. Stereopticon View of Columbus.
4. Columbus at the Court of Ferdinand and
5. Departure of ('olumbuR From Palos.
it. Btereoptioon View. "i'olumnl.u' .hips."
l. btcreopticou View. "Discovery of Amer
8. Tableau. "Columbus at Court," presounting
natives and strange products.
t. Music.
10. Elnglish Cavaliers and lettlementat James
11. Stereopticon View. "Ferdinand de Soto
UDiscovering th ll Miseivsippi."
12. "Landing of the 'ilgrims " Early Pilgrim
13. Stereopticon View. "Independence Hall."
14. 'lalbleau, "W\ashinigton and HIls (Generals."
15. '1ableau. "Signing the Declaration of Inde
16. titoreopticon Views of the Expositiun
17. Tableau, "Union of the Colonies."
18. Tableau. "War and I ence."
19. Niews of the lxp.'sit.i,n bluildings.
20. Views, Science and Literaturle.
21. Tableau. "tJniversal Brotherhood.L"
22. Liberty Enlightening the World.
13. Music.
Bargains in furniture, bed-room set, lounge,
chairs, chiffoniors, drapories, sitves. Mrs. Jae.
W. barker, Porter I.late.
Remember that 'he Itee Hive is now located
at ous. 22. 24 and 20 South Main street, at the
store formerly occupied by tireenhood, Bohm
& Co.
Tuesday evening will be one of interest
to the large class of theater goers who en
joy good. legitimate comedy presented by a
representative company. Mr. Roland Reed,
a prime favorite, will then be seen for the
first time here in his latest sucrcos, "Inro
cent as a Lamb." in which, as ',Tbias I'll
kington, he has made a distinct hit. Au ex
change thus reviews Mr. Reed. "Roland
Reed is a comedian whose peculiarities of
person and ecoentticities of manler must
always attract attention, while his sense of
humoris so keen end his expression of it
so spontaneous and facile that the result
most be satisfactory to an audienoe, so far
as he is i ersonally concernedl.
"With a faoe that is grotesque in its con
formation, with a figure that suggests a
shadow in coat and trousers, with a voice
that persists in gettlin onl top uf the shrill
est pitch and staying there, with a nervous,
jerky method that at once puts an audience
on the edge of expectation, it would be im
possible for him to occupy any middle
ground between success and failu e. He
most be either supremely ridiculous or em
inently successful in making fun. lie is
the latter."
Wednesday night, which will be the last
of Mr. Ileed's engagement, will be uIr'oted
to his great success, "The Woman JI.er."
Ladii s' mi-s.' anld children'a indrerwear fr
fall and intor ea:tr in large variety now in
stock at '1 he lIo hive.
All lIlacr: lniable Disappearlance.
New YoatK, Oct. Il.--Otis (iroy,. a wealthy
resident of Florids, mysteriously disap
peered from his stateroom on a Faull River
boat and not a trace of him has yet been
found. 'lTh disappearance is unaccount
able in every respect.
Legal blanka at this oulico.
The board of com.uissioners of Lewis
and Clarke county, Montana, mill meet in
special session 'I hureday, (lot. 20th, 1!122,
at 12 noon, to cotnider bils for new Ito id..'e
and such othle. business of a special untllur
as may come before it. lBy order of the
board. J. S. 'T'(xn'u.
Helena. Mont., Oct. 15, 191,!.
'on.onrd (ilGrasee.
Car of New York concords duo this morn
ing. 1,iniNruv & Co.
ral BakinTg
Usd In Million3 of Homes-4o Years the Standard.
Minerals, Cereals, Grasses and Var
ious Curiosities in the Way
of Fossils.
Part of the Northern Montana 001
leotion for the World's
Head or the ilast ilnffrlo, Killead in the
Judith Valley in ilie Celle'
Prof. O. C. Morteon, assistant executive
World's fair commissioner for Montana,
has spent a month in gathering exhibits in
Fergus and part of tCascade counties. lo
covered the whole northern part of the
Judith basin, goinu as far onest as Fletwil'
low and Ford creeks, western tributaries of
the Mousselhell, and as far south as the
town of Utica. Hle also visited that por
tion of Cascado county on the head of Ar
row creek. lHe gathered exhibits of min
orals, cereals, grasses and various valuable
curiosities in the shape of fossils and a few
remarkable unique curios. Five span of
mules brought to (itet Falls the exhibits
which weigh over 6,000 pounds. The freight
will be store until the time comes to ship
it to Chicago, probably Jan. 1, 18!03.
The minerals weigh in the neighbor
hood of 5.000 pounds, and are roughly
estimated to contain between $10,000 and
$12,000 worth of precious metals. 'Ihe
professor feels very proud of the results of
his researohes, and tuinks that northern
Montana will be able to make one of the
finest mineral displays at the fair. The
bulk of the minerals were obtained in and
around Maiden, from the Cone Butte dis
trict and from the North Moccasin.
Tho mineralls consist of four kinds of
gold-bearing rock, rbont eleven of silver
and lead, one of teiluirum, and specimens
of o0e containing copper, zinc, antimony,
bismuth, magnetic ihematite and specunla
Irons, i.phaltum, corandum. natural and
yellow paint and various forms of crystals
of gold, silver and barium, chalcedony, sto.
There are some flue coal specimens from
the Flatwillow and the Lewistown coal
fields, consteting of bituminous and cannel
coals. The professor also secured a fine
sample of coke made from Belt creek coal.
The minerals as well as the other exhibits
will be labeled and indexed in ia catalogue.
The cereals gathered consist of wheat and
oats in three dilTferent styles, viz.: With
the roots, in the sheaf, and the clear grain,
gathered at Warm Springs creek. Lewis
town, Phllbrook, Utica and-Arrow creek;
barley from Utica and a yellow cornstalk
from Belt, seven feet long. There are also
several samples of club wheat which has a
branching head.
In the line of grasses the professor se
cured nineteen different varieties from the
slopes of the Big Snowies. He has timothy
from A row creek with heads seven inches
in length, alfalfa from Warm Springs creek
and other places. Fomnt the slopes of the
Judith mountains comes a gigantic sun
flower fire leet in length with a seed head
ten inches in diameter.
The ladies of I'hilbrook send a fine box
of fruit bearing trees. No vegetables have
yet been gathered, as the commissioners do
not want them until the laust thing during
the exposition next yver, Among valuable
relics Profersor Mortson wits fortunate in
securing the loan of the magnificent buffalo
heard which for tihe last twelve years has
been nailed over the door of the Hay broth
els' barn on Arro, creek. It is that of the
iait buffalo killed in the Judith basin, and
has never been in the hands of the taxider
mistl. The hair over the eyes is nearly one
half a foot lone, and all who saw the ani
mal after it was killed say they never saw
such a large biuffailo.
The protesso, can well take pride in what
he is doing to show the people of the world
something of the mineral and agricultural
resources of northern Montana.
tdlotuander applied to the ourns for
palnless extraction of teeth. Positively
ne pain. Sir. eSkmmiln, dentist. Sixth ave.
and Main.
This wick The liee Rive will soll a fine lambs
wool suit of underwear fur gentlemen, fancy
,rtrites. usually sold at Cri it the low priod of $4
l.or slit.
Iron Mountain. Eight dividends in
eight months, $15.000 per month, three
cents per share. 'Ihree years ore in sight.
Average shipments of concentrates over
thirty cats per month. A sale and sure in
vestment. Orders in any amount filled at
bottom prices.
Helena l., Victor. Eight hundred rhares
at a ba' gain. Safe to buy. Dividends paid
1891 and 1892, $90,000.
BI-Metaihl Extension. Has the Granite
and Bi-Sletallio leads. As a speculative
stock can be recommended. At the present
time blocite can lIe otfered at a price that
will warrant purctI.Re.
enton Groupny (Neihart, gold, silver and
dtiatnum). 'I his is an extoptional mine.
'lunin. 1,2i.0 feet, all on rich ore. Last
two car elhipped aegg egated over $20,00)0.
I have 10,00J1 shares of the stock that, at the
t rice offered, ie a safe proposltien.
Joonrs 26 and !7, lailey blook.
The Pe'o ive is the lolling hiouse in the city
f(r tinware, counter guIols ad irefuil iouieeho id
ubllndres, 'I heir5c. OI, c. PT. .2 .n id tC' ceunter
a· lilled with anow and useful got ds.
Don't fail to se the line of d 'y goni. cloaks,
fancy goodi el.'.. et I ne tio a tin. e(now store),
lINos. 2. 21 anId 26 .oath Main street.
'The New lieo Ilive.
Mr. Sol GOuzborgr. for many years pro
prietor of the lee Hlive on North Main
street, nud Mr, H. lBarnett have entered
into ,rartnrrshiip and oeOlled a new est:lh
lirhment in the building fo-merly occupied
ib Groenlhood, l;ithm A'. Co., at Nos. .2, 'I
and 26l 2 outh Main street. 'The salen room
hais Ibeenl c pletely r!fitted, lar::e s!low
willlow nlldelt, iind the front olee.ultly
liebshed in oak. T'he new firim carry a large
irsiertment of d. r goods, which is alrea.y
attracting th,- attentionlt of tliroung of cus
tmlofers. Thii two genttlemIen associated tin
this enterprise have long been teiidents of
tMontana, have the a.lvatages .f a thorough
business traiuin' and will he p Inlly abrelast
of tnio titimes. They mnuake a strong telnm
and we prophesy iur theta uninterrupted
Neo line of erocklery just tc erled at 'I he line
Ili thin week.
iThe 1' " Ilii , ins no located at Nos. 22, 21 and
cli outith lain !rtll.
a . lhyselims.
Wanted-One with Montana license and
exle ienlleo troferred. (Good salary. Ad
dress 1'. I). Box 515 Itelena.
JTaekson's muIllic store. lailey tblok.
l)emoeratle Candidates Create a Pavorable
lmpreeslon at the Calmnp.
The democratic rally at irhini Saturday
-vening was a most suoestful affair. Col,
Nolan, ms usual, made a most forcible
speech, touchlng upon the tariff and sliver
and dwelling at length upon the pernlolous
features of the force bill. H. K. Davis cap
tured the audience by his numerous wittl
clines coupled with his arr'aignment of the
republican par ty for their numerous sho t
comuine,. N, W. Knight addressed the audl
ence on the questionl of the day and was
well received and loudly aplauded by his
manv old time friends. C. P. Connolly
a: ake for over an hour discuasing the silver
ilerrtion eand the tartif, l11 was listened to
very attentively and was frequently ap
plaudsd. Judge C, utcher spoke a few
words, excusing himself from making an
extended address owing to the fact that he
was a candidate for a ju, lolal position.
lie made a most favorable impression.
Quite a large representation was ipresent
trorn ielena. comprieinz the following
well known gentlemen: Col. Nolan, Col.
Chish. Curtis, E. W. Kniulght, Dan Hanley.
Denver Dayton. Hol Poznanesk, W. J.
lilckett, I). J. McNally, Chas, Garrett sod
several other prominent Hslensits. Much
enthusiasm prevailed.
I ightl bitton-length ladies' monletstelalr
gloves in all eabl es at 'Ihu Le t live thls week
only e1.2.
Private mahool of sheorthand; I'tanan or
(irahaln cystem taunoght visito.e Welcome.
Mary U. Jackman, 48 htSaley block.
The State Must Pick Out Other Lands In
Msllonia County.
Granville Stuart, state land agent, has
been notified by the Missoula land office
that his application to select lands in the
Missoula land district, under the grants to
the state for the school of mines, has been
rejected for the following reasons: First,
that the lands embraced in the above appli
cation or list are not subject to selection
by the state of Montana under any of its
grants from the United htates. The lands
are situated in what is known as the flifteen
township,, for the exclusive usea and ben
efit of the Flathead tribe of Indians, under
treaty with the Indians made on the 16th
day of July, 1855 and ratifiel byi the
senate of the United States on the 8th dry
of March, .189.
Thirty days are allowed for an appeal to
the commissioner of the general land office.
1imilar letters were received relating to up
plication for deaf and dumb asylum and
state normal school, except that 480 acres
were accepted for normal school.
Go and see the line of ladies cloaks aid wralj.
atthei ha h.e Ilive (new store). /11 goodi
fresih and new, and no old chestnuts oun o
Elkhorn and Old Ilaldy Ratlroad Comn
Notice is hereby given that books for re
ceivinr subscriptions to the capital stock of
the Elkhorn and Old Baldy Railroad com
pany will be opened on the 10th day of
November, A. D., 1892, at the parlors of
the First National bank at Helena, Mon
' bat at said time and place and from
that time forward substcription to the capi
tal stock of the said railroad company will
be received. T. H. KLEINRCHMIDT,
E. W. K~NI.rr, JR.,
I)ress aords of all the latest iptterns and
styles are now displayerl at 'lIre liee hJive.
the Rhoo llivo is now located in rnew qairters
at ', 24 and 2Ll bouth Main strrrt, at Ihe old
atanl of r,reenhood, I ohm & ('o.. and are now
dis.i ayirg a new and complrete line of dri gords
in connection witll their form nr lites.
Helena Lodge No. 2, I. O. G. T.
Meets Every Monday.
A reuelar .meeting of thll
T ahove lodge will It held
his MoneLday evlning att
ia the. A. It. all on Park
Vi itng meimbers are cor
dially invited to attrend.
C(hief Templar.
Wiy la the Cosumopollltan the Leading
Hotel ?
First-Our rates are reasonable, $1.25 and $1.50
per day.
breond-We give a first-olass service for the
Thirdl-Meals are served at all hours, day and
ni It.
Fourth--The dining room is presided over by
obliging lady wetters.
o'ifth-You can order what you want and pay
for what you get.
bixth--You do not have to help pay the hotel
dean beats' bills, as our termns re strictly cash.
Seventh-Electric oarn pass the houseo every 15
Eighth ---And last, if you will find one man that
say, these are not all faots we will give you a
five-carat Montana Sapphire.
The Windsor House.
Iron Front Block. Lower MaIn St.
Leading Family Hotel.
i Europrea rnd ,n o:; aR lrn. I1 cohtlent table.
lI . a it roon.tr . Lne r,,,ab , ri.te..
P. A. GINCHEREAU, Proprietor.
Helena, Montansa.
No. 43 Montana National Bank
13uillin!i, Helena, a onLt
U. S. Deputy Mianeral Surveyor.
ItI,:.vE V I tL.
J. C. REMINGTON, Manager.
O)CT( IBER 18 AND 1tI,
"rest~e Linl, Tuel.st. y .L.ve.aV n
liis Late:ct. u'ilit't
W'Vtllltrtlday Eventlit nl
Prices Noct.ous A II $I.',0. ' 1 S1.:J5. ' F $1,
(itll, r N)c . 17o, orvt.l lii lo ofU t .nl u1d llun Mo n
ay, O to. 17, st 'uyope & t't uuuor' drug storu.
Denlcrs in Forzrs and Mininr4 Ma:Chiinery of e.very description,
anrid titote Argents for the "Old Recliable" SchLttler and "Bone Dry"
Itushfordcl 'arr, Quart'.z :n l ILor rin Wagonsr. Hay Balers, Baling
Ties, Barb Wire, etc. ste'm-h-boat block, corner Helena avenue and
Main Stro.t.
The Helena Jewelry Go.,
" a DEALERS IN e a
Watchmakers, Jeweleras and Engravers.
lllnufactrers of Jewelry from Native Gold and Silver
ASH11 ]'I.1ll.CtI, MANtAG-ELLL
Carriages and Wagons
Made to Order. Repairing and Painting Promptly
Attended to.
On Improved Farms and City Property,
On Improved City and Farm Property, for One, Two, or Three Year%
at lowest current rates of interest.
Houns Fflrllshlillf Goods Hons,, Pianos, Organs,
Orguinettes, Guitars, Volins, Accordions,
louse enlarged to four times former capacity. AND A FULL, LINE Or
Fire immense floora exteuding through thl MUSICAL MERCII.ANDISE.
A 'took groster than that of all other IItlena Sole agents fr HS'inway & Sons Bobmer,
noo; irnti and straight crload ship dow tli es n 11amla binrio.
i'Urd -rr will reoive prompt attention. Ifrslow prices and eay termn
Helena Lumb.er Company
Rough and Inishing Lumber, Shingles, Lath.s, oors, Sash and Lumber,
.LphoLe 1A. Cilty Oftfees Room 8. Thompson Boleek MaIn Slm*
Oppoite GranI Central HUotl.
A Conceniration of Merit.
BUTCHER ---""-
...-- -- ----..LA. RGEST QU ANTITY
BRADLEY, ----.-''OWE P"I
Now Hand-Painted Stand and Pillow Covers
on Bargarren Art Cloth, in a variety of beauti
ful designs. These will wash and retain their
color. Also a full line10 of
Wlinter Uder ear, Hosiery, Notions, Etc.

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