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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 17, 1892, Morning, Image 6

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Thie Royal o eveaelga and Craek War es
else of Various Nations.
The Royal Sovereign, the largest warship
in the world, has just made her trial trio
with the ofilees of the British admiralty .o
board, says the Clneinnati Commercial Ga
_ette. Her dlaplacement is 14,150 tgns, and
her speed, which was kept up for three
hours, was 18.1 knots per hour. The largest
and fastest vessels of the French navy, the
Admiral Baudin and the Formidable, are
8,000 tons less, and their speed is three
anots less. Oar battleships-the Indiana,
the Muasachusetts and the Oregon-are
4,000 tons less, and their estimated speed
is three knots less. Italy has five ships
aloat whose displacement is nearly as
large as that of the Royal Sovereign, and
whose speed is supposed to be the same.
This extraordinary naval development is
the chief gease of the impoverishment of
Italy and of the crushing weight of taxa
tion in that kingdom.
Neither Russia nor Germany nor Austria
nor'Spain has any ships that will eompare
in size or efectiveness with the Reyal Sov
ereign. The crack ship of the British navy,
the Inflexible, is nearly 8,000 tons less in
displacement than the Royal oovereigs. She
is 320 feet in length and seventy-five feet
beam, as against 380 feet in length and
seventy-five feet beam in the Royal So-v
ereign. The creat Italian ships are 400 feet
long by seventy-four feet beam. But when
we turn to the craok merchant steamers of
the day we find that the City of New York
and the City of Paris, which have jast
passed under the American flag, are 600 feet
long by sixty-three feet beam. 'I hey are
200 to 260 feet longer than the types of the
English and French battleshies before the
Royal Sovereign and twelve feet narrower.
In them the proportion of beam to length is
8.89, while in the battleships it is lees than
six, or about the proportion which was
usual in the ships built in the '40's.
The Royal Bovereign's armament reflests
the progress of naval gunnory. Tihe Ital
ian, Italia, Dnulio and Dandolo, which were
built between 1876 and 1884, carry 100-tea
guns, the British Inflexible carries eighty
ton gpns; the French Admiral Baudin and
the Formidable earry seventy-five-ton gnus;
but the Royal Sovereign only carries sixty
seven-ton guns and our three battle ships
carry fo ty-fivs-ton euns. The reason or
the reduction in the size of he ganu is, fist,
the difficulty of handling enormous massrs
of metal with sufilcient rapidity, and sec
ondly, the apprehension that no vessel can
be built so as to endure the eosenesion of
the fire of very heavy guns without her
plates splitting and parting. The best
opinion now is that guns not exceedinu
forty-five tons in weight would be more
effective in action than guns exceeding that
weight. There is very little doubt that the
Italia and Duilio would wrench themselves
apart in action long before they had de
stroyed their enemy. The projectile thrown
by the Royal Sovereign will weigh 1,201)
poundsl and that thrown from our Massa
chusetts 1,000 pounds. Such missiles will
do quite as much damage if they strike an
obj3t as a missile weighing a ton or nearly
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A LIn UlyfiMO.S.--IN THIE JLS'.Il('1F:,
. court of iookane townuhip, Lwins and
lark, c',ut ty. eliate of :lontana, befor, L
eaitl,-, ,uticeO of thIe , a-'.
Mi. t'aby, plaintlf,. i.,. litter Hokinsen, de
fendal lit.
'1 he rtate of iMontana to the above named de
felndnt. greoeiug.
.tl are htloibih lolumonod to lit and ,appear
htetor,- lo, L. lBratlb.e, a ju!tice of thi) I)pearc, at
lty office in Last elebna. wlt'itl tn d,"sa alter
theo ntpletiun of th Ipublhcation of thin unL
mtl)o,. to-wit. alter Nov. I. I ., tII n and thleo
to Ilina oantwor Ito trh com ,lai 1 of 31. ( tnby,
the aot e Inautod plaintillff, in a civil actl n to
reciver the snm oif t.it-iiy-tocur dollarn anl
nilioty ight .,~: tn. Ifr .i, :v,ll onoe hial nloutl,'
honoe rent andt a-covtt ll J. o iai Ioli ,r
g ,ods anld Inerchantdlý-. taid iooi--, metec.an
li-e Pendl use of hoe-. hatiLng h.en furno,-h-d to
derfenlant at hi~- i.p-cial iltt.,ico and reil -It.
Andlt in dofailt t -,,r,-if .udi -tiu i i l w l he rori
dorod against yo,.. >I-er IOkinson, tho abuot
tit- o .dcfndiant, for tit run, ,f iv,,-tly Ilr
J t slt rs and v'n tey a i t ' l 1.'.ht, attd cont.
of vlil ii hlo- h .i alf ,X-l-ol- Id.
(,nire inder my hallnd thi .2th day of ()cttoer,
}. lt'MILEh.
Ju-tico of the I'ear, -or ,-aid t Owtitfhip
,' ,rt of thlo f'irt judicial dintrict of the
eta' of f Monla.na, in and for the county of
Lewii and Clariet.
, .,o rturaloe plaintiff, nv. Mary I. dlmlan,
dtif. adiat.
''h i satie of Wioutana sends gKretiing to the
abo,.n atunled dofend-aet
oi onu re- Iheb rruircd to arlpper in I action
brovutlht age(iltt, you by tie abthe ncnetid puatn
tlt in t! ediatriet court of tlio Firit tudiicd di
tr:ct of tlh, brtair 1 i ni.aha, in anid Ifor tO
coi ttiy oif Leu is la1 ('ar.e, and to answer the
conv a:ut f:ed therein, within ten crats
I . ,,iv of to diny of service) after ithe
-lc"r.. o! - ,u no tiiiu .mlm,-,te, If served withln
112 t ui-n- tt; ~r, if serv.vl out o1f rt I. ccano, y, but
v. l :.u dii,. l,:rict,,,th atLen ity days ohtlaiero io
.v. loi fori day,. Or ilnd miolnt bh 'lfasll. will
Lu c:I: Ir-i atet at -'-li, r. (:tc, - ti to the pra:tlr of
a ti vortn,lait.
I..i d ai t ron iB brouiiht to obtlni a divorce
fro::t tut- dI u auan t y t..ynrinu. 'lrltt itii
enucr of at attn aii gd iC thi, dI. rtiot of, U.e
ni, ltift by Lih -c o .t i., i' , i i., olt
c:: a . sand aiult*ry r.m. ilntd by t titifu i a,.t
',klv a p ,rsl nil kno .a, I i IiI i t ue a :i Ii ll ~:
l i,., O., at di.b ero tre,. ,.kr - it, i, I -n11111f.
..ld yoel are I lrehy r llti lv .l ;ah y io
al .ar and an w,,r lh' . nt f ,o.:!Itr i> , n, above
ri . lu.,.d, ?hN naid.l :,a l f ,t ", !·I ,:,,i, v,> t a
(ilon or:dr tmy Latl arrd it4:- , et io the di.
tri , , r ,v of the. ' lir! ý ' I'r.cl ,,f tl!,
i late of foounetla, in nod for , ,- .,y of I.,was
and l]aite. 't.. i' oi I :
real , " u tLe yrar of our 1 ord,
Lt.,rict one thouaid tlet landred tac
( Or t) 1 pet y-INo.
I;y C. vi. li i i r l .
Word, mi Word. A trh f d"! i e .uf.
ILt()l'O SAl- "OlS IFiOll( I;s--FIICE
Sof counaty clerk, icliena, bl lt. :'c-.
20. ih'.--P-opiosniae will be Ireeivel nu til
Oct. :i, at 12 o'oloek 1oon, for al Iron cotlt.
lhnatlO:l bridple over the L',,,rLo:u :I.v
nta. the ]lobrrts place. Sald brtdgewlli t
1i1) feet loI., and to be securely ancholr, d
to cha rook at the north end with irun
piers, in center and south end with wocvd-ni
approach to reach erade of road.
Alo oulcr on Prickly Fear above slaot!
pangh'e, elihty foolt pan with Iron pibCr,
With wooden approaeche. on ples.
Alie. for two wooden brldlua above Mitob
Also bids for grading and fill at Deal born
bridge will be received at the samel tIlle,
plans and rpecotiotions on tile at ahle
The commlsaionera reserve the riuht to
reject all bids or to let caoh bridge separ
ately. J. 8. Tooaea.
Coanty Clerk.
Drs. Li big & C.
n Usanelsoe., Ransaes CIty nao Ohlisea.
Ravoe trta4 .ser ca soes eauone fally than
* et.Les. atmilar in amame, esmblned.
rave eltablethed
131 Main St., Helena,
Tkhe raidly inoieuing number of patients in
Montanademnld gcester faeilities and aecom
mnodaioes, to meet. which L're L;ebli & (Io.
hIave eltaclishe4d ofioes in this city. 'Ihey w'it
he in charge o t'h toly authorize. representative,
who wji replpt lil complicatetl rasus to the
head oltce. where eomple a records are kept of
all ·aees and the treattleut adopted. Each
branch having its speciclilt, no one phrysician
and never les tht fi.ve experienced speclal ste
lare a cooa iltaion on overy case preoented
Havanl thousuands to refer to, comparirons are
readily madeo. No eeperimenting-- imply ap
plying the troatment that hes times without
nmuher proved sucoeeful. This is the secrcet ot
their snoesrs antid Ihe reas n rect mrarvelout
rnres am heretoire reporte have hbeen male
after the best local physioiane pronounociug them
hopeleely incurable.
('hronic Afertionq, whether from early intlie
ere.icnt, \nereral tccecs', brminil tWeaknres.
Loos of Meanlo d, cyphiiis .1nd otther naceti, n
inntting them from enuioyng any of the p easc
ar.pe of fth, treated hcn cred after nLsoicte
faitre by oth.rs. ilra. I iebe' & Co 'a reputa
liou for their ,ltparalleled hucceso in tIReattig
th . Iaeeoe of ilc ias world wide, and they eane
patients in all parts of it.
"WGME 1 T.
Thtir spaoialiet for astetione ef women hs
latlt coturin't fiom rur opoe, nrnz al tce
lattit appniancores sli romedic nsod n thile prll
ciplo ho.p.ta.s and is without a st.p31ror on tloe
C'., CRlfH, and kindred affections of the
1y7, Ear. Thtrot aneel Il, n, eec edfn ly treated,
and in a mauuoer co mild;y asto be acceptable to
the m' at de.lice vhed.
Trrwes for fpitnal )cformitioe. Club Feet, ote.,
ntltfaoeturao, etlsfaction guarantee l.
IPro. I.iebig & Co. will visit Marysvlle
the 13tlh and 14th, Phtlltpsbrg the 15thl
and 16tth, Granite the 1ith and 17th, and
lveoulia the 18th and 19th of each month.
seneultatAon Free.
Call et address. San Franoijo. 400 Geary;
Bntte. liroadway; Helen., 13ld Main.
Sthe first judicial district of thle sgrate of
Mdoutena, in and for the county of Lewis an I
.loneo KIt. Prescott. plaintiff, ve. Milo tnm
merae. Cargaret 'dum corne. rancis Adkinson and
Lranres I:. Adkinuon, defondauto
'tho state it iiceeau sends greeting to the
aboee named d.'fenlarntse;
Y,,c are hereby rcc luired t u eppear in an action
ltrocgl, sraaictt .',ot br thve tc.vcc nrcrt i,!tint itt
in the cliotri't cocnrt of the t'irst jndicial cietriot
of the statc cf Montana, in and for the county of
I .ews an · Clarke. andl to answer the oomllaint
hiled tborain. withli Ien day eo tetluslvo rf the
day of sIrvic.) after tto se"evice on you of this
ttnlmttne if 1rtoC ewitlcic, thi. couty; or. if
serrct €IIt oct thit rretn' v. ht i ,\io int ltil district,
within twrnti v d·ys ot el hrwice witon forty taio.v
r jiudmesat oy fetatlt will be taken h ina abtyou
according to the prtcyer of sai.l Oilittoui.
lto i.atd Cctuou is trougnt ttt ocoeco a det:rce
of ttIt ct.nr f r: t:o eorce'o uc of a ocrtai
moetta&e d*crcib-d it 'h- aid compla:nt, an '
exurected bi tho ralci Milet .lc ml,teos e.d d ar
garoet Olncters on th twi c i' to, d'y of .ltg.si,!
A, . lo. to c' cnrv i tyc taymo. of a ce:ta
nro~ ,r t, , dat ,! ),a, ' t 39. '. D. 1 ,.,
1 i:., by c ,s Iti monm ra ancd .'largaret um
It' rc, forh thoe e in o it cO hnuldrbdi dollr,,
cayt", 'nec.','".l "tn o.ste tt.he 'ited tote.
ou, year ater tle . detcl tthterc of, to tle oletic o
no.id . bh. r: e wl,. c t -Oi; it cnterst t rect.on, at tt',
rate of ten lt, ct'ct I)r tcum: ccthat It. Irott
i.,s eo ·v. : ,, hl b:. ,,i i n~lotl,;it;:'o Jlu:ty i) · told at (:
thi, c" o,.Ict'' ,l, ottito.l to tht, I c)yl3.-n't ottec atltt ot.
\Yi,. ll ttiro-u t itlnltLo ,, at thn r-.,e aiur.ar.id flt);I
tte twnci..th day of Lsbrusry. . l '. 1t. atln
C ts of snit, inelueting one hunitrod and ninety
ti~ dollars. oauuel fees; and carao euch pro
roede are nto st..t.e::t to pay thte 8rae, telUI t to
o:tt ass an exeoltion agaicct e.id Mile olunntterc
ant Va&'gocrtt ,tl,torvaft'r tle hlenlone te'ticin
;nt d coi. aolt cli thtt tite rail ,leftncdact,. anti al'
toerroe c'ialmcl:tg by. tltron.,lh, or untler threm,
coat ho acnre.u acd corecluoed of nil c'ltlt. title,
claim. lier:, a'taity ,,f re.e tltion, and i:ntoret
it and cc said cmortgtgtedc prelOiee, and for ecther
and tl ither rli'f .he or.c:ls.e colveye:lt cld
atlceclte by rail mo!tagse Leoin. al thoe certain
:lrt pitcea o cr p:trc' i ,f Icud situare. lyine antl
heiug it he towtt-i n of thc, m.y of lienca. In
tle ctorllty i enot antd t'lar... state of .t(n
t•n,. pae twi.lrlciy dc((:criLct au follows, tc-cit:
t.on uOtlc.r n.'t·ct,-'lvt (itt andapacrreo of
locti five (.,) feet wituetil thcc entire ,treh tidte
cf to: nt''btLr srventy-focr (i4) l in leo< numeb r
w, (.:l. ast said loc ano ceLek ate numbcred,
doliscinat, anl d errcll'd on tle p:at of saidi
uwn-,:,, on , iR in te ot: 'n of tite county re
Crt ctc.co' F c: , . v t. t ..r c nd i lark..
A':d you art hereby ntiFnld that ic f you fail to
appyxr ac cl antwer the said cor, laint, as above
rqucired. the said plaintitt will cpply to tlle
cort th :rt ltetc dremanded in the .arl cou-t
triren nnder my hand and the teal of the ctis
trictt cc.c-i cf iht' hirot judicial dietrict of the
uato of tct;tt.la. i and Ltor the conty of Lowis
antid t lrke, tlhis day of ,ct cmc ". in thc year
onr I ,rd one tlcousand eight hnadred and
Ane r-two.
r C. W.I Bi:t., '. Deoputy Cloerk.
\aseta- .ylalrd, attorn~ey for psatu.tct
A 1 hIGIV S' ' FU I OCF fIEE'.--PTtP.--PER
ru at an onrr of t.e 1 nit-d Rtrtes ci, :it
court for Ic atintrit of MoLtt.na. the u:der
sig o.Il wib reoo.ive o '.ted pro.poaIs for t.(o pur
coca" of a in:--hai inter a t nan t'inded. in and
, titb L.ti r I n,off Itn of hlhot. near tar
tin, :,I, it: toe c, ,oy of .-. .h-r, sta~ta cf
~:,,o taLa. con-clin; - , aLbt 11 ,10, h- e.d of
slh~,,;: a uo rn In.t.ith ced one h:lf inttu rest ,n
:arld to a( cort Ottal I',rnpe.tVe t ,l,".Kgnt; t J Raio
bnItol . a. u i.;. a t.t-'iun tberwrith: alno
au nn::l dcl d , :,"- i" of Ltout J.Ia ' a,.res of
fn edl I c ,ll in thle ,ti ut-o: .Iell tall'y, ot nt of
I ecuheor ono ,x1te of tU ,ola. I,.li.nao:iagg to
andti l - a etono r i on ,itl, A:., .0 -In- t-I 8
, ,d1 to M l,* Tii4-d as to one: e lol of the
pro aerry 'to in .a..ov. . enaor.'d in one Iot:
a io il w Ii a. mrce.vd npoun th!:e ndividhd
o t h-.! a In nt in the tr-lt, ari of all of the
porn,,lon l ,r,,Dll r'y i.,l, n;n.Il to ,niti btlinean. 11
n,' ic , -t ...t.d .aat.. bh -tc.i'ed t pun all of tile
lal It- tt't t*pa ra Jtt. I allrt d .lring to
te.urf,'t at sam d tortp rti may imae bid ateon
one or mtre of lu ots. tor al of t ton., as llnton
ml~-to, eC;o nlt lids to oa in writng, ,altd,
an tacth eco.r a,led by a c,,rt fi d cheek for
to:i te t l:eia (t1,e0i o-Ak to be ra
turn'rd if bi t is ro,.rtd, :t" bo p.rtt ayynmtntt of
accet, h, b, or, r:: fortf -to of an act opt d blt
Iln, lthil Id; tderm.c of pavernt al car , or
hnlf ca..l wa'tc n :o;ctageo tol I'roelortl *c.i for
b.lu. o ; 'I ti. to te tnhur I.'d t tle ctidtor
i ogn,:l tnot l: or tiLan o ', 1t '.. a l blde, oub)
jotL ; , t ,:.'t .... .r r. n e ort o ty i. • o,:r' !'e
I.,,( I .l . ,'.ti,,a on eldo ,,ItlI lnr,-t . sLcIH -
tclv of rao-rc anti p*ronnal protrrt, will ho for
r h I tn t o t ato I" un ti , 'oel at a. :
c'e- in be)l w 1ll Id t.,t b ', l.-ltt il, r..
Iorfe, t a itt, gnre ..r. . toe, ..t. t Ito tri-han c
,os..ey yet due cOiattd.
J V4 , 1f ; K YF:,
I AoItti K n . t,Y,
f i~t National flank blcintog, It t-,-; a Miut.
E. . JUST + RECeILeeD. + .le,
'Twvo Cars of the Celebrated St. Louis
A. B. C. Bohemian Export Beer.
,....B F~·R ,,C H :,-L-.B ....T'-.'.-. .I.
a " TEE 0 0
PlMeas throuah Wisconsin, Minrnets, North ..
hot, Manitoba. Montana, Idaho Ore
gun and Washington.
Dining Care are run between Chlicago, St. Panu,
Minueapolit. Winnipeg, Melons, Butt., 'TaOomi,
attlo and Pourtland. , - -
Pullman service daily between Chicago, Bti
Paul, Montana, and the P'aelic North est; and
bet.ween st. Paul, Minueaupolie and Mmnneoot
North Dakota and Manitoba points.
Daily Expres. Trains carry elegant Pntlme
Bleeping ('ars, Dining Cars Day t'oaohes, PaUll.
man Tourist .lepers and ree Colonlt Sleep.
lag Cars.
The Northern Pacific railroadtIs the rail line t,
Yellowstone Park: the pooular line to Califora.i
and Alaska: and its trains peas through the
graundost scenery o seven siates
Are sold at all counpon offices of the Northern
Paoifio iatlroad to points North, East, SoUt"
and West. in the United tstats and Canada.
In effeot on and after Sunday. Augnnt 2S.
. 1Pacific Mail. west bound ........ 1:50 p.
50.4, Atlantio mwal. east bound...... 1.:40 p. m
No. . t tour t'aleno. hlssuula and
Boutt.' express . .. .. :45 p. m
o. 8, Mlarysville passener.............11:20 a. m
iNo. ". Marysville accommodation..... 7: p.
14o. 9, Wickes. Boulder and Elklsorn
passenosr .............................. 5:10 p. m
Nio. 102, iiint maixed, Mondays, Wed
esdnays andt Fridays ..... ......... . 5:00 p. as
No. 1, Pacili Mail. west, hound........ 1:45 p. m
No. 4. Atlantic Iall. east bound........ 1:Op. m
No. 5, ibutt, Mlitou.a ant 'wurd'Alese
.x arre .... . ..................... . :30 a. as
No. 7, Marysviie passonnoer............. 7:45 a. m
o. 9, Marysvillo accommodation.. .... 8:00 p. in1
No. tt0, Wickee, Bouldor and Elkhorn
'a en r ....... .. . ... 7:20a. m
o. , imin mixed, Mondays, Wed
neatess and Fridays............ . 8t15a.m
'I.ains bio. 14, 4 and O connect at. (iarrtson
with Moniana nion traitzns to and from Batte,
er Lodg sad Anrsonds.
raf1 s Nos. 5 and 6 will run between Helena
and Wallace. Idabho, without change of oars.
Feor ates, Maps, Time Tables or Speelal
latornnation apply to Oha.. . Fee, General
Passenger and Ticket Agent, St. Paul,
Alan., or
... -D . ED. G-. E,
General Agent of the Northern Pacifie . .. at
condensed Joiat Time Table tI Effeet Sept.
1, 1892
Going West-No. 2- Annrar DEPART.
Dunmore.................. 07:o0 ts ma
LGrassy Lake .............. *10: p m
ethbridge ..... ....... *2:00 am
(ioing ounthr-Ne. 5
L.ethbr:dge................ 1:00am
stirling..................... 20a m
runton ......................... 0 a
Milk nlver.......... .... t10:I40 a
t suits (intern, bouadary) t11:30 a m
weest traes. t12:00 pm
lievin.................... .'12:50 p m
Rocky S:rings ..... ........... l:40 a
hlby Junction......... t2:20 p 02:0 p mn
C'onr:i ..................... *3:40 pm
(l'ondera .............. .. ..5.:001m 5:'p0 ap
C'ollins................. 0i:50 p m
iteel ........................ 8:t5 p m
Vaughan.................... "6:5p0 a m
reat Fll................. 9:30 pm
Uoins North- No. 6
Great allse ................. *11:00'p
\aus 3han .................... "11:40 1) ,
~tee* .....................a s
('ollin .............. ...o......a m
i'o.ndora .... .... *3:40 a am
tr'onrnd.................... ..::y apn
lholbyl Jnction........... 8:00 a i .0:0 a
lt.oky prise ........ ....... :2 a
Ktvin.................. : 10 la m
;eowt Grass (inter. besnL) ti9:t9 a m
(ilk River. ...... t10:.0i a m
Brunton.................... 11:25 a m
t tirling ...... ........ 112 5 p m
Lt"th .ridgre .............. .:10 p m
G goin. I ecnst-No. S
Isethbtidge ...... §8:55 a m
.es.y Ik ............ 1'2:45 p m
Domoro .. ................ §4:45p m
(sotintg asat-No. 1
lethtri 'ge ....... *T10:40 p ms
Utiraosy ak ............... 2.00 a , m
lilnmore a ... . 5:40a im
'lDaiio. tMonday. Wedn'aday and Friday.
SMesalt oailr: erxcept Stro d'y,
'lhrol.gi traots !lave (,r,at kalls, SundsJy
'u iday anti Thu: dar.-day, at 11p. it.
Throngh train. lea.e lethbridge, Monday,
Wednesday anrd riday a: 7 . m.
coN NM TI O ;..
Canadian P:.oitio I;awlay- 'Irains leave Dun
more jtunction: I or Atlantic ('oabt at 10:26 a.
n. orl t'acific Cst att t ;:Oi2 . m.
Groat Nor hers railw.y -Trains leave Shelby
Junction: Iar .Kali.~lral Sonuunor' Terry, ipe
k.an, ete.. at t::4H a. oi. For t i'aul at 2::12 p.m.
Groat Northern ltllway--'lran", ,ass Ureal
Palls, For letslena and Lutte at 10 42 a m. Fol
St. Paul a. 1:41 p. eo.
M .scl:d anrd Gincher ('reek-Stage lIravn
LRthbridie u-ory 'ulnsday Thursday and iatur
day at r a m
1 hoteau Staoe for ( hottan, t lllevioj. lIynum.
etc., oonn'tris with trains No 5 and i.
N. 1.3--Paesotgcrs to cti f: on: italispell. lion
ncr's Frorr.. tpo:.ar.r, stO., wil n:ote that rlose
daily conneetrons ar m arl d, ,th oI: sat Northern
Itailwsy .t SH:ely tfu cion
N'. T'. (tic't. (rsenora Mainager
W. I). B-.h(ti,A., t enortI :-uporintondont.
It. I;i'IiN. (ienero'r laeffic Agent.
rulotan a Unia ersitu.
FALL TI:P r IB.I 1 " PO , ' ,
t..'. 0i, Mlusti;. 4, Art. 7, MIliltny. Ales
|listtrttton l c',,,00,, rrraneyloc. Able
Instructltlo, elregran bul:stlng.
Send for (;ata:ogy to 'br Plreoilunt.
F. P.. TOWvER.L A. NI.. I). I).
Pacific Rolling Mill Co.,
Up to 20,000 Pounds Weight.
True to pattern and superior in strength, toughness and durability to Cast or Wrought Iron
in any position or for any service.
Gearings, Shoes, Dies, Cams, Tappets, Piston-Heads, Railroad and Machinery
Castings of Every Description. Also
Also Steel Rods, from / to three inch diameter and Flats from x to 8 inch. Angles, Tees,
Channels and other shape Steel Wagon, Buggy and Truck Tires, Plow Steel; Machinery and
Special Shape Steelto size and lengths. Steel Rails from 12 to 45 pounds per yard. Also Railroad
and Merchant Iron, Rolled Beams, Angle, Channel and T iron, Bridge and Machine Bolts, Lag
Screws, Nuts, Washers, Ship and Boat Spikes; Steamboat Shafts, Cranks, Pistons, Connecting Rods,
etc. Car and Locomotive Axles and Frames,. and Iron Forgings of all kinds. Iron and Steel
Bridge and Roof Work a specialty.
Orders receive prompt attention. Send for Catalogues. Address
Remember this: The greatest line
of railway operating between St
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau.
kee and Chicago is the Chicago
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
operates, under one management
6,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUF
handsome, elegantly equipped pas
senger trains from the Twin Cities
that run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change ol
cars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. Lo-us and Kansas City. The
train service and general equip.
ment of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
not surpassed by any railway it
Amnerica. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled lir.
ited train to Chicago daily-con.
sidered the finest regular train it
this country.
It is the Offical Government Fasi
Mail line. If you are going to Chi.
cago, Milwaukee, or any poini
east or south, or to St. Louis o0
Kansas City, cut this out:
Leave Ot. Paul B 7:a3 a. m.. arrive at Chicage
10:00 same evening.
Leave St Paul A 2:45 p. m., arrive at Chicgs
:45 nexpt nioruisn.
Leave St. Paul A i:55 p. m., arrive at Chicae
7:00 next morning.
Lea,' St Pa:: A ,:A) p. h., arrive at Chicags
9:30 neixt murt.o
Leave eSt. I aol A n:h, a. i., arrive at St. Loui
7:30 next morning.
Leave Sti Paul (' 7:15 p. n., arrive at St. Lois
6:15 next evening.
Leave St. Panl A ir:5 a. m., arrive at Kansai
(City 7:5 next morlnng.
Leave St. Paul (' 7:1, p. m., arrive at Kansia
City 6:00 next evening.
A Daily. B Except Sunday. C Except Saturday,
Palace sleepers on night trains
Parlor chair cars on (lay trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Unior
Depot. No trains. For lowest rate:
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any tickket agent
or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. I-ass. Apt.,
Sr. Pahl. Minn.
TAr a Cearss n ra e
Sprague Correspeadeaee
Cehael of Law.
Send ten cents (Letamp)
for particulars to
d. Ootner, Jr., Sec'y.
me. 888 Whltne.e lock. Detrelt. lea
Splaintiff, vs. , iltim L, Steele, as eeoutor
of the ectate of Mary Ann iokert. deceased,
Martha Taylor rckert Schwab.. and k red A.
echwanbe, her husband. @. C. Swatlow. Fred.
ohimpf. Carlo orrell, ck John Derrick, John
Iohan and Jo-eph O'helll, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foresltetre and sale isnsed out of the
district court of the First Judicial d striot ot the
stlae of Montana, in and for the county of lewis
end Clarke. on the 4tn day of 'ctober. A. I..
la0. in the above entitled action, wherein Henry
(:. Moses. tis above named patntiff. obtained a
judgment and decree of foreclosure mnd sale
nan net , illiam o,. fitele, at executor of the
estate of Mary Ann I oert, deceaiaed, MAartha
'Taylor tekart tehwabe. and Fred A. pchwabe,
her hnabaud. I. (. nwallow. frel. Ichinlltf.
Carlo Morrelli, John Derrick. John t.ohau ant
Joseenh (l'.,ill, defendants, on the 15th lay of
-eptember, A. L, 101a1. for the sum of $.50'.s.,
besides interest, costs at d attornu-y' face, which
said decree was, on the 15it day of heptemtrer.
A. D., Ibft. recorded in Judgment book Lo.
H" of said counrt at pse 155l anlt com.
manded to sell all those certain lots. pieit. or
parcels of land. sitnate, lying and being in the
coenty of Lewis and Clarke ate of yIontaua,
and hoe:ndedl and descrthad as fIllows, to-wit:
Lot number one (ll, in bloc rrnimb mertl beven
(It, ot the original towrslie of the city of Hel
ena, in said county apdl tate The said lot hav
inlg a frontage on Water street of fifty-one (51)
leet. end a depth of seventy-three (i8: feat.
Also lot numbered two 21, in btock numbered
seven (7. in the taid original town-ie: said lot
having a fronttage ,n N atnr street of tifty-nix (.8I)
feet, and a depth of sixty-nine (I;t feet accord
ing to and as tescribhd upon the othcial plat of
ti.e said named tuwnnite., wthh plat is now on
file in the manner provided by law, in the office
of the county recorder of Lewis and Clarke
Tolgether with all and singular t the tenements,
here itaments and appartenanres tihreanto be
longing or in anywise apportain ua.
I nblto notice is hereby gi.en, that ea Tuesday
the .bth day of October. A. i . ih12. at 12 o'clook
ic. of that day. at the front dor of the ciour
henses. Helena. le,.wi and ( larke coutnty. lion
tIma, I will. in cbaitience to said order of salt
and decree of forecloulre and sale, sell the above
dleoribed property. or so much thereof as may
lm necessary to sati·fy said judgmenut, with in
terest and costs, to the highest and best bidder,
for each in hand.
liven nnder my hand, this 4th day of October,
AD.D. 1b1..
By RALPH G. JoeNSON, Deputy Sheriff.
Blank Books
Anl General Bookbindill,
Manefacturer of the Indestructlble
Flnt-Openl.g Blank BooLk.
No Extr Coast
Second Floor Herald Building.
of the First judicial district of the state
ot Montana. in and for the sounty of Lewis
and Clar ke.
Laura Wilson, plaintiff, vs. James Wil.
son, defendant.
The state of Montana sends Rresting to
the above named defendant:
You are hereby required to appear in an
action brought against you by the above
named plaruiff in the district court of thy
First judicial district of the state of Mon
tana, in and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, and to answer the complaint filet
therein, within ten days (exclusive of the
day of service) after the service on you of
thin summons, if served within this county;
or, if set red out of this county, but within
this district, twenty days: otherwise within
forty days, or judgment by default will be
taken against you, according to the prayer
of said complaint. The said action is
brought to obtain a judgment and decree oft
this court dissolving the bonds of matri
mony heretofoe and now existing betwoe(
the defendant and this plaintiff. For that
said defendant did on the 9th day of JulyJ
1891, willfully and without cause, desert)
and abandon this plaintiff, and evoj
sinee has, and still continues so to willfully
and without cause desert and abandon said'
plaintiff, and live separately and apart'
from her without any sffilcient cause; or
any reason,and angainst her will and consent;
and that said defendant did, on or about the
date aforesaid, depart from the state of
Montana with the intention of not retarn
ing thereto; and for the costs of this action,
and for goneral relief.
And von are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relief de
manded in the complaint and for costs.
OJven under my hand and the seal of the
district court of the first judicial district of
the state of Montana, in and for the county
of Lewis and Claike. this 13th day of bep
tember, in the year of our Lord, one thous
and eight hundred and ninety-two.
By L. W. BuaToN, Deputy Clerk.
BoTxiN & SnED, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
The Renwnmed Enlishl Remedy.
Nniatter from what canee C(mioalin no win
eral. P'ricE $. Wlesleeals ndi retail drnggii;.s
supply the demand.
I tprritilre for thI, Irlitd States and Canada,
13 Rear 'Ii irtieth astr .o. Now el o k
Ih, tlpcitir' can be sont by ail se.ae!i on re
ceipt of ,noney.

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