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he bark Prerse Will Be Shown at the
World's Fats.
The old whalina bark Progress, whiob
has now reached Detroit on her way from
New Bedford, Mas., to Chlicago where she
and her contents will constitute, for the
benesft of the World's fair visltof, a com
plete exhibit of the whale-eateling indus
try, has a remarkable history. Bhe has
made several trips around Cape Horn, all
of them sunoesoful. Forty times has she
crossed the Arctic oeean in search of the
whale and his valuable blubber, In
1889 abe set sail and joined the
Arotie fleet. In 1871 terrifie storms
scattered the fleet. and all met die.
aster except the Progiess, whioh same
back to New Bedford with 100 sallors, seven
captains, five wmen and three children,
the survivors of the wreeks. She earries
six whaleboats, which have all seen actual
service, and seh onue is provided with a
complete equipment of paraphernalia.
''hese boats are sharp at both ends and ea
be driven at great speed by six good oars
men.-Soilnttfio American.
Saved From QuaraUttno.
"Talk of being tied up by quarantine re
minds me of a little experience I onse had
at Rio Janeiro," said W. E. Briddell to a
St. Lonis Globe.Democrat reporter. "I
was in the employ of a Boston leather
house, and had shipped at Vera Crua on a
Spanish vessel, manned almost exolusively
by Mexicans and neeros. On the run
down the coast yellow jack broke out
among the crew, and when we reached our
destination we were clapped in quarantine.
It was dvring the months of January and
PFebruary-midsummer south of the line,
and the weather was broiling hot. The au
thorities would allow no communication
with the shore whatever, our vegetables
gave out, our surgeon died, our drinking
water became stale, and we were in
a terribly bed box, Every day one
or two members of the crew suea
oumbed to the disease, and it seemed
only a question of time when the ship
would not have a living soul on boa d.
After lying in quarantine some time and
matters growing no better the captain
wesighed anchor and started for the Horn.
The cold weather soon pat a stop to the
ravages of the disease and we returned,
showed a elean bill of health and we were
permitted to land."
Bucklea's Armies Salve.
The besst salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, ehapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures piles or no pay required. It is guar
anteedto ive pefect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 56 cents per box. For
sale by I. S. Hale & Co.
The Reason Why
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
way is the favorite:
It is the oldest and was first in the field
It's train service is the very best.
It is the first to adopt improvements,
It'ssleepers are palaces on wheels.
It runs elegant Drawing Room oars on all
night trains.
It's trains are lighted by electricity.
It runs luxurious chair cars on day
It is the only line using the electric berth
It's dining ear service is unexcelled.
It's trains run solid to Milwaukee and
It is the best route to St. Louis and the
It is the best route to Kansas City and
the West.
It runs four daily trains to Milwaukee
and Chicago.
It runs two daily trains to St. Louis and
Kansas City.
It is the Government Fast Mail Route.
It is popularly styled the "Old Reliable."
It furnishes safety, comfort and speed to
For information as to the lowest rates to
all points in the United States and Canada
via "The Milwaukee," apply to any Coupon
'Ticket Agent, or to
Ass't Gen'l Pass. Agent,
St. Paul. Minn.
Going East-Save Time.
Going to Chicago and east your short
quick route is via St. Paul and "TheNorth
weatein Line." Leave Butte 6:45 a. m.,
Helena 10:15 a. m. to-day, reach St. Paul
6:55 a. m. second day, connecting with fast
day train of "The Northwestern Line"
leaving St. Paul 8:00 a. i. daily and ar iv
ing Chicago 9:36 p. m. same day, making
less than sixty-three hours from Butte and
less than sixty hours from Helena, which is
several hours less time than via any other
line to Chicago.
'hibis 9:85 p. m. arrival in Chicago insures
connection with all the principal lines from
Chicago east, and "The Northwestern
Line" is the only line from St. Paul that
makes all of these eonnections in Chicago.
The Celebrated Fronch Cure,
Warranted 'A "APHRODITINE" or money
to cure refunded.
to cure any form
of nervous dis- -
ease or any dis
orderof thegen
erative organs
of either sex,
" whether arising '
BEFORE from the exces- AFTER
sive use of Stimulants, Tobacco or Opium, or
through youthful indiscretion, over indul
• ence, &c., such as Loss of Brain Power,
Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains in tihe hack,
Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros
tration, Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrhoea,
Dizzinessc, Weak Memory Loss of Power and
Impotency, which if neglected often lead to
premature old age and insanity Price $1,00 a
box, 6 boxes for $5.00. Sent bymail on receipt
of isrice.
every $5.00 order received, to rnfund the money
if a I'erianeant cureis lotelfected. Wehave
thousauds of test Imontals from old and young
of both sexes, who have been pernallnletly
cured by thes use of Aphroditine. Circulars
free. Mentu icn paer. Ashrle.:s
Western SrasBl ,. P. 0. Box 27.
?nld by H. IL PSerhen A& Co., drugtis-i
I1e'o*, Mont.
court of the First Judicial district of tihe
stat" of Montllna, in and for thu county of
Lewis and Clarke..
ia.l t ,. itnhn , plainti i, xcu. unc ts d).
'of tlev e s Ies-ver 'ir':t r. an ( ha.a es It. ('our
ti·, a:iled, srtnte ,f ti·, co ate or,[ dwin H.
'.1 s es llt l dec.a",sd. ,si-f ns,-.ast,
The ianto of nlouteca '-tiols greeting to thg
al, nassllesi eot dtentanit :
Y'ol are lroby reolud ed to appear in arn ar'tisrl
isr,,ciht aozainet you by t.i. abhove nsanosd p;ciatitl
in the disitrio court of tic s, ilest iulltail d..tl cr
of thi chtt of Mslrtalh, ir allnt lr tse otnty if
Lewis and (clarke, ari t, aitewr tihe eonisatntt
fieid therren.witlin ten day.- l t c ola e tfI this- ay
of aervic) af ther ecr·i c, ti ,t, of t1is btllll
mout , iflervod wtticn tisi' csiot. otr. it ts,,F r d
nout 's thin coaty, bIe wreithn tliInte lb t withic
twenlty deay. otl,rwi,-a rwt5l0 for y datl. or
juldge.trll, by rdefaulL wiil t. Isac., u aci!nst yos
accorlimng tt is pulsrae of sir ilts . olainil.
'JIie saihl acti,on . brmglt to, baist der,.,
of this court for thi re.e,, t on-f a cin tlais
n dortsga go ie orin'l ills ,-atd c'lltlr ,anils, .i eau
cut.d i y. 1E .i tL, :cei 5 luse 'I reut-..
oil thoe tlh idar of IJuly, lel to, -O t.I pay-i t
rs-et of a certa st, rss si , - t , ,f th~ alh,,
dettsilt lltoo um (i .l.s,t., sols t: !s-ts o- it i ', pa-ti
IIaU t nti) paid at tbt,, st-, f isIsI I I "t' . lit IL..'
allllo l t that tl,. rnmi'e- , sr, yu. t bli raltl
lnore.agoe iy be sold Id ttle Ilo Io'.rli aIlljol
t, pynsollt of acil promets ry ao'e, asd in
case suobh I)rosoeds arc. si), ., L!tIsot to pay ti..
pefsO thaen to l tails an elttello i l anatlucat 'a
dsfendanta for the balnance rer:.rt iid dulr. c. t
also that the saim defenltast anr all person,
tleill liia by. through or ucdsr th-si:t. ou il tier
eaid l'dwn it. ilc tlaen, lSi ho I.arrc d ,.dL
foreclosr-d of all right, title Ilasis lien. St..ity
r,f reldemltion aitd iuteruat in and to saids taslt
gaged Ir, mllrs, and ftr other ant Illter ro
litf, as will otor.e fllys ai pear by refatsen a to
thn ronlllaiiet o, filt hit-rerl
And you ate herbhy notitied that if you fail ts,
appear andi an-wr thi said tOllttillts , as albuv
rtluirel, the said ptainttili will aplis .t t I, curl t
for thr . rtlit.f dsentit ll t In ,aid ' l ti laini
siven under mty hand asi this real of tihe dis
trict court of tihe Hirst jutiicial dtietrtet of t, o
tlat"s of Mdontaa, in altd fr thl
- " (.unt of l.ewie alld ti 'lrk.
- dod Diet. tu ear of oar il.,rd ,st tItollbtntlle
(Court. J eight hutdrdt and i ,ti It-twuo.
------r -- JtiiIN Iii,:AN. 'i.-rk.
BY t'. Vt. is-'tit N. I ,ln ty i'larn.
IN 8. liepner, Attoroey fur I'iaiat~f
Drs. Liebi & C.
lam W. oetlaee, ransam Ctty amd Chloege.
Ilwe treatd mere eases sueOetally then
all edhere similar Is naoe, eemboaed.
HavOe estlllahed
S31 Main St., Helena,
The rapidly inoresling number of patients in
Montana denomd greater faollitiee and acoom
modatieos, to moeet which Dra Lioblg & Co.
have established ofees in this city. 'I hey will
be in charge ofet a da authoried representative,
who will report all complieated caes to the
head oBae, where comple;e records are kept of
all oases and the treatment adopted,. Each
branch having its specialist, no one physician
and never less than five experienced speoial'st
have a consultation on every ease presented.
Having thousands to refer to. comparirons are
readily made. No experimenting--simply ap
plying the treatment that has times withoat
number proved esoorestul. This is the secret of
their success and the rea.n asuch marvelous
curoe as heretofore reportel tave been made
after the Lrst local physioians prononnoin, them
hopelessly inaurable.
Chronic affections whether from early intis
ore ins., e, nerral ExcLres, seminal Weakne.a
Lose of hlanl:o td. t)philis and uriter a"e'i ns
unfitting them from onjoynl any f the p eas
ures of tfe, treated sui ertred after ahasotut
failtur by others. -!rs. I ieb:g & Co.'s tenuta
tion for their unparalleled sOccase in tteat.ng
ih IDiseasee of lhen is world wide, and they have
patients in all parts of it.
Their spicialist for affections rf women has
lately returned from , urope, havl:n at the
latest appliances an lremedi: s u.ed n the prie
ciple hospitals and is without a superior on the
(CATARRW. and kindred affertions of the
Eye, Ear. Throat and [Ins, oe e; fu ly treated.
and in a manner sa mildly asto be acceptable to
the most delica e child.
Braces for `pinal Deformities, Club Feet, etc.,
manufactured, batisfaction guaranteed.
Drs. Lieblg & CO. will vIsit Marysville
the 13th and 14th, Philipsburg the 15th
and 10th, Granite the 16th and 17th, and
Missoula the 18th and 19th of each month.
aonsultatlon Free.
Call or address: Ban Francisco, 400 (eary;
Butte. 8 Broadway; Helena, 11% Main.
the first judicial district of the state of
Montana, in and for the cnounty of Lewis and
Alonzo K. Prescott, plaintiff, vs. Milo Sum
mers, Margaret tSummers. Francis Adkinson and
Frances i. Adkinson, defendants
'Iho state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendants:
You are hereby required ti appear in an aotion
brought acaiust ton by the ab're natted plaintiff
in the district court of the First jdlicial district
of the state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke, and to answer the complaint
tiled therein, within ten days tesclusive of the
day of service) after the service on you of this
summons, if served within this county; or. if
served out of this county. but within this district.
within twenty days: otherwise within forty days.
or judgment by default will be taken ajainstyun
according to the prayer of said complaint.
'the atid action is brought to obtain a decrce
of this court for the lorecloinre of a certain
mortgage desecribed IL the said complaint, an I
executed by the said Milo Summnars and Mlar
garet unmmers on the twentisth day of August,
A, . 1bi9, to secure the payment of a certai.
promisadry not-, dated August 30, A. D. irbi.
malde by said Mile bummers and Margaret tSum
mrse, for the sut of fifteen hundred dollars
payable in lawful money of the United States.
one year after the date thereof, to the order el
said A.. K. I reecott, with interest thereon, at the
rats of ten per cent per annum: that the prem
ises oonae)ed by said mortgage may be sold, and
the proceeds applied to the payment of said note,
with interest thereon at the rate aforesaid from
the tweitieth day of lebruary, A. i). Ib0, and
costs of suit, including one hundred and ninety
five dollars counsel feest and in case such pro
ceeds are not sutcilent to pay the same, then to
obtain an execution against said Milo bummers
aol Margaret Summers for the balance remain
ing d eis. and alto that the said defendants, and all
perseni claiming by, through, or under them,
may be barred and toreclosed of all right, title,
claim, lien, equity of redemption, and interest
in and to said mortgaged premises, and for other
and further relief. The premises conveyed and
affected by said mortgage being all those certain
lots. pieces or parcels of land situate, lying and
being in the townsite of the city of Helena, in
the county of Lewis and Clarke,. state of alon
tuna, particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Lots nmb:er seventy-five (75) and a parcel of
lantd five (5) feet wide off the entire soutah side
of lot number seventy-four (74) in blook number
two (2), as said lots and block are numbered,
desigoated and d scrib-d on the plat of said
towneite on tile in the office of the county re
cord,'r of said eouintv of owis :and (larke.
And you are hereby hotified that if you fail to
atpear and answer the said complaint, as above
enquirid. the said plaintiff will apply to the
court. fr tle renief demanded in the said com
Given under my hand and the heal of the dis
trict coort of the First judicial district of the
state of Montana. in and for the county of Lewis
and ('larko. this - day of olt nol. in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
nsi AL.l JOHN BEAN. Clerk
!ly C. W. But:T(,N. Deputy Clerk.
Macses.a allard. attorney for plaintiff.
court of thu First judicial district of the
state of Montana. in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke.
dr.cgi ourman. plaintiff, vs. Mary i. nurman.
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named diefendant:
You are hereby resuired to appear in an action
brought against y.u lby the above namted plain
til il thedlitric: courtr of the lirst ju'iieiai die
triet of the state of Montana, in and for the
onii .y of Lewis andti 'lar.e, and to answer the
coiiplaint filed tlheren, within ten days
(exclunire of tie day of service) after the
service on you of this summons, if served within
thin ioumntt; or, if served out of this county, but
within this district,within twenty days: otherwise
within for'y days, or judgment by defanlt will
be taken aanitiet yen, according to the prayer of
sid comtlaiut.
'i he said action is brought to obtain a divorce
from th, deendtant sry .. -orman. 'I ht the
caise of aitiin ailiged is the desertion of toe
plaintiff b; thie de endent wi beett rea-onable
onuase, and adultery comlmitted by the dlfernlant
with a pcrs n untonon t to 1Lh plIattifl at (ial
lioun, t.. at diteri tiotes :nknowi to plaint iff.
And you are iLerby notiflhd that if you fail to
atprar and nae-str the Mail roomplaint, as tbove
requrud, the vs ad tI'aitT if will apply to tIe.
court for thei r,' ri demadwlrl in iste e-.mllaint.
(.iles nndtnr tily hand andthe seal tif the dis
trietrcotrt of thle Fi.t j:l'eial dltitriot of the
s ate of Montana. in and f,r thLi county of liwie
- ad I laks. this lulh day of Itic
eeal F ,,,r in the year ,t tour Lord.
Slttrllct oer thouand eight hundrel and
( (ourt Ilnety-two.
-r- - JOHN BEANeo tlotrk.
ily Ct . WL. ,.,uL\. l).op.ty r lr'ir
Word. Emith & B ord. Attorneys for I ,aiutiff.
4. ~+ JUST + RECe IM eD. *.. .
Two Cars of the Celebrated St. Louis
A. B. C. Bohemian Export Beer.
ýota5 Manaitoba, ýontaaa, ldaho -
.D g QOam a ýroan betwean OCie~i b e7
Pullman sonic. daily between hloe, e.
l, Honte ad the Pacific Nortb u r an
North Pelrotr and ranlte imntiY
.Daily pm Train. car oa olant tFnia,,
Bleepin Car fDinlng (ac.eDay e.eooh, ep
~n'ourlat nepece and ý, o p .ie
The Northern PaNllo rallroad is the rail line te
Tellowetone Perk: the po..lar line to Calitoralr
and Alanka and its traine pa thaoigk the
grandest seenery of seven state..
Ar e•ld at all eoupon oaem of the Nlerthern
acif lallrea to polete North, Lett oth
ad W . the Uted Btat and Cad
In eeot on and alter Seeday, Aaguet IL
4. Atlantio nmalla. oet bound ........120 .
S. t eur 0 'ae*ea. Aeeautla and'
Butte *ure..... ............ 4 8:p m
. 8, Meryalvllle uesu.er ............. ll0a.
1N. 1QM rIllg accummodation..... 7:0 p-i
No. 9, Wks.ea, Boulder and ilkaorn
Nao. l0l imini mixed, Mondays. W lod
nIadays and Fridays .................. 5:00 p. m
1a. 1, Paeif Mail. wes bound ........ 1:45 P. min
o.4. Atlantic. maL eat bond........ :LOp. n
o.5 l, butte, Mlmoniaana c~aurd'Alene
eNraerya i ... ... u rer......... ....... 7:80 . m
Shiae M llule acommodation....... o :00 p. m
o.10, W ickes. Boulder and hMkhorn
.. . ............. 7"a . m
a4mNo. 01 med. Monday. Wed
edae nd ridaje ................. 3:15 a. m
bes. 1 4, 5 and 8 connect at Gareilon
S a nin trais to and from Btte,
e. l end 6 witl run between Helenm
d Wllaoe Idaho, without ohange of care.
Pew Mate., Maps, Time Tables or Special
e.toematlno apply to Chas, 3. ee, General
Psaueeger and moeset Agent. St. Paul
Mina,, or
2LD E.= ~.R.,, ,
General Agent of the Neothern Pacifi B. .. at
Condensed Joint Time Table Ia 1Eeet Sept.
1, 1892t
Going West-No. 2- Anarva. DPART.
Dunmore................... +7:00 pm
t(iresy Lake ............ "l0:50 pm
Lethbridge............... 2100 am
(iing bouth-No. 5
Lethhridgo................ 7:0 a in
itirling................. 8:20 am
Brunton . ................ 19:50 am
Milk liver................. 110:40 a m
ti outts (intern. boundary) t11:80 a m
Sweet Grass, t12:00 pm
Kevin................ ..... 12:50 p m
Rocky Springs .............. F1:40 p m
SShelby Junotion........... t2:0 p m *2:l50 p m
onra. .................. 0:40 p m
Pondera ................ 15:00 p m 5:20 p m
Collinua .... ...... :50 p m
teel ....................... 8:15 p m
aughan ................... 8:0 p m
Great Falls ................ 89:10 pm m
toino North-No. 8
Great Falls ............... 011:00p m
Collns..................... 2:00 a m
eonderae................. *:40 a m
CoGrad...... ........ ... :00 a im
Shdelby Junction.......... 6: a in :0 a m
ooetky prings .... ......... :20 a m
evin .... ................... 8:10 l a n
Sweet irras (inter. bound.) o9:00a m
GCoucts, 1 9:50 a m
milk tiver ................. 10:40 a in
Brunton.................. 11:28 a m
Stirling............. ...... p m
Lethbriddge ......... 2:r10p m
Going East-No. 8
Lethbridge ................. 8:5a ma
b tracy Ltake ............... §1i:4p m
unnmore ........c4...... . 4:45 pm
GoIng b act-No. 1
Lethhri !ge o.. . . ... . .. . i 10:40 p m
SGrassy lake ............... 12:00 i m
unmore ................ 05:40 a mI
'Daily. ,Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
nMeals §Daily except Sunday,
7' Irough trains leave ireat Falle. Sunday.
Tuesday and I hurcday., at 11 p. ma.
T'hrough trains leave Lethbridhe. Monday
Wednesday and riday a a.7 m.
Canadian Pacific lailway-Trains leamve Dun
more junction: For Atlantic Coast at 10:25 a
m. For Pacific Coast at 6:02 p. inm.
Great Nortlhern Pailway-Train leave Shelby
Junction: for Kaliopeil Bonner's berry. Spo
kane, etc., at lt:48 a. im. Aur St. Paulat 2:2D. m.
Great Northern Railway-Trains leave Great
Falls. For Helena and Butte at 10:42 a m. Fos
St. Paul at 1:46 p. inm.
MIacleod and Pincher Creek-Stage leaves
Lethbridge every ¶lnesday. Thureday and Satur
day at 8 a. m.
Choteau staee for Choteau, Belleview. Bynumn
eta, connects with trains No. 5 and 8.
N. B.-Passengers to and from Kallipell, Boa
ner's Ferry. pokaue, eta., will note that close
daily connectlons are mado with (iGeat Northern
Iailway at Shelby Ju dction.
F. GAL'lIGeneral Manager.
W.. 1. BA1 ;LA., t eneral 'uperintendent.
11. MARTIN. General 'lraffli Ageol
jlontana UniQersity.
University Place, Near Helena
Course or lestreostoi: I. College. 2,
College Preparat..ry. 3, iuslnea. 4, Nor.
real, 3, Musec. 5, Art. 7, Military. Also
Instruction In Osmsnoa Iraamhes. Able
Inatnretion, elegant bolldlng.
Bend for Catalogue to the l'resident.
F. P. T().VE. . A. M[.. D. D.
Learn about varnish eoough to be able to take the p-oper care of it on your piano, house interio
furniture, carriage, etc.
Enough to distinguish between good work and vulgar.
Enough to be able to get good work, if you have occasion.
Enough to avoid disappointment in it.
The People's Text Book will give you this slight knowledge-we send it free.
The favor consists in your compelling the maker to put good varnish on your things. You can do i
Bead Office: Newark, New Jersey.
Other Offices: Boston, Cleveland, St. Louis and Chicago.
Factories: Newark and Chicago.
Remember this: The greatest line
of railway operating between St.
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau.
kee and Chicago is the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owris and
optestes, under one management,
0,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
handsome, elegantly equipped pas.
senger trains from the Twin Cities
that run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change of
cars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. Louis and Kansas City.* The
train service and general equip.
ment of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
not surpassed by any railway in
America. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled lim.
ited train to Chicago daily-con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Offical Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi.
cago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, cut this out:
Leave St Paul B 7:85 a. i., arrive at Chicase
1e:teasme evening.
Leaselt. Paul A 2:45p. m., arrive at Chicago
6:41 next marning.
Leave t. Paul A 8:5 p. m., arrive at Chicaseo
7:010 neat moarnin.
Leave t Pacl A 8:0 p. in., arrive at Chicage
1,50 naet morning.
Leave Pt. Paul A 0:15 a. m., arrive at St. Louis
7:20 nest screms.
Leae t. Pal C:p. m., arrive at St. Louis
6:15 neat evesins.
Lean St Paul A 9:15 a. m., arrive at Kansas
my 7:s0 next ornirg.
Leave v t peel 7,15 p. m., arrive at Kansae
Utty 810 next eieni.n.
A Daily. B Except Sunday. C Except Saturday.
Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on day trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union
Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and'
Canada apply to any ticket agent
or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. Pass. Agt,
St. Paul. M.nn.
ger, plaintiff, vs. George B. Diehl,
Hannah Diehl and Massena Ballard, de
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and deeree of foreolosure and sale issued
out of the district court of the first judicial
district of the state of Montana, in and for
the county of Lewis and Clarke. on the 26th
day of September, A. D., 1892, in the above
entitled action, wherein Henry M. Granger,
the above named plaintiff, obtained a judg
ment and decree of foreclosure and sale
agalsut George B. Dishl, Hannah Diehl
and Massena Bullard, defendants. on the
26th day of Septembe:, A. D., 1892, for the
sum of $1,338.13 besides interest. costs and
attorneys fees, which said decree was. on
the 26th day of September, A. D.. 1892,
recorded is judgment book No. "H" of
said court, at page - I am commanded to
sell all those certain lots, pieces or ,earoels of
land situate, lying and being in the county
of Lewis and Clarke, state of Montana,
and bounded and described as follows,
The east seventeen (17) feet of lot num
bered two (2), and the west seventeen (17)
feet of lot numbered three (3) in block
numbered forty-two (42) of the Broadwater
addition to the city of Helena, according
to the official plat thereof as filed for re
cord in the offce of the county recorder of
said county of Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise apper
Public notice is hereby given, that on
Monday, the 17th day of October, A. D.,
1892, at 12 o'olock m, of that day, at the
front door of the court house, Helena,
Lewis and Clarke ounty,. Montana, I will,
in obedience to said order of sale and decree
of foreclosure and sale, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as may
be necessary to satisfy said judgment, with
interest and costs, to the highest and best
bidder for eash in hand.
Given under my hand, this 26th day of
September, A. D.. 1892.
By RALPH 0. Jonsso~, Deputy Sheriff.
The above sale is postponed until Taes
day. Nov. 1. 1892.
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phdntlft, rv. William L Bteele as execuntor
of the etate of Mary Ann Eckert. deceased,
Martha Taylor Eckert 8ochwabe., and Fred A.
Schwabe, her husband. (C. . .BwaUllow. Bred.
!ohimpf, Carlo Morrell. John Derrick, John
Iloban and Joseph U'NeIl, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure ant sale issued out of the
district coourt of the First Judicial d:etriot of the
state of Montana. in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke, on the 4th day of October, A. D.,
1891. in the above entitled action, wherein Henry
C. Moses, the above named plaintiff. obtained a
Judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale
against William i. fiteele, as executor of the
estate of Mary Ann Eckert, deoeased, Martha
Taylor Eokert Schwab., and Fred. A. Schwabe.
her husband, 0. C. twallow. Fred. echimpf
Carlo Morrelli. John Derrick, John iohan and
Joseph (O'Nill, defendants, on the l1th day of
September. A. L, 189B, for the sum of $S,.O.l0,
besides interest, costs ald attorney's fees, which
said decree was, on the 15ta day of September.
A.D., 1892, recorded in Judgment book he.
H" of said court. at page 1551. I asm com
mended to sell all those certain lots. piecee or
parcels of land. situate. lying and being in the
county of Lewis and Clerke elate of Montana,
and bounded and described as follows, to-wit:
Lot number one (1), in block numbered seven
(7), of the original townsite of the oity of Hel
ena, in said county and state The said lot hav
ing a frontage on Water street of fift-one (51)
feet, end a depth of seventy-three (738 feet.
Also lot numbered two (J), in block numbered
seven (7), in the said erigtnal townsite; said lot
having a frontage on Water street of fifty-six (51)
feet, and a depth of sixty-nine (89) feet accord
ing to and as teecribed upen the official plat ef
the said named townsite. which plat is now on
file in the manner provided by law, in the office
of the county recorder of Lowie and Clarke
Together with all and singular the tenements,
hereJitaments and appurtenanees therennto be
longing or in anywise appertanimg.
i-nblic notice is hereby given, that on Tuesda
the 21th day of October. A. D.. 1892, at 12 o'clook
m. of that day, at the front door of the court
house, Helena. Lewis and Clarke county, Mon
tana. I will, in obedience to said order of sale
and decree of foreclosure anti sale, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof as may
be necessary to satisfy said judgment, with in
terest and costs, to the highest and beet bidder,
for cash in hand.
Given under my hand. this 4th day of October.
A.D. 1891.
By RALPii G. Joanisom Deputy Sherift.
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Me. Sc Whitney lo4ek. Detroit. MLd
t. of the First judicial district of the state
of Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke.
Laura Wilson, plaintiff, vs. James Wil
son, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greeting to
the above named defendant:
You are hereby required to appear in an
action brought against you by the above
named plaintiff in the distriet court of the
First judicial distriot of the state of Mon
tana, in and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, and to answer the complaint filed
therein, within ten doys (exclusive of the
day of servise) after the service on you of
this summons, if served within this county;
or, if served oht of this county, but within
this district, twenty days; otherwise within
forty days, or judgment by default will be
taken against you, according to the prayer
of said complaint. The said action is
brought to obtain a judgment and deoree of
this court dissolving the bonds of matri
mony heretofore and now existing between
the defendant and this plaintiff. For that
said defendant did on the 9th day of July,
1891, wilifally and without eanse, desert
and abandon this plaintif.f and ever
since has, and still continues so to willfully
and without cause desert and abandon said
plaintiff, and live separately and apart
from her without any sufficient cause; or
any reason, and against her will and consent;
and that said defendant did, on or about the
date aforesaid, depart from the state of
Montana with t" intention of not return
ing thereto; ao hot the coats of this action,
and for goner.. relief.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relief de
manded in the complaint and for coats.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
distriot court of the first judicial district of
the state of Montana, in and for the county
of Lewis and Clarke, this 13th day of Sep
tember, in the year of our Lord, one thous
and eight hundred and ninety-two.
By L. W. BURTON, Deputy Clerk.
BoTmIU & SHED, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
ant to an order of the U'nited Btates circuit
court for the district of Moltanoa the under
sigped will receive sealed proposals for the oupar
comae of a one-half interest (n'livided,) in and
to the Miller & Gotf band of sheep, near Mar
tirs lale, in the county of Meagher, state of
Montana, consisting of about 11,000 head of
sheep: also an undivided one-half interest in
and to all personal props, ty belonging to said
business, and used in conneotilon therewith: also
an dunlvided one-half of about 11.000 acres of
fenced land in the Mi aselshell valley co mty of
seagher and state of Miontapa. belonging to
and used in conoecti, n with said business.
bide to be received as follows: On all of the
-alo Lidi w 1lbe received upon the undivided
one-half inmerest in the sheep and of all of the
personal prcoperty belnngdng to said bucinese. in
one lot; and also will be received upon all of the
land in one separate lot. Parties desiring to
purchase said property may mael bids upon
one or more of the lots or all of them, ma above
mentioned: all bids to -e in writing, seald,
ant each arccom ranted by a cortified check for
one thousand dellars (81,000) check to be re
I turned if bid is rejected. to be part payment of
sceepted bid, or a forfeiture of an accepted hbut
Infnlfilled Mid; terms of payrent all cash, or
half each with motcage on property sold for
balnce. hd;de to he ubhmitted to the under
signed not later than Bov. H, 1510: all bide sub
ject to approval or rseection by the court. 1)e
cailed doers. lltion of lands, title thereto, ached.
ol of sheep and personal property will be for
nished on applisation to the undersignead at ast.
dreses below All bids to bt opened in co rt.
i erfect title gnarainteed, asubject to purchase.
money yet due oniand.
first National Bank Building, Hohts a. Mont.

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