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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 07, 1892, Morning, Image 3

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,. Clerk Answers t.r eeis sypbhA kt
to ti*eo 'ranl " ,
To Tir Iwxamspam s In the Journal of
* 6th tShre appeared an article under the I
e.Alag of °NMe Colored Demoerats." The
rtter of the articole evidently, after re- I
wing the same, waes ahamed to attach
s name thereto. The article savors veo
trongly of Inlated and highly illuminated
nesit. He should not atteppt to Judge I
e minds of others by his own narrow
nage system. Colored men are like all
there-the, differ in opinions and are
king into the future and not courting I
he past. BesUse there are those who will
ot be led bliadly by the nose against their g
avictionk by a few pseudo leaders, they
re styled by Mr. W. traitors. In every
litical speech made by a republioan lead
r, black or white, to a ntg o gathering the
usetion of slavery is the leading tople, and I
me it seems they are of the opinion that
colored man ean understand nothing g
Ise. Euoh talk must be stopped. It is
ustv end grates harshly on the ea s of an
ntelligent mind. Had it received its in
erment years ago the condition of the
olored man to-day would be far better; I
at, no, it is to the interests of the repub
loan party, about the end of every fourth I
ear, to revive those old dissolving views
hleh disappear after the 4th of March.
The days of hoodwinking are over and
be republican leader can no longer rook his
aby voter in an old-fashioned cradle. '1 he
olored man has awakened from his politi
al lethargy as will ibe seen on to-morrow. I
am a democrat, even though Mr. W. has
t imbeded in his noddle that these are
one; and notwithstanding his weak and
enseless attack upon colored democ ate, I
are say be would do no more for his race than
is colored democratic opponents. Let me I
ay to Mr. W., whoever he may be, that if I
fter years and years of unbroken reiu;bli
an rule the condlition of the colored man is
ot ameliorated, I do not think it wise any
onger to look in that direotion. IRegisla
sioh is not our gOtl; it aspy be piled as
irh as the capital building'at Washington,
tut it does not beget confidence and respect
for as. Throw away those low, o ooked
ourtesies and spaniel fawning; have an
opinion and vote it; gaze not, upon bleached i
bones and resueaoted political corpses
which do as no good. Mr. Cleveland
proved himself our friend, faithful and just
even against our enmity, and sunch a man
who readers good for evil is a friend in
deed. Mr. Collins has also shown by words
and actions that he is a friend of the col
ored man. Having proved himself our
friend the colored vot ,re will not fail to
lend their aid to his election an chief magis
trate of this state at to-n~orrow's content.
J. E. W. CLAnK.
A Card From J. H. luncher.
To TIu INDEPENDENT: There is a story
going the political rounds that on the
evening of Nov. 5I Mr. J. H. Bouober made
the statement that Mr. J. H. McFarland
had sold out or withdrawn as a eandidate
for sheriff on the people's party ticket, and
that for so doing he. Mr. McFarland, had
received the sum of $2,000. and that J. H.
Bouoher wanted to bet $2,000 that Mr.
Sanders, for that reason, would be the
next sheriff of Lewis and Clarke county.
Now, as a fact, I never made any such
statement at the time mentioned, or at any
other time or place; also I never made or
offered to make any bet of any money or
anything at anay time or place that
Mr. Sanders would be the next
sheriff or next anything; also that
on the evening in question, an unusual
.occurrence. Iwent home about 4:30 p. m.,
and on account of illness in my family did
not again go doa n town until about noon
the following day. When informed of this
lie I immediately started to trace it ul,
from one to another and finally wound up
at Mr. Henry Davis, an employe of Capt.
Smlith in the transfer business, who refused
to tell the source of his information, but
said some one else had told him. In fact,
the story is manufactured out of whole
cloth in its entirety. But if any political
candidates or party think they can profit
by such dirty political work th.y will be
wiser when the smoke has cleared away on
Wednesday next. Mr. J. H. McFarland, as
he has said before, is in the race to the
end. J. H. Bouncmi.
Helena, Nov. 6, 1892.
Caught in Hisa Own Trap.
Something akin to the cnse of the en
gineer hoist with his own petard has hap
pened to a citizen who dwells in the Rue
Blomet, says a Paris letter. This person,
who is evidently a man of much foresight
and precaution, had hit uson a very in
genious system for the disconmfiture of the
enterprising burglar. He fixed up behind
his door a revolver loaded with pellets and
so arranged it as to act as a small battery,
which would be fatal, or nearly so, to any
one opening the door with undue pressure
or bursting it in suddenly. The citizen had
a specially careful way of opening the door,
but unluckily for himself, he had dined too
well one night, and the consequence may
be guessed. He worked his latch-key all
sight and was entering his room rather en
ergetically, when the temporarily forgotten
battery set to work and its inventor re
ceived a full charge of pellets in the body.
Although his injuries were slight, it is not
probable, considering his experience, that
he will retain the battery as a permanent
The Oldest Man in England.
Amos Ginks, who is 107 years old, lives at
Wellingsborough, Northamptonshire, Eng
land. His age is verified by the registry of
births. The old man is thin. bent and can
not see any too well. Anart from that he
enjoys good health. He suffers no physieal
infirmitles and bids fair to live several
years more. For a long time lie was a sol
dier. bine he left the oyal artillery he
has worked as a farm hand in Wellingabor
ough. (inks does not sreem to think it re
markable that he has reached such an ex
traordinary age. In 1887, a newspaper hav
ing published his age, 102 years, his em
ployere gave him less work. Ginks was
very agreeably surprised. The hardy cen
tenarian has been married three times; he
smokes and drinks moderately. Severeal
years ago he buried his daughter, who was
almost 80 years eld.
A Luanuriousn Traveling House.
L very elegant private ear, .with eomplet6
fittings, ran be bought for $25,000. All
that is necessary is to go to one of the pal
ace car companies and give the order.
When the car is completed it will be de
livered as freight to the purchaser. About
twenty-five persons in the United States
own private cars, most of whom are rail
road proprietors. jfor $50 a day one can
hite a car consisting of an observation
room, two drawing rooms and a dining
room twelve feet long. T'he middle part of
the car contains st renteen berths, which
ire sofas during the day. Heating, light
ing rnd three servants are provided. Of
course, fares must be paid extra, but stops
can be made wherever desired, and the car
can be sidetracked and used as a home.
Now Try This.
It will cost you nothing and will surely
do you good, if you have a cough, cold, or
any trouble, with throat, chest or lungs.
Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption,
coughs and colds is guaranteed to give re
lief or money will be paid back. Snufferers
from la grippe found it just the thing and
under its use had a speedy and perfect le
covery. 'ITry a sample bottle at our exrpensae
and learn for yourself just how good ar thing
it is. Trial bottles free at H. M. I'irchen
'. Cu.'s drug store. Large size 50 cente and
A \'.eterali of Two Wars.
HIAMILTON, O., Nov. 1.-Gon. Vandever
died suddenly last night. lie wasa vete an
of the Mexican war and served as colonel
of the Thirty-ilfth Ohio in the war of the
leltrman Waideck, borkkeeper for J.
Kahn & Co.. tolaico mnerehants of San
Franciso, skippedI with $Ir.(00I.
hlie Il live Iha jest reerivel this wok a cr
Io.al uf lrhilrrn'ea lede. anrd lheu ti, snenow Ilie
theiyouag renilente of IlIolelta will bie mwade
Legal blnor at (tU otes,
For mVIMei ee k.
For Vie.Prelsident.,
ADLAI R. STIlVENBON, Ilinias. bi
For Preeldential Iloetor. ti
A. W. LYMAN, Lewis and ('larke County. e
PAUL A. FUSE. Deer Lodge County.
WALTER COOPFr,, Galilatin Count'y.
for Repreesntative in CoUgr.n.,
W. W. DIXun, Iuver Bow County.w
for Governorm e
T. R. COLLINS, Cascade County. of
For Lieatepant governor,
H It. MILTON, Beaverhead County ou
For Secretary of ) tate,
B. W. L. FOLK. Missoila County.
For Treasurer, a
JESSE NASTON, Custer County. t
For Auditor,
,W. C. WHALEY. Jefferson County.
For Superintendent of Public instuetlon,
J. C. MAULUNY, Madison County.
For Chief Justice,
W. Y. PEMHlERTON, SBlver Bow County.
For Attorney General.
E. C. DAY, Park County c'
For Clerk of the Supreme Court,
J. L. SLOANE, hiesonia Countyr.
For District Court Judges, Hoa.ac Ri. BUc,. T.
For Clerk of the Distriot Court, DE.vZR P. e
For Bheif. r,. D. CunT~ia
For Clerk and Recorder. PrETz M. COLLINS. a
For Treasurer, C. B. GAnnETT.
For County Attorney, C. B. NOL.A. ii
For laseesor, W. J.-Blc~Ixt.
For Auditor, 8, POZNANNEL i
For Superintendent of Schools, Miss "C. L
For Surveyor, Jons W. WDn r.
For Coroner, T. H. PLEAsANTa.
For Publio Administrator, F. M. BTnut. t
For County Commi'eioners, E. BEAOE WILLIAM
For State lenator, DR. W. L. STEEL.
For lieprosentatives. ROBERT B. MITH,. THOMAS
C. llAcE. If. It. ( oMLY, :. K. IRowN, A. J.
F. Lioorlna.
For ('onstables. JOHN A. Quurin FRED GRAHAM.
For Justices of the Peace, TI.EENON O'Dox
The democratic state central committee
announce the following apiointments of
Hons. W. W. Dixon and J. K. Toole:
Batte, Nov. 7.
Hon. N. W. MeConnell:
Billings, Nov. 7.
Hone. Martin Maginnis and Robt. B. Smith:
Monday. Nov. 7, at Helena.
Buokloe,'s Arlltsa Patv
The Best Salve in the' world for Cute,
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
So'cs, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Cons and all Skin Euptiona, and posi
tively cures Piles or no money required. It
is guaranteed to Rive perfect satisfaction,
or money elounded. Price25 oeentsper box.
For sale by H. M. Parchen & Co.
J. C. REMINGTON, Manager.
Turner's English Girls
20 Lovely Girls in the ncwet ani brightest
A gorgeous train of teautiful Amazons armed
in the golden panoply of bewild ring . .urleslne.
Visions of dazzling Ibauty. llapturons songs,
enchanting daucen. hlie original and bewitch
ing sensations' t;erpetllte Lt auce.
Election retu rlns will bie received by wire
and asnonuced from tile stage during the
leserrved setse on ealo at Pope & O'Connor's
Drug Itore P'onday morning.
Drs. Liei & Co.
San Franilsoe, Kansas City aud Chicago.
Have treated more eases anceeasfully than
all others, similar in nane, oonmbluined.
Have establlishned
13: Main St., Helena,
Therapidly ine-easing nnmber of patients in
Montana demand greater facilities and ascem
mo:l.ttious, to mnet which lbr L:ebig & (o.
bace establihed otaoes in this slty. 'hiy will
be in chag of a duly anihorivoe r.prea-ntatice.
who will report sall compieated cos' to thi
head i,tlrc, where omluli- e reiourds a re kept of
all aousle andi the trat.nealt adopted. Each
branch havrlig ito epeealbt, no onei physician
alnd never lee t(hau fice exitrierced i peciatets
lhave a consultation on every coe pierentid.
Having thisueands to refer to, iompami-oni are
Sreadily madi. No exprimOenting smply alp
plying the treat-l,-:t ti at h:s time without
Snunber proed rucc e-ful. 'lhis in the secret of
Stheir stuci-ss and the reas ii n su i marvelous
Scures as he ,toiire reported lave hat-n made
after tihe best icral physicians pronounoine them I
hopslesly inuorable.
SChronic alflectins. wlhether from nlarly Indi
era-i h nus e..ncIerl hxceie-e, fain m i Wr s r l -cc +.
lIos-i c Mmolio vi, r'tihils enti C~tt~or a c--i -iii
nnflttio1 thiei froan enjoybog aly ' - Ifl¢ It iit
ires of Ifts, traic d urn er-itI after itliiiilti'
Sfailure by oliti r-. Ir. I jeib g .1 c'o Itiiluta
tilon for their unlaralliled lruocss ili tlnitiing
ihi Dism.n·s ,f Meu in world wide, and thlI lave
vatients in all oarts of it.
STheir lDpnialist for affleotions if wtiorn hba
lt--ly Isetingnd from c.ulon, lavincn at the
l]tat ptltltainOs and reminedile u'id o the riin
riple hocp.tals and io without a stiperlor Oi tLhe
SA rAI:ReiF, and kindreld anleotions of the
1 lye., Ear. Thront anI I n;p*, rie, e .fu Ir treseld,
I and in a manner ei' mildly aetu be aecceptable to
the ni at deiCe e chld.
traeci. for Epinal lifornitiie. tlub ii ee. eti.,
ntatiufacture., tialsfaictioi gnarantolon
Ires. li.ehi & tie. will visit Mfarynvmtile
the 13th nd 14lbh, Itlllpmburg tIhe 15th
ned 10Lt, Graslte the 1th and Il7thb, and
a Mlsoultr the lIth uani Ith et eIah luonth.
tosusltatlou Free.
('all or aldrmes. san ratuoiaco. 400 Goary;
BaAIgs3 Mauprav AoleJas M5,Y Min.
the tt4 i itro o the state of
lu"e. o o fort the monnte oef JlWi
,e.S .m ,ifos, plteatiltf v.. Ibeodore shon
p r1 and lsa hhetn l, (.tosndmnts,
Thea itdt. Moi daa so greeting to the
bays namled denaoadagte:
You aire horby required to appear in a detion
nurghtainst you by tleabooy nm.s plap.
It in theatlStre c court of thae aitril alai nis p
p p atand or ti
rtIn of the state Of iantana1i 4dl n for tei
iunt}yof Lewis and Clarke, and to ansowe the
mpslano filed therein, within tot daes
C otln ou of this summor i served within
ile oount. or. if served out of tlis lounty, but
thin this otstrlit,wrthl twenty dysi otherwihe
ithlu forty days, or Judleont by dfault will
i taken against yon, according to the prayer of
aid complaint
it tltis court for the foureclosure of a certain
norteage described In the said complaint, and
-eoMted by the said defendants on the l3th day
if ll, At i. 1tt, to seoure the paiyment
if a certain promissory note dated May
8, Ie..a. made by the sid heodore
centonnera and Eli rea honketnbrg. for the
a bm of b, pu, year after date thereof,
0 the order of te said I olea B Saocum, with in
eirest tiereon at the rate of 10 per ot paer
uuonml the amount die upon said note and
ortsgae at t nie date of the commencemsent of
tilS altion being the slim Of l,O00. tkeathe
wltL Interest th rein at the rate f 10 per neat
per annum from the 1lth day of Ma A, Vd. 189t1
Lhe'nroprty embraced in anid affected by said
iorttifae beini all tUnioi certain lott, pieces or
aroeu orf land itnatle, lying mid beang in the
.spitol Biil .a atihion to the city of iielena, in the
toun'yof Lewis and Clerks, state of Montana,
iartil auarl dresoriiei aq follows, to-wit:
Ioti nuibered one, two, five iand si, n block
puber on, as said ltO and block are lnn
lreu, dnsignated and described on the plat of
said Capitol IDiil addition n file in the office of
Ih t ounty recorder of said counaty of Iewlis and
l'larks; tl at the premise conveyed by said mort.
age may be solo. lnd the proceeds api lqd to
in thdmsrt of said promissory note with inter
it thereon, aeghe rats aforesaid. and t coats of
suit. inoleslingc$1 t conslrt feeso aud in oase
inoh pro8osadeai:i not iollisot to I. abe same,
them to obtain al oia Sln againet sild defend
ants, 'oheodure Beentisthirg and tLisa boakienli.
terg. for the balance remaining diie, and also
that the said defendante, and all persona claim
in by, through, or iader Inthe. may be barred
a foreliois of all right. title, clann, lien.
equity of redeumtioti, it interest in and to said
mortgaged pfedises, i dil for other nd further
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer the said complaint, as above
required, the said rplaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in the said com
Given under my biand and tnoe mel of the dle
triotcourtof the First judicial district of the
state of Montana in nd for the county of ewisa
and Clarke. this 2'th day of ()ti
ia t olier, in the year of our tLord
District one thousand eight hundred and
('onurt. ) niety-two.
By C. W. B ua'roC, Deputy Clerk,
L court of the First judicial district of the
state of Montana. in and for the county of
Lewis and ClarkE.
Walter c. yelobarre, plaintiff, vs. Elizabeth
H. DeisbarrO, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant:
You are hereby required to appear in an action
brought saganst you by the above named plain
iff in the district court of the First judicial die
triot of the state of Montana, in and for the
county of Lewisaind Clarke, and to answer the
complaint iled therein within toen days
lexclunive of the day of service) after the
asrvico on you of this summons, if served within
ihis count-' or, if serveLL out of tlis county, btil
within this district,within twenty days: otherwise
within forty days,'or nutidgment by default will
be taken against yuto, according to the prayer of
said comilaint,
l'he said action is brougilt to dissolvethe
bonds of numtrimoiuy now ealisting between you
aid the plaintil' hleroin 'lbet cnmplain .lleges
among other things that you and the plaintiff
were married Dec. 23, .Iltl, in ! ew York city,
and 'ht on or about the 2di day of Augulst., be
you wilfully aid without cane deserted and
abatonied iIlaintiff at Aebory Park, in the state
of -,ew Jersey. and have ever incew and still
continnr to wilfully and without cause desert,
'-handuin and live separate and apart from him
withl out any sufficient cause or reason an-l
Against his r ill and without his consent. not
wii.ttanui no his efforts to induce you to return
to him. Pl.it.tiff aloi alleges residence in the
ctats of hlontlna for one year next immediately
preci-ding the b cislning of this suit.
And you are hereby tnolilied that if you fail to
appe'ar and answer the said conmplaint, as above
requir0d, the said plaintif will apply to the
court for the relief in said complaint demanded.
Given under my hand andtne soal of the die
trictcourt of the First judicial district of tihe
state of Montana in and for the county if Lewis
... and Clarke. this 15tit day of (ti .
I Beal ) o:her, in the year of our Lord.
Distrlict one thousand eight hundred and
(Court. ninety-two.
By C. W. BUtTriN. ])eputy'CierBk.
T. L (C'rutcher. Attorney for Plaintil.
the liret judicial district of the stlate of
Montana, in and for the county of Lewis and
lierta Longfelder, plaintiff, vs. William W.
Lotg fldor; defendant.
the state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant:
Yiu srt hereby required t., appear in an action
brucgi t aratit u o+ b-" the ab, o nsuied pleiitilf
in the district court of the First judicial district
of the state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke. and to aiewer the complaint
filed therein, withinu ten day (exclunsivo of thm
day of servici) after the soricep on you of this
somnione, if served within this connty; or. if
served out of this county, but within the district,
within twenty tdys: otierw.ee witvlin forty days.
or jndgment by default will be taen atasnatyot
according to the prayer of said complaint.
fir satld atin is routlght to, otsitns a decree
of the court dissolving the bonds of nmatrimony
between ti.e plaintiff and defendant, on the
ground of desertion of plaintiff by defendant,
and aiandonmont since the--- day of August,
1i89. all as more fully apt ears in the complaint
on file in said court, to which reference is hereby
Anti yoen are hereby notified that if you fail to
appoear and an-wor the said conmplaint, as above
requilred, the said plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief deomaded in her complaint.
Given under my fiand and the seal of the dis
trict court of the First judirial district of the
state of Montana. in and for the
r-ý------ county of Lewis and Clarke.
Sheal First this 21tth day of October. in the
Jud. Dist. year of otr Lord one thousand
Court eight hundred and ninety-twn
--r t JOHN BEAN, Clerk.
By HI. J. CA(tZlY. Deputy Clerk.
David B. Carpenter, Attorney for I'Plintiff.
'AtAorncy at Iar.
Money to loua onimproved city and farm
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
MaIonic Temple - Helena, dontema
Attorney utnd Cooneollor at Law,
Will practice in all courts of record in the
State. Office in tiold ilock, eleons, Mont.
Ciil and Mining Engineer.
U. S. Deputy Mlncral Surveyors. Mineral pat.
sntl secored. itooma 12 and 1i, Atlas Muildnug,
helene, Montana.
luhysiclan, t .rgeon, Accoouhe,, Oculist, Aturist.
SMember oif han Francisco hilcdihel hociety.
iRiso Nevada hIate Mleiical orlety. ilticeo on
hlsin street, over hteinmetg Jeweiry ttore.
DLesaeeo of Woleem and Children Specal
Helelne. Mountana
A oU rt tor ~Mlolle townthip, L(,tt and
(larke cout ty, state otf Ilontata. bufiro L
litutbiht, juintico of tile ni aisi.
M. t'aupy, plaintiff, vs. li'eRtr Iiokltison, itt
thu elate of uoqutana to the above nailtei ite
feudant. grmutiu.-
uti are hereby slluollnond to toI atti Illear
efiiorolhiu. L. Hramblta a jlutioe of tic. llliilol-. al
nli otlice in taecl lItch-na. withit lili due¥1 utter
thee iltlletliin of the tlubticatitn of tlthis uili
Inoue tli-wit . after Nov. i, iti. t tInc aid tIe-re
toutita aliewor to tlhe itlnltletct if lt. CeulUI.
the above niamed ilaitltiff, in a oliil aeli~n to
recover tile atee Itf tto-loltty-l tiur ihllii rsilut
ninety sight itct for 1mu. suit unlit hal, mollths'
rell rnt atli aironllst of J. I' iltpee rlir
Iuids atnd inorchantdi~o* , eaid goll-. inereiniat
ltlse and use iof hioni havtim ing iO- furnished to
dintlfcot at 1ii. epnseial intlale aoti requiect.
And in detault thereof judieiiieuit will be ren
doted against yoII. t'ilter llthiunsn, the abotii
nnmeo defuedent. for the sloo of tweity'four
dollars and ninsty-ietht enrlts 511111). and oeslt
of silt in tLis ii.oisif etape0ptih-.
tlirnu tister my hanit titie ttLt day otf tcotller,
A , ). til.-I
ulsltio of the PLace of said, Towosin.
Commencing MIonday
12 yards elegant Black Gros Grain Silk,
Worth $18, for $11.25
12 yds Black French Boneux Silk,
Worth $21, for $12.55
12 yards heavy Black Bangaline Silk,
Worth $18, for $11.95
12 yards Black Italian Bangaline Silk,
Worth $22.20, for $14.95
This is a November Sale of Silks promised you for many days. 'Tis a grand offer-a big
offer-a startling offer. Ladies, you deserve this great bargain for you have stood by us and
patronized our great special offerings every week for the last. year. The silks offered need no
recommend from us-you know the New York Store. You know the superior qualities of
the goods customarily placed on sale by us.
SLearn about varnish enough to be able to take the proper care of it on your piano, house interior,
furniture, carriage, etc.
Enough to distinguish between good work and vulgar.
Enough to be able to get good work, if you have occasion.
Enough to avoid disappointment in it.
The People's Text Book will give you this slight knowledge-we send it free.
The favor consists in your compelling the maker to put good varnish on your things. You can do it.
0 ead Office: Newark, New Jersey.
Other Offices: Boston, Cleveland, St. Louis and Chicago.
Factories: Newark and Chicago.
Civil Procedure.
$2.50 Per Volume.
tF;II.IF'Y IHALIF--BY Vttt' t' l(tF AN |. E
ruso iu my hlanl, iu or l "ti of lie dln
trilt .ortot of thlu LFtirt .llh inlu ll, 1irolt of thoi
talotr nt M r ltatla. ilal nd fo, ur ti e o llll y e inem
aetilld `roperty. itualrtlln in lewia audin lark
a .rit y,. mort.ii t It .: l
v enul n . nyllty t httl hd ,thi, i . nl|) ,, t ,l aI t d
Ioth - pon A lt2 , i itn b lo , d ot++tt , he nill.
drll atnd nitet-naine 1.11u In t, "h'Il tIoll mIn a"
additiot to the ully o. Itul.ta nounly and slat
I loll ler with alt l land elll rol aro 1te tO1' -t01'11,l
(er an n tlineule alt t alilrtillllo lt il-lthlthlo et lt be,
Noiw t',t i- hoeroit. ivn te h lnat ll tho, t| onr n cn
day fllt ni nlolll'-o. A. I). tl!, at 11,1 iIllr l 'J
ti 1110k Iti n. olt eald tla', at thn' trout door of tho1
oulrllr ho e ll itou oily ol I|loht na I will1 . ll l11
proIlt l r ty, iho I Sllretwt idllldlr folhito itll land.
livn llll Inder my blatd this t tlaltl dly ofu
OoIW'?h A. I). InUl.
G1 I"ii taltl liy. IlhP' lGY( l|, Nhuril.t
137 RLm+ Uy. Jo thohh, Dhrputy ol'hurill,
The Body of John McPhee
Who was lost Sept. 30, 1891, in
Deer Lodge county, west of Rin.ini
and south of Elliston. Was last
seen about three unlles east of the
Ontario mine. IHo wore a dark
suit of clothes and hat, also a
wat:lh with his name c±ij.raved
on injlti c08e.
Address inlormation to
15 South RaleilIh St., Heliuna, Mont
A M TitAS I ' l ST tI3 T t "
court of th te [qrr jtlliiin l dintrilt or th.
stat' of Montana. in said for the C:.uty of
Luwis and t'lark.
, oor l rt.ta . plaintitl, vo. Mary I. uitl man,
'C'ho taoI of ionit an seouds grentin. to thi
iioi anr IeIiA) t tIisrod Ito a tio ai ill a nCtir
tri o ti f i t. int e , M nan , i tl rsai ,oi thisi
'iii. ,li it L.ediiirItn lae..s rin tpl.a nair tis
1n atnpllnt tilid therein, vtllhln toa dam.
toelal.iive oIa ti lilly of sarviivn) ..tir IhlI
Anrtl i CO you iof I rl .ltr ti. llllliti. i.f wol wilt it
thtur aonitt ; ,r. if eri . col ot h ti'eiullitil, llt
within tinirllitriot,Whit.:n i|ntiy dany' oaliorwt.o
wittili ft,"l' ay *, oi r ludi ult a lti ti difaii will
Ier takln ahiunlt yrl, a·tsordiuig it the prlayr oa
said oolmU laut.
'It eh i aeotluto is birouIht to Uhtain a divtrce
fronll thi doinudad t ary r. nurnias. I hatnl the
causl of saMtitre all~gn · thi do.l rtiua oI' tlihs
pilaintiff by tl deeitda-ut. wilhoNlt reAulrah,
Iause, and aiUtItery) tifnluii t,'ki by iel di.inlanti
witha h.,orlui uuunuti t ta thei ptlttllt alt I Slt
lion 0.t, at distorn trite I uktoitu to plniitilII.
And you are loreby totitittl that it yoaii Til o
aippacr antd tntoir the i aid omirlairtt aI abnivt
requiired. tI. .lid tilaittift will atpli to the
court fri thk relief dientad^d ie iniae ri~,nlleiit..
(it.len ander my hand andthe sth l oa the dis"
trict court of the elr.t judicial dtt4riot of thi!
State of Montana, in and fur the einuty of I wws
* - nd I arkte,. this IlOth day of ()its.
Feat itf or i, t the y.ar oif alit I.orl.
DiLtriatrt one thoutan d eilght huundred and
('uurt. tiunutytlwo.
"T-- JON BEAN. (Cloth.
l OU. %%. Sua't'ON, tiputy ( Itur
Word, inlith W krd, Attoureys for l'letlnil.
court of the Fil't Judicia district of the
staot of Muitanla. in and for the county of
Lowi and Clarke,.
St'han': Vt. Ioby, plaintift. vs. Imanli 1).
Treuthn, (rsvr 'Ireutlan uand (Charles D. Cur
tbis, asdtiuitrator of the lestate of Edwin it.
'Ir·,tlIn deceased, defendausts.
Tho state of Montana sends greeting to the
abovel na tedt defondaut.:
You lare herety reo utriod to appear t an aotion
ruought oaiutL you by the above auen d planltiff
in the ditriot eCourt of tehe First judicial dietriot
of the atotr, of Mth utana, in end (or the county of
Lewie und ('larke. and to answer the oomDlait
filed lro'minu.witthn teu dals (.aclusiva ol the day
of service) after thy rervice o.t you of this ume
mono., if served with!n this oonuty: or. if served
out of tlii ourtot. bht within this distriot, within
twenty dial, othorwlso within forty days, or
jt.tll.lt by defanlt will bh taken a.arint yall
occordng to the praser of said o.,mpltair
SIe railt action is bro lhtl to obhilt a decree
of this court fir hr for tecl tetl of a oertail
lntristono detcrihod in said oenpiplaiot, and one
estied IIy lE H . I rrAttous snt . orni i). Treutico
oii tsIe 1th slltar Iof uly. Itoi, to tsoure the hAy
" otlt of a cortaltir lsr .l ur loy o n oof the isaire
diato in thi sum of i.ttUri, s itt Iitereot rouin raid
totao until paid at the rate of te Iper ,tnt lper
artittllI: that the irnrmiee censeedr by raid
III ortgicgo nay ber sold snd the proceeds applied
t psyrssit of sal prronmtelst otoe; andl in
a.r .ruch proceeste aro not utsibisOat to oay the
srnoe thon toottain an exrcutlion aluoet said
dtirtsiilitstrt tor tho balance remnainingc due. and
also that the Oaid defendtaita and all tersonD
orliillo c hby,. through or utndir tisrn. or untnder
rold lItiwit It. iftruitlsri. olay be barrtd and
fircltow d itof all right, title. cloait, lien. uioity
iof stioernttiosi olun interest in and to aiud mort
..+r.e. ris tr s. and for ether aid (frther re
1is t, a- will tors fully aplpear by reference to
tihe I'outtnltait nnl mle hterein
iAnd ou ar r heirh*by notililt tlhat i you fall to
att,er ait an-u'sr ilts Iold iomprlaiut, mse abot
r.sistiod, the said plainiitif will apply to the c-ort
fitr Ih., rsstil esre.ttind-td -n raid onetrs laint.
tri\on tllrder lyl hand stid tlti steal uf tlr dls
trieL ouoretof t irst jrullilal district of tie
.sato of Montana. in slid for thlIr
.i---- rrcosti of lewis and i'larko.
h eas First this atth day of Otoier, in the
Jul . itL)t.y- arsfr of r Lord one thousand
t'urt. J eitI hulitndri slid niuett-twn
.-- .--+- JOttN IllAN, tlerk.
By l'. W. h.Itrroi.i. Dlnilt y Clunk.
U. L Usepoer. Attornoly for 'lraintif.
4IstALtra IN.
Marblo and Gramn
I runu llill ,
eneolag. MeItrnma

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