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HELENA, MONT.. NOV. 7, 1892.
W Montanlans abroad will always find Tn
DAILY lnDIaanarT on file at their favorit
hotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitan. Net
Iork; West, Minneapolls; Baldwin and Palaci
San Francisco; MoDetnmott, Butte; Leland Hotel
Springfield. Ill.
PIeported for THE InrDEPrDENT daily by E. J
Glass, United States observer.
1:00 a. m. 1:00 p. c
Parometer ............... 30.2069 .lt
Temperature .............. 28.0 nt.
NS iu .................... nw-- I5 w-
I Total precipitation during pest 24 hours, 0.1
Temperature at noon, 28.0.
Maximum temperature, 31 0.
Minimum temperature, 216.0.
Soral forecast for Hlelena: Slight snow
loelena, Nov. 0. 1802.
There is but one thing to do on the
capital question. If it appears that
Deer Lodge cannot win, situated as we
are, with a triangular west side fight or
our hands, we can do little less that
support Helena. Anaconda is making
a strong fight. We, of Deer Lodge, can
do little less than support Helena. The
contest has developed situations which
have narrowed down the fight to be
tween the cities of Anaconda and Hel
ena. In justice to ourselves we cannot
consistently support a "one-man town."
Anaconda is a one-man town. It is
Marcus Daly's town. Deer Lodge was
crowded out of the capital race by Ana
conda. The New Northwest has been
loath to take any position that would
indicate it was not a Deer Lodge advo
cate. The time has arrived when we
must either use our votes to the best
advantage or throw them wholly away.
Since Deer Lodge is practically out of
the capital race, the readers of the New
Northwest who have a voice and a vote
in the selection of the capital location
would better use their sound judgment
by voting for Helena.-Deer Lodge New
Northwest, Nov. 5.
It is Helena and Anaoonda on the
home stretch!
Butte has made a gallant struggle for
second place, but Anaconda boodle has
been poured out like water and Butte's
natural strength has been undermined
and her vote drawn away. She will have
third place- -which is no place at all.
Fourth place will go to Bozeman, the
beautiful and ousted. Theland sharks,
who are taking the name of the Gallatin
city in vain, do not care. They have
Marcus Daly's money in their pockets
and thi, One Man is satisfied, too, be
cause the vote drawn to Bozeman from
eastern Montana helps Anaconda to
keep the contest open for another two
Fifth place, the foot of the class, is re
served for Great Falls and her vote for
herself will be local pride misplaced.
Helena or Anaconda!
That is the way it narrows down for
to-morrow's test. Between these two
every voter must choose. They will lead
on the first ballot and, if another trial is
necessary, two years hence, they will be
the only two competitors,
Which will you have--a town depend
ent on a single mine, where the store
and the hotel and the newspaper and
the smelter and the water supply and
the lights are run aul regulated by one
man, who is autocrat of the village, or a
city built and owned by 18,000 prosper
ous people each a sovereign, in which
all industries are represented, where no
man dictates to all the riht, where labor
gets itsrights, where shut-downs are
unknown and where bossism, a thing so
detested by every American citizen, is
not tolerated in any form?
Which will you have-a one-man
town, or a town that belongs to the peo
ple that live in it ?
Which will you have-a town where
the laborer is paid full price, where labor
iunions abound and thrive--or a town
where a powerful corporation scales
dlown wages at its will, shuts downt
work to force its men to terms?
Which will you have-- a town that is
a railroad center, the center of popula
tion --or a town that is neither, and
which could not accommodate the seat
of governmennt if it got it ?
Think over this imatter carefully to
night, if you lhavire hlithlerto been indif
ferent to the content, and see if you do
not agree with us tlhait not only las no
reason ever ibocn adivsncu.el for renorving
the capital from lelena, but that ii its
cenitral location, its railroad and hotel
facilities, its coivenienco of access, its
healthfulness of olimate, its buildings,
its freedom from every objctionabie
feature- Hlelena is now, an it always
has been, the natural place for the capi
tal of the state. Then go to the polls
to-morro-w rlorning an. vote:
liOOtR AYh
Now, boys, (republican boys, we mearl)
fall in! Why hesitate longer? Mr. ii. W.
'Child, of Yellowstone IPatrk, has return
ed to, Helena from Noew York surcharged
cith enthusiasm, and thus whoops it
up in the Helena Journal (Russell I.
Slirrison, ipresident):
lyv some good fortune the son of the
Iresi-.et of the IUnited States is a citi
e n :f Montanai; his whole interest is
here, and lie is for Montana lirst last
andl all the time. This gives the presi
1 dent something more than an offiloial in
sight into Montana's needs, and we car
I always count on his sympathy. Mon.
tana will probably never strike such a
fortunate combination of ciroumstancei
again. Do the people of Montana wani
to set these people aside and put soms
one else in the White house, who won't
know or care whether Montana is on the
trail to Alaska or on the coast of Mox
Russell B. and Father! No indeed,
neither Montana nor any other state
will ever strike such a fortunate combi
nation. Coats off, boys, if you want tc
keep Montana in the family. This "will
give the president more than an official
insight into Montana's needs," you bet
iyour life. It will give him a business
insight into more side-snaps than you
ever dreamed of--a Yellowstone Park
site--a Sander's ranch site--a military
post site.--but we trust no more such
unpleasant hind-sights as that pro
sented by that cattle company of fra
grant memory.
Yes, boys, whoop her up! There's lots
of insight in it, on the side.
Hurrah for Bon and li.usell II.
IHurrah for 1 hitelaw and Baby McKea
Four years more of insight would fix
us all. But if you want to wager any
thing on the result, bet your pile on the
proposition that there won't be any more
insight for the family-not by a Mis
souri dam sitel
John Ezra Rickards, a Pharisee in pol
itics, a Judas in office, a falsitier of rec
ords, the tool and apologist of fraud,
asks the people of Montana for their
highest oficial gift. To win this honor
he has traversed the state from one end
to the other employing methods charac
teristic of his entire career in public and
in office. Hle does not use these arti
fices at random; he makes dissimulation
a study and in his self-delusion believes
that men are ignorant enough to believe
him. Ilis public character, if that word
may be used in this instance, is a singu
lar unity of all elements most offensive
to honest-minded men, and we believe
that by the result of to-mdrrow's eleo
tion the voters of this state will show
their estimate of this man by forever re
tiring him from public view. Regard
less of political lines or personal am
bitions, it is the plain duty of every
Montanian true to his citizenship to
save the honor of the state by prevent-
ing this man's succession to its executive
office. We have sufficient faith in Mon
tana manhood to believe that this will
be done, but it must be done with an
avenging band. Perhaps, the voter who
does not know the record of this con
scienceless aspirant fancies this to be
what is commonly called "partisan vitu
peration." Let us look at the record
and see if this candidate is rightly de
In October, 1889, he was elected to
preside over a new senate of a new state
and which was to be organized as a now
body entirely independent of territorial
connections or precedents. Of the six
teen senators seven were democrats
and seven republicans. The seven re
republicans met and took the oath of
office at the appointed time. Twenty
four days later the democratic senators
did likewise, after an expressed and
stipulated agreement with the lieuten
ant-governor and the republicans that
no partisan advantages were to be taken
from this action. Hardly had the agree
ment been made before the king conspi
rator, Sanders, set his scheming brain
into action to find a way to violate this
compact. It was quickly evolved but he
needod a plastic form for the mould.
Where could he find a weakling mor6
knavish or more pliable in his hands
than Rickards? Rickards answered all
requirements for the work and was will
ing to bo the tool, and was therefore
carefully rehearsed by the Warhorse for
his dastardly work.
Three days later or on I ec. 19, 1889,
fourteen senators meot, McNamara and
Brown being paired. Senator Hedges
moved that the senate proceed to the
election of ollicers, the motion was seo
onded. but before It was announced by
the presiding offlicer, Senator Baker, of
Choteau, called for the ayes and noes,
the only proper method to determine
whether a quorumn was present and vo
ting. Thein came the famious ruling
which was truthfully descriobed as de
:iding that seven was a majority of four
teen. As aill present will rmemember,
Itickards arose, and in a hesitating way,
"In the absence of rules it is not nec
esssary to call for ayes and noes."
Senator l'arberry immediately called
attention to section 10, airticle 5, of the
constitution, which says that the major
ity of each house shall constitute a
luorum to do busines. The presiding
ufli er said that eas true after organiza
tion and insisted on his proevious rulng.
In defiance of everything a ballot was
taken and by thIe votes of seven repub
lican senators oni a resolution of Senator
Fisiher tihe milnor oflicers of that
body wore illegally chosen.
It was the baseut outrage ever known
in the history of parliamontary armsern
hlages and was VwithIOUt the sOmllllance
of authority. When asked for authority
the lieutenant govornor reflrred to a
passage in Culshing's Manual which had
no hearing whatever on the question in
hand. \lWhen hle says as i, dlid at the
autlitorium Saturday evening that ihe re
foerred at the tinme to two souetiots in time
revised statutes for authority he tills a'
cluancut and nmalicious lie. lie neveor
lid anything of tihe sort. Siupplose,
however, that hle lid maklo those refer
ences. T'hese ,'oncerneld onvly thel prI
cedtnre in the old territorial uouncil anil
hllad nlo m,ro connnection withi the first
oenate of MBontana tlndlr statehood than
tihe edicts of an oriental rajah.
Thelire was but one right method ti
follow and that was tihat time lihoniored
ruling sacred to ull piarliamenitary bodies
of dleteriiining a qillrumrl Irenit aind
voting by calling for the nyes and noues.
Any other ruling was a villainous as
sumlption of authority whioh never ex
isted anid a disregard of all justice anIl
precedents. A cowardly knave who
woultl knowingly follow this Couirse
would hesitate at no larliarmentiiry out
rage to be accomillishlCd by his assist
Oni one occasion when James L. hllaine
was speakenrof the house of represenl
tives he was naked to deolare that men
bern who were present and did not vot
should be counted in order to make
"No." esal he, "the respnastbility is o
the majinrity party to have a quorea pire
out, The mnoaenut you clothe you
peraker with power to eo behind the rol
owit and aasumen that there is a querns
in the hail, why, gentlettoen, yea ste.a
on the very, brink are voleano." '
Rickards not only did this but web
farther in the same direction. On Jar
16 the democrats happened to be in the
majority at the evening session. Sena
tor lHotfman introduced a resolutioa
making it the sense of the senate tha'
no more business te tranacoted until
the controversy between the lowe.
houses was settled and Senator Hedgel
added that it was unsafe to proceet
with legislation.
What, did tRickards do?
He simply ruled the resolution out ol
order and then a demooratio senatoi
moved for an appeal from his decision
What did Rickards do, then?
lie ruled that it was out of order to ep
peial front til decision.
These are facts to be passed upon by
the voters of Montana to-morrow in ren
dering judgmenton this man. It wad not
only a case of treachery to agree
noents, violation of precedents and dis
honesty to principles but a straight out
blow to every inherent right of pet'sonal
freedom carried with the right of fran
ihise. There was no excuse for it. The
oniy one attempted was the lie whith
which Rickards opened his campaign
when he said that his ruling was en
dorsed by a United States supreme
court decision 'sustaining Reed's ruling.
This was manifestly absurd.
The house of representatives was a
regularly organized body working under
rules when Reed ruled.
The Montana senate was not organ
ized and had no rules when Rickards
The house of representatives by a ma
jority adopted Reed's ruling.
The Montana senate never adopted
Rickards' ruling by a majority.
Finally the United States supreme
court decided simply and solely that the
house of representatives had the right
to make its own rules.
This is the part of Mr. Riokards in
culminating the great fraud of Precinct
34 and in many respects it is the most
disgraceful of all. It should throw
enough votes against his candid oy to
defeat him by the heaviest majority ever
known in Montana. His record, as a
demagogue on the labor question is
found in the office of the secretary of
itate and in his public speeches. How
is opposed the convict labor and the
Pinkerton clauses in the constitution is
very well known and this opposition he
ans not dared to deny. He only says
hat he will do so and so if elected gov
mrnor. Nevertheless he must stand on
tis records as a member of the consti
tutional convention and as presiding
)flicer of the first senate---
And he must be beaten on these
All workingrnen, wherever found and
n whatever industry employed, should
rote to keep the capital away from
Bozeman. d
It is a scab town.
Labor unions are frozen out there.
[hey are not wanted. Wages are way
)elow union rates-the lowest paid in
he state.
The leading restaurants are run by
Dbinamen who employ white girls for
Keep clear of it !
It is a fit partner for Anaconda, a
own whose owners strangled the eight
lour law in the legislature and which
las cut miners' wages a dollar a day.
WITH characteristic gall the Warhorse
ectures the republican party of Lewis
and Clarke for its lack of loyalty. If he
vill stady the election figures of the last
twenty years he will strike the remark
ible coincidence that this disloyalty is
aost violent in its manifestations when
te is a candidate.
IT is between Helena and Anaconda
etween the peoplo and a corrupt cor
uoration--botween a republican formn of
governientet and a one-man tyranny.
Which will you have?
TIlE Warhorse says he finds it difflcnlt
to locate the democratic party. It will
locate, though, all the salme as the mill
tary post, in spite of the opposition of
the Sanders family.
ARIE you groirg to sell your manhood
!or Marous Daly's dollars?
Malgitnnis mid mnltlih aIt tihe grand dRleno
eratis rally to-nlight t the auuditorliun.
Dr. W. L. Steele long ago gave evidence
of unnousual fitness for legislative and exec
itive duties. As mayor of HIelena anrd a
member of the city council he was always
watchful of the city's business. Ilis pope
arity is proverbial, lie waill win in the
ienatorial race and will look well after the
yarticular interests of Lewis and Clarke
rounty in the next state senate. No better
eandidate could have been nominated, nor
tne who will win" a larger suppot from
the taxpayers.
No county attorney ever made a better
record in Lewis & Clarke than Cornelius B.
Nolan. 'i'.o criminals have becan sucoess
fully prosecuted, the county has been snaved
lrorl Ullleecesena, y exreuse and the affaire
t his oflice har e been managed with admi
,rble catse. iis reelection nmenus the as.
ernanc of a like selatisfactory adiniiitra
Lion for tie next three years.
'1I~He voters utay be nasured that Peter M.
Inllne ist well qalafierd for clerk and re
Dorder, an oflice delanllding cariil ieutton
ion to details. Mr. Corllins lhas Ileen for a
lrllrg time one of thie lorrt valued and
frueted employe. of the Great Northern
tonltany. sufficient recolnruuendation for
ay canrdidrrte for a respunalble county
The !S)f laborers that see at work on the
Itreets of lHelelna, to keel, themr in trowa n
iil election is over, resavte $1.75 icr day.
tnacoida taindard.
Ohi, tell thie truth, for once., even If you
are hard pressed! 'ThLey get $2.i50 a day. No
labor larts leses. and tbO aver age of wages
is better in Helena tbai in I) Dalytown.
DIenver P. DIayton has a etrongl fllowinlgi
among the youngl men uof this eaity. It war
owing largely to his esfolts that sal tries ofl
a- telegraphers on the Northern Paoile rall
road were aerueed. As lerk of the dil.
trio scourt be Will show the sameeUru y and
fidelity haraoteristie of his work it arl.
onu responsible positions.
' Where could three better men for oonaty
commiestioner be found than William
1 Moth. E. Beach and Sam Leaghorps. Each
n has made an enviable record in this county
a in public office and each commands the re
spect of all citlsens. Vote for all and the
t county's business will be well managed by
, an effiient board.
e The labor and mining interests will be
well looked after in the next legielature by
u C. K. Brown and J. H. Murphy. H. F,
t Lidolpb, a sunoessful ranohman, will be
I found on the right aide of all questions.
r Support all candidates if you want honest
Send Intelligent legislation.
Hon. A. J. Davidson has been known for
many years as one of the leading business
men of Montana, while C., E. Dudley is a
highly respeeted business man of Marys.
r ville. Both will be elected to to the house
by handsome majorities and will prove
valuable members.
Vote for gallant Charlie Curtis for sher.
if. He has held several responsible offices
in this city and has made a clean record in
each. In .the sheriff's office he will be
fondd prompt in his duties, accurate in his
accounts and courteous in business rela
Clarence B. Garrett will be the next county
treasurer. He is capable, honest and trust
worthy at all times and commands the re
spect of all classes. A vote for him is a
vote for a satisfactory administration of
the treasurer's office.
Judge Buck's term on the district court
bench has been most satisfactory. Hon.
T. E. Cruteher is splendidly equipped for
judicial duties. Vote for both candidates
and the judiciary of this county will be
clean and honest.
As county superintendent of schools Miss
C. L. Turnley has proved a most efficient
officer. With a knowledge of methods
gained by experience she will give better
satisfaction than an untried candidate.
W. C. Whaley. candidate for state audi
tor, is campaigning in this county. He was
a valuable member of the last house, where
he championed the eight-hour bill and is
specially qualified for the auditor's office.
The democratic legislative ticket is
strong throughout. Judge T. C. Bach,
Hon. R. B. Smith and H. It. Comly are
lawyers of high standing, superbly equipped
for legislation involving legal questions.
Do not forget the grand democratic rally
at the auditorium this evening. Major
Martin Maginnis and Hon. R. B. Smith,
two favorite Helena orators, will discuss
the issues of the day.
It is noticed that the Helena Journal has
been painfully quiet on the subject of pro
hibition since its discovery of Hon. Rich.
ard Lockey among the leading lights of the
Good Templars.
One of the most popular young German
Americans is F. M. Stranb. Hewill be the
next public administrator because he is
known to be a worthy as well as a popular
William J. Bickett has been tried in of
flee and found faithful. The assessements,
under his direction, will be fair and equita
ble and there will be no complaints.
John W. Wade's reputation as an en
gineer stands with the best. If elected
county surveyor he will be found ever effi
cient and attentive to business.
Sol Poznanski has a well-earned reputa
tion as a careful and accurate accountant.
He will, therefore, make a first-class county
auditor. Vote for him.
A withering frost will blight the Gladi
olus plant to-morrow. There will be no
more blooming until the next city cam
Democrats must get out early to-morrow
and work late. Lot the victory be com
plete and decisive.
A vote for T. H. Pleasnnts is a vote for
an able physician who will make an excel
lent coroner.
Vote for your state to-morrow. Don't
sell your suffrage to the boodle king.
Make a clean sweep of the court house
lobby of otlice-holding politicians.
A red h,,t democratic rally to-nighit at
the auditorlu,,,.
Montana ravlings BHank
Pays interest on deposits of $1 or more.
5 per cent on on savings accounts.
6 per cnt on time certificates.
"'avinu is the secret of wealth."
Manufaetunrer of
Whol<seale and retail dealer in Jmported and
Dormestic (icar., (Cigarettes and Smokers' Arti
a!es. Largo t at d best asortmrnent of IFriar
Wood. Meer'cham an I Fancy 1 ipee in the city.
No, 135 North Main St,, Helena
Inrquire of your friends about
For County Treasurer,
WILLIAM ZASTROW, People's Party i
Cleanliness GNXT odliness
Hobt. Williams has completely
renovated the Bath Roorns at his
Tonsorial Parlors, 108 S. Main St.
New porcelain tubs, shower baths,
and all modern equipments. Try
511-513 Main St., ilelna, Mont.
'legantly furnlished rcmsand first-clas table.
Steam heat, elctr!c lighlt aud bathr. l.unches
and Uoels furnih .l botroi ay and night.
itATltE 1 *iTO s0 5'ER 1)A4.
.- AT .
From us will not only get them at their lowest wholesale value,
but ten per cent lower than they can be purchased and shipped to
this market on to-day's values.
Kepner & Schmit Mercantile Company
Liquor, Morphine, Opium, Cocaine and Tobacco Habit,
The "Ensor" is a Purely Vegetable Remedy. We succeed
where others fail.
For Terms Call or or Address J. . HOSHAW, M. D., Medleal Director,
0 * a LEADING e e "
Wholesale and Retail Druggists
For the largeststock, most complete in every line, and at
the LOWEST PRICES, go to them.
House Furnishing goo0s House. Pi.ne.eo, Organ.s,
Orguinettes, Guitars, Violins, Accordions,
ionnl argoee oM t reatimormer t apacity. t AN. Ai FULL LINE or
ntire bl ook. teing through the MUSICAL MERCHANDISE.
A stock greater than that ot all other Helena Sole gent r Steinway on omer
niea combined. able, .entro erman, M.e a Hamlin, Bon me,
C' oh - arCeee -ad ,traight carload ship. lerro.. gma Mon mli r
~ tea only, and other fireteace piaoo'.
t Orderr will reeirve prompt attention. 'Low prices and easy terms
R II]LENA, * S d.OT. I' Aa .
An Elegant New
A Beautiful NEW HOME A FINE.
Cash Value $70. Cash Value $45.
Will be given as prizes for the best three guesses on the
capital contest, as follows:
To the one guessing nearest to the vote that gives first place
to the city or town he or she may name for the capital the
Est ey Organ will be given; to the one making the second best
guess the New Home Sewing Machine will be given; to the one
making the third best guess the Washburn Guitar will be givef.
Each person entitled to one guess only.
All guesses mailed up to and on Nov. 8 will be accepted, and
no later.
These guesses will be opened as soon as the official figures
are obtained after the election of Nov. 8, the names ot the suc.
cessful guessers published in this paper, and the prizes de
livered to them.
Cut out the coupon below, fill in properly, put in a sealed
envelope, and direct it plainly as follows:
223 North Main Street,
Sherman Music Ge.,
223 North Main Street, - Butte, Montana.
My guess is that Name of place hers, will ge&
first place for the capital and that it will receive
Put No. o-f-viea re
Street Number
City State
Every person entitled to ONE GUESS ONLY.

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