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erv. J. Wesley Hill Takes For H1i
Subject "For Whom Shall
I Vote?"
The Prince of Peace and the
Prince of Darkness, the
seen of a Great Eleetloneerlan Contest
eanturles Are and the Trial
by Fire.
Bt. Paul's church was crowded again last
night and the aisles were filled with chairs
and the entrances were blocked. Rev. Mr.
Hill said, in part: Centuries ago. the sum
mit of Carmel was the eceneof a great eleo
tioneering contest between two candidates.
Basl was nominated by the idolotrous
priests, Jehovah by Elijah, the electioneer
ing agent of Reformation. Each party had
a platform, one built out of ignorance, su
perstition and immorality, stained with the
tears and blood of idol worslip, the other
founded upon truth and righteousness, its
altar gleaming with the vestal fire of purity
and peace. When this contest was called,
the Bael party was in power and as a result
of "free trade" in sin and a "high tariff"
levied upon righteousness the furnace fites
of fidelity were extinguished, the wheels of
tuth ceased to whirl, the factories of faith
and manufaotursie of morality were "shut
down," a great famine hovered over the
land, the cry of "hard times" went up from
the people and the shadows of dis
tress encircled the royal palace. So
when Elil. h called for that "mass
meeting" on the brow of Carmel
and "opened the campaign" with the ring
ing challenge, "If the Lord be God, follow
him; if Basl, then fol:ow him," the con
stituents of both parties ahouted back. "It
is well!" and the whole country was stirred
and the multitudes rallied to witness that
religio-political contest and electioneer for
their favorite candidates. That was no
"still campaign;" Elijah. though in the
minority, was on the aggressive, because
he was on the ride of truth; the truth is
always aggressive; and so he proposed that
altars be erected, and that the candidate
who answered by fire in response to the
prayer of the people be elected by acclama
tion. What a test! And the advantage
was all on the she of Bael, for he was the
god of fire, and all of his politicians
laughed in their sleeves and winked signifi
cantly; fraud showed its deformed face.
But never mind, "truth is mighty and will
prevail;" if "crushed to earth it will arise
I wonder which of the political parties
could stand the test of fire to-day, could
climb the elevation of publio vision, bind
its principles to the altar of patriotism and
pray for the God of nations to pour a tor
rent flash of fire upon it to test its hon
esty, its sterling qualities and allegiance
to the truth? "Fire! Fire! Fire!" cried
the Baelites. And my prayer to God to
night is for fire to burn political knavery
into askes, melt the fetters of political
bondsmen, purify the precincts of political
corruption, and with its white flame burn
out the political poison that is permeating
the reins of the government, pVrying upon
the vitals of virtue and sending its cur
rents of death to the nation's heart. In
other words, let the party triumph that can
stand in the sunlight, the princirples pre
dominate that can survive the o uoble and
the candidate be elected who can stand the
testing flame of f:e. Now I wish to call
your attention to a mightier contest than
the one to which we have referred,
one of a spiritual character which
has been raging from Eden down
to this moment between two great
parties, one representing light, the other
darkness; one led on by the prince of t eace,
the other marching beneath the black ban
nor of the "prince of the power of the air."
Now, in the politioal world three great
questions decide the vote of every honest.
Intelligent and patriotic citizen, viz:
"What has the party represented by this
canaidarte done for my country, what is it
doing for my country, and if continued in
power what will it do for the country? Any
man governed by motives beneathn the good
of country, who sets business or religion
before the flag, or casts his vote in any
other name than that of an American eiti
zen is a disgrace to citizenshipaud a traitor
to the government which, iin allegiance, he
is bound to protect with his ballot or defend
with his blood. If it is right to ask these
questions in the political world, they well
may be introduced into this spiritual con
What have these two spiritual candidates
done for humanity, what are they doing ior
humanity. what do they propoce to do in
the future? Lot us for a few minutes ex
amine these candidate. First look at the
leader of the side of sin, "Who goeth iibout
like a roaring lion." What did he do lor
nima in the berinning, in the time of his
inunicicy, when his face kindled with
hbnveuy nounshine, his coul rielected the
ima~e of his Cri-etor, aid he was UmatoLed
with urioty? lie plunog:d r h head louen
\iiti carlliv I, hIleava waui~ aced wth sack
cloth a.,l c.n-.-li loked tir -ugh reils of
teat,. It- drlnks in m·,n's dlianlpolirt
Int, uaG lt. nJ oil his lUiOofall lind the
dvn.g chriek, ann derip dath frirans of thl
loot, care I. 0 cweteut mstiic. li is the II
spfratlott of the gambll , the Itrop of thre
counter'eit, the fath' r of the liar, the
f erri ofi the d unkan d aul the life blood ul
the libelrine. 'Ibr is whet satan, wl.o
Evnnira enur Virte ard hoji a to rain your
oroul is dorirri for the hnrbaii rnir.
1 now i!ac- befro you tie other oandli
dacin-- wiho Is he? Calvary's conlquinrll.g
Irrie! lie has passed the imot sweepin-ig
rl.:ti bill uho tLe wcorld'O hirtUry, the biii
o[f Ihl wrid's enirrirtirtlor, the hloriune
biil orf atolrrIrbint JBefO ea LIIl can ri-
e ve thie c.1n-ture ot tie I re-rd·-it of the
Uited tIrs t r nuct peas tlrruglh ce rtarn
lar t rll in t.l s htll li-ar(id ti Juraw-, t irne
t[,lh sta crf. ony and through the stage
l "I ii a -ide tak t to ract i:hn bill? I
F"e'(: ' i ~~,il d i| n leisr: alud thre quet
, t,, Iour corers of thte cu .
., . .. " o.or1 e, nd rc ciii mCur?"
In wrait n i: rt. rr. · mtlu l ) of the boo.k, to d.
(Vtlhy w..' - nl L. r : ' I she I 'u ,r r int.. ,
i.tiiu . 1 ,. o i irhte r inf i litriti- jaIr ice.
aln idrr: i- i, . teo cwuri riawen ti ait Iio
no di.wi r l < rt. iuer, " r I U tiu it .K
thire nir nw f Ni iw-r aii cruir ri.ftt cii
l ntitn. i, c yt crowi ii i,, yi ] wsiu n it
that mrhn mcy w-cive the l\,u.us a 11n L
robe that nti raltiiiry i-c rb-d in truirni r
talitil I i will .urger that ho ini In ted oil
thei iread of bin: 1 wiil thci t ti t t iit
drink of the w.tc r of hf. I I ilf, to ar
beareir-t t.at ,i truly dwell iad n/,irn
anainii. I .IIi weep that 'ir fatir r mtiv
ciith iLe bind if lvi wra lh tm ,rs awae!
I will I:h,' ultni: theo c-sq that hi ,r ty sit
ulin the thirou~! I will Ore thft Ie ruray
hiv !
h.o. I h: v-- int th is candiiante b-tioreycou.
rn I aZn voil hai he aIry chlud UmU rriri?
I, . ', ign t to y,-u? Ought ror tc,
., ci t - Crve him? "'l,.,w long :din
l: i oir Oi (od'id el-ctriunu,-tlug
,. l i I , il refufllic a i bIy Le
S v r'" ntll ila tIr e C,litet ioii,
, i r , idren can voti - 'hi-n v,,u
.: te for --sue! Vo'rte for Jeauc!
,-.uc truLipht volces cry, Vuote for
'Ii. jodiment day, with its lightiiiig
1.,~u. |i alihg thuuder, t aumphet blast, lier,
s'll, iluoody uoou, falling stars, rendl.g
benseiie, devantatlng earthquakes, stager.
5g mouutains, dscandlng judge, open
books. hrieklil demone and reolbaind
saints cry, "Vote tor Jesns' Angel's ands
as their immortal forms bend over the
japer walle of the eternal sity, as their
radiant fingers point up to the t.ross drip
ping with redeeming blood, with all the
music of their tuneful lips cry, "Vote for
Jesus," The church militant joins with the
ohuroh triumphant and in one load swell
ing chorus entreat you to "Vote for Jesuse."
May God help you to vote for Christ 1ust
now and let the lightning news asoend to
the sky that you one and all have voted for
Jesus and that Christ has won the day!
Go to the grand democratic rally at the
auditoritm to-night.
To-morrow is election day.
A meeting of the people's party will be
held at Electric hall to-night.
The United States court will convene to
day and adjourn over election.
A regular meeting of the city eounell has
been called for to-morrow night.
The closing republican meeting of the
campaign will be held this evening at
Minus' opera house.
The meeting of the Montana board of
World's fair managers will be held on
Wednesday, Nov. t16, at Missoula.
That $200 offer to bet that Cleveland will
carry New York is still uncovered. Call at
the business etice of T'IE INDEPENDENT.
The Ladles' Auxiliary Society of Temple
Emanu-El will meet at Mrs. Jos. Hirsch
bera's, 1320 Madison avenue, at 2:30 p. m.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Rester
Armour took place yesterday afternoon
at the residence of her daughter, Mrs.
Joln Stedman.
Major Maginnis and Hon. Robt. B.
Smith will address the people at the mon
ster democratic meeting to be held at the
auditorium to-night.
The marriage of Gna W. Duerfeldt and
M ins Lizzie C. Adami will take place at the
German Lutheran church, Nov. 10. A re
ception will be held at Turner hall.
Next Sunday evening Rev. J. Wesley
Hill will deliver a prelude to his sermon on
'"lThe liesults of the Election." The sub
ject of the sermon will be "A Warning to
the Worship; ers of the Gold God."
The business men at the upper end of
town have pooled their issues and will dis
play the election returns from the Head
quarters buildins on South Main street,
'l'uecday and Wednesday nights, and longer
if necessary.
'1 he funeral services over the remains of
William Seaton, who died of injuries re
ceived by falling rock at Clark's quarry on
Fridav, were held yesterday at 1:30 p. m.
from the residence of Frank Adkins, 219
East Cutler street. The inquest will be held
Benjamin Webster, of Choteau, is in the
J. Brown, of Livingston, was In the city
F. D. Pizer, of Townsend, is at the
Grand Central.
Will D. Hyde, of Deer Lodge, is at the
Grand Centrul.
Miss Flo-enos Dunbar, of Th:ee Forks.
is visiting friends in Helena.
Hon. Paris Gibson and James Barnes. Jr.,
are in the city from Great Falls.
Hon. W. C. Whaley, democratic candi
date for state auditor, is in town.
Among visitors from Marysville in town
yesterday were Edwin Young, L. M. Boycee
and W. B. Bennett.
Arrivals at the Helena.
I A Luke. city T o (iy HIaywood, Den
Mrs F B brush and son. ver
city J \\ Swan, Denver
C A Laker, Delano, Cal beo L irithors, De
M Ml 1 or,, 'lacora lano, C it
F t' ull. Norwalk, O Iaxn Leopold, Chicago
hi Kunstadler, r hicago J A ALes. .eow ork
A J ! rry, (thicago Alex tiritton, a h
Errnk l Mut~er. 15alt iegtln
I she ~ i room Martin, Ilzo
L 11 Nirwood, lolena muir
A L.arx, crty J:;o , arlles. Jr, breat
anrtis ibson, treat . :. rl
t als ( hals 1 arsoes, tios
Wmo A Ilachmann, tou
uincinnati l ( olin. New York
John F hoelly, St faul WV 1 uI nbull, at Paul
Arrivaes at the (,rlat (C·rtrraI.
J T Sawhill. Missoula Mrs Sawhill and child,
D II 'hoeal. W\ickos . i souti
Edwin Young. Alarye- l, M bo rcc, Marysville
villo W IH ,iniett. Mlarys
D : urts. city yville
J (artin. Milwaukee Ilios mrma Yost. Hope.
t hat i,ichrist, city iahol
J W Anderson. c ty I'onj \itib ter. Choteau
it U1 uipiiy. lii ir i t , nIm ('artier, city
iayrnlsod l,.tworth. J S Dailey, t orllot
I ,peki, Karil J rwi.l, .,irligston
Will 11 Ii de, Deeoor It (t st, city
Lodge lon C Whaley,
Wm Mlayger, Mars- r edlfordl
VilleJ I' Mr.lr. Springlielld,
Mrfr H Stockman,Silver (iria
ti i, 11 J halkoian, ('hicago
F1, I'hizor. Townsend J %i llerbhrt, this
JW llhrert, Hlusrnarok marck
Josepu MacDonald, li _\ Kerr. Wallace.
Idaho idaho
Mrs Ui A Kerr, Wallace, t Northoer Empire
The New Merchants Hotel,
Now opened on the European plan, offers
the following low rates to transient guests:
$1.25 per day (parlor floor); 51 per day
(third floor); 75 cents per day (fourth
floor). Extra for more than one occupant,
special rates to thetrirc.l people, and psr
manent guests. Every room heated by
,team and lighted by electricity. Hut and
cold water and porcelain baths on each
floor. New hardwood furniture and brus
eels carpet in guest,' rooms, wide and apa
cious ihallwa)s. carpeted with criturtn
Iming room, table d'hote. Guests will
find good mrals in the diuini room in this
Iiusc. ,opirraled by tile Missesa Nagl.
Mieals. fl) iients. Weekly rates to Iper t;a
ent Lolt!durs.
A frile tli I r.anchl rchina droner nets and ten
Ootianiii rc.si',a:itii ' e h i iiiu ill.O.
'I lhe tock of laies' and chitirrn's cleaks at
"lte '...l iliv, arc silling fisrt. Ltoeause their
prisont ate ih. Isos.tb.
•nanuel K. nvltsi--iipeclal.
Iron Mountain--The best dividend payer
in the msaket. f120.,000J in eiutht monthls,
IlK, pe cent irr nnurm on trr-sent rarket
tri .. Luots if 0 to i,iOi charres at bottimni
!entorit group (Niiba t, G(olt, p;ilver.
l'lationm and 'ielUcricu I, in 'xcit liotriiali
nlrae. L.at two c a hlipied naglregated
2) i.ii)i. h)e block. 1.h): I0 shares, at price
'ller,', IR :la R : t IlnVesflllrllt .
lial!td lutte, t Malrvsvil.l., a reat gold
.11t0, wilth , . r,.o·tuch io alglst it run fo0
feA s. i oiler 2..t ) Hirrres II lots irj) ur .
Ilet, rilt , i et, i, 4.0Ii0 shli. e., tite
bltck. An arsu tneo of a railroad will
it ii the. p rt i, fire cree. At present
lire is:: ii e a ei ecut .rlun.
( opl-lr li 1I-,0l'i aeliar-s a good grambla.
lietilna & Victrtr--lH shares to Oclos out
('ultce housne and eight Itot in Kenwood,
a lrVini on easy terms. IlG aid l2 In.iey
I1 hb, ; ln li .vu Ius n ar0e aick if alh kin '.if
t ,, ,,-, -t,, -. it ,., tihen ti-y £r, c ]lc a,
Likturnl a nit oli tt liliy liitlroad C(om
rt y.
Notice is hb reLb Iv'iser thlit liii kh for re
ceivin,: eustscriltioens lo the capital stobk of
tlhe t:kklorn and (l nfialdy italiroad cim
Iny wl ber orni it ont thio I1th day ofI
N', abe , A. IL. i.h, it tie airlore of
tie: i ot bNitioUtl Laiik at ltotena, Mon
lht at said time ani, p]Rao ansi f-our
that tIrin.- torward Sulbse iutiutn to tho canti
tao stock ot the said raIlrle...I ciOiipuny will
ble Istuele d. -. i1. hi iro'niMIIrr,
(I i,. ft. Li .st..
]':. '. JNl i s,,Hr Ju.,
lchir- If. llhte.
lliThe latert novelr revsaeld daily at The le'o
t o as. 'I1h.. li,'o tlie:, fur -rooekery, rclii awars.
s:lb -iaro, illw;srw, si-idi 'o are sod horu. Lld
The Sixteen Counties of the State
Show a Total of
Estimated That tlft Vote Will Fql
Off About Fifteen per
To Win on the First Ballot for the Capti
tat Will Require 91,687
The official registration of voters in the
sixteen conties of the state, have been re
ceived at the offices of the Helena capital
company showing a total registration of
50,909. Silver Bow shows the highest regis
tration with Missoula second and Lewis
and Clarke third. Careful estimates are
that there will be a falling off from the
registered vote of 15 per cent. which would
make the total polled vote 48.274. Aegord
ino to these flgunres it will be necessary for
any one of the capital candidates to get
at least 21,687 votes in order to win on the
first ballot. The registration for each
county is as follows:
Beaverhead ...................... 1,1092
Chotean.......................... 2,00.
Custer.............................. 1 515
Cascade .............................. 8.64
Dawson ......... ................. 703
Deer Lodge ............... .......... 5,880
Fergus .............. ............ 1,61
Gallatin............................. 2,51.
Jefferson ........................ 2.0154
Lewis and Clarke...................5.,14
Madison................. ...... 1.682
Meagher......................... 2,0.,6
Missoula ............................ 6,208
Park............................ 2,844
Silver Bow ...................... 9,0(1,
Yellowstone ........... .......... 1,071
Total for the state..................60,909
Helena Lodge No. 2, I. 0. G(. T.
IMeets Every Monday.
A regutar meeting of the
alove ledge will be held
hir Monday evening 'ut
the (G A. it. lall on Parkc
Slit.i. ntin members are eor
dially invited to attend.
JNU. .. lMILl.S.
Chief Templar.
No. 43 Montana National Bank
Building, Helena, Mont.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
Sportsmen's fleaduarters.
Where you can find anything
you want to shoot with, or fish
with. Shooting clothes of leather,
Dorduroy and canvass. Loeggings
Df all kinds. Shot gun, rifle and
revolver ammunition. Bicycle sun
irles, boxing gloves, and in fact a
:omplete line of Sportsmen's
F R S.
Seal, Mink and Astrakhan Coats.
Military Capes, Circular Capes,
Walking Capes, Collars, Boas, Muffs, etc.,
.Cheapest to Finest Grades.
Men's Fur Goats,
Rugs, Robes and Floor Mats.
Largest Stock in the West. Eastern
Prices Guaranteed.
As the Eiec-riro approaches we notice the great increase
of marching by the CAMPAIGN CLiis. BRASS IANDS AND
Ticirrr.li(,rrs are very effective for arousing ecithusiasm, but
nice, well-fitting Bloots and Shoes are equally necessary, while
"MIARC!IN(a Tl.iOi;(u ( nOR4GIA." For this reason all the
wide-awake voters of the several great PA'rTIE should buy
their Boots and Shoes of us, as our stock is large and very
complete, prices the lowest in the city, and we take special
pains to fit all our customers with easy-wearing and con
fortable foot apparel.
MoRtana Shoe Go.
; OIUNi)AA ). XUA&1N I U VV JJ.M 1J$ I is J W
Imported Dress Patterns.
Owing to the backwardness of the season, and unusually large purchases of high-class
Imported Dress Patterns, we are overstocked on Fall and Winter Dress Patterns. To
close them out as rapidly as possible, we have made unprecedented reductions on the entire
collection. The following examples indicate the extraordinary values offered.
AT $5.25. DRESS PATERNS, OM. $8.50.
REDUCED FROM........ 8 50.
Scotch Cheviots, Fancy French Suitings, Worsted Diagonals and Fancy Homespuns.
REDUCED FROM........ $10,50
Fancy Crepons, French Cheviots, Novelty Tweeds, French Diagonals and Worsted Suitings.
AT 9.50 DRESS PATTERNS, $12.50.
REDUCED FROM........ $1250
French Chevrons, Brocaded Crepons, Dotted Bengalines and Changeable Brocades.
REDUCED FROM........ 16.50.
Fancy Epinglines, Brocaded Novelties, Horizontal Cords and Silk Stripe Novelties.
AT $14.75. DRESS PATTERNS, $2000
Two-Toned Brocades, Paris Novelties, Changeable Epinglines and Fancy Bedfords.
NOTE-The attractiveness of these offerings has never been equalled in Montana.
Careful buyers will not neglect this grand opportunity to secure high-class Dress Patterns
at such genuine bargain prices.
* * PATENTS...
United States and Foreign Pat.
ents obtained and any iniorniation
Attorney at Law.
Plttsburkh BUlok, Holea.. Mu.t.
To Loan Money at 7°,o, 8°,0, and 9°0.
Amount of Loan and Security determinte the rate of interest.
I am prepared to make loans pronlptly in amounts from $500 to $100,000
$100,000 Commercisl al.d Short Tirme notes wanted. Also City, School,
State and County Bonds and Wariants.
No. 10 Edwards St., Helena, Mont. H. B. PALMER.
Hlardare, Iron, Steel and Nails.
Agents for Rathbone, Sard & - 1.
Co.'s complete line of
Stoves and Ranges. pN-'
|l at ;n sI
House Furnishing Goods In j 0ORLP
endless variety. ILLr ON
Mason Fruit Jars.
Jelly Glasses.
Ice Cream Freezers.
Lawn Mowers.
Refrigerators, Etc.h Main St. Telephone
42 and 44 South Main St. Telephone go.
CARL GAIL, President.
E. BUMILLER, Vice-President and Treasurer.
H. UNZICKER, General Manager and Secretary.
M. UNZICKFR, Western Representative.
" * " 0 BUILDERS OF 0 0 0 "
Crushinll Silver Mills, Smelt
ing, Concentrating, Leach
ing, Chlorinating, Hoisting
and Pumping Plants of any
..--AND-- capacity. Trarnways, Cor
hiss Engines, Compound En
igries, Boilors, Cari, Cages,
Skijls, Ore and Water Buck
ielrsi, hol e Woh and Axles and
all Kinds of Mine Supplies.
S* pzolualve Eastarn Manaraoturers and Agents for o 0
J. M. Bryan's Roller Quartz Mill and Hlendy's Improved Triumph Concentrator
Westers Omea General omoe mad Work..
eleoam. nLneanl,. Chieageo, llanl -

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