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Decorators of White French China buying $5 worth and over will be allowed a discount of 20 per cent.,
and 25 per cent. off on $10 worth and over, making cost less than New York prices and the finest assortment
in the West to select from.
We can sell you White China Dinnerware for very little more than common decorated goods cost
you elsewhere. New shapes and new designs.
We Have ine ooeeds. We Have Gheap Goods.
Decorated Vase Lamp, with Shade to match .................... $1.75 Parlor Brooms.............. 300 Tubs ........................ $1.00
W hite China Dinner Plates, per set ................................ 1.00 Fire Shovels.................. 5 Tubs ........................ 1.25
Decorated Dinner Plates, per set ...................................... 75 Dust Pans .................... 10 Tubs ........................ .75
Corn Poppers ................ 15o Mop Sticks ................ .15
Goblets, per set ............................................................ .40 Corn Poppers.......... 15 Mop Sticks............. 15
Cake Turners "...........S. : 5c Wood Pails "............... .20
Engraved Band Tumblers, per set ........................ .25 Steak Hammers......... 20 Fibre Pails ................ .55
Engraved Thin Blown Tumblers, per set . ............. .65 Cover Lifters ... . ......c 5 S Novelty Clothes Wringers.... 2.35
White China Cups and Saucers, per set ........................... 1.25 Window Cleaners.......... 250 Acme Wringers........... 2.10
Complete Line of Kitchen Hardware. Prices the Lowest.
He Is at Present the Richest Sovereign in
William II is at this moment the richest
sovereign in Europe. As Emperor of Ger
many he does not receive a thaler toward
his expenses. The reichstag, however, votes
him every year a sum of 2,000,000 markp
under the heading "Funds placed, at the
disposition of the emperor for distribu
tion." Of this amount and according to
minute calculations which have been sub
mitted to the reichatag, 1,467,000 marks are
given to invalids who did not receive pen
sions after the great war of 1870.
As King of Prussia he has had until re
cently 12,219,299 marks a year. derived from
two sources. namely: 7,710,296 marks reve
nue froth crown lands and forests and
4,500,000 marks voted by the chamber as
necessary to the maintenance of royal dig
nity. This sum was quite sufficient for
William I, but his grandson has larger
views and cannot do with his grandaire's
allowance, so the Prussian landtag has
given him a supplementary 3.500,000 marks,
making his civil list in all £800,000.-Lon
don Society.
liucklen'e Arnmica alve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises,. Sores, Ulcers, Salt lheum, Fever
Sores, Tatter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and tost
tively cares Piles or no money required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price25 cents per box.
For sale by H, M. Parchen & Co.
Railway Conundrums.
What is the railway mileage of the United
States? 170,601 miles.
What has been the cost? Over ten billion
What state heads the list in point of
mileage? Illinois-10,079 miles.
What is average cost of constructing a
mile of railroad? About $30,000.
Who built the first locomotive in the
United States? Peter Cooper.
What is the cost of a palace sileeping ear?
About $15,000, or $17,000 if vestibuled.
What toad carries the largest number of
passenge:r? 'Iue Manhattan Elevated rail
road, New York-525,000 a day or 191,625,
000 yearly.
What are the chances of fatal aceident in
railway travel? Statistics show one killed
in every ten million.
What road runs the famous vestibuled,
electric lighted and steam heated train be
tween St. Paul, Minneapolis and Chicago?
The Chicapo, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
wgy. It leaves it. I'aul at 8:10 o'clock every
ee*ning. Counsidered one of the moust con
plete and handsomest trains in this conn
Htplow many trains rer day via this road
from the "twin cities" to Chicago? Four
f:rm St. Paul Union de. ot at 7:50 a. m.,
2:55 r. m., 06:15 . m. anrd 8:10 p. m.
Ale they all heated by steam? Yes.
Is there any road, except "'lThe Mil
wankee," which fn nishes elect: o berth
lampe to real by? No.
Who should a passenIger apply to for in
formation as to lowest rates to all t ointa in
United States and Canada via "The Mil
waukee?" '1o any conlun ticket agent in
the northwest or address
J. 'T. CONL.rY.
Asa't Oen'I 'ars. Agent.
St. Paul, Minn.
Going East--ave Time.
Going to Chicago and east your short
quick route is via St. Paul and "The North
weate n Line." Leave Untte 6:15 n. or..
Helena 10:15 a. m. to-day, reach -It. Paul
0:55 a. m. second day, connecting with fast
day train of "I 'be Northwestern Line"
leaving St. Paul 8:00 a. tm. dally and ar.iv
ing Chicago 9:35 p m. same day, making
less than sixty-three hours from Butte and
less than silty hours from Helena, which is
several hours less timue than via any other
line to Chicago.
'I his .:35 i'. in. arrival in Chicano insures
connection with all the principal lines fronm
Chicago east, and "The Northwestern
Lne" Is the only line from St. Paul that
makes all of these counsoilons in Chicago.
Drs. Liebi & Co.
Ban Franelsoe, Kansas City and Chicago.
Nave treated mneore cases successfully than
all others, similar in name, combined.
Have established
I3 Main St., Helena,
The rapidly inc.essing number 6f patients in
Montana demand gieater facilities and accom.
modation,, to meet which I re. L:ebig & Co.
have established oiices in this city. ' hiy will
be in chatgrof a duly authorized reprreentative,
who will report all complicated caes to the
head ofice, where temple a records are kept of
all cases aod the treatment adopted. Each
branch having its seecialist, no one physician
and never Ile. than five experienced speciaelsti
i.ave a con.eltation on every case preonted
Having thousands to refer to, comparisons are
readily made. No exporimenting simply ap
plying the Ireatment that hue times without
nutmner proved suoe0 efiul. This is the secret of
their euc(ss and tihe reas n rc'. marvolous
cures as het 'toore reported lave been made
after the tst local physicians pronouncing them
hopelessly in.urable.
Chronic affections. whether frr m early in li.
cre ions. V, neural Exceocr, reminil Wcakni.ae.
Los. it Manbo 4t, Hyphids nud rther aieiti as
amfitting thenm from enjoyoig any ' f the p eas
ur a of life,. trca' d on I wri-d after ateorilt.
failure by othi ra. .,re. I ieb g & ioo.'s retlta
tion for their unparalli ed enc-ess in roeat ng
thi Disear e. of Men is world wide, and they have
patients in all parts of it.
Their epecialiet for aTeolions ef women hs
laiely totu'and flomn , olo. hav:n a&I the
latest apltances an remedis o-ad in thn prtn
riple ho p:ta'i and is without a e: p)rior on the
so ist
0(' rA.lR., and kindred affertions of the
Fyc. Ear. Throat an I 1 n:. sie e fu 1 treated,
and in a manner a, milday as to be acoptiable to
ten m at delica ei hAid.
brares for ep:na! li-fornlitioes Club Fret, etc.,
manufactureds . tatlfa.:tioa guaranteeo 1.
fDrl Llebig & Co. will visit Marysville
the 13th and 14th, 'hililpsburg the 1hult
and 19th, Granite the 1ilth andl 17th, and
Missoula the 18th land 19tth of each month.
OCsulta.ttlon free.
('all or addr.as. San Franoisoo. 400 Geary;
iutte. 8 kiroad.vac; lelina. I *i Alain.
Room Ne. I, Power Stock. Poetoffim s Usa tM
'C('KII(lltltK' A'i'ETING. NOTt; | l i IR(
Ihereby ginelii tht Ith' allptal windtil g of tlie
.tocki.,ntohre ot t(lioile"rail turlLnt Miining ctln
pIny fi r the |lerl.t)o of rleticng vo trtotvii..
will bie held at tho olice of tail coetepany, rio.,.
iltl t( uanit. blink. Illea. I ou4t., .n T'hurilaty,
vno. 17. It192. I'oll will oipen at 12 o'clock nouon
and clse at two o'clock p in. of usaid n'ay.
ui t 8111 till,
Peroetary G.nsral Grant Mining Company.
Helena, Oct, 1M, lb.d.
I the First judioial district of the state of
Montana, in and for the county of Lewies and
Lary J. IHilman. Nannie Maganuson. Mary
French, Hattie B. hunter and Mrs. U. C. Stubbs.
for themselves and twenty-one othoerlembers of
Branch No. 969, Order of the Iron Hall. vs The
Supreme Sitting of the Order of the iron Hall,
F. D. iomerby, supreme justioe of the trder of
the ron Hall: James F. F'ailey, receiver: Mrs.
Farah A. H heeler, cashier. Andrew F. Wade and
John Doe, her sureties; Mrs. John W. Wade,
trustee, and 1l. V. , heeler and Richard toe,
her surcrties; Mrs. Kate Gibson trustee, and
John Doe and lichard Los, her sureties. Mrs.
A nnio T.: 1 se and John Doe and Hichard hoe, her
eslroties: and all other members of the Order
it the Iron hall not herein mentioned, re
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendants:
You are hereby required to appear tnan action
brought against you by the aboveo named plain
tiffs in thedistrict court of tihe First judicial dis
trict of the state of Montana, in and for the
county of Lewis and Clarse, and to answer the
complant tiled therein, within ten days
(exclusive of the day of service) after the
service on you of this summons, if served within
this conunty; or, if served out of this county, but
within this district then within Pventy days;o:ther
wise within forty daysor judgment by default will
be taken am.inat 4yin, according to the prayer of
said complaint.
' he said action is brought to obtain a decree
of this court verpetually restrai ing the defen
dants from collecting or attempting to collect
any money of the plaintiffs or any of them: to
per petually restrain the defendants, the suprome
,itting, an.i the defenlant. F. Fi. tdomerby, the
supreme junstie of the triter of the Iron lall,
and James F. Failey, receiver, from collectingor
attempting to llect any mlneys or reserve fund
frot tihe defendants, the cashier and trustees of
ranch No 9169 of said order, and to restrain per
petually said defendants, tire cashier and trust
"ee of Branch fo. 9nl1 of said order from turning
over any money or oth'r property in their hands
or under their control to any pernon or person.s,
except under the order of this court, and to ob
tain a do roe of this court d recing the sain de
fendants, the cashier and trustee of said branch
hIo. rtil of said order to pay all monets and oth -r
prolperty in their itands and under their control
to there plaintiffs upon such a basis as this cour
may deem equitable, and for costs of suit.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer the said complaint, as above
required, the said plaintiffs will apply to tIhe
court for the relief demanded in their com
lvsen under my hand and tle seal of the die
trictconrt of the First judiciai district of the
state of Montana. in and for the county of Lewis
- and I larke. this i7th day of Oct
S eal ) otr, in tile year of our Lord.
District one thonusad eight hundred and
Court. ninety-two.
our---" e JOHN BEAN. Clerk.
py It. R. 'tlttsl'ltoe, Dle, uly . h-rk.
i1inley & B1lackford, attorneys for plaintiffs.
the First judicial district of the tate of Mon
tanain and for the a ,unty of I owis and tlsrkR.
nuio ' Kusgler. plaintiff, vs. lartha Taylor
I'clrt , rhwahss atll I. A. lhltwaho, dreitndantr.
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
abovet named defendant :
ltot are hereby rtiuilrsd to apprear innu action
broughl sagainst you by tire above nanmed plaintiff
iu thie district cIourt of tihe First judicial district
iof ttir state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and t'larke. and to answer thie complaint
filed, therlein.within ton days (oxclusive of the day
of enrvice) after the service it you of this slim
nton, if served within thii count y: or.it served out
of I his conitly, but within thi4 district, then withiai
twlseny das. otherwiser within forty days. or
tltgulttentt by defetlt will be taken alsainst yell
atcording to thie utrayr of said complaint.
I.l said action is brought ito obttain a docr.a
of thit ounrt lfor te ftoreochlrosurt I. a certain
mtreratge d .'isritrd in the ntromitlmaiit. and exe
onutl by 1 atire TI3 ylotr lo ert chiwatesr nd 1.
A. ichwalter Ottl th d day f Matorch. nstCI. ti urst
cuare te Iainlent ii' a c.rtain 7promissory note
itade try tilt In to Fracieo t'. Athni on the same
dtaH. fttr et)'. and which was on th, 21st olty of
Ai'il. 1till. niuly acl5tueit to Annire t. Kugltr as
ciirtrritled tIt Itr e rtliplilnt hererin aid which t ire
Anllu wth ilottrtat trhetrttri ftrom Junoe i It8 !1, ait
itI rate of1 ii Ia'"r Cenot I r sleolln., antd itreLuwt
ia 27 frimr th.st. 2, Iiii, ant irnhtrrmt .it ,
truii Use. I, Iitr.l. innd eiliht sin 27 fromu
hitralt t, Il!l", anli interO-t Ol. 127 from Jlin l,
,.t,. at 1l perr sot per nitilt , 1nd that gcrtlliott
onvrtyetid b) said morluiag mary be totot ard tl:e
;,riiircotstherel btea rlli'llr thoti pi ynsirt ii said
ittlit!4 aiid lnit ocost irireoin stilt Crsto of edtit.
I tr furtht r Ic riictiihrs rcf'rence to the cort n
t,,l , u1 ilsh e-I is I-erp-,ll) inItiy,,
Ald you er itleby niotified that it ytlr fail ti
allt.ner aid answer tily said cOrIrlainut, at above
Ir'qlllired, tic mid plaintiff will itnt t,, l.rtlllt
ili , -·ni aritly i.Y to .l, l ipirt fir IIare eIlief
duntiainitil int ti h netuitlaieit
ilvren uniter ly hand and tiro seal of tIle ill.
trict currt of I,. FireS jtludicial district lof the
slate of Miontana, ll ald i or the coulnty it Lewis
anti ('larks,. this .ii. day olf t ill sr ito tlhli year
iet ilour l.lrd oue lthulcati olight lhuldred aunl
[(atsi.I JOliN BIEAN. Clerk
Ily C. W. hia'irtt'y. l)epity Clerk.
lolin W. Ifduy, attorney for plaitlllt.
rership.-Notice is heroby given that the
cio-partnership heretofore existorg between Win.
Weinstein, Str., Wm. Weinestein. Jr.. and Samuel
Weinstein is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent, the etid Wm. WeVnstein, Sr., and the said
Wm. N einstein. Jr.. retiring from said firm. and
that the said amnsel Weinstein and tile uonder
signed Isidor W instoin have entered into a co
partnership under the firm name of Weinstein &
Co. for the purpose of continuing the business
heretofore carried on by the said firm of Wm.
Weinstein & Co. The said firm of Weinetein A
(Co isanthorized to collect, receive and receipt
for all debts and liabilities due to. and will pay
all debts due from the said firm of
Dated Helena Mont.. Nov. 2, 189?.
WM. We;.NBS .IN. JR.,
of Heina township, county of lewls and
Clarke and state of Montana., before C. W.
Fleischer, justice of the peace
Jacob tJoerr, plaintiff, vs. Alex Rogers% de
Thestate of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant.
You are hereby requnlred to appear in an setiot
brought aganst you by the above named plaintif
Il ti. justice a courl ut tIelenatotsllhtp. county
of Lewis and ,larke, and to answer t he complaint
filed therein, within forty days (exclusive of the
day of service), atter the service on you of this
suomons, the crst issued herein having been re
turned without being served.
Ihe said action is brought to recover 576.
allegaed to be due by you to plaintiff for board
and lodging furnished by him to you, and for
money had and received hy you from plaintiff
between June let, 1892. and Ustober let, lfh:, at
your special instance and request, and costs, as
more tully ppears by the complaint on file
herein, to whlh you are referred.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer to suad complaint, as above
required, the plaintiff will take ~odgtnenut
against you for said amount of $76 and costs of
Given under my hand this let day of Novem
her. In the yearof our Lord, one tlhousand eight
hundred and ninety-two.
Justice of the Peace.
cution in my hands, ssued out of the dis
trict court of the airet Judicial district of the
Istate of Montana, in and for the coutty of Lewis
and Clarke. in thosuitof William KLranich. phldu
taft, against I rost hranich. defendant dtly at
tested the list day of ' 'toler, A. D.. 1892. 1 have
levied upon all the right, title and interest of tho
said E nt rasoteil inand to the followint do
scribed property, situated in Lewis and Clarke
county, Montan. via.:
.ots nuoiubered twenty-one (21), twenty-two
(22). t'"oenly-three (21). twenty-four (24) and
tweutylfite (215), in block numbetred on hen
dred and ninety-nine (196) In the "West Ilelona"
addition to the city of ielena, county and state
'ogether with all and singular the tenemonts,
hereoitanents andi apptlrtenances thereunto be
lonoin oir in anywise appertaiiulg.
Notice is herebygiven that on 'uesday. the ?2d
diy of November. A. I). 18o. at the hour of 3
o'tcrlk Ip. m. of salid day, at the front, door of the
oiurt house, in the alt of Helena. I will cellall
the right, title and interest of the MliL ,'nt
rnoichl in and to the Esid hover doserilict
proerty, to the highest biddeor forcash in hand.
(liven under .oy hand this, the ilst lay of
October A. 1). 1892.
Hy RALPla G. JotnsoN. Deputy bheriff.
Montana University.
Universalty Place, Near Helena
Course of Inastructions 1, College. ,
DCalleg Preparatery. 3. fleiaass. 4, Nor
emal. ,. Music. 0, Art. 7, Military. Also
laetruethea In Oommos Braachebs Able
nsltraetlon, elegant bultding.
Sand for Catalogue to the 'resident.
F. P. TOWER. A. M.. D. D.
Remember this: The greatest line
of railway operating between St.
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau.
kee and Chicago is the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
operates, under one management,
6,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
handsome, elegantly equipped pas
senger trains from the Twin Cities
that run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change of
cars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. Louis and Kansas City. The
train service and general equip.
ment of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
not surpassed by any railway in
America. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled lim.
ited train to Chicago daily--con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Offical Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi
cago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, cut this aut:
Leave St. Paul B 7:35 a. m., arrive at Chicago
10:00 same evening.
Leave St Paul A 2:.5 p. m.. arrive at Chicago
6:45 next morning.
Leave St Paul A 6:5( p. m., arrive at Chicago
7:00 next morning.
Leave St Paul A 8:00 p. m., arrive at Chicase
9:30 next morn ng.
Leave St. I aul A 9:15 a. m., arrive at St. Louis
7:1O next moraing.
Leave St. Paul C 7:15 p. me. arrive at St. Louis
6:15 next evening.
Leave St. Paul A 9:15 a. am., arrive at Ransas
C.ity 7:00 next moerning.
Leave Sit. Paul t' 7:15 p. a., arrive at Hanas"
City 6:00 next evening.
ADaily. B Except tunday. C Except Saturday.
Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on day trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union
Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any ticket agent
or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. Fass. Apt.,
St. Paul Minn.
the First judicial district of the state ot
Mlont ana. in and for tho county of Lwis anti
Sadie Margaret lineder, platintiff, v. Jacob F.
Vaedler. defendant.
' ihe sates t loltat:aa seind' greeting to the
aboue aedllll'lt :l,'rentlal:
0ofl art: hllerly re:uir.ll t " aplllter il an a.lioll
hroll.'ht a .ainat \0:ll h. Il n a b' t1. l:a lll t| I[.l0llll it
in the distlict court of the First judicial ditrie t
of thi etate of Mllltalta, illi and fur tlie countly o
Lewi and ('larks, and to astewur thle comlalint
filed therelln, withi l ton day, (excluive of tlie
day of esrvice) afItor tIhe orir\v on you of this
sumllnsust . If i.evnVd lwithin thin 'county; t,1 if
-erv'd out o tlhi county, but withli tlaldistrlot,
within twent y ht.y. olthlrwise within forty 'l;t).
or Ju.lltýnnt by default wiii be taken u~atn'tyoa
acordiug to the prayer of said coantlaint.
it h, s.lt actio ealu to braugt ht :::,v'stt a do
o:,e diceolhi:g the, bonds of ::atil:o::ny
low exsinog betwe,'n yeon anid the plaintlft
Itereina. 10e 'omplalint alhg's tIte marriage L
tweta you'a If antld plaittlill at lipley) .hatau
tlua 'tlcounty, teate of Now \ ork, on or abolt th.
Inth d.y of April. 1o0. i'hlaiitinl a/lo.,l s rvoi
leuce In A.loltana for the It,: iod otf two ylara
illllntdiateir i retedl:llt th,. culunlcuce(lnItai of
lhi nctlion. 'L't,e ,lou. t. f.-r Lth, d vorrce r at
lgtld to: be tih, wiltul and without caunse abeet
Ilug ytures:f frros plaintitf and lde.artur frote,
htls atate withot aly itutlulion of eturuntng
over sines the Ibth day of Martih. 1801. ant that.
1ou still eontinu, t, to wilfully atd without
cease absent >ourself from plaintil., und to live
separate and apart from her, withoutanuy sutli
Slent ctu.e or tan rtea o and against her will
anId without h.r conlent.
And y:ou are hereby noifiedl that if you tail to
pllpear and an-war the said complaint as above
roquair.. 1heu aid pJilaitilt will apily tto tht
court fr the r.litf dltatlltltd in said eo:,laiut.
tiven under tlly t handL and th mel of the tile
trict court of the S rt Judicial disttrict of tihe
state of Montana, in and for the
- '--. toupt ttf Lewis and oClark,
('Fel First ? tihe 211 a d'at Ootobor, ill Ilte
.ud. Dist. f lear of our lotrd ne thousandu,
( Coart. J eight hundred anttd ninety-two,
JtlOHN bEAN, ('lork.
By C. W. BirtraN, )eputy Clk.
H I. I fltpner, Attorney for Plaintiff.
rr~,-,"U~-,-" ·-----------------~?
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