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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 18, 1892, Morning, Image 3

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athetlo Utery of en ajsqrtptiea Oyer a
Miners Laoue tave.
The remote corners f t4e earth aVcnot
tthout their pathetic incidents. A long
me ago, harry Blakeslee sought a fortune
gold deep in the mountains of Califor
a. Xe re roled by, and look came
Sry'pI Wa', Ha wrote a obeertal letter to
and ended with "Dolly, cose and
hr gold."
But theo .wss a little girl to care for, and
Ie was dlqk, and Dolli could not come.
o cbe sent. her love and premuised to come
a sodn as poisible. After that 'young
lakelsee walked many milte bvery Sunday
watch the eantqlr train add to learn of
be arrivals during the week. The eastern
rain did not look different from any other
rain. It might have looked a litt e more
nely, perhaps-anyhow, a sort of lamp
ems to his throat when the train arrived,
nil be saw no familiar feces. Then he
ried to forgot all and cheerfully sought his
oa among the mountains. Maybe there
ould come a train from the east some day
hat did not look lonely; thsn there would
e no lump in his throat, but a kiss on his
ips, sweet and tender.
He watohed and longed and hoped, but
aoped and longed and watched in vain. A
otter he had w titten to Dolly came back
'Unclaimed," But still his visits to the
rain were uncenaing. 'I hey became a habit
o him-a part of his life. Summor anus
rightened the valleys and winter's snow
Ade the mountains glitter. Poor Blakes
ae made his weekly trips just the same
oing with a lingering hope, returning
One bitter cold Monday the rough miners
of led his frozen body and marked his rest
sg place with a alab.
Many snammers afterward a blossom of
omanhood was blown in the camp by
core chance. Her name was Gertrude
lakealse. The miners inquired of her
other. "I an, told she was killed in a
ailroad wreck," she answered. Then she
iw the old slab still standing, and read
he simple inscription, "Broken-hearted
tarry," and she said, "Poor fellow: To
ave died alone in the miountains!" Sue
anttered it handful of wild uoses on the
ound, and the miners brushed tears from
heir eyes, for they knew she was scatter
ung flowers on her fathet's grave. None of
ham spoke as the watched her uncon
cionsly inscribe on the old, weathered
lab, "Gold costs."-Arkartsea Traveler.
Starting Care by Telephone.
The last method of starting street care in
enver is said to result in a saving of at
least 8I) per cent. over the cost of the ordi
nary system. The diflfculty of maintaining
sahedule time with a large number of uare
is well recognized, and on many lines, it a
car be delayed by an accident for a quarter
of an hour or twenty minautes, the whole
line will be so demoralized that subedule
time will not be overtaken during the whole
day. In the city of Denver there are seven
ty-four miles of electrical and thirteen
miles of cable ttacks, requiring 103 trains
in daily operation. To obviate the incon
venience which a break-down of any kind
inevitably causes a system of telephone
circuits has been arranged with various call
points, all communicating with the head
office. Every conductor on arriving at the
terminus of the route immediately reports
the number of his car to headquarters, and
receives in renly his proper leaving time
and an instructions that may be necessary.
The dispatch clerk is in this way advised of
the whereabouts of each car, and is very
often enabled to fill up a space of from
thirty to sixty minutes caused by a "pa
rade." The saving of starters at the various
termini is taken as a set-off against the
expense of the telephones.
(lood Lootts.
Good looks are mare than skin deep, de
pending upon a healthy condition of all the
vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you
have a bilious look, if your stomach is dis
ordered, you have a dyspeptio look, and if
your kidneye bhaeffected you have a pinched
lool . Secure good health and you will
have good looks. Electric Bitters is the great
alteratave and tonic that acts directly on
these vital organs. Cores pimples, blothehs,
boils and gives a good conipleXion. Sold'at
Hi. M. Farchen & Co.'s drug etore, 500 per
caster of human destiny am I,
Fame, love and fortune on my footsteps
Cities and fields I walk. I penetrate
Deserts and seas remote, and passing by
Hovel and mart and palate, soon or late
1 knock unbidden once at every gate.
If sleeping. wake; if feasting rise before
I turn away. It is the hour of state
And they who followma reach every state
Mortals desire, and conquer every foe
Save death; but those who doubt or hesi
Condemned to failure, penury and woa
Beek me in vain and uselessly implore;
Ianswer net, and I teturo no mo e.
Not fail ye not In this respect.
Seize every opportunity to travel
Over the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
This is the advice of
Gso. H. HiArvoan,
General Passenger Agent. Chicago, Ill.
lb8, Ir I OF iUAri. 1UltHI~ilmlit H3UAJ11i
`! lielonn. Alontana. No. 1ý. MY-'2.
Troutealuarn iehetlty invite,; to furnith the
fto lowing eipplies to thel Ihiri itgniiativo as
rt mubly, convitning at lit, anl irnt tna. Jan. 2,
sClas '. All priotrig rid pt ir whitith may lie
ritiuireti for ils tt e. huih fir printing it) be ter
1,O0 ants, bids for pair' tti be per poind, to in
ludte bill iapor, enrolling and oitgro-rine pailer.
letter heads rnoi envelops for iritito and Liaise.
r'lar 2. iitiy-svnli west rater ne) te, one
dozen quarts Arnoilts Ml: i nin t,. 100 itiette lead
;ieciimlsocauili 'o. i. lEngli vic tlcm~ir
jiety. twfnly- 11fite d iten Itoi hltiiittt itie ditzot
iiieiitiisirttatit ii teit. xvitwo itnitirri t ;te
writers moirtititi
1iiid tro cltu- I attI 2 rtinkl i Li ma e sitter
ately tin i rtdrin m1 tti I. h. 'Tioo. trieisint
fitrisass I fo tom WeiomI itf lt rule.an in iitlgt
Imiinn tio n tie tmmmmtiltmg litarti its' ri titi an t
frunt time to itrim tna isiquiriet. titltti itii all
wtifk fai r hi o li t ii th oil fliC I ittthttitg
timomrt. I itifrori miiiend clas ti lii aitimtteii
tim a beun to iiim sium oi a.0tf0. t ith liiiiir tini
t imlqtmmbiifi'tiilmieortlfiire or Istthitr i2. 18t2.
JrS iN. it (I0l,
r- ririisl ntR te I urrt hin.iig lli'tifi
ciofo the it urit s of I itat ii tiieioa t ill St iek
htilrer if 1h C'ra, IMiont iii thi 1tihi day ii of h
lititi ntrsaiir 2 I 'ee nittiin i Lmtyi
Atei ,t li i nlRTiti ritewu fimiiiiliit haT ru s yee
jIroldrstianaitot Uni seimnersi ii ii.a
intidertiitsity tfiiacet Nearitiil Hiellarsri
lOiuriielifiimultiifmrguitionsiig nrllnfollr
nillgslPreeiltor. sit Itruntei.esi int tior
,onal, mete hlulc tie Arit 7r tilifCtary. Asour
Itenmd siforus atmlounotioa tuthe t Prsden of
F. P. O WE. AV. M., D.lD.
The bove isa picture of our greatest Afri
can explorer, intl in it can be traced the forma
oft e tldcirencalo. Any inte tat readily see
the faco) of tite cxhoper, bitt it fidl ficltot ttt cut
tiogmtti the two anntsiaat w
'lb irort ts of NTANI. EY'S PFRIZEME3111TER
1INAEitPICgA ine ant eleiat UPRIGOT PIANO,
tted at $500, to a first peraso who n ca
t-ate wite t he elephant tnt firatpe; to tlthsecond
ptter'o will too imivett "lo IN COLDS It the
oetrgatttVOLD WATOH to the/tode/ht
thilatnatisote CLOCK; to the fithA a tho.VER
W ATR PITCOHER, and to the nextiu/ in
GOLD. Every comDetitor must cut out tIe
above picture anti outlitte with a leid pencil iMe
ArWtc the twoinPinaIs, and enclose sane with
11o U. St. iwo-ent stampn or 10 three-cent Ca
nadit atants for tine sanple bottle of the tot.
miwing prize renmedies:tr'SriANLar'S I'IioZE
ItillIIMATI(' 0 llE 1 1"TANLtEY'S PriZE CeRt
norm ('oSpl' nt, IfCmoIIAT hef dOtlTIIOt)Af
whIAltitIIh A sad (IIOtEIIA.JIO lIfiU." or Rth'ANy
l.Et'1 PRIZE1 'Itlitli FOR1 ('ATARIIIII" Seliect
cry ote ti the ibtve reat ililie.,tor ta manynat
,uui dts-iire, lby etti-omini is'. iur eatci one.
3.:1 Drush St., Octrolt, Mictt.
'The Imeroot whose onvetope is postttirkect
totn owilt be awarted the first prian. and the
iltieie in tirder rof tmerit. 'ri the personstend.
tot the ra/ co rect ansTwer will be given an ell.
vgout COLD WATCHe to r the trtf to the last a
ntil clime SILVER WATCH; tonthe secinedto
the last ai handtie CLOCK; to the third to
the dast SIC IN COLDI and it tin next te to
the lait $5 IN COLD We. shall ALSO) hIVE
AWAY 100 EXTRA PI'IF.MIIJItiIsh stiii there lie
o matiy seidintg in eorrenct answer). Thic
nates of thl, leading rize wionero will be phtb
i rsteci in the 1'. S, nd Conatda. 'Che obje-i in
nmaulting thte fci-, i~ing extraorditinary tuffer is to
plt"e outr Nt-tit-deinis iti the lindsiof ith itetoan
csttierers. 'l'ir GREl-AT ANTI ONLY POSiI 1y
IhhIIhI'lATIil (litt: hits cost the protprietors one
enoUrm our tHarti i f mote, w.the nit redlcets rf
whit- art ithuri.ite hll frtm Africa, where they
are s icredI wit gritA tiTttetyen ailexTiense.
It is purely htel liiloiitianl put t pin two conr
pounds, oie to be otsed externalty ant te oiler
Internally. 0utr oiiREa R itrugis aore equarlly
valtable. As lotte reliability iott. ltrompatnv,
we refer you to any leading wsho.lesale drugglst n
Detroit, atd will also furnish you witit the
names and addrenses of partiecos no hove been
entirely ctired by this mscot wonderfuli Medicine.
Al prizes till he awarded strictly in order it
nierit atnd with perfect satisfaction. No ehargo
is made for premiums in any way, they are ab.
oluately given away to introduce and advertise
oir Medtiines, which we ore bound to do regard.
lets of expense. Medicine Is sent iy mail post
poid and dtty free. When you answer the rdic
ttire puzcle, please mention this gaper. Atio, er
Stanley billo 1(icibo Cot HtndROce3ST rs
Branch Office. Windsor, Oat.. Canadai.
DISEA E al all forms, oaptation;
r inalin n Sd hrSId, Shoeulider and
Arms, Short Breath, Oppression, Asthma,
Swollnt Anklesn Weakse and Smth nerinhg
Spells. Dlropsy Wind In Stomach,, etc.. are
A nee discovery by the eminent Itdiana Special
ist. A. F. Devsi, Silver Creek, Neb after taking
fttr bottles of HiEARnT Clitl felt better
tban he bad foe twelve yearn. "For thirty yearb
trotbied with Heart Diseose; two bottles of
DR. MILES' HEART CURE cured me.-Levi
Logani, uichana, intchr h. oB. Staion, Ways'
ioftlite, (t., han taken, DR. MILES' HEART
CURE for Heart trouttie with greatresutis. tlre.
Le Bitr, Fitcbuirg, hitch,, wes 111 for It5 yearn with
east Dimo teae, had to hire httse help, lived ot
Ilsinti fooidt used Dr. Miles' Heart Cure end
all ptain left betr constant use cured lihee.
I have fur fifteen yearn been sfoferin with Pal.
piatitin of the Heart, and mnever fotnd a remedy
ftat gtsv me relief, until I tried Dr. itruses hoft
/cart Citre; It worked wonderfuli and g- ati me
unstant relief and hell. I can cieerfuliy rt-mm.
noted thiis mnedoine to all who suffer any kind of
Beset Dinetteo.
M.t Ii. IlTiTSBAND, Grceenville. Texas.
The effi-et of uter N-c- 1/aor Caie is wondtherul
SrtyS. EVA th ithtnsSit, Metirertei toe-a.
Sot l on a istposiive fuarantee.
Fteitiitustiri itcbhoo lE rat itetg gitsuieatidees
DR. MILES' MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
F~old by all uruggieta.
thie Firet judicial district of the state of
Montana. in and for the county of Lewis and
,vary J. Ilillinen. Nannie Magnsnon. Mary
Frenrh, i.ltie B. Hunter and Mrs. i. C. Stutbbn
for themelvets and twenty-sne other combers of
Brsach No. 1ilt, itOrer tft the Iron Hall, vs the
Supeme Sitting otf the Oirder ofthe Irn Lall,
t0. I). -oneiny, enpette jtusatic a1 the t ndor of
tie urton all. Jan e - F. H Naily, tie ANrert Mra.
uatah A. aitaoyler. hailier, Andirew F. istdic at
Jtohn lo, tier eatretite; Mri. Jiotitn W. Wade.
truee, and th.it V.. . mhealer ant iihard lice,
htrcutri-ties; MIih . Kaiteibie.n iruItee, snd
hlon utoi atd lwitair 1i0 ice tie: sureties, Mrs.
A utie .I iceend Jotlit ttanti tichard the, their
citiroittiti ali oilier ftinib ter of tlts Urdvr
,f the Irosn hall not hireintt mentioned, tie
n't(,' state otf Montanorsends greeting to the
tutv natuedi defertida i
tilt aret ereby teitierlit stotpear tian aetitto
atgilt. agatnst yor tiy lae hove stainmed plaits
tit, illi iredi trtonicoe t rf het 1-airo jutdikcis diU
riot if thLie sate oi Mtntithe i attid ftr the
'ont f llhewia aitl Clarie, anti to atnswr the
lrlel itOat' tiled thereti nwithin ton days
, xitjltivo ot tle dany ttf cerveic alter the
l~rt~ritile ytou oif titai antiittone, if served within
ti,- dytttli ot, it aert-e.l out. tf this eounty. bit
-itt ii- totkltnriet lieu mwii hitt tsenty dayr;otter
esvlrt sithin fuirt tl y ie judgmeiti lt default witl
tol iiven atainet Iyo. anccdtin to the thsayor of
1110 Alie i Crili iD I~e -tight Jt otitain a oeree
of thit eloirt tlrrpeltrlily i eoirei lag tiho deofn
dutitii frontt rttt-lieti.tn or attemp itingi to t short
any miiey of tile linitlife tie any if thet; to
10,l petualty re-airaiit th~ e iifetdaute. thi:,tptrerne
-lt.i.,tt ., so .l-te "ilf..itiittt1 It, ~I k1-uterb , 1111
first National Bank
PAID UP CAPITAL, $000,000.
Designated Depository of the
United States.
Interest Allows I nn 'I lite leps lts.
General Iissisisi ii nýinoss ' reneacted.
t afek Djopsilt ies.,s for ltenS.
S, T. ItAUElil..........................President
E. W. KNIGHTT................ ..'dent r
11. H. KIlINSCHMil)T......Areetant Caeshier
OEU. H. lILl ......Second Aaelatant .(ashslir
Granville Stuart..............Stockgrowcz
N. W. Be, It ................ i. Mrenaut
J. C. Curtn.......Clarke, Conrad Curtin
R. M. Hamilton.. . . ...'...Castalkt
t) It. Amena.......Mining and tttsckgrower
Chen. Kt. "ells .....................Meretant
A. M. Molter..........A. M. Melter Hardware Coa
Asseolatest Bankes
Northwrstern National Bank........Great Pals
lirst Natlion t loonk....................Miseoola
First Natsonal sHik........................Bttte
erchants National
Paid in Capital, $350,000.
Surplus and Profits, $90,000.
L. H. HElRSHFIELD..................President
A. J. DAVIDSON............Vice-President
AARON IE{IH6HFIELD............Cashier
Board of Directores
Thomas Crass, M. Sands,
13. d. Hontley, A. K. Prescott,
A. J. D)avidson. Moses Morris
L. H. Hershieled, Aaron iisrshkeiod,
J. Switzer.
First-claos City, County and State Securities
bought and sold.
Exchange losaned on the principal cities of the
United States and Europe. lransfers of money
masde by telegraph.
Interest allowed on time deposits. Collections
promptly attended to.
Boxs for rent at reaoonable prices in one of
the beet conotructed firs and burglar proof safe
deposit vault, in the country,
Capital Paid in, $500,000.
Surplus and Profits, $200,000.
C. A. BROADWATERl....... .....Pr esidnsi
L. G. PHELPS ................ Vice-P'resident
H. L. Mot;ULLOM:.................... Cavities
A. L. Smith.................Assistant Casehis
A. G. Clarke, Herman Gane
H. F. Ualen, Peter Latsoa.
a. W. Cannon, It. C. Wallae s
D. A. Cory.
S ecortd National
A General Banking Business
D........................ ..President
S.......... cePresident
iGEORtGE B. CHILD............:Vc...(ashier
JOSEPH N. KENCK........Assistant Cashier
Board of Directors,
J. B. Sanford. C. G. Evans.
H. W. Child, S. J. Jones.
A. N. SprotI. Chris Kenck,
E. D. Edgerton, C. K. Cole.
Usoorgo Ht. Child.
NO. 4406.
elena National
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi
SHIRLEY C. ASHBY ............President
A. B. CLEMENTS................Vice-President
FRANK BAIRD.........................Cashier
Interest allowed on tine deposits Exchange
issuel on foreign countri e.
Transfer of money by telegraph. I irst-claov
city, county and state scurities .ought and sold.
Collections promptly attended t,.
Bosard of Direetorst
John T. Murphy,
PhireyB C hAshby. Y. Ne. MeAdow,
Frank Blaird, Chas. K. Wells.
J. 1'" Woelminap E. ti. Mectoay.
Wt. E. Cullen, Jno. l. 1slvndeuhahI]
Abner E. Clements, K S. oerd,
Geo. L. Tracy. J. P. Porter.
TheThomnas Gruse
Incorporated Under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
WM J COEENE...As. t Treac. and Neeretary
W . J. CWEENEY... ..eaue
John Faston.
Allows4 Ipr cent. internet on Savings Deposits,
It Doal iii evny ,sni cliptisuds, and nikne
loane on reat eotaud moertgages.
Oflice tioure frost 10 a. m. to 4 p. m,. Alo cont
I stisilay and Monday evenings frorn ti ,
CAPITAL, $200,000.
T. C. i)W~lt................Previtent
A. .1. HNll;itilAN..............us tioeiloiidet
& 5. JtliNtOtN............... ahe
tWO. in. COlE..............Assistant t.'isiier
'T. t,. Power, A. J1. Settgsman.
A. C. Joiioson, licltatd jockey.
Jesmes Ntullivsn.
Interest allowied on Iim ieepotisits. Fnetisnse
TAzU A Cocasa ax u
Upragae Correspondesee
Iseool ef Law.
lead ten seats (stemee)
lee partlcalare to
d. Oetner, sire, Set'y.
as. SOD Whitasm Sleek. Detrtit. la
The Ne York 1)ry Goods Store
~ S ILKS .
Owing to many sample orders from distant parts of Montana, Idaho and Washington,
we find ourselves compelled to continue our great sale of Black Silks.
ILeavy Black Silk, worth $i.5o.
This week special sale 95c.
Heavy Black Silk, worth $i.6o.
This week special sale $i.0o.
Heavy Black Silk, worth $a.85.
This week special sale $1.20.
i Heavy Black Silk, worth $1.85. This week special sale $i.20
______________ ~This week special sale $1.20. _______
Heavy Black Silk, worth $2.25
This week special sale $r.55.
Condensed JointTime Table In Effeet Sept.
1, 1892:
Going West-No. 2- ARRIV. DEPART.
Dunmeore............) '7:00 pin
iiirasey Lake...... '10:80 p ae
Lettbridm . . . 2:00 am
I tbrdge .......... o 7:00 a i
tirling. . .... 8:20 a n
(unru . a) 9:150 0 & a
Milk liever .......... j110:40 a it
;t eutti (intern. boundary) tll:20 a me
Sweat Bras, 112:00 p in
Kevin.................. .. . 112:50 pn
Gorky Spils. ............. i11:40 p a
*Shelby Junction........ t2:20 pm ':l0 p an
teLntd ... ........ . 0:4: p1
I tndera .....'500pm 0:2t p a
olin .e.. . . . :00p an
steel................ '8:1 p IT
Vaughann.............. '8;50p n
Gtreat Ni~le .......... *9:t0 pm
(4i tn Northd-No. 6
Great P elt .... 'l1:00 pna
VauYbsu ............... l1:40 pn
tas l ............... .. '12:2 e a
lrollin ........ ..... .. ':4() iti
WPiederdat ................ 0m:40 a n
tConrad ...................... 'Krnl 00n
ei heriyo Junction.' 4r At.n.i :00oa m t0:80 a 0
ireoky roprisrs n ..i.... Ta. n 7:2le a na
Kevin ............... tbal a in
Sweet lutess (inter. boinnot.) j900t a m t
-cinttie " 1150 a in
alit. oiver ................. 10:4U a in
Stirii}eltg ........ .... r 12:t5 p vn
Lethbride e. . . 1r2:10 m
G ring Feet-No. 8.-...
L.ethbeidge ....... . §8:55 a in
Ilrosry t ake..... §12:45 p n
Dinmore.............. §4:45 p mn
t2:inhr lFact-No. l
1.athbrilge........... '10:40 pin
r y Ake ............n2:00a n
b~nu::ure ......... . ':40 a
.)its. tMlonday. Wednesday and Friday
Neale. $Daily except Somday.
'I trouglh trains leave Great Faltb. Sunuday
C vsly coo'Ihurday. at 1t p. o i.
'Threncrh traine leave Lethibridge, Monday
Wedneeday and krtday at 7 a. m.
etiN O CTiO aS.
('anadian Ptesiteo Gailway -Traiune leave Don
more Junctione: Fer Adeitie Coast at 10:25 a
in. Fot l'eti Ii: Coast ai 6:02 p. nit.
( ireet Northern hallway- -'framen leave tNhelb.
kante. etc.. at ltt:48 a. t:. For St. Panl at 2:022p to
Giroatt Northern Itailty -'Mrains leave (ires
Fells, Foe Itelenie and butte at 10:l1ia mn. FPet
.t. lPosl a: 1:45 ts. en.
Nleclseot eud Pinch~er (ritek-Stage leave:
Lsetibridge story 'tuesday. Thursday andi Satur
$2.50ea Pte fr VoooaHlueiw.Bnme
s ete. ieinieitb wiih traiin Nit. 5 and t.
N. b.--Piitoeltiyi'1to winnd fronm Kaliepsll. Boin
nur'y Ferry. Spottiut. etc.. will nets tbat cloe,
odeils eunneitionit eve oxadt wit: (heat Norihect
lhadlwi et Shelby .11:::tco
1{ . tlAt:. l. enocel Mlanager.
'tI. 1). IlSIUl.A t. ticitersi htstperintueidemt
It. lAAIttt' tinenra! trefi Atiift.
Civil Procedure.
$2.50 Per Volume.
Remember this: The greatest line
of railway operating between St.
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau
kee and Chicago is the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
operates, under one management,
6,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
handsome, elegantly equipped pas
senger trains from the Twin Cities
that run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change of
cars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. Louis and Kansas City. The
train service and general equip.
ment of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
not surpassed by any railway in
America. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled lim
ited train to Chicago daily-con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Offical Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi
cago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, cut this out:
Leave St. PaulB 7:35 a. m., arrive at Chicago
10:Q0same evening.
Leave St. Paul A 2:4t p. m.. arrive at Chicago
6:46 next moriae c.
Leave at. Pau} A 5. p. m., arrive at Chicago
1:00 next mornini.
Leave St. Paul A 8:1>0 p. m., arrive at Chicago
9:30 next morning.
Leave St. rac A 15 a. m., arrive at St. Louis
7:511 next morning.
Leave St. Pal l' 7p. mn. arrive at St. Loeal
0:15 nail evening.
Leave Si. Pal A 9t:15 a. m., arrive at Kansas
City 7:410 next morning..
Leava St. Paul t' 7np. m., arrive at Kansas
City in0 next ev-ening.
A Daily. B Except Ssnday. C Except Satarday.
Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on (iay trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union
Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any ticket agent
or addle-, J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant tien. Pass. Aqt.,
S:. PauL Minn..
. . EAN T. er O
Pass: ngaers for the East traon
helona nata other vv.'stenrr points
'-ill tna the NEWV HUtITE1 via
CEN'l'A I. It. not. nWly desirable
Cs to titni a1nd Iopnt'l i:t, but ene
ot the t nCst attirnt le, patstiit
through -.itoux City, t i only ( (eir
Pailtice ('ttyof Lthe world, Onhallue~,,
the ltwut.: 1nto Key CIt.v et ioa.t;
Roclilaril. lit in:ln,, a n1w nltunuftac.
tUnay <ac, t hlit'. Liaa b( nii1 ti
"vworldl wvtialu ,:cnf," a~ndt tfi ,:,o,
witis,1 t'oe l:t and enterpri. 1i:
tilt) w'oncir of th,. v orld. 1Vithi
elegatlttI treo c'tth r l':rs, :anti Pull
11,11 ::,o S: C pin. (itvrs ott ovliry
g ranus I-Ot''.v 1 it'o :R its' .und ('l u
(Yulo, ::ndi -v:b .t c'o:"c cminctiou
\^'tll thte tilnont l'.ditc Hati::l :ti
Sioux ilty, t1b
Illinois Central R. R
res;pectitull\' lr,":'Ints its cl~tians fog
tit, new.ind ,vety way desirub4
For folders and further partieod
tars cell upon local ti: lcet agenti, q
dtidrIS 'ho undersiioncd at Man
cheater, lowa.
1. V. MERRY,
Ce.:,L General Famienuler Agent
6 0 THE " 0
Passee through Wisconoin, Minnepiots, North Da.
kota. Manitoba. Montana. Idaho, OJr..
gon and Washington.
Dining Cars are run between Chicago, St. Pant
Minneapolis, WinnIpeg, Helena, butte. Tao0m,
Seattle and Portland.*
Pullman service daily between Chicago. St.
Paul. Montana. and the Pacifio Northwest; and
btentt.PuMinneapotis and Minnesotat
North DakLota ant Manitoba painto.
Daily Exprese Trreins carry elegant Puilnosa
SleepIng t'are. Dining Care. Day Coaches, Putt.
man Touriot Sleepers and Free Coloniat Sleep
Iag Care. ____
The Northern Pacific railroad is the rail line to
Yellowstore Park: the popular line to California
and Alaska; and its trains peas through the
grandest scenery of seven states.
Are sold at all coupon otficee of the Northern
Pacilir Railroad to poutlts North, East. South
and West. in the United States and Canada.
In effect on and after Sunday. August 28.
No. 1. Farinic Mail, west bond ........ 1:80 p. t
<o.4. Atlantic watt, east bound .....':40 p. en
?No. u,. tichr tiAleno. Miseoula and
Intru expro ~s .... ..... ..... 6:45 p. n
N. F Marysrille paen.............11:20 a. as
No. 10. asryuvitc acconuneetation.....:00 p. as
No. t, Wickes Boulder and Elkhorn
o..dr... ....W...ed 7:10s p n
l\ ti. nit mjixe.n d. Mon
ueednye and Yridays ............... .:I p:. 'a
S IitonAn ntiAr futt Off.LtNA.
Ni.. ra 'otilio Mail. wist tiound.. .1:45 p. ia
Ni. 4. Allanticwail.u wiat bound. . l:o p. as
No. I. Hutto, Miseula ani tiTalen od'l pe
r.a. . . p.. 7:3l) a. io
Noi.7, slavinvillvpn e {:itoelir........7:451a i
2i... i:, tllnnovillo aieuutiiiodiltoe.. S..:10p. in
N t. Wick'se llondTet asd Elitlete
lat e.. D . .. .. . :2. as
l o. t,; Bijiini nmju.,:l, Mdondays, Wid-'
enerlda nod Ftritda ....No .....n .8:15 a. na
Ilraj~o Non. 1, 4, ,t and It conoect at tlserteon
wit Montana U sientraje io and frino toutte.
Doo l~od a and A orec and lauwrth oepau
Tria1 ils Ns soad 6 will run between elsena
sod Wreallae, Idaho, without change oef cars.
Fur Ifates, Malter. Tine Tables or Speeial
Information appl y to Chas. `S. lFe, (fepeuar
Passenger and TickeC Agent. St. Panl,
iGeneral .Agent of the Norteorn Paciho i. 1it a
110 LkNA. MONT.
a Ioii i owtiship, etttoly e,' I 'wie std
(: :inrt noI "into of Montana., bffore C. W.
I: ti~w"11'rnutiot of th: pease.
Ia, ileron: t.lueiinl:1, ot, Aisv lionera, tie.
Thl ti:ate n' Montana sied. grtronig is the
muovn: tanwoidettfoiedaot.
Niol at,, l::rcbhy teioorrli to: a;ip:.sr ini an sotiot)l
ti btii:6ht aigainsit TOO 'o ti:. a n : toted plaitntilf
if .ia..':ruttil uIrti, a::i t. iasL. erttieiiin:palait
('a1 th'reiii, within triot ay . Iesclucive of the
1I..aid titti.ittt it.I eu:lit to r.:torer PlO
r~llb.u..:t'.b..d~otyh", "mtpia'ut illforl ioard
aiti Iudgliti; to'tiisoluu by hiii: It you. at::i fir
sin~y tad tiot"it.,i t~y you ftr:. ptlaintlff
en-to olily ' rtei1iON Ii o iu roitiploile:on i: its
i:.ttt1tir,.111 eli . *io: are tttfcrrtol.
Ititi au. at.. tireb 0i nt.lfii tlt.st if you toil to
altriar and antutor to satid uorullatttt, etw above
u-o1, irl, th:. ;'lainttli 'sill take iotig:::ertt
auainot iti: i.rcrail 1altutLus; of 5;0 and coa;s of
ltinu0 tetut..:irtiy (andi this lte day of Noretis
Hlye, iti ilti uero itOuir LorI. cne tlut~.asatd eight
hundred ant: ninety-taei.
j Jdustice 01 the 41eee4

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