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They Lead to the Capture of Four
Young Men Who May be i
Burglars. h
One of Them XI Already Charged b
With an Offense Like
EX-Mayor Kleluasohmldt Denies Any Speo
ial Interest In the Itairett Inquiry
-The Commlttee's Report.
The reputation which the lielana police
force has gotten for having a "stool
nigeon" connected with it, has led to the I
capture of a gang of young men, one of
whom is now acoosed of burglary, and the
others of whom are held on other grounds,
and who are, the police think, suffiloently t
dangerous to need watching. On Sunday i
night some of the people in an upper Main
street saloon heard some of the young men
loudly berating one of their number as a
"pigeon," because he refused to dispose of
some "yaller supers." It may be interest- 1
ing to know that "yaller sanpers" in the
lnegnage of the "profession," are gold
watches. George Layton was the young
man who was being denounced as a "stool
pigeon." Sergeant Callahan and Police.
men Vanasse and O'Connell were informed
by those who overheard the talk of what
was going on, and they found Layton and
put him under arrest, At the city jail
he said that the others wanted him
to dispose of some "yeller supers,"
and when he demanded to see them first, I
the gang set on him and beat him, and de
nounced him as a "stool pigeon." A de
scription of the others was obtained and
they were arrested at different times dm ing
the night. They gave their namee as Phil
Dunn, Joe Dunn and Frank Clore. Joe
Dunn, who was arrested along toward yes
terday morning, was found to be protected
from the weather by three pairs of trousers.
The last pair reached in the skinning pro
cess was thought to belong to E. D. Brooks,
a barber, rooming in the Mt. Louis block.
His room had been broken into, his trunk
cut open, and some underclothing, a pair of
trousers and some articlesof jewelry stolen.
Brooks was sent for and identified the last
pair of trousers taken off Joe Dunn as his
own. Dunn was charged with burglary.
and Judge Gage committed him for the ac
tion of the district court last night. Phil
Dunn, Layton and Clore are held as sune
plaious characters. The four men are suns
pected of various other jobs about town,
and it is believed they have some goods
cached away somewhere. A gun and sever
al other articles were taken from a room in
the Denver block recently, and this theft is
laid to tse door of the gang just captured.
All of them are young men, some of them
not more than 21 years of ago.
Ex-Mayor Kleinschmidt, speaking yester
day of the fact that his name had been con
nected with the Barrett inquiry, fully ex
- lained the situation so far as he Is con
cerned. He said Policeman Barrett came
to him and asked him if anything had been
missed from the Lehman premises, which
were under the control of the bank. The
officer, Mr. ](leinschmidt says, stated that
he was on the track of some men whom he
supposed to be petty thieves. This led to
Barrett telling of the charges made against
him, and also of the Fitzgerald matter. On
hearing of the latter affair the ex-mayor
save he thought it a strange condition of
affairs and advised Barrett to speak to the
county attorney about it. He himself men
tioned It to Judge Hunt. Ex-Mayor Klein
schmidt says he had no idea of or iticizing
the administration of Mayor Curtin, nor in
any way to do anything to seek to cast any
reflections on the police departwent. lie is
sorry that his name has been connected
with the matter in any way.
T'lhe council committee which investigated
the charges against Barrett, and the Barrett
charges against the remainder of the police
force, will probably meet today to consider
their report. It is not thought that the
committee will make public any part of
their report until it is handed to the city
council on Tuesday night of next week.
anlds Bros. have tjust received a handsome
aesertmolt. of ladioes military and triple cato
Dr. ,alvail has removed his residence to No.
7:bl ifth avenue.
Main Street Again IRtetlnning to Take On a
IHulinesa Look.
A la ge force of men and wagons were en
paged yesterday under the direction of the
stre t commissioner olea ing the snow off
Main street. 'I bhe thaw had made the heavy
snow banks between the gutters and the car
tracks easily handled, and the persistent
efforts of the shovellers made quite an im
tpression upon the mountains of snow on
Main street, between Broadway and Sixth
avenue. As soon as that part of the thor
oughfare is cleaned the men and the teams
will be taken to that part .of Main street
aboy, Broadway. There is a double ad
vantage in clearing Main street of snow at
this time. One is that it makes travel easier
for vehicles, and the other is that it prevents
n whole lot of trouble in the event of too
sudden a thaw.
A special line of trimmed bonnets and hate for
sal cheatp, albo ontrimitoed wool and fur felt, at
cost for this week only. Mirs. F. iempaey, War
rt, stroaLt.
Tailor mrade coats for ladies, tlrr latest cut
and style, as low ar ~$ at 'lhe i ee 11ivo.
Death of Ms. A. Eldridge.
The funeral of M. A. Eldridge, who died
on Clore street Sunday afternoon, of pneu
mnonia, took i lace yesterday from Her
mann's undertaking rooms on Broadway.
11ev. F. T. Webh, rector of St. Peter's
church, conducted the services. Mr.Eldridge
was 87 years old and was at one time a
prominent building contractor in Cleve
Ina4. Ohio. Ile left there in 1-419 and went
to ~e Pacifio coast. lie was in the con
tratlting bnsiness rt Portland and erected
n number of buildings, includiing a large
church for the M thodist congregntion.
M . Eldrldge came to llelena about twelve
vears ago and followed the business of
b ikhlarnlg. lie leavrs two dnughters in
CleVeland. Clevelanld papers please copy.
I r. tibirt A to, have th',ir puerranien t. oilce
at 13 S Nltin strort. itortd ol rt nt the N reh lts
h'ols. from the let to the Ith of Ire-nibrr. They
cure chronic dteioaerr whire otlhers fall.
Union 'acillu Systel, --1'.xcirslon to B.li
Union Pselifl will sell rount trip tickets
to Salt Lake for the National Mining Con
gress to be held in that city December I
and i at one fare for ronnd trip. Tickets
on sale )eclember 2 to 4, incolunive. Oood
for return any time within thirty days. Fot
sleeping ear reservations or further infor
mation call oin or address No. 1'2 North
blain street, Ilelein. II. O). WItON,
Freight and lassenger Agent.
Montana Navings Isllnk
Paey int'lest ton deposits tf $1 or more.
b per cenit on on .avings accounts.
ti per cent on time certilleatea.
"0aviun is the secret of wealth."
aemple Emanau-El Takes Aetion on tile
Departure of Rabbi Mohultnman.
At a meeting of Conuregatlon Emanu-El,
seld at their Temple Nov. 27, Rabbi 8Ham
tel behulman tendered his resignatlor, hav.
na leceLved a call to "iual Jebudh" Con
iregation, Kansas City, Mo. In accepting
it reeitauntlon the Congregation di so re
uctantly, and have shown their aiprecia
ion of his eerviors for the past three years
y adopting the following resolutions unan
Wherean, Our beloved Rabbi, tamuel
Bhoiman, bhas received a canll to the tuCon
gregatioa Bnut Jobudelh, Ki.nsa City, and
feeling it his duty to accept it ca!l whiro rhe
might extend his field of ueftulneas, and
biS esignatiou having been accepted by
hii Cum.gre.,tiron Emanu.El; and
WhL; eas, Du ing his resi.lence among us
he has won the esteem of both parents and
ohildren, and endeared himself to the
hearts of all; therefore be it
Resolved. That in the retirement of Dr.
Bamuel behulman Congregation Emenu-EI
desires to express their sincere regret at be
ing compelled to sever their connection
withi him; that in his departule they sus
tain the loss of a conscientious minister
an a sinooere man; that they appreciate his
efforts in euataining and strengthening the
ties of Judaism in Helena and u. building a
temple that will forever stand a monument
to his zeal and fidelity; that the best wishes
of thise congregation follow him to his new
field, and that success and honor c own his
efforts there as they Aid here.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolu
tions be spread ua on the records of the con
gregation and one be forwarded to Dr.
bahulman and one tendered to the press.
ol OL GENHBzRno,
A, ,JAcons,
Mosse Moious,
Go to Butcher & Bradley's for your holiday
goods. I hey have the finest line of noveltio, a
the lowest prices.
Nons of Veterans' dance. Tuesday, Dec. ai.
Hands tros. hive jaut rereived a handsome
assortment of landiesr military and triple cape
Adopted by Temple ICaantu-Ei on the
Death of Jacob Feldhier:.
At a meeting of Congregation Emanu-El,
held at their temple Nov. 27th, the follow
ing resolution. upon the death of their late
brother, Jacob Feldberg, were unanimosely
Whereas, It has pleased the Almighty
Father to remove fromt our midst our be
loved brother, Jacob Felrberg, and Congre
gation Emann-El has thereby sustained a
great loss in the death of one of its mest
ardent supporters and one of its most faith.
cu! adherents; and
Whereas, By the death of our brother a
horme has been made desolate and a grief
stricken family has lost its trotector, who
so recently was in the enjoyment of happi
ness, surrounded by a happy family and
loving friends; therefore be it
Resolved, That in the death of our late
brother, Jacob Feldberg, this community
has lost an honest and upright citizen, Con
gregation Emann-EI a valuable member and
one of its most faithful workers, his be
reaved family a most loving husband and
kind and indutgent fethe , and Congrega
tion Emanu-Ei extends its most heartfelt
sympathies to his bereaved family, and
deel'ly deplore their lose and hope that the
angel of charity will lighten the burden of
their grief.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolu
tions be spread upon the minutes and a
copy tendered his bereaved family and one
tr the press.
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Shei ('tine I rot the* East
"I am just from the easnet, and well. I can
scarcely express myself. The idea of four
ladies and two gentienuen in one sleigh
makes one think of Edvar Poe's awful room.
with shrinking walls, and no escape. And
say, I was persuaded to remain up and wit
ness the comet strike Mountllelena. I feel
offended, as comets are quite a common oo
currence east. Well, I suppose one of the
gentlemen don't feel quite so dv to-day, tn
he lost a wager of two dress I attie ns that
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(Scene at the New York D y Goods Store's
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WVinter A llsemollenlt.
The Helena Ideal DanIoing sad Skating
club will give their urst annum ball in the
Electric hall, on 'luesday. Nov. "ii. The
club has commenced to build their ice
pond between Warren and Logan streets,
opposite the Helena Club ethhlee. luvita
tions and tickets can be p ()cured of Win.
Max, ait A. P. Curtin's muesi store.
I will open my dancing school on Thurs
day, Dec. 1, at the Business College hall, at
8::30 p. nm., Next lesson o:i DIec. 6, or every
'1 hursday alid Saturday evenings. Regular
scholars, old as well as new. are welcome.
0. 1'. (.)hlss,.
L 3Baking
TeOiPowde r.
The only Pure Creamr of Tartar Powder.-No Ammonia; No Alum.
(Used in Millions of Honmes-4o Years the Standard.
The Supreme Court Rules Against
Richard Lockey in His
Tax Suit.
A $10,000 Damage Case Against
the Northern Pau'flo Rail
road Non-Fuiltotd
TIho nigh clihool tntengilelnuett to Ie
btraighltened (Jut in Court--hlle
Getes the finy.
Tile case of Rliohad lockey against
James B. Walker, city treasure-, was de
oided by the supreme con t yesterday in an
opinion rnudled by Associate Justice Hiar
wood, and in which the other justices con
curred. M,. Lockey brought the suit in
the district court to restrain the treasurer
forom proceeding with the sale of certain
real estate to enforce the collection of taxes
for 1891. He claimed that the levy was ir
segular and that the city council did not
meet as an equalization board. The city
adopted the county assessment figures for
its own purposes. This the supreme court
declares to be legal and affirms the judg
mentof the district court. The conclusion
of the court is that the terms of the city
charter are sufficient to authoripe the city
to pursue the usual method as to the en
forcement of the general tixes authorized
to be levied; provideJ the proceedings pre
scribed by or dinance in that regard are not
repugnant to the provisions of the consti
tlotion and general statutes of the state.
"In our oe inion," reads the decision, "the
action of the proper municipal authorities
of the city of Helena in electing to take the
assessment made by the county and state
assessing authorities, under the provisions
of the statute, as the'assessment for the levy
of mdnicipal taxes, on property within said
city, constituted a legal assessment; and
that the levy of lawful taxes thereon by the
city for municipal purposes, aocording to
provisions of the charter, and ordinances of
said city, was a legal levy. We and no pro
visions of the constitution or statute, which
either expressly or by implication, takes
away the power of incorporated cities to
levy and collect lawful taxes, in conformity
with the provisions of the charter, and law
ful ordinances passed thereunder."
Opinions in the following eases were also
W. H. Raymond vs. Thomas Wimsette.
Raymond sought to obtain a decree estab
lishing his right to the prior use of all the
water of tweetwater creek in Madison
county, and to obtain a pert etual injune
tion against Wimsette. By the decree of
the lower court Wimsette is not allowed to
take more than forty-five inches of water
t from the creek, which is affirmed by the
I supreme court. Opinion by Justice liar
The state vs. William Sheerin. During
the examination of the jurors in the t, ial in
the court below as-o their qualifications to
t sit in the case the defendant challenged one
t on the ground that he was disqualified be
cause he had expressed an opinion. He
answered that he had read of the case in
the newspapers but could form his verdict
from the testimony. The challenge was
overruled. The defendant was convicted
of assault with intent to commit murder.
I he judgment is affirmed. Opinion by
t Justice Harwood.
Walter H. Jensen, by his guardian, S. R.
Jensen, plaintiff and appellant, vs. A. K.
r Barbour, trustee, and A. K. Barbour, de
t fendant. The plaintiff appealed from an
order setting autle a judgment for $5,000,
for injuries to Walter H. Jensen by a street
railway in Great Falls, by default. The
order is aflirmed. Opinion by Justice
Arthur Black et al. vs. John Murray eat
k al., .ppellauts. ''he question was whether
the plaintiffs were entitled to liens on the
Ilon Mask lode in Jefferson county. The
judgement below is reversed with instruo
g tions to enter judgment in favor of the
.aprellants. Opinion by Justice Harwood.
Omar IHoskins, appellant, vs. Thomas
R McGirl, Blen E. Snipes, H. II. Mund and
Matthew H. Murphy. Action on a note for
- $15.000 for a balance. Judgment reversed
with instructions to overrule demurrer.
i. Opinion by Justice Harwood.
He Sued the Northern Pcifle Raillroad
(ompany lor $10,000 lalnagzes.
Judge Knowles, in the United States cir
cunit cou t yesterday soutinred a motion for
non-suit in the ease of Thomas Hogan vs.
the Northern Pacific railioad company.
Hogan was a laborer in the employ of the
compenv at Elton station, in Pauk county.
under the supes vision ot P. (ogerty, a load
wnaster. Gogerty ordered Hogan to couple
certain cari. Hogan said he did it against
his aill, fir fear thit he would be dias
(hnrged if he refused. Ile said he was not
a blrakeman and that the services were ex
tra hlzardone and distinct irom his em
ployment. While cttempt.ng to make the
coupling his hand was crushed. l1e claimed
that he was crippled for life an n.ked for
$10,000 damages. The decision will be pub
lished to-morrow.
To Recover a lBalanoe on the New High
'oehool uailding.
A valuminous complaint has been filed in
the district court by Grant & Whalen
against the Helena school trustees. It is
alleged that the coat of the builid
ing was $113,246.08, and that $51,
114.32 has been paid, leaving a bal
ance of $62,131.76. The contractors say
they were delayed two months by reason of
the deep excavation necessary for the foun
dations. Among other things it is alleged
that materials were furnished not included
as extras. The issues in the case have not
been joined yet for trial. aeveral matters
of pleading, Involving changes in the com
plaint and the answers, are to be settled be
fore the case is in proper shape to go before
a jury.
Rhe Gets the Boy.
The district court yesterday granted the
petition of Mie. C. C. St. Clair for the adop
tion of five-year-old Frank Doe, whose
mother's name is given as Kitty McCarthy
or Lou Horn, a woman of the town, who it
is alleged has abandoned the boy.
Legal blanka at this oiliee.
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hiath You do not have to hella py the hotel
de.n oeats' bils, us our rterms ertfrietly raeh.
hleventh--Electrioca.s pane the houso .very 15
lllghth--And lest, if you will find one man that
ray t he n arae not a wll tact we will givet you a
I's-carat Montana Happhlre.
Ladles' and Children's
I Uldrwe ar Manifactory.
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Specall Line of Chinese and Japanese
Banny Goods.
134 Broadway, next door to Merohants Hotel.
Sleighs and Cutters
In the city for Sleigh Riding at
The "IH, & S," Livery & Cab Co,'s Stable
Special Attention to Sleighing Parties.
A. G. Smith, Proprietor.
T1rk y, (OlesUm. n Grouse,
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Sam Herz's
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Bank, and have your
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Rushford Farm, Quartez and Lon,Jllm Wagcona. Hay }3alere, laling
Ties, Barb Wire, etc. Steora boat block, corner Helena avenue and
Main Street.
A New and Elegant Line of
G O O D S. Slverwarandl
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Helena Jewelry Company. A~sIMAA.EC
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The Bon Ton Tailor.
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Carriages and Wagons
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Attended to.
On Improved City and Farm Property, for One, Two, or Three Years
at lowest current rates of interest.
Furniture and Garpets.
Shades, Lace Office
Chenille Curtain School Furniture
J. R. SANFORD, Nos. 112 and 114,. Broadway, Helena.
Helena Lumber company
Boueh and nlshing Lumter, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Sash and Lumber
t·leplmeo 1 L Cty Ofice Rtoom 8. Thompson Blesh. Mal streeb
Opposite Grand Centratl etW.

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