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thie Aleuylltil River ow Isets Lower
Than oermerly.
As echb suoeedlng drought comes around
the waters of the Schuylkill river sink
lower and lower, says the Heading, Pa.,
Herald. Those who remember how much
ft has already diminished in volume in the
san of a lifetime will have no hesitation
is believing the predltions of some that
within a generation it may become, during
a part of the year, merely a dried-up water
course, as is the ones with many of the
rivers of the west.
It is lower now than it has been for very
many years, and each succeeding period of
low water is likely to be lower than the
last until there is none left, The only rem
edy for this is the roeforesting of the vast
areas of the watershed of the stream, which
the lumberman has denuded of its growth,
leaving nothing in its place. Health, the
p eservation of the streamsand the preven
tion of destructive floods alike demand
The experience of Europe shows that re
foresting restores dried up streams and
makes habitable tracts of country from
which thP inhabitants had previously been
driven by drouth.
Debate In the ltelchatag,
ElRaIN, Dec. 2.-Durlng debate on the
badget to-day, Dr. Buhl, leader of the na
titonal liberals, said his party would vote
for the demands of the povernment for
money for military purposes, as far as com
lOible with the vital interests of the army
bill, to the full extent precticable. In the
couirse of his speech Dr. Buhl complained
of the inadequate share Germany had taken
in the celebrations in honor of the four
hundredth anniversary of the discovery of
America. Chancellor vop Caprivi said Ger
many was worthily represented at Colum
bus fetes at Genoa and Spain. Herr Leib
kneeht, socialist leader, in a speeeh, urged
that the militia system be established in
Germany and political morality be im
The Oriental Mall.
HALIFAx, N. S., Dec. 2.-The first Eng
lish mail from China and Japan via Van
couver has arrived here and will be dis
patched by steamship to Labrador Satur
day. The first mail from England for t
Chaina and Japan is expected by a steamer f
due Saturday and will be dispatched Mon
day to make connection with the steamer
leaving Vancouver Dec. 12.
Natives Attack English Rlesidents.
LONDON, Dec. 2.-A despatch to the Ex
change Telegraph company says news has
been received from Samoa to the effect that
native insurgents have attacked the Eng
lish residents. Orders were telegraphed to
the commander of the Australian squadron
to send the war ship llingaroomat to Apia
without delay.
TWill Try the Comnlnander.
WABHINGTON, Dec, 2.-As the result of the
investigation by the court of inquiry at
Mare Island, the secretary has ordered a
court at Mare Island Dec. 14 for the trial of
Commander Johnson, of the Mohican, on
oha-ges growing out of the accident to the
Mohican June 5 last.
Ilueklen's Arnicra .alve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hends, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles or no money required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Prico25 cunteper box.
For sale by 1[, M. Parchen & Co.
Only Two Nights and Fast Time to Chi
The Great Northern makes several hours
quicker time-Helena to ht. Paul-than any
other line: is the only line which miakes the
run to Chicago in two nights, other lines
using three and four nights.
Goneral Ticket Agent.
Union Pacific Systemn-Excurslon to Salt
Union Pacific will sell round trip tickets
to Salt Lake for the National Mining Con
gress to be held in that city December 5
and 6 at one fare for round trip. Tickets
on sale December 2 to 4, inclusive. Good
for return any time within thirty days, For
sleeping car reservations or further infor
mpation call on or address No. 28 North
Main street, Helena. H. O. WILson.
Freight and Passenger Agent.
Excursien Rtates to California.
On the 15th of esch month the Northern
Pacific railroad will seil round trip tiskete
to California points as follows:
Helena to San Francisco and return, go
ing via Spokane, Tacoma and Portland and
returning same way, $75.
To San Francisco going via Spokane, Ta
coma and Portland and returning via Ogden
and Silver Bow. $90.
To Los Angeles, going and returning via
Spokane, Tacoma and Portland, entering
San Francisco in one direction either going
or returning, $5).
To Los Angeles, going via Spokane, Ta
coma, Portland and San Francisco, and
returning via Sacramento and Ogden,
Tickets will be limited for sixty days for
going passage, with return at any time
within the final limit of six months.
A. D, Enoan, Gen. Art., Helena. Mont.
CHAS. S. FEI, G. P. & T. A., St. Paul, Minn.
The hest line of poular priced droessa goods in
the city can be found at The lieu Hive.
The liee liveis now ready to show their im
mense btOCk of holiday goode, conSlaitcU of
everything suitable frrr g fic. Tirey have for
children toys, dolls, bourrs, games, cledo, wag
'one. wearing ar~purel, etc. ror adoltr, plush
goods and cese, leather goodso alitrs, lde.
turee. plagores, silverware. glasaware, china
ware. bric-a-brac, ('hriatmrs cards. r hristmas
noveltirs, fancy dry goods, furnishing coods,
fare, fancy goodn. jewelry, stationery. etc. in
fact evorpithing that is eneential to a compl-re
itrcek in a metropoliaau r-ty. lie sure and give
'1he Ikellive a call bhtoro buying your holiday
presents for young or old.
BIRASF--In Prickly fear valley, ee. 2, 1892, to
the wife of John Brass. a non.
GOLDEN--In llelona, Nov. 29, 1992, Sarah
Golden, aged 24 ye:ars.
Funeral to-day at three p. m. from Flahorty's
undertaking parlore.
We have ipeelmeno
Cut, at $5, $ro, $x5 Each.
Rough, $2 to $5 Each.
8eat on lteeolpt of Price.
0. DeSola Mendes & Co.
Cutter of I)iamondt and IPrerio10 Stonoo
51-53 Maiden Lane, New York
7 r$ Pills
Regula The Bowels.
otliveness derearn'oe the wholeo ys*
tem anr begets dietmees, monh ma
Siok fleadache,
Dyspepia, evers, Kidaney Diseases,
Bilious Col1o, Malaria, eto.
Tntt'e Pills prodeo regulr habihlt of
body and good dlgoutlon, l'tliosll*
hch, mo one am enjeoy good health.
Sold Everywhere.
rTArTIeTIc show that one In ous has a weak
or dileased Ieart. the ftint symptoms era a shor.
renth, op selon, fluterls, ftint and
ndnrvr aeplls, od tn In aide, then amutnr
nsa olden alt. dposy (annd death)e ie .
which DMIX. MMfES W COII.AIR Ulkh l.n
Is a marvelous remedy. "I hnve been troubled
with heart diseas. for years, my left pisle wa;;
very weak, could at times ecarcly feel It, thle
smallolt excitement would always weaken my
inerves and heart and a fear of lmpendlnt dealth
elared me in the fIce for hours.. DIt. 1Ii.$'
the only medicine that hs proved of aiy hrncllt
and cored me. L, I. DYER. Cloverdale, Md.
My wife has been taklng Dr. MUre' Ntu o hre/or
ile .Heart. She thlnks It Is wondelofll. .hi sICO
not been trooubled wIth pail or smothering spells
lince unlng It. We have alno used Dr. Jlles' YJII,
and we Ilud them all they are claimed to bre.
GEO. L. FPIK, Phlladelphia, Pa.
recommend Dr. Miles' tHureart G'ure. Iteured
me alfter ullrln tfr years with heart dleenoe.
JO(cE cM MAISHE, Cedar ltapldo, Iowa.
Sold on a positive gIlnarntoe.
Dr. Mile.' Liver .Ils are a sure remedry for
Illlousness and Torpid liver, 50 Doses
23 cents. Fine Ioo.r on Iteort l)ioeaie, with won.
deirrl illres Free t.LJrugelots, or udrdres
DR. MILES' MEDIOAL CO., Elkhart, Ind,
Fold by all druggists.
S500 Reward!
Wewill pay the above reward for any eecn ot
ovor Complaint, Dyspepsis. hick headache, In
igestion, instipalton or Costiveneoss we ,an
Unt cure with West's Vegetale Live- P'ills, when
the directions are strictily complied with. Ti'ey
are purely vegetable, ond never fail to give reatie
faction, Sugar Ctatrei. Large hoxee 25 cents
Beware of rounterfteite and imitatilons. Th.
mautne sold by I. 1. Parehon Co.. llelem
A new and Complete Treatment, consisting of
Buppositoriev, UOltment in c apsnlee, also in
Bol and Pills; a Positive Cure for External, Ina
tornnl. Blind or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Rto
cent or Horeditary Piles. and many other die.
saes and female weaknessee; it is always a great
benfit to the general health. The first discovery
of acmedical cure rendering an operation with
the knife unueeesoary hereafter. This Remrdy
has never been known to fail $1 per box. I for
i5; sent by mail Why euffer from this terrible
disease when a written guarantee is positively
given with 9 boxes, to refund the meney it not
cured. SBend stamn for free sample. Guarantee
iaseod by I. M. Iarchesn Co.. druggiets. sole
agents, helena._ Mont.
L judicial district in and for the county ot
Lewin and Ctlarke, tie of lonutana
In the matter of the guardiansobip of the per
seoll and the ectate of liasom lartlett, an insane
1 e it ormembered, that on reading tile erified
petition of Henry('. Yaeger, the duly qualified aisI
acting guardian of the person .od the estatue o
h acom : artiett, an insane pt rsen, it, appears to
the court from caidi ptltlion that it is necessary
and will be beneficial to the ward that the rceal
estate mentioned in said petition, to-wit: ein he
the nw quarter of the no lularter nt lot No. 2 oi
secetion N.i. It. townoilip No. 1U, north of caneo
t west. containing 79.75 acres of ladl situated in
the county of Lewis and t larks, stale of Meon
tans, b' sold for the prayment of indebtedn.e.s.
fees and expenses due by the : state of th. said
insane pereonb . Iasom Bart et:. that all of said
fact so eappear to the satisfaction of this colart
by a verihe ietiion filed hereic, which totiliot
nete forth the condltion of svid inrano lLersin'
estate, its probablo future expenses, its value aid
the facts and circumstances upon which the pre
ttion is founded, whichl petition hotios a neces
sity for selling said real estate and which peti
tion is verilie~i by henry C. Yaeger. guardian of
the person antd the estate of I aeonm artlett.
It in therf,,re oi liered by this coi:rt that all
persons interetoil in said stale as well as the
nest kin kin of said lacrm I artlett, an inran.
cerson, b. and appear before this curt on hat
urday, the uaLt day of DIecembt, 19b2. at ill
o'clock a. 0., to show casn. if any exists, wy I
an order should not ii grantcrd for the tiale of
the above named real estate for the purposns
above rnacmed, the sane to be made at rivLate
rale, if after receiving bide therefor made un der
ord.r of thic court. it bll be b.imade to al esur
thata full pric therefor shall have bon bhidt
thereon, tie guardean ha iag Iltiioneud for an
thority to ~oll the same at privnate ale, and that
said order furtler co, hain a provision that any
residue remaining after the payment i f csanl
debts and expenses slialI by order of this Qeurt
be inovested by said guardian for the beneit of
said ward.
It in hereby further direcle.l that this order he
published at. lat four successive weke in the
iolena Independent, a newrspaper published in
the connty of Lewis and t larks. state of Rion
tana. beiig a newsn5apor published in tle county
where this court is hollon and where said real
estate is situlated
Donn in open court this 2tti day of Novem
ber, 18I2. liUl(A E II. IIUCK. Judge.
'OUNEvY or LcwIs AN) t('AIAnIRE
1 hereby rertify that the foregoing is a full.
trse, correct and conpared copy of the original
order directing pubtlicction of notice of hearing
on guardian's petition for order to sell real
estate, in l asonm :artlett estate. as the same ap
pears t me of record.
In w.tnosswhereof, I have heronuto set my
hand ani affixed the official seal of this court,
this 2htl day of November. 192.
is. ALI JOlHN BEAN, Clerk.
l y U. O. Fa.EEMAN, Depuly ('locrk.
Sthe'First judlcial district of the state of
Montana. in and for tile county of Lewis and
eary J. Hllman. Nannio Magnuson. Mary
French,. ilatlio B. lhunter and Blrs. t. C. Stubb.
for themselves and twenty-one othermembers of
Iranclh No. W11. Order of the Iron flail. vs The
Bupreme Bitting of ithe Order of the Iron Hall,
F. D. onerby, coupreme justice of tile t rder of
the iron Hall; James F. F'aile , receiver, Mrs.
Sarah A. Wheeler. cashier. Andrew F. Wade anl
John Doe, her auroties; Mrs. John W. Wade.
trustee, and It. V. ci heeler and lichard inoe
her suretiea; Mrs. Kate Giibson trustee, and
John Ioe and dichard Foe., her sureties. Mrs.
A nnol': t csecand John Dos and i ichard line, her
sureties: and all other members of the Order
c.f the Iron Hall not herein mentioned, do
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above namned defendants:
Youn are hereby required to appear in an action
brought against you by thIe above namal plais
tiff: in thedl.strict court of the F'irat judical die
triea of the state of Montana, in and for the
county of Lawis and t'lari,. ansi to answer the
complaint tiled tlheroin, within ten days
lexelucrve of thie day of service) after tihe
serrioe on you of this unosmons, if served wilhin
this count~; -r, if served out of this coculty, but
within this district 'then within twenty idacc;etther
wise within forty daye.er judgment by dfitanct will
bo taken agaiust y'o. according to the pIrayer of
said complaiut.
hie sant actiun is trotuglt lto ottain ia lroosi
of this clurt cierptliclly reetrai lug tlhe defen
dantls from collectinu or attempt ting to reilect
ony nicrey of tie iluntifft ir ally cif thile; tlo
perpuoually restraiu tlh' defecntdats,. the ut-nremo
sitting, an I it i ti f-u .iut. ,'. t'. tonlerby, tlle
oupreoume iutiei' of tthe ri lsr of thie Iron liall,
anid ,Ian-I F. I'cicy. r-riltver. from collnetingiir
attemptngy to i ic ts Itany iu,-neysor ressrve Iuncl
frlom cl to cefenldatlnsi. rhio clahier and trisite,' of
I ranIch No iti o saidsl o,ric'r. ald to roitrain pir
peltually nild dlrelfilnucts. thCe cashier nuci triuit
ceo of lirauucit .o. .iti of aaid ord-r Iri-c teruing
over any m,l-ec or olh-r pirut city fi thLir hunce
or in ,er thleir oticroi, to any a erten or Iper.sone.
exrelpt under I Ie orther of this eoulrt, and to ob
taic a ldo ris of thii tlcurt ci r-oting th, main do
feounlsl. thie c-sler tnid trusitee- of satd rauch
Nss. H;9l of said ordler t, tipay all msneloya ani oth- r
prcple.ty In their claide sod Iindlr- their conitrol
to lthite plaintilits upoin s.icih ai aie an this o or
mlaycl dee er quitable, and for ce(ta fi suitl.
Anld you are hereby Isclilild that if y.ou fail lti
allpp, ar auld answer the cs ciai teo lit, a. Abouv
reccirrdc fli' sic talsilties wili apply to the
court for the relief dsemauli in Lthlelr ouie
(iven under my band and te steal of ths die
triet court of the First judicial cistrict of the
state of Montana in nd four the coullty of laewis
- . and t.'ilarke, tide lilth l day of t),t
ieal) ei.... in thIeyar of .. ... lord,
I I.ctrict -cn tniihoueand eigit ihundred asid
( t'lltirt 1 uiety-t wco.
-, - JO(IN DEAN, Clerk.
Ily It. R. 'li uti aie, l:epuiy , I rk.
Hiuley & lllackford, attorneys fior plaluntff-.
Uon 777. Meleala Kent. S
l pAmIFo R.R.
" 0 TIlH 0 "
asses thec!awh Wieronein, Mlnneota, North Do,
,Eet. Maentnobc. Montana, Idaho, Ore
gun and Washington.
Dining al'a are run between Chlcago, St. Pahl,
lnaueatpoi lin og, t elneP , butte, Tacoma,
keattls and 'ortlauo.
Pulllman service daily between Chieago. ISt
Paul,. Montana, andt the Paoiic Northwset; and
mbtween t. Paul, Minneapolis and Minneota&
North Dakola and Manitoba points.
Dally Expres Trains carry elegant Pfllma
lemping C(lara, l)lntug C'ars Day ('achas, Pul.
pan Touriit Bleepers and Yree Colonist Sleep.
lag Cars.
1 he Northern Pacific rallroad it the rail line to
Yellowstor.e Park: the poinlar line to ('aliforais
and Alaska: and its trains paen through the
grandest scenery of seven state.
Are sold at all coupon offices of the Northern
Paoitie Itaelroal to points North. East. ootub
and Went in the United ttateas and Canada.
In effect on and after Bunday, August 8.
7.o1. PacltiO Mall. wet bound ........ 1:30 p. s
No.4, Atlantic mall. east bound........12:40 p. m
No. I. t~(ur '.asnle, ia.nul and
Butt" xlra. ...................... 5 p. m
o. 8. Marysviles aseaoner ............. 11:20 . m
No. 1. lMnaryville accommodation .... 7:00 i.
No. U, Wickes, Jioulidor anld Elkhorn
t eni ti4 r ....................... . t. 5:101. .
No. 102, Rimini mixed, Mondays, Wed
oedaysc and Fridays ............... 8:00 p. m
DNo. 1, acilio Mail. went bound ........ 1:45. m
No.4. Atlantic Iail. east bounde........ 1:.0 p.
Ito. 5, litatre, Miasoula, i on r d'rAlene
xInro ........................ 7:0 e , n
No. 7, Marvyville passenger............. 7:45 . m
No. it, Marysville accotmmalation....... 8:00 p. m
.o'. to. WiLkes, Boulder and Elkhurn
asue or .......... ............ 7:20a. m
No. 101, Rimini mixed, Mondays, Wed
nedays and Fridays .......... ...... :5a.
'lrains NI.o. 1, 4, 5 and II connect at Garrison
with Montana Union trains to and from Butte,
Deor Lodge ald Anaconda.
Trains Nes. b and 0 will run between Helena
and Wallace, Idaho, without change of cars.
For Iates. Maps, Time Tables or Speclal
Information apply to Chas. .. Fee. Gealrat
P'assngefr and Ticket Agent. b4 Paulm
ilun., or
fl. D. E"AD . ,,
General Agent of the Northern 'aoifio I. H., at
Remember this: The greatest line
)f railway operating between St.
Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau.
tee and Chicago is the Chicago,
jlilwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
)perates, under one management,
3,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
aandsome, elegantly equipped pas.
;enger trains from the Twin Cities
hat run through to Milwaukee
and Chicago without change of
2ars of any class. TWO trains daily
:o St. Louis and Kansas City. The
;rain service and general equip.
rcent of "THE MILWAUKEE" is
rot surpassed by any railway in
America. It runs the famous and
Dnly electric-lighted vestibuled lim.
ited train to Chicago daily--con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Offical Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi
Dago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, cut this out:
Leave St. Paul B 7::5 a. m., arrive at Chicago
10:a0 same evening.
eave st Paul A 2:45 p. m., arrive at Chicago
6:45 next morning.
Leave it. Paul A 6:5, p. m., arrive at Chicago
7:00 n nxt morning.
Leaw: St Patl A 8:00 p. m., arrive at Chicago
9:.0 next mornrng.
Leave St. I anl A 9:15 a. n., arrive at, t. Loui
7:80 next morniug.
Leave St. Paul ( 1:15 p. a. arrive at St. Loui
6:15 next evening.
Leave mt. Paul A 9:15 a. m., arrive at Kansa
City 7:10 next miringq.
Leave St. Paul C 7:15 p m., arrive at Kanma
City 6:00 next ovening.
A Daily. 13 Except Sunday. C Except Saturday.
Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on day trains.
Dining car service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union
Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any ticket agent
or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. i-ass. Agt,
St. Paul Minn.
eontion in my hands, issued out of the district
court of tie Fir: t judicial district of the state
of Montana, In and for the county of LBwis and
('larke, in the suit of A. M. r lolter and I. M.
lolter. o-partneors as A. M. Holter & Brother.
plaintitles. agains: Joseph O'Neill. d fondant, duly
attested the Ilth day of November. A. U. I.tr2,
have levied upon all the right, title and interest
of the eaid Jobeph i,'Neiil, in and to thefol
lowing described property, mituated in Lewis
and Clarke coeunty, eate of Montana, viz:
Placer lot number fdity three (58i. survey
number seven hundre l and eighty-eight (Tt)., in
township ten (10) north of range four (4) west.
The Mount Hllena lode mining and millsite
claim, designated by the surveyor-general as lots
'ov. 59 A. and 5i It., embracinga psrotion of seo
lion thirty-vi (tci) in towanhip ten (IC) north of
range four (4) west, containing eight acres and
hifty-fur-huondredthe of an acre, more or lees.
of. a mere prtiticonar description of slid prop
erty reference is hereby made to I "U. L."
pageo 1.8.
Alsi that certain placer mining claim and
Dremtice, designated by the surveyor-general as
lot number irltu-three (59i. embraoing a portion
of aections tlrty five (le1) and thirty- viz (tI).
ino p n ten oIl) north of range four (4o
west, Ior a lure particular description of said
property iferomce is hereby muane to book I "U.
b.," tage 414.
And the west tIhurl (001 feet of lot number one
htndredl and three (1.I9) in bllock number toue (10) '
of the Iteattie additin to the city oi i(lenla.
'log'ihbr with all ad singular the tenements,
herotitamonuts and appuyrtenanoe thereunto be
longing ,r in nnv wisce appterlaining.
Notice is hereiby given that on i aturday, the
it dact of I ec hocr, A. D). 184, at the hour of
12 o'slck nowon of said day, at the front dtour of
Lhe court house, in the city of ilelent, Montaua.
I will eell all tie right, title and interest
of the said Joseph t 'Neil in and to
the said above deicrib:l property, to the
iigheet bidder for cash in balld.
Siven under my land thlis the 12th day of
Novoember, A. I). 1092'.
By IIAtr.rnt . Jonsoan. Deputy Kheriff
' l hereby gisr Ibnt pturht nt to a ro~olutho
of the boartd of trastee:, a meeting sf tthe soe
hihlere iuf the out tliver - Iteel cOsUsaay Will be
hld st room 211 Power I,uling, in tile cit if
Htelena. Mon'ata. on thie Ith day of Jenniary.
93,t. et 10 O'ltolck ill the fornlc ou Of that dty,
fttr tIli ptrpei. of subltitting to ait steitc
holieurs tle ito ostl ton o inrcaving the tualtal
sloc it ,f l .ai sut I u liaver hheop eonItpaiat to ou'
itusudrd and ten tthoseanu ($lttlO00l) dlelars: and
also fir the prtulresa oif submitting to said l.,ck
Ioo ders the ouoestiio of organizing a new coin
paany, alid siolilig and transferring lto said om-
lurny. so organlzed, all prosperty, real ali pier
coenal, swned by the said den hirer lheiop shut
toted at Itslens. Montana, this 12th day of
Noveotlue, 1bU2.
lttltllt Itb II tktihilaLts
Attest: lo sltT lii cIeIi Feccrotary.
hnir Perfoectl n Syringa trfee with every bttle.
Itoes nost Stsln. 'It ':VI:NTS I TIICTI itE.
Curesl Gonrrhsa and (Iloet in I to 1 dlyl.
Ask tIItL ite. tto a uldt n Ias sSc 0.lOm
me.YOO Co La O OASThEU S.,
AtLIAN 8HIMMON-. IN ''i'll . .18TI(IT
court of tshe Krt judinisal dslatrict of the
tae Of Moaua ins and for the ouant of Lewis
autn tlrkss
rJ. if. rtal st, plant;f, vsa. ( inc.l B. New
ury }Aora New lPr Alfred ltourke, P. t.
tlarke, I. Illown anit h poleon lltvail, defenl
ite late of Montana sends greeting to the
.heoe nausld dletfnl"ste .
Yoru are hereby resuired to Appear in aa set t5j
rlurgilt Alenet yeouby the0 abo.. named pla a"
f min tlhdi ltriotL ourt of tih birst jutiial sta -
Irlet oft the statle o Montase in and for the
miauty of Lewis brsld Clree, and to atns w the
Cam plin tild thereino, within ter days
(axol dolse of the day of ervice) nftr thet
serviosa onon of tinte emmmust it rved within
this esoumtet ir, if served out of tis conrnty, hout
Within this ditr liot wi.hjnd twiseu v days; lither
wsl.e within forty sys, or juIdtent by defaunll
will me taknen against ynau aecoldiog to ilt
prayer of said eo rpialt. t
'1 is Nitl action is brought to obltain: lirst
'ilts forciUosure Iof a martlgaia execoitet
by defendants (ie. ii(. J Owltsry, trera Na wblrl
aiI Ifred isrlss, , tAe.t , O1,ilt AN. .0,301 tat part
of list 14, in bls,. I., of i lake's tiiiltion Ito liel
ena, and in e.wl und t I lask county. Montana,
desribtd by beginning at cu.ner of Isot 1 anud
15 in said block on north astid+ .f Filth arenuen
Ihen.co Inorth allsngb th line bettw'-n lot-s I andl
15, i(o foet to nori hbart aorner of lot d4; thence
west alone north end of lot 1t. 5 fscet; thence
south 10i fet to a point oi north line of i ifth
avenaue; thence east along north liie of said
o.fIth avenue 85 feet, to tht. place of beginning. to
-oui5s5ie paIyment of a promistory note sy theins to
dsiensanlt .a sleon halvsal of that date for
$1.200, dueo nix moths tlurtafter. with one per
sit iar tmouthL interest till paid. teesouds--
Judglient against uolf.nlanls Charles it h l.w
htry, flor Newbusry and Alfred otrke is r $:18
Intrest duei 1'o. Ii, lntt), Ihtsl paymtsout therof
as s I alegrl, being witlhhld by aEn snrl, enabler
arid vexations delay, alsi, hgsnl iltereu t on said
$I1 from said date; for 1,200 with 12 per cent
pier aenun interest from st,,:. 26, 1,9'. and for
costa of snit, including a reaornab!e attorney's
fee, 'I ird -Against all of tie defendants the
unal seoria for 'he sale of said rnortnagned
premisea, applying the .roceeds of auch sale to
ward psyment of aid sums anst barring end
faroclosing eaoh of thedefendants' rights. claims
and equity of redemption in the said preomied
|"ourlih--..llt the plaintiff have Judgment and
execution against the defendants I harles It.
NOwbiry. lclora Newbury and Alfred Ho TrkI for
any dloticieny whichlol may rltnieli after it appstly
iug aid procokda. It is elloge that aBl I notl',
tnorltga{e, and interest tiuoe thereon hie bean
transefrrsid to pilaintiff andt that hie tois the owner
of tihe same; that said nmortgage is of record onL
plag, 214, itn book 4 of mortgages, of the records
"f said county; and that defendants It. C'.
t(larka. . o rown and Napoleon Malsnsit have sor
clalin to have some interest In or claim upont
said mortgaged premises.
You are hereby notified that if you flail t
appear and answer the said complaint, as above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in taod com
Given under my band andlte seal of the die
trietcourt of the First jndicial dmtrict of the
atate of Montana. in and forthe
, - -... scounty of Lewis and ('larkse.
Feal First this lit day of ecosber. in
Jud. Dist I the year of our Lord one thoen
Court. sandeighthundred and ninety
Bir '. W. PrmiToN. Deputy (Clerk.
J. A. Carter, Attorney for Plaintiff.
tiff. we. August Nlgl. Genevieve Nagel. F.
I. Wallace and A. M. Thornburgh, co-partnere
doing business under the firm name and style
of Vallace & 'IThornbureg. Patrick A. Comer and
limotby Wilcox, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an ortder of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale issued out of tihe
district court of the FirstJndicial d strict of the
state of Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke, on the 29th day of November, A. ID.
18'8, in Ithe above entitled action, wherein Ann
'l olman, the above named plaintit. obtained a
judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale
aganet August hagel. (ienevieve Nagel, F. it
\i slhsce and A. M. 'hornburgh, co-partners do
ing businoes under the firm name and style of
\t allace & ' hrnburghl. P'atrick A. Comer andi
'limothy WIl ox, defendants, on the 15th day
of Novemler. A. 1, 1392. for tho sum of $1S0.O,
ihsides interest, costs at d attorney's fess, which
said decree was, on the 1St dlay of November.
A. D).. 1094 recorded In judgment hbook No.
1"N" of said court. at page 257. 1 am oam
manded to sell all those certain lots., pieces or
sIparcels of land. situate, lying and being in the
county of L.ewis and Clarke n ate of Montana,
, and bounded and described as follows, to-wit:
Lots numnbered thirty-one .i:ii and thirty-two
1.42) in block numbered one lhudr d and thirty
four (1341 of the Mntg addition to the city of
tl-"Lcns, in said county acnd tatt: eachl of said
iots Ihaving afrontage of tenuty-fifo (25) feel
Son luelid avenlil "id a depth of sie hundred
aud twenty-live (1c2) feit. as the said lots and
block are more paticularly tescribed ulpon the
9official map or plat of said adldition oiw on file
as provideid by law in thie office of the county
recorder of said county, the wlors liarticular
descriution of the aan.e thereon being herebc
Smane a part hereof.
Togetiher with all and singular the tenements,
hslrp itareutsl and apl:urtenances thereunto be
lonelling or in anywise sltortainlng.
I ubht notice xis lereby eiv-n. that on Wednes
t day. the 21st t(lay of cembesr. .A. D . 18912. at 12
s,'cloek m. of that day., at the front door of the
conrt eouse, Helena, lewi- and t larke county,
\I ontana, I will. in obeldience to said order of saile
andi decree of foreclh,sire antl sale, sell tihe above
Sie cerilted propierty. or si lntouc thereof aH nt,
be seces-ary to sati-fy said jtudgmet. sitllh it- I
a tereet andi costs, to the highest and best bidder,
for cash its hand.
a Given nunder my hand. this th day of Novem
ber. A. D. u,2h
CIIAR-L:S M. JEFFI-Ih., Sheriff.
1 y RAIds G. JOtIN4ON, DeIiuty theritff.
trict court of the first judicial district of
the etate of Mtiontan, in and for the county of
Leie and ( larks.
In the matter of the istate of Andrew ilunson.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned. ad
ministrator of ithe estalt of ntoew . runsus.d
Sceasnd, to the creditors of, aud all persons hay
Sing claims against the said deceased, to exhlibit
I them with the neces.ary vouchers, within four
Smonths after the first puablication of this notice,
its the said adl inietrator, at thie law otfics of
Slas..ena Bullardl. room . t, old block, in the city
9 ti Helena, in the coonity of Lewis sndl Clarke,
d etate of M ontana. the samue Leing the place for tle
transaction of the business of said estate in satdi
county of Lewis and ('larke
MAdl 1i\Ass ANDiIflO.,
Administrator mof the estate of Andrew , runson,
Latod Oct 24. 10492.
'lTo the stockholdes of tile Boulder Valley
fl itch Mining -nd Milling company:
L You are hereby notified that a meeting of th:
it stockholiers of thie bloulder Valley Dicitc l'in
i. ingand kXilling clmpany will be held at the
r. otite of the company. ronom 2i. th lttr block.
lty ileua. M nin.a ons. att:iday. the 'ils of lie
Scember. 101(2, at two o'cloek, i. m.. for the pur
1t pose of submitting to taid stockhilderi a prop
l ,,sltaten althlorizini the trustees of sait cii osn lny
is to sell all the right, title and intereot of sail
company in and ts ite real estate and mining
t.roperty. situlatdl n the county of lcefferion,
state of Moctaua. in such parcels, at such timie,
for such prices, in ausch mauner. nstou such
Se terms and to suich prsronl as soa i e Authsrizoed
Is by the vote of said stocklholdere.
.A. M. lit. ii-IA, l'rcsideat
Attorney at ALaw.
Money to loan on improved city add farm
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Masonic Temple. - Helena, Montana.
Attorney and Connsellor at Law.
Will practice in all coortl of record in the
State. Office in Bold Block, lelena. Mont.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
. B. Depnty Mineral Surveyors. Mineral pat.
Puts socnrti. ltuoms 8 and i. Atlas Buildmin.
tolulle, Monta.n.
t'hysiclan, Surgeon, Accocher. Oculait. Aurlt.
Member of Ban Francisco Mdlical Society.
No Nevada State Medical Society. Ut)tie ou
h lMn street, over lttlinnmot Jewelry Store.
Dieeases of Woneu and Children Speclal
lHelena. Montana.
SD 41: .Ett lNN
Iluble and rnuito
Iron IIelen
feeolrg. Moetame.
Glarke, Gorad. & Gurtin
roion,, Stoe l anlnd N ails.
*.STOS S"**
In all Sizes and at Low Prices.
Gooking Stoves AND Ranges
T.'LEPI-O N 3 O0
42 and 44 South Mair Street, J-lelena.
A San Francisco Paper
Would Form an Interesting Addition
to Your Winter Reading.
It is brimful of news from all parts of the world, and its Literary Department Is supplled by the
foremost writems of the day. In addition to its great news and literary features,
The Examiner's Art Album,
consistingof eight beautiful reproductions from masterplean of the world's great"
est artists, the whole collection bound in a handsome bamboo leatherette case;
Or a beautiful reproduction, in all of its oii:;iual colors, of lbs fasess historical
painting, 22x28 inches,
Columbus at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella.
And besides all this, THE EXAMINER will this year di<tribute among its subscribers 9,000 Pre*
miums, aggregating in value the stupendous sum of $135,000. This is the fourth annual distrib..
I tion, and the list of premiums is larger and more valuable than ever before offered. Rememberthat
these premiums entail no additional erpense to the subscriber whatever. They are absolutely free.
The cost of the WEEKLY EXAMINER, together with these magnUient premium offers, i
$1.50 ONLY $1.50 PER YEAR $1.50
- It regular subscription price. Get the full particulars of this grand offer from the EXAMlNER3'
Slxteen-Page Premium List, which we can supply to you, or you can procure one from your Post*
r laeter or Newsdealer. Then, having considered the matter, call on us and place acombination sub
.a .tion for TEl. WEELI' Y EXT.A'd::-22. an yas r hlo:e paper, and sosawg soam. tchiag of the cost
The Weekly Independent, - - $2.00 a Year.
The Weekly Examiner, - - $1.50 a Year.
And a Handsome Premium. All for $3.00 a Year.
"THH INDEPENDENT." Helena, Montana.
Furniture and Carpets.
Shade, Lae. Office
Chenille Curtain. School Furniture
J. L. SANFORD, Nos. 112 and 114. Broadway, Helena.
MHelena Lumber company
Bough and "nishing Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Ooors, Sash and Lumber,
T.lephm.e I& City Omeoe Room 8. Thu.mpson Bleako Main Stre.A
Oppoelte Grand Central UoteL
0 S kAST. 0 S
Passengers for the East from
kielona and other western points
will titd the NEW HOUTE via
CEN'ITAL H. R. not only desirable
as to tlle and qqtipmenrlmt, but one
of the mlost attractivo, passing
through Sioux City, the only Cor.
Paslace City ot the world; Dubugqu
the handsome Key City of Iowa;
lHockforl, Illinois, a new mlanulao
turingl city, that has loronlo a
"world within it:clf," and Chi2.cglo,
whose growth and enterprise is
the wonder of the world. With
elegant tree Chair Curs, and Pull
man P. dlace Sleeping Cars on every
traill botween Sioux City and Chi.
cago, end with a close connection
with the Union Pacifio trains at
Sioux City, the
Illinois Central R. R
respectfully presents its claims tf
the new and overy way desirabl
For folders and further partlca
tars call upon local ticket agent, Q
address the undersigned at Mao
obester, Iowa.
Asst. General Passenger AgeaT
( FF\lt'r OF ;'4 tI ' hill IsnINU IlOAtti).
r.,Ilt)Y lLl'l, ll UP lIA I1'I'~, lt l..'Ullll~nj JL}'+3++L:+I
Heltehna, Mhnttinna. Novt. 01, t,2.
'I rottlo . arc Ietl by inn it'l to furzloh tho
folowi444 up.44ttitt' to lbth 'bhird legrttlattvo an
n otbly, ('04vo4il at4j lo10t14,4, umtana. Jal. 2.
.. It. l+It
("Ia..1. A.ll printin, g l ... ta or w.t,,h .n.. be
rtlouiroit for it. tt ,. l+itl for i'irntioic to be par
t(o t4lll , bitlo for rl041l to o, eior puo lnd. to il
i ltldo bill (titrr, tnrtlliug atnd o4grtotmiu, 4l or,.
lettter l|ads nullt ntntlopt 0 hoe 0 llldte ltid hultOt.
4 !&a' 2. ll-ft 4ten wsttt I. perr tbokets. ono
t407 I0 n tito&" Aroolld' blitk ilnk. 101 dolzoto lead
1 t, Wo t;, 44mttI4, ,. 2, L:. t I to lloil Coan -
jai,t twello ty-htlC o pol holdero, one dozen
WL 11, .I* ~ ns llO,· (1 s|I'O . .two, .t I n.idnglt ttl -"
o.ritornoo otd.oIt -d
llido o clto.. I tuln 2 thouitt io male orpar
Sl'ly odll io.dro,,r' d to J. I. l 'oolto. pt sielenllt
-t0 ll 4 u4to tti bittg lttou rd. lit.ooo.i ltoutaL a. Fititd
fur lelout 41 to to tL'tolll n nl 4 I I 5 | ly t iu t .o
u t mt ot ot 6tti. ,i ot itt mltoituttlI ftlr t4lt faithful IOrP
5'44II4UO of rho wo-rk t41447 -tolt Its rulte" l relrgt
trtitt - 144 tl o I ortithitlg boIard mt5y4 roullt ir nt111
Ir ,l tllllo to |lilt011 4 4it4 t44 I4t . titllit ttfil all
\4444 k toaltb. , wae0i at tih, ttici , of filr, ll4l44 0 4
tardl. I Id for iot Conttl Clara t b." a) otttllpitan l
l'y n bound in thet gint or a.l.4uu, with liko motli
n l" to tit, tild on or bftrftrn I oeottnr I«, t2184S
JUN., h. 'lit) t'h,
1 re, ldol 14t ato F oritiitllg loarti.
OTltl Il 44I4,.I ITOI4t IN T1111- 131.W.
(triot .,urt o4 ttih, l[ir- t jutitial ditrlert of
It:o alatet of tltItLn ita , il t il f.r thb co uutly
of L(owit mnod ('Iarko.
Ill tho n oittro l thel O.titO of John Walker,
otlt' it IhOrby tglivon by teo onderelgnod, ad1
ntinitratttr ,f Ihto o44ttlo otf Johun Walker.
tI0otaot4,, to tiet 4rtl4l0P0 oft, ttIu aIll pertsonie Mv
i iult clln4 nogi' thto 01bt d044,ltra' , to exhibit
n tho with tho4 14o40 4t0+t 4I0ol1er4, wilthIn four
4, 4 44tl 44 t',r tlo lirst publicatlto of lttle notler.
to the ,4atl atd 44ntnl rat0r at thle law ollwo of
Mlaatitt I ul;trd, 4Q,4t 81, (lold block, in tbhe
city , 1 Ihlluna, In Ib coruunt y of Lewi and ateke,
4lto ttof hItttllt tIu 14 nl0o beingllll the l.aIs
ftr Ith,' tranalr Ion of tlle biteeLla of ald
crlat., in ltl to utlty tof L.twt and ('larlk.
.atetl No0'emler InI, 11412.
A Adnlini trator ut the rotette of Jolrp Waer

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