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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, December 11, 1892, Morning, Image 12

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only old of my size." This is what
" Perry said and people laughed at. 1le
wondered why they laughed at it, and why
they so often laughed at what he said.
They didn't laugh at what other boys said.
It wasn't fair to laugh at what he said any
any more than what other boys said.
And thean one day, after long thinking it
over, he went to his mother and, leaning
against her knee, standing on one foot and
kicking the floor with the other, and look
ing down at her apron, which he was creas
ing with one hand and smoothing out with
the other, he said:
"Mamma, why am I different from-the
other little bnov?"
Then another curious thing happened.
Instead of answering him she just kissed
him, hard, and put her arms around him
and cried on his neck. Then when she
pulled her apron away to wipe her eyes
ithb, he said:
"Never mind, mammy sweet." (That
was a pet name he had for her.) "You can
tell me some other time--or never, if you
don't want to."
"My boy's soul is as tall and straight as
anybody's," she said. "And his heart is
as b.g-Ligger-and his poor mother loves
him better-lots better. If one of them
had Perry's bil mind in his own big body
he might be proud."
"And if I had only a little mind in my
rather little body, wouldn't you love me?"
"Oh. yes, I e'pose so. But I might not be
as proud of you as I am now."
And she smiled through her tears and he
kissed the redness away from her eyes and
But after he had gone out and was milk
ing the cow he thought and said aloud to
himself as usual:
"But if I had one of those big bodies for
my mind-" He didn't finish the sentence,
because he just couldn't. He just took a
long, deep breath, that kind of a breath
that would have been a yawn if his mouth
had been wide open.
(Since then he has learned that people
call that kind of breaths sighs.)
It had not been hard for Perry to learn
to read. He learned his letters because his
mother wanted him to, though he didn't see
the use of it. Then b-s, ba; b-e. be; b-i,
bi-well, that seemed to have some sense;
and when he saw that be, and be, and bi,
made ba-byby, then it seemed to him as if
a curtain was lifted toward the morning
light. btill the old spelling book-he has
f i uf1 )~~
i e
- / //
it et--is t.retty auch worn out in all the
early page.. i-a. ba; k-e-r, ker, baker.
E-h-a, sha; d-v, dy, shady. All that col
ntnn of words he could say off without the
book: bake-, shady, lady, holy, pony, and
all the rest. Next canme the tiret of the
leutences, 'H sucnn is hot, but it will not
burn uc. The snow is cold, but the sun can
melt it." '['hooe were foollah things to say,
but .ood enough to read. Then came the
poetr3--ho know it I,efur,":
We ' tall ioi die,
lait we i hall bh , (,lianged
In the twinkli;g of an iyeo.
'lThat was splendi 1. 'Io this day he can
lnot loki at the old, worn, ftded lines with
out p'eaiulre; and 'lie clhantge that come
nu;, l:t oi.der bho mrlde by s('rat 'ieing out
the ii et letter in the word "chdeuied"
see.nied rlt (:ionc tlhe wickedest and thO oun
niest thing in the world.
: far in the bLok every leaf is worn
n:emst: t.e rag-; but on the very next I a:e
cn1iis ai r, al stiory; one thLst ihe hatd i, vor
hLetrd befirei, .nd that the pr:nted s'ords
ild b:m just an orainley as hid IiuOtiv r'a
li;,s , in: hoave doni. It was abuut the
Lov: ata f ri-tuer caunlit in his a chard and
tr, d toi si .r the :,way ty th owing tLe
tou,:.i o grasts at tlheuq. They laughed at
.ss, a l. i doi., ;;and tu.e last words of tho
til litre, "'l ileii I it.st try what virtue
tl.ce, is in ilhrowuwing etines."
EL thloia -;ls what reaoing rucineat, was it?
Itiw e:lbouti :he ltnext story, anld the next, r.ut
s, in all t::ruugah the book, lrid back to tlh
i.t.l.aird ato v aid all tt.ruouh nga;n and
,gsain. Iut the last part of the spelllng
reader is thardly worn it ell. And after
tiiat 'iorry's mother didn't have to khere
him it tho Lveook. tu ielirg in lahs -hal : tit
tLe kitchcn tutla while shak wasa-..d tho
UlinesL oin g 10 to car1 arm 1110 -...
oeta of books, at all sorts of times and
Stories! What heaven they were! Es
pecially stories of strength, courage anid
endurance. He himself was the tall. strong,
brave hero for days together. Not only
chiefly did he in his lonely minutes and
hours siout the hero's words, he spouted
other words of his own in the same line.
"M.artioun to the rescue," he cied as
with lance in rest he dashed after the pigs
that had gotten into the garden. "Avaunt.
caterers!" the had gotten "eatiffs" and
"traitors" mixed somehow). When snow
was blowing he would fancy it was bullets.
His father had gone to the war before
Perry was born and been killed in his first
battle. So he would say na he shut the
house door behind him: "Follow me, my
hfave boys, we will give them steel for their
leau-bbnyonets for bullets," and picking
up an axe he'd whale away at the wood
pile till the chips flew like snowflakes.
Some story tells of an Arab horseman
who had a mare which could be excited to
miraculous spqed by the whisper of a single
secret word fry~g her rider. lHe wished he
knew that word, Not knowing it, he had
to make up ondi-Perrydollvquiokakhbar
and tried to teach it to old Deolly by repeat
ing it every time he toushed her with the
switch, and flnully he got her so that when
ever he leaned forward, stuck his bare
heels into her ribs, flourished the stick and
shouted "Perrydollyquiekakhbar-a-r,"
she would really trot a step or two without
his absolutely teuching her with the stick.
At first he eould go in swimming in the
mill-pond with the other boys, but one
summer he found he couldn't go.
No, he couldn't. His legs and arms were
as long as theirsr-but his body-well. his
body was different. Yes, different; that is
the word. So he would wait till after dark.
when they had all gone home, and walk
quietly down, not through the street, you
know, but around throagh the woods, and
get to the dam that way; and undress all
alone and then stand ¶n the spring board,
throw in a branch he bid out in the woods
and call out (pretty loud): "Fair unknown
stranger, bear up but for a moment, and
you shall be saved; I am here! Perry Haz
ard is nere!" Ana then he would dive off,
swim under the water as long as he could,
come up under the branch, clasp it to his
breast, and swim ashore. Of course his
being undressed was a drawback to the he
roic feat, but he reflected that when the
real occasion came he would have on all his
clothes save his coat and vest, which he had
hurriedly thrown off while rushing to the
scene of the accident where all the rest were
looking on in agonized and noisy helpless
ness. Having saved her he waould lay her
in her friend's arms and, proudly declining
their thanks and praise, refuse to give his
name, and vanish from their sight forever.
Whenever mammy-sweet would hear
Perry talking to himself she would scold him
a little and say that anybody else who heard
him would say he was daft, foolish, half
crazy. Sometimes he would break himself
of the habit and not say a word alone, out
loud, for days together, no matter how
hard it was, or how lonesome it made him
feel. But nis thoughts kept opiling up all
the time, and ends of sentences would keep
coming out, until he would find that he
had forgotten his resolution and was talk
ing away as much as ever. He wished he
could stop, because he thought perhaps
then he would be a little more like the
other boys in the district school; and that
they wouldn't keep themselves to them
selves so much, maybe, if he weren't so
different-like. He would love them if they
would let him. But nobody seemed to love
him except his mother.
(Then he drew one of those long breaths.)
Well, if he could not keep from talking
to himself, he could look out that nobody
should hear him or see him. And he de
vised a way of hiding it when he was going
to get caught.
If he thought somebody coming towards
him had seen his lips move, he would take
care to be whistling when they met. If
somebody might have heard his voice he
would be singing.
Lift up your heads, desponding freemen,
Lift up your heads and dry your tears,
Ftr the groat nation \VWashington four nded
Will rice and shine a thousand years.
The singing school teacher said he sang
like a nightingale, and wanted him to sing
that very song at the exhibition; but when
he asked his mother about it a look of sud
den pain came over her face, and she said
after a minute or so:
"Sing for me, my darling-only for me.
I should be jealous if you stood up and sang
before a crowd." So that put a stopto it.
All this time they did not seem to have
any money. lie hardly knew what the
word meant (outside ot hooks) except as he
saw the other boys have "currency" that
would buy little things, and large men have
"greenbacks" that would buy luraor thingl
than "currency" would. ' hey had chickens
and pigs, and D)olly and old Brindle. and
the garden and the wood lot, and the
pastue and the meadow where the
neighbors cut the grase "on share'd'
and brought their share home
and stacked it in the yard. The otoro man
seemed very kind, and gave Perry's mother
everything she asked for without askuing fur
money. Perlapn it was be(caume whenever
thI'e killed a hog bhe always took him the
Lhasi nild shoulders as euol, ara they were
smoked, le"vig th them the l.,ar-ribs, head
chicoe, sausages, and no fo th. and the
places to put in the barrel for the winter.
]lut s long an he could remember. he nave:
went to bed (ezxcept tundayv niuhts, orf
courlee, without leaving hii Imother s:w
ing, darning, ptirerci', tiltchung anid alter
ing-e- s ecially altci ui. (As to knittinu.
sl:' il.rdly etoplped that ullon enough to
cat. )
'1 nir raono! whIy thee was 5r much alter
ing to Ie 'lr-J ..q .t. bIeauIe his clothes wore
out so fast, no oieitter how carteful he wat;.
And ,f conia:, wha: a eiat rr a pair oi
tri.t,.eis iju.t wouldn't }hang together anly
luiger, tiern ionuist.lng would haive' to b
Ftt out of flt hiur'r trunk anl tirade overfor
him, ew-viag all the picea-a to raeud with.
Aid .vea.y toi.u she hal to go to the old
trunkl tLo Lhi I :I ervrltng li l)-l, no Perry was
cr.reful, very carerul, arwfully careful, not
to miakie her go there any oftener than hi
(;,could help.
-till ti a tr ink t : ow emrti'or iand .nuptiet,
thli,- th.uht civtr olow o down -rnd n ear the
bottomi. i 'ea ry thought it curious that
tl e low r down the elothes cams from, the
newer and handsomer they wer.)
At last there came out a very good suit of
army blue. Perr was delighted, only
mammy-sweet dried more than evecr cried
so much that she couldn't get on with the
suit, and it seemed as it it would never be
done. The croat was the worst part of it.
torn and spotted, ands the hardest for
mammy-sweet to get along with.
Bint at last that, too, wae done, the torn
place mended and all--but it wasn t sponged
"Why, mother, look there and therel"
"Aren't yofi going to wash those ofP'
"No, myson, I oan't."
"Won't they come oft?"
No answer.
"But. mother, the boys'll ask me if 'vre
been saving this cost for pig killing time."
No answer.
"What shall I tell 'em if they ask me
Then if you'll believe it, she Just traight
ened up and looked sterner than Perry had
ever seen her in his life, and said, calm and
"Toll them to ask their fathers if they
remember the coat your father was brought
home in."
Copyright.,1"2-,. by the author.
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The Body of John McPhee
Who was lost Sept. 30, 1891, in
Deer Lodge county, west of Rimini
and south of Ellhston. Was las)
seen about three miles cast of the
Ontario mine. Ho wore a dark
suit of clot.he.- and hat, also a
watch with his name engraved
on inside care.
Address information to
15 South Raleihjii St., Helena. Mont
Ioom No t, Power ltock. Poetofflee Ms (1i.
Civil afld
Minil :
ROOMS 24, 26,
Mercha.ts National
BIank lHui(ing, Ilolona,
Marble and Grditi
Fenclnr. Montana.
Ilelena township.
t tate of Moutaa. county of Lewio and Clarke.
leforo I. F. Vuo .dman. justies or the J'oac,.
(I. WV, naymond. plaintifl, versus 4yduel
Iaget, defendant.
The state of Montana to the abovo named do
fondant. greeting:
o.'i are hereby nulmsinod to In and appear
before m. It. F. V\oodotna. i julstic of tho
ipeaco in ad for the county of Lewila nrld ('lark,.
at ny o.ilet In ielena. "within ton days attiar tlo
counllotion of tis summons, to wit. alter Ire.
211, IW.'I then and there to mlake answer to thl
coinplilnt of ti. V4i llaynmend. the hbove ltsoned
plaDllfi. li a el il ietllln to r.'cover the s of
tw hundrled anl llfty dollars for ai your
promi.bory notar given to the plaintiff f ail
aOIIlut tin iept. I. 1.lt1, due onc lay iay 'die;
and in default.ltereof lutllnlsenlt will ren
dared against you. Siy dnsy f'ant. the above
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and fift drollara and costs of uiOLt In his behalf
Ilvea under my hand this 1id dlayof Dcomber.
A. i). 1tie. Ii. F. WUof MAN,
Jntice lof the YIeae of bIld 'l5owmiili

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