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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, December 22, 1892, Morning, Image 7

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u ar Jobs ammi.eIarry
le ander ansemon ea Albers
ýerld, Jolhn Niokey James
ason ugh Jameson, .mus"
sk Dare Johnson, 01i
hson. Ortto (2) aplan, Fred
lh John Lavelle, M. J,
ei. W, Lsvy, Jacob
Leggsini, John Lehman, L.
, ev. Frank . Marlow, Arthur
M lt, , Millioent, S. T,
oress, Frederlo Manson, Gau
Ioearlano, 0. T MelKinna Jam
-Spratton, Henry Olelun, 1
Pane, Fprank Parnell, P. T.
elro, Farno Pieeon, William
orter, Willie Porter. W. B.
all atriok, Ohas. G. Read, Frank E.
lobert, Daniel Roger. R. B. -
undl Tho, O. Sohult Frank
ealdon, C. Smith, T. K. (2)
ith, Chas. W, Stucke, Henry (. 0.
-livan, Pat Thoma Z.
hompeon T Toole, Mike (2)
raynor, *ilmer Wallace, W. H.
asbington, I. W. Wasoake, I.
atkins, Spenoer Watkins, Andrew
rabse, Everett Wilson, H. (2)
oodward, COhas. F. Zeimetz, Johann (2)
arn, Mary B adford, Miss M.
Cook, Miss Maggie Connelly. Hattie
Dwyer, Mrs. OGo, Eabridge, Mrs. M. A.
Gillispie, Miss H. (8) Hauser, Miss Dora
iohnson, Miss A. B. Julieza, Miss Angela
Kelley, Miss May Michel. Mrs. Busie
Miller, Mrs. Emeline McClanahan, Mrs. B.
Parley, Mrs. Katran Soino, Mama
Smith, Miss Merrie Taylor, Mrs, E.
''llman. Miss Jessie Watkins, Miss Irene
Weall, Mrs. hallie Wernor, Miss Ida,
Graham, It, W. Hayward, Albert
_ordon, Donald Newman, Mrs. Helen
Buoeken's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cats
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and t osl
tively cares Piles or no money required. It
|e guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
pr money refunded. Price25 centsper box.
or sale by 1H M. Pa: ehen & Co.
Doll., doll tables, dishes, furniture and doll
e•ndries at The Bies Hive.
rue . . . ..., ,.
ithe Fnrs judioial district of the state of
1,onttan in and for the county of Lewis asn
Clarke, ei.n
James Blake, plaintiff, vs. John D. Mclntyre.
Lizzie McIlntyre, his ife, I:. 1'. Cadwell and
Laura M., adwell, defendante.
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendants:
You are hereby required ta appear in an action
brought ageinst you by the above named plainiif
in the district court of the First judicial district
of the state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke, and to answer the complaint
tiled therein, within ten days (exclusive of the
day of service) after the service on you of thl4is
summons serveda within this county; or. f
served out of this county, hut within this distrct,
within tentydays; otherwise within forty days
or sud oent default will be ta.en againetyos
according to te prayer of said complaint.
'lhe said alotiou is brought to recover the sum
of eight hundred and seventy-noe end 20-100
dollars, together With interest thereon from the
tifth day of Fobroary. 1891. at the rate of tweita
per cent per annum upon seventeen certain
p omissory notes in writing, made and executed
by the defendant John D. MlIntyre to the said
plaintiff, said notes bearing date I ebroary 5.
3891. sixteen of said notes being each for the
sum of fifty dollars, and payable respectively on
March 5, 1891; April 5, 1891; May 5, 1891; June 5,
391: July 51, 1891; Aug. ,1891; nept. , 1891;
Oct. 5, 1891; Nov. 5. 1891; Dee. 5. 1810; Jan. 5,
1892; Feb. 5, 1892; Marlch 5, 192; April 5, 1892;
May i5, 1892; June 5. 1892;: and the remaining
note being for the sum of $79.20 payable July 5.
189'2' each and every of said promissory not a
bearing i treset at the rate ot twelve per cent
er annum from the date thereof until paid;
ll f said notes being now due ant unpaid: also
to ohtain a judgment and decree of .orseiosure
of a certain mortgage made and executed by the
said fendante, John 1D. Mclntyre and Liezzie
Illclntyreo t y the saili plaintiff to secure the pay
ment of said notes; said mortlgage betring date
'ebr.sry 1. 1891, and having been recorded on
the eleventh day of November. A. I1. 1892, in the
ollice of the county recorder of said county of
Lewis and Clarke, in book 8 of mortgages, page
42l. a copy of which mortgage is attaclhed to
said complaint of the plaintift: also for the sum
of one hundred and fifty dollars attorney's fees
for foreclosing said mortgage; that the prem
iees conveyed by said mottgage may be sold and
tthe proceeds aplied to the paymentof said prom
Susory notes with interest thereon at the rate afore
bald, and costs if suit, and in case such pro
% ede are not sosufficient to pay the same, then to
sbtain an exeeut:on against raid John D Dicin
pyre fort lhe balance remaining due, and also that
he sai, defendast.s and all porsons claiming by,
through or under them may be barred and fore
rlosed of a!l right, title. claim, lien, equity of
redemption and interest in and tosadi mort
_raged premise, and for other and further re
lie. The prolertv conveyed by said mortgage
and effected ity thlis su I is il that car sin ,ot,
piece or parcel of and situate, lying mud b ing
inl Hlake addition to the city tof lielena, in the
county of Lewis and Clarke, state of Montans,
particularly d Rscribed us follows, to-wit: Lot
number ton (10) in block "N," u said lot and
block are nymbred designated and deecribd
on the plat of said Blake addition on tle in the
otlcr of the coon y recorder of said county of
Lewis and 'larke.
And yen are hereby notified that if you fall to
appear and answer the said complaint, as above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in the said com
iliven under my hand and the seal of the dis
trict court of the tiret judicial oistrict of thi
state of Montana, in oand for tlhe
,--ý--- county of Lewis and Clarke,
SSeal liret 1 this2Oth day of December, in the
tJud. Dist. - year of our Lord one thousand
[ Court. J eight hundret anil ninety-two
--r--' JOHN Bli.AN, Clerk.
By . W. W.Bt TON, lDelcty Clerk.
Mfvsena Bullard, Attjrney for P'laintiff.
-'colt, plaintiff. vs. ilo, Sumters, Margaret
hummers, iraneis Adkinson and Iranuces i.t.
Adltnon, defentlento.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decrre of forcosooure seid s.le tis tod OtUt of the
tiistrirt court of the First juodieia district of the
state of Montana in and for tht county of Lewle
siil Clarke, on the t-tit ; lav eaf D t'tiUtuer. A. 1).
1892, in the above entitled action, wheretn
Alonio IK. 1' e,-ott, tie ss-l.ov IIotat,l Italtl ll.
obtaitned a judt.mntn and decree of foreelus
irIs and sale agai.s hot o u;.merse. Mdartiiret
hamiers, I rahtols .\litinsOn sod -ratees it.
Adtl eon,, defendants, on the Itith day of
t)oreriter. A. 1). 1092. for tile sum of $1.:,4.5t0
Iesides intere-t. costs and attorney s fees, which
said decree was ol the , t c ss c (mhe, A.
{. 1814. recorded in judgment book No. '"H" of
said court ut plge -. .1 am commanded to erll
all it - erta:n lot . piece or parcel of land,
situate. lying aud being it the county of Lewis
and Clarke. stat of Montana, and I.,tuded and
described as follows. to-wit:
ot o.umber se emy-tiv: (i5) said a p reel of
land five (.,) feet wide off th, entire soutl side
f lott number seventy-four (71) int bloe numo
ler two (L) in the orilc al townsite sf thie said
city of Helena: ,betig a tarcs of taltd bounded
as follows: I eginnig at a I oat lon I hi west line
of Water street In the said city of lieloua at the
northeast corner of a lot owned by I eualUttn It.
'tatemi and ranll ng theeon northerly on the
w.ont eldu of Wadrr street foty-live (t.i) feet to a
point fiv , (5) feet tsortlherly from thb -northeast
tuorner of said lot nttnlttr oventyynv,, (75)"
thence te-t rly sirsltel witih the north line ob
sadll lot sitl;-hie (il5 fret nmre or loes, to the
ofence standing between property' owned by eaid
'l'atenm and a lot owted by MIarcucs liesner
thence touolt lone saidt feceo forty-hes (i5) feIt
to a posMt on the cornor of eraid fence: thence
cest.ety along tense between lots owned by eaid
'l'ttem end eall io'nor fifty-lisve l5) test lrsts
or eto to the tllsre ,f lwglinsttig.
' ogetner with all and stngular the tenements,
heresi itamentet anti appurtenances thereunto ha
longin. or in anywiseppe,rtaiul.ng
l"oi$l. notice is helty gtvO n thbt on 'l hurelay,
the a t ,lat els o. .noiry. A. D. 189'. at a:
sclot.g oftlutatl 4f the front door of the
rnn; Uots. Helena, awl anti Clarke conqt..
Montana, I will in obedience tosid order of sale
end decree of foreclosure end sale, scll the above
described property. or so mu'h thcreof as may be
necessary to satisfy said jutItud tent, with intlrest
std cosl8, to the tslglhst and beat bidder, for
osah in hadl.
Oivei undtr niv hland this 'lts day of
l)eotletr. A. 1D. Intl'd,
('HA. M. JEFFFsIiS, Sheriff.
A ItA1L'II U. JoII.eONl, Deputy b~horiff.
Has Removed to 22, 24 and 26 South Main Street.
Plush Cases, Manicure Sets, Dressing ' ,
Cases, Glove Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes,
Work Boxes, Infants' Sets, etc.,
A. 'A.ctual Cost.
Not wishing to carry any of these goods
over we have decided to sell them AT
COST to close out.
Here We Are With Dolls and Toys, Appropriate for Fall and Winter
For Babies, Little Girls and Boys.yta s
Thc Aqv irystaI Spectac1es, Are the Many Beautiful
We are now ready for the Children and all others who
may be seeking Dress Goods Fabrics
H O LID A Y G O O D S. To be seen in our store. We have them in all of the newelt.
materials and fashionable fancies. Many exceedingly bel.
Our stock embraces everything in the way of Dolls, Toys, coming patterns have just been opened, and we insist that
Wagons, Sleds, Hobby Horses, Velocipedes, Tricycles, Port- WE ARE S LE A 6E T you come to see them before it is too late.
land Cutters, Books, Games, Albums, Writing Desks and
Tablets, Leather Goods, Plush Goods, Cases, Sets, China- For the sale of the AQUA-CRYSTAL SPECTACLES, THE SEASON WON'T WAIT
ware, Glassware, Pictures, Plaques, Bric-a-Brac, and such the best quality of imported crystals in the market,
goods as are appropriate for gifts. which we are selling at On you, and you, of course, want to be up with the season
Our two upper floors devoted to display of Holiday Goods and the style. Now is the proper time to select the prop~rl
and still crowded for room. We have searched every market PO PULA R PRICES , thing for WINTER WEAR. We call your attention to t
for the latest, most novel, and most attractive, and we think I I . our display of
you will say we have been successful, when you see our dis
play. Come now and secure your choice, and avoid the lWe can fit and sui any eye.,
Holiday rush. Complete hne of Tinted, Smoked and Pure Crystal
Eye Glasses and Spectacles. t
TH- BEE -IM. Genzberger, Barnett & Co.
TBi IV 22, 24 and 26 S. Main St.
Merchants National
Paid in Capital, $350,000.
Surplus and Profits, $90,000.
L H. HEBSHFIELD............. Presldent
A. J. DAVIDSON........ ...... Vice-President
AAtiON HJI1dHFIELD ................uashier
Board of Dlrsetores
ThomsM Cruse, H. ands.,
.S. . Huntiey, A.K. Prescott,
A. J. Davidsn. Moses Morris,,
L. H. lershfibld, Aaron liershlij1d
J. Switzer.
First-class City, County and State Securities
bought and sold.
Exchange Issued on the principal cities of the
Uni ed States and Europe. Iransfers of money
made by telegraph.
Interest aliowed on time deposits. Collections
promptly attended to.
Loxes for rent at reasonable prices in one of
the beet constrocted fire and burglar proof safe
ioposit vaults in the oountry.
NO. 4406.
Selezna National
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi.
SHIRLEY C. ASHBY .............. President
A. B. CtEMNTS ................Vise-Pre ident
FIRANK IAIRD.......................... t ashier
Interest allowed on t me deposits Fxchange
issue, ,n foreien coun ri s.
Iralsf,-r of muoty b) tPlegra,}h. I irst, c'ras
oitr, county and stat st o:ritiea. oulyht and soed.
Iollectiona promptly att "udd tJ.
Board of Directors.
John T. Murphy,
Shirley C. Ashby, M. ieinig.
Irank Ilaird, Chas K. Wells.
A J. Htoele, L. A. ,toddard.
W. E Cuen., Jn,. S Mondenhall,
Abner II. Clements, It. S. Ford,
Geo. L. Tracy, J: P. Porter.
T he Thomas Gruse
Incorporated Under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
THIIOMXS CRUBE......................Prostlent
, ANK 1H. CIUE..............Vice-Presidern
WM. J. COO1t.:.......&s At Tree and tiecretarl
WM. J. W BEENEY...................Treasures
Thomas Crss, Frank Ht. Crse.
Wm. J. Cooke, Wnt. J. Iweeney.
John Faga)s.
Allows 4 per cent interest on Savings Deposit1
Dom ounded January sf1 3"uly.
Transacts a general banking business. Draws
exchange on the principal c.tles of the United
Slates and Europe.
Deals in county anti city bond., and makes
loans on real estate mortgages.
Office hours from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Also on
atturday and Monday evenings from 7 to 8
Tao A 88uase s S rW
Spregae Cerrepeadease
ebeetl of Law.
sand ten se (sas)
fol prtic lýa to
d, Oetner. drJ lee'op.
[email protected] US Whiteey D.Ie . Detrtolt, Bl
First National Bank
PAID UP CAPITAL, $500,000.
Designated Depository of the
United States.
Interest Allowe on Time Deposits.
General nankit la u;ness Transacted.
kafety Deposit Hoxee loc . Pen
Direotors t
, T. HAUSER........................ President
E. W . H NlGtHT.....r. . ......... .... . law ir -
'. H. KLEINSCHMIT..... ...... e ahis " r
GEO. UII. HILL........ Second Aesisotant Cashirr
Granville Btsart ................. Etookgrow
H W. la, h ........................ M terornt
J. C. 'nrtn............ Clake. Conrad Curtin
H. o. Hamilton ......... .. Calitaji
(O r Allen.........ii.ng and Ston"g0owrr
Cna. K. ells ...........................te:o ant
A. M. Holter.......... A. M. alter ardwar
As looated. Banklr
Korthwme!ern Njtional Bank........Great 'a Is
Sir t ati l lank....................hie. s u!a
First Nat onal Bink ......................butte
S ontara National
Capital Paid in, $500,000.
Surplus and Profits, $200,000
0. A IROADWATERt................Preetd.saI
I.. U. PIILI' ...................Vieo-'roideonl
t.L I Mn ULLOI ............ ........Ca hie
SL. mith ...................Assestant Caohiol
A. G. Clarke, Herman Gant
IL F. Galen, Peter Laroses
+W. .MCannon, . . Wall
) A. Cory.
S rcornd National
A General Banking Business
It. Edgerton.................Presdent
K. c",r... .... ..................VtOe-.r.sideat
-EOUC N. ORILD.......... ..lat'.at achier
UObtLP- N. KHSrC1(t.........Amlatnit Ceebjee
Board or Deeotores
R a. anfrd C:. . Evans
SW. ('hilI. 8. J. Jonu.
A. N. pratt, (ChIris Kesne,
L. I). I.srrton, (C. K Cole
Georeu l. Child.
merican National
--------TH --
CAPITAL, $200,000.
F. a POWER ....................President
A. J, lElLldIatMN..............Vls-Pre.tdout
A C. JO NHON......i..... . .........ahle
tiEO. F. COPE.......... .....Asietant Cbhis
Direcors I
T. C. Power, A. d. t m a,
A. C. Johnson, Rihard Loker.
James Bullvan.
Interest allowed on time depnosits Fohange
leaued on principlal ille oft the United Slates,
anada said Eiro.. Tranafers of moneyn made
Sleotraph. (ollhotlon pronmptly attended to,
ty, couonty and eta, saeouti.si bnught il saold.
Situated in the midst of commodious grounds, the hone directly overlooks the broad and
Curving beach and the bay of M nierey, uhore is found the finest wntr and summer Huru bathing
inthe world. Jrom the wide vranndas the most mUgaificent and varied morine and mo.ntin
views in California are seen on all sid"s. Its many rooms are handsomely furnished and sunny.
wehile plenty of bath-rooms, fire-places. steam heater. electric lights and bells, gas, hot andoold
water, are necessary comforts which will be appreciated byall.
A Large Dining-Room, Excellent Table and the Best
Of Service Throughout the House Are Specialties.
The Beach Ftation of the broad gangs road is Just below the house, and carriages await trains
at all depus. A le-criptve souvenir booklet of the hotel and surrounding country mailed free of
charge on applioation. ror full parti ulars and terms apply to
JOHN T. SULLIVAN, Proprietor.
Ho.se Furnishnl Goods Hons, Pia os-, o O gan s,
Orguinettes, Guitars, Violins, Accordions,
Roels enlarged to four times former capacity. ANtD A FTILt INLtZ o
rtlebimmens fleers eending through theb MUSICAL MERCHANT ISe.
• stock greater than that o all other Helena oe scnts Stia & on Somer,
'uses combined ad h, rlod hip abler bros.. \VWe;maen. hi n .. lialie, Elige
ash pchae ad stright, carload ship and other first-c.l. es gino.
&Onlrdor will receie proamt' attention. g.Low prices and easy terms
I, sold lwith.a wrlic
-ten alaaste toee ure all nervous disrses, suoh as Wenak Memory,
Lose e. Bta-l Power, aeadnche, sakthIsllaeass Lost Man
Lood, hoodIIl . N lrtQlone. kUlosn..e Evibl Dreaess, Lack of
1 " eOallsdeus., leroullei. Lalltudte all dratlls and loss of
:: I''.w1 "rii thet(i'enratlve Organs i einther sex caused byovnrexer
1 ., - Im. , II. , l ion.' tI errors, or exeets.lvv useo of tobacco, opium Or still
. ( rb(l· - . ntswlhlhl l....d toInthnlruty. Co.......mptlio ....d ..lt.. tInt
,• u ' . uiiom esnImrrI uosvv1r I vet. poi ket. enult by malt lulain paikago
.to anl ty ddmsI.s~F,.rr* l' orll " f,ýr Orb (fNlh eveIry Ib or'der' w'e
-ive u wrllteu gautrunte to slu or il rlllnd the mole.I
0] PiORtAD AFTER USING. fl'BILO. CICULtAR ItrE. Addr..* NERIHE.V l :i).al) .,' Chleugo, I'Il
For salo in HelenI(a, Montana, by Pope & O'Connor, D)rugt;istu, Bailey lilock.
court of the Firnt judletal distriot or the
state of Montana in and for the county of Lewis
and t larks.
Josephine I assetta. plalwtiff, vs. Louis Iaes
set, tta efendant.
The state of Montana sends greetlng to the
above named defendant:
Yon are hereby retluired to appear inlan action
broulit aguainst y. by the above nemoti piain
tilt in the district court of the .brat Judicial div
triet of the state of Montana. In and fur the
countv of Lewis and CIaro, and to answer the
complaint filed therein, within taeu cdays
(exolusive of the day of service) after the
aerric* on yte of this iummouno It srved within
this oounOtyS or, irf serveWd out of this county, but
within this dietrlot, within twneutv days: other
wise within forty days, or judgment. by defaltt
will be taken egas t onu, according to the
praer of said coumplaLnt.
S e said ction i broughttodissolve th bonds
of tatrimony heoretofore existing bhtween the
iaintiff anti dterendatnt. anld for thy care, cue
toty andt control of her intent childran and s'ao
other and forthur relief as tQ the court may
otem Just, and for costa in this behalf ependued.
"You are hereby notified that if you fail to
Dappear atndt answer the Batl com tlaitt, as above
required, the said plaintif ,will have default
o.i defodant entsred and anply for the reliof
demanded In th.o remtllnt Ihreto tile, r
(liven utder my hand and tt te l of the di..
tricteourto ti Firslt judicial district of the
state of Montanam. In and for the
--- -- , eounty of Lewis and t'larks.
Fol First )this tlth dr y of No vembe~,n iu
JedtL It. tihe ar of ouer Lord one tosn.
( Court. w .tn eighthindred antId iinoty
--..... two.
JOHN I.EN, Clerk.
iti H. J. CAsgpiv. Deputty Clerk.
'l.olo & Wallace, attorneys for plaintit.
To the stockholders of the Boulder Valley
Ditch MIlning And Mllling cotpanty:
You are hereby notified tht a meeting of the
lookholdors ,f the holdr Valloy Ditch Mlin
taj and l0illing compallny will be held at the
ontmo of th company, r.,o o .n Holler block,.
Helena, M nlttia. on ntutday, the Sls t oL'o
Oestber. l1Pl. at two o'clock, t. in.. for the putr
pose of unbmltting to ald stoikllolders a prop
,altiju atl:oricino the truoter of said coltpany
to sll all the right, title and intoroot of sa.d
company in and t i tse real estate and mining
property sItuated in the county of J,-fUore,o
ltate of loctaoa, in nsuch pareel. at snuch timee.
for such prices, In snob manner. upon sunc
trrmrs end to oueh pursous as may b uthoriezl
by thee vote ifd s toets looodere.
A. I. IULThi, l'roeldont.
* hereby lien that lirMuraa to o roesolution
of the boad of trteees,. a meeting of the ltiou.
holdolrs of the Sn Ileor niltoep coli.any will be
held at room 211 Power t.u.lituj it the ciy of
Helena. Montana, on te Leth day of .anuury.
191, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of ttt dry,
for the pcrpoe of eubmlttintu to said etie.'
holder, the question of iuorceasig tIme capital
stool ofl the laid t atu River t"-hoepcotntaty to one
hludred anl ten thousand (1110.000) dollars; and
also for the porou. of snbmittilng to raid stock.
b.older the qqustion of organlrzgll a new com
pany. and sellng nd tranelferrig to usaid com
pany. so organtsed,. all property, real and por
sonl, owned by the sald dn lilver ihbeop oom
lited at Belena. Montana, this 12tb day of
November. 181(1
EOnjT tUit8ILto
Atteekt Roar ltveauau. Kecrotary.
CARL GAIL, President.
E. BUMILLER, Vice-President and Treasurer.
H. UNZICKER, General Manager and Seoretary
M. UNZICKER, Western Representative,
. . 0 0 BUILDEGS OF * \0g a
l inGold Mills, Wet and .y"
n aCrushing Silver Mill, Smgelt
1ing, Conoentrating, Leach.
ing, Chlorinating, Hoisting
- __ ~ and Pumping Plants of an
--AND-- capacity. Tramways, Cin:
lips Engines, Compound ln
NO, 4gines, oilers, CAND WILL
kllen Montanb. CSkips, Ore end Watei.
I et, Wheels and AIeINeVsEN.S
kallll kinds othe attorney.Mine
With the eview of prater Hactang inventors umsd Agewortb~D
ebtain ss. Cuntsonduct Interferences, ge
Procured by the Press Claims Compa.
Equal with the interest of those having claims against the
ment is that of INVENToRS, who often lose the hbenfit Qf
inventions becfase of the incompetency or inattention of the
employed to obtain their patents. Too much care cannot b
in employing compet oent nd reliable solicitors to0 praoo
the value of a patent deponds greatly it not entirely, upon
skhll of the attorney.
With the view of protecting inventors from worthless o
attorneys, and of seinrt that riventiond are well prot*4e
patents, THE PHESS CLAIMS CVMPANY has retained coiteel
in patent practice, arid is therefore prepared to
Obtain Patents, Conduct interferenoe,
Make Special Examinations, Prosecute ReJected
Register Trade-Markedknd (opyrighte,
Render Opinions asto Soope and Va*idit
Prosecute and Defend Intringntq $
If you have an invention on hand send THEPRI
PANY a sketch or photograph thereof, toge
tion of the important features, and you Wilm a
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