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mnother Joint Ballot Taken on
United States Senator With.
out Any Result.
The Toton and Valley County
Bills Introduced in the
Contollndatd ITn.lerlsty illli-itate Water
Commission and the Penitentiary
at Illlinigs
For the fourth time a vote was taken yes
terday in joint assembly for United States
senator, and again without definite resunlt.
'? hirty-Iwo republicans voted for their
eaucus nominee, Banders; twenty-four
democrats did likewise for their caucus
nominee, Clark, eight men voted for Dixon,
and two of T. E. Collins' townsmen paid
him a conmpliment by naming hint as their
choice. Two of the populists voted for
In the senate two county division bills,
those creating Valley and 'leton counties,
were introduced, and Senator Gibson intro
duced the "consolidated" university bill.
In the house several bills were introduced,
Including that for the state water commis
sion; and a new one for the state peniten
tiary at Billings, with the convict labor
feature eliminated. The house also ap
pointed a committee to look into the mat
ter of clerical assistance.
Bills Providing for tse Organilation of
Teton and Valley tCounties.
In the senate yesterday two of the new
county bills were introduced, read twice
and referred to the committee on towns
and counties. The first was introduced by
Cullen, and provides for the organization
of the county of Valley. Its boundaries
are fixed as follows: Beginning in the
middle channel of the Missouri river, on
the 108th meridian of longitude; thence
north along, he 108th meridian to the in
tersection of the 49th parallel of latitude to
the intersection of the 104th meridian of
longitude; thence due south along the 104th
meridian of longitude to the middle chan
nel of the Missouri river; thence up the
Misslouri river on the middle of the main
channel to the 108th meridian of longitude,
the place of beginning, Glasgow is made
the county seat until some other town is
designated. The new county is to pay to
Dawson as Its proportion of the latter's in
debtedness $30,000, in county warrants,
bearing interest, and dating from March,
1893. The officers named for Valley county
are: Commissioners, C. 1'. 'olley, T. W.
Enright and W. S. Collins; clerk and re
corder, Charles E. Hall; sheriff, James Dee
gan; treasurer, A. J. McMillan; clerk court,
W. W. Mabee; attorney, J. J. Kerr; assessor,
C. M. Bartlett: superintendent of schools,
Henry Hedges; public administrator, C. W.
Caupher; coroner, W. Hard; surveyor, Jos.
Conroy. Valley is made a part of the
Tenth judicial district.
Senator Power introduced the bill creat
Ing the county of 'leton. Its boundaries
are fixed as follows: Beginning at a point
in the center of Sun river, where the same
intersects the west line of Cascade county;
running thence to the northwest corner of
towship :2, n. r. 2 w.; thence east to the
principal meridian of Montane; thence due
north to the northern boundary of the
United States and the state of Montana;
running thence due west along the said
boundary line of the United htates to the
summit of the main range of the Hooky
mountains; running thence southeasterly,
meandering along the summit of the main
range of the Rocky mountains to the head
waters of the north fork of Sun river;
thence southeasterly, meandering and fol
lowing the center of the channel of the
Sun river to San river; thence meandering
down Sun river to place of beginning.
Choteau is fixed as the county seat until
some other Mlace is designated. A commia
sionoonsiating of two county commisslonerb
from Choteau, two from Teton and Judge
W. H. Hunt, of the First judicial district,
is provided for, to adjust the debt of Cho
teanu county between the two counties, and
the method of the p ocedure is tixed by the
bill. 'I his commission is to meet the first
Monday in March, 1503, to adjust the in
debtedness. 'he officers provided
for the new county are: Commis
sioners, W. S. Clark, J. A. Flint,
and C. Wallace Taylor: treasure , Thus. P.
Aspling; clerk and recorder, J. E. Wamsaley:
sheritt, Neal McConnoll; oasesor. . 1'.
Ralston, Jr.; clerk distriotcourt, S. Mcl)on
aid; superintendent of schools, J. G. tiHir;
attorney. Jae. Snigrove; public admnistra
tor, C. L. lristrol; surveyor, J. it. Day,
coroner. S. 11i. ),ake. 'These officers hold
until after the general election in 159l. 'Thii
new county is placed in the Tenth judic;al
district, and is not allowed to build a court
house until the assessed valuation reache,
Folsom presented a petition from the citi
zone of Neihart. asking that the law fixiui
the indebtedness of cities and towns be sc
changed that towns having an assessed val
nation of $l600,000 may issue bonds for cer
tain purposes. Some time ago the town ol
Nethart undertook to negotiate a sale ol
bonds duly voted and isued. The legality
of the issue was questioned by the pur
chaser, on the ground that no town having
anll assessed valuation of less than $`i00,00(
could legally issue bonds. 'the petition is
we y nu am.rously signed.
S;bou Inrt. oduced a bill n~l led ".1n act
to entabiih the apricult.a al college. a
school of Iinlue and the state university,
arnd to provide for tui louatioI of the
aname." It la whlt in popu" l ar kuown tn
the consolidation" ,ill and its provilot.i
in full are ias tfvllws:
iect:iou 1. tIhat ti.h.:( aio hereby criite I
asid estallished In thin state an io ntittlon
of learning to be knowun as thb, A riel,tiuralr
college, I1 which I nl t U tlen Rhall hie i.ven
in agriculture, tl:, rui:c rrnio aft., the ] g
lih laigri , , rntd thii van loiu brniihreis of
mnattLt iMiittlirI, lhyaien l, natural nlld eco
noiiic aCwtUce, as provided in lti oct of
conri i Cre , apl[ roivi d Au . :, 1:"II, entitlted
"An act to apinlyvi Ii urtion of the proceede
of Dubhl lali lnt t mori c tMre iomptr, e enldow
meat ind supiport if thIe colleV.u fir the
benefit oIf ngri .ultu a nul iuichanl e arts,
etc.;" man, thi lirislativ, asreeibly of the
at ite lf i.rmotaci L rely ,ec.Its th o grntii
of mliolinv, Al;thirl/.d by nald t.a of con
gr,.fa" + :i a asaaeit t , t r t I trposes of aitid
c.._' I i , r,,, is furby creite, It d es
tkelli- h i It iv stlit-, acn lltitultiIou If
liiIrrtui, to ,. knuw, wi A , "A huool of
.Mines," rind ihl, g'rant, if Inula and m uUeys
by Vet of run::-sa for thtc tboul of ", miner
are herery nciI: td anrid the tiiriIIe anud cI
diLtirn of Io:d grantsi reriantr.l to.
Hei. 3. T'h r- ii hereby cr dated and estah
Irl*h d in thlr State nii li-tlil ,n ll of leanll
Lng,. to he knllow illn "'TIi itat! i I riVerrity,"
alid al' grants of . :and a I1 lwleys Iby the
acet of c"on" Ie foi such Sltat uciveOrerty a a
hereby accrel tid and te tiruII arnd coudl
tions of aHld lrairt a.,n-tiou to.
ic. 4. TIh,"e ilsltitictu nI hereilnbefire
provided f, r are e et.\ : rou d., cr, ated l.rd
elstaldleld uncrer ou, u.annuatirenlt anid
colnbined into i nie ,"- al nistitution of
leaniing, to he hI atc I, in one pIlace and
known cas "1'he I nilri altty if iMontarua."
ea. 5. The sepjartr , I d1 d.triuct identity
of each of thier nsititutins of learrninr
shall be preserved, and lil surnatrut land
made, anc the procendn anid reveirues dr
rived ttherearon at. n mury app lriiiated
to ia.h of ther e iatiltutiuua bry rat or acts
lt congress alali fic divlCted to soaniO nli
tution, and aluhl b expllended in the e.tab
Itli.nueLit ilnd iniuageI enOt of the alrn: i.s
separate asri diatinct I luind, as curnten, lat
.d by the ncts of cougrass, muakiug b.id
Sec. (;. 'there shall be selected for a per
mranent location of the several nslltitution
of leIrnal ., Usom city or town, or the vi
it l ly thereof, InI this State, iii thie foliw
ing riauue,: The govreorir if this state
shall, after the passage of thin act, select
three persons from the presidents of the
following inastlations of learning, namely.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.-Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Be B king
.. Powder
The Leland Stanford. Junior, university,
the university of Michigan, the unive iaty
of Wisconsin, the university of Minnesota,
the university of Nebraska, Cornell uuiver
sity, the university of Virginia. Harvard
college, Yale college, and the persons so
selected shall act as a commission to select
such permanent location.
See. 7. The membere of thisconmmission,
when so selected, shell be fully authorized
and empowered to 'visit suchno towns and
cities in this state as they may desire, and
after making investigation, shall make out
a written report, desiguating what town or
city, or the vicinity ther, of, has been se
lected as a permanent location of these In
stitutions. ,unch reports shall be signed by
them or a majority of them, apvroviua the
same, and thereupon shall be forwarded to
tire governor of this state, who shall imme
diately make known by proclamation what
place has been selected by the commission.
See. R. The place so selected by the
commission shall be the permanent loca
tion of the agricultural college, school of
mines, and state university, which shall be
the permanent location of the university of
Sec. U. The government and management
of the university of Montana, shall be
vested in governo,, superintendent of pub
lie instruction and attorney general (until
such time as the board of educnation shall
be sstablished by law) who shall within
ninety days, after the proclamation afore
said, purchase at such price and terms as
may in their judgment be saitable, not less
than 160 acres of land as a site for the uni
versity of Montana, at the town or city or
the vicinity thereof, whore the commission
shall have selected the permanent location
of "the university of Montana" and the
officers so named in this secston are hereby
empowered to enter into contracts in the
name of the state of Montana for the pur
chaso of such tract or te ste of land as
selected, and may cause to be issued such
obligations for the payment of the same, as
in their judgment may be proper.
fSec. 10. After the permanent location of
"the university of Montana" shall have
been made and the permanent site selected,
the government and management of the
university of Montana shall be vested in
the state board of education, consisting of
eleven members, of which the governor,
state superintendent of public instruction
and attorney general shall be ex officio
Sec. 11. To give effect to the purposes of
this act, there is hereby appropriated to
each of the institutions, hereinbefore pro
vided for, such moneys as may be detived
from the revenues and proceeds of their
grants respectively; and the state treasurer
is hereby authorized and directed to pay
the same from time to time to the state
board of education, when it shall have been
constituted, upon warrants signed by its
president and countersigned by its secre
tary. And in case senon moneys are insuffi
cient to pay the cost of purchasing a site
and erecting necessary buildings, the state
board of education is hereby authorized to
borrow, and the state treasurer is hereby
authorized and required to loan from any
money belongiug to the school fund, not
already invested, a sum of money not ex
coeding $25,0U0, and to cause evidence of
so.h indebtedness to be issued and deliv
ered: and any money so borrowed shall be
repaid with interest at the rate of six per
centum per annum, from the revenues alnd
proceeds of the grants to the several insti
tutions for which said money was need,
'I he faith and credit of the state of Mon.
tana is hereby pledged to tile repayment to
rhe school fund of any and all moneys
loaned in pursuance of this section.
iee. 13. 'the members of the commis
sion, hereinbefore provided for, shall re
ceive their expensee incurred in the per
frrmance of the said duty, and there is
hereby appropriated from any money in
tihe state treasn:y belonging to the general
fund, not otherwise appropriated, the sum
of $'2,000, or so much thereof as may be
ueceearry to pay the same; and the auditor
it directed to issue hiswarrrnt on the treas
urer of the state for such surt as may be
'certiled by ther governor to be necessary
for the piurposes :n this section mentioned.
.c. 1:3. 1his et shrill take effect from
and after ita nOiOt(se.
I he bill was reri twice and referred to
the committee on education. Notices of
the introduction of bills were given ras fol
lows: By Hoffrlan, to establish depart
mrnts anrd create a state watet commislson;
by (tibson, to arnend section Iliul5, filth di
visiou of the compiled staturte:, concerning
school bonds: also, to arenUd sectious 440;,
11;7, ,I0i and -19l of chapter "5, fifth division,
.ormtilled statutts, in relation to the term
of rxtretenco of corrl. atlons ; Iry Goddard,
to rtrnr end section s; ,1, of lie furthb dives
rllr cimrinal laws, compiled statutes: and
to reonal chapter 102, of the lifth division,
gene al laws; and to repleai anl act of the
I siteenth le gislative assembly of the terri
tory of IMoiitana entitled, "an act to ada a
section to chapter 102, fifth division, com
pl'id rstatutes, relatlin to toll roads, toll
Irid;res rand toll ferry boats, apiroved
Mu ch 13, luvr."
rolsomI and McDermott were appointed
as members on the- part of the senate of a
juoiit cormrirtoteo of five to necertain r.d re
iport how nlrnch monrey will b, necessarrv ior
the, use of the state board of vuoro a fai
Sanrllrl.oe to (.omplete its Iabiors and make
a creditable display at tile word'a fair.
Hills Introduced and Other Matters of
I'i iisec I ,o l rtanc t e.
'I hl several code introdnee I by Scharni
k w. to h eneiitdil lit, law will bo known
,. a h.t o bill- , lI. , _ l and 22. (In ne -
count of the.r lIntil: te i hIIouse snmpended
tl.. tulte .estir lay and diponased with the
tirst anod second readins. (Graves, of Sil
ver flow, made a atggeation which met with
th,. alip royul if everybody. It was that
itoc: ic as h:iavino aHuirindInsents to propiose
hand i them to the judiciary committee, ti
hbu -,onldered at the same tnme as the codes.
'hi-, h statied, would rare much tlme, aod
wli -n the n Ii inaty oormmittee reported the
co ine hack to tlh- house, nme1 ded as they
tlIbouiht iroie., the house would hi bettor
tpr. ared to act on thinm.
'I 'i ildl etiabtlihbinit the strto water coin
nr! oi, wl., Itntriduerd tbv iulurnan, ofi
( ultlr. It is known as house hill ,No. "ii..
Its it,-neral I rio.ionou have already blett
puillcihed. lotitreitth iutrlodnoed his bill
.ptliohlt.i llegal vtiOUg at pritwmry elec
toins. It ri.ates the penalty from $.11, to
,. ttine, or iulprionmlltent in the ounty
Jitt fr fromli one to three mionths, or both.
at tlut discretion of the jnade,.
Ii h.cuck substituted a new bill for the
one introdn:oed F'riA.uiy, p ovildm for locat
litg the O t it e renitllntlary at H:.llln ,. T'ie
onily dllfferenl b,.twiten it and the oriftuRal
is that trunder the now bill the builiing in to
SL, liot ot ib coutr ict, ilntead of beluR
I doin by corvict labor.
Niotices of i:na woe given as fllowv:
il li iilou"k, nink tsni apprp;pi:toiiin ltnr the
aul, ortt.of tie etate o.vesi.ienut lr l.:i8:
at i l'P.t: reaking ailro. r.ations for crr
tau , r- one.
'I ;e ei c tl iconiiitt -i on jiint rules re
I orte.I ti e j lt iiles of thc last lus eum.ly
fur the un, ,f the ptitnt oir.
A col.,nuiitt-e, of liv,:. Ji ,Ch, 'Jierney.
(i ives, Lewes anl fieche , were appointed
to ecoilicver th., (nesltion of clerks end eram
I plyee of the house and report on Monday
I'I hoUse adjoulned to 11 a. mt. Monday.
No ItResult Iteachedt .Atier the Five DI)ys'
he fifth day's balloting--the fourth in
lJiiilt seaslon - - took place yesterday,
anrd the result. as before was no
Schoice on I tited States senator.
. There was very little variation in the pro
ceedings from former dayv, the only inei
dent of note being the bringing of T. E.
Collins' name into th. fight. Beeoher, the
populist member from Casoade, got up
when his name was called end said he
wished to vote for a man who was known
to all treseit, one of the denmooratic
standard bearers and one who had come
through the campaign without a shadow of
reproach: a friend to the white metal
Lion. 'imothy E. Collins. Senator Gib
son, who had voted for Martin Maginnis,
ltose before the result was announced and
changed to Collins, ivinu hiim two votee.
The Dixon men stood solidly for their can
didate. Senators Brown and Buford were
paired. The reesult of the vote of the sun
For (Clark-Csrdwell, Cullen, Hoffman,
McDermott and hteele--5.
For : anders--Baylies, Folsom, Goddard,
Hatch, Power and Swift--;.
For Dixon-Eggleston anid Matts-2.
For Collins, T. E.-Gibson-1.
The votes of the mrembers of the house
were recorded as follows:
For Clark-Ash, Bach, Butler, Dudley,
Fitschen, Kilgallon, Lockhart, Logue,
Loring, Mcl)unel, Martin. Murphy, Sup
pington, Scharnikow. Smalley, TIerney,
Truman, Wahle and Wilson-l19.
For Sanders-Annear, BIabcock. Benson,
C. H. Bray. Bur ell, Burns, Carpenter,
Coder, Fleming, Goodell. Graves, Htuffman.
Jelleis, Lawrence, Leech, Lewis, Lockey,
Losre, McKay,, Metzlo, lontethl. Iose,
-Swett. Tallant, Van Cleve and Wintels:
For Mulville-A. F. Blray and Matthews
For Dixon-Bonner, Burke. Fitzgerald,
Gorman, Ward and Walkup-li.
For Collins, 'I1. E.-Beecher--1.
Tho joint result was: Total number of
votes ast. t;8; necessary to a choice, 3;,.
Clark 24. Sandeus 32, Mulville 2, Dixon 8,
Collius 2.
Another joint ballot will have to be taken
on Monday at noon.
The Dental Law.
To THE INDEPENDENT: In regard to the
dental law that is soon to come before the
legislators of the state of Montana; out of
the laws of thirty-two states now having
dental laws, this is the best of all for all
concerned. That it is an important law for
the people can be readily seen from the
fact that thirty-two states already have a
similar law, making Montana a dump
ground that catches students and so-called
dentists that cannot practice in states hav
ing laws regulating the practice of den
tistry. At the same time this law is no hoc
law, like the laws of two sister states, for it
gives a competent dentist a right to prau
tice if he has brains enough, whether he
holds a diploma or not. I have
Iraetiesd dentistry under a law nearly
the same in New York state
twelve years, and have seen the quality of
dental work improve every year sinoe that
law was passed in 1879. nd during that
time more than 100 quacks have been given
the privilege of quitting the practice of
dentist y or quitting the state to locate
where there were no dental laws.
Now, I would say to the legislators of
Montana, if you want quacks to care for
your teeth, or rather the money they get
out of you. veto this law; if you want your
teeth cared for properly, pass this law and
you will do more for the people's comfort
than you could do in any other way.
Jorns V. COLE, Dentist.
Marysville, Mont.
The Biounty Law.
To TIHE INDEPENDENT: I beg leave to em
phbasize through your valuable paper the
importance of a new law in regard to the
bounty on wolves and coyotes. A few dave
since, I was riding through the timber
about twelve miles north of Helena in
search of stock, when I heard the yelping
of a vack of coyotes that seemed to be set
ting ne4ror every minute. Just then I
emerged from the th:ck timber into a small
open s;,ace or park, as it is called, and al
most at the same moment a bay mate en
tered the park directly opposite me, fol
lowed by a sorrel colt, perhaps a week old.
Close behind the colt came twelve or fifteen
laige coyotes. Being unarmed I could ren
dle no assistance and the coyotes finally
overtook the colt, pulled it down and pro
ceeded to devour it.
Now, if this sort of thing is going on so
near a thickly-settled region, what must be
the state of affairs where the country is
more sparsely settled, as is the case with
the et ckrasiing regions of this state. Our
state legiialatnre. now in session, shouldgive
this matter their special attention and be
fore adjournment they should pass a law so
that wolves and coyotes should be extermi
nated, and the stock interests of the state
protectld. :Tor(KMAN.
Helena, Jan. 13.
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New trrivals.
Since Jan. 1 the following new students
hiave nutered the Montana Uls1inesecollege:
Nobles M. Walker, lewiaton: Miss Mamie
lt-riitt. ltrecken idge. Mini.; Joieilh Liay,
l.i.Zoiutu; ()tie Brown, llog..; (U. I). Ithub
ertlnu,. York; MIis Jea:e E. llurnett,
Autecville; Ituaasll (uaemuani . ('Chtea; Miss
M olil II adshaw, ltsa Ada (:1lius, Mrs.
L ura Mo rrev,. I. A. Lyman, H. (I. Me
iBrle, John Einaga, 0)110 Thompson, Will
(ourti , Ilohla; IDavid lBeaeh. Alan Uil
Imour and James ('arr, of the Valley.
T'. ( l',- ,r .' 1 ,,. are agents for tl, nuprior
drill anti ; tirwbrligi brointee mw, r.
Th . , dihl rot strike is, a lnd ,o w, will
ke,-., ri I ,I kino king price;s into uear dtlt.
i , inl, i. inville, I, Broadwa).
ltii it hooel oamitany i -elllIm woiel a' i t e ,
,,*r "i to ea,,,rll lots. L A I.. block, tixth
a. u iiU itiLi-ii hels
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I;ht. anoar 3.·. e rm All o1ol llunr.Lts, ,c. I:edu(edt 1 3 . S: r, t , I'tls atterns. dted oed
Bllh k I aunin Silks, t').. R tldtcod front froi m t ' w. trioi trU.t.t.
1r per iard . ronch Ihnriettas alnd Scr;es, (5e. At t$55... i . ca )rdoss lPatterns. Reduced
l c l-'r y'Tr.i s, Pc i educed from er i-, li frooriet .-,
pt r ly.I.n, lre. ledured from InlihR (ef 'ord r, ic. lRedluied i1)r ers t 7.0, $.50,10,
75c per y,.r, , 1
o24- i i llack Sura.h Silks, ;5c. tIe- inrtttt of At ll- ol 1.y. 11, and 812..0 each. IExactly half
Ill r lik I) oduced from a,'l ,o>tnt of ll -\rol fancy A
lillck Moito Silkt, -lIic. Ielecdued front its ad Plaids, 50 er i.
i, c per yard. 1 ici ed 'l ot l 75ct .Al atld $1.25.
Black Kaitle Franealis. Silks, a8s. Re- 51-i nh Fancy Noveltiest, 75 for yar. r REMNANT SALE. s,
tdete d front $1.5 i petr .rd. Ino ulinleid vadl e . Silk5e, F t l nntl, t l ti te ( Goodys, Goods
Idlaic k I'Pei tie Sole bilks, $14.1. Reo- I tttti %tat tSilke Fitls, W ii +titIlun
dluct e u d from H l der , yr $1.4. R- 5.n Eng.ish liroadeloth, $1.:5, 1.75 hims, -,ints, Muslin-, Shoetings, Lin
'ducd frm_ 1 er yard and tl.)o. lteduced front $1.7,, $2.25 en-. ('ritll a, inhbrodories, etc., at a
and $2.00 per yard. fraction of ogular I'r;ces.
COLORED SILS- nprocdentd
Colored Sarah Silks, 350. Reduce., B Nott\ithlet:nding the recont advance
from .'c per yard. Black Diagonal Drs. (ods, 35c. Re in Cotton (oi dl we at;ike the following
Color, d loito S-ilks, .4lc. Rteduced front duced from .itk. rtductinits in t,:lis dol artieon.:
t..; tlir yard. '1 heso are elegant goods All-\ ool alenriettas, 49c. Iteduced .4--4 Illeuchedt Muslins reduced to 8-.o
iant w, ru niever teforo olferid lit such from tito per yard. iper ar.l.
I iw prite. 15-inch Black ltenriotta, 65e, formterly 5 4 Illet-leti Pillow Casitg reduced to
('rista'lt Iengaline Silks. 87,:0. Re- 5cI 10 pi r yard.
diced tfloat $.25 per yard. 'Fine BItRk French Ienrietta, 700. Re- Illoc:iltd , itl Unleachold Canton Flan
:12 inch Canton Hilks. Plain C'olori and d tid from $1. n i1 at 8.
I-aty-, 7c. ledtucid rontt $1 tantd Black Sl Warp Hlenrietta, $1.48, 81.75, 1- l Cro.eo.t lled Spreads, 67i c each.
1.2i per i Na td. and .1 .: 0. R.educeid from $1.85, $1.25 Formerly i.-,
(itingetahle and Fancy Sillis, $1. lie- and $2 50. 1001t doz n UChecked Linen Tea Towels at
duced from $'1.25 and 11.35. 5I in-ih l'reonth Serge, I luik and colors, 75,- per dozon.
Satilt I:hntdamoe. i. liedtuced from $1 1.25. Fornmerly l.75 and d~. 100 ilozeo Bloeahed Turkish Towels at
,p r yatd. ._ _- 1 l ner dozen.
Ili-'; or grades in all makes of Silks and SurI r-ing Values In Damask and Huck
our entiro stock if rt.gular lin da ii l ,ephyr" Gingharnms ,, .1 ls at o, oe-, 3,, l0o aid upward
IP is Ilattorns reditt d in proportiot f i -
T'leI tiioned Clhangueable elvets, 1.5,. Blankets and Comfor.ables.
Reduced from n2 per yard. O)ne Case Zephyr Dro:a (.inghanms at 11 , lx.rli lleatvy Grey IBlankets, $2.20.
10 , plr ytard. iFormal ly $3.50t).
Sirts. All gradles of White and Colored Blankets
L a d i e s ' i rt sn d (.. u. f or" t a" b le" a t C.. a r in" " P r ic ..
)no lot ladies' llannelSkirtst0c each ig e Furs Crean, Linii )JI uas at 400 per yard.
tWorthd l t rc per yirdl.
--0-----OFF - Extra Cream Loomu Damask at 62..c.Worth
Reduction Sale of Cloaks All Fur Goils, 1Muffi. Boas. Sets and Extra, hIe.y n.. wie ... Da. ... k at90o
S Fur (iarments at une-third oil'. per yad. Worth $1.25t per yard.
BIealchated ].Linen I)amask reduced to 480
i .O F' l - - 1 :1. . . . . . . p e r v aw d ,
n al L nd Ch ' i The few examples given of Fie Bileached Damask reduced to 167}.0 per
(Oari en's, siakets, (apes and Wriaps, the many bargains now open Fins Irish Linen Damask at 85e and $1.10
ol:o tlhird o fr.m proesent reluced will give only a faint idea of the FIic lear, 'tab ra, k1 sit 7, $1, 1.25,
rutes. Ftis : 51Tr', $1,7 . $ 2.2 it5 , $ i2.75 doze.
()no lot of Ladies' Newmattrkots, la-t attractions offered. To fully nl,, $1.75, L,r ent. le thn reu
season's goo:ds, but in p rf" t condi appreciate the unequalled val- i1ric,oe.
ti an, sold forierly at it. $I. 7.0io, 82-1 ues it is necessary to see the tHosiery, Underwoar, Laces, 'rrimmings,
iand l22'.50-the entire collection--at etc., etc., tt it reduction of 10 per cent
$3 each. goods. from present low pt ices.
Terms Will Be Strictly Cash on All Reduced Goods.
Articles tf Iheir Own Manufacture Will
lie on Sale at the World's Fair.
The chairman of the Lewis and Clarke
county committee has received the follow
ing communication from the secretary of
the state board of lady managers, which is
important and will have its own peculiar
interest to many who regard the coming ex
position of the world's treasures as the
event of the year, and even of their lives:
"We desire to call your attention to the
notice received from Chicago, that articles
will be sold in tuiesalestoornof the woman's
building for the purpose of giving women
of limited means an opportunity of mak
ing something to defray their expenses at
the World's fair. These aticles must con
sist of work done by the women themselves.
They will be taken in charge by the sales.
ladies appointed by the board of lady man
agers there. We wish also to inform you
that the first date of shipment made by
Judge Bickford. which was forwarded von
last week, is now changed to Feb. 20, 180:3.
This will give a month longer to got your
matters in shab e, but, if at the present time
you have anything completed, arrangements
will be made for shipping at once. Those
desiring transportation at the expense of
the state are requested to make known their
plans at once." EDNA L. liEDiE4i
Chairman of Committee.
Sipecial sale of infants' caps this week at
lutcherr & Bradley's. 105 Broadway.
'[h hBo [ live is bonnd to soil goods even if
times oio dull. toe their announcementn of I ar
gains for this week.
In romi ari onl with toe colossal clearing sale
at o I, ir,., all other salos will sink into in
For bale.
One-half interest in the new and modern
five-story atone and brick hotel building,
known as Hotel ltelena, situated on Grand
street anod Fifth avenue, Helenas. Mont.,
also the three-story brick residence No. 11I
Grand street. For trrms apjply to
Mies. M.la 1. SIMONTON,
118 (rand street, lielena, Mont.
l.a-lios'. ilise's' adl children's nltadtrwoar very
cheap a.' The lioe live. _.
A fine lin.- of t:ble linens and towels jiu-t to-
oru at - ih,, h tlive. P'rices lowir than -ovr.
-- MA lltlI - - ..
VA [l,'ll BA ltI 51,5, In I[oloana. Jan. i -, 1-:tl
ly I;. I . i \ u. eloai. jmutlue of tll, ilaes,. 11r
,.,l,. rt [I. " - j ' if ,s \ l ily, t'>, Mrl. Jos
,li, lorn linrol , of liolr na
. IT. S. .
Public Sampling Co.
P. 0, BOX 136, HELENA.
And Ore Samp'ers.
Oro s:rnlodcl and sold to the
hiIh : t hitlier.
We hiave inl coinrnction with our
I pllanit conl.,lertr - nIssly offico and
ehemelll at labor.atory.
ni5pes ii iy Mail or xpre.os will
r re.e.utv1 p| oullpt att ntout .
1 Libheal d.iscount will be made on
COlntralct. wolrk.
Guarantee Satisfaction.
To Loan Money at 71o, 8°0, and 90o.
Amount of Loan and Security determine the rate of interest.
I am prepared to make loans promptly In amounts ftom $500 to $100,000
$100,000 Commercial and Short Time notes wanted. Also City, School,
State and County Bonds and Warrants.
No. 10 Edwards St., Helena, Mont. H. B. PALMER.
Glarke, Gonrad & Gurtin
Iron, Steel and Nails.
In all Sizes and at Low Prices.
Gooking Stoves AND Ranges
42 and 44 u th Main Street, J-lelena.
Sourv oii of thew a p:er of our ielobratei K) ihois. They amno lite,
tityl ,ih uil ian, you will agre with is tihat $a ann it hi put to better
It . I uls Hih Tino fOur Leislaturne Atl )rop io n a Unil H States Sen ator ,
cLou uy tlho n M al. IC tr.
CLARKE & FlRANK, Montana Shoe Co.

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