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Tt'Hlt WEtA't'|! :R.
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CLhse United Statesobs r\er.
e:00l in. Gt:00 p m.
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. lad ....... ...w......... - I w- 8
Temperature at noon, 3I.0.
ilazitrum temperatusre, - a3 0
htiniauno telmnperaturo. - 1I I0.
.oeal forecast for laSlenen Fair; Meowly ris
tig lenpeoralllue.
he eli air. i|, J l. I l.
.T'IIE neCt senator fromt Mtlontaua calln
be a democrat.
A s.ENATOR can be eleoted to-day, gou
tiemon, if you will only say the word.
Ic missing word comments on the
weather are in order, w;e would like to
hear from Governor 1l''twer.
Tln ThIDhDCI'F.NLLN.T, the only reliable
prophet in Montana, foresaw the etffect
of the cold wave on dark horses.
Ml:. BE.Ealn.r is a populist with denm
ecratio leanings, but can give points on
democracy to the nine obstructionists.
IN retiring from the senatorial race,
Mr. Collins furnishes ax;aluable example
to certain meln who would be dark
horses rather than democrats.
A SEASONAII.,E garlmentll just now
would be a senatorial fur-hl ed coat, but
the man who wears it must be a demlo
crat in all seasons of the yoer.
MONTANA is well populated just now
with able-bodied and energetic rustlers
for government ollices. As there will be
not enough oflices to go around, it migjht
be well to keep in mind that postollice
at Honolulu.
THie decision of the house committee
on agriculture to drop the rain-makers
occasions no interest at all in Montana.
The crying need in these parts now is
for a man who will convert ice into h.it
and dark horse lightning rods into radi
Tie HIon. T. E. Collins has retired
from the senatorial race, and his towns
man, Representative Beecher, yesterday
cast his vote for Mr. Clark, the caucus
nominee. Now let Mr. D):xon get back
into the paths of good old-fashioned
democracy, and close the contest honor
SENAT'iuR IlisrocK is heartily in favor
of annexing the Ilawaiian islands, anid
believes that our governiment should
prevent interference in this matter on
the part of any other power. 'IThat is all
r:ght, but suppose tlihe other powers
-iiould prevent any interference with
filawaiian aIl'arI. on I le part of the;
I'uitedl States? In that: case would the
islands be worth highting forr
'TIa: news that the great nitrate king,
'olonel North, will send a stable (io
horses to clean upl ne't ste:tso'i pr-c' r/A
in this country rhu:d cause the a.ton
tana thoroughbred to prick unp h is ears.
When we recall the fi am::l v\itories (if
Parole, Iroruiino. ,',1 all and other
Amlnerican iorses ini lingl'sh soil, we
may well asseruie that C(!:. el Nortlh
will bring his nerve ainw, wl ii L:
horses if he expects to ret uro w.th, a
chel t full ,.f tr,:phic e ( an y that
h lie trip will .i. as Iari. c. re.(l- s :.
the annual l'hnglish p. rnm: e f ., e ,
.\ii rlc,'s ui,, tn t in tl e i .,irit of loic l
lreih t' p. tl sit ", Inr, .' rhea e ,u o
have u , sýl.ro in 'h,+ :voi k.
-2ny itr EMLkfu I t evl r""
litre t11,l.!I. toII' . I 'yl I; :
yrr r trv I u 4 uu 1
I I .\t.i 1 : 1.
t 1..,1; . ý"r l .,ar c ~ :,t ; ý . , I " , . ,
I II! (IIl.I 1 I.
- . II ' ý, t .. I'I
I' ý :1 1111', tn l'( 1~1,,I i I . , 1 ,Ili i
;,rif ~ . :. \). ! i... I 1 ·. ". v.~
I,., (.(l"1' 1 nfll,.".l 11 , 1t,.ý w :.±:, I Ij i~
lie is familiar with every aspect of our
present system, in detail and in goneral.
Ile is clear headed end conservative,
a practical statesman and not al theorist.
With the aid of experts whom he can
draw about him, he will be able, by the
timno congress nleets next fall, to present
a taritf measure adjusted to therevenue
needs of the country, one that our
bustiness inlerests will approve and
which will affordl relief to the great
body of consumers.
ltLAINI. iN I II1011 V.
The eOiseoienld lelrald rennarks: The
Ilidepontlent rqueslioos whether the
lato dJames (U. hillinu can be classed as at
llat atenalll, aIlld et ai reason to the con
trary says in ciibstance, that hie is not
identilied with any great policies. This
secure to be an inexcusablo mis-state
()h, no, not a iis statementt at all.
Opinions ditfor as to iMr. llainro'
achievumentai. hero is the Portland
O)regonian, for instatine, in able ro
pubiican journal, which takes exactly
the It sa viwa of Mr. Itlaine as was ox.
'.r:'ed inl ti.o Indepondout'a article.
-ays tile trŽoenian :
(ilatour hi,ci aind disterts what Blaine
was, but cannot ullrnify what hie did. No
ntlns ever ociuplt.l co lhiUe it a pace ill the
lublic eye lor so long c: i.d loft so small a
tluituago of 1 e forin,inere: sn petty a heritage
fir lostt rite in tihe ritutati books or the
hiltory of ins country. Mr. Blalne has
tiled evo:yv tntall in u Anmericax public life
uat the higliest; had power to shape legis
lat.un in congre.s for ten years, and
uieladed hgh adnuinistrativo funotion for
i:re; a"s belen the lerader of his I arty for ten
y.ers in the absoluiet t seine which hais no
;,aralltl in civil Amlerican bietoiy this side
of ,a:ickson, antid tas left no record of en
tlurini. parformanlce to till futnro gener
ationra that he lived. 'I weuty years a mom
ber of conlrt'bes, his name is associated with
no gceat work of legislation. Twice seeo
retary of state, history will connect his
nxiIaO with no lchievement of permanent
va uoi to thli country. With respectable
I owrs of liutllect anul Inistery of the arts
of spotl ch, he folltowed neither the path of
Webster is a groat constltuttonal ex
ipoander, tor that of Clay as one who cou
uecrited high towo:s of iersuasive o. story
to palt iole lr l'tioss. In congress and in
the cabinet. hi war first, last and alwayR ,
both a leader an i so :vintL of party. 'I'his
taisk abeorbcd his powers and he won sun
cess ir. it. 11, was ia rest party leader.
Thi;s i a form of i;uceces whose reward is
wholly contenmlorary. It gives no title to
the rI olnition ot iistory.
'tIhe liorull mentions Mir. Illaine's
Poan-:\Almeriilltn siic hrnm to disprove our
asoertion, but itlnk was ast unsubstantial
tis a iri:tm. Joi.JltJ. Itrlls hias had,
for ycarn, it vision iof whit he calls "An
ocltean-iounl l reitllliil, ii theme upon
wL:'h h,, !l ei: leloqueni t epeOehics,
in whisch he piturs tihe time when the
tlia of the I( itri ;tal'toas will float over
Caniiada said ;i'mth Aimerica. Mr. In
galls is a brillHnt tllan but. history will
not rank hi a a etatesoin. WVe can
ill aigre t hat. Mr. itltuto was the most
brilliant 1,u0tinian of hir time. As to
whiothti he was ntiore than that history
xwill have toa dleitriineo after his public
tcits htI r -.,li teil1 tIhe tst o lnitle.
Within the past few years a form of I
tixation, krnown a i e "inherilnueo tax."
hae' grown. in ,ptipiLtriliy with difforont
iovcrntoentv anid i.uo! ! i i itfferent statei. I
\`hile it diff. rs in form, the itia of tax
:ng periot;ll tproperty Ihequeathed to
ihoirs is leh priilm oij. ct .wherever the
syrst.o is in vogulle. ' ihe t'oV ar.ulmentit
brielly presente.l in its favor are that it
t1ates l.roblsto i oltill, lelf-suilstaininlg,
intl fur.ii-hen I reveoiilOe io the state,
iand tiat it eheikis tll dI ,gerou iaccu.
luiation of woe;lth iy d .tributing it iu
,tier chaunnels. 't he iat rt. of New York,
for iiin taict , tnxel the slate of ,liy
(joild tiihOtI under this ivstIIm, which
ais) prevailis in Cnnnoctcut, asera
chusstts. Now Jer-ey, \ei,:t Virginia,
Delaware lid I'iuilltylvihtil. Ii lils ex
,rite in the latter .hLite since 'l2i;. It,
Sfoundi in i-uiroi.p in Italv, .\u itri,
. in, lelgiuin, Iollnl. U iii irk,
.v mv, ay ;and1 uissia anti in ,'t,.-raha. lit
mlie;t of t1t.00.t l c ,untre thet lburitan',a
tax oil property left to dirct h.i:rs i.
greater thlu that left to idlIrlit heiri ,
helatlie in the latter ica L ti, itiivitins
are liuOlly ,lit;hr and the properly is
ThI featuire itthih has t alil for isle
t-t,.,cihl ,nd -lur lt i I Ir ' of n ii l h r i it
lof i.o l.itts, ; ,1, nil-tl, of Ib r..\in lrlw
(''r.not;, is t t it n of Ihe tax
..:iord in' ti .r i., o.f po rty
., uhat i, t, t ..h. , .s u t bo ai
rat,-, f, "r I or ltfa l:r, rf "," rt.. O
,y nt.hri ,k i I ti:, v'alue
, l - , - -. I tn l.--,,,,, accrnhog to
W,0.<,. tI, , .m c,, c.,. h, lit , " i , '. ' C ;i. (, on ti
r'1 ^
r- r
1 I:I- I,
,i! fl ýIý'tt'.t " f t v . ...: c
i;, .. ..· : ~ I..·
to , 7r, I ft, f Ut 'I
' "' ý it. al,1.1 '31 7
.~~~~~cr~~ ~ :· I ':: i: i*r * ihrt''
\. · "1:. t ·l - · ,II th" " :'nt~r. frwn a n charac
ter, uud 1t utttl t-A If nuluftir.,ttou wn· o..
intense that he removed to ALabama rathse
than live in the same state with John O.
Calhoun. Delazon Smith was a senator
t.om Oregon for a shabor time in 1850. It
would appear that the Smiths wielded
more Iollitial power earlier in the century
than they do at the present time. Possibly
this consideration may have dictated the
determination of Mr. James -nmith, Jr., to
be United States senator from New Jersey.
-;tory of the Events That Letd tip to the
Murder and SButide.
Laet week Tun INDEntNDFNT published
the story of the shooting in Butte of Waldo
Whipple and Mrs. Boilse by the latter's
husband, Chas. Buise. After shootin
thlIe Mr. Boise turned the gun on himself,
:teath resulting almost instantly. The San
lrancisco Chronisle, commenting on the
trage.dv, eare: The history of the sanguin
cry affair dates back to the recent Acton
MeLeod wrestling snatch, when lsuise
oiwned the "H1.ot cotob" saloon, on Morton
street. On that occasion he received $500
from Washington F. Marion, a traveling
alesmiin, to bet on the mnato. lie placed
tilhe money and won, but before Marion re.
turnetd to the city Bulse pocketed the $1,000
and disappecn:ed, going to l'ortlaad. A few
weaek betore this Boise's wife had seconed
lan engagement at the Bella Union theater
an a song and dance woman. She was
known as "Goldie." Waldo Whiiplee, a
male song and dauce performer, was at the
'ame time employed there.
When Maion eturned he secured a war
rant for the asr.rt of Buise. who was
brought back fiom Portland, examined in
the police court and held to answer to em
bzalement. 'Phrough the influence of Mrs.
lulse, Ned Foster, the proprietor of the
helle Union, and F.ank McManus qualified
on his bond in the sum of $3,000, and then
Uaise, being unable to compromise the
matter, fled, leaving his bondsmen in the
lu: h.
lMre. Buise remained behind, continuing
to ailpear as Goldie on the variety stage,
and the day after Buise's flight his wife,
for they were legally married, notified Fos
ter of the fact. She claimed to be in ignor
ance of his whereabouts. A few days late-,
however, Mire. Buiso went to Foster again
and gave notice that she was going to Port
lhnd, where she said she had secured an en
(n the same day Foster called Waldo
Wilpple into his service. W~Vipple, who is
a tine-looking young fellow, was paid an
advance of $100, and told to follow Mrs.
Buise to 'o. eland, to get into her favor if
possible, to intercept her mail, or to do
anything that h- conld to ascertain the
Iofugeo'a whereabouts. He want to Port
lohl and suceeded. A few days Inter he
wired Foster that Buise was in Victoria, B.
C. An attem t was made to appiehend the
man the e, but he escaped, going east.
Whipple, still in Foster's pay, continued
with the woman, who was known in the
north as Lillie Hampton. From Portland
they went to 'T'acoma. Seattle, Spokane and
finally to Butte. From Seattle Whipple
tele.graphed to Foster that Buise was in
Mlontreal, and an attemut was then made
to extr adite him. The governor, however,
refused to insue the necessary papers, and
it was then that Bnise's bond was declared
forfeited in the I olce court.
Whipple, it seems, did Foster's bidding
too well, and Buise, learning of his wife's
lie fidy, forgot the danger that awaited him
on United .lates soil and went directly to
iutte. The terrible result of his trip has
alreagdy been told. Until yesterday morn
ingt no otie n this city dreomed that BeUse
had c.oused the Canaelian line.
The city and county brought suit yester.
day agaust Frank .icManuua andi Ned Fos
ter to recover $3,000 on lnise's forteited
ball boul.
IFoster ans wired Mrs. Boise offering to
pay her f re back to this city. He is trying
to have Buise's body shipped h re, in hope
that by so do:ng he may escape the penalty
of the bond.
ROKAD\\'Ai .li1 CurjiN IY.
A Missourl Valley tKepubileau Corrects
home Lo ".'s" lStatements.
To Tui INDEPENDENT: Ileferring t6 an
article in your valued paper by "anothtr
W" in regard to Broadwater county, it
enetom neceessary to correct some of the
uulsaoadiug stttements made. The pur
poae of &I . W. ti very evident, since, as
a eaembe; of the court house ring, he has
grown fat at the expense of the taxpayers
and is willing to ado;t any method to be
allowed to do so in the futur,. The charge
that false statements have been made in
reyerd to the amount of assesbable property
in the new c uilty does not stick well, con
ci lring that W.'. own figures prove as it
lasjt very neary car act. i'ho roil facts
In thi case are thest.: The tax levy in
ISeagheu county was 15. i utlls, and the
counuty has Ib un rn in debt at the
rate o. $'25. 0 II j1"r year for t!e
last four ya.re, vaoording to the last
grarnd jury report. Not only this, but toe
county .till conuitno's to ran in debt at the
*aune into and when the constitutional
liuit is reaetid, which will be this yesa ,
the tax levy will Lave to be over 20 mills to
keep oveu. 'Iaking \i'S figures as correct
the r',,untv of lroadwntter will, with a levy
of 15' nuil!, hive $20,2i50 to pay running
exp"'u'uo out~Uid of aec, ou and state taxes.
AgaisL taklo g W's figure'u thit expouse of the
lnw county will tu,, as follows: I reasurer
.5,20U0, shlritf 12,700, aseseasr $1,800. clerk
and recorder $2,200, clrk of the district
court $1,.500. county attorney $000, auperin
r'ild ntt of schoiol $1,00., mtking ln all
$i2,00,) tor a darice. At a higo estimate we
t ,od tle tLh' r expenlles are: Roads $3,000,
po,- ~1.l., witl, ses. jurors, etc., $1,000.
t xouese if the sheariff in criminal cases and
hbard of Erioners $1.000, making a
,tro d tot',l of :$1,000. This will
.:ovoib K'0, ini to !: t easuay frolt
tho t :ze p upelr. ()utside of this we expect
to i,:t swI.e . Ivnu,, froml licenses and from
fees tbi,.ut x,01:,; i 'lhs above figures mu:ut
ueow, tL, ti.e ttli faction of any disinter
cot d I arty, that at the aend of every year
the ti:axpiyer oif liroadwater couIty will be
at .iat five mills bi.ttor off than they would
hba ntn '. ct, of White Sulphur S. rings
biO ¾i I !litvino their motliey spent at houie
lii .t",I of nendine it away. We do not ex
e: I to irttite thie present system of
., '.':' " county of having i county clerk
:. , ci i.r dniputiom to rtcord one* instrument
"v : two ni thre, days, or to have four ex
SI,·'.*v uoti"re t it the sheriff's oltioa to
.;':. otu, .,,r wr tch in the counity jail.
. <.'t r uow t mItuav look at the lprotDoie 1'
S. is c :,tlotn !to Ie of grunt ene.it
'' '. w:tliih: the l:lits of the .nro,
ý · ~ ii, · .li v r w ii i 'ov thin n v . r._
i I-, al .I , vu,..
r .,. ", in . ii
: n ti city council or theL
H:1' . f - lt i f J,ýn. 10, I ):, th"
, , i-- wi, .ni ci,7 ted toi u ,0 , t . rnr- r
S k..i i L ; r on whb will . iv. ,
S t ',t ,hlll I.. t to bt e ar. ln .'II
. , , n u o n ud ti e e , i, rt o u
- . i :I' rr,,ll ' ii fou U4 lic Inn ii l 1ly
t, r ,, .v-t:. fr ,nj rlnin onvy hlr+ Pit. Ili
, t ap it i i :tAs .-t the c;~v. ,r I,ri ii
,, . . .iv nur c otherwi.c ii jtlrllill . Ily
, r'v .1 h i t;,u ('," v ,,11 1*no "..
I, : ,rv re,' of it id ,od(olutitnt the' n:l
.:,..:;,,,., h!, r nL y ,o~ tie aLbovi. 'owsn i d.
lity i t rk,
lb ionn, inn. IL ý
I,. h Ir uit ' yov I nt I. h o lhvi fi,r $!. ,.
V,e i b tl to :ln'iouniri th:tt wi. hlav r,,nil
rlu .hi.,d ,ir r tl. i tr." , mlll i lutni , w it
if f lt.. u.-. ". , - i; : " 1 n f d pl t dll+J* +u , 1.1
Lf l-l1,. I, n ",,,11, ,, u d. wareh )u-en ,.l, ,u -
iili,:i a ti " it.i.t. l r 'Il n :'1 ,,,
tr t k io:!t",.o :e t wtun o, at hlc;..
m. r nkt11.i Ili *: nl :ota!:,'uln lt v,. tr'ý'
o i.i'l i to 'ii uh i ,,tlll'e lc f ~ ll . Il w Ii
Iltav. ,) ' i €li;' : l l.,lnu +c nnl4 1I1 ;nt.r r-;
1ti . bn ,in,,ss. ,,. t.,o ;,u t t e-n . ;I. r.
f la i . ne , ii I,, , d r, ar , ,", r
S. . The Tail End of W inter . .
Foroes Us to Tail End Prizes
- .:. O IERCOTTS .. *..
KERSEY COATS-Former Price.... . .. $28.00 OTTER TRIMMED-Former Price............ $45.00
NOW ......... .......... 18.00 NOW ..................... 30.00
MELTON COATS-Former Price............. $24.00 BEAVER TRIMMED-Former Price..........$40.00
NOW ...................... 15.00 NCW ................... 27.00
CHINCHILLA COATS-Former Price ......$22.00 ASTRACHAN TRIMMED-Former Price.....$35.00
NOW ........ ...... 14.00 NOW ............. 24.00
Are being rapidly opened. Twenty-one (21) yesterday. With a Five Dollar purchase you have
the following coupon given. The coupon tells the tale:
AooouNT BEN. E. HARRIS, Manager.
l li ,T ,TH 1
A Sweet Face at the Window.
Nothing but the best of North
Dakota hard wheat is used in the
manufacture of the celebrated
IDiaTl0ld Patent Flour
And every sack bearing the Dia
mond 13rand is guaranteed equal
to any in the market. Ask your
grocer for it.
Blank Books
And General Bookbinding.
Mla(nfl.turer of LIo Indestrcltible
Flat-Openalg l mak Book.
No EIttra Cost.
Second Floor Herald Building.
(FICA'; (I' l )IFC t l, l't N O " I '.\l ,I'NI-:I|
1 it y p a ltin ., is he m r le ivn tha.flit t is o
tn ll l t l t t, r . , l al an .L)Ir t oBK E
. al cun-.ant Illt dLad~t. nltgn.,d I,..ta. I) I. MitITory
h arr m sill be paid b th undr.igste \ilham
Ulo r a tann la n Bho 0. a sO.n a 0rize to
rollect, re Floere nu. t H le r iliy dll id
rI . I.l,. t 'ANNON.
DaLeod Iloloua. Mo t.. Jaun.21, ll.t.
J. C. REMINGTON, Manaiger.
Wednesday and Thursday
The heautif ul young emotional actroes
Carolyn Gage
And her company of playorrin the treat
New York sec ceoses,
Celehrated 1Don le
Case. Wrong.
Wednesday. Ihursday.
Reserved sale of seats begins Tuesday, Jan. 31.
United States and Foreign Pat,
.nte obtained and any information
Attorney at Law.
Pittsburgh Blook. Heleun. Moat.
(No. 3,263.)
LU. . LAND O()In.gY, .
HiLaINA, Mont., Jan II). 1893.
Notice is hereby given that. ('harlo . nole. by
Thomran l. ('rntcler, hI attornery in fact. whno
postutofice ddreo is Ielileoa. 0uut t hae this day
Clid his applicalton fnra natnOOL fr 2: l. crno
placer mining ground bearing gold snti ,r"n(ncio.)
stonen, nttuated nl lunorganizod)
nioinm dintrmt. connty of I ewis and lark,, aun
atnnet of Ioltanlla aind ds.ignatnld by tlhe fl.i
not and ofnllnioial plat ,in fie in nthis eRice an
nurveiy No. 4,108llin townhi, 12 north, ronge .
wet of principal baee line ant nmeridino of
Montane, said survey No. 4.108 being as fullowe.
t u-wlt
I gtlnning at oerner No. 1, whence thle south
wreen coruor of i ct on 12. towshtip 12 nourth
rangeo :1 went. Inars nnrlh 683 degre-se 1 minutne
wstl fr.lnt. fn.r': theun e dounh 1 degreea O t lan
att. easn 1.I1'2 feet to corner No. 2; thence nouth
idregre·n 5b mli:lnteo wn.tl ,::20 fltto cotrnr,
rto. . thencz north tn dnrSaros 10 lilnotens wet
2Nl. 1 feet t l onrnor \o. 4; thernc norti l5 d.
grncn 5n minu:os sail Ilil 5 feet to place ofl bo
IlMagneti vriation n1 degrers gt ontlnlning
r he loca io n.f thin mine io reoorded in tihe
rn.nor;ar'e ntiet of Lewis snd fil.tro county.
Montane, in book -- of - . Il h ad
joining tl.autnn o are t i;arlee J. oDolos l..
oltitlog nurvey No. 4.109 on the west.
Any mod ll efrmne claiming adversely ant
plnortion of said `lacer tine or surfaoe arolunn
are ronulre, t to file their adverse ela inr with the
register of the lnited Natee landl oflice at Hle
nn. no thee.late of Monlae, driugtheosizty
days' perind of publieation hereof, or they will
bin Iarrsd by virtue of the provllion of the
tA.A. W.'tV(tETT, legilter.
Nolton t' tllee, I ttorllneye for ApplioanLt.
freit publication Jan. 12. 1893.
tin calre, uppoprt and maintenancare of tler
ictk. poor anta Inirnl 'f Liia county. 1ner cnpitm.
ly the wverk, for th year eutro, ndnln: Match I.
1i90. said prc pois a ti, IncludeI (I, entirne cosl of
lfedlIg. clothinr and ouraing of aidi -on Ipoor
aund himnrnlaonpll l bnrtan saspas. ltherinf; a ill
Ins renrlvmt lb tlie oflion nntil h ,lch 1. lthn2
ity order of the luarm, of Caounty a omml.sion
ere J. H. 'IUtnKlll, I leek.
Helena. January 13, 193.
* " JOBBERB OF * * *
ilay, Grain, Flour, Feed, Rolled Oats,
Goods RIeesved on Storage at Low RateI.
Corresep.denee with ranchmen solicited, as we
are alwaeready to parchac oats to large
quantities for cash.
Wholesale Agents for the Celebrated
Royal Banner and Pride of
the Valley Flour.
Telephone No. 100. 1822 Bozeman St.
Near N. 1. Passenger )epot.
Montana Central Railway
In Effect January 1, 1893.
No. 24. Atlantic Fx res, e stboond . 10:05 a. m
N,, 22. 'ajcifle xpress, weothonod... :20 p. m
No i. . Butte jotl ..... . 0:0 p.: m
No. i. lB tte I ocal ................... 8:0 a m
N,. it. Atlantio Fxpross, east'ot ud.. 10:15 a. nt
No. 22. l'acicli Express, westb. und... 3:10 p.m
(No. 24. I aily.)
l IIIlena's best and popular train for ST.
Nrw Yot:t.
leave lielena at l0:0na. m., arrive Ft Paul at
F::55t. im., the se'ond mor)'ning, and Chicago at
9::15 p. ,. the isane night, makilng immediate
col.lu.:tins for all puints east and south.
For further informatiotn laps,, rates, etct
rall at
No. 0 North Alun htreet, Heleos.
(Ur write the undereignol
Traveling I aS·ungor Agt. ity T'icket gt.
01. i:. LANGEY, Geneoral Iijoket Agent.
The Sun.
1)uirinig 1893 THE SUN will
be of sullpassinll excellence
anti will pri m ,renews and
more literaciture than ever
,before in its history.
The Sunday Sun
Is the greatest Sunday News
paper in the World.
Price 5c. a copy. By
mail, $2 a year
Daily, by mall, - - - $6 a year
Daily and Sunday, by
mail, - - - - $S a year

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