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He Left a Brutal Skipper to Get
Into a Better Paying
How He Runs a Number of Ves
eels and Employs Many
What He Rays of the Dsaners and Profits
of Robbing the Ocean Bottom o,
Its Wealth.
Itobert J. Iialloway, who is a pearl fisher
hailing from Thbrsday island, is at present
in this city on his way back to his sea-girt
home on the other side of the Paciflo. says
the San Francisco Chronicle. Been at the
R.as house yesterday afternoon. Mr. Hollo
way gave some hihlby interesting feets rel
ative to his dangerous but eccasionally
highly lucrative occupation.
"I scarcely know what made me take to
fishing up oyster shells as a profession," he
said, "but I supsose it presentedopportuni
ties for adventure and excitement which
fascinated me. Twenty-three years agc I
was an apprentice on board an English ship
trading in Polynesian archipelago, and used
to envy the pearlers and inter-island trad
ers their free and careless life among the
beautiful tropical islands. As ls often the
case. I had a brutal skipper, and this helped
me to resolve to ran away from the
vessel and throw in my lot with the pearl
fishers. One dark night when we were at
Batavia 1 drooped over the side and went
ashore. Here I had no difficulty in getting
employment on one of the small laggers
which was to sail at daybreak.
"I spent two years on this little vessel
and saved what I earned, and having by
that time what I thought suffiiolent ex
perience I started in a small way for my
self. pearling and trading in 'beohe de mar'
with the natives. Sometimes we had
trouble with the savages, but, taken all to
gether, the risks incurred were well com
pensated for by the large profitse in the
"In 1875 I had become the owner of a fine
lugger, and I employed eight divers, all
Kanakas, who use no diving apparatus
whatever, and can remain under water for
several minutes at a time. This season I
was operating in the bay of Carpentaria.
and was extremely fortunate in getting
pearls, although I lost three of my men by
sharks. These men take great risks, seem
ing to have no fear of the swarms of sharks
that infest the water. The divers have a
large stone attaehed by a cord to the boat.
With this weight in their hands they dive
overboard and sink rapidly to the bottom.
'Ihen grabbine all the shells within reach
they All the network bag hung around their
necks and come to the surface with their
"What peroentage of the shells contain
pearle?" asked the reporter.
"Well, there is no rule," explained Mr.
Holloway. "'ometimes we don't get a
decent pearl in a boat load, and again we
may make a rich haul in a handful of them.
The small opaque pearl is common enough,
and of really lihttle value. One good big
pearl is worth a pailful of them.
"After fishing on the coast of West Aus
tralia for a couple of years I tried the New
Quinea fisheries. Here I was very success
ful, and in 1879 1 settled down at Thursday
island, determined to make that my head
quarters while my boats went in different
directions. By this time I had three
large pearling vessels and employed about
fifty men. At the presenttime I ran eleven
boats and pay about a hundred men. Of
course all the vessels are not equally snae
eessful, some of them running me into loss
for the year.
"Pearls are now very fashionable in
Europe, and there is a great demand for
the best sort. I have just been to Vienna,
Paris and London, where I have joest dis
rosed of some extraordinarily good speci
mens at prices which Ihave not received for
years previously. I do most of my business
with Amtse dam, and Ihave it on authority
of my agents that three of the finest pearls
in a necklase worn by the princess of Wales
are from my fisheries."
Regular bowels follow the use of TUTT's
Interesting Career of the Vice-President
of Switnerland.
A bit of history connected with the life of
Emil Frey, who was recently elected vice
president of the Swiss reoublic, will inter
eat both officers andex-ofilcere of the army.
When the civil war began in the United
States young Frey was at a university in
Switzerland, and being moved with patri
otic impulse to aid a struggling sister re
publio he eane t this country, went
directly to the Swiss colony in Illinois and
enlisted as a private in the Twenty-eighth
Illinois volunteers. The Army and Navy
Journal says that he served with his regi
ment until he resigned as second lieutenant
on June 17, 1862, to raise a company for the
Eighty-second Illinois, in which he served
as captain until mustered oat with it,
June, 1865, having served about four years
and constantly in the field. He was
taken prisoner with part of the
Eleventh Corps at Gettysburg, July 1 1, 1863,
and for a long time was held as hostage
under sentence of death, and after his re
lease was brevetted a major for, gallant and
meritorious cervices. At the close of the
war he returned to Fwitzerland, where he
obtained the rank neit to the eommande,
m-chief and was elected to the Swiss Fed
eral Council and served in the cabinet. tie
revisited this country as the first envoy ex
traordinary and minister plenipotentiary
from Switzerland to the t'nited States,
serving through the admlnistrations of
Presidents Garfield, Arthur and Cleveland.
'I he next step of this ex-private of the
federal arcmy of the (nited States is, ac
cording to the custom of Switzesland, from
that of vice-president to president of the
European republic.
Gooed Looks.
Good looks are more than skin deep, de
pending upon a healthy coadition of all the
vital organs. If the liver be inactive, yoe
have a bilious look, if your stomach is dis
ordered, you have a dyspeptic look. and if
your kidneys be affected you hare a pinched
look. Seesre good health and you will
have good looks. Electric Bitters is the creat
alterative and tonic that acts directly on
these vital organs. Cares pimples, bletehee,
beils and gives a good complexion. Sold at
H. U. Farchen & Co.'s drag store. 600 per
tllg Coal Combine Contemplated.
PITTS.irni, Feb. C.-Several secret confer
ences of eual mine owners were held
recently with the viow to the consolidation
of all railroad coal operators of Western
Pennsylvania. The objects of the proposed
trusts would he to secure a uniformity of
prices and the reduction of expenses in the
regulation ear service. The owners of a
hundred mines, representing $15,000,000 of
investment, are said to have aignifled their
Intention of going into the combine.
Reckles's Alcies talve
The Best BSalve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, ailt Lhesum, Forer
tfores, Tetter, Chapped Hands. Chilblains,
('orne and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
lively cares Piles or no money required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaetion,
or money refunded. Price25 enatsper box.
For sale by . M. Parchen A Co.
Otto Serfing, a farmer of West 8oin.
O-e., killed his wife and himself. Jeal
Its reeple EInerwetl and Eantrpvlalas-
social and Intelleetual Qrgsantlutose.
Special to The Independent.
TraxutanIza, Feb. 4.--Timberline is sit9
ated in Gallatin county, two miles south
from Muir tunnel. It has a population of
five hundred souls, enterprising, intellee
tual, Industrious, happy-going and law
Jan. 4., 1892, the Timberline Coraet Bilver
band of twenty-two pieces was organised,
with Prof. J. I. Fox as its leader and in
structor, but ats present it is under the lead.
ship of Prof. James Quinn, formerly leader
of the Red Lodge band. J. H. C. Young is
secretary, Frank Hle:on treasurer and Wm.
Walsh dium major. It is a well-known
fact that when the band goes out on dress
parade spectators have come ten miles on
horseback for the express purpose of seeing
Dram Major Walsh. Lavt Dee mber the
Timberline band were presented by the
Hon. C. W. Hoffman with a neat and ele
gant uniform, which would be a credit to
any city of twenty thousand inhabitants.
A daueing club was organized sometime
last Nov mber with a membership of forty
asy and festive young ladis and gentle
men. The club elected Iroft. J. H. C.
Young and W. N. Evans managers and in
structors. The music is furnished by the
'limberlane orcheat a. The club meets
every Tuesday evening in the band's hall.
The last boon to Timberline was ohris
tened on the firat dayof January and desig
nated the Timberline Library and Reading
association. The association elected Dr.
W. P1. lothwell president. C. N. Ke n vioe
president, J. Ii. Fox secretary, Louis Kline
treasnoer, and also seven directos. 'lhe
association umeets in a nice and neat room
well lighted and heated, and neatly fur
nished, the rent being free, another dona
tion of the lion. C. W. Hoffman. On the
files you will find all of the leading news
papers, both daily and weekly, from all over
the United htates, also half dozen standard
magazines; in feet almost anything in the
way of good literature, besides several
amnes such as dominoes, checkers and
chess. The directors are daily adding
something now of interest to the associa
tion. J. H. C. Young is the founder of
both the band and the dancing club. The
reading association was aiso created by
Mr. Young in company with Dr. W. P.
Hothwell, who is a new comer.
The Coagregational ministers of San
Francisco resolved in favor of the annexa
tion of Hawaii.
NEw Your, Feb. 6.--ar silver. 83%.
Copper-Quiet; steady; lake, $12 00
I ead--D nll; firm; domestic, $3.95,
T'here was a moderately active buoiness in
stooks to-day, but with the exception
of some strength in early dealings.
woek almost throughout, and final prices
generally at the lowest point, with
many material losses for the day. The gold
question was the force in the market, and when
the senate refused to vote on the motion to re
peal the silver law the market weakened under
considerable preseure on long stocks. Ihe weak
spots in the list were coalors. The market was
Uovernments--Dull and steady.
l'he petroleum market entirely disappeared
and there were no trans.etions.
Clo.ing Closing
U. S. Is reg .......113% Northwestern...... 114y
U. . 4s coupon...lll8 NW prof.........145!i
U. S. 2es rg .......10 N.Y. 'tentral.....ll10t
Pacific s6..........105 Oregon imp....... 18
Atchison........... 34% Oregon Nay....... 82
American tap.... 11 C(gn Short Line... 22. i
Canada Pacific.... 80% Pacific Mail....... 241
Canada South..... 57!S Pullman ..........117%9
Central I acifio.... 28 ieading........... 4816
Burlington........100% 'lerminal..... .... 10t
Cotton Oil......... 44% I. Ui. Western.... '2
Lacawanna...... 153L, I (i. WI. pref.... 01
•). it It. t,........ 5 1 1.11 W . lsi..... 773
Distillers.......... 42% Rock Island....... tt6
Illinois Central...102% ht. Paultti...........
Kan & ' ex....... '2.;3 St. Pt & Omaha... 5.%
Lake hhore........ 1295s bSugar ............13351
Lead 1 rust . 453 'l exas Pacific...... 9%
L'ville A .,ash.... 75% Cniun lacifio..... 4 3a
Mich. ('entral.....10531 f argo Lxp........146
Missouri Pacific.. 57% Western Union.... 97%
Nortlh American... Ile Oleetric. ..........11 it'
Northern Pacific.. 18 Linseed .......... 39l4
N. P. prof .......... 4 U. . Ex......... 7
•Lz. div.
Money on call easy: closed offered at 2 per
cent I rim0 mercantile paper, 4%4I5ti. Sterling
exchange quiet but firm; sixty-day bills, $l.85%;
demand, $4 57%.
('nrrte o. Feb. 0.-Cattle-Receipts, 16,000;
slow; fair to choice steers. $5.25005.1; ot lot
extra fine steers. $6i.50: others. $4.25'" 5.15; feed
eia. $4100 l4.25; stocker:. $3.009(3.65; 'lexas
steers, h:3. 65tt.20.
7ltgs-i-leceipto 20,000; steady: rough packing.
$7.I03 57.75; packing and mixed. $7 80, 7.90;
prime heavy and butchers' weights, $.1038.30;
prime mediums. $8.150 l .2.
bhteop--leoeipts, 10.00; closed shade weaker;
natives, $1.00UliG.50; westerns. $5.00.5 15.
CLI ICAGiO i'1tO1) U CFr
('eIrCoo. Feb. 6.-Closing-Wheat-Steady;
cash, 74%c; Say. 7809c.
t orn-Lower; cash, 4. :c; May. 47vc.
Oats-hasy; cash, :l5c; May, 34%o.
i'orley-- 64c.
l'ork--`tesay;: cach. , 1905: May, 091.5.5.
lard--Strm; cash, $11.8.,i; May, $11i 5. .
Itibe--rtet.ady; cashr , l0.i7O( ; May. $10.10
Shtort clear--$10.t1,tIO 10.
Mrs. Ma./! E. O'Fallon
,f lPoia,t ., say- the Plhy
s otnoewh :r eo ·, ---l,
, nd I),k ;it h L like il
Raised from the Dead
Long and Terrible Illness
from Blood Poisoning
C(o epletelt C'uri'd hl Mlooid'i
Sa rsaparilla.
iMr'. airy E:. 1(rallon, a ovry intellig nt
lady of I'iiTa, Ohio, was poisjri'i while a:
s gistin phyiciians at an autopsy 5 y"ars ago,
.ani o) terriblc ulcer, ble ' oil oin hjr
hed, arms, ln;.nru ad throit. fIr hail iall
aillte o tll. Sh,,e wci/herd bhlt 9 11-lb , :l tISaw
no pro-pe't of hIlp. .tt ;last she etr"n to
take IHood's Sarsapatilla andi at o,'. im
proved ; could soon glt out of beid tIldt walk.
She sayos: " 1 brame perfectly cired ly
Hood's Sarsaparilla
andtni a n ow a well woman. I wiei-rh 12tht..
eat wiel and do 1 Iw ork for a tI' lt family.
Miy ease S IiR : b nl l-rl rIl Il'vovery :an
physimms loo' Iok ,1 10I f to :'stlro hlfrn 1, Ias
alolllt like our raired fromu the deed."
HOOD'S PILLS ihould be hI every rf:miliy
medlcine ch- t.. It1'- used, lwaiys preferred.
Orris EImllDoym nIi A llncY.
t23 North Mrie streett. Telephone 1090
1t) ceal miner,. new cvin.
i5 wuuodlhopt.ro . SL-,n per cord.
Io tijakerr, Ile enrch
I teams to ha, ul crtl wood.
I :itl for the coontrr, }_..
2 Iiriig room girls ftor .ty.
I git I for igeeral Ihoetwork in city. 12'.
Ilouses to rent from I t o $40 per uounth.
There's a Ucde
S difference he
tween the help
that's talked t
and the help
S that's guaran
Which do you
- want, when you
are buying medi
eIf you're sati
fled with words, you get them with ever,
blood-purifier but one. That one is Dr.
ilorce s Golden Medical Discoverl. With
that, you get a guarantee. If it doesn'it
help you, you havo your money back. Oa
this plan, a medicine that promises help is
pretty sure to give it.
Butit's because the medicine is difforent,
that it's sold differently. It's not like the
sarsaparillas, which are said to beo good for
the blood in March, April, and May. At all'
seasons and in all cases it cures permanently,
as nothing else can, all the diseases arising
from a torpid liver or from impure blood.
it's the best blood-purifier, and it's the
cheapest, no matter how many doses are
offered for a dollar.
With this, you pay only for the good you
get. Can you ask more
Helena Employment Agency
Telephone 330. W. H. Cook, froprtetor
WANTS-Man cook and woman dishwasher,
~5. 1 waiter girl for great Falls and one for
lar evillo, $25 each. 2 woodohoppere, $1.0 ..
ORlt SALI-The Moore House. Granite, Mont.
TO LEI'T--1 cabin, furnished, $5. 15 acres near
toulder lIot apriugm, with fully equipped farm
ing implenmsuts, suitable for market gardening.
Advertisemouts nnuer tra head three times
Address Mrs. Picker, WI\hiter alphur Springe.
cashior in store, cashier in restaurant, or
copyist in offie bhy laly of retinement and edn
cation. Address Mrs. Lou L ankle, Elkhor..
keeper or clerk. Address Elms box 52,
Living: ton, Mont.
Park an Lawrence, room &
wants situation; is competent and truetwor
thy. Adres', 'ora Johnson, ho. 85 Johnson
lbuilding. Cincinnati. O.
Advertisemenwts unur tiU ear these times
man, American; handy at most anything,
Addroess E. Ii. C., lock box M2d, city.
housework. ('all at 721 Spruce Street.
Warren street, corner Sixth ave.
" with uae of bath, $5 and upwards Ad
dress ' . ighth avenue.
$5 to $10 per month at 21i North Rodney
eight-room dwe ing, centrally located; all
conveniences. 30 1 ighth avenue.
Clark street; all modern: furnace kitchen
range, window shades, eart et d throughout;
reavonable rent to right parties. Inunite.vew
tntglani thuse tore.
.l wanted close to business. Address, Ar
nold. Independent.
frame house, No. 713 bpruee street, con
taining seven rooms and bath, A 1 furnace, neat
grounds: will paper to nsuit: rent low. Inquire
440 hoMuroe avenue, corner Spruce.
'U Il Ni --Il. Ri.EHT b,. RHiED & CO., i7
North Main street; largest list of houses and
comes in Helena.
FrU it hlhN''--1 WILL REN:'T UR ONE Otl
Stwo 4 ear' , my residence, No. 40 Olive
s treeL twest sittol : 1. . crtia
" cialtieo: ,short hand, typewriting, bookkeep
ing, business pranti0o. I orrecpondenoe solic
ited. II. '1.l.lgeliiorn, principAl.
. k. Jackman, IRoomu 48 Eailey block.
ming's stoond-hand store. 316 Lower Main
istreet, next to -anford A Evans' block. Pianos
bought and sold.
)wnor can have iame by paying for this
ad and proving property.
('o., ' homeon block, opposite Grand Coea
tral: 450 to l0,10W to loan.
andi farm property. Wm aeLary te'sadv.
M. adv,, pagei.
- 2Oi youth Main street. Penn block.
I A'llli ' I't PILS IN SL H b INt I ND
dress enttung. I ractical acly antid lf-tit
thing tailor system tattht. tall at 11 1 ark avn
S1ireka Emplloy entAgencyI
10 tin'akerr. lic oach.
'_' wuolchL, ,t"r, 1 '.` per cord.
;, dinitgro.main girlr . *2'c.
2 ori u, h , ,w o rk . ..2 t
J w'lman couk, S. J
I(t1 III:N'I''- --
ealll- of iti u.la,-rit gtud Ibildinage and fence. .
Hll.rn.u, urnishtol r ilnfurnirTlld in an} art
f te 'ETA O. ETA O
1' . irhall litot decnasod.
l'oitt i't h.crely given by the undorvignod, adl
tntraullorl If ttoe (tatt ofi Micthaul tluff,
ldec-as-.ld. To ithe redittrs of and all yperson
havinllg lain.t agaist the said dlettmaed, to I- e
,ibit thlt,,, with tlr, Itent-tary VOucher.,. eathlto
I. or mtlllhtlt ftr ftelr tt IhlLrbliocati o,, o thl- no
t-., to, h she nd ttaittni-trator at hto tilhet i
i lntulll h,tk. Itt-IoLta. llln(rl.. Ao ta h satnto I otlno
the ,[act for i-o tlat,.-rtlon of the It-ito-"s
of ratdl crtate, in theo ctntLIy of Lewis andit larku.
JAM. 1 I II, V, N.
Adlministrator of th, .urate of Michael lionf. de
o att Feb. 1. 18,.
irlnt publicatitn Fe. 2. 16
N O)TIt t1 IiEDTO .trOnf- .ETATI OP
Patriok Poawer. drevacvP,
Notioe in hern.by givn bythounderelign. adl
iataitratuor of tIle otlate uof Patrik Powuer.
deceaedl, to the creditors of, andall poerons hav
iog -laim. asgat,,t tri said deceased, to oxhitit
thorn, wilth tro noeasry vouchers,. within four
mouthl aftl-r ith tral 'lbtticathtl, of thin notice.
to the raid adttlniutrator at roomei 1. Mer
*hants Ntai. aol ihatk building, in the city
of ulnei-na.. hn areeat iing the placr
ftr the tran-a f ton he burineea of maid
retaie, in Ith coul.ty of Lewiland ('larke.
tiM M tl'li.
A -.tminatra,-,r of the *otate of Iatrick Power,
IDated Jan. 12. II9:S.
First pltltlcation Jan- 13, IM3.
O-20-Fine lIevel lot on part street, ltill0lI.
P.--Lut bOaliO In Grani avenue addition
liear Montana avenuo.
allo-- , it 0iollo in Northern Facifie addition
Np 1 ou fie years' time
00-l or lot in I ruadwater addition on three
years' time
50 -I.t on Pine streeot between lodney and
Hilg: $10 per month.
Il ttt-For a corner on lIenton aventue, COlih
down, balance on lone time at six per cnt;
_is l e a. Ohte building location at a remarka
ll low Sitnru.
tr, -- ill buy 100 lots, each 80xtl. In tloyo~
addition, $t5~ down, balance on long time
Ui250--flood five-room dwelling on 'apsrta
street; $100 down, $20 per month. $50.-Hone
and lot on iparta street: hutse has two good
room, and lot is l0xn5. tS4,20-Seven-room
brick-v.outrod dwelling with modern improve
ments on eaet side; $2.0 doiwn, $25 per month.
e1,050 ii no ntd lot on I.douhdr avenue onpp
sits school touse: t100 down. $1,,51-- rat five.
room Irio k cottage near N. P. addition; 8100
down, ¢i0 pur month.
An excellently equiipped sheep ranch in Jud
ith bas n near Pill ,rouk 1.': acres of choice
land, nmuple water nt ditches: all undor fence
the olhring sonvon miles of tie biat kind A f
fencin: landi all patatld; can raio 111 ton* of
hay; dwllting, barn 15x75, s rd. forr 1,001 to 5,lIt
shee, alorrins large rani thait cannot bt sthut.
,if; price $1 .50 per a re; if devired wl I take
part paysnt in lelens property: it will pay
anyon who :lants a gilt-edgccd sheep ranch to
took into this.
Boom 15. lrold lIlock, Helena
tihe Firat jndicial district of the stated
Sontana, in and for the counts of Lewis and
A M. Thornburgh, plaintiff, vs. Elise MaLeod.
' he state of Montana sends greeting to the
abo.t named defendant:
You are hereby reqnired t.+ appear in an action
brogl ta isiln t . hv t he ab-'ve named plaintiff
In the district court of the First judicial district
of he state of Montana. in and for the eount of
Lews an Clarke. and to answer the complaint
fied therein, withit cen days (exclrsive of the
day of servi)nt after the service on you of this
mumons. it rervern within this county; or. if
served out of this county, but withlin thsditrlett,
'within twenty days: otherwise within forty days.
or udgment by dofanlt will be taken aratnstyou
ccordig to the prayer o! Uai~d onmplaint.
Lti, earl., a.ito., is Or.,,ItcL to r, oter juodg
meot r aa,nnt esid defendant and in favor tf
plaintiff as follows, to -it: or the sum of
9208 50 ase Itreiut on tire insurance policy No.
195 922 issued to the raid defendant on the 21stat
day of heptembor, 1l90, by the Home Mutual
Fire Insurance company ortf Clforni at Hel
ena. leint., through Wallae & hornbnrgh. its
duly aunthorized agents, on the said defendant's
dwelling hotosre at No. 707 Fifth avenue. in said
city oft I lena. to secunre Ier against loss of said
property by firo in the sum of $1.,0; by me-no
asstinment the ea.d rttmount is due and payable
to plaint.ltf, and for internst tt:ereon at the rate
of 10 per cent per annum from the 1ist day of
Septceter, 1810. For the sum of 12t.51 as
premium on fire inrurano- piolicy No. 1,919,105
Issued to the said defendant on the 2lest day of
Beptember. 1800, by the London t Lancashire
tire lnonsance company, of liverpoul. I-ng
land, at Iselena. Sont. through Wallace &
Ihornburgh, ito duly authorized agents, on the
said ,efendant's dtweollin house at No. 701 fifth
avenrue, in said city of lelena, to secure tier
against Joss of said pr, perty ,y lire in toe sum
of $1.500: by merne aso ignment the oaid amount
is duIe and pay hie to plaintiff, and for inlerest
thereon at toe rate ot 1t per cent per aronum
fr m he hlo t day of Septembor, 1811. F.r the
sutom of $14.50 as premium , nto fi. insurance pol
icy ho. 1 518.751, issued to the sid defendant on
beo 7. 1(91, hy the Scottish nlon & ational
fire Insurance company, of' i dinbnrgh. cost
Ilnd. at ielen u Mont.. theeghlt \.allaca e
'1 hornburgh, its dnloy aulthori' t agent,, on the
said defendant's private stablj and attachments
situate on lot No. 7 In block do. 8. 1 lake addi
tion to the city hf Helena, Mont. to secure hier
agoinet lose of said property by fire. in the sum
f $58100: a'd by maone aastnmient the raid
amount is dun and payable t.- olaintitt, and for in
teesra thereon at t1e rate o 1tP per cent per an
num from the 7th day of February, 1891. and for
costs of suit.
Ans you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and an.'wtr the satd complaint, as above
required, the said plaintiff willtake judgment
forthe sun or 157 Ith interest theeon -.tl0
per rent per rnnum from 1'opL. 21, A. . 18.)11,
and for the Sum of S. 1.50. wih interoet thereon
st 0 per cent per annnrce from the 7th day of 11 eb
90ary` A. I. 1b91, and for costs of suit in platn
dl.'. ehalif expend I.
Given nder my hand andtte seal of the die
trictconrt of the First judicial district of the
state of Montana. in and for the
r----. - county of Lerwia and (larke.
SSeat Firat ) this 7th day otf. onuary, in the
Jud. lirslet. year of our Lord one thousand
t curt. ) eighthundred and n;nety-t.rea.
S f-- . AJ JHN BEAN. Clo.k.
Win. M. Blackford. Attorney for pir;ntilf.
the First judicial district of the state of Mon
tanainand for the o..unty of i ewis and ( larks.
Adis .osalie )ie Lestry. plaintiff, vs. Louis to
Lestry. def-.ndant.
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant:
Yonare bereby ret oiredto appear in an action
brought against youtby the above named plaintiff `
in the district court of the First judicial district
of the state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke. and to answer the complaint
iled thereinwithin ten days (exclusive of the day
of service) after the oervico o you of this ntoi.
mons, if eorvd within thi' county: nr.if served trot
of this ournty, but within this district, within
twenty days, otherwise within forty iday, or
njudgment by default will be taken aeainst you
according to the prayer of said complaint.
t o said action is brought to obtain a judg
ment and decree of this court dissolving the
bonds of matrimny heretofore and tlow exiet
ing oetw .en the defendant and tihie plaintif lor
the reason that the defendant has failed to pro
vide for this plaintiff the common r.cessaries
of life. beoanae of his idlenese, profligacy and
disstpation; and f ,r the further reason that the
defondant has wilfully and without cause te
serted and alandoned this plaintiff anti sitll
continuer to wilfully and without cause desert
and abandonsaid p antiff, and live sepacat+-ly
and apart from her without any snufficient cause
or ati yresOI and .•sinrt her will and consent;
and that saidi dlefendant did on or about the 9th
day of July. 189., depart frcm the state of Mon
tona, with the intention of not returning thereto;
and for costs of this action, and for genosrl re
And you are hereby notified that If you fail to
appear and answer the said complaint, as above
required, the said tlaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in the complaint,
anti for costs.
Given under my hand and the seol of the dis
trict court of thu Iirst judicial district of the
etatt of Montana. in and for trhe
-- ' --- county of Lewis and Clarke.
otesa First ) this 20th day of January. in the
Jod. . ist.I year of our Lord one thoueai.d
(Court. eight hundr,, and nin ety-t hree.
n--t---, b JOHNf BEAN. Clerk
My H. it. TIOMPOON, Detruy irk. C
lct'onnell, Claybtrg & Grtn, Attorneys for
U. 9. lACO Oroyr,
llcatnA, Mont.. Jan. 10. 1893.
Notice is hereby given that C(harles l. Dole
and h.iiiam Ii. A. Hrown, by 'lhomnas ..
Crutchr-r, their attorney in fact, whose postofho
atddress is Helen. Mont.. ohrae this dayfiled
their application for a patent for 160i sores
placer mlning cround bearnl geold and precilus
atones ciulated in ---- - -- (nnorganizted)
mining district, county of 1 ewis aend Clark, and
statr of Motntana, and dseignatod by the held
notes and ofcial plat on file in this office as
eur\t, No. 4,10: in rownslip 12 north, rauge g
west of prineiltl bate line anti meridian i
Montana, said survey .o,. 4,109 being as follows,.
Beginning at torner No. 1. whence the tonib
west rorner of t.ction 1. towIn-tip, 12 north.
range ' west boars tolith I7 idegtee. 42 nntltits
west hU feont- thence south .t degrees t10 min
otes eas' t.0-0 fret to corner No. 2: thence sotilll
Ft degrees 50 minutes wet 2.:07 feet ito corner
No. 3; thence north 54 doigrel. 10 minutes west
I .0 foest to corner N o. 4; t Iesc north 35, tlu;trse
1 minutes e tat 2.307 ftet to place of iegionitg.
Magnoetic variation 19 degrees euast. col.ttlniug
154 aeres.
'1 he loation of this mine is recorded in the
recordt-r's ,,ltice of tewis and t larks county,
iountina,. in book - --of .- ----. • ,e ad
joiinng claialen is I harlos W Dole, claiming
survey No,. 4,111 on the eart.
Anyand all pereons tclaiming adversely any
portion of ca d pateO minc or surface gruoontl.
are retiutrtos to file their adrerse claims with the
register of thc I niteil etatee land oftic at 11e1
ane. in the state of Montana. during the sixty
dye' perttld of publication lhereof, or they will
he barred by virtue of the provisien, of tihe
N. A. fWIGtit'I'T, Ilegister.
Nelson A HStt'e. Attorney fuor Appliconts.
Filst publication Jan. 12. 181t.
iNO'I(- 'i IT I" DL)TOR.t - I y.rSTATE OF
_ Ira I-s K .lJolneon. dl.ceuaold.
Notice i hier,,by given by tile undersigned.
h,litu A. Jlhnson. aulnminiltrattr st the
'elate of ( hartlee K. Johroon. doecaae.
it i, tie creditors of. and all lareoto hav
tig rlelllat against them lid drcasel, to elliitt
tlloln with tile lelt'ocary ornchars, witlhin fIultr
monttthi alter tits first ubIblatlion of this notice,
t. thIe raid aditoit,ttrattr at isom It. lotrsky
block. it the citytf Ilelena, Mantana. l-lnileh
er'e law toficr the satme -eing the place for the
trMansaction of the tlhttetes 'if said ectate in the
connty of Lewis aid ('iarkU
Administrator of the estate of Charles K. John
S otc. deceased.
iltatt leit. 7. 1091.
4. W. llirh, r, Attorney fir Administrator.
1-trot pttlitatiou et,. 4. liutt,
inual sneting of the otookholtdra of the I t-.
ser , attlIe company will be hetd in tilets pirros
of the BirsL National finn. in this city. for t;.e
ipurpos of tolectliug ohtbrere and thu transac:tion.
o°f sueth other hueitneae as may pro or]y rowe b,
f ore themo. "n Msney.1. -ebrulry 6. Ib0s. at two
o'clook i. m.
A.G. C. J ILIGMN.l erossry.
Indepenendont_ Agents
on sale by the following news
dealers in this city and state, and
in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wash
ington, California and Minnesota,
who will furnish single copies or
receive subscriptions for thedaily
or weekly:
Swend Carlson.......... ......88 South Main St
Swend Carlson................182 South Main St
Fred Saas......................185 North Main Bt
T. 11. Clowell........... .............Gold I3look
Woodman & Sand rs......................Cigar tore
Samuel Heri..... .... Motor Office. Power Block
O. W. Carrenter......Broadway, near Merchants
Goodman Co .....Corner Broadway and Main
J. Wendell........................107 Bridge St
J. McCormick ..............206 North lhodney St
Broadway Fish Market....Near Merchants Hotel
B. Gaardan...................2.5 North Main St
A. Ferguson...................22 North Main St
J. Rohrbaugh ....................Grandon Hotel
B. Warmker......Corner Broadway and Jackson
Mrs. Goeoke ......................Eihth Avenue
Broadway Gracery Co............. 515 Broadway
J. A. Allen................Grand Central Hotel
Edmund Byer........Corner Sixth Av. and Park
A. Austin.. Broadway, next to Independent office
C. O. Noyes..............Brown Block. Warren St
Daniel Morgan..............207 North Rodney St
Wm. Weinstein......Corner Main and Sixth AV
Hotel Helena ............................Grand St
Big. Maheim ....................Coamo olitan Hotel
C.. Stubbs.... Triangle Drug Store. N. P. Depot
J. W. Lister............................Missoula
Gildersleve & Charest .......................Granite
F. A. Schenber.........................Philipbur
Chas. William ...........................G ranite
P. H. Paradise...................Philipsbur
King & Kennedy ...................... Aneounda
W. B. lurkett....................... Deer Lodge
C. D. Kenyon....................Deer Lodge
John Andrew..........................Elkhorn
J. F Walter .........................Townsend
Taylor & Bay............................Bozeman
H. Arment................................. Bozeman
Bazinski Bros.......................... Bozeman
Geo. Pfaff....................... Boulder
Hotel May.............. Boulder Hot Springe
C. A. Matthews........................ Marysyille
W. M. Kendriok... .................Maryeville
T. W. Warren.....,.....................Maryvlle
J. D Hayes..........................East Helena
W. . George.......................... Billinge
Thos. Person & Co....................Red Lodge
Bazinski Bros...... .. .................Miles City
Mrs. Barnes ........................... Castle
Francis Irvine........................Big Timber
A. Croonquist..........................Livlinston
J. 0. Sax & Co........................Livingston
W. B. Annin& Co....................Livingston
J. IL. Dean..........................Cinnabar
L. A. Marsh .............................Kaliupel
W. B. Herring........................... lipel
F. W. Buckson..........................Kalispel
Nelson. Walker & Co............ Columbia Falls
Wolf Bros................................lavre
A. S. McDonald...............W.......ol Creek
W. F. Burgy .........................Great Falls
R. MI Calkins........................ Great Falls
A. G. Redding.....................Great Falls
Maples & Dahlgren...................Great Falls
Hurst Bros ............ .. ..........Great Falls
W. E. Chamberlin..................Great Falls
J. L. Pritchard ................... Pnd d'Orelle
J. C. McGinley .........................Salt Lake
McCartnyt Co. .................. .......Ogden
The Owl News Co......49 W, 2d S. St., Salt Lake
Smith & Son............929 Sixteenth St., Denser
J. W. Graham........................... pokane
J. F. Riggs .......Poetofioe News Stand, Seattle
Mercer & Nathan. ....101 S. Second St.. Seattle
Wenatohee News Co................Wenatchee
Otto P. Johnson......................Weunatchee
Fank's News Depot.........Pacific AT., laooma
,. C. Wilbur .......Palace Hotel. San Francisco
Wilbur Tebbils........Merchants Hotel, St. Paul
Wellard S. Dennis......... Hotel Ryan. St. Pant
. . EAs T. •
Passengers for the East from
Helena and other western points
will find the NEW ROUTE via
CENTHAL R. R. not only desirable
as to time and equipment, but one
of the most attractive, passing
through Sioux City, the only Corn
Palace City of the world; Dubuque,
the handsome Key City of Iowa;
Rockford, Illinois, a new manufao.
turing city, that has become a
"world within itself," and Chicago,
whose growth and enterprise is
the wonder of the world. With
elegant tree Chair Cars, and Pull
man Palace Sleeping Cars onr every
train between Sioux City and Chi.
cago, and with a close connection
with the Union Pacific trains at
Sioux City, the
Illinois Central R. R
respectfully presents its claims tf
the new and every way desirab
For folders and further partlct%
Sars call upon local ticket agent, Q
address the undersigned at Man
hoester, Iowa.
Aast. General Passenger AgeaO
Mary Plower. deceased.
Motee is hereby given by the nodereigned, ad
ministrator of te estate of lart lower.
deceaed, to the ,rsditrs of and all persons
havign claims rgainet the maid deceMaod, to er
hibit tIm,a. with the. necesary vouohers. within
Ficr months ate,' th1e frst u3blieatlo ofu thisno
tics, to the said administrator at room It.
I" Ilerohate Natinal I ank building in the @ity
of Helen, the maine being the place for t, a
transaction of the buitoas of said etat.. in the
0 county of Lewis and t larke.
Adimieletrator of the estate of Mary Power, de.
Dated Jan. 12. l.
First publleatioa Jan, i 16 63.
FOR 1893.
Frances Hodgson Burnett
will contrbuhate the firstb mrla to appear In a
magemiae for many year, entitled 'The One I
K.Rw the Alel. of Alt."
H. C. Bunner
will furnish a series of els sketches entitled
"Jersey street and Jersey Laes." llutramted
Robert Grant
will relate the further xperienoes of Fred. and
Josephine in ",A h. qu", to the M.Aeetlone of
a Married s an." Illustrated.
Harold Frederic
will contribute a political novel of great power,
entitled '"th oa Lper head."
By the Author of "Jerry."
Mlies S. H. Er,rtorr, the author of "Jerry,"
will irite a realistic story of life among the Tea.
nesee mountaineers, "The Lurket 8perret."
Personal Reminiscences,
Iome Unprbllehed Letters of Carlyle to
Eldward Irving and others, dealing with part
of Carlrle's If- far different from that brought
out in the recent literature of Carlle reminis
cences. tre,, I.et Os o, f Lineoln and num
nr,. by the late LARnqUSe DA CuaIBsau. Both
articlesarefullofnew matter. Au Artiest In
.lapal, by toaRtT BLUM, who has just returned
from a resldence of nearly two years in that
country. Atundantly illustrated by the author.
tislgsorli MItanmel,., which have been a feature
of themagazineduring 189t, will be continued
by some partioularly striking papers, among
them several by the great war correspondents,
William II. Ilusnel,, Archibald Forbes. and
Men's Occupations.
A series of articles on the life work of men in
many callines--the chief ways (exclusive of pro
fessions) in which men ears their livelihood,
The World's Fair in Chicago.
A setles will be published later in the year giv
ing the impressions made b- the exhibition
upon different bervers of note, both American
and foreign; and many of these observers will
be also artists who will illustrate their own
Miscellaneous Articles.
Further contributions to the Po-,r in Great
Ctires. MaI. BUinto.TT's illustrated paper on
tho London plan for Hoine t rt to ilrnvInt
(nCh d".r,,, etc. Of special interest also wilibe
PROFEBSOR liEILPrtiI B authoritative account ot
the 'leery It. *i pittdlition tillustrated), a
veryinteresting artiole by OcTrAv UzANNEon
the exhibition of I ..Islal' Art now goingon
in Parls, and irticles upon artistio esubjecte.s o
counts of traves, etc., etc.
The !llustrations
of the year will re resent the work rot only of
the well known illistratore, but many drawings
will also appear by artists v .ho are best known
as painters
TERMS: .OO a Year.
. 250. a Number.
189 o anud a suebscrption fer
1803 .............................. . $4 50
The a me with back numbers,
bouun in i loth.................... 60
Now la the Time to absecribe.
743 Broadway. New York.
a a AND e
Are two th ngs which every
body wants when he gives
an order for
Job PriRtirg.
The Independent zneets these
requirements in every re
spect. It has just added
To its already fine plant, and
is prepared to execute any
orde' om a Circus Poster to
a W ..ling Card, without de
Work for Mining Companies
Is a specialty on which we
pride ourselves. We are al
ready doing the work for the
big Companies of Montana
and Idaho, but we still have
room for more.
Artistic Work,
Low Prices,
No Delay.
Write us for estimates.

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