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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, May 24, 1893, Morning, Image 5

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'h Ciywl wil. w #`" E1º oo t
lindJ Ont Wo r" Was
That Did 1t%
A e.vrteala of thr e Fire iml.ate es th"
*thAiy' epoi n lstio t.
V40la4t6', of the t oime ttun e*
Filarlhr, oo , "osl May i `r
eovered I the drying utpo
baoement of the VMl l
commit e are NatIbs ; r t owl 1 sI
thoroall eai inratit of tl 0I-
the work was done o
Aldernm BHowell at6 it
bolleal atWempt 'i b
taests woh ptlas H o
plahier, Alder l. h I
atcion thoali
bsuiw ie dthtre Vw
itnnhr iot lhsarma wi e y, reported
glat po hdoprll s ip ,he Atgo t
eello o.to ppt n poi
star shere would have alti e gre it 61
life and pubpertp i ia Ie tht6
should i. a reward for the "apprpbine .L
of e guttIlty piarty. 1 elnsa soom.l
moved to instrat ih eity 0elk Ito Iblf t
rewird of p00 for the stremt and aiestil
tioniof the flneneaary. Aldeai an sir eant
theought there wore sone piii who weaM
swear a ;an's lfe awvy w ; ie
Aldersemo Ithlidhey saip to u rbad
been brotagia to the ate of "t. , s
marshal. BuS the arleI ~lf alt arn
would set as ari i es n ttkw me "n t
qtalied sid a detis t !e . ' :
started the fire, Aesth1te }tlen;o deI.r
onto of opinion rgd lia of
the reward, Alwes6 nbriatei to
make 1t $100. 'k-e p*t via
Tnade d$00 on m otlt s of At4Vhr, u in rf.
he 'flae t Ie stated` ta i.etat.tie iorl
straw, iar te reir of thebasmeat sad 4it
allthe lreametanses pointed top at Aiempt
to born the balldlosganday nlght. t fire
was dleovqred in tiod; to prevent any
damage, the disooiry 'beltg made by a
baker whose ploe is in anaothbt partof the
The committee on ire diesartment,
through Chairman Hanley. reported i.
favor of the adoption ofreee- h
ative tos oating with w re oftt pileg
roofs of beildinge st onstriaed within e
are limits under pecial 'permits of the
counoll. "In this opnneetlon," said o
eommittee, "we desire t . also recome
that the fre limits as now derignated by
ordinanee be e hainpd so 'ashtoa,mh tb
eastern boundary, bhetween Helena nyezl
and Cutler street, Ewing, stit ittted
Davis." The ordinane' beomwitt rs wee
directed to prepare the ntoeosry ordinape
by the time of the next meetig, when the
report and the ordineane will he corsiderld
together. There s some diffetene bf opta
Ion among the memnbers of 'tia oenel,
some opt osing sany hatige lin themts,
and others favoring .lessobing themen the
west aide as well the eet aide.
The committee on fiap department, to
whom was referred the 'communidartio" of
A. N. Rioobrde, requesting an inr vest.a
Sion as to the cause of his tlsmirentl, re
Sorted that the principal reason assigned
by the fre marshal was insubordination.
The committee ponclude that, in th inter
eat of. paper sortce :litad dtiqipline in the
ire department thedire marshal should be
sustained In has aetion. The report 'was
Thei committee on treete. and. alleys,
through Chairman Howell,- reported In
favor of taking the ,noesar$ steps.to hays
sidewalks inid on the west aide of 1daleigh
street, between Breokenridge and Eighth
avenue; and on the east side of Alta street,
for 810 feet south of Bio4way;s alsb tuhat he
nation was necessary on the matter of a
sidewalk on the south side of Ninth avenue
between Rodney and tEwien ttreets, ls it
had been attended to. The' reports, were
The committee on water, through Chair.
man Post. reported that the o seotion
eroind Wilder avenue was too sparsely set
tled to order an extenasob of water mains
at ;resent. They recommended the eon
nection of the flush tank on 'Howis atta
with the water main; also that a foor-igeb
i'oin bo Intd on Clark stret,. from Htriet
eon avenue to Monroe, and On Ha rrheon
a.nue from Clark to l'iR. The teporls
were all adopted.
Aldermen I lsoner called attention to the
daneerosn practice of treasporting large
qusntittee of giant powder fromla the maca
sanes up the golobh, thraough the etreete of
Helena, on the way to wakehouses or de
ote. bhe matter was referred to the com
ittee on tolter. with th6 ideh of iakhng
owe regnlations limiting the amonat to he
ransoorted through the street, and to see
t the marazines cannot be removed to
one point where It will not be neceseary to
aul the powder through town atill.
hbe city clerk submitted' n ordinance
repared at the mayor's soggestion, relative
o the disposal of galbage. All peraona hay.
g ashre or ga bage to be remowpd 'from
heir premiess by the gerbare costt'otor
a to be required to plact the same in bar
re or other reteptaelee of Iron or other 1.
oembuelible material. at onrvenient places
n their p emisee. It Is to be onlawlul for
a person to throw ashes filth ot garbage
ato any avenue, street alle or publIc
lace. ercept in a Luitable receptacle for re
oval Violstlon of the erdlnene s mt aade
nuleance, punishable by a Cue of f'om
10 to $25 for such offense. The propowed
rdlnance wea referred to the ommittee on
Permleseon was granted to the managers
the Catholio Orphan aejlom to lay water
ipes under the beds of certain streete to
oned their property with the present
erminatlon of the pity mains.
1' he city clrsk wag inetrueted to adave
lee for proposals for supplying the e10r
ith lamber for theqes rear.
It was decided to treausfr #1000 from the
eneral fond to the ire fund.
MajeNtil stcel ranges. ~ hu p as t ro
tore, at turrook & or tt cast iro
I egal tlsaks at thbi ofre.
Full line of notions at prices that cannot be
led b any h uoln town, latcher A Brad.
,lto 05roadway.
State Superintendent of Sohoole E. A.
teere is arranging an eOeurealu Via the
nion Pcifolo to attend the +World's fair.
aviug Helena and Butte about Juon 16.
hey will have ipeeial Pullman sleepers
rough to Chicago without ~ohange, m na.
. stops of one day weeh ai Oarlled
-ob. halt Lake, DntLat,' Mniltou 8prina
d Kansas City. Parties wishing to Joo l
o excursion should call on or address E.
Steere, state superlatendeat of schools,
Dress patterns quoted thiL wseek at 1.0. all
oatl ootobh cheviot in sprin sArse .etar be.
w tho cot rof Plluction. ThS Bes . i
ald tosell goods, ald i theI do not e ell atone
e they mus soll at other, tlfore
ping reduction In price. h
H. or. Abley, iormawty.,purtoi et of the
ntral stablra on Edwardls treets b re
oyed to the barn No. .18 Park la rav
own as the Plait. & i rcCopaea bprs,
here be has gpreater taolttleu foa I.ec
odattulblh nam nleoe ptrons He be
t purh d rom the lbu4ln ..
Burling ompany, of SI. Loisi, oS. 'f the
sit fItgee paseenger weUonetoeI seer
ought to HElena. H. 3. A.Mit-U.
Lelephone 0t. Propneotor.
Mil li
. wo nw h V twil
.hI $d, are t r . th e t1 4 tpoI
ihith ..1 a her
sdlit u all " he b t ell, i ths
woire m old ITh f olw
bells the eaile s. hasel fo r
s sad the s.-t,
Strmmin down all the b(amet fwhile ohe
velvt Psa o 'er with l1. the bodsie
bes of she left s ide and bes Uawo b.orn
t eho. de .oler e
| w h adu o n bo nd .eep sit rt 9ske
ee Tla "lTone skirt. m osat
benthe lb arl d savers wi ed
p omo oble eansed oaih
ai lai4a U o vle, le ohik. .d
a Lb.md wi thd bli efads oi
T the a stea e dUte o ehi hne oA
ievtM eatold ves e t. in .hre ad boIr
to1 '4loee n velh in The skirt anal 11
adle ih hle t ied and he ve wide oad
le at thdofteat em It is arnieed ith
hls ie df valltand a ruffle of ilk. It
raslslO be trireme wits ioon ruffe, it
The other stme s a very prntty one in
mode and ed s hot orepono th r mmd with
greea 't lvet ande llt r lh iutera the latble
to oa.ee as ohes in width. ohe skirt is
lined with milk and ftniehed with a band of
fhttatil rod. The arehalud nle astens.
on the left idea but the linit hooks in the
balk., Thes o etnnd.e oller ik ot velvet co
ed wih e, and the boe nClde e of aide o.
The pued sleeves are finished with a two
ond one-halg inch band of velvet. The
wlet may also have a peasant bodice on
velvet and yoke at thoe pon , ir on th
dretd. The velvet would then have to
be .oathred at the top to conform to the
round at, or thea yoke could be made of
lhiffon ow liaht hilke and thui ohaner the
toilet into pretty dinner gown de.
Mtdpme ledini'a new sr ook oIn vloo cultuo r
now rady. ent by mail e1 prepaid, f Homer
The Ladles ahoeld Real Raelelo & t1Oroe's
Oll er on eunther Paie.
Raleih lt Clarke, the ladingR deolers in
first class higlh grade dry goods, made many
a ewoman's heart glad by their bargain sales
in. 4~Tp4 To-day they make ,, the good
hheatsealhappy with their offer in linens.
As every one who bee dealt with them
knows, all thblr stock is high f ade, and
their extraordinary ator in linens to-day
buarantee two thing--the beat goods at
bargain fiaore
Iadies' hose, 100. good article; also full line of
children's hosiery, at lnutcher & g lrodley's, 105
Across the plate glass of enoh window of
the New York Dry Goods store appear in
large lettoea "Removal Sale!"
This means that one of the largest and
richest stocks of goods in the dry goods
history of the northwest will be b:on.ht
forward and sold at cost.
It seems a pity that so elegant a stock
should be aso ified, still according to the
sayings of the proi rletore 'tie a wo id of
trouble and vexation to move, hence the
necessity of hasty sales.
The removal sale is now in full blest,
much to the delight of Montana ladies end
ladies of adjoining states, mann of whom
are visiting the store at rreserfe or acnding
orders for their table linens, napkins,
sheetinge, hosiery, corsets, ribbons, etc.
Infants' muslin cape, 25c; also full line of in
ents' slips. chirts ad everything for an infant
uatilt. butcher & bradley's, 105J troadway.
Go to The Bee .tive for hosiery and underwear
this week.
amuel K. Davis--poelol.
Iron Mountain-Lots 250, 500 and 1,000.
The demand is very active, eonside ing the
ightness of the money market. The stock
at current prices cannot be beat for invest
Bald Butte-Te slowly but surely being
developed into a phenomenal gold mine.
The past dividends have not paid large In
terest, but it is safe and sure; 00, 100 and
800 for sale. It will be no lower.
Whitlach Union and McIntyre-The
strike of high grade ore (gold) still con
tinues with no s.ign of dimlnishina. The
stock is an absolutely safe purchase and
prospective buyers had better hurry up,
Advnaces are certain now. 800. 500 and
1,000 lots for sale.
"Piegan" (gold) 1,000 to 5.000 lots-The
people who know the property beat are the
buyers now.
Benton GOoap(Neihart) 1,000 and 5.000 to
lose-It seems to be a good purchase at
the price.
26 and 27 Balley Blok.
Provide yourself th a mackintosh if you are
ain, totheWorl4?t Iair. a y. cannot be en
mjmbereJ with an umbrella at all times. The
Me Hive has a spatail sale on these goods this
heekhaulsl.ll- dowp1 to avail themlreve of
hese baraius.
re the World's Fair Cheap via the Great
Northera Ballway.
The Great Northern is selling tickets to
Ohicago and retain at $70. with stop.over
privileges west of 8t. Paul, good to return
ria any direct line until Nov. 15th.
Remember that this road makes quicker
lime than any other, using only two nights
to Obloago.
Elegant new dining cars. luxurious sleep
ire and handsome day coachens t e ran on
broagb trains. . B. . LaOL.r. G. T. A.
The only Pure Cream of Tirtar Powder.-NoAmnmona; No AlUm.
Used in Millions of Homes-4o Years the Standard
Wl, 4 int ip thJury
for t t#Q oomm,
lea. if, W. Teete Wailt claf *0e il$tter
tee the Ut. Le W its dis i ed G .
* Zoewlee sua ,
eai Is tK iute8 Mili ek1 ryesterday.
To-dy 6h iplaift w wrill d . Trheas age
Joddge aowlee will isetreet the jury nad
ths eai will go to the twelve men weo are
to pa es the iclaim of the eentemdina
parti. Ae the maps and drawiml g soe be
fins silised in the orgumests, and It re
qfres ape to display them, the trial Is
still proeeeding ia the lase room used by
Judge Huat's department of the distrlel
.er. The oroymes, as- Mhy 41 Ari4
the taking of hestimoy, oeitapy the ma
esoeaortable sadt remwiav peotiest they
can dad.
JId.. Kirkpat.ler for the lo Iateana oo
pany, olod 'hiitdd.meu t aietrday t0o a
in. *4d Jude Clune. for 4ks eam. qlp.
followed. Jud Couies i4tadeid that
there was n iothl. to ahIw that tB at.
Loma eomprns bad the a. dete of as a.pt
to thbe Drum Lammas ledk. Be mid he
did not blame Williat Ma1Y ar lot trying
to And a market for hisdate. "If I owne
aeh a dellm," he aid, "I * ld try to sell
it tee." litf be 4d hi.ae those
*It bhadato siltur or44n toi and whob
I'was e eae whleh weald areet the bustl
arltlwesu s MWeosrl,. IT the pri-
, woa cn eeltablfshed that as penson
eoud whittle out an alleged foot wall and
stak On it and ra late another mai's vein.
so property In the state would be sete. If
seneh 'a ergo could ran for thirty feet on
smother vola, he could just as weall n for
800. Jaudge Olls refered to theoepert
oilled by the Sot. Lous companr as "aotag
the bat they know how," bus sal if ex..
perte oouldn't and any better foot wall than
they had they ouJgi"to he dlsobarls.
It was 4rt when Jude Calls finbished,
and as Hon. E. W. Toole for the Bt. Louis
eomusany, preferred to make his argument
all together, and not to take up the bal.
anue of the afternoon and finish to-day,
Judge Knowles adjourned court. Mr.
Toole's argument to-day will end the mat
ter, except for the court's ointrun0tiop and
the jury's deliberations.
Another of Ils Delelsons Upheld by the
Court of Appeals.
The somewhat famous lawsuit between
the Bonner Maercautile company and a half
dozen or so of the largest inuranoe com
panies doing buasiness in the United States,
has once mo a been decided, and again In
favor of the meruantile company. The
suit had its origin in the Are of September,
1889, when, amonug a,number of stores and
other business houses, the stock of the Bon
nor Mercantile company, now the M. J.
Coanell company, at Butte, was damaged
much. The mercantile company and the
inlssu nee compantee were unable to arrive
at a settlement and a board of adjusters
was selected, by whose deoision both sides
ag sed to abide. The amount of damages
awarded by tie commissionue was consid
ered exorbitant by the insurance com
panies, and they refused to settle, tiit
was instituted in the United itates distriat
court here, and Judae Knowles deo:ded that
the award of the appraisers would have to
hold. The insurance compnnies appealed
tf.om the dteision, and Monday the case
was once more decided in the federal court
of appeals at han Franoisco. The decision
of the lower oourt was sustained, and judg
ment for the full amount was rendered in
favor of the respondent. io far in every
asee decided by Judge Knowles that has
been carried up on appeal, the judgment of
the court at Helena hea been austained.
Whreo Traveliog,
Whether on pleasure bent, or businoso, take
on every trip a bottle of Syror of Flis, a
it ote most plesantly and effetively on
the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventine
fevers, hedsaehes and other forms of sick
nes'. For sale in 0-cnt and l$1 bottles by
all leading druggists.
atbi, tomato and cauliflower plants. gas
den andhous, plentb etc., at tihe
rsxra AvaxU CIam Ro House.
The largest and best line of baby earriages in
the city at The Yee Hlire.
"A Secondt Ingersoll Hera"
Dr. Remoad. the celebrated medical and
e'ientiflo lecturer, orator and managing
physician of the Chicago division of the
lnrgest incorlorated surgical institute in
the country, will lecture at Ming's oper
house Wednesday night, May 24. Tioket
on sale it Pot e & O'Oonnor's.
New line of laoee ust received at The Bee
sheep Owners.
1 want ,6500 sheep on shares for a term.
I have good range, plenty of hay, first-eler
sheds, good water and am responslble. For
particulars, address
Jonw HAcwoa, Glasgow, Moat.
A. tie fine weather approaches we are remind.
ed that baby must have u much air and sunlight
a.pessible 'hersefre itis ery Lmportant that
you bu baby carriae at ones. The beat nd
che..pest line in the erty.can be found at 'lhe Bee
The Attention
Of merchsnts and general public is called
to the facst tbhat I have purchased at sheriff's
nle the stock of olothing end fnrnishing
goode at 19 South Main street, which mst
be :osed out in thirty days. I offer it at
lees than eastern coot. A. GorLmano.
ou can buy astylish spring dress pattern at
The 1iee Hive for $1.UO, goods that usiually sell
at $.0 t, $2.l. 'lhy munst be seen to b ap..
To Teachers.
Teachers contemplating a trip to the
World's fair will do well to call on State
Superintendent of Schools E. A. Steer,,
Helena, or at the Union Pacice passenger
offices before seleoting a route to the east.
WVatch these columns fora grat bar.aln sale
of parasols end umbrelle. The Bee litre has
bought a big job in these Roods and wiill make
an announcement in a few daae that will saton.
sh you.
?aekaoaa' musc store. Bailey blo1k.
u . m | uq mumt
A pmnow 2wpt7a RUGonLAB
Bain Wagons
eecond;Hand Butggies.
Second-Hand Harness.
Single asi) Double Buggy
PolerBuggies. Surreys.
Work Horses.
Buggy. Horses.
Saddle Horses and Robes.
A. J, Oavidson & Co,
Na.i.ýal Avenue, N. P. R. R.
Latest Jarisiar Styles
Which are a month in advance
of all others.
Mrs. F. Beinhorn, Parisian Dress
makler, '7 N. Warren Street.
Cutting of MontaSai.":.pphl our specialty.
l raeig L o t ptly attended to
:The Bst tab"e in Helena.
Pay e's Hotel
e the ploeo. Centmrlly loeetad. A
moem cosnyoesnmeea $1..bf per
Helena Ice Co.
Offiae 2I Litae St. Telephone No. 11
Ordere dM' left at the Diamond Blneo
Store .ixth Ave. 'Tele. e .
before th ie oe Ba geeted.
Swer ad Drain Laying
Plas e. 1 atltr semd Vetla.nig
I m1, t.e blraeieshl.
aISi . lS St. tmt oR Montena
Estimate. isetlk e oe hoe UMLS.
The Gfand Pacific Hotel
"the beet .q.-t U is the oztrIk"
a teen
unni rsterniebediDo
Basel,. ' .. . ea h ý state for sal.
W. E. COX, .lena, Montana.
is l t toaemh epown e the Gren"
tre. a" pren-oa O to oeir te i
l.ha.a moses., tt,". Brtt& Dobh.
;. J
Mrs. Goo May will give lee-'
sons i. .'Tol Culture at her
residt Woeo a05 emlook street.
The Best Lav) ,No\Aier:
I This Mower has stood
the test and taken all
premiums wherever dis
played. With its high
wheels it runs the easjest
and does the best posible
work. Almost noiseless.
Delivered as soon as ordered. Our stock is very large and complete
....- STATE AGENTS=.--=-=.
WAT 6,HES. . .
S---AL Silver-Plated Ware.
Wall raper, Paints. Oil. Glaus. Whelesale Moore's Ealsomine. (aine shbdes
Artists' Materials, Window Shade. and white.)
ndd ferry lrom .' Varnilshes (interior
White Lead. and exterior.)
Floor Paint (Senour's.) Boston Milrr Polis Floo in I
Retailfaor a lwotio Floor is,
Strictly PFre House Paint (under for andwood - ltoors
our own Label. Dealers e eaS s
The Oldest Predace House in Monat.: a. stadashd g .,
Wholesale Dealers in Fruits, Produce and Seeds
Om anrad warehoes: 1lNAl IW. camrr a fol l line ofWe, ead
Dppoeite >d tJ. Peseenger ieot. StarGrass. held a
Carrl.e the larest stook of Imported and Domestio Goods in the oity. eady nwil
mae nop olt at eastern rlpese. Call andanemi befler you o anhr e else. Ni
.lass Business SLuts. $30. Nirst-clse Wses Suits, se0. Heine.s Pesur , $7. Fn et-else
iress Pants, 10. Alto a complete line of Gents' Fulrnshib g Goods.
1.0" ' ."M Itrs'. . FIN I'i ELSTEIIN;
-lnerral Springs Sotel.
First Mortgag on Iimproved B i Pro t
ANY AMOUNT FROM $5,000 TG $50,000
LWe and Wek of James , Blain
The Great Book eo the Last .Dele-.
You oan oure Iies tnS eesa TeJ . J.
R. Sanferd will present es wi a copy
when you have paresiaed o5 worth of
h]lnitu (aurpet, Beddlin. or a myod4
he earries in stash st Lie Fmiture lre.rs
112.114 BROADWAY. NEL Air.
Also Dealers in Rough and Plnlshing Lumber, Shingilem
Lath, Doors, Sash and Lumber.
e - c*. T * DILEPEONE 14. a * * a a e
alp oses Reem . Ebeopeen Sleek, el. street4 Oppeeltt Grand Caesa 3etak
S.. . OBBERS OF....
ray, Grain, Flour, Feed, Rolle Oaf
C'ORN MUA* POTr. Tot, ,eTO.
Good. R.elved eo Steraee t Low Rate..
Co.apoodense with ranobhmeo sololtd. a.e R
ewe e~we~yu teed, to puore oamt in
an ta e qganttiee totr oah.
Wtoloeale Agteat for the Celebteatl
Royal Banner, Mascot and
. Montana Belle Flour.
Telephone No. 168 1821 l oteman Stteet
oter Northewn TAcLo Paemns, Lepol.
Blank Books and
General Book Binding.
Work Ouarnteoed. elee.n Moat.
I ,, ,I
Spokane Falls &
hortiern Bailway
00 , . x.. Leave...pokeae ..Awirrn, [email protected]
Commencing March 27, passea.
gers leaving Spokane on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays "opact
same afternoon at Northpor',with
Steamer for Trail Creeak, RObson,
Nelson, Balfour, Pilot 3ay,, Alas.
worth, Kaslo and Slooan, and Pas.
sengers arriving Isom the .rth on
those days go directly through to
Spokane, arriving at 5.50 p m.r.
Daily service via this Ine will
commence about April 10, when
passengers will go through t~e
same day.

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