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Phlil Roesolv has been signed b Buffelo.
The St. Louis infield is deingaeoellent
Auson's new man, Langi, Is oehwlD up
Catober Guason has been released by Bal.
Tenm Tooker is playing a wonderful game
this season.
The asters Ieague season opened ve
Childs, of leveland, made the fi.st home
run of the season.
lort Welsh is up to his old tricks again,
in getting hit with the ball.
If Baltimre and Louisvrille will only
brace up it will be a great race.
Esm Wise and Charley Farrell are doing
sexellent work for Washington.
Von der Abe has consented to pay for
"*Tandy" Griffin's release from Buffalo.
Harry Wright has decided to play Boyle
at first base and in no other position.
The bunt hit is not being tried as often
as was expected under the new roles.
Pitcher Sohellerman, recently released by
Cleveland, has signed with Buffalo.
Charlie Bassett is praetioing with the
Providence club and may be signed by it.
Temmy Dowd is playing better ball with
St. Louis than with the senators last sea
Alien has been appointed captain of the
Phillies. Clemeats declined a reappoint
"Bug" HIolliday made up for his out in
salay by winning $920 on a horse race last
Three umpires have already been mobbed
in the south. The gams is booming down
Chicago's young pitchers are doing good
work. Both Maaok and McGinnis won
their first game.
Murphy, the Yale short stop, will proba
bly adopt base ball as a profession after
this season.
Cincinnati has only tried twenty-three
men this season. About half of them will
essape the ax.
Joe Hornng's return to the Providence
club was hailed with delight by the oranks
of that city.
Peitz is ens of the most promising of
young bloods, Von der Abe is perfectly
satisfied with him.
They are throwing bouquets at Manager
Watkins In St. Louis. In anothsr week it
may be bricks.
Morgan Murphy has been offered only
$2,100 by Cincinnati. Little enough for
senh a crack player.
Al Johnson thinks the New York club
seed Mike Kelley in their business. Many
others think the same as Al.
"Bed" Ehret, of the Pittsburge, is now a
Benediet. He was married last week, but
kept the matter very quiet.
Pealident N. E. Young has tendered to
Prelident Cleveland and his cabinet season
passes to the ball games at Washington.
Staffo:d, of the Chattanoogas. of the
pouthern league, last Thursday threw from
deae center to the home plate, 110 yards,
putting out his man.
McrGill. of the Chicagos, was the first
pitcher of the season to be betted out of
the box, and Buckley, of the St. Louis
team, was the first player to be injured.
The best base running team in the league
would be Doyle, catcher; Stratton, pitcher;
Beckley. Ward and Latham, basemen: Dah
len, shortstop; Brown, Hamilton and Ew
ing., in the field.
The new pitohers of the league this year
are (arry, Hastings. Williams, Manok,
McGinnise, Jones, Darby, Hill, Taylor,
Donahue, Clarkson and Sullivan-all good
men and all likely to hold their positions.
Stivetts and Stratton are the heaviest
bhtting pitchers in the league, Doyle the
best batting catcher, and Brouthers, Childs,
Lyons, Dahlen, Hamilton, Burns and Duffy
the best batsmen in the other positions.
Manager Jack Chapman is putting on
Eris-go-Brash style at Buffalo this year.
Its will garb his bisons in a uniform of
dark green with white trimmings, white
belt and white stookings. The cap will
also have two white bands.
John L. Sullivan considers Mike Kelly
the greatest ball player in the world, and
thinks New York can't get along without
him. The ex-champion fails to understand
why Boston should have let the "king" go,
thus weakening herself.
Umpire Reeder, of the Southern league
i+ already in trouble. He recently left in
abe middle of a game and refused to con
tinne. He was ordered to umpire in the
same place the next day and refused to do
so. Prosident Hart is now looking for a
new umpire.
Manager McGunnigle has secured the
following players for his Lowell team:
G.inasso and McCauley, catchers; Rudder
ham and Burns, pitchers; Hawes first base,
Maher second base, Arthur Whitney third
base, Mack left lield, Cudworth center
field, Ward right field.
The old-timers this year dating service
back to 1883 are Bennett, Broutbers, Dailey,
Richardson, Storey, Stricker. Ewinc, An
son, Mallane, Comiskey, McPhee, Latham,
Keefe, Ciements, Thompson, Connor, Ward,
K.lly. Pfeffer, Weloh, Glassoock, 'Larkin,
RIadford, O'Rourke and Wise.
The first manager to lose his scalr this
year was George Iarbridge, of the Macon
club. Simply because his team started off
poorly he was deeapitated as soon as the
season was a week old. His successor is
Dan Shannon, of last year's Buffalo club.
Dan will manage and captain the team.
The house, stable and land which were
presented to '"Kino" Kelly, the base ball
plkyer, in 1890 by his friends and admirers
are adverti-ed for sale for onpaid taxes for
ti e years 1891 and 1892, amounting to $123.
There is said to be a mortgage on the place
of $2,000. Better sign, Kelly, old boy.
Chicago is now carrying sixteen men, and
two will be released. Boston has fourteen,
and one will probably go. New York hlis
filteen. Brooklyn fourteen, Philade phia
fourteec, Cincinnati sixteen, Baltimore six
teen. Pitteburg fifteen, ('levelard sixteen,
Louisville four.ten, bt. Louis fifteen and
Washington fourteen.
Manager IUarnle, of the Louisvilles, is
proud of his aggregation, and predicts that
the colonels will show no well among the
leaders. He states that the new Louieville
park will be ready for the openin ganrme.
Be allowed Mtratton to stay with Aneon
ntil he needed his services and then dte
mnded him. 'Ihse 8trltton receivedthe
benefit of practice in the south at Anson's
GuBranteed Cure.
We authorize our advertised drupgist to
sell Dr. Kinb'd New I)iscovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, upon this
condition. If you are alllhcted with a
Couhb, Cold or any Long, 'lhroat or Ch.st
trouble. and will use thio remedy asdirected,
Giving it a fair trial, and experienc no
benefit, you oay return the bottle and hnvo
your money refunded. We could not make
this offer did we not know that Dr. King's
New D)iscovery could be relied on. It never
disapllpoint. I rial bottles free at IL 1M.
I'erchrenl A Co.'s drug stole. Large size IU
cents and $1.
G;o to The Ie Ilive for hIa ory and underwear
thi, wCeek.
Wor!d's lair l:tr s vial the Northern
On and after May 4th the Northern I'a
cifle will sell excursion tcketes front Helena
to Chicago and :etur at the rat, of .b7r.
'I he transit limit in aoch direction wial he
forty dauy, with fl:nl limit Nov. 15. 1lIL:.
If d,,si ed by pu'chase e. tioketa will be
issued to return via either the Inion Pu:
elfo or Great Northern railways at the
aame rate.
Ilea in mind the fact that tile Northern
Pacific is the only line running thronuh
caes between Helena and Chicago, without
For further information, sleeping o-:r
r servatione, etc.. call sit the Northern Pa
cifie city ticket office, or address
A. D. E-uAn. Gen'l Agent,
Corner Main and Grand streots, Helena,
If Your CisternI
Is Out of Order
or Soft W er is are
don wora y yourself kor a mo lent
go rightlead and t e hard water wlti
and you'll never know the difference.
The clothes will be just as white,
clean and sweet-smelling, because the
"White Russian" is specially adapted
for use in hard water.
JAS. S. KIRK & CO., Chicago.
Dusky Diamond Tar Soap.B" at :¶ "' .
DISEASE i`h 'nl for l P'".Mlp'd'"-
-I pas - le a in Sie, s h'cllulder an
Alrm, Short Breath, Oppression, Asthma.
Swollen Ankles, Weak and Smotherlng
ed lls, Dra L Mop Wind I tomacht etc., arE
A new dlscovery by the eminent lndiana Spe.la.
lot. A. F. Davisvl, Siver Creek. Neb.,afier taking
four bottles of hIEAIRT (11'I1tl felt better
than he had for twelve years. "tor thirty years
troubled with leart Diesea two bottles or
DR. MILES' HEART CURE cured m.--Levi
Logn., Buchani., Mirh." E. B. Stutson Ways
Station, Ga., has talkern DR. MILES' HEART
CURE for Henrt trouble with reat results. Mre.
Le l.r Fitchburg hItch. was 1it for 1. years with
ileart bisease, hald to hire holuse help lived oni
liquid foodt; sed Dr. Miles' Heart burn ani
all paitS left her ; constant use cured her.
I have for fifteen years been sufiuring with Pa!.
phation of the Heart, and never found a remedy
that gave me relief, until I tried Dr. Miles' New,
Ileart Cre;: It worked wonderfully and gave me
instant relief and help. I an caheerfully recom.
mend this medicine to all who siffhr any kind of
Heart Disease.
t. . IITUSBAND, Greenville, Texas.
The efbect of your Nete Heart COer is wonderful.
MltS. EVA DRIISEIt, McGregor, Iowa.
Sold on a positive guarantee.
Fineillustrated book FtREEat Druggistor address
DR. MILES' MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart,4nd.
Sold by all drtgglrtrs.
TnH BesT.
TRY TillS.
Of Back-ache, Inflammation of the Bladder I
or Kidneys, Diabetes, Loss of Flesh, Dropsi
cal Swellings, Constipation and all complaints I
arising from a morbid condition of the Uri- d
nary Organs. 1
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
Weakneus, Norvousness,,
ebility, and all the train
of evils from early errors or I
later excesses, theresultso of
overwork sickness, worry,
etc. Fullstrength,devel-t.
opment and tone given to 1
every organ and portion
of the body. Simple,nat
ural methods. Immedi
ate improvement seen. 4
allure Impossible. 2,000(1 references. Book,
explanation and proofs malled(sealed) free.
Manhood Restored.
wllset wre r nte. toAr n
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment a
gyscific for Hysteria, Dizziness, Fits. Nenrat y
Hseadachse, Nerousa rostration caused by alcoiolI
or tolicco. Wakofulnoes, Mental Depression,
boftening of Brain, causing insanity, misery, dos
cay. death. PrismatureOld age. Barrenness, l.os
of Poowcer n either sex Impotency, Leucorrhcead
man all temale Weaknesses, lnvoLontary Losses.
peerntatorrhra, canuid ry over-exertion of
brair. eoll-absse. over-indulgence. A monlh's
treatment $1. for 05, by mail. We gsurantee 0
boxes to curs. Each order for 6 boxes with $6
will send written ;narantes to refund if not
lured tlnarantees resued ionly by H.L M. Parche,
& Co.. sole agsnt. Helenas, Mont.
A.t like maoe on the Stomach. Liver and Bow-.
elm: dispels f)yp~ipsia. Bilissmness. Fevors. Colds,
larserous Disorders., bleel,.seusens Loss of Appo
tits. restores the (Complexion; perfect digestlon
Ilfo lows their ose. Po.itiv, cure for Sick heed
ache and Conrtipatron. f mall, mild, easy to
take. Large vial8 ofti pillr ,5 cents. nold by
_. S. i'arahsn & Co.. druggi sts. s alena, M ont.
Mlontana Central Railway
In Effect January 1, 1898.
No. 24. Atlantic lF:rress satltbonnd. 10:0. a. m
S1. Lutt Loa l .................. :30 p. m
No. L Ilntts Loesl -... . me
Ii,. 2L Atlanti l-.zprsea s-thurniL. 10:15 a. mi
. i. ' Is 1acllic Express, westbound... :3O p. m
(No. 24. Laity.)
Is llelena', test and popular train for 0..
New Y.:e.:.
ieav, lielona at 10:05 a. m.. arrive Ft. Paul at
6:.-r,,... ties s(Oa,rd morilnrg, and (liLcagu, at
.:32, p. m. ti,o tame night, making immunediate
seonucttis for all points asat and south.
I IFor further information maps. rats ete%
eall at
No. 6 Neorth Main Street. MIlete...
Or write the uudarslgnal
Travelincg ta-onger Agt. Cilty Ticket Agt
SH. LAINQtLLY. general Ticket agst.
A4Whole F a
ST was a favorite sayingof BENJAMIN
FRANKLIN that if he obtained but
one idea-from a book he considered himself
well repaid for his investment.
a THERE is a silent but potent missionary that not alone suggest ideas to men, but tells them
what the thinkers of all time have done with those ideas. A missionary that represents the very
Sfountain-head of all knowledge, that unlocks the secrets of nature and "chains the elements to our
chariot wheels."
This missionary is the justly celebrated Encyclopaedia Britannica, and it appeals to every
human being who can read.
If you have any special bent or inclination for any particular branch of knowledge, open the
EncyclopaediaBritannica and ideas will flock to you. "
ness interests and to make you a more useful member of society.
If yOu are a tGed bread-winner, it will amuse and enliven you with stories of travel, with quaint
ing." To STANDARD readers
-nly 10 cents a ay is Required.
ýll ll l l i il ·lllll lll ll lll ll ll lll llll ll lll lll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll lll b lll ell ll l llm
Those wishing Britannica at Introductory Rates should
act promptly, as offer will be withdrawn soon.
E)erj Li2e Persor
Realizes how much truth and force
there is in the old axiom "compe
tition is the life of trade." In truth
it is advancement of every modern
principle and the increased com
petition in every line of trade that
makes advertising not only neces
sary but compulsory. It is made
compulsory through the custom
* observed by live, energetic, wide- 0
O0. awake establishments in setting [email protected]
* before the purchasing masses "
every legitimate means possible to
obtain and retain their patronage.
Buyers know that the advertiser
pays to give them the information
they are in search of, and that is
one of the reasons why they prefer
to deal vwith the man who adver
tises, while they pass by the store
of the man who does not.
ýIerchants who ldvertise in The Independent
0* ZAUW. e *
Passengers for the East from
Helena and other western points
will find the NEW ROUTE via
CENTRAL R. R. not only desirable
as to time and equipment, but one
of the most attractive, passing
through Sioux City, the only Cora
Palace City of the world; Dubuque
the handsome Key City of Iowa;
Rookford, Illinois, a new manufao.
turing city, that has become a
"world within itself," and Chicago,
whose growth and enterprise is
the wonder of the world. With
elegant free Chair Cars, and Pull.
man Palace Sleeping Cars on every
train between Sioux City and Chi.
cago, and with a close connection
with the Urnon Pacifio trains as
Sioux City, the
Illinois Central R. R
respectfully presents its claims tcd
the new and every way desirabg
For folders and further partcu.
tars call upon local ticket agest, _
address the underaigned at Mar
chester, Iowa.
Ast. General Paseenaor AgenC
Our 1rfedtlon Mrrsgefew th a-ser bott
Cam apmewa and leutin 1 to ae
_asily, Quickly and Permanently Restored.
It is sold on a positive
guarantee to cure any
form of nervous pros
tration or any disorder
either sex, caused
ofore.o by excessive use of
Tobace, Alcohol or Opium, or on account
of youthful indiscretion or over indulgence etc..
Dinsiness. Convulsions. Wakefulness. Hoeadache
Mental Depressmion, Softeningof the Brain, Week
Memory, Dearing Down Pains. Seminal Weakness.
Hysnteria. Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrhona.
Lo.a of Power and Impotency, which if neglected.
may lead to premature old ageo and insanity.
Positively guarenteed. Price. $1.00 a box; 6 boxes
for $.0. SOent by mail on receipt of price. A wriltter
guarantee furnilhed with every $5.00 order received.
to refund the money if a permanent cureo is not
1ERVIA MEDICINE CO., Detroit, Mich.
Forusae intuIleau br thi Paynlte Dcts Go
wholesaie and retail druggists.
Marble and Granit
Iron seleeaa
leaclng, Moneta
EA-MAN Cure Yours
nrew and poiLtLve remedy to enlarge small weak
orgamns, end surre esre for al weakness in young or
old men. Cure case. of Losat Mansoodl. al -
-lone and Varlnocele In deaya diseasel never
rlturns. Correspondene prlvset., all lettere sent in
Vlain eale envelope. Addreas Chaso, It. Caeu
lurnttlott Dele.r S: t% r io aa o.1u L

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