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Letters for the following persons tnain
ncaled for at the Helena. Mont, postofIoe
ass 1, 183. 'In aaling for them 4
ease sny "advetded."
. oar umam's San. .
IIeon, ._ Aadeeoi, A. Carles
. nderoa, Loula Antentith, Usor e
FBakerl, Tm FBadsl. . a o.
oinson, O. C , H. a ]i.Ly
Blsack, J. L. Joyes, b L.
Bol, Joeph aihasonl, G lbiert
oamp, H. (At 'y) Camerron. John
ohas, Ed. Chambers. Pthilip .
Cel yo., o'kome Copland, Alexander
uoepmr, Dr. M. Crawford, . J F.
Lison, Jim DoeutyI Thomas
Doyle, Tim Dannks. . H .
Embody, O. B. EverMoloe, WO.(.D.)
Fall, Tim Finn. Thos.
Fox. Fred C, Fox, J. P.
Garvey. Ohristopher Gentlllino, Sigrore
3rovs. Peter Hansen Jnliuas
Harrison, W. H. He lear,b. E.
Hendrlx Will HomNs. Herman
Hill. . I. Boigan, Charley
Hopkins, . C. OHard. J. H.
Jacobsen. J. J . Jones. barn
Johnson, Ole Johnson. Daniel
lohnson, Olaf Johnson. Wm.
Johnston, John Jungers. Peter
Kelly & Co., John Kibby, Edwin M. a
Kinmy, Rich. Prof. Little, Mr.
Lund, Jackro Lyns, Chas. H.
Mackey, Jar. Mann, Harry
May. William M . Miller, John AH
Mitchell, J. \ o. Moore, J. H.
Murphy. A. E. Murphy, Wm. C.
MoConnsll, D. H. McCormick. Willie
McCo, mick, Fred McKinney, J. E. or
MoKlnney, J. E. Harry
PMscKinney. Harry MeMahon, Albert
Nestler, Frank Northwestern Pressed
Oekes. Robt. i, Brick Co,
O'Hara D. D. O'Hara; J. E.
Palm, J. Plate, George W.
Pinoit, Joe Shennon, We.
Smith, A. E. Worbie, James
Ifoderstrom, Fred Stephens, Loroy
Stone, Charley Taylor, Donald
Vaughn, J. W.
Austin, Mrs. Alice Blombere. lss Aron
Dnunivan, Miss Nor•Forster. Mrs. Annie
Hess Miss Maggio Hess. Miss Olive
Margelin, Mrs. Dora Miller, M s Lena
Murray, Mn. M. E. Petterson, Miss O.
Petterson. Miss Lina Purcell, Miss Mamle
Rodgers, Miss Nora Ryan,, L'zzie
Smith. Mrs. Mamie Pmith, Mlnd
Smith, Mrs. H. E. Soderman, Miss Tina
Ftrobe, Mrs. George Walke1 , o s. E. A.
Wilson, Miss E. . Winter, Mrs. Ella
Woods, Miss Mande May
CnNlrEap o
Man Lea (2)
T. H. O.LWeLL, P. M.
For good health use TuTT'S PILLS.
Dresrlptieo of the Onte bow at the World's
A big English passenger locomotive,
whish is exhibited at the World's fair, has
four high-pressure cylinders, a very rare
thing. The difficulty In the way of obtain
ng sufficient boiler capacity without re
dueing the diameter of the wheels-ne-es.
sarily large, as the engine is for fast pas
senger servlee-or raising the center of
gravity of the loomotiv shabove the safety
line, is met in an ingeniens mannor by the
designer, F. C. Winby. He makes the
barrel of the locomotive in the form of
two segments of a circle, each greater
than a semi-circle, joined together so that
while the horizontal diameter of each see
tiok ib four feet one inch the vertical
diameter is five feet eight inches. This
form makes the flue sheets large enough
for 23685 two nch tubes. The heating esr
face is further increased by extending the
barrel of the boilerbeneath the fire-bex, or,
in other words, by extending the fire-brox
beneath the barrel of the boiler. This
brings the back tube sheets very near the
center of the fire-box, allows a grate rena
of twenty-eilht feet square. and admits of
the tube being fifteen feet long. The total
heating surface of the engine is
2.00 square feet. The cylinders are
arranged in two pairs, one outside and con.
neoted with the rear drivers, and one iair
inside and connected with the forward
drivers. The outside cylinders have a diem
eter of 104 inches and a stroke of twenty
four inches, the valves being oterated by a
Joy valve gear, while the inside cylinders
have. a diameter of seventeen inches, a
stroke of twenty-two inches end valves
worked by the ordinary link motion. The
total weight of the onriino is sixty-tone
eighteen tons on each pair of drivers and
twelve tens on each pair of truck wheels.
A Lender.
Since its first introduction, Electric Bit
tern has gained rapidly in popular favor,
util now it is clearly in the lead among
pare. medicinal tonics and alteratives
containing nothing which permits its use
as a beverage or intoxicant, it is recognized
as the best and purest medicine for all ail
mente of Stomach, Liver or Kidneys. It
will cure Sick Headache. Indigestion, Con
stipation and drive Malaria from the sye
tern. Satisfaction guaranteed with each
bottle or the money will be refunded.
Price only O0 cents a bottle. Sold by H.
M. ,archen & Co.
Standartd 01 Representatlve Elected.
NEW YORK, May 33.-At a meeting of the
directors of the North American company,
held yesterday, the resignation of Henry
Villard as president was presented and na
espted. C. W. Wetmore, chairman of the
executive committee, was elected to suc
ceed Villard. 'the new president repre
sents Rockefeller and other capitalists
identified with the btandard Oil company.
For biliousness and sick stomach try a dose of t
the ORsGON BLOOD PUIIrIan, a vegetable rem
World's Fair Rates via the Northern
On and after May 4th the Northern Pa
cific will sell excursion tickets from Helena
to Chicago and return at the rate of $70.
'The transit limit in each direetion will be
forty days, with final limit Nov. 15, 1893.
If desi:ed by purchaaens, tickets will Ie
issued to return via either the Union Pn
cific or Great Northern railways at the
same rate.
Bear in mind the fact that the Northern
Pacific is the only line running through
cars between Helena and Chicago, without
For farther information, sleeping r r
reservations, etc.. call at the Northern Pa
cific city ticket office, or address
A. D. EuvosA, Gern'l Agent,
Corner Main and Grand streets, Helena,
Fast Time to Chicago ant St. Louts-A
New Schedule.
Upon May 7, the Minnear olie & St. Louis
railway, "Albert Lea route," will inaugurate
a new time schedule between i t. Paul, Min
neapolis, Chicago and St. Louis, which, for
speed, comfort end ounveienece cannot be
The "Cannon Ball Fxpress" for Chicago
will leave ,t. Paul 6:25 p. in., hlianenvolis
7:00 p. to., arriving at Cnicago 11 a. m.. re
turning leaving Chicago rt 4:00 p. In. dUily.
'The "St. Louis lpecia:" will leave St.
Paul 6:I5 p. in.. Minnoeallie 7:10 pi. tu..
daily, arriving at Quincy 10:25 n. in., Ilan
nibal 11:15 a. m., St. Louis ::.0U Ip. m.
Breakfast and lunch served i:. dising car.
Returning leave ht. Louis 12:3.0 p. n. This
is the quickest time over all competitors by
three hours.
Train No. 2 for Deo Moines, Chicago and
aensas City will leave St. I'aul at 9:50 a.
m.. Minneapoles 10:30 a. in., arrlvin.' at Dee
hMoines 9:50 p. se., Kasaas City 5:30 a. ,n.
This is the quickest and best tain from St.
'aul or Minneapolis to Kansas City and the
Train No. 2 leaving as above is also the
fastest train for Denver and Colorado
points by two hours.
Train No. 4 for Mankato. Waseee and
Albert Lea will leave t. Paul at 4:35 p. mr.,
Minneapolis at 5:10 p. nm.
Train No. 14 for ltedwood IHalls Minn.,
Watertown, -. D., and intermediate sta
tions will leave iSt. Paul 7:50 a. m., Minne
apolis 8:30 a. m.
Luxurious service will be found upon
every train, the equipment being of the
latest improved Pattern. Pullman gas
lighted aleepeeJ, free chair cars, etc.
Sw etbea
-that's y wife's k
soa ev ince I p ted h
She is always recommending Kirk's
soaps to her friends-says she is
through with experiments--has just
what she needed to make labor easy,
and ensure perfectly clean clothes.
She knows what she's talking about
don't forget it.
JAS. S. KIRK & CO., Chicago.
Dusky Dlamond Tar Soap we.o s.. ,ios'"i.
The American peoplearerapidly becoming a race
of nervous wreiks, and the following auggests the
best remedy: Alphonso Hempling, of ~utler. Pa.,
;wears that when hi son wao speechless from
St. Vltus'Dance, Dr. Miles' Great Restoratlive
Nervlne cured him. Mrs. J. R. Miller, of Valparn
also, Ind., J. D. Taylor, of Logansport, Ind., each
gained 20 pounds from taking it. Mrs. H. A. Gard.
t:er, of Vistula, Ind., witas cured of 40 to 50 convul.
sltons a day, and much headache, dizziencs, hack
ncho, and nervous prostrattoh, by one bottle.
Dtkuiel Myers, Brooklyn. Mich.. say his ha daugnte
was cured of insanity often years' stanmng.
I have had a very fine trade upon Dr. Miles'
Restoratlvs Nervtne igane Oret sure, eans te
rtedtcines have given universal satisrcrtton. I
have had one case in particatlar, a lady 70 years of
o;e, who had been a victim of the nmorphine arbhin
fter m:ny yeast aftelr USlng 12 bottles of your
DRCleolitre .ervi.e s was completely cured., se
that for the pa3t y'ear she hastaken no morphlne
whatever, and Is rcmarkably well and active for
one of her ages
W. J. ERVIN. Hamilton, MI.
.e,.. on a positive guaranteo. i
ne hbook of marvelous cures FREE at drugglstL
This remedy:l Cnt inas Io olhlt ts.
tSR. MILES' M5rJD&Ua C.-. ..-ianr. i,º*.
Bold by all d ggletls.
Quickly cures general and nervous debility
gpioal exhaustion. ^ ourc.sttenia etc.
Completely, porfectly ani permanently rejuv
snatint the vital tnergies; ina reasing nerSvous
power. renowing the atubitian of youth and the
courage of manhood; restoring to enfeebled.
enervated. exhausted. devitalize, or ovarworked
men and womon perfect constitutionj po.weras.
Its xtraordinau'y onuative power manifests
itself almost immediately it is taken. On t!lis
Vott the evidence of thoes who have taken it is
uniform and positive. They sy ty oan feel
the effect of every doe doing them good. It is a
powerful aeres invigorating tunic, initarting its
restorative lineosnc through the mlilum oh the
nervous system to eory organ and tiesne in the
body. It makes but lilt o diffea. stre whether the
constitutional vigor I at Loen undermitred by
acute disease, overwork, or certain mitchievoss
iadiscletlon: or whether the broken down con
dition is called by one name or other. to long as
there is n rious exhaustion. general or local
weakoess--s long as enorvation and debility are
the type of the ailment, this it the remedy.
'1'Ie09ti With Sll.n' ,nI from the renlts of
Sover-mentst or physical exortion, hardbhip,
expslure. heddon dr.in.. cepr.os or who have
brought upon th tmelves a s iss of afflictions by
1igaorantly or wi[Tlly violating natuore's la~se,
will fi.di Oiton' VitaJiser end Nere 'Tonic
the remedy for tleir oertain relief. It speedily
removes all eviceaos of progreaslsv physical
deteriotlation. and retite,:a the eafee.ed o.nergies
to their It:adrnl vigor.
VllhNEVEI.T TllEKlE 18s any waknees of ttt
vital ogamv , nervousnes, pros rations of the
phys;oal or menaln enorgce. confasion of ideas.
Iaoek oself rlcontientce. irritsbi-i'y rf temper,
melancholy, eowardico, weakunos f the knees
1and hack. palpittatia at the heart, draglin.g pain
in the lions, headache, irritat~ii , ieo k.idneys
an I blader: milky urine, erelt. ous and hidden
waasteh, resulting in a failure of ti.e mental anti
physical powers, consit.ting ano umpediment to
success and nfiMtinug him or her for the duties
anti reap.aDb:lilfes esf lifo, it Lt the remedy par
A single paeka*o will be sufcent to inauoAur
ato the wot of regeve::ratlon. and cro in many
cases Bnt ttubborn ame often requiremore. It
will be sent po.tpaid. secured from observation.
or $1 00 per package, or 6 packages for $5.00.
hAdd ess all orders to
CATON tILD. CO.. Boston. Eass.
ctionr in my hantlds, isaud out of the die
trict court of the F'irst Judicial district of the
slate of lontaaa. in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke. in the suit of A. ti,, -
erora rgaia.t Hoieberg et llechtnitz, duly
attested the 11th day of May. A. D. 1003,
I have levied upon all the right,itle and in
tereet of thl saidIh ii e..g .& t c rtuinz. in and
to thlo following described property, situated in
Lewie and Clarke county. sI.ao of Montana. viz:
lots one )ll, trio (2. tlreeo (:1), tour 14), live
(', and six (5), in blocc oeven'y (i70): lots no
(1), two (2) and five (:,)) in block
, ainty-nilo ((h): lotsf threo. (3). four (b),
ivre (5)i si (6). terven (i) and eigat (0:.
in btock sixt--ix (til); loe one (I). two ('L),
f rov n (1) and eight (1), in bl.ek stxty-aevon (I).
- al lot four Ill, in block four hendrtd and
a forty-tix (4.1t(, all in Helena to\ennite ai.d etaud
ing on the reenrd. in the eoffice of the county
clerk arl recorder of I ewis and tlsrke counuty
- in the name of the defendants, Holobergi A
o l:echtnitz.
. Alo a certain mining claim described as fol
lows: 1.00 f'-et more or i[es off the south end of
t t:e tande t.:rcz otils. situated in heratch
rOravel urorganized omluinrin ltrict. ns'w knowrn
an reen Mlile rsnorga:.ied mining diletrioet ,f
I.ewia and 1:2arkr c4ountty. state iof Muntaia. as
thse ane o!~Dnara of recordin tlsook 29 of deed:.
eoid county aed etnle it which said re ord fores
rer perFect description referente is htrcbi
STouettler with all ant cingulr the tene
meats, Ihoreditamenis and app sr chancas ther,..
uieto |wl.elltinf ttr ia slly wi-e ayprptaoiing.
:5 Notie is horboy given that on tihe td day of
i. .me. A. i). te'll. vt tlhe -i,:r I. I~'cl,'ci m of
sa rdil day, at tlrolzt door n' tite covrt house.
lelnra o,tot:n,. t. tswl sell all tho right, title
and illerest it, tile said hI,Ic'lc , Vr . 1 '.'l|t
' 11 / i tl:(i l i.. .tid ailtto d:.rcribod broperty.
t: tie igihleslt itietisr lfr cash in Land.
fl (lios: :irtrln.r'5nly hand this tite Ilth day of
ah h s,. A.I). 115.
Cy ADItE:rW F. WeitE, DODuty ehortif.
"? ··ý MRS. GRAHAM'S
~' '.Cucumber and
ý" C C3b r n w, Eder F low er
T^ 1·t a rc';inm"tic. CIcarInC'tthe s'kn :Inll nIVIII
it . :o . ' 'i.... III ana t ip0. fo.r
tlr i;";!;-ts, ti, ", l t " et~ls; ill at:.m w for ..ain
1,,k n ' j%.".uit." Mroe. (,tiiVMlSP. IiA~ I
a'old L y Ii. \i. 1'ar ceh en & C o., lielen n.
Will I~o ,t*:Hve o rin"on
or hen and ilirst orr moiupy
.kfor ern"
0 r 1LO-a N.. Titor t ttl ot, wt ll
:olu 1,; all drtngyirt&
IcE ji. lulena. Mont
Tlura Corsuc! R ?T
Sprague Oorre.peadSeu
Sehoel of Ltw.
Md u' tooata (.rt~atm)
Ja pu &'ticulagtO
Id. @ 01r. Jr.. Sc',.
5.. S" Whltauej =leaky D.50Mm 5M
- a,.&D.--,-.
The Dining' Car LIae.
Dinitng Care on all 'Lrgoqg. Train.
The Yellowstone Park Linda
This marveloua WONDERLAND resohed cal
b- tis las..
The People's Line.
The pdople'e biphwar from Chicago. St. P3nl
inanea olio, Du ti, and Went Superior to W.
goma. Seattle. Portland and Puget Souas
The Tourists' Line.
The popalar line to reech LakIeA 4.
cIulie, Cmeur d'Alen...K-ot-na. .thelof
Spoings and I Itgiu auh e O srisO * '
TE 2 and toALAbKA.
Daily Fxpress Trains.
Through Tickets ,
Are sold at all coupon ofe of the o t
and Wet.l t.oe e unlu Sta aad a
In efect on and after Sunday. August ;
Nc. L Pacific Matil. weal bound ......1. I p. a
o., AAtlantio atal. wut bound ......12:40 p.m
ao. 6, ceur daidne. Muisula and
Butte. n pre" .... .. 8:46 p m
4o. 10. Marreville accomm cdation.. . "lmp .m
o. , Wickee. BouLder andt Elkhorm
eed ,a and ridays.................... o .. aU
., pe1fio tMail. west boun ........ l:4, m
l1e. 4. A'.l-.sn_ mua. cat tound.b.... mOOpm
No. 5, HIlotte. MiOULa nd.oeuur d'Alene
ere e..... ....................... 70 a. in
No. ,. Marysrille pasener ............ 7:46 in
o. 0, MaryvlUe accommodation,...... 800 .p
o. l0, Wiokee. Boulder and Elkhorn
Passenger .. T.. .. ge ., 7: a
No. 101., iini mixed. Monda, Wd
needays and Fridays .............. tl.. .
'G rains i.e. ., 4, nd 6 connect at Garriseo
with Montana nion tra to and froim Butte.
Deer Lodge nad uac 1nd
Train. Ner. ad ..I run between Helena
end Wallaeo, Idaho, wit ht.chadce of cats.
Nor latoc, Map", Time Tables or Speolal
Inrormatlon apply to Chas. S. Fee, General
Paoen ger and Ticket Igentbs . Paul,
linn., or
General Agent of the .lorthdn Paoifio I, I. 1
Montana entral Railwa
in Effect January 1, 1898.
ARRW#s AT fnuw&i·
No. 24. Atlantio Izoresa. eastbound. 10B L. a
No. 21. i'acife I mprees, weatboand... 8:20 p. m
No 3. Butte Local ................. 6:l0 p. m
SNo 1. Butte loocal........... . :..a. la
No. 24 Atlantic EIpresa, eastborn..: 10:15 a. m
No. 2. l'acific Exproess, wetbound... 1:0 p. U
(No. 24. rally.)
In, elena's best and popular train for 92.
Nzw Youx.
Leave Helena at l.05l a. n., arrive Et. Paul at
6:55. m.. the sceond moraing, and Chicageo at
9RIp. n. the same night, making immediate
onnectione for all points east and south.
For further information maps, rates, stay
call at
No. 0 North Main Street, Melena.
Cr write the undersigne
Traveling I asoenger Agt. C'iti Ticket A#.
11. H. LANGLLX. Geae) Ticket Agent.
l4ontrana Uihversity.
University Place, Near Helena
Course of nlatroetions 1, College. !,
College Preparatory, 5, Business. 4, Nor
mal. 5, Muslo. 6, Art. 7. Military. Ale
lnstruetlons In Common Branobhe. Able
instruction. Elegant btilding.
Bend for Catalegue to the President,
E. P. TOWEs, A. M., D,ID.
<MBrn INº
Marble and Granite
Iron Helene.
Fonclng, tiuntean
Boom No. 1, I ower Dork.'I'eet~fico Inox 811.
ie!ue,. Montans,
Our Perfection SyHnln free with every o
Dos net Stain. PBI?3VBrSr IU
Cures Oonorrhms and Gleet In I to 4 das.
Ji L;t Rs. 45onuet fto an; ii dre for SLOE
s,-' a -" . , ". .. .. . .n . ' _.-, - ' ' ..
" d "
-- H
*.4 . "
TATE SUPERINTENDENT WELLS of Wisconsin saw nothing surprising
in the fact that farmers take more apparent interest in their colts and calves
than in their children. Stock well cared for weighs more and brings
more per pound than stock neglected. But how a fairly educated boy or girl
may become more productive and valuable it is not so easy for some to see.
Without intending any harm either to themselves or their children, is it not
a fact that many parents give more attention to their "marketables" than to
the perfection of the man or the woman in their children? Even if you are
preparing your
Children Only for "Mlarket,"
So to speak-that is, to bring the most money for their efforts in life-will you
not increase their chances by giving daily attention to the habits of their minds?
For, after all, it is the different qualities of thought that makes the vast differ
ence in men's fortunes. Manual labor alone never made any man wealthy.
But would you not like for your children, as well as your horses and cattle, to
appear well? Then you must encourage them in the habits of mental industry.
They must learn something every day, and that leads to culture and education.
Does not the cultured mind beam forth in the eyes or countenance of a man or
woman? These the whole world call beautiful, no matter what shape the face.
It should be the ambition of each father and mother to bequeath to the world
such boys and girls as will be
i. Self-supporting men and women;
2. One step in advance of their parents in perfection and beauty of mind.
The STANDARD'S great ambition is to contribute to such advance, and, to
to the end that your children may have every modern advantage, it offers to
secure for you that great reference library, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, for
only io cents a day. Without this great treasury of human thought, your chil
dren will be handicapped in their race for success in this advanced age.
If you are a resident of any town of 5oo inhabitants or more in Montana,
or the neighboring states, drop a postal card to the STANDARD,and the STAND
ARD'S representative will call upon you with samples of the various bindings.
Otherwise cut out the attached acceptance blank and mail to the STANDARD,
Butte or Anaconda, Mont. Act promptly or you
tne-half of the sot (14 volumes) lo any style of binding you
mayseleilb forwarded to you (charges prepad) med- ACCEPTANCE BLANK (A) ACCEPTANCE BLANK (B)
Iohdectian ooB o TO Tb3 Standard, Anaconda. To The Standard, Anaconda.
month dollver its contents (p.00) to us or to some bank. When I accept your Introductory of- I accept your Introduatory
the irst hal of the et Is pad for we wil send the remanlt 14 for. Please deollver as per lnstruc offer. Please deliver as pe
volumes, to he paid In the see manDr. Or we wIr shIp von the tlons below, one halt the set Instructlons below, one con
ntire set immediately upon rcept of "Aceptnce Blank ()" (charges prepaid) In your........ plee set, 2 volumes In your
properly tllled out.
IppeGo would avail yourself of this offer, you must take a year's ......... ............... ...............................
lubsorlptllo for the DAIIL.Y tI'AyDAID. as per month, (tile pay- style of binding; also a copy of style of binding (charges g.
mets to be Includd earch month with the payments oil orltan- your reglar order blank, and I prepaid;) also a copy of
Ilica)) or the ,lUNDAY STANDAID, 83 per year in advance. If you will sign same, agreelng to pay youlr regular order blan, and
are already a slbscrllbe for the S )ALu Y BTAgNDARD, we would sug- $....upon arrival of the bones, will sign same, agree- p
gent that yell rend tile funday 1I2-page) edition to ome rienod and the balance at the rate of 10 log to oay s. .upo
whom y would like tonteret n ontana. cents a day, payable onthly, It arrival o the books, and
All styles or blnulnlin have dolble-hlnged flnxiblo backs, sewed belng a derstood that the re- the balance at the rate
errc!sely like th- elarord 'lecncer'a slb.e, so that thgy are very maolsning 14 volumes are to be fur ofl $5 per month.
aSranb: and conven-lnt. I'rice per volume (charges prepaid to nishcd at tbhsame rate.
any railway statlon In the United States):
Black cloth. (ordinary catlendered bIok paper).................I $17
Olive clotlh. (super-sizod end calendered book paper).......... 2 25 Occupatlon..................Ship to.................. It Stat
half seal morc.co, (super-sized and calendered book paper,
ulpextra we llht)....................... .2 Send ttw ................STANDADO ..........................
Full sheep, lIbrary lnrlilng, (super-sIzed and calendered book
paper, extra weight ....................................... a 00 Address.................................... Dated.............. Isa
If you are not acquainted with the business management of the STANDARD, give some bul
npss reference, or enclose a small amount as a pledge of good faith.
If a Standard representative has not yet called upon you, leave your name and address
at The Standard's HIelena Headquarters, TIlE HELENA BOOK & STATIONERY Co.'8

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