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rtifletsl Waateitag of the eatuse er
auashtin amtd Meooeakhe s.
i Whoever is iooking f. a delicate d an
ilegant oeeMpatie is recommended to at
tend to this news of the provision of an onp
r portunity. They are raising btterlles in
London; and with fewer diMelities than
are eneoaatered eat west in eateleh farm
ing, or at Bamberg in tiUe* b eMdit· It,
is the reallzation of a pites of romanes
whiah was considered etreavagalt and i1
toslible when firt snggested by that airv
heroian in Bniwer Lytton's tale, whko n
dulged sah nice, ane fancies as keep)l(
pet btterIIe in a eege, and breakina her
heart over and ever as eaeh one folded ite
goseamer wings and died.
Butterflies ae short lived creatures. How
they are reared from grubs to a e lendid
development, and then pass "by a kind of
metempsychosis from the oatalegue of the
living to that of dead specimens" li the
London Zoololical gardens, is thes de
scribed by a writer in the Spectator:
"The glass ases, filled with damp moss
and earth, and adorned with portions of
tree trunks or pnnts suited to the habits
of the moths, are peoples by these exquis
ite and delicate creatures, as one after an
other separates itself from the chrysalis
ease in which it has been sleeping all the
winter, and, flattering upwards with weak
and uncertain movements exposes its full
beauties to the light. The wings of the
largest kind, nuch as the great orange
brown 'Atlas' nimoth, are as wide as those
of a missel thrash; and the great sias of
this and other species increases the strange
likeness to bird forms which is so marked,
even in the smaller English hawk moths.
The giant moths of the tropics, unlike the
rest of the insect world, have faces and.
features not devoid of expresion. Some
resemble birds, others oats. Some ane cov
ered with long, soft plumage, like the
feathers of the marabout, or the plumes of
swans. Others are wrapped in a silky
mantle like an Angora kitten, or clothed in
.mnrine and sables.
"In the Ceronian silk-moths, some five
or six of which were preening their feathery
wings on the lichen-covered bark of an
ancient oak-trunk, the body seems thickly
wrapred in feathers, and, like the wincegs,
is of an exquisite mottled grey, the color of
the natural wool of the Cashmere goat.
But the legs, autenate, and parts of the ,
wings are boldly painted a rich red madder
brown. 'The Indian moon-moth is perhaps
the most delicate in coloring of
all. The wings, which would teach
from side to aide of the paper i
on which the present description is printed.
ale of the slest green, the tint of the
aqua-marine. The uniform faint color is
only broken by a few crescent spots of a
darker tint. But the whole of the front
edge of the wing is 'bound' in velvet, of the
color of dark red wine. The body is
wrapped in thick and downy feathers of the
purest white, from which the soft legs and
feet emerge, stained to match the claret
edging of the wing. Across the head end
lying back sgainst the dark shoulders, are
the fern-shaped antennae of pale greon.
"Thus, this lovely creature eoaseseea but
three hues-pale green, claret color and
white; hbut these are so graded and dii
tributed, and so modified by the con
trasted beauty of the texture of the semi
transparent wing, the thick end downy
Lody, and the delicate flesh-like legs, that
the creature seems rather the realization
of some painter's dream than one among
huird eds of tilk-producing insects. We
once heard the ueno.ia difference between
,ngels and fair:es stated with all the cer
tainty which was due to the youth of the
sneaker: 'Angels have birds' wings, and
fairies have butterflies' wing', of eon eel'
was the indignant answer to the difficulty
raised. Imps, too, have bats' wings. Blut
the wings of the moth have not yet been
appropriated to the human embodiment of
the uiseen denizuns of the air. Tlere is a
softness and reeervo of coloring, and an
uncertainty of outline in the mothsl wing,
which mark it at once as something distinct
fromu the sharply cut, and brillauntlv col
ored forms of their butterfly relationu."
"In their scheme of color." the writer
continues, "the butterflies are to the moths
what the fabrics of Europe are to the webs
cfCaeshmere or the canrets of Dagheatan.
A score of the lovely swallow-tailed butter
flies flutter in their ocae. The bottom of
their glass mansion is covered with short
pieces of osier-stick, each one of which is
pierced up the center with a tunnel, at the
end of which lils the pupa of that
strange instance of p otective mim
icry, the hornet clear-winu. Another
case is full of the scarce pale
variety of the swallow-tail, and a
third of the American ewallow-tai', the fe
male of which is black, spangled with what
seemu a shi:ing dust of earphires. But per.
hops the most beautiful of all the butterfly
hoods is the awerm of Papilio Creenhontes.
The c.ee is full of these lovely buttortlies,
black above, with beaded seot. of tale
yelloa; yellow below, with beaded lines of
black. Some were flying from side to side
of the cnga. somae had alighted, or were in
the act of allchting, and others on the moss
at the bottom were sippiný the juices of
ripe grapes."
'IThis is like a fairy vicirn. 'I hat it is a
fact surely betokelns the rresence still of
"the desair of beauty," the impulse for
tunt desire he be wholly Otiitarian.. Once the
tender prectice of bree ling utte. flies goes
beyou.l the rcientifta circle; it may tend to
abate ev. ral krnis of pet noisenoes, such
as bard canories that never sing, end
bri:rdll cats that do. Let f:re in uardens
anu coinservatories, what an ace-ess of lifeo
and color threse bright ceatures would bring.
t:ory writer' would have at their hand an
adaltlonal and aingalar.y cha-malng concom
ltirrlt to cotioervatory love scaves. Youth.
love, flowers and butterllies--givet such
inrtreieuts anybody conuld cu'uiound a
orotty episode.
l.nrent DITeovery in I el·ad.
Iceland is still a field for tex lor-rs. From I C
a lecture delivere, recently be!ore the Iler- fa
liti (eou aphiea! society by lierr Tborodd- by
aen, the it lkndiei ex ,orer, it appears that C3
a hitherto unknown group of lakes to the au
west of the u:nciere of Vatua Johull has
beon diirovcred by him. ' horoddren em
l rerd ten osurmm rs in makings himself
acaoait-red i:th the inte ior of Iceland,
and dui in tb-hse ten journeys he was about
1100 day i in the saddle. It was
nere.ra-y to be provided with food
for lhrimnli nan, food for his horses, as
hn iRhat eu:lies d .serts to croas and
int with ve v few human dwellings, lie
lore July there is no onsitbiity of travel
ing, the :,rondl heiin too soft with snow
ware'. Eorvn in summer there are often
Se' ib . ult)rms, and tShe glacier rivers are
alflncult to pices. There are, by the war,
five printing presses in I eland. ten news
pa: era and eight fnlaaZ.linre are published;
'mid thbt the le ilanders have a great im
pnlcae to intllectur l Ip-orin ,tion is r roved
tv the fart t.at the 12,15.0 Icelanders who
emuigralted to Manitba love founded
twelve newepapera in their now colony.
These lgnures represent the number of
bottles of Dr. King's New DIiscovery for
consumption, coughs and colds which were
sold in the t Uited States from March, '91
to Mareb, "42. Two million, two hundred
and twenty eight tLuseand, six hundred nnd
s-velity-two bottlco eali in one yea.r, aid
each and c very bottle wa5 sold on a positive
guarantee that money would be refunded
if setifnetoro r:r.lUlt did not followlts use.
't'Ie secret of its succes is ls .lyr. It never
d aeptuints and c! n ilwrthabe deendedl on
as ie very bett rei'redy for i',u ha, collds,
. etc. Price IO centrt and $i. At 11 . .
Parches &1 Co.'s drug store.
A oincn le i,.adies.
French 'rausy Tblet srti for the relief
'and cure of p: inful anl irregular mnenaes
and will remove all obitructie ne-, no niot
ter wha't the oonse. 'the oriy sure rnt.d e fe
remedy on the m, rk-t. Manufactured by
A. Augendre, l'art, ironer-. 2 er hox and ,
for sale only by II. !r. 1'rbhen S Co., sole
agents, loelena. Mont.
The Wourld's l-air--tVlhat It Means.
It means that from May 1 until (Oct. 31
there will be on exhibition in Chicano the
tniumtihs of all the ages. The rftrest and
choicest specoimene of the handiwork ,of
roan from the nations of the earth will be
there to instruct and delight.
That for six mtinths Chicago will be the
most cosmopolitan esot on the globe.
'that the American people will have the
wonderful opportanity of miugling with
Pi dkid fhhi or huiing. `
so wili:n, all tappreciate5;
ad' f takig along #
Condensedi Milk. . It is wmnst., i
clous in c~ftee, tea, chocolate and
numerous summet drinksa. or
30 years the leading brand.
,,.Your Grocer and Diuggist sel i.
For tea, coffee and chocolate use undiluted. It's better than crea. u.
n., .. .u.. - - - - - - -- -- ** **
and observing the habits and eharaeteristica
of thl peolia of every nation in the world.
That "villaRes" of the different foreign
countrle, eeoatruested by aad made up
entlrely of the s eople from sash conntries.
will be a mest intereetiml feature of the
That the American eitisen, of whatever
foreign birth or parentage, may early him
elf back aglain to the land of him mrigta
by visiting and studying thpse foreign
That a few dare or weeks apent at the
World's fair will be worth years of trayse',
Shat this is the grandest opportunity the
American peosle hare ever had for later
esting stady and pleasure. and that a trip to
Chloagodnrilngthe next six months will be
the event of a lifetime.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
way offers the best and most frequent train
service from St. Pant and Minneapol.i to
Chicago. The only line lighting its trains
by electricity. The moat perfect dining
service, and the best sleeping cars in this
countr-. Ask your agent for ticketsk via
"I he Milwaukee"-the Government's Fast
Mail Line, or address J. T. CoNLzr,
Asa't. Gen'l. Pass. Agent,
St. Paul, Minn.
Nora.-Write for a C., M. &lt. P. World's
fair folder. It gives full partieulars as to
how to visit the felr and what it will cos.
Sunday Exegraton Itates.
Commeneing June 10, the Northern Pa
oife will sell SuBnday excarsion tickets from
Helena at rate of one fare for the round
trip to the following points: Bonlder.
Bloulder Hot SpringP, Marysville, Ellieton,
Avon, Townsend, and Alhambra. Tickete
on sale Saturdays end Sundarys and good
to return SBnday or Monday.
A. D. EDOAs, Gen. Agt.
J]rng East-Save Time.
Going to Chicago and east your short
quick ronto is via St. Pant and "TheNorit
weaten Line." Leave Butte 6:46 a. min..
Helena 10:15 a. m. to-day, reach St. Paul
6:36 a. m. second day, connecting with fast
day train of "The Northwestern Line"
leaving St. Paul 8:00 a. m. daily and arriv
ing Chicago 9:85 p. m. same day, making
lese than sixty-three hours from Buttq and
less than sixty hours from Helena, which is
several hours less time than via any other
line to Chicago.
'Ibis 9:8t6 h . m. arrival in Chicago insuree
honnection with all the principal lines from
Chincago east, and "The rNorthwestern
Line" is the only line from Bt. Paul that
makes all of these connections in Cbicago.
O aill forms, Neuiralia, plpnsmsT Fits, lleep.'
luseness, lDullness, DizzinesstItlllet, Ovpilitl
Ilnbit, Irulkennee:a i, ere.. are cured ehy D)I. t
llE11' Ii 1*t'1OIIATLtVL NEIRIVINI,. dO.
covelrud hv the eualtent nludiana bypeeialat in ner- J3
voas diselses. It does not contain oplatrtsordun
ositr srlugs. "hiloe hoen takhgi) D]I. Mi let. ' I'
From ~;eptetlnier to January BteI:OitrE Ussing the
i-.:ovine I had at least 75 cervu.loitO, nell nEw e
otor three nlonths' use have no nlore attacks.
JOiN B. COLLINS, ltomeo, Mich."
"I have eren using DR. MIIIES' REl TOR- G
A.T'lE NYERVINR for hout four moths. It F
hila brocught me relietf and cure. I have takIn It
f r epilepsy. anod after using it for one week have C
had no attacks.
lIt'1.D C. IIRASTUS, Ienthvlll,. Pa.
ITr htad Neau'cia aod lecart Disease very bit. T
Iwt A i'st I; chlfltletCed to h uso Dr. llilre' K Ul.n'
tiA'., ii nlceld Ato Orre far th Jfr'i,,'. After J
tQuilltg 13 alti 'CS I i ur. carle. Te Ea.eorvio in
npenildid to ,ui!d I0p the ayste'tu and mlal:e rich
blonl.,A te'trrt.,o.lly ateeaiud thi'-! l:igh:0iiof Ji. 7
.ait.' Lerre ii .t Li.tr POlls. They cured me of In
digestlo, ain othi r disrders. I recommend Itbhe
illhighl.y. MI:. J.d. U. OERITO,Wapa'zonetu,'it
Sold on a positive guarantee. F
Fine book of great cures Free at Druggists Evert
whlere. or otldress
ROP. rI'ILES' MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart. Intl d
Eold by all d ugliste.
$, .
it is betiefit to the human race. KEEP L I
I tit:Ant.rt, vintit y by the use of
Quck cntl Cn,,oiit to aCure of nil Disenaea of the
tkin, Iilueyc. Itaditer until L.er. It checkrs
Ithchumxetlsm iull Jluaria, rclltvenConstitpntlon
l.ysbp!eia, Biliousnyess, Iiclache, Coated
'ITongue, ean pufs f-esh e:lcrgy ilnto tho system
by ktiii'.' flew, Rich Blood. 'InL' rfehtno'R. It
cani'.[t ts leaten h en a prevcntive lf ,isacr e. Eold
and unsL everywhere. I a bottle: 6 for $U
IT.i T tiextrrlinrlary ReJnveator is the
min tsiwle ieftl ditseoveryrof kte age. It
II Iheott c, e itt ed by the lcalitig aclon
tiC tltn of Eluropt anl rimeica. HUD
S YN is iurely vs.etaloi. HUOYAI PSet'",
d Prematureness ol the Discharge i 110
tin .s. Curn.. LOST MANHOOD, Cttoaitipa
iItin, Dizzitness, Fallin'g -tetatlonO, Ner
vois Twiti ing or tleu evesn atnd otiter
I : ntsi . B tre n g .h e n s , hl ; T. ..o r tcS , n d
i I toutstheethtlrvsItIem. HUDYAN cUrs
S I t,.tnlity. Nervousluehsi Elnialos, and
' dvl.vU!O|,(.: so:ul rea ores weak organslL.
. It lus ins th: hcitk. l,,sua by day or night
1 nrce stop', i i'i'd:kly. Over 2,000 privaet
I 'n',loro'nctt :. l'rmnlturetllz;S meant
l l.iut.'.'y fy Iheflrsht':.o. ltlsalynp
I i.ollt,,flthifo i w lvseaulat tnnd tarrel tes".
id ]t. el t- e t ht hi ,'si i (n 'lil dlys Iby t o.e of
I HUDYAN. 'flietliw :e,'vety wts made
ih," c ,>Lerict iltit, fth.Iyr famous Hud
n son ftdical Institule. It ts tIe strontg. ,
'st vrltz' r ,toae. IL 1s very jioverful,
Ir lout, larmler.s fothl nr $i 10) a packagle
i or 6 tiacl:tc-,s fur 5,00 (llt1 sealed
n, ioxe.l. Writ -t cugar.itde given for a
t1. cle If you tllny t ex Iexer andarenot
I Inlirely f'llr "t. i tllO.ere will Io sealt to
sot rt.i:itl lii i<l rgcs. Henl for cirtcIaras
l,5.ld ' Jlhitstll i is. A hltreC's
ief' 103. 3lurkt. :at., San Fruncaano
es .-aý.-t.t'I''
t..At I; (Ii tii'ilIiL 1 )Nt--NOTIt E IS
i,',r bi yi Kjttcthtt thei truotex, of nelto1 l .din
tn-ritIt t', l.v ), Jo *n . ru county, MonUtxu,
i ,Lonr of on irtckp (.. tif nail day. iiii'
! tien o, In ,,.i (" o af l ro dtrirt t( tito amIounut
of I. (. .: .'dllIshooloare pyaabIl eititez years
aftI a iat.a, t Iotiit nttUt,,oL b.,k itI luntuiter.
wilth ir-aIrýot :tt ti.. roat u: nix pyr eost Itr an
fl ., ititerr-t Oii gi-anni-attly att tarn, p:it.
u ton tnloVe- n -, rv t tlhe It tor'j et t anyand
a!i nih. nsl tal itt b-,nd.. at private rate. If
,lrrr"r- d for titn Itnt itrter ot of raid divtuict.
SIidý will bee ' ttt'd until twelve o oonck in. on
day of .aiu bj nltrtct ci,"rk.
110111,i:;Y HAL4'ORD.
JAI0I.8 t31"dl'KINh
D. Y. WAlINER. Diutriet('lork.
ioust publication Mnj Atl. m'J.
on sale by the following news
dealers in this city and state, fnd
in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wash- J
ington, California and Minnesota,
who will furnish single copies or
receive subscriptions for the daily '
or weekly: a
wend Caron .................M South Maina St
Uwend Caurlon...............182 South Main St
Fred san .....................I North YMain ts
T. H. Clewell........................Gold Block I
Woodman & Sanders..................Cigar Store
Samuel Hers..........Motor Office Power Block
O. W. Carpente...... Broadway. near Merchants
Goodman & C......Corne Broadway sad Main
i. Wendell.......................... Bridge St r
3. MoCormiok..............20t North Bodney St
Broadway Jish Market....Near Merchants Hotel
SM. Gaardan ..................825 North Main 8t I
A. eragnson...................42 North Main St i
J. Bohrbangh............ ......Grandon Hotel
B. Warmker.....:Corner Broadway and Jackson
iMr. Gocoke...............iahth Avenue .1
Broadway Grocery Co..............515 Broadway
. 'A. Allen..................Grand Central liotel I
Edmund Byer........Corner Sixth Av. and Park
A. Austin.. Broadway, next to Independent ofice 1
C0. O. oyNs..............Brown Block. Warren St
Daniel Morgsan....t.........201 North Rodney St I
Wm. Weinstein.....Cerner Main sad Sixth Ar
Hotel Helen......... ....... .....Grand St
sig. Manheim ......... .......Cosmopolitanu otel
O C . Stabbe....Triangle Drug Store. N.P. Depot
J. W. Ltsten .........................Mllsole
Gilderslere & Charest...................Granite
F. A. Scheuber............*...*........Philipsburg
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C. D. Kenyon.......................Dear Lodge
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Francis Irvine........................ Big Timber
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W. B. Annin& Co.....................Livingston
J. H. Dean............................Cinnabar
L. A. Marsh............................Kalispel
W. B. Herring....................... Kal.... spel
F. W. Buckson..................... Kalipell
I Nelson, Walker & Co............Columbia FaIls
Wolf Bros..................................flavre
A. ii. McDonald..................... Wolf Creek
W. F. Bcrgy .......................... Great Fall
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W. E. Chamberlin................ Oreat Fails
SI , M h. ir....................... .. Great Fatls
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UTAH, to
C. C. Gft.a> ........i.................Smalt s r
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the Owl News Co......49 W. 2d 8. St.. Elit Lake at
Smith & Son............9 Saitaenth St., Deltace
1. W. Graham........................Spokane
.F.F. I s .......lostofBce News Stand, Seattle
Mererr & Nathan. ....101 N. Second St., Seattle
Wenatchee News Co..................W...enathee -
Otto P. Johnaon...................... Wotatchee
Funnk's News DIpot.........PFcie Av., aeolma
B. C. Wilbur .......Pala.o Hotel, San Franolee
WilburTeblbls........Merchantm Hotel S. . aul
Wetlarl .. Dulnis.........lnotel I.n. St. PIal
trict court of the First jndijcil district cf
the state of Montana, in and for the counts
of lewia and iarkeu.
Jstate of Benjamin W. Crowninshiold. do.
hotire is hereby plven by the unelnralenod, eze.
tutor of the last will cud to.taentet of Sironmi
W. t'r-wniabhisld. deceased, to the eredt or. of.
and all lpersona hsvin claims e.g -ist t e raid
dlecead, to exhibit them with the n reoeary
voucher. w;thn lten months after tlo fhrt pub
ilciatin of thie +otic to tho .id t'eeutor at
Sthe l.w ut ce lf M eCtna l ul:ar. ot,un , ( Cold
tlock. In the city of Ilolus,. in the county tf
i.ew.e s.d t lake.a stat if luointaa. the .Fps
bong Uth pl.co for thie Ifanrarto of Ite bnali
er of said estato in the county of I ewi and
Exaeutor ft the last will mand testatnrt of hen
janlin W. Crowninbhield, deceased.
1)ate. aly l. A. 1). 1811.
Dr. (:Caton's IRliale Compunml for ladies are
Safe. Ir ,mpt. Eifoctuat. '.te o:ioal atnd only
rated. Advice .r U'IOIe L'el C C. tO . t
.en. Lme.u m
lA to to MNl.e
grand Atatomiai I Views 20 PFeat
Square, Illuitating the Sub
ject of Marriage and
Its Failures.
Instructive, Entertaining and Amus
ing.--Knowiedge ofa Life
Time. in One
Evening. -
Of the Liebig Wold.t'ispenear lof Helen. San
Yranciaeog end thicago, at .h folio sulg
piaoes and dates. and wil.- isl
omoie, giving ree coason
. atuns at hotel.
as follows:
WICKBES-Will lecture Mondae eveningi.Jue
5.at A. 0. U. s. hali. liae. oe.os awmnm
hotel, Monday an 'lneesday. Jhne e and o.
ELEHORN-Will lecture Saturday evening,
June 10, at thechoolhouas Olaes at ts Me
ropolitaun iHotel, Jane 10 and11i.
IOULDER-Will lecture Wedaeeda evenling,
Junoe at t hlmpkins hall. (fliceo at Windsor
hotel, Wedesday., Ihurday and Fridar, June
7, 8 and 9.
SMARYBVILLE--Tneeday evening. Jun. 18, at
MnIdendrick hail Offices at American otel
Wednesday and Thursday, June I an 15.
PHILlPIRUIIG-Will lecture Friday evening,
tJune 16, at the hall. Oflie at Mlederas Hotel,
tSaturday and Sunday, June 17 and 18.
No man can afford to mis this grand oppor
tunity to gain a knowledge of himself and con
sulting free these eminent spetalists on the
Boye under 15 not allowed at the leoture. Ifre
seates, No odllection.
The great, well known and responsible San
francieco, laceas city and Chicago specialists
now over years in Montana are physicians and
sugeone ablo to successfully combat the so-called
obstinate and incurable diseases, have spent
many years of study and research in the best
Hospitals and Medical Colleges of this Country,
and have no snperior in diagnosing and treat
ing diseases and delormities. Anuong the dies
eases with which they have met guCh wonderful
results, may be mentioned-those terrible dis
orders which have resulted in organi s weakness
Iervous Debility, renmatre Uocline, Impaired
memory, Mental Anxiety, absesceof Wi)ll power,
Melancholy, Weak-back and kindred ailments,
which so often drive to insanity or suicide or
render unfit to perform the duties of Life
Epilepsy cured by newly discovered remedies.
Diseases of the Rectum. Piles, istulaz etc
cured without pain, knife or loss of time. Di.
eafes of women. The Doctors have had wonder
ful snueces in relievingl hundreds of these poor
entiferers, and have perfected a home treatment,
bh which the patient cantreat herself at home
without the inconvenience experleneed by the
usual method of treatment. Diseases of the
9,ose, Throat and Lungs, Cattarrh and Hay
Fever are curable. Dieases of the Eye and .ar,
are operations performed without pain, granun
lated Lids cured. Spectacles and Eye ileases of
the finest Crystal groundto orderand perfectly
adulneted to ,uit the most complicated case.
Free examination of Urine-bring sample. I e
markable cures terfected in cases which have
resisted and been neglected and unekill
fully treated, no experiments or failure. If
a caises incurable the pasient will be eso inforn
ed. Cnses treated by tail or express, but per
sonal consultation preferred. Strictly con
I fidontlal and medicines sent to any pacrtofthe
a United States.
S104 Randolph St., Chicago.
8 East Broadway, Butte, Mont.
e400 Geary St., San Francisco.
:301 W. 9th St, Kansas City.
e13 S. Main St., Helena.
Private Entrance to Dispensary on South Jack
eson Street.
Quickly cures general and nervous debility I n
spin1 exhaustion. s.eur.shenta etc.
Completely. perfeodlb and permanently rejin,
snsting the vital energies; increasing nervoues i
power, renewing the ambition ol youth and the
courage of manhood; restoring to enfeebled.
enorvated. exhaluted, devitalized, or overworked r
men and women perfect constit.tionel powers.
Its extraordinary curative power manifests
Itsel almost immediately it is token. On this (
point the evidence of those who have taken it is I
uniform end positive. They spy they con fel I
the effect of every dosedoing them good. Itis a t
powerful nerve invigorating tonic, imparting its
restorative influence tirough the medium of the
nervous 8system to every organ and tissue in the .
body. It makesbnt little diffelence whether the
constitutional vigor hia teen undermised by
a tloe dlseae, overwork, or certain miechlevens
indisretion: or whether the broken down con
dition is called by one name or other, o long as
there is nr-ous ethajlstion. seneral or local
weaknesse-- lons enervation end debiltty are
the typeof the ailment this is the remedy.
'lli . ', i u HU 1 M'E1R from the resnlte of
over-mental or physical exertion, hardehip.
exposure, hidden drainsr cnprOs. or who hve
brought npon themselve. i alerie of affiotios by
ignorantly or wilfully violatin nature's laws,
will find in Caton's Vitalizer and Nerve Tonioe
the remedy for their certain relief. It speedily
removes all evidenoes of progreslve physiacall
deterioration, and rostorcLs the enfeo:ed energie I
to their natural viegor.
WHENIItEIt TtitIIE IS any weakness of the
vital organs, nervousness, proserations of the I
phyOal or menta energiesu, confusion of Ideas.
lack of self-confldenoo irritahility of temper,
melanoeolyl, cowardice wsaknes of the knees I
and bark. palpitatisn ofi the heart, dragging pain
in the lions, headache, irritation of the kidneys
an t bladlder;: milky urine, pernicious and hidden
wastes. resnlting in. a flture of the mentat and
physial powers, constituting an impeiiment to
euocem and unfitting him or hr. for the lntlie
and respnmsibilltee Of life, it is the remedy pal
A stingle packae will be enficent to inaugnr"
ate the work of regeneration, and cure in many
cases But stubborn cases often require more. It
will be roent potpaid. sec rlf irom obsurvation.
or ftOl per pakage, or pokag"s.for $5wU.
Addres all orders to
CATON MED. L'O.. Boston. Mes.
Montana Urni)ersity.
University Place, Near Helena
Conueo of Ialtruoeloem 1. Oollge. ,
Collog. Proparaterl. 3, Buolmese. 4, Nor.
mat 6. 5,Msle. i. Art. 7. Millitary. Ae
tlnstrutetlol in Common liwoaeL . Able
Iriatrsettoa. Iltegat bulidtir.
led Ire. Catalegne to the VeslIdeaq
E. P. TOWEB . A M.. D. .
Tam a Cones Iam Wi
  IeeUe errepcadeame
I I ehel of Lw.
,I lend ten cmte (tem)
' act'leclaat to
II e. tner, sir. ld y.
Us.e $1 Wkilnep slesh. e.e.I« Mu
P oHaMo enur a,. 1 oladdr m.
w oh. P., )._ le
s deL Ia saia a. su r i for to 8 n0
elrint as e, "t. ftm l e 1
aie eomnin No.1 oe suirveyNo.
d6 rcemwhIohiaw. I. W. ulel,tOardw,
thpas4{deef8fid7 U~~e~eI w 1 R. runniag
e ia .a, u te seae6nMo No
•~ "nl .IMI
Ih Q
of begin a
0on pr , Union Bale 1.o
to the lw 'e lo. e4 atSoe..
aa v.4w,
, au it o e i rv . o.ot, s!o.my of AM
w a w91.05 pt. r
thtia su1 Dermmw.3 n tto, e.a-? q to. it
/tinnce th 10e4 Wkmt ,11ltd okrnh ~ti. l i h
;eendeg4min 8 21511. tIl Ns
e t.a n oit t W5 i .
Id onvtl lode(mrt.M) 01'On the Num
c •aims ýihel w
eontb . t of'aranmy . 13 ioU 'sue'
2. lt suvt ,uoa. 1,tt00 andol.s U v,265 ad
(,a os tiotJok Unin L ae d fdsn a ore f or .
ti aof Jhnn Nu 1 ot.iotn uno wsa o.18.,
th aAdjl O cHOata tONlDe l1n.col Desti
e theotksNo.%1 survey NCo. IS.un .on -rIo
sere Month. ne 17, lW-i It 1.4. seth
2e lot Aton the ta rt y aoor No 4M0.dd
4,h7otlau oun U iontn and Mondea, wze. 16t
seLavsy oathul, seat the 189 at 10 oe lode '. moO
hur.,e Onfthescold le on thl-les ont.
survey No. ,1.,, survey
Any or al pseoal iniu n andve ereml to eld
Naiit or n prt tr, seyol- of *, here iotifiN.d
t8e lmout 0,sreNo. 4,(0; as ota 67t surey Ncoo. e1
tlo psent th aer chlaim. before the epa
tiodn thi notd sor be dnbards edy
r einlet Aio o 50 ent oach. paybl in05 Me esl
Datde of ni t pubiceation Jodae o. 18. at
tbondsionille loea ianterveyt~ on therteo seoenthe
iov No. th0 Choteau Count, Mintar.
HAen on, Monte .o. laiP-Nntitt Is btobsi
given ihat th p truttee of arohool ereiy notife
htean countyo Montaena. on Mode.efo the 1emth
dyof July. A. D. 1893. at 10 o'clockr a. In.. tf
th o.iAce of the schol boe in oa oeter.
will receive sealed ?ropoeale and sell to the
htrateot hidert poolnsi of J aid distrit to
the snaunt of .8th, a vote at the echool eal.
tron hiMd on the I7th dey of Jine. 193 re
laid bond. ilt be uon pon bonds of the do
comiffticn of the s each, pbayble in ten Moars
ande redeim ble aein neeeiloe adterdate theid
hbonds wll bie internt at the oai of seten per
cant pr f n 0,, paysble oemi-aanly at the
ofIheol o the trehuer oif htean oenty in 1 t
L enton, M~ont.
ain ubondst.onel ertifced check to the aont
of m100. ar able to the chairmen of the board of
trstes at acomp ch bid aa rta
eeof good faith. It in exTressly understood
and atipulated that the aucelesrfaltbidder .cd
furich at his own expense nine (It) printed or
lithographed coupon bonds, drawn in accord
u au, with the foregoing eperificatlio aned the
school laws of Montana.
'The trustees reserve the right to reject any and
all bids.
iy order the school trustees of the foregoing
- district.
Clerk of the Board.
IF to
In a trusted friend whose judg
ment was conceded to be good Li
in matters of finance and invest
ment, and he should advise you L
of a legitimate and judicious way i
to make money, wouldn't you A
naturally avail yourself of the
chance?' You would not only t
accept the suggestion, but you
would feel very grateful Sup
pose you regard us in the light
of such a friend, filled with good
intentions to serve you and in >
every way qualified to do so. Lec
us make known to the reading
masses YouR capabilities to serve
the purchasing public, making a
feature of your especial claim of
whatever nature, and the best of
results will follow. ADVERTISE
A- LL THE TIME-make no ridicu
lous distinction between dull
t"imes and good times-but never '
insert an advertisement of any
nature, kind or description that ,
has not been carefully prepared,
and that says only what you want
to say, and says only what you
CA1N and WILL do to the letter.
and iMllllng Company of MoclI-aaa works
'1 located thre and one haf mles rom IMtto.
tilror Bow ouunts. Montiat.
Noticelehge g iren that at a mesntlgot
tustel nof mid oompmtyO bol 0on the lithi d of I
Slay lit an .eeesmRsn of 34 ceot per shiar
wapttheInta tock of ra.id conm
qat, tayablo on the 1d de of Jully. 1iS. to Ji hn
-Y. Mr. aeotary of rald compaly. t the ottice
of thserlo MItlon and Wlling olmpanyt ofon
t roetom lo. 410 CommerotalI.blling, tt.
r u Any stok spotwhleh saWi eeseaoent shell res
mai unpatu i ots lOSS wly July IpIS shall
tlwd mu~l auc.t. sion, sod unteseuw rpa
meet its medstsole. wrill be mold o tbe d dci
ol AsuSt, 1SI. ti Da te Cdellnquent .s.e.
Mee. tregthef with th e. of edvort llng end
.zp. ofsat. l JBJ N P. MBIt"i.
Some etuof Said C'ompany.
oom No. 40 Commero I-laluiag, st Lonts.
SM.. Onoe of ,aid Comppay.
5T- PA L,,
< The. Dining Ca Line.
I caeisg; Get. .se ovu g t Teii wTna.
S.t~T Yellowstone Park Line.
E yri WONDERLANDrL nDaebd oal
The People's Line.
i' l751.55. ' tia .
coma 8eesse, Portl.a Std . et SeuIln.
. .h Tourists' Line.
ý i Dally Express Trains.
Through Tickets
Asrold ato alon son eeo e of th North.se
t Nothat uth
and West. Is the UNitd iStat. and Canada.
t afrt Moday, n 1890.
nAIxa AsITYV AT u..ss.
1 l. PaoS MuL w iuet bound .......0: D. za
el.3 tlmthhmL1 ist boud ........10:4,aS
h..0. Loi aad lesions puaenger,
(co n at Lalr with rain .
. aron and A bnd).... :05 m
ieoasecting at G.arrion with 1eo. ,
Atlantico E sprea, eat bound) ..... 12:20 p. m
as8 Marynle penger. ..........11: a. 1am
No. . Wri 4Nond. rad boin ..... Oto p. m
Sa1am0, orond W :0.
. ae.daye sure ýrtaDri ......... .... E C 00 . n,
No. 1. Psoiin Mail west bound ........1O: p. in
i. 2 Atlantisas est bound........10:i p m
No. 0. Solnsn and Lgan peerenger,
(eonnratllg at Logan with No. 4,
Atiantio xprus.. lat bound)...... L:40 p.
No e. 5 mrribnn snd Ilatens paslnger,
(onectin at b rriston .with No. 8,
Pa alo Epnes l west bound)...... :1 p. m
No. 7 Marysvlvlle asfenaer........... 7:4
N . %Mareville accommodation....... 8:1 p. m
No. I. Wiokes. Boulder and Elkhorn
pasasnoe ...................... 7:Oa m
1 N. 102, ýlmlntmixed, Mondays, Wed
nesdaur nd rids ................. 8:16l. in
t rr ltas. Meaps,Time Tableu or 0p.olpal
Information apply to Ohm.. toIL F Goasra
SP·iiogor and Tiokt Ageaut, St. Pa ul
liral., or
a Genoral Aent of the Northern Paolo ic RB. al
Remember this: The greatest ling
Sof railway operating between St.
r Paul or Minneapolis and Milwau.
e ken and Chicago is the Chicago.
Milwaukee & St. Paul. It owns and
d operates, under one management,
,e 8400 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR
handsome, elegantly equipped pas.
aenger trains from the Twin Citie*
- that run through to Milwaukes
and Chicago without change of
oars of any class. TWO trains daily
to St. 'Lotls and Kansas City. TChe
train service and general ,teqClP
ment of "THE MILWAUKtE" is
not surpassed by any railway in
America. It runs the famous and
only electric-lighted vestibuled lima
ited train to Chicago daily-con.
sidered the finest regular train in
this country.
It is the Offital Government Fast
Mail line. If you are going to Chi.
oago, Milwaukee, or any point
east or south, or to St. Louis o1
Kansas City, out this out:
Leave St. Paul .7:1 a. m., arrive at Chicag,
yh 10:0aim, oevening.
Leave St. Paul A 2:ml p. m., arrive at Chioage
0:14 next morning.
id Leava it. Paul A 0:6" p. m., arrive at Cbiceg
7:00 next morning.
l.evý it Paul A 8:10 p. m., arrive at Chincag
It- :80 next morning.
Leave St. 'aul A 9:10 a. m., arrive at t. Louis
7:80 nest morning.
)U Leave St. Paul C 7:11 p. in.. arrive at t. Loas
0:1) next evening.
Leave St. Paul A 0:16 a. e., arrive at SEnas
7 City 7:00 nextmorning.
Leave tt. Paul C 7:11 p. m., arrive at Kaurs
UiCty 8:00 next evening.
A Daily. B IExcept Sunday. C Except Saturday.
ie Palace sleepers on night trains.
Parlor chair cars on day trains.
ly Dining oar service superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union
Du Depot. No trains. For lowest rates
to all points in United States and
Canada apply to any tickeC agent
or address J. T. CONLEY.
bt Assistant Gen. lass. Agt,
Easlly, Quickly and Permanently Restored.
It is sold on a positive
guarantee to euro any
form of nervous pros
tratlonor any disorder
of the genital organs of
either sex, caused
Beore. by eceive use of After.
obeCo. Alcohol or Opium, or on account
of youthful indiscretion or over induleence et o
DinRlnee, Convulsions, Wekeflnne. ea, eaache.
Mental Depreion, Softeningof the Brain. Weak
Memory, ea ring Down Paine, Seminal Weakness.
ter. octurnal bmissions BSpermatorrshs
e of Power and Impotency, which if neglected,
soty lead to premature old age and insanity.
Soeitively guaranteed. Price, $1.00 a box; boWxe
for.O00. Sent by mail on receipt of price. A written
gusrantee furnmlshed with every b.00 order received.
to refund the money if a permanent cure Ia eS
NERVIA MEDICINE CO., Detroilt, Mich.
For eatl in Helena by the Paynter l'rulg te
wholeeale. d retail druglsts.
court of the First Judicial dietrict of 'the
state of Montana, In sad for the couont of
SLewi and Clarke..
T. in. Crutotetor. plaintiff. vs. .idney A. With
erhse. d,.fedant.
The estat of Montana een& greeting to the
above named defendaent:
You are bereby required t.' appear ian action
brought agasingt yo by tile abovo named plaintiff
in thi district court of the First judicial ditriot
of hoe state of Montana, inm t fur the countsy of
Lewss and Clarke. and to anewer the compaint
ltied therein, within t days (exciuev.o of the
day of service) after tie sorvioo on you of th
anmmons. if aerved within this countys or. i
purred out of this county. hot wsti in thnedtsirict.
witbhin twentydsae otherwise within forty DaysM
or'_bsnsent ylolaut will he taken mtyoe
aor"oarne to tia prayer ut msaid complaint.
Tho rai sctoun tse rutnig to recover a jd
meot agailcest you for thse sum of sil hundred
dolie.rs, alleged to Ibe duoe 'om a promlieeor
tote ezonutott by yot to tinm plantLI on the 119th
day of I ebruary. 1891, for the sum of air hnn
dred dollar, ansd dues and payable six monthe
after date and besr"g interact a tthe rate of one
er cent per month from date. Said note has a
credit enorsei thereon of twenti-lvo dollars
patio ept. 1b. b1
And you are hereby notified that If you faet to'
appear and enew.r the sacd coplaint, a aabove
required the aid plainti lwilii take judgment.
against yrou for the aum of live hundred and
eeventsv-tl dlolla,. with Ilnterest and cooets.
GIren nuder my band and the ese. of the dl. -
trlctcourt of thne First judioiai distrct of tis
t ate of Montana in and for
, eounty of Lewis e nd Clarke.
{eal tirt this 18th day of June. in tl,
Jud. L)st. -year of on Lord one thouans
ourt, r ighth.ondred and ninety-thre.
B. C. Garlan, Attorney for Pla na yu

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