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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, August 18, 1893, Morning, Image 4

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Item ttaneso at the risk of eubhoribir unloes
made by registered letter, chock. or ~,stal or ex
press order, payablo to The Independent Pub
lielin Com( any.
fiW'ersons desiring the INPI'.rNorNT rorel 1
at theitr homes or place of husiness can order he
postal card or through telephone No. 103. 'leaso
report, asos of irrogular delivery promptly.
Advertisemente, to insnro prompt insertion,
ulould be handed in before 8 p. im.
Rejected communications not returnable us
lea postage is encloasol.
'T'ERIttM ()F Srt ' tltll'TION.
Daily lincluding ulntnyl per year .......... $10 00
Daily lincluding Sunday I six months...... 5 00
Daily Iincluding itulnayl thr, months.... n 50t
Daily I excluding s.unday I per year......... V 00
Daily (excludhi: ondayl per month ..... ..
Saldaty only I in advance I x.er y,'ir......... ` 50
Weekly lin advance only] per year......... 200
Daily by carrier. por weok. sorven issttelo.. 25
D-"Montanian. abroad will always fimnl T'
DAILY ]S'NIF.soN. 'r o:1 file at their favorlto
hotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitau. New
York; West, iMinnutlapols: loaltdwin and Palace,
Ean Francisco: Mcllermott, lihito; Leland llotol
Springfield. 11l.
I erorted for ~I~x I.nr.aNpXvr dally by E. J
Glass. tnittnti itatesobserver.
C:COa.m. C:lt p m.
Barometor.................... 21.130 29 757
Iem stt re ................ 47.0 188O
Wind .................... s-- 0 e-o
Tdmtsepratlre at noon, 71.0.
(.Maemum temperaiutr. ot) o.
slinimum tamperatore. 4ou.0.
Local forecast; Probably fair; slight changes
I temperture
litelen Anug. 17. 1801.
SIr~lvr is tile money of the people
and the democratic party is its cham
UNCLE nOsACE r OIES positively do
clares that he is out of politics. Per
iaps. But are politics out of Uncle
Horace Boies? Possibly. But we shall
not believe it until the senatorial fight
ie Iowa is over.
MCKINI.xY says we have got every
thing we had a year ago except confi- t
dence nnd prosperity, but he did not
idl that we have lost both under the b
Operation of legislation enacted by the 0
erpublican party.
HiSENATOR MANDErlSON, of Nebraska, a
has taken himself off the list of senators t
reported to be in favor of repealing the c
purchasoe clause of the Sherman nct. n
e is for free coinage of silver at a ratio It
at twenty to one. They are all getting p
O er to the winning side. b
CoL. LAFAYETTE YOUNG, editor of the ti
pes Moines Capital, was a candidate for f
te republican nomination for governor b
of Iowa. The roll call disclosed a a
Hibernian majority for him, and pro- n
Nerved him from the humiliation of de- it
feat at the fall hustings.
,VIMON·rANA, the Treasure state, has
more natural resources undeveloped
than have yet been dreamed of, and
with the returning tide of good timeos,
which will bear many homcseekers on
its crest, the state will easily excel its
phet record of prosperity.
Goon for Secretary Iioko Smith! His
consent to represent the people in the
rmineral land case before the supreme
court is evidence of a good head and a
generous heart. It he wins the suit for
the people, nothing in Montana will be
foo good for him. We pledge him in
advance Montana's vote for president
in the national demooratio convention
qf 1896.
,WVE hear it frequently said by the op
ponents of silver that we cannot suc
cessfully maintain free silver coinage in
the United States because England is
Opposed to it. Yet the same people ad
fpit that England can maintain a gold
standard with all the rest of the world
in favor of silver. If one country can
dot up and maintain a standard for
itself, why should not another?
IN the big tiro at MIinneapolis the
other day, in which hundreds of dwell.
ings were consumned, scores of families
lost the money they had been hoarding
since the run on the banks began. These
are indeed distressing onces, and what
with the burglaries that are frequent of
late, are likely to cause much apprei:en
sion and uneasinces to people with
money in insecure hiding places. There
is no safer place for money than in good
By the way, the Wall street protest
against "fifty-four cent" dollars is very
faint these days. The "fifty-four cent"
dollars are eagerly accepted at par, and
they are so scarce at that that a g:odl
round premium is being paid for thiem.
It is alittle hard on the rest of the
country, but those New Yorkers art'
getting some practical illustratlions of
the workings of a single standard that
they won't soon forgait.
Tir, honors of deblt, thus far have
all b on with the silver men in congrmei;.
The speeciies of \e t, \oialtt and '1.1-I
ler in the senate ;rold the brilllia'it off it
of hiiriin in tie l(oul ihave lt I,, I
equanlil by the orators of ti g,,ili
-tandlrd .ia re. Ar.i, i!e rn trv is
getting on tthe i -d~ 'f silver ver, rai ,u.i
The fact, that with moreI th: hallf t.hi
money if 11, i urld v.' iped oi t, asiii onld1
be lthe e:iso nith itlver dlinnetizeli
there " uldh not ibeslll ient ;rculati,,t
nmelium t. Iruuan. lt the wrll', bl irini ,v
is rmhiliiily 4la niui g on tI, -:n.l- .ven
of Neca 'Iirk al ikcrel. '1 hey are blegin
ninig ti 1:.k of coaimlpromtrise, and that
mlles slurreonrldr.
OuR nie ýlbi o rs t~I the east are fuig ra
tively it eiover and literally in: ";' t,
oats, bariey toil corni, awrinirg it thli
weekly crop ieport mnade Ito the general
freight departmenet of the Nort helin i
oiSc. Crops ;,re reported i t ,er than is
generally supposed. T'll.u .iin thai t fell
the first week in July proaed very benie
ficial, and in fact savr 1 tlo tcrot. '1 h
straw is Fhort, but l the leas are re
markably well tilled out. hlarvest i
about half finishled in North I)akit:a.
The harvestingof the grainm is easy ork I
this year, as the gramn was not lodged
by wind or rain storms. (Oats and bar
ley are fair crops. 't.ero are ml:,eiy
fieldsof corn, and it now looks as though
it would mature before the arrival of
r the early frosts. Thremhing will be eoa
menced in many localities the latter
= part of this week. Wheat Is plump and
hard and will grade high.
Tan Great Falls Tribune says:
"From Helena comes the news that ao
Stunl work has been begun on the Mon
tana Midland railroad, the Castle line
which Helena proposed building last
year. There is no lack of nerve in Last
Chance gulch, and nothing could prove
its existence more than an undertaking
of this kind just now. It reality backs
this report we ahall order three coeers
and a tiger for Helena, in which a'l
Groat Falls will gladly join." Well, you
may start the yell. The surveyors have
their tents pitched down the valley; the
grading contracts have been made and
the men and teams engaged. Helena is
ill right. There are a few white-livered
squawkers, Main street loafers, who will
try to convince you to the contrary, but
don't you believe them. Business is
dull, of course, as it is all over the coun
try, but you may travel over the conti
nent and not tind a town on a more
solid foundation, with brighter future
prospects, with more genuine pluck and
bettor able to meet hard times than
this same Helena. Keep your eye on
us. We will be the liveliest town in
the northwest in a twelvemonth.
Twa first of the suspended national
banks in Denver, whicn closed their
doors on July 1, resumed business yes
terday. The depositors in these institu
tions signed an agreement to accept time
certiticates for their deposits, and re
sumption was thus made easy. It
would have been brought about before
had the depositors been more promlit in
accepting the propositions. The trouble
with all the banks that have suspended
has been that depositors would not co
operate with the bank officers. Very
few banks in the country would have
closed their doors had their depositors
not pressed them to the wall by making
extraordinary demands upon them at a
time when currency was scarce. So,
when the question of opening the doors
of closed banks comes up, depositors are
slow to respond. At least three of the
Denver banks would have resumed two
weeks after they closed their doors had
the offered plan of resumption been ac
cepted promptly. Depositors have
stood in their own light, for had they
accepted time certificates for their de
posits such certificates would have
been roeadily accepted in settlement of
debts, or as collateral for loans, and (
thus depositors would have had their
funds immediately available. It is to
be hoped that when our Montana banks
are ready to offer inducements for re- I
sumption to their creditors their depos
itors will not stand in the way.
The Miserable Millionaire.
I am so very, very rich it is a nuisance quite;
It keeps me anxious all day long and wide
awake at ni;ght.
My bonds they are so many that it makes my
fingers sore
To cut off all the coupons, which I deem a
dreadful bore.
I have six villas in the hills and seven by the
Elut they're no joy, but aggravations rather.
ulnto ume.
For when leho summer season comes I'm always
full of woe,
Because I can't make up my mind to which of
them I'll go.
I have a stable full of rigs and horses for each
Yet though they're all of blooded stock my
horses I must thun.
Because wlhn I'd go driving in my sulky or
my brako
I cannot seem to choose the one 'twould please
me best to take.
Upon the water 'tis the same. I've craft of ev
ery kind,
From dingies up to steamers swift that leave
all else behind,
And yet I never venture out upon the sound or
Becau e mny mind and I do not seem able to
Now wea! ln is very lovely, and there's much
that, it will buy,
But 'tis a sorry burden to a fellow such as I,
For just the thing I need the most gold helps
tnt not to lind,
And t hat, asnyocu may guess, In brief, 's a firm
and stable mind.
-IIarper's Bazar.
Donbts as to Peduncle.
Maultd-IIow" do you like that young Mr.
Pedutit le?
Srecne--- don't like him at all. He's either
very stupidi tr lie's au ilnpudent upstart. I
said to hinr at the party last ltight that I
didn't feel like eating anything, and he
said, "WhIy, Miss Squires, you certainly
look well enlough to cat."
"Well, what, of that ?"
"Why, he should have said I looked good
enough to eat."-Chicago Tribune.
Well Informed.
"o., Uncle Jack, you don't much believe
In t he idelta I ::t lmten are called to preach."
"Wall, ,L, d lanwd Iwont callsonue nlig
gets ti r prw: It, lbllt it sorter 'pears ter tte
dcat. whnt di, I awd calls ot.ne (On Man Lazi.
to - calls etr dtz.n. Nine nigger preachers
out 1"' tell is dlt laIzies' pussnItcs in de worl."
"''llow tdo yu know, Unclei.lackt?"
''"( 'az I'ze ,r preacher necrse'f, sol. "-A r
ka:lnull Triavelet.r.
Thie Melon In the Well.
'ihe fitis ktep cool in Billville, for every
hlts gut a lt- tlt duster all t big pIalmetto fan.,
\nt ,% , t lit '.,at lhere riles 'erl acn biles 'em
for i l ýI'!1
'hey .iit t I ::C. n tithe acl'nttntance of the melon
In 11th' \we: ,
I t"r tlh cr-,l.et dew that ever
A )I the ' a- tin ltlies fell
Ah ,'t I, thill to ll.e Inelou -
'i ` tI l I ll m Ihe twell!
The f,!l t I. in Itillvilln.-non of 'ert
Ktet n.teit I, tan: ill a tltitLCe than yotu'd runl
dowIIn In It 111e,
An i itl an n,. wnah slimshine, illip quicker Iane
t' tell,
They'd beat it all to llinders I tthe melon i.n
For ithe oolest br,-ezt that ever
1in!. end tile dalira,, tn tte dell
A'il'I l';is Is wt Ith l' -
ifh the ttlt' tti e i t 'he v I
- Atll t o:t t onstn n lit ti on.
Anti ie DIropped Thena a Line.
".tr' yolt tlkitltg i itt . ,in nr if or to the
fish?" inqtir, d the tln t oil rnt'sethal', rein
"Tothe int, ," answered the sutnblrned
man n the low, .inte-nty watt chingin hiscork.
"I am trying totdraw I hr'n olt."Chicago
('l'den l lilary A ind.my.
'thlis is the ,nly litt e'..s Liome saehool
fer tt'-ts in tl-e itito ttountaint reg.on. lie
lointson in onevaletnt arnd healthful; tihe
tou,se of title ii ro.vti atl thoroushi: its
cot'Si f tnittIrrete ',ttnusuaily t.on g. Ex
p) tAits $101) tn ,'otjj ihas thait at eastert
eeiooos. A.. 1V to Capt. C. L. Howard,
()gdsa City, U talc.
pU - O>' IIfli"ENA-
e Incorporated Under the Strict L"w'
it of Montana.
Capital stock ('nil, ptid).............. "100l0
Ito khod r' iability ....................... 1 ,0
ý,tea bands to stale ................. ittO1
Indemnity to deposlters............ $205 ,00
Value of seouritle, held for moConsy loaned 50000
i Accounts received subject to chek and a gen-.
e oral banking business dune.
e Pays interest on deposits.
d per cnt. on savings accounts.
a per cnt. on timo oert floates.
Your business respectfully rolici'd.
JAfi, M. TUCKEIRI Caslier.
1 -
I at's the exact description of all our Grooerios.
ur Colffees are the best that Java and a.razil
prodiuce, not undrinkable adnlteratins. our
('o"fre list Includes the celobrat.,d (C. t i. at 40
cents. aThat's a spicy list that ha, tile flavor of
col'er about it, Our tea list is just as full ln-l
high flavored. We have all kinds from 250 a
pound up. Whoen it comes to spices, we h rve
them all genuine as a coin from the mint, and at
the lowest prices. Our ttandard t.akint P'ow.
ders need no comment. uenaine goods, Quick
sales, fresh stock-you find all at
Edwards Street.
The entire stock of H. M. PAR. 0
CHEN & CO, consisting of Paints,
Oils, Window Glass, Plaster and
Cement, will be sold at greatly re
duced prices. Fishing Tackle,
Brushes, Perfumery, Toilet Arti
cles, Etc., Etc., will be sold at
actual cost.
Notice of Assiglmelit.
Notice is hereby given that Shir!ey C.
Ashby has made to the andersigned a gen
eral ars:gnment for the benefit of all the
creditors of said Ashbr, without i refer
ences, end that the undereigned hns cc
col ted said trust and taken t cssesiaon on
uor raid nesa'ginent of all the p opertr of
tli. said Ashby. All persons indebtel. to
the said Shi'ley U. Ashby are notified to
mek-, immediate payment to the under
signed. , ither at the office at Helena or at
Great Falls. And all persons havrin claims
against raid Shirley C. Ashby are requested
to Present the sanme to the und. reigned
rro erly cluthentic: ted, on or before Oct.
i, 1893:. : his officeo in tiohe cty of Great
Paills, U a county, Montana.
the Msignmlilt Being Geoeral, for
the Bellelt of All Cretitors,
witt:rut prefe'ences, it is desirable that all
claims bshould be presented so that there
may be no delovy in declaring dividends
from time to time as funds are in hand for
that purpoe".
Dated Anr. 7, 1893.
Assignee of Shirley C. Ashby.
Japanese and Chinese Goods
Ladies' Underwear Very Cheap,
I:roa'lway, Next to Merehant, IH tel.
court of tire first Judioinl district of the
etate of Molleta., in and for the county of
Lewio and Clarke..
lsat , tte, ias, plaintiff, co. Ceurge I'.
'arker, d ftndan'.
Sheb state of Montana sends greeting to the
hoi i nater ddofendadt:
I., are PrT by retuileOd t ' appnar in an actlio
Lretgi t acaialt 3, u by tiho beove lint,' 1j I,.nintiif
in tho district court of the First judlciul distriot
tf th .tato oIf Montana in and for tlitcointr of
ewis ant Clarke andr to answer tie c.mtapsint
iled therein, within ton days (exclt..,, .f tha'
lay of enrvicrsl aftir the service on y),nu of this
sunolans. it cr;eod within this c(natty; or. if
srvirl iltl' of tinls Connte, but wiit: Ili i,.. "Lin lot,
Vithlin tneanty'dayr; otherwis with in for-y toys
r ijudsment by default will be taken talonstyoo
Eccordiniug to the praOer of eaid onlupinult.
Sho: a ~ xt1,.s . eratl Lt ,,rn or jugd
ilel aai~ll~t at youe r tutmul I ffO ty ofen
and C-1- 0 ,ili;,rs Sill interest o t, sltm of
lelhty livt ly,,I :,rN frilln the t1ti ,lay oif iay,.
l^'. 9 at, th, re, of u ten p,r cvi t r itaIam,
which ith liainltifl alliott in i0 s cll u, ltint to I
h, drl .in Euo clt defendant ,ti i s..."n "Trom
iuorI) ittu, n,: l,. rxecuto atd:d I.l ereOd iby
Inio (l. nvato, to' ,oeulsaut oa tli iii lay of I
'h.rlnarv. ihtl, n.ehproln the aaidt ., y an, prom
t u it, pren ,, dtieiuiat ti.oettl ,t ssi ii three
Itintl.n s ftiir alai, for sltimo r-.lici,i.l t'gettier
vwil hiririL, ti,.,..,i atthiratstl l rutn I.,-,,tpeor
ili'riiii ,lete will llrJ, which , iti unto whs
b; tld."fnl ltitl --if orectd to plaintit f [!' writing his
rn:. , ,. n il o lato k: -ref, an td tr t if, rrcland
Ir ,'pl c iii O Ii-d , t i. tru ier tror . t * th . day of
tar, I^'.. .il. end hich sald not, ic t a , i' , i e li 1 1h
ilt,,nf limay, l i-, pruiosatet I( ih,, ,+,Il ii I v.a'
ft r 1iy lnot t ii i iRynilt it tloret,f l'eealo ito t f c
it. ., It , oIann a11nl r'tfaut Ii iiiii and
h~vlh: aid n ,.t ,,W ai Ihert.l,,ii d y Ir ait irte l
for noi t-ayo , .iii rlie ro fo whiiti ilinil i, i a"
t ,i'iiiot ,ii tii'a witW gnivi I i t,, said O.
Sntiii a,'l Iht rail i ftiriaop ti, n,! t i f Wlhich
- .I`i1n liiat bli.* I tl erep tl u II "t of f#
tril toay . l'u , ; sid :a-y lii I I , sad I$
Ant yin arel tIiitiyy n tltif thai it ii falt to
Ot it so a .air - i, eaidl ci, Ii as above
,.,,,ro,. tie said il.lai tift wiil tni,,.' dgmount
f u l itault a ia I 1.t ioil f,,r thi, r i f tii..sl
us il ii , a *i ri, • . . i , if i', Sla . ye , ,I
l'II ei tItuI-er i1o haul ans i ftn i at tu ha die
itict coirt tf ihi lItit ,liimill fii ric o the
. at, of fl ,tatun, ii sail forthe
S('illllty Ifi I.*ii lt (a l liarks.
aL~ F rt • lia 1, h ,lai r , " : ,i" i n the
Je1 d l .lit I i ,. liro r|airo .... l d tlho s
, u rt. 1 lyll tLhu lrd ll a ,l tt~t.-tl. re
t'y J isi fit, iI , i , i lark.
"Ihic. (. i tac , Atorui .-y fr h'iIrtlil
ti 'lt'( Lfllut,l i' M P:I.3r' l i - ;1 Il'!(' It
inf- lulr , ilt l. of the
taiiy of stniitaoahwill leltht at [email protected] tthe
, I ii n on . i o , i li ed ,s c, i , ii at l
of -,id (',hn' t"i. to lr. eve tinitrv fiii triating
'pir mlf h, r.,i:,',di r liohe tn I t 1,'y, of the
JOHIo I'. MLYLit, .,il.- n
Sr -TH* " " _
M erchkrtsý atior a
Pa'd In Caplt.. . *3. , O;O
Surplus and Undivided Profits $170,OQO
i,. HII. RlI.IHCLD A.... ..... ,..,II. €
A. J. DAvLDSN ...... ....... :VicPtoealdent,
A \RO.N T RI.H..l..D .................. Casbi
7 P. BOWMAN.................... t. Casher
Interest allowed on deposits made for aspes
Sld time.
Transfers of money mrind by tePveaph ,
bxrhenle oldaon the prinlipal oitiew of the
United States and KErope.
noxs for rent t reasonable ratse in aur Are
and burglar proof safe deposit vaults.
A merican National
CAPITAL, $200,000.
T. C. POWER.........................Prsjdent
A. J º-EI.IMN .n......
A. C. JOtINlBtN ....................hir
COL. . CJUPE. 4e...t............. A ant Cashier
Dlrector, I
T. C. Power, A. J. Sellmen,
A. C. Johbaon. Richard Looke,
James Fullivan.
Interest alowed on time d aoslt. Ezohante
+svuedon princlipal cllis of the 1 nitet tltear.
('anada anct ruropa. Transfers of money made
b, telslraph. 4 oteotiona promptly attended to.
City, county'and state e 'ouritls bOulht and sold.
The Thomas Gruse
Inoorporated Under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
THOMAS CRUSE....................Preident
F'RANK H. ONUBE............. Vieo-Prsaident
M.NJ. COOAKUE '......:' ra. t -d Secret-ry
,M. . B.E.ENEY...................Trealurer
Thomua Crat, frrnk H. Cruse,
Wm. J. C('ooke, Wnm. J. Iweeney.
John Fagaln.
Allows 4 per cent. Interest on avings Deporite,
ompounded January and Junly.
'I'ranseaots anerel banklng bine. Draw
exchange on the prinoipal cities of the United
Staten anti Jnrope.
Deals in county and city bonds, and makes
Loans on real edt5e mortlagea
Ofce hours from 10t, m, to 4 p. m. Also on
iSaturday and Monday evenings from 7 to 8 r
No. 2787.
econd JJational
A General Banking Business
E. D. EDGERTON............. President
(C. N, COLE:; ..................... Vice-, resident
GEdIIGE B. CHIILD .................Cashier
JOSPI'II N. KkNCK.......... Asiastant Cashider
Ilo.arl of Direetr.ra:
J. B. Sanford. (C. G. Nvnn.
H. V. (ChiLd, C N. ('o0,
E. D. lidgertn, ceortre It. Child,
W. J. Hiotett. Gao, B. Holt,
J. N. Kenck.
N.. 4406.
The Jfielena J'ational
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi
F. D. EDGERTON........ .......President
A. 1. CLI.MENTS .... ............ Vice-Prosident
)RANK BAIR)D ..........................Cashior
JNO. W. LUKE................Assistant Cashier
Collections a specialty. Interest paid on time
dpoit. Account of nk Corporations,
irmt and Individuals solicited.
Enatern (..rr-ependents:
Mercantile National ank.............New York
Ft. Dearborn National l ankt............I hicayn
Commoercial Notional Hank ..........(hicago
Merchants Loan &'lrust('o ........... t'hieago
Ilerchant National ltank t..............St. Louis
8, Paul iational ank ................St. Paul
Montana Central Railway
In Effect June 19, I 893.
No. ?1. Atlantic Fxzre.r. eautbound. 12:05 p. m
No, 23. Pscifc xpres'. weFtl.tnd... 1:80 . m
No. 2. lbutts Loca., dally exropt Non
day .. ... .. 6:10 p. m
No. 1. Butte Local. daily, except Sun
day ................................ .. 8:0 a m
No. 21. Atlantic Expres.. eaetbor nd.. 12:15 p. mn
No. 2l. Ilactec Expreas. weatb.,notL.. 1:10 p m
(No 24. 1 ally.) ]
Is IHelena's beat and popular train for FT.
liNw YO'K.
l.eave Helena atl?:15 p. m.. arrive Ft Paulat I
to:5f. .n.. the s eond morning, and (Chiagn at
t:35 p. m. tl n tame night, making imn:edite
co: necli Ons for all points east and south.
For forther information, maps, rates, etc.,
call at
No. 6 North Main Street. Relene.
Cr write thse ndeerigne I
C. W. IlITTS. (Ity Ticket Agent.
IL II. LANGI EY. General lioet Agent.
Roses! Roses! Roses!
Fin. line of t
For bedding in all
,hadws. Also Tu
tbeloue rtt.tsd le- c
lonlsa sl b:rwm.
MIaland telelraph
order, filled Immo
slately. Cot Powerj
always oe hand at
the down town
store. Interl r deoe
orating a especlalty.
City toare. Baily Bloeak. Telephone 178
Ol1arke Gorxrad & Guttir
Our line of House Furnishing Goods is more extensive
than ever before and are offered at prices lower than
anywhere else.
We are now ready for the rush and you will find our
floor covered with a full line of Refrigerators and Ice Chests,
Rubber Garden Hose, Hose Reels, Hose Nozzles, Lawn
Sprinklers, Ice Cream Freezers, Bird Cages, Squirrel Cages,
Parrot Cages, Galvanized Wire Netting for Lawn Fencing.
Ring up Telephone No. po. Write or Call at
Our Motto is "Fair Dealing to All."
The Celebrated Lightning Baler
Cheap Buggies and Harness.
A. J. Davidson & Co.,
Warehouse National Avenue, Northern Pacific Railroad,
CARL AIIL, Pres. 1. NUMILLER, Vice-Pres. amd Tresu.
8. vEZICSEr , Gemeral Manargr .d secretary.
M. UNZICKAS, Western Meprslta1blve
Mining and Milling Machinery.
Gold Mills, Wet and Dry Crushing Silver Mills Smelting, Con.
centrating, Leaching, Chlorinating, Hoisting and Pumping Plants
of any capacity. Tramways, Corliss Engines, Compound En
gines, Boilers, Cars, Cages, Skips, Ore and Water Buckets, Wheels
and Axles, and all kinds of Mine Supplies Exclusive eastern
manufacturers and agents for J. M. Bryan's Roller Quartz Mil and
Hendy's Improved Triumph Concentrator.
WESTERN OFFICE-No. 4 Lower Main Street, Helena, Montana.
GENERAL OFFICE AND WORKS-Clybourn Avenue and Willow
Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Foundry Company;
Manufacturers of
Founders, Machinists, Black.
smiths and Pattern Makers.
Send for cuts of columns. Works
on St. P., M. & M. Railroad,
near Como avenue. Office 212
and 213 Manhattan Building, St.
0. M. POWER,
Secretary and Treasurer.
Contractors and Builders.
shop No. 19 Jackson Et.,
Corner Brook.narea. toz: to Minu's Opera
Loo,mo llstlra. Io~t.
Do contraoctimr and jobbing busineus. Au
e.ders promptly ueaute~.
Office and salesroom, Wholesale Grocery Department, south
room Granite Block. Salesroom I-ardware Department, north
room Granite Blo..k. Correspondence solicited.
Attorne at Law.
Money to loan on Improve I cityand farm
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Mrsonlo Temple. - H- elena, Montana.
Attorney and oulnsellor at Law.
Will rmatioe In all courts of record in the
Stare. t. tlee in Uold Block, Helena, Mont.
~;1vil anl Mnints Enganers.
Attorney.atI aw.
Merchants Natonal Bank uildlns.
Booms 201-218. Oranit Block.
Helena Montena.

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