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I nder and by virtue or an order of salo and
decree of for-elosure end sale issatued out of the
district court of the 1 irst judicial dihtrict of thu
tat. of Molntana. In and for the county of lewis
anil c lIrk. ron the 20th day of Aucnut, A. D., 1810.
In. the above entitledl aollon. whereion ,erome
Wheelok,. the above named plaintif. lobtalilr
a judgment and decres of forelsautre anl sa:c
against N. c,. 5ot canll..i .annie r. htc('on
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Cruse av.ngsa RVan. de:et:d-.nt., .o the 20th
day of Aeugnt, A. 1). 18,IS far the sum of
hIl8.i3, b,,nids interuet. costs andattornsys tee,
which saild decree was, on the 21th Isay of Au
gust. A. Ii. lv5, teeorded in jodsment book No.
oft said court at logo- ---. I ant oommandec to
sll all that certain at. piece or parel of land
rtoat. I tlnlg and boi g In the eoesty of l.ewis
and I lamer, atat of Loatsns. and boundod and
dtscrlod as follows, to wit:
lots numbsered six (0) and seven (7). In blocrk
nunrbored thirty-uine of the ' rieinal Towas"i
of the Siltl of Helena in said Conty al blate;
eacsh of said lote htiug a feroatgo en kilft
asvenne of thirty (1O feet and having a depth of
one hondred (th)) test, more or ioe. 'The more
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Anubll0 notic la her by given that on taturdy.
the 2ld day of Septoemer. A. I). 19:l. at 12o'ele0k
m. of ttL day. et the reunt door of tice cen
haso.m alsea, Lewle and latrke Oustuty, igou -
ans, l will. in obedlence to saIdd odlCr of el
and decree otf forealesre ad sale, sell the alasve
described prperty, or so mneh thereof as ly
h noreaasry to atye said Jrudlament. with In.
trestl ald cots to the higheet and bolt bidder.
for cash in iaud.
(liven oaier my hand tis Kt Oth of at An
gust, A. 1. WlIS.
by Flo B. Hos.. Under EkertL
Edward Lqw Terrorized the Ntw
England Coast in the Days
of Piracy.
eome Events That Were Stirring
and Deeds That Were Re
voltingly CrueL
A Career Probably the Most Bloody Ever
Kaewa in the Whole History of
The first 20 years of the eighteenth cen
tury was thie golden age of piracy on the
American seas, and one of the boldest buc
caneers of that period was Edward Low,
whose crimes and daring adventures won
him a lasting name in every European col
ony in the western world. According to n
contemporary chronicle, which has been
unearthed by the antiquarlian of the St.
Louis Globe-Democrat, Low was an Eng
lishman and was horn under the shadow
of the great Westminster cathedral in
lie entered upon his naval career very
early in life, and after following the sea for
a number of years drifted to Boston. where
he sought to earn an honest living by learn
ing the rigger's trade. Business was slow,
however, and Low, not being appreciated at
the head center of Puritanism, took to the
sea again, taking passage in a vessel bound
for the bay of Honduras. A short time
after reaching this place Low had a diffi
culty with one of the ship's officers, and a
few nights later the watch found the offil
cer dead in his cabin, stabbed through the
heart. Low then found it would be con
ducive to his future health and happiness
to make himself as scarce as possible. lHe
accordingly left the ship in a small boat
with 12 companions who had agreed to fol
low his desperate fortune. Putting boldly
out to sea, they soon met with a small un
armed merchantman, which they captured,
and running the black flag to the mast
head they declared war against the world.
The desperate company then determined
to make their way up the great highway
of commerce along the New England coast.
They were not disappointed in their calcu
lations. They had not been on the coast
many days before a richly laden Rhode
Island schooner hove in sight. Low had
her under his guns in a few minutes and
after her surrender plundered her and cut
away the rigging to prevent her carrying
the news of the outrage into the coast. He
then sailed away to the south, and in this
inmov lll nt he showed wisdom, for not
wi !stanuding her dismantled condition the
plundered schooner made her way into
Block island and sent the governor a full
account of Low's exploit. The alarm was
instantly given, and before many hours
two vessels were armed and at sea in
search of the bold sea robber. But Low
was not to be caught. lHe was leagues
distant before the news of his exploit
reached the governor, and in a few days
the armament returned without having
had even a shot at the flying buccaneer.
Continuing in a southerly direction until
he conceived all danger was over, Low again
sailed north until he reached Port Rose
mary, where 18 unsuspecting merchant
men lay at anchor. Dashing in among
them with his "bloody ensign" flaunting in
the breeze, he ordered their surrender. The
terrified sailors instantly hauled down their
colors, and after relieving them of all their
valuables he sailed away with his hold full
of rieh plunder.
Soon after this event Low met with a mis
adventure which came lnear ridding the
world of his obnoxious 1ad expensive pres
ence. While near the Azores he took an
English vessel, and as a punishment for
showing fight he proceeded to butcher the
crew as soon as he was able to board her.
Among the passengers on board the ill
fated bark were two Portuguese, with
whom he ildulged some sport for the
amusement of his men, swinging the un
fortunate fellows up tothe yardarm several
times and lowering them to the deck before
they were dead. While engaged in this re
flued sport one of Ilis men slashed at ia
prisoner standing by with a cutlass, and
missinllg hisanlm snlmashed Low on the lower
jaw, laying openl his cheek and exposiing
his teeth. Upon this the surgeon was
called, who inlmmlediately stitched up the
wound, but Low finding fault with the
operation tihe sulrgeon, being tolerably
drunk, as it was customary for everybody
to be, struck Low suich a blow with his fist
that it broke oult all the stitches and then
bid him sew up his chops himself and be
d--d, so that Low made a very pitiful
figure for some tilnme after.
This accident, however it might have af
ftcted his persolnal comfort, did not abate
one bit his brutal energy. A few weeks
later, having captured a Portuguese ship, he
put the crew to the severest torture to
make them disclose the whereabouts of
some treasure which he believed to be on
hoard. Finally, after enduring excruci
ating torture, the Portugu(ese captain con
fessed that while tic eintg from the pirate he
hadl hung a box containing 11,000 inoidores
out of the cabin window and had thrown
it Into the sea when he saw that capture
was Inevitable. Low, on receiving this in
formation, raved like at fury, swore at thou
sand oaths and orderedl the captain's lips to
be cut off, which he broiled before his face
and afterward murdered him and all the
crew, being 32 persons.
This exploit seems to have aroused Low's
avarice and energy to the highest pitch,
and for two months afterward he took ves
sejl of every nationality, having captured
among .thbe prizes more than a half dozen
ships belonging to New York and Boston.
Hisa recent performances whetted his taste
for blood, And in almost overy case where
he met, with reslatanee he sent both ship
and crew to the bottom as soon as he could
secure whatever spoil she nmight be carry
lug. Some of thbu sport he indttgged In at
this tige,j.twed a bsrttal olltuality,
which5while uniaque, war by no meaPs any
the more pleasing to his vlotims.
On semiing a New England vessel calld4
the Amsterdam Merchant, he proceeded to
Inflict some peculiar outrages on Captain
Williard, the master. lie cut off thieski.
per's cars, slit up his nose, and after treat
ilg several of the capltured crow in a aim
liar mauber sent them on their way, not,
however, until he had stolen everything of
value from the vessel. About the same
time, becoming displeased at a remplrk
made by the captain of a small eoastwl.a
vessel he had seized, he pnislhed him by
tying lighted splinters between his fingers
until the flesh was charred to the bone, lae
then bade the offender bon voyage and
permitted him to sail without further mo
In June, 1728, Low entered Into a com
pact with another pirate named Charles
Harris, and the two together sailed up tyt
New England coant and commenced a series
of daring outrages on thel, shipping of UBs
ton and New York. Their exploits at last
became so hold and frequent that the
British warship Greyhound, which was
stationed on the coast, cruised out to see
with a view to intercepting the pirates and
giving them battle. After beating about
for several days tihe Greyhound sighted the
enemy, and Low, mistaking her for a
merchant vessel, bore down upon her, at
the same time clearing his decks for action.
The Greyhound had 20gunsunder deck alnd
ten time as amany men, but the captain,
seeing an opportunity for the perpetration
of an excellent joke, showed her poop and
pretended to be in great haste to get away
from so dangerous a customer. Low fol
lowed with all sail and chased for over two
hours, gaining slowly on the. flying Grey
On coming within gunshot Low ran up
tihe black flag and opened fire, but a sad
surprise was in store for him. Ashe opened
his guns the Greyhound came suddenly
about, and pouring a tremendous broad
side into the pirates closed in for a fight at
close quarters. It was now the pirates'
turn to show their poop, which they did
with creditable dispatch. Harris wished
to give battle and trust to fortune, but
Low, who was a coward at heart, fled.
Harris accordingly followed hard after
him, while the Greyhound caume flying
down the wind behild them. Harris was
taken after a desperate resistance, in which
a large number of men were killed on both
sides, but Low, availing himself of the en
gagement which was in progress, sailed
outof range and finally escaped.
Harris' vessel was carried into Rhode Is
land, and the capture was made the occasion
of great public rejoicing. A court of vice
admiralty was convened. Harris and his
crew were given a full trial, and on July 10,
1723, the entire number-26 in all-were
swung from as many gibbets near Newport,
where their bodies were left for many weeks
it -
swinging, black and putrefying, in the
wind and sun as a warning to all evil
When the archpirate Low gave the Grov
hound the slip, he fled fast up the coast,
breathing threats of dark revenge, and-his
after career proved that he wreaked his
vengeance to the utmost extent whenever
circumstance gave his barbarous ingenuity
room for play. His first capture after his
escape was that of a small whaler which
lie seized about 100 miles from land. I-h
subjected the master of this boat to the
most frightful tortures and finally put a
tardy end to his terrible sufferings by
shooting him through the head. The crew
he then placed in a rowboat and turned
them adrift at sea, expecting that they
would die of slow starvation or ibe lost in
a storm. By almost a miracle, however,
they managed to reach Nantucket after
enduring untold hardships.
Low remained on the coast for several
weeks, hoping for opportunity for further
revenge. During this time he captured a
fishing vessel and sated his appetite for
blood by cutting off the master's head, aft
er which he sent the crew into shore. lie
was far less merciful with his next cal,
tures, however. These were the crews of
two whalers taken off Rhode Island. The
masters of these vessels he treated with the
most revolting cruelty and would have
wreaked a similar punishment on the crews
had not his own villainous followers,
touched by the awful suffering of the offi
cers, peremptorily refused to obey his say
age orders.
From this time on Low became the ter
ror of the Atlantic, the theater of his in
numerable crimes extending from the coast
of Brazil to the Grand Banks of New
foundland. On retreating from the New
England coast in the summer of 17'28 he
repaired to Newfoundllnd, where he is said
to have captured It English vessels and 2
Frenchmen. One of the latter he manned
with 22 guns and converted her to his own
nefarious uses. All of the vessels were
plunudcred, many of them scuttled or
burned, and the crews in every instance
subjected to the most barbarous treatment.
To the crews of New England vessels lie
was particularly merciless, and the ex
quisite tortures he inflicted on them would
in many instances have done credit to the
ingenuity of the Spanish inquisition in its
most terrible days.
Low's later depredat ions were commi tted
on the coasts of Africa. So for Is is known
he never visited America after 172., but
confining himself in to those savage shores,
far from reach of any civilized authority,
he indulged in probably the most bloody
career ever known in all the dark and
bloody annals of piracy.
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tle clutob. lalliatives there are without
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inable malady. aeston to p.ocure and per
aisteutly uie Hostetter's stomioch Bitters.
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plailnt. and nervseness. No one sojearn
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jected to outdoor exrosnre in rough
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duplex burner and umbrella were $2. TO MAKE ROOM $1.5o
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368' Canal Street, New York. Sixth Avenule anld Malin Street, Helena
cort of the First judicial district of th
Etate of Montana in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke.
Caroline Kaltmeyer, plaintiff, vs. Frederick
C. Itobinson, Theo. tuffly and Walter Mathe
son. defentdants.
The state of Montana sonds greeooting to the
above named defendant,:
Yon are hereby required toappear in an action
brought againat yon by thte above named plaintitff
in the diatrict court of the First judicial distriot
of the state of Montana, in and for tile county of
Lewis and Clarke. and to answer the comvlaint
filed therein.within ten days (exolunove of the day
of service) after the service oat yon of this soum
mo, If served within this county: or.if serverod out
of this county, but within this district, within
ttenty days, otherwise within forty days. or
Jcudgcent bydefault will bt taken agaisnoty o
according to the urayer of tad outmylaint
'Ihe said action is brought to obtain a decree
for the foreoloenre of a mortgage oxacuteld bi
the defendant Fruderiok C. ttobinesn on July 1.
18Y1, upon that certain lot, piece ( r parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the F asterly aul
ditlon to the city of Helena, county of lelwi
and Clarke, anti state of Montana. ant partlon
larly dsecrihed as follows, to wit: "Lot numt
bored six (i) ton blook tumbered five huondred
forty-wino (549) of the said i asterly addition. baid
lot having a frotnta, ont 'Thltnl stroet of forty.
two (42) feet andi a dpth of one htundred (1())
feet, according to and as more particulsrly do
ecribed unoon the official plat of said onaotr ad
ditln now on file in the office of the conty re
corder of naid eoonty of Lewis and t lerkc; to
gether with all and singular the tenements. her
oditaments and epnutetanacesn tloetasito bL
longing or in anywise appertaining;" to meclre
the payment of a certain protnlesry anote given
b Wy the said deb ndant Frederick C. Robinson to
the plaiatift, Caroline Kaltmeyer, that date, for
the sum of I.2,000, due on tie let day of July,
1894. with ten per cent interest thereon. front
July 1, 1891. until maturity. interest payable
eami-annually as per interest coupons attached
to said promissory note, which, if not paid at
maturity, bear interest at the rate of twelve per
coat per annum.
'1hat a certain Interest coupon note on saidl
mt tgago note, amounting to the sum of $100. is
due, wit h interest thereon at the rate of twelvo
Ier rlt per annumt from the lot day of Jouly,
e93; plaiotiff also electse, a s prvl tld shoe
Itty. in alorteaid mortgage,. to reclare the whole
anmonnt secnred by said mtortgagc,. to wit: I he
tnun of two thouaand t$2,lntt,) dollars. to be due
no.1 payable, with ittorest thereon tront July I.
1 93, at the rate of twelve per cent per annnm,
agti plaintiff alsno sues for the further sumn otf
82l:t attorney feeas and for tihe costs of this ac
Also to obtain against the defendants Fredor
ick '. tobinson. Ihno. ilnilly and Walter Math
cson the usnual deocre for the tale of said luort.
gaged prelnisea, applyingl the proceede of such
asln, toward payment of ttSe amouutt duo to the
laintiff antil arringasnd forecllosing each (of the
tietndonte' right, ciainsn anti equoity of rediotnl
tion lu lhoe a-td protttise. And that the plait,
till have judgment and eucutSon egalnrt the
dlfetnldant Fredoriok C. Stobinton for any de
tiviency which may remain after ai,pyriug all
the ptroceeds of the sain of the -aid premises.
Itonrly- atilicablot t the satlsfacrtion oft said
judgttirnt. All as more fuolly alytar, front the
c.nomplaint on file heotin. to wbi h raforeneta is
heretby made.
A iod you are hereby notifiednt that, if you fail to
_ ps nr ant answer tIn raitl complalint. as i tvo
requtirvd. the esaid plnitltl wtill take jl:dgtuont
.reint yonu by tlefautit anti apply to sil court
for the relief deiman ode in her contlidtint tn
:1: hetreiln.
Iiieno under my lannd and the seal a-t the dis
triet courtl of the First juliinl ditelrict of thu
statt of On tttotala, in anl ftir the
A--' --- mtou!nty o, I.ewis .r. t'lIrtr,.
'dral biret l Ithis tIst day .f Attanottt lit tit:.
' Jtt. I ist. }- yr of y lip Lord tii, thousudt
o ourt. J 'iebhlto hunvdr.-- t,.td ninst, th lt.re.
----' JOlIN IIEAN. 'lerk
sly tews ( . it,-h.oe . I'elt tyl (ltak.
.. W. ]luiseher. Attorney for l'laiutttl.
AIPLtlCA ltl'N F'1" I \'l'I'N P.
I'. S 1 n-. pitte.'to . .
ll l.,Et\. ni,,nt.. Aug. 2s, 11;i. t
Touite is hoereby given shhot J' hie \ iNro~ett stll
In'c 1\\ nacot, tt . lvtt ihtilt, tl tt innee it itot+
itsn, Moit , atul Jaltosa - ittt,,tt endl I' lla \\'it
.eOtt, wthose petoUlliet atIdr i, i t ^n.!tl).0, n ,
hae this day tiled applilatslo t fIor Ittol.nt t Ituir
tile tt Ilting lawe of congriono, for th c :t,-lteye
plat'e. oLresgnated as n'rport N,. iti. situantel it
(unOrsuotoed) mhlivg otmtriot .totter.ont
coentty, I.toltaup int eeih, n itt Stownieitt it
tttllti, range I wet, whilch Icnt I. roortnll, i in
tht ,,ttile of the rtcorder tf Joftor.oon coounty, at
I ,:nlslr, Munt anod do-crttn d a ftollnw.:
Itrillt tloe N I of tihe I' of tihe t\%' i andl thet
N' , ttl .tof the .hlt otf ;: Is. I' I N. 1
\It8. ot\' lbrtrintog iight'y Weso , oup|onohil a toni
tlttrel aidi apulleatlon was posetel the 1ith lidy
of AiigUtit, ISyIr
'lit only dlujoning eloim to tlheit pritnlso Its
1. 5,.. t.o. 4159. on tie east.
it i. hereby directed Ithat thoI aeIoe sno llle, It,
pthi.lillhed at the ealpense tt lflollniant alove
los ot., t'- " ItLabri tNtoi0.5FNt.N'5 t. a t -mwe
{{,loer publlishdl at Helena Meat., and n, arest
to.it ioalla, for the erod of - dals frol it
hr t publicLtion,
. . A. tWlIltlET'l', rgislter.
)loe Of irIt poblilralun, Aug. 151. l,:t.
'litle Insoranco company, plaintiff, ve
Alfred d. Witthrhbo et )l, diinda~ ts.
Under and by iL:tun of an order at a!eand d
rrP,. co! foreclosare and -ate .snued nut of tell:
district court of the !irat judicial di-tri:.t of thu
eteo JIa Moutauat. in and for the county of
lowis ar id Clarke, on the thth day of s.u.t.
A. 1). 1itl, in the above entitled act on, wherein
Ti ommonweninra llI jita nouranc con mpany.
the above named plaintiff, lotained a judgminnt
and decree of foreolusare and sale auainut
Alfred 18. Withlrboe, S1idney A. Witihr
Lee, 1eulthla I. Witheraee, Arthur U'Lrsrn.
'I, F. ('rn'char, \ m. Weiorlieh. Jon
titurrook. Harry It. Brown, Frelderia
'Thornton. Nob A. Waltburg,. W. t'. Smalley. t.
C. (iilpatriek, I he 'l'blonra Cruee savinus bank.
I'. A. t'otmer, Edward nrahan, defendantm, on tie
of $4.75tit1, besides tuterest, coats and at
torlol'e fetei. llolohi said deeree was ,n the .I1ilt
dsn i. lleagat ,. Ii. 18'ri. reeortded in tadir
no :t blot. No. of raid crourt at laceo --.
I rill stilinindali to sell all thosse cOrtall in ! ,
pmilec c r parcels of land, situate, lltug and is
lnC .n the coi ltv of Lewis and Ctlarke, l, it
of MontOa:l, and ouanded and described ao fol -
lowe. to-wit:
Lots cire ith and sir. (6), in block ono hun
dredand ighty-tliree (1), in ratioerd adlrii
torn i1ih te ityao ttolllena, slluated Ila the n,,t',
ea-t quartes. f the nlrtheast IuaItn'r inL, f of
no t) of esetioli twenty-six ('ll). towetilip ten
(1') inoth of rococo forr l4) west, siti lots to
gether being one hundred (ItO) feet tre.t on the
o10th side of Stuatllit Itreet, and ore hundred
and twently-five (12',) feet deRp to ananlhtern foot
Raley,. and bonuded on tite eat hy Linden street,
as r ain lits andl block are delgnsated and do
rerib it upon the ofiillal pat of sail radlfurt
edulltian, tiLed in tire iftioe atf ke ionnlty re
corder of said connty of Lewis and. 'larke, state
of Montana
Toe ther with all and singular the tenements.
hereo ilatuenta and ahpprtenances thereanto be
loduein or in anywrle ap!cert.in nl.
mtblie nttice is hereby given that on Ved nesday.
the 2Ih dal of fSi ptolmber. A. du. 1M. at 13 o'elotk
ma of that dayat the front door of It. con t hiiise.
Ielena. Lewis and Clanrke county. Montana, I
will. in obedience ti said ardsr ,ii ,1, anct l idol.rIt
tf ft'elopa ro nsuirtlal, sill ttl ia sbrovudlc rilbi.l
Iroulerty, or io nnuclh tl arer l t . a laly Ie
nc.'ssary tso sNtl.eff said judgioIont. with interest
alnd cots, to tile ulgtr!t and beot bidder for ctsh
i llainll.t
Givan nnder illn hand tIis 5th day of op
tember. A. D, lib:.
I ('IrAIIr ? D. ('le tITe Stheriftf.
1'Y ! RrD E. ti., UnCider BSherifl.
N U'lt'h SIF Ah" O(h' DI.,INQTUES N I' ir(Hi'K.
--itho re, Mining Milling . s i ol.Sny of
Mlontana titte. ilLsks located throe sld olw.
halt miles froni Butte, tilver Ilow conty, nalotl
Ntiee. ---There isnltindlaont upoln the follhwing
described stieok oil acueulrt of esasllloat iT\rll,i
hIltlti dlay of lily. 14.t. tlle *llreVl siieollits
cut epyl,.itii tle namlia of the raupeotie eila-e
tilders il follow-:
iireorge lDansinsi. tlleertifi, airs numbrn-d 64I4
tolHi iseluateelu enid tif to oI i inclaeiuc. calie
forl0jeharea. Ailsosti due o:l ealih rhe re I
cent. 'tiltd hi.:,.
I'nais O'Le.ary, 1 esrtiuicuittiaa nnaiitercl ell11
Is ttU iuclueiie. saei fotr Itll tharun,. Alllllll
due oil each chate i1i .ilnt. Total i.',U.
I:. i'. alelhrle. 21 I,,rliil-:s . nai b limrb I 1.3411
to 2,:170 Inolnirie'. t.lali for iiKi shaliei.e. AioLtiut
iute on eachl shire I ciit. 'lTotal al U-i.
1aiii Sichwab, I ciltittete iiiililtelud 4.1it . for
10t italrTe nihuutl dus on etaih :lillalr is rcnt.
'loiltl tO er its.
ito 5.8tl iiohlltauio, e th for a ll .hares. .\elslla n
duli. iLr catia Blias. , cent. lI'IO l i2-.:.O.
'. , letlriizntt,,t. it c-rtitiecla ntiuloniri d
Aininnt due uu ,wech ,hsre I unt. 'I'lntel 12.0.
Iti. t,. uilhm tn, lii 'eratlsht a u ii eir-it Cl i
to i.t1iht isplutia,, iaci i ti aiaulr.s' Altoilnut
tiie oin Peah ihari I hl tc . 'liotal Sý.
rireii L. Mfi rt n l, il cnrtiiiial8, illit.il-rdi 1t.I
ti tl )I iiClu.r.i . end iietl i Ial it il 2 ti ',
cshll for ItOe stiaroi. Allmlunlt duiLo iiI iia II le
ii .Ttel ju).11,
F liKnoch', 1cortilit te ll nlinb i.,d ', i,° ll7 a id
itI,'-I., orlh flor tm It)a shares. Amiiiint il oil eii
share `. ent Total t.s
I sut rta·lle, 0i ,rtihcatea nliiiuti-red i,:;7ti tio
(,alincitnieV, mltuh for liN ahaiue. Amouiit
dlltue ou aeh liarse i cont. 'titol, ? lI.
'liha.. F. t'Clluc. Ili eartItuat',t. niintmar.di
1,:21.5 to 11,377 l l in lusive, eo:n i for lill1 at roi .
Aount dl on en ,,ach ..sre ' cesnt. I isal $
Ani In acrerdnnea with law s,' ltlcon scliatii tf
suci-h larelt of aiLd ath.ok as may io nuiutnary
stll ,lcuil at thoieaet frolil door of the Io, rt
hll.o in tti city of tsit. I ita ,taio olf llsotlniiri
iil the u(ttl daly of Htitllon her, 1N., zt i hII liri oIf
,io'iri a'l k c IIn. ,f salid iday to iay She iaidl tie
liil:l:5iit a'seciuont ttlrioil,. togethir with thei
c at-u of advertisalng and eapeures of ai.
hs Iaa i'. '-slilnln,
tieclrotal.y ar~'aid rnonplny.
I:nitn Nt . 410 itOelilnmrcial llldini. , Ft. l.ots, i
Mi., utli:, of said ecompany,
Pennyroyal Pills.
S'r. 'lry's I lallbhl are the safist and bat(
reglulatlor tr sladise; uouthisg iiploeamasnt. and
alwai, itt,.tslld Advece free. Plelaagle 1f
and $1. lrol'ti. 'l1E S.'a Ohi iO. lhrugga'aa
ieata. last.
foundry Company;
Manufacturers of
Founders, Machinists, Black.
smiths and Pattern Makers.
Send for cuts of columns. Works
on St. P., M. & M. Railroad,
near Corno avenue. Office 212
and 213 Manhattan Building, St.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Washington, D. C.
Eight Iron Fire Escapes.
BURCH & GIBBS, Managers.
I tmll' l'\l 1' , I ILI .I I rer tho bet Medt. -
* I .l n.l ,hv, t'(. .l.l.tl llnD, tlpry plu,Clhronh
. , r,:;.. , ,, ,,, e , 5r.. ,.., ...d ; l1 die.
o un rd.rn A tun' I ntoUl,ru , I. er anld liowen .
unli ltlto T hl rth' ,",noln lnn ng1yhi I ntlri,,lnn toU
e , L tt , t ,' l 11" tý n"llnl i tl tnn. Ai t" Iu nll( t tll,
Stnlhe o ubtuluned by atppllntlou to a.are.t,
1' W\ilanl., loonry ltlinjor and John Wal
ltut,non: lol ro hleoreyir unttinod that I
h:tra e'up n"iet ynnu I.ut 0r n. t (JI'0) dollard ln
wu.k, l,nthr ninl llnr,.ruircnlto upn onl the uNlal.r
quartz. lodo tlalr in Ilhu (.luld rlinin( dlatriot
county ofI s tr t ant tiark , Mntano. an il
au.oatr by nrltlnonfa tilol Augunot :t, nArb. In the
diro onI thi roeordur of said ounuIt . iu Oeader to
holal raad runllyo.. lldur tho ,,runvliuun of .no
t niutl ..r4 Into i.t htatttltan of tih nInlo.I Staten,
beillnu tl aoutll ull t rOntntrUi to hold thu Pattr fIr
theu yver nOllnllnlllOlg JauLltary 1, IAIn. A tho yelo.
ezndrna hlUCemn tLitO). .Iaiy. and It wtthlu ninet(
(: dil day alt tho yornocu oi thitA uticn by U"b
lcatlun you flll or refnla to ouutrIbutO youl
Il,.purtliou of .eul .'llOndltrn (for r.preent a
tinl work fur the yearr Ifornnahl) asl cU Owuare
your lutnernt A sad claim winll be.otne the
pruoporty of thn undwlrgunod. undor saad wuotlo
21,44 of thou loItviod Statulm u" the Ulnited
Statuo. t'IIAA tLtLS tliLSULI.
ietal publlatioun Aut. '1, :nH.
Datld fllensa. Montana u. Aul 2, 18I.

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