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HELENA, MONT., SEPT. 14. 1893.
EM'Montalans abroad will always find TA.
DArn. INDPrtNDeNT on file at their favorite
hotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitan, New
York; West, Minneapolis: Baldwin and Palace.
San Franoisco; MoDermott, Butte; Leland Hotel
Spriglfield. Ill.
A. A. Campbell is the only authorized travel
ing agent of this paper.
Reported for TnH INDEPEDENT daily by E. J
GIL s. I. nat. buateUeutberver.
:00 a.m n. f:00 p. m.
B'arometer .................... 11.07 c.0 It ii
Temperature................ 48.0 51.3
Wine ......................... sw-- aw-10
lotal precipitation during the past 21 houra.
Temperature at noon, 44.0.
Maaimum temperature. 509.
Minimum temperatur. 410s.
Local forecast; Fair. slight changec in tem
Helena, Sept. 13. 1898.
SoME of these days the HIon. Leo
Mantle will discover that ingratitude is
the worst trait in a public man.
As wa understand it, Gov. Rickards'
posltion is just this: He positively re
fuses to do his duty lest the legislature
might fail to do its duty.
IT is high time we had an end to
fraudulent exhibitions of pugilism in
Helena, or, for that matter, to pugilistio
exhibitions of any sort from the opera
house stage.
THE original "green goods" man died
in New York on Tuesday. He leaves
numerous successors and the crop of
investors in his wares remains peren
nially green and ever fresh.
HE doubted his right to appoint, but
he appointed. He doubts whether the
legislature would elect, he says, and so
he won't call it together. If the chance
was worth taking in the one case, why
not in the other?
THAT $2,500 paid to Lee Mantle for
contesting for a seat in the senate to
which he wasn't eligible would just
about pay the cost of an extra session
of the legislature. Perhaps if it were
tendered to Gov. Rickards for that pur
pose he would issue the call.
WITH all the varied and wonderful
ability of the newspaper press of New
York it is singular there is not on any
journal in the metropolis a writer on
finance of recognized authority. Mat
thew Marshall. of the Sun, writes
beautiful Addisonian English, but he is
a wild crank.
TEE Butte Inter Mountain gets
greatly excited, not to say abusive, over
its alleged discovery that Gov. Hlauser
has gone to Washington to secure an
extra session of the Montana legisla
ture. We hardly credit him with so
little sagacity. If he wanted to secure
an extra session he would go where the
Inter Mountain goes for its instructions
-to Anaconda.
THE commissioner of internal revenue
has issued instructions to collectors
that will make times lively for some of
the national banks, particularly those
in New York. The commissioner rules
that certificates of deposit payable in
the money or currency of the United
States and paid out and used for circu
lation "in lieu of money of the United
States" are taxable at 10 per cent on
the dollar, the same as state bank cir
culation. Whether or not the clearing
house certificates issued by the New
York banks fall within this category is
not stated, but some of the treasury
officials aseem to think they do.
THE attempt to make the democratic
party responsible for bad times and to
attribute all our evils to threatened
tariff legislation Is confined to a few dis
honest republicans like Thomas II
Reed. The broader-minded republican
leaders, and the republican newspapers
of highest standing, do not stoop to this
kind of misrepresentation. The Boston
Transcript is a republican newsonaper of
the latter sort. It calls attention to the
fact that suspended banks, mercantile
houses and mills are resuming as proof
thut the tariff question has nothing to
do with the monetary troubles, and
adds; "We think that all mren save the
most extreme and narrow partisans will
agree that it is not patriotio to under
take to make party capital out of the
country's sufferings instead of devoting
their best energies toward an unparti
san solution of the difliculty." We coim
mend this honest utterance to the llel
ena Ilerald and Butteo inter Mountain.
SENATou FAUl'ti. NEi' nielndmoent to
the ,horinan repeal bill has mnuch nmore
merit in it than the vague and meaning.
less declaration for bi-miotallism pro
posed by Senator Vol..s. Mr. IFaulk-l
ner wants silvir dollars coinicd. to the
extent of $bst.000,0.;0O. 'his, v:ith the
coinage of the bullion now in lie trrat-
ury, will reiquire a coiniage of mItt lshI
than $3,000,000 a month for ab,ut live
years. In order that there may not b,
too large an expansion of the currency,
Mr. Faulkner proposes t!,at all noit- I
under 810 shall be withdrawn and tile
gold and silver coins issued in Iltheir
stead. 'JTho smallest note in ::lgi;ti a
it C5 note, !25. In Fl"r.!'o thio lw,
note is 50 francs, 610. Frtnco :n d1
silver to the amuount of $70i,i 0 O.(it a: d
then stoppted. Mr. Ftautkltr hticnth
that the United States can conn $!t,,
r 030,000 more than France and easily
absorb it all.
This would be more of a coneusion to
a the sliver interests than many of the
gold standard men would be willing to
grant, and it is doubtful if the house
I would agree to it.
RAILRoAD travel all over the country
has increased wonderfully in Septem
ber, in spite of the predictions of saga
oious railroad men, who have been our
tailing train service to a point that oo
cesions serious inconvenience to the
traveling public. A Boston man who
tried to get out of that oty the other
day found that he could not get sleep
ing car accommodations for a family
party without waiting at least three
days. The Transcript, in speaking of
this mnstance, says:
This foot teahbes tha t is the easiest
thing in the world to bring dulness into
business by unceasina iteration that busi
ness is dull, as a man ean bring on himself
about any shock that flesh is heir to by
continually deolaring that he has it. On
the other hand, brightness of speeoh will
often leilect some of its cheer over the dul.
ness that actually exists, and sometimes
banish some of it. There is good reason to
hold that many men of afalrs are more
soared than hurt, or else they have not
the same natures as they or their prede
cessors had in former times that were
called "hard."
Here in Montana where hard times
never have been known before, the
soared outnumber the hurt a hundred
to one.
Tna INDEPENDENT has already called
attention to one side of the present
financial depression that is particularly
bright for the people of the northwest.
We refer to the shifting of population
from old to new regions of country im
mediately following a panic. This same
feature of panics forms the subject of
an editorial article in the Northwest
Magazine for September from the pen
of Mr. E. V. Smalley, its editor. Mr,
Smalley says:
"The ten years following 1873 were
years of enormous progress in the west.
Those years brought to Kansas and
Nebraska their second great wave of
immigration. They filled up western
Iowa and western Missouri. They con
verted the prairies of Minnesota and the
eastern part of Dakota into well-settled
and prosperous communities. They
sent a great throng across the continent
to develop agriculture and fruit-growing
in the valleys of California. This read
justment of labor and population had a
wholesome influence all around. It di
minished the number of producers in
the factories and increased the number
of consumers of factory products. It
turned millions of acres of waste land
into fertile farms. It was followed by a
general revival of industry in the older
states, by the building of thousands of
miles of railroads in the new states and
territories and by an era of prosperity
which is still referred to regretfully in
the west as the boom times. It seemed
to be the natural and necessary process
of correcting the evil of the congestion
of population in the large cities and
towns, the resulting overproduction of
manufactured goods and the overpres
sure brought to bear to dispose of such
goods. In flourishing times there is al
ways a rush to the centers of population.
In hard times many people go back to
the soil and compel it to yield them a
livelihood. If the experience of the
years following the panic of 1873 is now
repeated we shall see, probably next
spring, the beginning of a new west
ward movement of population. There
is plenty of room for more people all
along the western border of the humid
region; room, too, in the many irrigable
valleys in the vast arid region that lies
on both sides of the Rookies, and room
on the rich, open plains and in the great
wooded districts of Washington and
Oregon. In fact there is not a state
west of the Mississippi that does not
invite additional population."
Mr. Smalley might have drawn still
more forcible illustrations from the
panic of 1857 which was the making of
Chicago and the prairie states.
Uompeay l: , N. U. Br., Attention.
Friday, Sept. 15, being the annual field
day of Company C., all members are hereby
ordered to report promptly at the arsenal
on above date at 7:30 o'clock a. m. for the
pu.rpose of rifle competition. First and
second prizes will be awarded for beet
shots. There will also be a bean dinner
served on the company range near Linox.
All ex-members of the company are in
vited to attend. IB order of
WN. ZASTROW, Captain.
1'aby carriages must go at The flee Hive
Irices from $5 upward. Every carriage marked
down to. original cost.
The Montana state College of Agrlculture
and Mechanic Arts.
This institution will open at Bozeman,
Mont., on Sept. 15. Instruction will be given
in the following courses: Agrieulture, do
mestic eeonomy, applied science, business,
music and the academy. Tuition in any
course axcepst music will be $10 per yea-.
Board and loduing, $4 and upwards per
week. For catalongues address A. M. tyon,
president, Bozeman, Mont.
at. Peoter's 8choo).
Fell term begins dept. 11, 1893. Primary,
academic and college p eperatory courses,
Special students admitted. Parents wish
ing to enter t.eir ohildren will iled the
principal at the school rooms, Sixth and
lark avenues, every week day after beet. 1
trom 10 to 12 a. m.
L. h. GIrasLeAFr, Principal.
Boses, Roses. Roses,
lI:, ?l dozner.
t aor ctrtng,
Iarge a, sorhllln.nt
of (Irdeg tIlowre.
111111 1W. U
Ross Caioo
Lessee of Wells' Conservatory,
Ja ianese and Chinese Goods
Ladies' Underwear Very Cheap.
I roaoway. Next to Mre'aauts luotel.
8avin gsBan'
----O BN NA-LI -
Incorporated Under the Striot Lw
of Montana.
Accouea roeetlod asbject to cheek end a d..
0ral banking busintes done
Payr interest on depodela.
5 per cent. on .irgs accounts.
6 per cent. on time oertloaetee.
Your buenese reepectfuls solicited.
JAS, M TUCKER. Cakler.
Notice is hereby given that I
will sell the entire stock of drugs,
medicines, merchandise, store fix
tures, good will etc., including
delivery wagon and one horse
comprising the stock in trade, etc.,
of H. M. Parchen & Co., at Helena
Mont. I will receive sealed bids
for the sale of said property and
business up to 12 o'clock noon of
Monday, Sept 25, 1893. The stock
can be examined and an inventory
of it will be shown to anyone de
siring to purchase, at the store
corner of Main street and Broad
way. The said stock etc. will be
sold to the highest bidder for cash,
and I hereby reserve the right to
reject any and all bids.
Dated Helena, Mont, . ept 2. 1893.
Attorne at Law.
Money to loan on improve I city and farm
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Masonic Temple. - - Helena, Montana.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Will practice in all courts of record in the
Btate. Lffice in 3old Block, Helena, Mont.
Civil an I Mining Engineers.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Farveyors. Mine.-lI
patents secured. R:ooms 12 and 13, Atlas uni.T.
ag. Helena, Montana.
Ladies' and Gents' Furs Altered and Repaired
.121 headway.
Rock Drills,
Prospecting Mineral Veins
and Deposits,
Boring vertically, horizon
tally, or at any angle to any
desired depth, taking out a
cylindrical section or core
the entire distance, showing
exact character and giving a
perfect section of the strata
penetrated. Also for
Machines for channeling,
gadding and other kinds of
quarry work, shaft sinking,
tunneling, mining, railroad
and all classes of rock bor
ing. Manufactured by
The American Diamond
Rock Boring Company,
Electric Blasting Apparatus
Manufactured and for euln by
Laflin & Rand Powder Co.
Tiffs PAPE'R ,i.;, ,n fle ,,, r. C.
F ruln . 64 ai lu . rc n - AIaiu,. r ti,K urn
The Thomas Cruse
Incorporated U Ieer th. L of
Allows 4 _Pe ca6 Itlap oi Savig Deposits,
componoded J~aenr? Sn a~drny .
rtsan .nrd o
Has in eaa and city bonds, and makes
loans on real .s mortagee
Offleoehbonr from 10am. to4p. m. Alsoo n
Saturday end Monday sinning. ironm to i
no. 37.7.
Second Jatiornal
A General Banking Business
E. D. EDERTON ....................President
C. K. COLIC........................ Vice- reefdent
GEORGE B. CHILD.. ......... ...Cashie
JOBEP N. KNOK ...... ... Assistant Cashier
Haaret of D)lreeors ,
3 B. Sanfod, C. . Evans.
SW. hild, C. K. Colo
& D. edgorton, f oorgae I. Child.
W. J. Biekett. Goe, B, Holt,
J. N. Kenck.
a * * THU e e*
M erchants National
Pa'd in Capital . . . . $350,000
Surplus and Undivided Profits $170,000
L. H. HEBBHFIELD.............. President
A. J. DAVIDSON.................Vies President
AARON HERBBS IIEILD............. Cashier
T. P. BOWMAN....................Aat. Cashier
Interest allowed on deposits made for aspecl
fled time.
Transfers of modfey made by telepraph.
Ixchenao sold on the prinoipal cities of the
United titatea and Europe.
Boxes for rent at reasorable rates in our fire
and burglar proof safe deposit vaults.
. merican National
CAPITAL, $200,000.
T. C. POWER.........y ........President
A. J ELIGMAN ....: ....... Vice-President
A. C. JOHNIS)N ..................... Cashier
GEO. F. CUPE................Assistant Cashier
Directors t
T. C. Power, A. J. Seligmi n.
A. C. Johnson, Richard Looker,
James Fullivan.
Interest plowed on time deposit. Exchange
nsutedon principal cities of the 'bnito.l ntates.
,nansd and'nrope. iransfers of money madd
by telegraph, t oleotions promptly sttet.dod o.
City, county and istst s:euritioa bought en. sold.
No. 4406.
The J-lelena .National
CAPITAL, $600,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi
N. D. EDIERTON...... ..........Preident
A. 1. CLI MENTS ..............V. ie-President
FRANK BlAIRD ................. ..Cashier
J1NO. W. LUKE........... .....Atsietant Cashier
Collections a speolalty. Interest paid on time
deposits. Accounts of Fanks. Corporations,
FirmE and Individuals solirited.
Esstern Correspondents,
Mercantile National rank .............New York
Ft. Dearborn National t'anklr............ ( hicarlo
'ommerlal National Bank .............. (hioago
Merchants Loan & 'rust C:o .......... t hioago
itorohlan National bank..............St. Louis
lt, Paun National lank .............. St. Paul
Remember thie: The greatest line of
railway operating between St. Paul or
Minneapolis and Milwaukee and Chiesco
PAUL. It owns and operates under one
management 8,100 miles of track.
Every day this road starts FOUR hand.
some, elegantly equipped passenger trains
from the Twin Cities that run through
to Milwaukee and Chicago without
habnge of oars of any olasi. TWO trains
daily to St. Louis and Kansas City. The
train service and general equipment of
"I HE MILWAUKEE" is not surpassed by
any railway in America. It rone the
famous and only eleotrio-lighted vestibuled
limited train to Chicago daily-considered
the finest regular train in this country. It
Is the Official Government Fast Mall Line.
If you are going to Chicago, Milwaukee, or
any point east or south, or to St. Louis or
Kansas City, eat this out:
Leave St. Paul B 7:55 a. m., arrive at Chicago
10:00 same evening.
Leae Et. Paul A 5:45 p. m., arrive at Chicago
0:15 next morning.
Leave " t. Paul A 1!:5 p. m., arrive at (hleago
7:00 next morning.
Leave St. I'al A 800 p. m., arrive at Chicago
9:10 next morncing
Leava St. I anl A 9:1. a. m., arry:e at St. Lounias
7::0 next morning.
Leave t. Paul C 7:15 p. m., arrive at Bt. Loot
18:15 next evening.
Leave it. I'nul A 91 a, im., arrive at Kansas
City 7:00 next mornine.
Leave ?t. Paul C 7:15 p. m., ariroeat Kanesa
,ity 6:00 next evening.
& Daily. 11 Except tunday. C FIcept faurday
Pa!noe Bleepers on night trains. Parlor
Chair Care on day trains. Dining Car Ser
rice superb.
Trains leave from St. Paul Union Depot.
For lowest rates to all points in United
States and Canada apply to any ticket
agent or address J. T. CONLEY,
Assistant Gen. Pase. Agt., Bt. Paul, Minn.
hereby given that James ltek, of Helena.
Itontna. hes made to the undereigmnd
a genral aesigument for the b.efil of
the creditors of the said Jales lllus,
and that the undera4ned bha taken 1sof
esisaander said altaiglment of all properl ot
the aid Jamea ilyUe.
Al earsons ldebte to the said James Blake
are notified to arke payments of the amooung
.wing by them to he undersigned without
teday. e , 4.lnA oJUI.LA .
Assignee of James Wake.
Dated Sent. s, lass
lar Qornrad &Gurtirx#
Our line of House Furnishing Good. Is more extensive
than ever before and are offered at prices lower than
anywhere else.
We are now ready for the rush and you will find our
floor covered with a full line of Refrigerators and Ice Chests,
Rubber Garden Hose, Hose Reels, Hose Nozzles, Lawn
Sprinklers, Ice Cream Freezers, Bird Cages, Squirrel Cages,
Parrot Cages, Galvanized Wire Netting for Lawn Fencing.
Ring up Telephone No. 90. Write or Call at
Our Motto is ,"Fair Dealing to All."
The Celebrated Lightning Baler
Cheap Buggies and Harness.
A. J. Davidson & Co.,
Warehouse National Avenue, Northern Pacific Railroad,
ICAL GAIL, Pr.. Z. RUMILLER, Vice-Pre. and Treas.
M. UZSACAIND Gemeral Manager smed eeretary.
M. UNZICY3I, Wester Bepr.eeltualvoe
Mining and Milling Machinery.
Gold Mills, Wet and Dry Crushing Silver Mills, Smelting, Con
centrating, Leaching, Chlorinating, Hoisting and Pumping Plants
of any capacity. Tramways, Corliss Engines, Compound En
gines, Boilers, Cars, Cages, Skips, Ore and Water Buckets, Wheels
and Axles, and all kinds of Mine Supplies Exclusive eastern
manufacturers and agents for J. M. Bryan's Roller Quartz Mill and
Hendy's Improved Triumph Concentrator.
WESTERN OFFICE-No. 4 Lower Main Street, Helena, Montana.
GENERAL OFFICE AND WORKS-Clybourn Avenue and Willow
Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Montana Central Railway
In Effect Sept. 4, 1898.
No. 24. Atlantio xtoreea. eeatbonnd. 1:50 p. m
No, 26. l'acito I cpro.. weatboond... 5:15 p. m
No. 2. liutte Local, daily except bun
day ......................... 6:10 p. m
No. I. Butte LocaL daIly, except Sun
day ........... ............... 8:51 a
Nn. 4. Atlantto Exprcar.saa.tiarnd.. 2: p. in
No. 23. i'arlc Expreas, wetbound... 515 p in
(No. 24. 1 ally.)
Ia IIelona's best and popular train for ST.
Naw Yoat.
For further latlrmatloa. maps, rate.. eta,
call at
No. 6 North Maim Flreet. oetloa.
Or write the undersnmel
) C. W. PITI8. City Ticket ALeat.
U. . LA NULEY, General I loket Aent.
Office and salesroom, Wholesale Grocery Department, south
room Granite Block. Salesroom Hardware Department, north
room Granite Blo.k. Correspondence solicited.
uthe First judicial district of the state of
Mlontana in and for the oonaty of Lewis and
Cnni Bilk. plaintiff,. vs John Bilk. defendant
The state of Montana made greeting to the
above named defendant:
You are hereby rqire to appear inl autlo
brought spinet youbty t e abo e named plain
tiff in tholistrio oourt of the Fi at judilcia die
trit of the state of Montana in and for the
county t of Lawiesand Clar, and t, answer the
cmomtant filed therenin, within tan days
'oalunsie of the day oa. i.:~;tr after tio
.,rvloe on you of this summons, if served withli
thiso ountr or. if nerved out of this county, but
within this district, within twnty days other.
wine within forty days, or jdlgment by default
will be iaen ialng t youn, aecording to the
prayer of ead coit plaint.
'i ho said action hi brought to obtain a decree
of saLd court dierolvini thi honds of matrilmosy
now oxistl)s between pJlanti and defendant ea
the ground of etremo cruelty, wrhich Is more
fully set forth In the comnplait oa fdle hereo. to
-hlch referonoe Is hereby made.
And yon ae hereby notified that if ynou falil to
epDpesr nd answer the aid complailnt, u above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
court for the yellef demanded In the complaint.
liven under my hand and the sel of thedile
treat court of the )iretJudioial dlstrict of tnoe
state of Montana, In and for the
ro1-- ccpnty of Lewis and Clarke.
[ erl lenst 1 this l th day of Anuusi. In th
4 od. Diat. - eer ofout Lord one thoueasd
C(ourt. J eight hundred and niaty.thra
----" JOHN BEAN. U.Lrk.
fl 0. 0. FhIm5UUA, Deputy I'lark.
.. l t laments. Attorney for Plantift
_)l l0 t. T.; IT t'KIIOLD~tti-'1ill5 AK
nul mueetl.• g, twe etookholdoee of tIe
Il yesa MAining ad illltng ocompany will be
leld .att th of the comvpany roum k5
ola y bloo, H lensi Montana, aon wl se ay.
B-ptemlnbr 20, letn. at ten a. mo., feor tI oletion
of ItrUet' end traneecoton of such other bua.
nee as m ly comea bfore "ed motile,
W. N. tr. BMJTL-Kt
Attatt (U. A. CAMPBELL, dent.

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