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t U 16a Jahe tM r
a *lea Mi il
o . robbere mounted their horuse and
e away. Ofrees ae in pursuital.
Ge.t*al Sleetter Thuerton, of the Union
haelle, Dease"em the tSchemes.
Omta, Due. 2$. - General Bolioitor
Thueston, of the Union Peoio, In speak
inS of the eeheme for reoreaniaation, madds
'?There are many plans for the reorlgalsea
tion of the Union Paciflc property in the
air. The general scheme, however, that
semas to meet with most favor is that the
Union Paolfl proper, together with those
lines that are the prodrty of part of the
system, although elanseS as feeders, hall
be reorganized under songre onael legisla.
tion and subjected to sale under the direc
tion of the court.
"Sale le absolutely necessary that the
new company be formed that will permit a
flesh start being made. With reduetions
made in fixed interest charges. property
would be able to pay interest obligations
and principal on the government debt, so
its security would grow better every
yesa, while the liability would grow con
stantly less. Should the administration
disapirove some feature the theory of reor
gapitetion would have to be completely
discussed over again. The rights of the
government mout be sacredly guarded, as
well as the rights of individuals, and this
requires no inconsiderable time."
Buslness Done at Finasltal Cesters the
Past 'Week.
NEw Yon. Dec. 22.-Th0 cletrinls of the
baonks of the principal cities for the week
an compared with the corresponding week
of last year, were ad follows:
NewYork..............$ 518,280000 r'ec. 44..
Shicatio. ............. 81.428.000 eae. 27.4
I lhilalelphia........... 2.,01,000 Dec. 23.0
tSt. Louis........... 23,072,000 Dee. 10 2
Man Frasieiseo......... 12,011000 , co. 16.0
mtimnure ............. 1,55,010 eo. 16.lt
lttaprg ............... 12141.000 Dlee. 15.
Ctincinati ......... 28.00 Dec. 11.
hansa. Cty.......... K8050000 leo. 23.7
New Urlean .......... 2,0117,0 0 Dec. 1l.5
Minneapolis ......... 06.220,71 Dee. 21.0
Italeua................. 4.17 De. .0 0
1t. Isol................ 3 125.10 Dlec, 0.6
Denver.............. 2,05,000 lDec. 58.5
Sortlnd, ben.......... 8.200 Dec. 47.0
tciattltie. ................ 487.,0 lIeu. 55 8
Los Angeles........... 1,444,800 Dec. 1.5
Tacoma............. 753,8 3 1:ec.104.0
Ipokane............... 22.36,0 Dee. 74.0
Ualveston ............ 7.223,503 Dec. 10.5
Total for the leading eities of the United
States was wa 854.18.972, a decrease of 06.8 per
cunt compared with the Game week last year.
Therefore They 4ppetl to the Court (or
Justleo. -.
TOLEDO, Dec. 22.-A novel pettlion was
filed in the United States court by em
ploy:e Alf the T0qtao, St. LOlap & K.eas
City railroad, which has been in the hands
of a receiver sines May 22. The petition
asks the court to allow the employee to re
ialve living wages from the company. It
is repreenated that since the appointment
of Receiver Callawsy, wages have been
svetematieally redueed, until at preseut it
s impoessible for some to provide for their
This is the frt asetion of the kind ever
commenced and the men may as that as the
United States court would not allow the
emplores of the Ann Arbor road to strike
last spring they have appealed to it for
jostice, rather than take chances of losing
a strike and belng out fi employment for
the rest of the winter.
An Anarchist in Passaic.
WAsaNoroTN, Dec. 22.-A crank signing
hitiselt "Don Juan," writing from Passaic,
N. J., during the long silver fight, wrote
numesrous letters to Vioe-President Stoven
son, Seoretary Carlisle. Senator bberman,
pnd othasa : Finally the .matter was inves
tigated. It was found that be was a Polish
anarohiet, but the police failed to find him.
Thursday the police resolved another letter
from him from Baltimore. The chief of
police of that city has been called on to
arrest him.
A Paying Teller Short,.
Naw Yoat, Dee. 22.-A big deficit in the
accoasts of Louis A. Hill, paying teller of
the suspended St. Nicholas bank, Was
found by examiners. The shortage
amounts to $42,000. Hill was arrested at
Newark. N. J., where he lives, and held for
extradition on $20,000 bail.
Cuttleg Grain Rates.
CatcAao, Dec. 22.-The Erie road to-day
madd another cut in grain rates. Chicago to
New York, rutttii the rate at 15 cents, and
it is said that within a week the rate will
go to 10 cents. A meeting of other roads
was hastily called and after a stormy see
saon they adjourned without action.
Believe the Assassin Fane.
CurCoo, Dee. 22.-A number of ineanity
experts testified in the Prendergast tria
to-day that they believed the lprisoner sane
and responsible for his ants.
NEW OtLEANS, Dec, 22.-The second ver
dict against the oity on account of the
Italian lynchings in March. 1891, was ten
dered to-day, amounting to $5,000.
NEW YORK, Dec. 22.-The annual report
of the Lake Shoie d& Michigan Southern
for the year endmin Dec. 31, 1893, shows net
earnings of $(.624,769, a decrease of $5,2311;
surpuns $2816,779, a deorease of $15,231.
CHiCAno, Dec. 22.-At a meeting of the
board of directo a of the university of
Chicago to-day it was decided to locote the
Yerkes observatory at Lake Genevr, Wis..
and constrouction will commence as soon nas
the weather permit,.
WAXAHACHIE, Taex.. Dec. 22.-Fire to-day
destroye3 property valued at $130,0JO,. n -
eared for $98,000. The principal losers ae
N. Brown, stole, contents and fixtures; W.
G. Gatzender, building, and Matthews &
Lancaster, d ruggists, building and contents.
Arrivals at the Grandt Centra:.
L H Robinson, Town- E W Tools. city
snd 1, Zaiktr. \liaston
W V Hunltreyro tnr hitax arat. rma, hite
iMrs WVaterman. \\ hitu oulph tr rtriong
tulphor rilrings ('1ha F I)td.uy. Alarye
Wm ti Murray. Marys- ville
ville >it toreman, Maryns
(ieo hirby, Maryrtvillo ill
Mrs \\ (_ Mlahuri., r, (' t r tvpens. -
.teryeville i sarb'. .vt
A r Ilckentry, Col- A 1 tubhet. l!i~nartk
umbue, ( li Murk.t, Ttwn., a I
Frtk o]age, ('hotoat A Ii llatt iltul,.l otau
Airs ti A l.owe, t arker L1 II !eal. ,t Patti
Nieve Murphy. city M' I: -Zwicky, ah.hitn
Mrs John t'Noil and toe
boy. 'l utoa
Arrivals at Tihe liaeens.
Peter \\ intto city I.1 - Inst . St Paul
A 1) t mlth. \\ ahing- Aifrua i Xlyr'. Living
ton. 1) t ater
o) i Tibbtte. Winston Itt n.le, . iity
J L kiun Llvingston, \V uinn, c.ity
iD 14 Wilson Minna- A A Nelson. Noihart
apolis \\'s'ter b Clark. tho
\V II i ona. Chicago teat,
Torn ('ooney. city Ja; Willoghby, Granite
. Wartenweilor. taitse Mhlutain
SJ Eiehwangur, Milwau- O \\V ectt. Ht Paul
keo k I. Young, Albt
StBesacoh. IDenver tluerttllS
It McBride. troat jalls \V J I oa4leo. Chicago
'1' ii McPherson and Mis:it Van EJt, New
wife, N.ew ark Yotk
W 1' ullens. Kansas City.
Notice to Ore shippers.
'he U. S. Public Sampling Works, this
city, are in the market for all classes of
smelting ores and are prepared to pay the
highest market price for same.
Parties having ore to sell will find it to
their advantage to interview E. Ii. lradeo,.
manager, before disposing of their products,.
Custom assaying will receive ca oful and
prompt attention.
Oice corner Grand end Jackson streets,
Helena, Montana,
* TiRUGA 1 To B 9 I
Tie.a Peeole Rprti A dbel li et
: Axton, :snDet, a, etiste w e
by ois R. a, fook, a4nd dted Topqke,..ba4
bean found hes and outlined a sohena for
kidnaping Buth Oleveland mext month.
Five people Ire impliated in the del.
Two letteer were pked up on She street
ber bs a. eountry woman end headed to
the police. One Is from ToNeka dated
Deo. 10, and syel "'We ha. comlauded to
make two jobe of the White house bust
nea,. We will take the oldest ohild lrnt.
We oan et her all ristS, Mollie will get
her and hand her over to a, An we
will keep het until u the rr rd i
offered. It mens ms.y thoutde to
to elt the ohbild. Rhtb, eand we will jt hers
too, i Januarl. rddees. me ins hL loto
We will s rieht on."
The other war of earlier date from Isa.
neapolie. It atide "We have everything
reedy for the White house, ad will send
Grover to bades when the bugle sounade
We will also get our $90000. Will start for
White house now. We have never failed st
oun joba. and won't now. There is much
mo e in the houses of the goldbule sad
The polios coaslder them the work of
oranks. A ueer acting individual who
was around the city early in the week de
elaring that he would soon be rich is eap.
posed to be the reclpient of them. He has
gone east and hba not been loeated.
Torzlza, Kanu., a 22--United States
Marshal Walker and New York capitatlete
are to at ones build a railroad from Balt
Lake to Los Angeles.
P New Yonx, Dec. 2.-Bar silver. 609%.
Copper--Quiet; lake, $10.80.
Lead-Firm; domestic. 8.20.
On the stock exchange to-day speculation was
feverish and unsettled. I he course of Atchison
stock in to.day's market was reassurlng, the
closing firm at only a lose of W1 per cent.
Grangers were among thi strongest active list
Bonds strong, irroielar.
Governments--L ul.
Petroleum-Easier; 78%eo.
Closing Cleosing
U. 8. 4s reg.......113 Northwestern..... 90%
U.1. s eoup ......114 l. W prf. 184
Atchison.........14 N. . t:cntral......
American lxp.... l 2 t reaon Imp....... 18
Canada 1'acifio.... 71}4 Oregon av....... 26
Canada South..... 50 OgnBhart Line... 5
lturhmaton......., 7514 Peifle Mall....... 1014
Chlgo a Uas....... 01 Pullman ........... 152a
Cotton Lit........ 28 hleading........ .. 114
Lackawanna......152 Terminal.......... 2%
1d. It. (0. prof.. 1 01 it. (. Western.... 1414
Distllers ........2414 . (. W. prof..... 42
.ire.t horth pfd. .16 It. 0. W. lts..... 70
Illinois Central... 854 Hook Island....... 015
lans a& Texpfd... 225 St Paul............ 574
l.ake thors........ 1254 tt P. A Lmnahs.... X5'2
Lead Trust........ 24 iner .........,.... bt0
L'ville & Nash.... 4714 Texas Pacific...... 7
Mich. Csentral..... 9911 Union Paoifio..... 1
Missouri Paoific.. 2174 U. . Express..... 51
Nat'l Cordage..... 174 lbargo Lxprese....125
Nat Cordage pfd.. 40 V, aeestern Union... 854
North Amerloao.. 3i Ileotrie........... 80%4
Northern Paclific.. Linseed........... 21%
N. P. Dref........ 11
Money on call easy at 14114 per sent: closed
at 1 per cent. Prime mercantile paper. d
8140444 per cent. Sterling exchsnge dull.
with actual business In bankers bills at $4.84
@4.17 for demand, and $4.8144,8t44 for sixty
day bills A
CutrOAo. Dec. 22.-Cattle -lteeeite. 6.000 .
head: market active. steady to higher: good to I
extra steers, #5.10(7i.00; fair. $4.509'4.75: others. -
;1.40504 27: Texans, $1'.il; stockers. .442.153... 4
loge--leoripts. 20.000 head: market active,
1091.o higher; rough and common. $5.0045.05:;
mixed and packers. $5.10505.15; prime heavy and b
butchers' wei4hto. $5.15545,25; prime ligh'. $5*20
bheepR-oceipts. 6.000 head; market doll
and lower: fair to good mixed, .3.0J)43.50; west- A
erns. $2.60(48.50.
(ntrcaao. Dec. 22.-Wheat-Weak;: cSh, 000; o
hay, 055o0.
S.ra--Steady; cash, 81%: Mar. 380ic.
('ats--asy; cah. 27140:; tay. 29%C.
Pork--.teady; January. $12.40; May. $12.5:.
Lrd-Steady; January. $7.75; May. 87.574,.
i:bs-ttead:y; January. t1.40; May, 4tt.0.
NEw YonK. Dec. 2-.- Wool-Dull: ao- it
meeti fleece, 15,24eoc; pulled, 0t[042o; Texas, 5
109, 15.
Mr J.Tohlt Heungesford
Proprietor of the fine livery stable at the West
End hotel, Elnira, N. Y., says 0food's Sarsapa
rilla goes way ahebd of anything lie ever took
for troubles wltli the
Liver and Kidneys
with which lie suffered for ia long time, until he
took Ilorel' Sarsaparilla and was comlietely
cured. Other members of his family also take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and are highly gratified with the benefit from It.
HOOD'S PILLS are a ainl. gentle, painless.
-afe and eficient cathartic. Always reliable. 250
tt-atlrI"[ I,' B E-CH.ItLEe MCCLUIJ i
trustee, plaintiff, v loosn Dick. Viola flick,
Fdwin lick, Clrltea 1.. ytedman, Carrie L
Etovtlin and Olm.ntead . 'laylor, a firm con
tieting )f Ie(.rge if. tilmstoad and Charles 11.
'1 aytor, defend ,nta.
Under and by virtoe of as order of sale and
doers,' of fr -closure and salt' leaned out of the
district ciurt of te 5 lenirt judicial di-trict of the
ctate of 21intana, in and for tih county of Lewia
and t larks, on the tith day of December. AD.
tloit, in the above sintitlod action, wherein
I hIertlos; lMi(tluro. truste,, the above named pilaan
tiff. obtained a judgment and decree of fore.
cl,,etnr ant sale against hose idce, Viola lickt
hiwcn tiick. Charltes 1. rtedman, Carrie L.
ti-lcilecn and (Jimstead & caylor, a firm
con istin of iearge M. Olmatead and
( tarlin i1. 'layhr, defendante, on the 16th day
of D ,ontber, i. c. l9J3, for the oum of $ISif1.8s.
besides itnterest, costa and attorneys foes, which
amid decree wms, on the 16tth day of December
A. ft. i-9t5, recorded in judgment book No. --o1
sijd cnourt at tago -. I aimi commanded to
tell all that etertai lot, piece or piarcel of land
ottuat., lying mud tfeing in the city of hnelonm,
county ,l leowie and tIlarke, state of Montana,
antid bounded cind dsecribed as follows, to wit:
I stginning at a point on thleact aide of t'iau
cer ,i roet litty five (,)) fact oortlb at the nouti,
wveas corner of bciok live hundroed and thirty
nine (5..to. of the original townsit of aidl city.
and runnhig thren. noith tweaty-tivo (C.) feot
along theu at n.in of Chaucer strort to a p,,int;
thence ta.t ivienty-livo (i5) feet to t a pint In
thi Kea: side vf an alley. running nortis and
siouth through a pitrtion of said block five hun
dirtod anti thirty-nine Sil11.i tihene monuth twetnty
livi (Ill tist along the watt ride of said alley to I
a Iconil; tierot. went enventy-five (,51 fiot to tie
tidceof b ginning. 'line said hit, p:ie sor tar.
cn. of land b-lug a piortion of lit. nimber, d
ae (1) and two i).in raid block fit lhundred
and thiityt-nine ((tit, of maii original towonite
according tco tihe official lsist of nili townsite
netw ot ile inc the osiica of the coutty clerk and
rlenor.,or of said coanty of t ows antd Clarke.
'isrgothor withs all and singular the tenements,
heril.taimrenta and aipuotetincor thereouto be
longing or iii anywlea at.nnrtaietine.
lublic nitice in hereiby gitee that on 'I hnrdayo
the llth day of January. A. It. 1to4. at 12 o'clock
to. of tiat day, at the front door of the son t
house. lSnlona, Lewis and Clarke couonty, hsit
tena, I will, in ieodlenco tio aid order of yaie
and i,,crec of fnrcelnoera ftnd halo, roll the a-iiite
doescribed troperty, or s.i snith thereof a. may
Ib., necleary ti natiefy raid judgment. with ini
teresit ait coits, to the highest aod bout bidder,
for care it. iiaad.
tliven nadir my hand this 20th day of Decaro
ttAILhlfEt it CUItTiht, therrff.
liy b iteti C. lhr-o, tinder f'herlff.
ND lit'I?,-TIIE tRECIUL:AIt ANN U ,l- M,'I'T
ius of thle atoekhotilare ,of the Monitana Na- '
tlotcl link i'f loileia, Mont., will Ie hel d at
its hoanlling oltic's, 'I Oeif ay. lan. V. I1ill, at torue
s(" lo,ik I ,ii., frr" tIii urisose of eloeting diriec.
tor. fr the eimaii-g icor. aliod ti tran.ant on si
sn It oIther hominoes us mnay cottis lofsrtthe
a . L. tI1t'LjUl, Ceildnr.
iltlolia, dent., Doe. U, sol.
0' S DsTUB 0
fSost4 o of e bl
, and poion of e.'r na.oe
ure, are uittely ooted
Pieree's Golden Medical
For every diseas caused by
liver or impurt bloods it i
remedy no certan and 5 t1 Q
it can be guaran d. If it f
benefit or cure, youi bha
money back. "
pem.., Tott er, oalterh,..
Glands, and Swellings inn
every kindred ailmept, are com
pletely and permanently oured by it.
Helena Employment Agency
24 Edwar Street. Tlephoaes W,3 ,
Situations Secured. - Help aa
SAdvertdstn a ed~e tt M ased *e Mp
work, lght housework or aurae for diob.
121 JlOle 0 street. !
out to work by t day or houPr w
take in washing or gn out weahil Ig, w
nurosbythew ewe. AddreseWl5 Spencs er
dressmaker Would like ewin g e 1060 or
A. rIL this office. r e o l
drS to dogeneral housework. Coll or nddke
17 South , enton avenue. .
housework. Call at 510 Park avenue.
wanteo o laer to work for hoea board and
. E Address XX. ths office
Sdresmaker; will work by the try. Addr es
515 itifth avenue.
avenue corner of Lawrence room 11b. ad
cook it small family; city or country. Ad-,
dres 104 s 4 dre.t avenue.
housework In exchange for instruction in
music' references exchanged. Address it, E.,
this ot ice.
othe da: weaehln or house cesaL g.u A. J.
N.. this stt103.
work for board while attending school. Ad
dress . E.u. this office
or sewing by the day; prices reasonabe.
Address Dressmaker, this offire.
employmaent in book bIndery. Addhress Mi
1.. this otlfe.
man to work for room and board. Address
Mrs hiller's dressmaking parlors. Denver
block. .
fi copyist or ofice assstt; ood reference.s h
Address dith ,Lyon. lelsens, hont.,
dressmaker will go out sewing by the day.
Call or address 40 Park avenue, Helena, Mont.
Advertisemnts u,. L , im
I PlE.
would like to work tor board while attea
n reschool. Address Johd n enne.y, 1501 toel
ena avenue.
l'ie n place s furnace heater or janitor
work. John Emicker. 14 booth ravis street.
wanted by a reliable man; would take jani
tor or watchman: anythlng not over-laborions
or oppressive: is a good packer of all classes of
gCnu: far shipment. haedr with tools, can box,
orate, hoop or bundle; will furnish honorable
testimunials. Address V. M.. this office.
tied man would like employment of any
kind; moderate salary. Address T. J. it.. this
S Wmarket; can give best of references; his had
eight years experaenoa: no objection to outside
rities. Call on or addrss nuteher, cars It .
trris. Helens, m on.
v selellrjewe:ry to the trade: salary 42.400 per
yeamr and expenses. Address Manager, P. U. box
113, New lurk.
risell jewelry to the trade; salary }2,400 tpo
year oand expenses. Address MIager, 1'. U, box
2087, New o ark.
stilt ItiE') l'U'tNl.l.b El) ktOOtt..
- complete for hoosskeeping. at ekunrie ter
race. CalU 421 Sixth avenue.
steam heat. 114 Clarke street.
FItlt ltENT-- 'WELllI.te...
L'tt It:N lTD-- iIE- , IEDN
1 owned by Gen. Ieymer, near htotel Iroad
water; it lea ten-room stone house, with same
loat: large tar and eoutiturens; rent recsonable
to rood tenant. Inquire at Sanford & ovens'
Store. Mlerearet ¥ortmnu.
( tI. 2i1).
I OUND L- IN II'AIr O1 Pt dTOFblrlC,.
Splackge of merchandise. Owner can have
the same by calling at tie office,. proving prop
erty and paying for this advertisement.
rtanding somettl ing of rlinttng or drawing
aMre requolte to tend us two good pLotoa of
their family and $2 .U. We send o011 for that
02.8u two onnntloihed lortraits 11L20 on stretcher,
which you san easily finish in crayon or water
color and get 815 to $10 apiece; less than two por
traits cannot be eslypsl. 1. btern's art studlo,
t0 Lartleti street. ttrooklyn, N. Y.
1AtltQUEIhADE liU1TS ''0 ILtN'1; ALL
t kinds; low rates. Mrs. . Werth, 107
, treet; tells past and future, "'yhe is worthy
of her toaetimonial"--Lily Marshal, leskvale.
oral all around atov. repairing. l~rop a por
tal card. Joe.. Miller. city postofico.
see.ion one black sow with bob tail borne
turnet In In front. Is about eight psar% old. wu
wlot in front of msy plane at Wo, dlrwn las
'unolay: animal is still alive and do,ng well.
Owner can have same by proving prolperty and
a"ytun charges- als cost of this advertlsemnot.
GEO. W,. LY'O2.
the First National bank of Helens, 1Tnat.:
'Ihe regular annoal nmetlnu of the stockholders
of the lrhat Natiopal bank of illenen. ilont.,
for the eluotisn of dirletore to serve for he tenL
e.uing year. will Ie held at Its banking louse on
Cl.t secontd Tuesday, to-wit: '1 he ith day of ltan
evry, 1091, between the hour, of 1 L rtl. and
fonr i. in. of eaid day,.
1I. W. KNIGfIIT. tsoteir.
lole-a, Mont.. Dec. 1. 183 .
U. 1i LAND OrYre t
lJt.INA. Mont. I s. 5. 15l.. 1
C(omplaint having been entered at thtr office
by tieore W. Craig ag*iUst Colomlon h Me
( arty a:l I loire for tl andonlng Ihs homsetead
tolry .O. t,')5. dated June '2., 11IlI. upon the aw
' hi 3. atd lots 2. v anti. 4, sectlIon . townshlp
ii e, ratllgl w.et. ie, I owls an I 'ark colllt.y
iuntartt. wlt, a view to the crncellatio, , f ali
retry: thiu silI partIes as' hereb. Curllnl t e to
opeo.r at this tatlcn on Ile' 2tlth day I tlan'ary,
lllS, at IFt o'el, oc a t:, to resoonll aenl :urllsllts
te-timony conoesring ali 1a· le abasa lte..nt.
U,1O . M.UIt l UINl. leceiver.
F Nit AyALE.
0M1 rl . wittl* s alat
ptreat oa Bato. n ST
Sa6 m asr lo a"dstle,
watsfo a15ueat
6450 -shi S within l0 tmU
$011,D hLOOK.
ýý E .wn or
Motiso . ato gnd jtkat a o th ot
rtt n . 0 on thi a s ,tao ma .
te t t.41t a tere of the m ad
e i t and L rtea*
1"**.:1 lag"2' tie t
" r InI s te mad bove do
,alineo i W, t m. o took p. a
se.int to tf olbt r the nort hoc
'l p of h oo at o oet or, I (l
nthce ol d
Decoeab er·g.A.J) a uheti
i oed e w o amrn. e under ef
te, mde of n rinlo ra aellace, then
Prrbor ]nveum ent and L en m oman dto
O.drna adb y th th d o f an c erd ml and
d ofr f end male ocai t of the
drt istrc t of toiei's.ýa wrin m pia t ofatce
ee0 at 8 ontpn's. . an, for the county of Lewi
1 11-. in athe eom alted - tl on e obei
pa aa tdg od deco. ifocoore and
paitl aga tra or n ini. oIalIn . May, , M ay
ate, kwardl W, Ight. coehier, Jep..b
Lots, ma eaelgara of ranklIn t. Walleos and
the nr vetnent alnki company,
defendants, on othe h11th day of om
ba. A. D. we, for the m ai of
route.4. Kolil Oain, mefl. intet
cabet and attorneys feel` whicp mea
wasu on the turn Lay of . camber. A. U. 18k. re
aored lIn Judgment ookr No. -of maid court at
sem -. Ian commtanded o ellafithoe certainL
nlots.* ieio or apl' of larnd., frte() lyee ant
-o int then corty of Lewis s tJ Clarke t. of
n Lotwmn aad iows r(9) and dswebladIollowm.,0
to witi
l.egainnilagat a point In the north side of
Spruce street an the corner of lote auobred
nine (9) and 'on (10). in block "U." of the
ribldrin addition to the ilt of Helons Leowi
ad Clarke county. state ea ontan, r. aing
thenc north eloung the line tween aid lote
numbered nine 9) anod ten (10) seventy-ve (7)
feet to a pot thencet oot on a line paralll t
the north Bida of t rpac trCt. faorty ( ,) font to
a pontl thence north ona . lne parallel to thes
li.e oiteien eld loot nine 9) Mad ten (lO)
seventy-ie (1) feet to a point in the north mide
of pruce street theno weatl alnan the north
side of tipracl street orty.40) feet to the place
or breginnn, raid lot pe or parcel of land
having a front o n h prue stiret of forty (to)
feet and a depth of re.raty- e r(7o i feet and
tou the routhatorn porýln of maid lot un
re ten (Iw) in Uofnof toirhe Maf i la
mddetlee o the oolty o a ma lothe o
bloc- ere more Dart ulon teycrlb upon the
.ooial plot o thS sied anad addition wich Iei
new on Sin in the Doc of tl.countyrecorder of
To` her with ht all end belar the tnemeont.
henedttamentm and pppnrttoawnar thereuato be.
Public ntla In hereby given that an Satu
day, the dth day at .hnnarv. A. D. 1891, at 19
o'clock i. of that day at door of the
Mon(ta.I wll.io h e to maid ardor of sae
and decree of foreclsure and male. cell the above
deecrihed proper, or eo pinch thereof ma may be
neo maid to udgmentl with interest
and cos, to the heasad beet hidder. for
ouh in hand.
Bisen under my hand this 19th day of Decem
CHAoIL!! D. CURTIS1 She"ll
luau K. Hosee Under tiharld.
the lirst Judicial district of the srate of
Moniane. in and for the coountr of Lows and
I L. (Gordnd end Frank it. Halt. co.-rtner
in business under the firm name sand ietr of ,.
L. Gordon a Company, plaintiffs, v. (thslee C.
tronewegi. defotdant
tIhe state t Montana sends greetling tothe
above named delendant:
You are hereby required to pDear in an action
br. uht aainst you by the aboe ernamed plain
i a c the d 'tri t cra of the First judicial
district of the state of Montana. in and for the
countý Of L ws awl Clarke. and to answer the
complaint filed l eia, within ten days ts:lo
si'e of theday o servie) after the service on you
of this summon. if served within this count;
or if served out of thbi county but within this die
trict, withis twenmty ays; ot.-raese within forty
day, or judgmset by default will be taken
aiainst you acoording to the prayer of eaid com
'1 he reld action is brought to obtain a judg
ment of said Ooert cinset .ua for the sum of
two hundred os sevent,.nia and 74-10 dollars
(19,74). the balmance of an acc.not for goods.
ares and merchalndire sold and dolilyred y
piaolltitts to raon at your request. derlLa the ynar
t.is, at HJlecua Monitopl for interest on eid
aum of *i19.7i a the rate of j0 per cent per a;
unt from J ty Jo. J18is, for Rsrvueenaalo and
vexatious dolea in the pa.y.et hereef;'and for
costa if .nit. All as mre full appea.s
from the complaint on il herein to which
raeferenceis eL by hfai
And you are hereb not ed, thriti rou fail to
appearr and anr the aid to.ai. above
req ired the sd plainti will take itdsmeet
by default senlset you for raid senm o a1'9.71,
with interest thqraoa at 10 rev eat etr annum
frqm July U3 1,1, and for osts o suilt.
(liven under my teed ed the real of the Dis
triot Court of the hitrt Jdisia. Dlstrict
of tltetateof Meanm u,inand
r----" -, for the t'oanty of Lewis and
( al linst t lsarks, thL tilslt dly of Oeto
Jud Dist. ) bet, in the year of our Lot4
S((but. ) one thousand eiight hundred
S coad tOHNL re N. Clerk.
i'y (. O. YlamAui, Depqty tlerk.
F. N. . Ia. Monittv. is nintiffs' atterneya
o.m.t W. R t. e J. a: WLk. (to.
Eti. i. H. Rlohards. co-owuers. and i. H.
Iresis ~aroaeer of the interet of C. elin
Lihmidt. W, . Lzaeed, and J. '. hateh. their
n-ire, slns, eretertos and administraiors:
You are hereby tnoted thtWaleryour eo-ow
e .Thoa IL M ,ller. A. Wa soEd B. H
Lang~ley. haveis awor ne.e With tso ton !1.
of the resed s tatutes oi the United btdes, ex
pended i Ilabor end Improvements noOn the
.pieer oaimt deeignated sc follows: Lots eand
0. ee 9 tp l,arS w;los , 0, 7. 8, Ose 10, Ip 11,
Sr w, located cpsete klidoredo bar, an u.
organisad minina disticot it the county ol Lewis
olt larks and late P Moontanla the sum of
two hundred dollars, bale] the work required by
law for the purpse of holdi, and reoresenting
.tl clJaims ur. l ua of 1 1 and .r
Now therefore. e it known that nolss you
each contrbute oJnr iare of sack enpenditnre
a.mountingr to apiec~. cfor each above one.
rneighth Inest lo Q elaim , and remit the
same to the ouo0 of T. a Milct, at Helena.
Mo at in the consty of Lewis and lark..
w-ithIn ninety dy eafter the servrie of this nn
tice br, pblcstino. your interst or Interrets in
the raid plaer claims will be forfeited, and be
come the property of the anderell ed. as pto
idea by said section 2824 of the lied Statee
stJ~ute.ThIno. Ii. htIjLElk .
atatR. T H. LANU4rLY,
int publicatioon Nov. 14. 19.
-otonthen Crosa tjoldt Milning oompenr.
Notice is hereby given tlat a meetinL ef the
etookhslder of the outlhrn t roes (old Mining
comiany wllt be hal:l t the Mehtmott hoteL
In the eity of Ilntte, eonnty olfll Ao, andH
state of Monta.L on the 0th day of Ootober. A.
D. 10', at the ounr of two o'lock p. m., forthe
urpose ? voftnl upon a preposition to rnoader
Ite qtoek of t o0mpany seseable It tia de
sirable that all stockhtlders attend In ersta.
Persons holding certflotitee of spek not ogrlgi
lly i.sd to thesm hould have the same tense
faro eo the bot .,, the .emea.r and eow
,ertilcutee1ssued in their own a omes to eptltle
them to reprsentation. By order of the beerJ
of trustees.
O. P. BLIINE. President.
Attest: Iny X. PRATT, tcoretary.
t he above meeting i adjourned until the fra
Monde in ousJanuary a. I),I. to meet at the
ne PicoI IA P, .Ui. ag,.] at.
Attest: Gus X. F.wT. becr oety.
TL. *...'...M O'.
P. A. e meas An ieb .
Seemi Hat. ipa ise l ips day sad upwards.
tebt sad eoSf o N, t
-amily Aeuommod,,ius a iuee.itv.
aN,.115i 01Ple
statr toirnam
lr, D L. o n.. "'es " ./
fill flthr8 1i y)-- i " tll ld
sea a , t . 1.Lot. dr t
Under Iad a iste ol f of b algedee
dgerese of fore. osuesadsstewmueeut e tht
isat. ($onatn ti end l t t b ¶.i , wO A.
Sais i a~s I a h. itllMdeey a
salted d laro rans on the 5atd dlay a . Cbbr.
A, U. lt8Srocdd in iutit b 1 of
sll ill th:ose enin lot. pl.es or .rats o lind
situat loying ad being I the conty of Lowl
and atlre, tte of Montmet andi bounded ad
dsesrilbed ( follows t 0 wi
rorte No 10.11 iad 1, in bloek No . 7rie the
a aottheuse addition lthetr oltuof i
rthe of the clrk and rorer othe a
contLy of Lewis and t lark. s.d situated In the
mid county of Lewis snl t el ad state o
o.g.ders with .ll sand snlular the tam t'
,isitamepte snd.ap turtolsaee th. t eumat -
lo.ngr or in snywiºes .prtslntin.
gblb eunotitoe ishtb ygiwVe that oastawdao..,
the thday of l)aceir, A. P7th St o o'ieko
. of t dy at te in door of the coatl
house. iel.n.M L5w sa.d (nrk or gaty. h nlorI n
tans. 1u wll, I n oeu~dIe to aasi or.er 4 .ets
mnd deoes o f jfoselornre and te sell thbshove
ssibedd properllt or llm h thereof ay
teat sa.d co sa. to the highest mal b gter.
foy ch in ansiti.
GHe uanader my head this 7th dy o De. m
bar. A. D. I80$
By Visa 3. Hoes. Under Ifthed.
lelt, pialntiff, vs. Clara J. Poutelle. William
A. lioutesla. Franklin Ii. Wailloe snd L. C. V.
Lots, asdelne. defedeants.
Under sad by virtue of an order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure ad sis le und out of the
distriet court of the cirms judcial dletriut of the
t of Montana in d for the county of Lewis
ad Clarke. on the tt day of secnmber A. .
1$. inthe asove entitled action, when cs(brlie
.. lnlet, ithe above named pialnti. obtisned
a ilyget and decree of foreclosure sad rmol
Yrinkli$ It. Wallace il '.ll. J. V, Lutz. as
plea., defndants, on the fib' day of Psesulber,
A.I. t1a . for the sum of 6 ulze besidie in
tercet, coals nari attoruey's fee., which dlfd lie
area we., on the th dllay of Dlecember, A. I).
1855, recorded in judgment book No --of said
court at pe -". 1I am commanded to mell ill
that certain lot, piece, or parcel tof land situ
ate, lying and being in the county of Lewis sad
Clarke. mstUa of Montana. ad bounded sad de.
scribed me follows, to wit:
Lot nuheceod ten (1t) in block "' of the,
Biake addition to the city of flbos, said lot.,
piece or parcel of land hl.vina sfronta ofi
liand effetrt, ld a dptn of one hundred ld tin
1til) feet. soordlug to and au deecribN don theI
ollal ameinde pst of th said named addltion
now on te in the oliece of the county clerk madi
recorder of the paid county of Lewis and Clarke.
Together with al apd singular the: tene
meute, here..taments snailppur cmsos thereo
unto lieloncluc or In any Wite appertening.
lublic notice is hereby given, that on atin
the Seth day of licemoer. A. D,. 1091, at 17
'e ek , of that dey, at the front deorioe the
onrt house. 1lelnea iewin and I('laks coont.
ol tosa, a willu in oiltne to reid iorler t cs al
an ddqree offorecloure aud Pile, sell the asore
described proaperity, or io touch therof at mal
be neoeesary to satlty id judmaent. with in
terct and eoste to the h.het and beet bidder,
for esh in hd.
oiven undit my hand. this 7th diny of eosom
ber. A. D. 1851
C i Aa R, 1a.l ES tTIr Sheril.
plaintiff. vs. Helena mtapes. detendnt
Under and by virtu of an ordor of raleand de
eres of foreclosure and hot out o the
dibstrict cgnrt of the 2 fret Judicial district or the
stat o iontarOa in and for the couaty of
Lewis anud Clarke, on the l7th day of ovemsber,
A. A lbg, in the above enttled action, whereol
Wilela ('. hiezey, the a so named plaintiff,
obtaind a jndment and decree of foreclouere
and sale against helena Htiesp. defendant, on
the 27th day of November . A. 1.21, for the mom
f I i83 r bheide interst, oatrd at
orne a fes whioh said decree wason the 2It
day of November, t. U. 1893. recorded in lodg
meant book No. i of aftid cour at ltsge -
1 am aommanded to ell all those ertaln lots.
pies or prcels of land, tuate, lyin and be
nain theonty of Lew and Clark. , state of
Mlonut ended an described as follows,
Ilneg a portion of lot o. 2. in block NoI1.
in 1an tow f ryslle. ( per palt on file I
the siica the conty clrk and recorder of
Lewis and Clarke oonuty.. Montana) commene
Ing at a point en east line of aid lot, and front
l 10 eMstrat, 0t feat northerly oX northeuast
corner of lt 22, block ho. 1, thene northerly
Sfeet to a pleto on aaid lina: thenace wesrly
between lote 28 and 24 Os a line about 100 feet to
a point on western boundary of lot t, twenty
two (22) fe• .rlth of ornet fnr a (4) as nr
v-ed by 1'. Marsh C. t. ,alo that certain
lot, p.a or arenp or land, or ton; lot, atutate
lying and beots in esaid town of Marysvila. be.
ing a Portion oN lot 2o.-3 and described as fol
ows. to-wit: I ni st le othwestcornoer
of maid lot to. f whichj is the soe:beast o3roer
of maid lot Na.221. thence ronsnilg norts easterly
to feet song westerly siae of Mlse street to a
point, thence runningy back westerlr 100 feet to a
point, thesnrne roping ntherly 72 feet to the
norther)r ie ides ef e ald lot No 2 ant the
sontherly aide line of maid lot No. 2W. thenreton
ig in an easlterlI ydirection, fllowlig said side
line of said luts No. 24 andtI ty place o b gin.
ning. boundel on southearl side by sJd let i8
owned byr UCnrad & Moth on easterly side by
Main street, atd en northeri sad weeterly tide
b- lnan owned by 'atriek Ulinnh ,
Together with all ad snlgrt the tenemnt,
herelitamenti and appurtenanres t eretuto -
longinr or in anywice appertainirg.
Publ.e notloeis hreby given that on "'ednrrday.
the :id day of ,noserr, A. D. 144. at lo'olqgok tt.
of that dlay, at the frontdoor of the court house
Heleana. l is nnd (Clrke couonty Montana,
will. In obedience to maid or~cr of Pile and tasre
of foroeclosure and ato, rail the abovadecrlbet
proporty, or en mosh c lisoreof as Uma b
nesuuo ryto satisef raid iudsnlt. with interestl
nmad cstt tohe hih..t and hm t bildder for as
tivn ontler my hand tide 12th day of D..
camber A). 1-1
1g J.r, E. lions. UUdr lShrff.
SMiJlling Compnuy ,, Moutno a works
lobeted thr ee nd ah It miles Irnm ntteo, bi
ver Low coonty. Montana.
Notice is hereby given that at a meetingu of the
rusatee of said oompany hbeld on the 11th day
of leeeomber, li8. an n ees entof 34 oat ere
share was loved upon thb capital stook of maid
omnpnay. peyable on the l8th day of January.
lt9,. to John ., Meyer o. etetary of said o m
n .. at the omce of the Leo Minilgr a ]iilog
opatn. Yof Montan., roots Ne. 410, t'ommer.
.alt bonldig. tt. Loofsa Miseori
Any tooek upon whisok aid aerement bshall
Sn uonplaid on the 2t6th dsyofj ahouary, Ibi.
shall be deemed delinquent, and wilibe dulr ad
vrriee for eele at pobllo etctloq. and unl.re
ayment be male before, will be sobnl on the 14th
dar of Ybahrunar, IY.i to pay the delligosoer &
reament, tolgether wit the cows of a tiortitng
and espoinsos of s.le
. teerst0 of raid compegy.
-oom Yo 410 (' topmercjat buimdtngit Lenl ,
Mw, US.. of sum oumpsq.
h ee .t...... s'
r . . ... ..... . , .:
, 1.
o ot1t......... . 4
To ~ rom I' r 11
. ..a . .... .. T . 8am , 0
.i " i P r. is.
o r ' Aso.1,,,e......,
T* . rtuar . Eeir .~... ........... " 8
o a hh t ~o .o7rr . P
-o°.ot st Jsr.a...... - 5o
.rn .. . . 5,80 0
: .-- '.." :. . .... " o.
8 s X14 8.80
To tsnoellso ro ear,* o .. 1ý5 03
ý,o T. . o ..... . ...11 0
S 88.00 4x8
10,O FUND.
Tobaluacon e. 1. 18991 ..... 1.8.197
T b l ..ce r . . , 1. 0. . 4
-.o ash eae pr t 1Whale6d98 8
to .... Wi ... eir. ,0
$ 41,6418 1S
ortnh og o e md t ..... ...... .,. '2, '8
To balance on.band De.. .1 18...... 007 12
" . . ..mov J.. .... .... , 86 0
" a.m . Jet . v.'............ 1. 0 0.
11 580
tta rtcbeJ, J........ ...2711 0
Billings. J. P. 2 5800
To transfer from distriot No4, ..... 188 03
ToT. . W oods ................... 50
To UC. P. G ,,ri. :ulf....... 0..... 01
$ 106,688 768
Bý _p_ joto tetstorlets........S 2
5 10.918 70
TO liuotac had oleo. 16 l43s...... $ 108 25
. b neo nhtr d o , .. . 1 ,486
To strsfo from rnnial fundi. . 2,t01_o0
To cas A ajore, supervisor..,.,........ 50
Carmicael, ianpervieor...... 1
S................ve........... 2780
Wn. elet, superviMo. or........ 10$
S 21,800 04
By warrants paid............... 20 0.6 54
iy refund ta ........................ " 39
y balaPoe on land lec 1, 188.: 3.07 81
To balance on hand 11* 1 1898 ..... ' 9,415
To transfer from road und 8.......... 8 85
To tae collec d ................. . 17.141 03
By arrand t spad.. 1, 1191:.:.:. 14.896 06
By lalason bn dfleuP. 1 704 07
* 18.401 08
To balance on hand Dec. 1. 1892...... 108 41
Tobalanee on hand Dee. 1; 1885...... 6,49 88
To cash ease traul & Whalen district
110. 1............................ .80.1474
fch Joy cahMcDermott ............. .0
vcah T. ox........ ......... 00
B ash .......... ............. 26.4 .741
By balanceeonbandplc 0180 8,12n18
! 29.646 81
To boads. rranmtb and accruod in
trot to De,1,1 .... 3...... . 1908.,71 .2
Tu ijnterest on bondt. LIe. 1, 9l8..... 11.40.1 0o
'lt'waants isaued during the rear.. 170,804r41
r. t DITS.
ry county war rti and inert paid.
tyr coa tlet fIaa ................(. $ 2,~23a b
|,u f1or fnd... ..........1.. ........ . i2.522 i
y rad fund....... .............20,026 13
bt bridgre fund ...............
Swarretan o slieed ... ............. 249 b18
Ly Interemt paid on bonds............ 11,400 0O
ly baladnce ure,, 18 ....... ....... 191,776 81
$ 878,..4 70
Deduct frohm a.b,. balance of....... $1.9776 81
lnterest which Ia not duo until Jan.
1, 1891 .............................. 5l0 00
Making correct balance..........$ 190.20 81
To county bonds unpaid ............. 190,000 00
To warrants outstanding ............ ... 6 b81
$ 100,026 81
To amount oft indebtedness.......... 190,026 t8
r oash In general ftnd.............. 56,895 51
contingent fund.......... 4,81 48
poor fund............... 1 1.87
S road fund ........... ... ,078 71,
bridge fund .............. ,704 07
' Jaij fund ............ ... 103 41
By net indebtedne Dec. 1, 180...... 103,401 8
Respectfully submitta.d 19,2681
J. is. Ti. OK.1. Clerk.
No. 8359.
U. 9. LAND Ovum.s
. ur.utie. enoat.. e. 19. 1898
Notice is hesby gtvon that Joan hilnscott has
this ay tiled appiaetmon for patent, under the
aeinoU laws or congie, for the itathwotil
lde ptlni . I siLa . ueslSr.tedL as curi, eo.
4858 .atoatcLncn`e orglasned, miningl ditrict.
.elorsfon countniruontsae in section, 17 and to0
t(ownaro I nprfh. rngue s werst which slaisn i
rcordedg in th l es of the recordit of J.ter
alo eounty, at Lo , Montans, and described
as nlitowo:
at taur.ty Nte. 41 beginnng t ct orner No.
1, tram which the L ceo our between aees 17 an t
1 tp n, r V. O, ha and piuenipl merldlan
of 11ontana mars at de I d in m 'l.t1,8 ft an t
rr tnug thence a de 4 mu na. 84 ft, thentO
nuei.ei minw0H It, thence a 89 di la wmi u
14.9 it, thence p78 dogr 2 mmn ao 1.2 t. thence
nu aI40n mln 45u ft, thence u 4L deg tO in w
13 ft. tihencecs78deg 45mmm w 141'3 ft. thclite
S0 det 40 rn w i.. 8t to plaoe of beginning.
c . o 4 1 8t I tr oL. 4 1.ac a18.-t
i hion with alc.bal our ~ ~, laed .0
acree; area a asenlict with [. I.. No. 791. placer
tnedindln conflict with tar r. 1049 Ut0o iill!
lode, and otr no, 1910. labama lode) not
elaimed, .10 no1.; total o.ue olailmed, 11.54
T.,o followinlg beflng description of the
crunnd cought in thia ,poltatilon: heiainulog
at corner ho. 4 of thtia loe an1 run thence n 2t
de 1 m" ain 3 51.1 ft, thence n u dec 40 min e
450 it, t iese n 49 dfea rawin w r15 ft. thense s
78 de 4: min w 141.7 ft h1eno. a 0 den 40 min w
12.3 ft thence a 4 sdea 206 i a 1t121.9 ft tu place
tof blcenlng. emthraeln an rsa nf 1..82 seme.
olen wialh a nutie o t ii application was
Doated the t th d of Docember. 1i93. . he only
lJoini l almtsrm •to threw premies are Il teer
I. At. 9 1L on the south. and placer It. h.
0. 10 and th tliranl lode cur No. 4218 on tbe
weet. t. A. Wtldto4Wl4't. Legloter.
birst puot lication Leo. 01, 1898.
c the art, support nd maintenance of he
sick, poor ad inures of this corlgty, ptr ealt=.
.! the w.etk fo the t. sucIeesdiln M arch 1,
1JI4. ceii propoaa tO lnotudo the ntihe cooat
ct fel.hrn. clothing and nuranlug o aid aee.
PoHr an I .tItm. and aul hurl rp•tncthereof,
will he rocrield at tri. oflnIe until M.lrh t, :.94,
at 12 o'clork an.
I y order uof the bordl of county commits on.
are ..De. 1. 8. T IJ" i.1, Clor.
helens.6 flea 15.305

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