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VOLXXXVr-Nft 123.
Youarc acquainted with our^goods. You know it's aimply^finding money by trading with^us. We're headquarters for
Headquartersfor assortment^^headquarters for dependable^goods^headquarters for the low^^est prices! in these hot days^you need some cool, light and^comfortable clothing, and we^most conscientiously believe that^The Boston is the only place to^get it. Light-Weight Suits in^Worsteds and Cheviots, in Frocks^and Sacks, from
Allsorts of thinner things at^thin prices. We can suit you^if any one can.
23-25S. MAIN ST.
1 Our Empire Last.
Weare having a big run^on this Shoe in Tan.
Howis it accounted for
Mustbe quality.
Perhapsit's style.
Or,may be price.
Weknow. Tis a happy^blending of the whole.
Nominatidby the Republicans as^Candidal* for Governor of^California.
Several Planks In the Platform^Rank With the Moaa^of Agoa.
MeRlnleyLaw (or Panics la Heartily r a^dorsad Insincere Mlvor eee'tuient^^The Ilatlol for Human.
BicramBKTOt04., Jena 30. -None of the^othar candidates made a elrong ehowiag,^though there wee eooie opposition tint^morning. The teat tote came on en^amendment to tha report of the committee^on or jar or business, which wae offered by^the enti-Katae man. Tha amendment pro^rlr'ad tbet nominatlene for jnetloaa of the^euprama ooart ahonld be mada before gov^^ernor. The Kitee man oppoaad tart, and^defaated tha amendment by e vote of l^l^to S4T. Tbie ebowed Katea'e etrangtb, end^the baoh of the opposition to turn wae^broken. The convention prooeeded ac^^cording to programme, end the ptetform^wae adopted without eonteat.
Theplatform endorses the natlonel plel-^fo'm of MfJJ end egaln andoreee tho Mr^Kinley bill, ltepeel of the federal eleotlon^lew by the demooratlo eongreee le de^^nounced. The demooretle Hawaiian policy^le denounced, and the Wlleon bill oon-^demned ee a aeellonel attempt to injare the^prodecete, eaanufaotnrere aid laborere of^the nation. Doth etele end netioaal sys-^teme of irrigation are favored. The eobeme^to plane wool on the free llat le denonnoed^ead the demand made that tbie great In^daetry be guarded by epproprlele legltle-^llen froaa unfair competition with foreign^oountriee.
Theeilver plank le ae followa: ^We^fetor the free eud unlimited ooinage of^ail^^r et a ratio of alxtaea to one, and the^mekiag of eilyer ee well ae gold legel tender^In eeyment of all debte, both rubllo and^private, end pledge oer oeagreeeiooel nom-^tneee to gappart the prlaolples eontained In^thla resolution.
Theimmigretiea plank le sweeping. It^demende the aneotment and etrlet en^^forcement of eueh law* aa will aim .Intel^^and effectually prohibit the Immigration of^foreign laborere. Government ail In the^construction and management of the Mc-^egae oaaal le demanded, end e eompellng^trenaoontlnentel railroad to Han franoteeo,^end oompeliag line* threugboet the etata,^favored. Men violeaoe end enerobletie^nutbreeke are denouncj.1, and p'Oteetion^for life end liberty and property demanded.
Enforcementof the Chinese eielualon^eat end other legleletion looking toward^the removal of Chlneee from the country le^demanded, aad the eetion of the preeidant^in aeeeenrtlng, aad thue preetteelly nnlltfy-^lag, tbie wboleeome leglelellan, and hi* at^^tempt by treat lea to abrogate tbie law, are^denounced.
Thewoman suffrage plenk le ee followt:^^believing that teiation without represen^^tation ie egalnet the prlnoiplee of our gov^^ernment, wa fever the eiteation of the^right of euffrage to ell citlzeue of the^United stores, both men end women.
Theplatform deraaade of oougreee tha^retention of the preeeat dot^ of 'J\ eeate^per poand on retaias and the irepoeition of^the protective daty on /ante ouriante end^all other dried grepee and fraite.
Theconvention then proceeded to make^aomlnalloae. VI M. Eetee, of Nape, wee^nemineted for governor; John MoDuaald,^of Bteekton; Qen. N. P. Chlpmen. of Had^Bleff. ead U. W. Preston, of baa Mateo^were aleo placed In nomtnetloa. There wee^a stampede la Eatee'e fevor, ead he wae^nominated on the Orel ballot The vote^was, KateetibT, Cklpman elghly-seven, Mc^^Donald seventy-six. Preiton elgktcen. The^convention thou adjourned until to-morrow.
By Paeseagare aa Ona at tha Water^Hound Northern I'aalflo Tralaa.
Thefollowing oerd of thenks wae pre-^eeuted to Conductat Snedeksr end the etk-^i i of the orew of the flood bound eipreee^over the Northern Peolflo. from 81. Paul^for P inland, and to the company, br the^peaaengere on the train:
OoadootorCharlee E. Baedeker and tho^trainmen We, tha nndaralgaod, paaeengere^on board train Ne. 1 ef Mey 29, 1H84, froee^Bl. Peal to Portlend, wieh to extend to yon^our meet cordial and earaeet thanke far the^kindly cere and intereet yoa have mani^^fests.! toward ue in eccurlag euoh good ac^^commodations for our welfare, and we aleo^take thla opportunity to extend to the^Northern Pacific Railroad company oar^apprrciatioa of their kladoeee lu providing^food free of ell charge to aa while we are^being detained at Uoree Plains, Moat,, oa^eooeunt of the high water damaging the^eompany'a roed to the suspension of all^travel an I t erne.
F.H. Holmes. Helen 1. Cexectiell, Anne^Aadereon, Nettle Andoeon, lira. 8 II.^Molleneoer. It. II. Beller, O. U Uerrlng-^ton, i h is Erbaek, Mrs Krbeok, Olara^Krbeok. I, Kirbr Bmith, Ague! M. Purecll,^I.lsxle A. Keller. Ed Vitapatrlek, Joe If.^Oaataldo. Mre. Lizxle feV Miller, W. U.^Niekole, A. P. Btradllag. Formaa M Clegg,^U. V. Clegg, B. ^. t'nimby ead wife, Wm.^Waohter. Mitchell hoeae, A. K. ttoene, Julia^Hoene. M s I.. J. Jonee, Prenk Lamp,^Philip Llnaeherd, Henry Brueesher, Can^Augaet, Maty, Charley, Luoy aad Johanna^(lottaokalk, lugoborg FlneruJ, O. M.^Babetz, hire. 11. A. bmith. Ma. M. M.^Mexsy, Wm. Grove, A. L Partoa, Auguaia^Magusaon.
123North Main Street.
Openingli ^r at al.eepsliead.
NewYobk, June JO. ^ Better weether eoald^not beve beta desired for the opening at^Bhee. ehead Bay to dar. Futurity oourai -^Mrrocoo, Lord Herrv, Deferallla, 1:12 2-6:^wile end tbree-eixteeulbe^L'owenoke,^hp ead Eeg'e. ^_'IJU.'I fl; mile and one-eighth.^Belling^ George Beok, Tom Bkidruorr,^t onal, liASf mile Mir Hnlghi, l.ongdale.^Arultagr, 1 41; double event, five and a^half furlonge Keanan, Hairy Bead, The^Commoner. 1:0ft 4-f^: mile end one emeeolb^onlbeto t^ lop G.illeni, Wetteraon. Flirt,^1:49; mi e and one alxtaenlti on the turf-bt.^klichael, Liaxie. Klidesr. it-.
Linbos. June 20,^The Coronation atakee^wee won br Mr K. Johnslou's Ihoetle,^Hotel Victoria erooB I and a dead beet be^^tween Joeeetla aud Aiaiabla for third^plaoe.
Ihe Itoyel Hunt plate wae won br T. W.^Morion's Victor Wild. Vinglon eeeond,^Mauudy Money third.
Kurcreefiilleolltute Held.^I', hi Jbbc 20.-The Afllelb annuel^meeting of Hie American Institute of^Hoairxipathy. which ended in night, le pro^^nounced by dactore In ettoadeaee one of^Ike mod eacceeafal and enjorable ever^held. Iteeolatione were uueultnouely^adopted lo-dey ooadematag any movement^looklou to treaaferrlag any existing boram-^opethlc laatlloilou to any old eehool col^^lege la e manner which Involves the eer-^reuder of th^ dietluoilve name, end under^caaditiene wbieb de not eeenre the rooognl^lloa of diellaelive cheire of kouiutpethy.
OoaHand at Atlantic City and the Other^at Jaraeetowa, N. V.^A: i ^sn. t 'nr. N. J., June 20.-Ta*^grand lodge of Klki begen lie eeeond dny'e^session with lHi: delegelee present. The^following oflloere ware elected: (l aud ex^^alted ruler. W. I). Meyers. Philadelphia:^grand secretary, U. H. Hoemer, lloetoa;^grand eiteemed leading hnlgbt. (J. A.^Heynolde, Hertford: grend eeteeated^loyal knight, L, W. Ptevent, Chicago;^grand eiteemed lecturing knight,
H.P. Ckaee, Norfolk; grand acquire, W.^II. Wallace. Pliletmrg; grand tiler, L. E.^Newklrk, Philadelphia; grand lunar guard,^M. J. Coaay. The board of Iroeteee de^olerad the meeting at Jaineetowu illegal,^and daclered thai tke trueteeebad not been^legelly removed. A motion to eelabllib a^supreme ludge, with elategread lodgee, wee^voted down.
JeMsaTow*.N. In Jene 20.- l'p tu the^time wuen the gread lodge of Kike met lo-^dey no responee bed been reoelved froee^the kike at Atlantic City to tha invitation^extended them br the grend lodge here to^participate In ite deliberatlona. I he grand^trustees have notified W. F. Becbel, of^Uaebe, Neb., ex grand treaanrer, thai,^by direction of the grand lodge,^Frank F. Korls, grand Ireaeurer,^has been euthorlxed to draw on bias^for whet moneys ere In his posseaaion be^^longing to the grand lodge. It wee deolded^to meet next year et Savannah, ^In 'ibe^eleotlon retailed et follows: Grend exalted^ruler, W. B. I rider, Utooklyn; grand ee-^teemed lee hug kulgbl, W. A. Jonee. Chi^^cago; grand eeteeiasd loyal hnlgbt, W. K.^Wheeler, Datlae. Tex.; grand esteemed^leotaring anight. L ileseltine, James^town, N. V,; gread eeeretary, C, A. Bmtlb,^Youngstown, Ohio; grend treeeurer, 1 . B.^Grrie. Meal villa. Pa.; grand tiler, J. A.
I.linger. Wanhiugtou. 1). C; grend traaleea,^C. W. atuidr dgb, Foitemouth, Ve.; Harry^L ltameey, Buffalo, and J. 1. Bake, Head^^ing, la
DalyTransfer* All His Bitter Root^Holdings to the Anaconda
TbsDead Si Montba Old, but^Was Not Reoorde.il Until^Wodnooday.
Thlnge Ware abakea l'p. I^VlaelBlty of Omaha.
Omaha,Jan* 20.^About eix o'olook tkie^evening Omaha wee ^tatted by one of the^strongeet isles experienced here in yeere.^The wind came from about two points weel^of couth, ead blew in guete foi ebout^helf en hour, attaining at times a velocity^of nearly forty miles en hour. It wee ec-^comvenied by dense clouds of dust which^obeeared the eky and made it derk ee mid*^night Not e great deal of rein aooom^penled the etorm, bat qntte e ehower'ell^aflor it. Much damage of a minor nature^wee done ell oyer the olty. At C'ourtland^Beech one man was caught In a boat oa the^lake and drowned. Hie body has not been^recovered.
SiouxCiti, June 20.^A terrible etorm of^wind, rain aad hail eltaok this city at eix^o'clock this morning. Tke roof of Ibe^Illinois Central station wasoerried over the^Union depot. Peary .1 teveue' wholeeaie^farnltara heaee wee unroofed and the Get-^tyebmg oycio auia w.eeked. The air for^tarty-live niinutee wee eo fall of flying^debrle the! it wee aet eefe to be oa the^etreete. It le believed immense demege^wae done in tbe eurroundlng country.
Banoor,H. I)., Jane 29. ^A eevere cyclone^streek this p.bob Ibis efteroooa, demolish^^ing fourteen houses. A little ohild of John^Hamfeli wae killed and the remainder ef^hie family severely lajured.
DletrlotConvention and Ileceptlea to^Head ^ ona.il falBeabnrg.
DlitriotNo. 3, Pacific jurisdiction, Wood^^men of the World, held their Drat dialrict^convention in this olty yeiteiday. Heiry^D. Moore, ef Miesoela, wae eleoled presi^^des! of !ha dletricl, end Geo. A. Beyle, of^Helens, aesretery. The meting wee for^the pntpote of electing delegelee to the^Portland session of the head eemp aad con^^sidering msaeuree of Importance to the or^^der throughout the jurlsdietlOB. Lslegetee^were preer.nl Ir on Ibe varloa* camps of^Woodmen of the etate. htuob Interest wse^manlfeeted in tbe eeetion, aad many Im^^portant reooetniendatlont to the heed camp^were peeseJ upon, A. B. Keith aad George^A. Boyle, cf Gernet end Flrel Montana^oainpe, respectively, of Helena, were elect^^ed delegelee to the headeatapeessioB which^coavenes In Portland aext Aagust. in the^evening a recepiian wae tendered Heed^Consul Kalkenburg and the delegatee. In^Ibe lodge room, wbleh wee largely attended^and greatly enjoyed by thoeela atlendanoe.^Head Coaaul Falkenburg le paying cfflslal^vialte to Meataoa lodges, aad leavec lo-dey^to villi eemp* la otksr psrte of the etele.
on.'deration Was ^l,411.370 43-IB-^eluded ttia famous Hlvevelde lloree^Manors- rrem laos Hee l Ue.
Hpenlalto Die ImknecdeBt.
Mi-.oii ^. Jnne '.^j. An inetroment filed^to-day In the offloe of tho county reoorder^of ttaveli! county at Bleveaevllle deede and^trensfara to the Anaoonde Mining oompany^ail of Marous Daly'e Intereet in the Bitter^Hoot Development oompaay. hie Interesl In^Ihe townelte of Hamilton, and all of hie^laaohee end pereonel property In the!^ooaaty. 1 be consideration stated In tha^deed ie |1,442,.179.4:1, Tbe date of the In^clreinent le ebout eix raoathe old. No In^^formation concerning the etgntneanee or^reagon of thla glgeallo trenefer of property^could be obtained from any of the gentle^^men la tbie olty who are generally credited^with having oloee business connections^with Mr. Dely. II hea been Intlmetod,^bewever, that Mr. Daly has simply hsd tbe^property in hit nemo for the Anaoonde^Mining company, ead that the ob^^ject ie to put the whole of tbe^many large luvealmtnte rnsdo la^Bevelll eoonly by Mr. Dely into one cor^^poration, tbet meny of tbe purebaeee were^made in email blocks, snd Ihe business^could be moro easily conemnmeted by a^privele individual tken by a corporation.
Aboalsix months ago, or olose to the^dete of the deed, many ia^^mors were afloat concerning Mr.^Dely'e inenagement of the veet inter-^eels of the Anaconda Mining company In^this stele. The statement tbet thle trees^far bad been made wae freely circulated^here, but aa nothing wae placed on reoord^the troth of tbe romore wee generally dis^^credited. A portion of the property trans^^ferred is the fsmous Ittverslde breeding^farm, which contains something over 12,000^eeree of lend In the boil portion of the^Bitter Hoot velley. It ie eeven miles long^end lies between Corvallla and Grantsdals
iurnUOVT CO.
Sacneededfteaeter i'lnaab and Wae^Ruoeeeded by John A. Martin.^Wahrinoton, June 20.^Ki-United Btelee^Benator Bishop W. Perklae, of Kansas, died^here eaddealy el feer p. m.
BiehopW Perkins wee bora In Koches-^ler, Lorain county, Ohio, Oct. 18. 1841; re^^ceived a eoeimoB school education, with a^short atlendanoe at Knox academy, at^Oalaaburg, III.; read law at Ottawa, III.;^wee admitted to the bet there ia tiff, and^commonoed praotta.'; eerved four yeere ete^soldier in the ueton army, going oat ae ear-^geanl la the h ighly third Illinois Infantry,^aad was adjaiaol and oatitain of Ihe Six^^teenth failed mates oolored infantry for^two years and eix aonlbc; hsld eeverel ju^^dicial offices In Kansas, wee eleoled lo the^Forty-eighth oongrtte aa oongrecemen st^lerae, lo Ihe Forly-nlatb. Fiftieth end^Fifty-flr.l ooagreeeee, and wae appointed^Jen. 1. 1H02, to tbe Palled Bletaa annate to^fill, until tke eleelioB of hie eooceeao', tbe^veomoy ceased by the deelh of Hon. Piet-^ton It. Plumb.
Specialte The Independent.
GgEiTPi i ii. Jnne 20.--The boodle ca-n-^palgn for Anaconda for Ihe capital le in^progrese in thle eeetion. It le reported on^very reliable eethority that |i:i.000 was^received leal week by the local managere of^Ihe ^-upper city campaign committee to be^pot where It will be most effective ia the^corrnptlon af volere.
'hereere In thle city q*lle a aumber of^workiugraen who have eteid he e eeverel^monthe, et ooneiderabla loae In time and^money, beosuee of Daly'e reiterated prom^^isee to build bb immense refinery st tbls^piece. Tbey expeoted to gel work on tbe^enlerprits. but now the truth is beglaaing^lo dawn opoa them that they ere bo acarer^tbe promised work then they were wbea^Ibe promises were firet made e good many^moBths ago. The promisse a e repeated^everv few deye in letters from oopper head^quarto a eerose the raage, but not a thing^ie being done towerd tbe fulfillment of the^promises.
SenatorParle Gibson ie exerting himself^lo the almost to bind Mr. Daly np ia a con^| tract for the building of the alg works, bat^baa aol yet been eble to get Ihe oxer t.. pat^hie netue on e rater agreeing lo begin work^now or et eny otker time. Mr. Gibeoa ie e^keen business man, end he knows the! oae^contract ta build a reflaery ie worlh more^then ell the promisee that have been made^or will be made by Mr. Daly or any one^elas. Mr. Gibson doee not propose to let^this Iowa be bemboezled, and other pleeee^thet ere baildlag blgh bopee upon bare^promisee of great things to be dene in tbe^indefinite future might profit by hie Hue of^eetion eed get lbs promisee in writing be^^fore they fall into tha trap. Mr. Gibeoa^kaowe that the Aneoondc const eay le able^to execnle eny contreot med* for them by^Mr. DbIv, ead he knowe thet there I* no^good business rsason to be offered why Mr.^Daly ahonld not make a conlrecl for eny^enterprise tbet be real y Intends lo aador-^take.
Ihevery oerefnl end betloses like roelh-^ede adopted by Mr. Gibeou la tbls metier,^teinall bis other all airs, ie highly com^^mended by tbe people ef Greel Fell*, end^there een be no doubt bo! thai when he^ekowe a oonlreel with Mr. Daly's name el^tbe bottom of it for tke erection of the^long promised refinery Anaconda senll^menl will be greatly etrengthened el thle^piece. But tbe workingmea bare went^something more then elry promisee, of^which they have had enough In the pest.
Hustledout In Night Clothee.^WaaiimaToK. JnueDO.^Tbe congressional^and other gueele of the P.ohington hotel, in^Ihe eubuiln of this city, had lo make e^hasty exit et midnight, in consequence of a^fire which ate. ted in tbe kitchen. The^hotel, which wae owned by Dietriol Com-^^ieetoner lioecdale and valued al $M),OU0,^wae deetroyel. Lessee W. A. Mclielllp,^loses about f 1:1,000 In farnitare.
NewpoiiT,U. I., Jane 20. -The eteemer^Plymouth leetlll opon tke rocks off Hose's^island.
Montii nan \ I , Jane 20.^The republl-^ctn etet. convention wee held here to dar.^end G. A, Woodbury wae eelecled for gov^^ernor.
NewYoga, June 20.-Lillian Huessll Is^seriously ill, ee a resu t of a crltioal surgi^^cal ..p r .in.11 psi formed last Mender. Hal^husband, Mignor Pcroglal, celled fo. p.u-^ropa to-day,
Ironwoou,Mich , Jnne 20.^ I wo then-^teud (rogeblo range mtnore, oomprlatog ell^the foioee of Ihe Aurora. Norrla, Paber,^Newport aad Kaet Nutria mince, weal on^a strike to dsy.
bT.Liu is, Jane 20.^Bt. I.ouls 4, Cincin^^nati . Pitleka g 7. l/ooieville ti; Cleveland^7, Chieage II; Boston 1:1. Baltimore 12, New^York la, Pbllodelprjie I; eecoad game. Phil^edelpbleli, New York 14.
Biciiruw,Mich . June SO.^ Newell B. Par^aone, tela eoafldenliel elark for Walla^rlloae A Co., oeavtoted of eteallag (liiS.tktl^w..rih of ralliatd boade. wae eeuleaeeJ lo^Ave yeaie la ptleon lo dei.
urnI.oiiuk TIlAdEDt.
TheKilling of Palrlek Caaaaa by f rang
Specialto The tcleiiendent.
Livinonton,Jene 20.^K.ank I.adkoff,^who rau de etl Patrick Cannon at Kid^l.odce 'laeedey morning, wee brought here^Hue morning by i unstable Jobetoa ead^plaord in tbe county jail, the murder^seems to hevn been en anprovoked end^cold blooded affair. The men are reported^to bave had no qeerrel, aad no reaeon can^bo aeeignad for Ike ewfnl deed. 'I hey bed^been drinking during tbe night In Martin^,lohn4on'e eeloon, end about two o'clock^in the morning l.edhoff celled Cannon lo^tbe bar. Juit ee Cannon stepped lo tbe bar^l.edhoff polled a tavolver aad placed it^cloee to Cannon's heed and palled Ihe t ig-^ger. 0 nnnn fell over dea l, en I Ltdhoff^walked out of Ihe eeloon and eeolly re^msrked to tbe epeclalore the* he had ebot^Pat Cenaon In aelf defence.
Canneswae emplored ee a rniuer et It d^Lodge, end te celd lo beve been e qaletead^good netered man, even If under the infla-^aare af llqaor. Ledhoff It a married mau^and bee e fasally of throe ebi'.dfea. who saw^alls oa e reach aeer Bed Lodge. He was^seen at the Jell, bnt refueeJ lo make any^statement oilier than that he bed eomtatt-^tsd the deed in cell defeats
ArreetedlorIteaerllen,^Hpecial to Ike tadependeut^Bo^xaUN, June 20. -Consids-sble exolto-
mealwae ercelod here this morning when^It wee learned that Horner MeCumb,^young dcaticl of tbls piece, wee M reeled^ead lodged lo Jail oa a charge of dseerllnn.^Ithae al waya beer, aappoeed MeCorab wee a^elugle eeen anlll ea officer from Wlsoonsla^srrlved here last evening with a laqaleltion^from Gov. Hlckerde to erreel htm for de^^serting bit wifs end child la thet etele^Ap II P.I, 1*02. Mot'omb be* been In Boxe-^uian about two yeere practicing dentistry.^He wee lo beve been taken to Wiseouetn^Ikie efternooe, but bit atioraty had a writ^of babaae Corpae carved on the ehrr.tr, end^e heering will be given I boredey afternoon
lileoharged,but Agate Arreeled.^Spaniel to The Independent.
LmgiiSToat,June 20. I he case of H. V.^Murnbo, who wae on trial to-day abergad^with perjery, wee, on motion of defend-^est'e lewyere, dismissed on thegrouad tbet^Ihe ioforraelioa wee defeeliyc. County^Attorney Miller filed e aew information^egBtnst Htambo Ibis efternoon, charging^Urn with having perjured himself st tbe
RapidProgress Made Wednesday In^the Serial* With in* TarliT^Bill.
InoomaTax and Rovenuo Feat urea^All That Remain for Dla-^poaltlon.
TwoIiaye Will frnliebly lie Irevntad ta^the former - Peffer'e euketltata Ib-^rome Tea I'ropoeltloa.
WaWMton,Jbbc 'JO,^I'effer addrsessd^tbe eesste to dsy on the report on tbe reeo^lutlou inetrueting tbe committee on post^prellmluery cxemlaatioa held before J a*- I affi^ee and poet roadc lo report beck tke
HocLepley. btuinbo wae e reigned end en^^tered e plea of aol gallty.
inn an r.ye.^Special to Tha Independent.
Livigiiaion,Jane 20.^ Chee. Blmpeon, e^Boilermaker employed In the Northern Pa^olflo shops here, loci one of bie eyee thie^morning. He wee engeged In obipping on^e boiler shell, when the ehittl flew bssk end^struck him la tbe eye, breeklng the bell.
. Mortimer rieade Gallty.^Hpecial to The Independent.
LiviNrmToai.Jane 1/0.^Wm. Moitimer,^the eocomplioe of Anderson In tbe Fleming^reorder, wee np before Judge Henry to^^day. He we* allowed to plead gallty lo^murder In the eeeond degree. Hentenoe^will be peeeed oa Mon lay, the 12Sth.
Tha .eie.t Hlddare on Ihe Poet Sacnre^tha tVork.
Capt.Hoyl, la eherge of the construc^^tion of fort Harrison, received edvieee^from Wesbinglon yeetordey ewerding all^the oontreete thet bad not been prevloaely^1st. Ihe awarde era ae follows:
Threedonble seta oflicere quartan, to^Niehole it Crothere, of Teeoma.
Berreeke,non commissioned officers^(luarlars, stablee sad storehouse, to Csrltele^.'^ Hob, Mlnoeapolle.
Goerdhoueeend water svatem. to D. P.^Wortmen, of Helena.
Bekaryand aeele hoate. to Ihe K uiaas^City CoBtlraslloa Co.
Plumbingfar Ike ofBeere qaerltrt, bar,^rtske and gaardhooee, Ademe V Bidet^Helene.
Piambiegfor tbe elablee cud nen*ooen-^raiesleneJ officers quarters, Gould Broe.,^BbIIc.
Healingfor Ibe gaerd hoaee, Ademt A^Blder, of Heleaa.
Healingfor tbe offleere' qBerterx, Gsald^Broe., of Balle.
Uaallogfor tbe barracks. Che*. Better,^of Oineha, Neb.
Ibe gae-piping for all the buildings wae^let to Adams j Bidar.
Capt.Hoyl bee notified all the successful^bidders and hse received replies from ell^ssve Mr. Wo linen, who was oat of town^yeeterdey. All bidders awarded a contract^mnel furnish satlafaolo y boade. aad a^failure to do eo renders tbe perly rcepon-^eible for Ibe eddillonai eosl to tbe govern^^ment for doing tho work. The eewersge,^weter end rellroad eonlraole w re awarded^the other uay, and tha work dona yesterday^completes tbe list. In e week come of the^ooutreclere will be et work.
k.of Is*
A.It 11.,^it ill He
aadfarmere' Alliance^Partlee tw It.
CntCAoo,June '). 1'resident Hebe, of^tbe American Hallway union, cays atspe^soon will bs taken to form a triple alliance^between the Knigbte of Labor, American^Hellway|unioa eed Ibe Parmsra' allience,^whieh will ooatroi aboal l,o00,000 men A^convention under tha auspices of the Illi^^nois etata federetien of labor will ba held^et Hpringflotd. July 1, 3 aad 4, al wh en tha^union probably will ba enacted. The plel-^form probably to bo edopled wtllcoulain^tba following planke: Compulsory sdaoa-^tlon; direct legleletion for tbe lekorer; legal^eight-boar w rk day; eanltary inspection^ol work ekop, mine and boma; liability of^..mp.oye . a l .r lujery lo health, body or life;^aboiitioa of Ihe coutraet system ua ell pub^^lic worke; ebolltioa af the eweetlngsystem;^municipal owuerabtp of etreet care, gas and^electric plants, for tbe pablle dletnbutlon^ef beet, light and power; national owacr-^ahlp of telegraph, telephone end railroads,^end oolltotive owuerablp by Ibe people of^ell mescs of production aad dietrlballon;^the principle of rele.eudom in all legtsla-^ilea.
lileeeileflortWith the Kcatemeat.^Coi.imntri. Jane .0 Ibe etata coal^it mere, In executive eeecloalo-dey, edepted^a reeolatiou, by a two-lhlrdt vole, con^^demning the natlonel ofBeere for signing a^compromise With conditions. A reeolution^lo continue the ctrike wr.e voted down end^e substitute resolution lo resume work was^edopled.
Himih. Mo.. Jaaa SO.^J. H. Poor ead^Bobe.t JnhaeeB were arreeled lo day,^oberged with burolng the Hannibal A St.^Jee railroad briJga June 11. They are^euspected of being leedere in the laldaigut^eltacka on looal aaiaea. Neltker ie a^miner Poor owns ill teen or twenty tene^^ment kcases.
Ih.yKsrseel lingua's Wealers
Pixiier,K !^., June 'Al. -The etly ie la a^elete of greet eicltemeat expecting Hugun'e^army, which le bow aboal sixty milee^above here. Mayor Owen II.is oeeatng^ewore in ISO special polloe end armed them^with riflee.
Bieataata, N. D., Jane Sa-Ckief Marshal^Haggstt came in from Dawann to-day with^.1. P. Werner. J. E. I oiler. P.. M. Wise. W.^H. franca and J. J. Cokey, all beaineaa^uieu of Dewenn, charged with contplrlnu^with Hie ( oyeyilee who elole a Northern^Peeifle I aln lael week. I be exemiualiou^will be held to-morrow.
HouidNut Iteluru ta Illegraee.^Omut, Jane ID George A. Bleptenbeoh,^a former meroheul of Hen Kiencieeo, threw^himself beneath Ibe wbeele of e train at^Etnereou. Neb., tbie mo nlag, aad wae cut^to pieoee. He wee en rente from Mtnue-^epoiie to Han Franeteco, where he wae^wanted for a crooked boalneae treneaetlou.^In charge of Ulfleer H. P. liaudlay. Ha^tuld ihe oflloer n ^ would netor ratarn lo^Califorule end feoe the dlegrece. Aftee^palling I one on Ihe prisoner the officer^thought him eefe.
Ciiiiinn, June Hi -Aeeeeeln Preadergeet^wae tekeu Into the criminal court again to^^day for Ihe Ineenlty trial. Tbe stele asked^1st a epcclel venire, bnt Ibe defeaee in^elelcd that Ibe regular venire be etbeeeted^before e epcclel oue wee euoiaieued.
JadgePerns decided thet Ihe regular^venire ebould be eibenetad. efter whlub a^epeolal venire will be ordered. P.ender-^uast asked lbs coarl lo diepeaee with a
postalsavlogc bill. Mcndereon aetd he in^^troduced a poetal earinge bill baeed Bfj the^Lnglieh eyelem, bat did sot favor tba pa-^teraallstic sobsme of I'effer, which contain-^plated meklng the gov rnmsnt the benker^of Ihe people. No sctlnn was leken.
Tberreolntlnn offered by Callorn, in^slroeting the ^omiuieclooer of peaeione to^report whet ; orlioa of tbe ennoel eppro-^\ prletlanc for pensions will remain nuex-^I pended el Ibe tod of the fiscal year ending^June 80. wes agreed lo.
ouslderatln i of the free list of the tariff^hill wee reaumei, the pending question be^^ing I'effer'e amendment to put eell on tha^dutiable lit! et five cents per 100 pounds.^I be pieeenl duly la eight cents, I'effer ex^^plained tbet pereonally ba fevorel free^aalt, but hie const.taenia, Interested In call^msnufscturec, believed thet leey woald be^injuriously affeole I by the placing of cell^on the free Hal.
Al1'.'o'clock Aldrich demanded e sepa^^rate vote upon tbe oommitlee amendment,^etrlking tager from Ihe free llel. The^ameudmcBt wae edopled, thirty-three la^twenty-two. ijuey. Irhy, Allen end Kyle^voted eye. Peffer voted no,
Allenmoved to put lumber cn Ihe free^list. Chandler eherged thet tba Nebraska^sens lor bed made a bargain with the demo^^cratic aide. Ia cxoleiolag hie vote on^eugar bla announcement that be had aol^yet mad- op hie mind how to vote wee a^Ih en I. and In gelling thie amendment^adopted be was completing Ihe bargain.
Allearetorted the! hie vote and action^were none of Chendlar's bnslneee. ( bend^^er a*ld he propoeed to meka it bis bas-^loeee.
Allaneubsequsntly replied to ^ hand er'e^reina.ke. Ha claimed thai he wae aol to^be deterred f root his purpose by a senator^who pus himself in tbe allitule of a baboua^on every poeeible oeoaeion.
Peffei'eamendment providing far e dnty^on ealt wee loci, tweaty-four to Ihirty-^Ibrea, Ibe flaance eommittee'e aujeud-^ment, reetriettng Ibe 'roe autry of raw eilk^to euch ee ie not manufactured in say way,^wae agreed to.
Wheneager wee reeched Aldrich merely^demanded a yea aad nay vole on the bnanoa^committee amendment to atrikatl from tha^free llel, where II wae pieced by the house,^and tbe committee nnieadmeat wae carried^by thirty -three to twenty-two Tberepub-^licaue, except tjuay, voted eolidly egelneA^end tbe demoorata for ll. By a parly vole^tbe eenste decided lo pel loge aad Inmber,^Including dreeeed lember, on tbe f ice llel.
Atth ee o'olook tbe eeuate wee censlder-^Ing eeetion nine, relating to changes in the^customs regulelions. When section twcntt -^three was reecbe I Jonee moved lo stilks oof^I asotiona twenty-three lo titty Inductee, por-'^Hons of tbe administrative fratntee of tha^bill wbicb it bas been agreed lo leave out. 1
Jonee'emeadmeut, modified ao aa not to^inelnde ecelmn t in. relating to cnatotu^bouee brokers' licenses, wes agreed ta
Al3:40 the eeuate icached tbe income tax^and Hoar aeked tbet II be peeeed over anlll^to-morrow, wbiob was done.
.Inly s in-one i ages of the bill, the in^^come lax end internal revenue feetnree,^remeiu undisposed of. and the end of tbe^long debate eoeuie cloee al band. The con^^test over tbe Income tsx. wbicb promises^t.. te eitrern lr interesting, if net eenea-^tlonal, will begin lo-motrow. it le toe^general expectation that It will occupy twa^rears,
Peffergave italic* of hie intention to offer^ae en amendment a graduated lucome tax,^eo ae to nieke '.ncomea in ^ teees of f l.uut)^and below ^10.000 eubjeol lo a tax of oue^percent; between AI0.OO.i end f20,000, two^per oenl; between ixAOOO an.i 1*0,000, three^per cent; between |^r0.iXX) and tlitl.GOO, foa*^per ccbI; above $100,000, Ave per eeul
LiveNioolri Raerde.^WxentNuroN, Jnne '-'!. - The prlaoipat^toplo of dieeueelnn el lo-dei'a meeting ot^repreecnlatlvee of Ibe livsstock boa de wse^baeed oa a paper piepired by Dr. J. II.^Kellogg, of Bettle Creek, Utah., on tbe^tubjeot of tuberculosis Tbe committee on^pernieaent organization recommended tbe^formation ol a natioual live atoek eanltary^association, lo be oomposed of recresents^tivee of Ibe boreeu of animal mdoetry of^Ihe egrloulteral department, membcre of^the different etale live stock sanitary boards^an I commissioners, state veterinarians, and^other elate officiate having supervision of^Ibe diseaece of live etoek.
Plentyat Oald la the Conatry,^Wabhiniitiin, June JO. -1 ha gold receive,^efter deduollag fU.lJoO.OOO engaged for chip-^meal to morrow, Is *t^4.703,047, or |i'H,\aU0^lower loan ever before lo lie biatn-y. The^treecary offlolale ere ai pa eatly aot^alarmed at the coullneed uattlow of gold.^That there le ao laok of gold in tha touut y^le shown by the lael natijnel bauk elate-^meat, which ehowe ihet ou May 14. If;i4,.^the national banke of Ihe Pulled Hlatic^held epeoie to the emonntof tttU.IMl.tlZl, ot^which over *'A)4,ikkj,ouo wae in gold cola^and gold eeriiueatea.
IheA ll ii-1 Ipt Ion Bill.
Wahiiinuton,Jnne 30,^ The anil oi Cm^bill oeooplad Ibe ettentioo of the hoaee ell^dey, and aa agreement was made thet de- *^bale ebould cloee at adjournment to-mor^^row, and a vote be taken on the bill Ertdey^inorntog after tha morning lion'. Bpeeobee^were made eeaiast the bill by Bepreeenta-^tlvee Walker. Barter and Goldxier, while^Mr. Biehardeon, of Mlobigau, epoke lu^favor of it
leerl.edga Poetmeeter Appointed.^WAauiNdTori, Jane 1*0. Ihe president^sent tbe following uominatloue to tbe eeu^^ate lo day William I). Higtcr, accident^Ireeenrer of the Palled Hlaiee el Pbiledel-^phle; K C Youau, eeeletani ... piaieer of^ineioben lee at Phlledelphla; Blebard 1^.^Keuaer, poalmaeter at Deer Lidge, tl i.t^I unit M ci'oy piu. loatmaalar at ryao I ran^claco.
Ihefrtlver t .. reaching.^Atchison. Ken., Jane 20. ^Tke Hani* Fe^railroad baa abaadoued lie tieok belweea^bete aud Ht. Joseph ob account of tbe ea-^eroeehmeale of Ihe river, ibe eompeay^need Ihe Bock Island track for a trig, Ihea^decided the Bock Icland aleo Baeefe. ikie^cveamg tbe Haala Ee la raanlog over Ihe^HaoBlbal A Ms. Joseph Hue. Al Wimbrup^Junction, a brakeuiau ou the Hanla /e een^stand ub Ibe plelforai of a paaeengei treia

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