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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 01, 1894, Morning, Image 1

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Saloon Men Bead Caretully.
Un'ler the now taroft hill will I ne
lii1;hier, hutt xowinti ,, tho, I:r. to
Ftuc k on liundl Wu will 1nttko tein
101mow iTl low~ pricei oii uur utntire
Lituck until Oi:tuhur I: L.
I or 'iouft hal. i'r ofid
Lt. V. Mon' roll, H;ýrihg
It'' . ................85.(N) t:
Ni Iso't, spru g 1~?SO........ 4.... 4L
Oldl Crow, spy, n,,! I14 4; ..... 4.55 1I.:d1I
HII,'ri late, sprHIIg Iris;... 4.:. 4 5
Uuokenlheimor IUyt, ql~ring
1M11 ................ ... 4.2.,
W. II. Md·eruyor, aprin4
1 8 87.................... 3.50 40)
Pon d & Lilliri, spring
18M7 ................... 3.50 4(0
M. V. Moinarch, spring
1847 .....................L.50 400
J. E. Pm'por, sprin'g 1887. 3.f0 4AMN)
Old Mollral or, spring IMil) 2.2i 2...0
Woodtord I~ourbon, spring
H1 8 lr:.................... 1.80 2.O0
We also hliav In Lounsville Kr., tron warehouse
tI tIbila old Taylor. slping Ivli. uhiob we will
sellin I bbl. lots. orrtlfloalt all Ire, from any
storlge aii taJea, I.at SiLMo rer roofl gallon,
Alo MI bluI. J. II. hdoIlrarr. evrl mu lIU In
1' Y bonded waehuuse In 6 bbl. lute too pe
The following wines, in bulk, at
quotations as follows:
Wbhotlsle IRtail
Per Ual. Per Uni
Port, Sherry, Angelica and
Muscat ................1.2 $1.50
California Claret.......... .75 100
California Zinfandel, 6
years old.............. 1.00 1.25
Holland Gin ........... 2.00 2.25
California Brandy........ 2.00 2.f0
Cognao ................... 2.0 3.10
Jamaica Rum............ 2.7 250
New England Hum.. .. 2.25 2.50
Blackberry Brandy....... 1O0 L75
I. L. Israel & Co.
Ever offered the people
of Ilelena in English
Semi-l'orcelain ware. The
decoration is pencil color
underglaze, guaranteed
not to crackle or craze.
Notice particularly the
price on this ware for to
.-inch Dinner l'late. per mt .. f.M
i-inch Hopp l'fttas per set..... P0
f-:ueti I'IsI o, pj'r set r.. Ic
!-Linch l:1t.r. por cet . { 4Ic
1-ibh Iruit Dill'w%. 1,;r not
Inclieida~l Ihttere. twat cot ... ie
Ij.niIIyd loeraon ed ta5oere.. .'c
-Inch Ilakers, each........ 2
i inch hak r, arh............... :ur a
(Iravy host ...
# inch ('tl'I I 1)tler1 . r
'U.i rh *c..tr IIctt't .latte
I -(Io lint IPlatter.. : in
Tnelnt . ... .... ... M1O Oc
t r h ........ .. .
I co in.er . To,
1 )·or I -Kl . I.Or eel............ 'o·
Onli a few suci(ials in
our gn ct"rv (I part iuent
tn-(lay, buit tlily are ali
I o..lr~raro(' I LoU. a 1u, ...... I;O
oil I it roil. III . .. .. .IS
iuui . Arri~nor'.1lj- vaz .
luG Sf01E.
$('or ;lth Iflul Malin.
l ,
What I3 Known There of the Prog
ress of War in the
The Cezar's Hoalth Is the Absorb
ing Topln iu Europt at
This Time.
tIoney and Ilonds and N loohs, andl tih
Marhet fr Ihln (Othlr VOrelgu
News anid Notes.
I.onr.,', Belt. :(). - A dispatoh from
hnaulo.it 45ll that owaug to the protlet of
(treat IlrStaill, TsIn. Li Yemen haso:derd
the r e!eae of tile It ltlab steamer Pantheon,
recently itzl d by a Chinese warship on
usl ltalon that osh was carrying contraband
erticles of war. The owners of the steamer
inend to clalm compensation for the slee
orn of thle shi. The dllpatch adds that LI
Hlong Chang recelved important dsllpathbo
by expresl from l'ekt. Hils enemies en
courage the dowager empress to the belief
that the defeats of the Chinese forers were
due to his inoompetenay and corruptlon.
The Times to-morrow will publish a dis
patab sent from Phanghal to-day stating
that an impertal desee bhas been issued ap
rtolntln Prinoe Kang. the emperor's unele,
rrsrldent of Tlanl LI Yaran., and the pres
ident of the admlralty as a special commit
tee to conduct war opevstioos
A dispatoh from St. Petersburg msas
LmesOi intends to malatain a neutral posi
tion in the Chinese-Japanese dispute oule
Japan anneesa Cores. A dispatch to the
Times from Franlfort says the Iondon
corre oadeat of the Frankfort Zeltung
bhe learned from exeellent souroes that
Japan, if vietorioen over China, Intends to
divide China into three indereadent king
dom., whlih will be plaed under the role
of native prlanes, one of whom will be Li
Hean Chang.
The Vienna Tagblatt publishes a letter
from St. Peterebrg stlating that the casr I
suoeriog with two distinct maladies. H
has been affected for some time with highlt
developed neuralgia. When the atteOks
are severer than nasal his whole hosenheld
Is alarmed. The seoond disease was long
in develtplao. At rest it was ate.e for
diabetes, then bight's disease, and lnai.y
for tboeroaloes aeffetieon of the kidneys.
The kidney afltilon was aggravated
lately by a sold contracted durin the night
of hil visit to his son. Grand Dake Oeorge.
He has lost In weigha daring the past few
weeks greatly. He safers great paln and
looks very IlL
'1 h Orewn Point prlintin works at Leeds
have bee burned. Lees £100,000.
Lord Herron. eldest son of the marquis
of Canby, ih dead, as the result of a sur
gical operation.
A dispatch from tan Domingo says that
half the town wu destroyed by a resent
Says Be Is Goain late the Celeo 3aISlI
OrT or Mext0o, Sept. 83.-Gen. Eets
hm arrived here. He called upon Presi
dent DiLe in the meet friendly way. He
denies any lntention of starting a revolu
lation; sarys h has In no way authoriled
the telegram seat out from tan Franesco
sllng he ws cominag here to make war on
Salvador or Headuras; says he intendse ak.
log this sountry his bom. sad will engage
in coffe plantigmand bring his family her..
iH laughs at the idea of a war between
Mexico and Guatemala. He seps 1,000
Mexlesn soldiers would be more than
en )ugs to elean out Guatemala, which has
no soldiers of exptrienee and wore ofee a.
President Dias was interviewed and said
the telegrams published in the nitted
Mates that Mexlio had any intention of in
terfering with Cent al Amerian afflairs
were absolutely without foundatioa. Thb
boundary dispate with Guatemala, hesays,
will be osettled by diplomely.
Effect of Germai PIrobeses of Gold
Anerteta Rallwa secarltles.
Lnoow. BSept. 3.0.--German purebaeee of
gold and an advance in prinmepal foreign
exchanges caused a temporary bardening
of dieoaont rates, but it is sipeeted the
release of quarterly dividends will cause a
relapse next week.
A heavy settlement at the stook excbange
restricted bualasie and speculatlon for the
moment almost ceased. The general be
lief that trade is expanling both here sn.l
in the t'alted States Rives prospects of a
general rise In prices. Iedinced busluess
in oonsole and other gilt-edged securities is
evihldene of returning confidece. Foreign
-orlanties were gnmerally steady. Ituseles
relapsed on the c.ar','e tees. American
ailway securitlee were lower on the week,
Iat a Letter feeling prevaild on Saturdany.
News rremn iterlin.
Ilt.nr.iv, si. 9pt. --News, ellnifleant as
shcwuil a new amellorlatlon of the rel -
tlons between Franoe and (ierrnany, -neiae
from t'areiske. Inden. l'h,2ilsx Mottl,
campoar anuJ leader in the royal theater
at (I',ir.sthe, has signae a contract to
Ilrect. from March i;, urst to Ar.rii lb, u
a riecof concerts In Paris. Thoeu con
cerits corn: rise the oyele of lierlorz'e cu
Not even the ( oren 0 goestlon rivals in
nterars here urwe in rlrerlation regairlt
thie fr:'a bealth. 'Toe instiuote of the
czar's oileet I"n are psie*b:*., hbut it is
regartlid that he ray be ovs rlJden by the
mliltry pit It.
'1 ha~ *o.'I at. hav. 111.1 with areal eua'.
rose In th. eleetion f, enuorta of ItitixI y
n this city. Erfut, !MalbmuSn aed eIse.
SocIalists 110.1 a Ibemnnetwattnn.
Vls NNA. Serpt. 3I1.---iiie sooc tia l. In Ibis
city lu day belt a domunst atl'm in front
of thb hones of ii rllimuni. A Ilbor song.
the chlriusi of wilhtl deninudls nnlversal
I¶1fl5,*, vas toing. The slngirw hnad tb.
. tieS t rai Drin t t he crowd restive and
the550 loueo hiS., .ned nod dispersed Ina
ruseting. Fosrten I" alesr w.t, arrested.
'I EI:I'it It t ' IIt ItLtk~A I II I>S,
I I At I TI.N. ( It., irpt :p) Iternrrnta itf
Sti-'I Ii t.1 , letnrt li-is, Iacninate.l ('Jn.
streaeicin I'cul J. H,. g for eonltbrsag.
l j it 8an Sil. :MI I Ii North (IrItnau
Iloyd I l eteagashi ctfln fly receeved the
first sued of Steamshlere at S. Antwerp
Nrw 'tiIU, li I . -HeIrnry of Navarr,,
I'oauino a3 I t'i.lto l wr Inititahld to-day.
Ti., wVII most. as Mciii 1..lrk on saSa.4ae
nett ale anll ant an ftgblh. weightS for
ag*. o, for pars of $5LISMI.
YYYMv ias IantI, ?*v. ;Ii. -(Is.. A. M.
lestl, candl late fur vire-presldent of She
I illfci t it a ill I?1I on the UiO'1b5,.k
hftbo. ilcket wilh, (lesl. 1.llj. !fater, died a1
11911, Mprlug~e. Mlsa., to-day.
4Oly aO.e Killed Eu.trlght, and One
FIeally Injure4.
-ntllo, l)hl4, eout. 3). --Train Ni. tI on
the Webalh wae wrecked this manrning at
Mann,., a small t,,wn twelve miles south
at this city. 'Itle rscdent happered
shortly before seven o'cloik and was the
result of a well laid p an to dlteb tben
tire train. 'the Pollmanis kept on the
1 ask. .nl the maill and baggage carl, al.
thulghi betll wreaked, did not contain any
viothn. I he killed, N. muilh. enuiuluer.
Ioledo: fntally injured. A. 1. Iay, nre
nren, 'loledo.
'ho wreek was planned to occur at the
west end of a long slding, just Levond
Maunle laltiion. Ie road it thl e lower
r alt of the a Ilob target bhad been rrmlved
and the itllob piatly thrown. 'Th to get
udlllocJte a clear track, and i.nglneer
runtih was niot aware of theu situatln nUny
minules beflor the enlina was hnmpiiig
along on the tl-i. As soon as the trtln
strack the switch It lessd4 Into the l'. fellt
forward toward the ditch, and turned c.om
pletely over. The trucks of the mill care
followed Sth engine. )lut the cars them
selves went in an opposite direetlon. I;n
der these were found the dedl body of
Enginaeel miSh, and Firemlan lay.
At theime of the wreak the train was
running at regular speed, aid it is consid
ersd a miracle that no more Iltve were lost.
The exlurese and baggage cars were reduond
to aDlintore, lthbough the occupants sl
carld unhort. 'lher, were several lasen
tirs on the oombination smoker, which was
wrecked beyond retair. vet no isc btches
could be sbouw by ean of them.
Death of a Youngr teomn Under Its .a
Cniuaoo, Sept. ,U.--Bl-11 White, 23 year
of age daughter of Benjamin S. White. a
waltbhy lumberman, died as Wood's hotel
this morning while under treatment for the
removal of fa.eial blemishee. Death was
aned, it is so ppoeed, by the an of co.
asine to deaden the I in from the applici
lion of as rieetrlo current, whleb eonetl
tted the means of eatmeant 'The ope
rator was Dr. Sepble Heant, of the Great
Sophia Mastes ompany. Ellsa A. Jamee.
the partner of Salts, wasee eliting in the
operation at the time. In one hand D . Santa
held an electrio needle sad il the other a
sponge saturated with a fear per cent sola
ion of cocaine whilh she applied to deaden
the pain ealsed by the needle. Hhe had
almost completed the Ire.tmnen when Miiis
White gasped for breath and before the
operator eoald assist her, ishe lld from the
ehair to the floor, dead. Aid wse hastily
summoned and retoratlvee applled. but
without avail, the young woml having
died almost iuitantly.
Dr. Mania, with her assistant, were looked
up until the enoet easeu of the yongu
woman's death is known. there is no
thought, however, that death was the re
sult of anything bat aeoldent.
Dlseovery of a Wreoking Crew at the
olese etof am AeelIdent.
WOODTroo.L Ill, HeaL. 8.-AI 11 o'olook
thbl moralag a freight trais, bound for
Cbleago, was wreaked as the Chicago &
Northwesterc railroad, about a mile west
of this city. When tie wrecking crew
eealeod the spet the vole of a man weM
bhard ealllng for help. His hand pro.
traded from beneath the debris. The oar
was loaded with green planks and the linm
ber was removed as rapidly as possible.
The result was the discovery of five dead
bodiesl one man badly injured, asd a boy
seriously bruised and shaken up. The
dead are: Hlrt Little, Freeport, Ill.; Chas.
Davis. Mount Morris, Ill.; unknown boy,
Lincoln. Neb.; unakown boy, resldenoe
unknown; unkoown man, said to be known
as "Milwakoee Eddie." The injured are:
Joseph Orady. Fall liver, Mass., leg
broken, baek Iju·ad, and left wrist chewed
by one of the boys in his death strug.le,
the latter dyiag with his head planned by
the lumber to Grady's breast; Sam New
man, 12 years old, Freeport, 1i.
Weat the Temporal Power of the Pope
LO.TVIL.LE. Fept. 30.--AI the German
Catholle congress last week, the foellowin
was adopted:
We aglui eapeoss our filial love and rev
erenes to our holy father, Leo XIII. And
In the name of tbla liberty bestowed upon
his charch by God himself we deolare that
the frlet condition of snoh Itberty conesits
In the entire independonce of the head of
thi Catholio hobrch from every earthly
Trh only solution of the pepsi question
scoeptable to Catholics must, therefore.
Imply the territorial independence of the
holy see, the terms for whieh most be stip
ulated by the holy father hsmself.
As tree eitizene we claim for parents the
right to choose the sobhols and esehoers to
whobum they want to entrust the Imstreotiou
of their children. As Catholics, therefore.
we elaim the ilght to establish and govern
our parochial schools In uoaordanoo with
our eeclesiaetical superiors ard. to develop
them by all available ameas.
I)iniel All I'revious Iltervilnw.
4r.'rlu.. Sept. 30. -(apt. Thomunes yder
(Gaesworthy, of the llrlitih merohanmlnan
Kow hbring, whichi was sunk by the Jaia
n-se sloatner Nauiwa over a month npCg
while taking Chinese troops to ('ores, or
rirved I this city to-day over the Northern
I'atsete, nod left to-nlght for L.und,ri.
wherre the lritish admilrelty is awatlig his
re; ot of the Kow ~rhing afsfar. Dr. Frank
lin Ilo.er'r. of the naval hospital at Iku
hatui, with his wife anid dutehlr, artrived
oi the aos. train. ant lproceeded to ('hi
r'age nod Washington on a vaoatloui. N.i
tier wol.ut, slteaek of the how t-hing event.
('apt. (l.iewol-tby .nbnitted to enough of
an int-rvblw to deny all inlte,.views that
were Illged st have hbeen held with Tiitr,
uasertlou he had sot. until uto-Jay, splk.1n
to a newspaper lmae in Amerlea.
Flying .,l'i WeInlnrful llIe.
(' ltI u li1, (I., Hept. :ti. -IFling Jib
made a wun:lerful showing he:o thisr mitre
iny Andy Mrel)wnll was worrlint imsn
and hel him hlllbihd tim a high wheeled
pnoluamatlo wago., with rnlltif maele.
SIih- par r rmr'-d evIeral times, an I lSully
Mle)ew.lil give itll word to thols wl o
were in lhle jnd.ie' stand. ''he gelding
I 'rt away ieuiltftnhly. 11. wont to the
* fi in 1:1in, and finirheln the. Iute In I b:5 .
the pae;,ortmanre Ls ,elted ilorslentil
g oatly, as it was lthe innetret tlle ever
p-'ed nider similar cirentstattcel .
"l',,a s of the Il ane Pnlnamn.
('I A ' n,, j -. I. N far as national
luaiue resultns of to-day beo a on the hlinu
pionthlip race, ther need never have Ibren
p:lareid. I he reenlits mtade no drll.'eurn in
thie standing of ithe bll, though Mt. Louttie
two victories brouhta \ on der
Ahe's men daneln lly re.ar chilaco'
I he lstandi in of tire clubs now i. I1alt.
more t1;e;, New Yi k it , It nn stenn ".l, lit l
deliphis i.:. Itrookl It N1. Cleveliantd 6;.
Pititsborug rAt. l'hilcaio 4t32. t,. uonti 421,
t('nolnatst 4:ti, WashingtoO 341. louis
villa 201.
lot N ir , Mo., I opt. l. Menator 'est ar
I v.a hb-re to illy. *ie predleted the Ilso
this of 11111 In New Yurk.
'Illon'n Cleary, thn Pili!Ist, ;evers
Hils ` p:nalI Cor'l W/ith a fil
volvnr ILulleto
T'hIn Triagrdy Toock I'Inii·. ran tpper
Mtton Bi'rout nt. h x O'((iuck
lI Inday Mtlrniiig.
1 ent v I. tIn II. ("sa,,Ily v.Jltj, R111 a %sn
sNm-d IBynn A ,rrcir.I s an
A.c"u1 C , .
tIstorday mno rnia hont aic o'crirk. at
-sa 8t on the sidewalk mrdway ,betwaeen
Mate and Wooud treets. Frank IDorrlty
f.ill d(owu dea I frin a plstol wiund in the
back of the nrck. bTh shot was firoed from
a 44 caliher revolver ty 'Inor Cleary.
'The ine'deut, leading lup to the treag.ly
aem in h~av,n shout as folilws: The two
men had been in the |Headquarters salarn
the rnatoer part of the night ('lery had
t.oney not gave some to or't to I,,hy
faro. 'tho latter won about $10, when
Cleary asked for lame of it. l)nrrity re -
fosed to give C!eary any of the monr ,.
Then (':ear r mrde severl beta whleh to
lost. lie again asked l)orrity for money.
to whlcb request Iorrity replied Insult
inply. A war of words ensend, until
finally they ca.ght ho ll of och other anad
Dorrity tIottedl Cleary In the face, making
the blood flow. It wee then propose.d by
the barkeeper sad a bystander that they
should be parted, but a man by the name
of Ryan, a pr'zS fihter, who was on
friendly terms with Cleary, and by whom
he was belng trained. it is said, for a fight
with Ike alyyes, objected to any interference,
saying the men were friends of his and
to let them alone. At blis the oeaeomak
era desisted from their eft to and tbh men
continued to scofl, about, foinally fal:ln
to the flour, with Dorrity having the tbeat
of the sltuat:on. Then .Itan parted the
men and held Dorrlty near the font en
tranor, while Cleary walked away toward
the doe-. While being hold D)ority said
to Ryan that be would kill him for inter
fering. They were still wrangliug when
Rtyan agreed to take Cleary bomo. They
left the saloon and went from there to the
Bristol house, where Cleary had a room.
At lei at this is the Supposition, although
the nxact movements of the men after lea.
ain the Headquarters are not certainly
known. Ryan claims that they went
to Cleary's room when Cleary opened
his trunk and took therefrom
the revolver with whiobh the
shooting was done. Ryan says be carried
the weapon to the foot of the stairs, in
tending to keep it, but that Cleary made
him give It up before leaving the booue.
They met Dorrity a short dialesae away,
fad aJia quarrel was oenewed. wheo a knife
was draws by Dorrity and Cleary drew his
gon. At this Dorretr started to ran. Cleary
filowed and shot Dorrity, who fell on the
sidewalk. He (Itsan) then ran up the
at et to the ltristol bones, and was ar
rested soon after and is now in the city
Another state~ ll Is to the lffect that
the thre men walked up the street to
Sether on leaving the Headquarters, after
harng been se rarated for a short time,
when it Is sut posed Cleary secured the gun.
At the corner of the Bristol house, above
ltate street, they stop ed and renewed the
quarrel, and while the men talked in low
tones, their manner was very as nest
and weeas witnesed by a number of
onlookers. Stilll talking and Igetlolarting
the three men. I)orrtly. Iryan and C'leary,
started down the street at a e.ow walk.
W\hen at the co nor of the Mineral Siring.
hotel they again stopped and Cleary, as if
stlng by some pithet useed by Dorrity,
started towards him. Ryan caunhl him by
the arm an if to aestrlau him. Then I)or
was heard to e;ry: "Let -- -- -- come
on." At this Cleary either pulled a gan out
of his own poeket or snatohed it from
l.rin. On seeing this )Dorrity at ono.
turned and ran down the street in front of
the Mineral Ibprings hotel, following the
eidewalk. his hread drawn well forward and
tIent down. I)Drrlty had scarcely started
on what appeared to be a race for life when
( leery followed in hot pursunit. 1Ihey had
run a. bat's two hundred feet
Lwen Cleary, who wse about fifteen
feet away, raised hli weapon and fired. At
the report of the gun D)orrity pitched for
aerd on his fsco a dead men, with blood
flowing in a stream from the wound. 'The
bulllet sltrok him in the baok of the neck,
lt:aterling the bone. and so great wes the
foreg of the projectile that one eye witness
says it raised D)urrity olsar from the el.e
After ring the hot C('leary turned and
ran t tthe oearner of Slate and lain streets,
apparently with an idea of gettlna away. If
ho really poslsesed any well deefnd ide
at the time. 'ilbe shot wasee heard t the
pllice station, which Is little nore t'rhan a
block away from Ilhe place where the shoot
il oecarerred. (iltorr at ha.d. , h were
,Ii the Luint of chaiiring shift, at one
,ni oUt. lunt the one nearest to
t I ary was (I)licer HeIed, who
wa. on Main sttreet., Jlt below %Woodel street
lt. rin toward ('learr, of the same tiei
*rtilna to him tr gtrp. ('len.y eltrt.ed at
the Turner ( f Main nud State treets rand
st,,ool witrh this gn in his b.dl, as if in an
tit itule of self-.Ofelner. (ir'ler lised thou
trw hlil" gun end o.drirsrtlu ('.err to
dr.lr, his weatlm, which was dione aind he
.ss then take u ir thIi pollen elationi nd
ri ttiwards takeri tI tihe i unty janl. where
I , il nowr cnnfine, apparently glorentl if
tiie fat that he is charged with takri.z ii
Iruman life.
ti I A It i' I l.A I Ot I e/ llF'-IIi' NaI.
A 4 urtooIs I)ndIIon of Afllre Ilptnie#n
on heinj Sa1.rn Se Ilia lolie statlion
(' I t elature'd fie n el. use for the shoot
11"that Ito rity tint attack. d I,1ll" with a
ki to uin Ihnt hte Cred ti self dsfeouse.
i~tlere of the v., tiiiablioi of Ilia two' lon
eon that a rtrstigo state *'f attinst ciite~l
I. Iween the,,, I torrity. wh,', it aR .cIrnot,.t
ii bneerm 0)1n1' two tut Slhrm, unth all s
o'titutg of ie.n . was I.O ro:,de1 lv
t',,'rr, whu. I rterntId tounv Rei of bred
Ii. lowar.l little Bstt Ir some r'.''oin
l .+ry cesa~e. to lob, Hill lnte'rHt tielie
1 rv's roomii fiind, IIl .'" 1 ltil sj1nIuist
1t1 .14l. furred tim to g~Y n1. nil the
u. uely , Il lIla Iynsnssum. I'le :1t1I o
I .Il he uto nfdI ott tt IfI tin tefientd be
w'nid I. kullemI. It tIoseen a/seid that
4 nary Islo tow n llaieU two weeks 01i) wil
I ad Leon. Ilwtnr r to a lath till Io the
I -,ritty, wh,..m he arntty itreaed tiiat
Ion ho catto.le to 5.ni notl . ,usoave t,
~I. ats lie wettely Ii, UIVluij himl wttoo. It
in I ortttor sail S11tn it Ionont I00 inIlao
I' thýry had used Sb,. conm totin I'llei
w ith sBtolCOO. It fjirthier ..n,'u'e Ior Iii
elI..idlnltf it is tijitrd. I eet ,~lnhtio to
t'1 nerd Any anu re1: Cii~ ..,i.e thi I i"ttity
bo~l unjdo it throat if,,r lii. 'Inn F0 in Itheii.
Ileadquitrtots that hit would bill (l'ary be.
for, lie wepI thatt ha hat on In? V ha"
outi nrOnsI1,L Ii,,,.et.'.eJ IU out Clfy'ls
bead "II.
rItA~vk I41 141t1tV.
ft,nratlhIr of the c mreer of the Ifood
IUI litthln cen be lentned aorinernhiiu th.
Lhoslat.. of * I*ulnrriy In Aicahridf . lint.h
La lnr' a if Iau I Iinui In Auaoond.1 u , 'Intl',r
slrid .lt rIice .,f tie weal, and lisp I..i,
1n 11.(n1 fur U1..r teil two .iaunthq. It wa
hr ivi i Isy lb.. tb n IIt,. tons I
rlejj.. tIae101.ed to wipe ,al In Iii i
I n.,t enr I own. c'ay. it cane n.a, I a.nt
Litr k,ta,.. I In uj'l,'it I, Itntte tie leer I
th..t I..rr~ty 1,e4 CIhiaseu'i I. kri Lain..
,ulqr t, ever. .Ip tie b", .r". lay, thea a.rty
U''. +,ho wrnt to. II.. ny ',.i ,If rrn I t,
half iin' rin..ln to~ It. I ...rnlt is eitI
tIwo, of t l.,ti. I in thrin ie..tl ivwy snt as
hin,:,,tie orIriltt i Ito~i ont i~u,*I a~ Pnty
Iat, ,'.: n CI rtint.' ii w' at i~et'iihtf I.?
IL'" will krnuwn , oi .,vt,, rihernve r tf tlh
fman. I aywa vuenllu, it 'n la',., Ilt't, at~
i sat,ttr !.. rail,..' If I''nnty r ir Iy toee
bteea of tui. lltO ztruat fI it) I. uud~ay nnr
l..u .,,,
Iii Ml14 ,lula, Iiirlty . lg.ie ,.i tii a iunu
iligt with Jnnk MUit*heLl. 'a r, f-arnmr hid
a revolv.r and the latIr a W\in'oester r -
t.e. A rlntiller of sIhit were exchauged,
but netther man was hort. b h llmatter was
mon:cably settled afterwar,. t all ontlard
ap; enrorane, but tolsequently, on letlila
ith iront. Dl)rilty pretAnten a gun to Mitch
eh's breast and threatened to shoart him.
1le Is conc.ded biy all who know him to
have Ibeen a desperate man, ready to figit
to the death at n moment's nfoiticn or iun
notice at all. lie In tbought to have it.on
from New York. lbot nuthing isi ortaninlv
known conoernlng the pla:e of hl bith or
of his fami y.
Thomas Cleary. Pt'Ilillst
Tom C(learr. the man who did the shoot
ing on Sunday morinn. Is a Callto'niau.
He at one time stood high in his profession
as a midd;e-weight paugi1st, od in a
match with Jack l)mpsey in tlan F an
alaco, gave the Nonrsterl the hardest fight
he ever hall previous to his defeat by te
Mariler, Ililanehe. C:rary, it il sclaimel,
we nerver wilpped in the ring unti: he
fought Dempsey. Hi traveled with
thu . Lemley sparring combination and
was lu leena five or isi years algo w.th the
company grivng exhibitions. Mino. then
he np:ears to have given up the prize ring
and has done little ezoept to oocasionsly
train a man for a fatlo enoount. r. lie io
said to posses most of the faults of a prize
ighter whose star Is on the wane. T[he
man Lan, arested as aoeeosorr, has been
bor only a few weeks and nothing Is kuown
concerning him.
Whore Is I)orrlty's .alfe?
Two men who passed the body of Dor
rity after he fell to the sidewalk state pos
itively that they saw Irria by his side a
large pooket knife with open blade. 'Ihee
men were spectators of the tragedy and
followed Cleary when he ran to State
street, where the arrest was made. Others
who esme immediately to where the hboy
lay naw no knife. Men who knew Dorrity
well say he always carried sekb a knife;
that he had it on hbi person Saturday
night. Fome one. tben, whether th*ough a
desire to shield him from blame, or through
oui dity, most have picked the knife up
from the sidewalk and carried it away, if
there was one. It is important that the
knife b- produced, and City Masshal Davis
eepechillyirequests tie party who found it
to retnru It to pollee headuuaters.
It)an Is In Jail.
Boon after the arrest of Cleary his friend
and companion. Ryan, was also placed on
der arrest so acessory to the killing. He
was present douing all thetime of the qua.
rul nod at is alleged be rete the weapon to
Cleary wltL which the ehooting was done.
I he aevolver Is claimed to be the property
of Cleary, but that Ityan was carrying tl
and had it in his poseeseion up to the time
of the shootinog. iet the truth of thle
siaterneat can only be determined at the
inquest or trial. The ofmcers of the law
certarnly believe him culpable and will no
doubt hold him until his insocenoe Is es
tablis hkd.
Cerocer's Jury rummloned,
Judge (tage, police manistrate, in the ab
sence of lr. l'leasants, will act as coroner,
and has summoned a jury and set the time
and place for hold'ng an inquest. T'he
time is 10::) a. mn. to-day, and the plae.
will ibe the court house basement, known as
the me gu-.
Acting Coroner G(;e has summoned the
forllowinu jury: Wm. MteComas, 'I brms.
(onno,. Cuaries Mi. Jet.riee. .. I. E ued
nkor, lRobert Williams and li. ry Tiltou.
The 1(tillig oii Ibemmity lltecatt a TrrigedIy
ofi l~arly Slay..
11 was in 117. A dteaetroas fir. bad just
swept away a liortlon of up;. c Main street.
l'bs tickel hrbiade bad done all in Its
power In stop the ttfn 5t itd afate hbrule
nod unrsc .tri efforts lb. fmlamng element
wits elated il it s oonrse of doet(uctlon.
I he weather wrn tileesant mid tliors ware
very ...arereos iii thoe days indeed I~t.
e.'ntrest lbetwern tiru .nd n1 tow, soording
tot thy tales, of the mii- timuers, to noughtio I
tuaks one feel as though tie were In au min
WLell dilutf. lit otnntr UtBll dust wai
the en reu(' ' . lt.h land,. blu.-et.trted
iriu o wr'I! ll th. ."0rouii ini hill .
'iei kiinew what It warl to tim
ill want fir hit, n eoIari a
1,lie. I.'r fr,'n ia n let ii,,Ur, rIIm in Ii I
lutuit ,Ilit,tnu' i ii ii m.W rillls im'im a
weft it f itlume mmid thitihir tvº sIan gentlie
Ir"e:'. I irri day i4 on tcnntey trniruimg
lst, tile wmuthirr wait haItItiil. tot hviuIre
t'e mmmii had it see ii ted I reit:ti tie toni-1
litile a dire'lt t~r.0'viy ha I Ilailei the
si~r/1the SInhit. FI' v h atnd t~tha r,
itio wi : knoiwi Cittr clre iii thuse lasps,
loudt gus it Inoa dielnite. I rirkm was wrlinhg
Iii trnlit of what was a tieei lilt. rrrastl
hotel, ioi tie ki gr..r0il r tine 1heel nIu
nIut tuuch Ilnre ithani fift, fet Ifra whne1
i pr1ity 11fell 111III rt ii hg e was ot to
deiatt l y iIi a antlltCt. ttniiiiy. I tie lattt r
was tuimd nn 1 a, rmiittr1.
lsia thime ti a ttaami.h
IPAN t N, 11~ tie; I. 'ii Iilter wes I·'e'sanri
day ,I t, sin lr.tmrs' tommie sud SI'mm etilhera
were taid *IJ Si it. few tif thm 1 uatted
toir itter lin tire yeitty .-f ttns it-m~titt
.mturda. miil n wino ri.ir At one n'rre
tithe n,.imn-mul tilt w. I,1nldion were boutu
i dt at ,iiirterei andi their i i.. I'i-sef
ii' ii tic rinei. I4 i y w - it Al . It hi
l ,.r...ei, tm'nrtumlhis Irtia ut l! .1ht 1'
W~t. ., ti.' niavi. Diem'. .nee tao. tiiit
elimliciis Inilied ui. A ii.iiibor of vintleil,u
.. wmt .1ib u firom the hi tue. but al~l nturn
nip a I ri:,b1
ti midrmeiem mad tt.nrtr..
Ilmitti1 It", lows, haiot. ;itt - Ibis evetiltig
lb'. I i'dv of hi. I.. liurneily, mit Inde
1itienii'ue. hat,.. woe t'tin.d uinned under a
limi' of et Ito miear lb. N ,hnaiota river.
I ita, imititl 91 s Moirit, r'd mmmii cawp 8d
mieu wl re the 'otty was tinitid, with all
mit LIsem I.t. kihe, w, r' * rlotti itt mmc
thimiomnryir, lIt tut to dmhise. of a uunch
of horses uwued by the Mnurderedj ino.
That Aiiguvt Body Will Convene .r
the Fall i~rni N -x: Mo
day, (Jrt.
::om· ftho M rrr Irllrlrtnnt :ruJoa
'hiiat 'A'iiI (rni'l u, for
'f he MItt" of t Ir'~nnorr 'IUI 6 r. ()v
hlro lor1lu aInI ro Il.
i {1'nr hrr Map.,
h ntd the i td nto t, ri.e ,court will o n
vaIt ( it. " an I devtl t It daey t tIhe (en
ta'" v, e erente'a ,I t ue ~ utug of the
t 'r , call uýon the a r,.enltt. *tle 'lke
a, rk .f tin fIrst week ý Il he nl,on the dookot.
1- ir ml ,n n t re*trg btehl.t In inilludi(lt,
pIr e s ,cet. It Ia nIt p,l,,rb le theat will In
aiy de n i a ,ll .io ered by the eon. tntil
the l(tt r I at tof November In tbo lerond
wee-k of the terln .ease partionlarly as
Ilnrted will be taken at.. elUIouu them hol.ei
a rtunbher of cndiderale la Irtorterno . Th
raro of the I .ited ttates vs. the Unibon
I'a, l, Ralllroad company and the West.e.
( nion 'Ielgreaph couutpny li one, brein
broulht to test the right of the I 'lon
Pacifcl to Irean Its teleraepb tranoblHe to
the Westeran I nton.
Another It the rese of the 'lexas Psactlo
It;llraJd colmpeny va. the lnteletate Col
meree r mnmteaiou. the qleution at isaee
tbelng the right of a rallrad to disorlml
nate in freight chargee In favor of foreigr
ftalubt. 'Ihe case of New York vs. Eno is
early on the 'ia. Linolving the $roseaution
of John C. Eno, the 1ew York I aoker who
tied to (anad. S1 he rane aaelnst the sugar
trust, under the anti-t oat law, ito also se
Juetices Field, White. Ilrewer, |Broau
and btrhas are to the city. Justice lIarlan
la in Chicago. Chief Justice Foller Is ox
peoted to arrive Monday. Joetiee Oray
he. not arrived borue from Europe. Joe
tice Jackson has been at Manitoo Sprlngs
all summer, and It ia not known wbsther he
will be back for the opeanin of the fall
tiecond Assistant Postmaster General
No son is giving a great deal of atteLticm
to the special mall service in large cities,
and has ordered prepared maps of all large
cities, showing srfthee car lines, with a
view to having mail ears ran over them.
lHe expects to give his attention so eelilly
to carrying mail on eloctrie ears which Ura
from centers of cities to suburbe and ad
oilnig smaller towns. Cable care man be
utilized where possible, but Mr. Nelson lo of
the opinion that only electric carn rnninag
long distances will be profitable to carry
Acting Chief l)oiwoody, of the weather
bureau, bas issued a eroeial haret ilas
Istting graphically by six maps the erlgls
and p ogress of the West India hurrloane
which lasted from Bept. 4 to 9. bhe
weather ubservers aleg the coast report
tsrt as a result of the warning no ships
were damrJed. The warnlngs were also of
great vasuo to rice interests and the damagse
was slight. Oools in Charleston were
moved long before the storm tide arrived,
nod a miltion dollars worth of property
was saved.
But it Is Not Knowa How It Came
T. LoI.te, iept, '3.-JouCh Canning
hamo, sostui oft t. I'stes's E. isOope·
church, is dead, and S. F. Becket, the or
,inLet. is dying from tb4 revcts of the ad
wcintetastio of sumr violent oislon in a
lunch whble both partook in chuborch. There
le no enus to the perpetrators of the mur
der. as It is believed to be, nor any exp.an
ation of the mystery. leckett was prac
ticing auon the ogan for the aabbth tser
vices, and according to the fragmentary
story tol iby hiu be pa took of a lounh
whricb ('unningham proenred. ,eorse
'1 bonmpon, colored, e -silton of the
church. who wasy recently removed to make
place for ('anninglhnsm, is under arrest, bot
evidence to connect him with the affair is
very llight.
DisoitoO Affectotg a Million.
IL~wn~s, eut.:A). -An important decielots
affeotluj ,lItIttAJ1 worth of tolains agaminst
lb.h It llsed Sistae ouvcfrnment hba becln
reudered *ty Judge Colt, of the Unitted
Snuirte ol'ci 11 court. 'IThe decisionu is in the
celeblrated cae of Jos. llnrtw..l. an Ina
pro.rter, agaist l.yevrett ?elatinetall, for
mrrly collector of the port of IlRosun. The
iuelsltlo at tacic was in tile Iitetrp'etatlou
of eetona A1 nll :".I,1 .if . the It .e. I
li:..tl ta oft js'o regulaling the lime. man
ii, r and nature of a broleat Rgaln.t thb
pamIOI ofl duties. lti sts l lled a writteu
I routit with tihe cIIoector wibhin ton dJay
atilt. It. tfli lth~f, Inl i lii gv.'rum~mt con
trtmda.d thlat ti a 1rote.at etholdt have been
inude wren Ilurtwe I paid tho etlimatel
duicnt Judlge C .it hb now deoci.ed that
ltnirtelI wasn rluct. Ihe goreritunett will
'i III nrle loin" 11 110;8. 1'. 0.~ ll~l~
4' iiov, . 1 .lept. :l', Ia.'nne Pd.
betteltr kni~wi at "I e.:, 01.10o
.,t th." ui, at tpr.eai reub Iuts iii Nuw
ALeis iii i Nr Ilntwaga ciia.. I. hew
Nlev", o iii .I witb bid fther, yrl.l eni wi i
1 IIo. orgr. +ra1 if ii, 111-fated ,IutIer
I ·t il'l- fIrst tI try.l i-titatid to talli
fu'.a 1:,S le Iin"I ue acld irejueltlr a.
Muidl, to lIeu I uIr.t?. Ile wa select-d
1,V i hon artier i0 I'4 Ie t0 n,., dii
;. thbee from 4rli. ot*it. ill It Iie Leo, ti,
I~tr lleau wirth. and an1t with n atll
tllit In .1 "lpe i m u whole thus engl e
lgitle wasn it br'thl~ Ii law and com aulonu
Ifr i yauly stes of h .t t nso.
I '"a Art. Fet ,t timer the enasi
ruietil -. the (ie la taaw I 'drnlneso hay
cme Itutu Arisona Liuu Siiifl. for the
purloso "fe (I t I l I tu hrog l Alitluul t,. their
untl , laud at tIel* itulw if the I tilted
p. yI~, Ti. ltits t.die. ration of lhe curt,
lhat tidiu11ae f'onl tui awhijly in llt..
I uro il ts ~t~na*uy It. Imt; boud at har.d
salvor fur n.i bire lhan icu T. a.. then
,lop. tn.[. it ia ;tiuelv h~ereafter that illt
I la be u',Lu the tullb enteft ,.f i.. Law t0
alop wlioleetule' ltiugalitin of UMrtgiolaarn
I ront the 11mth.
i'arttuie' t u.nogr.
WiT Ii%'u. W. 1t.., r'.pt. :it I Lhe Fir
ltier.' \st~uual uuiyrtis ar. o1 rel If Is,
eatiaes front every stals ini the uuin, al.
1,utnted by govci ti:.. will meat Ili l'a kura
lbutu I necilet aoid Iittei~s Ill 1..1.011ii until
,atinrdav evening. I ii. fetiueut' Cong. rns
is ii ii.- art heat. its at .bar rti andti lie it,
iLlt oneu' with Watly alitInr farners' irgar.
tizntlouir of the -.,unhty. IIntiy valuable
Pat sira wet. teaed. suit thu. I r.ie~eetltus at..
,it peti it Itela uttliul of mach blurned thee
agliiua clagaurs.

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