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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 03, 1894, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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aIroiai traveler unaed billigu. and has
iere. foir divort'e. Lira. tilemuan ao a
daughtir of is (Conti elsWfu It limer, uf
No tt t'nrolius.
'1 hei. rafty It... 1lu'ita,t
Ibro hunters of tho fli L':es alat' often
make goodj hauls of hocney stored hi will
bees itn hollow tInee. bull i saur Int w cv'
men. tiorbhau Iryawi, of twcclfor . rIcontly
wenit bia feo hunters one bons. I: this
I. cuehic Ion .u8e craft. Iiiviujj loccatocd a
wswalc end heir bLoans, Ito ca;lturnl beesa
Sin I hotiir as onfl swoop~ 117 ohS..ryinj ighle
,c.)il cis It 1,0 eu,'it' ant wenit tm hi. elcva'
helfd I~e tear c ttccir lute of flghgt, an 1. ll
lowiugi It cicri'e bis faint and tutc. tba
wood. tcoutt it nt.le. A" f1111 f i It II Ict a
hIolow ter tll, 1c111:ic 1,'~ trl htc w I. III'c
tnlc Ieel ncIVo tIt. it sond. Iiavccy tlrct
taken'c t iLe~ tie to li', plot'c. Ie cut di Wit
thb tr, and I lm [I 1 cit boar I ocf nccntc
thirty 1 ,utcdl of I,,nev tin the huve, wb lbhor
11hec cc 4 c t, c' ftc,, I. Iwcd It, nod it cci
Itt.l..LVet pcy ta llIr ttl hotie At nii 5.t11i
car, lccl ictc~ hi'.,v nto Icesi lci.tog ctcr. iii
Ilt Iticactcc tccct cc.11,' kept n ttt c w, is ccv
tc 1c, up , acInd lu.', Ili their new ,1cttr
ter' Now 1 r honkict.
T 1 a nS. Os. t Track.
It"I A. io'~. 0..* ºt. .c I wol r'flnefiEr
uts iu 'in th. t icev.Imndh , rav e~ .A W Lee
IL ,.d, s'raabhsl Into eaci other at ht.
Issl',I s A 5tats to -lay. Sev ral I* sseige
w, IC' 1tsiIsfnlly smt Idut 555 seioiiusly Itt
ursed Assossg iL.. t sjeh~ Inrat : Mrs. hoits
NIJ I l .rev, of 1 hrohSI5IIVls 11.; ll~da
Maan Abr, sitrr of lie,. I ethe~r PsIha,su. of
thir city. N% sit-sn Flita. t. V. lIls.e. lien.
J. I5I. ee. oft 4in5e.~i. J. A. Adams.. and
hi a. I. I). II l'er.
tu '11,(I I to:. lbs. ;reat nouji Find croup
core ia. in crust demassad. l ockel site Ossm
talus tweutr ssvs dossa. only .scentst.
(blldin. it Iioye It. Far gala t'y Iarolet5
I )ii,.t 55 ns or thm" lebf Sistici~n ati" Stra n
*,,utton~stII tri. but list Is',rssst Nom ra or iss c
tirs.As frse fytais t. this roadwa WI 5'" i is ballast.
Pezzoni s Complexion Powder g y''e fresher
charms, to the old tllcwed youth. Try it.
~ementlag two eellarm will be oun
sidered by the undersigned if reelveir not
loter than (ekL e . 18 i4.
Collar No. 1 measures '20riO feet height
Sfeet, has ordinary hatchway; floor and
ldee are now oeluented.
Cellar No. 2 measures 23z^6 feet, height
in feet.
Both cellars are now dry-water oaly
omeas is during months of May. Jane and
July. Contractor to furnish all supplihe,
also bonds that the cellars will not leak for
one year. Work to be done prior to cold
weather. Right reserved to reject any or
allbIlds. For further particulars call on or
l'bhlipsburg, Montan.
lteMstration.- Notieo is hereby given
of time and pines for the registration of
the amane of the quali.ied electors in els.o
lion distriot No. . In the oounty of lewis
and Clarke, state of Montana, prior to the
general election to be held on Tuesday the
sirth day of November. 1µ94, for the said
county of Lewis and Clarke. will begin at
ten o'olock a. m. on the arnth day of Octo
ber, 1'.4.
T'Ihe registering agent will be at the fol
lowlan plreinoet or voting plaees embraced
In said election distrlct No. 8, are as fol
hook Creek basin. prelonct No. 39-at
Mrs. Nannie nuf'se house, Iwill be home
o.ice) on O(otober ',. 10, I1.
At Carteravillle, LrooIem No. 33-a- Kissel
panuh'e. on October 12, 1i. 1,.
At Mitchell, precrsut No. 32-At Mitch
ell's on October It;, 17. 1N.
At Craia. Ireoeuct No. 84-At Hleroh's
beel on October 19. 20.
At hme omice on Oetober 22, :, 24, '25,
.6, '7. 29. :10.
Itegistration hours tea o'olook a. a. an
til tkn o'o:ock p. in.
JosirL'I . tlUrr, Register agenL
"TOII( i:--'I() TILE El ECIORb 01.
registration dietrict No. 3, comrrla
lug the ,txth word. ('ologe l'lace and \'al
le, .designted respectively as the levrentb,
Tweltbh, Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth
precalnot. l, wue and Clarke county, Mon
tne. '1 be undersigned registry agent for
maid district horeby gives noties that be
will it, for the purpose of registratlon of
voteru, within each and every precinet ln
him election distriot upon the dates and at
the I laces named as follows:
Oct. J, 10, 11 --1oyle's real estate agency.
No. :1310i lr'en~ arsnae, for preoeact No.
12, balth ward.
Oct. 12, 13- Warren'sR obool house, Val
ty. for: prooeinct No. 2.3.
Oct. 1:., It- College 1'lece, Johnson's
stomr, for vre n.t No. -'.
Oct. 17- loyle's rels estate agency, No.
13 9, liel'na a:enue, for precinct No. 12,
bixth warl.
Oct. 18, 1). lJ -Northen P'eilf t:epout.
postotlice buildint., No. II17 llelena avenue,
for precinct No II, ixtth wrd.
(Oct. 22, 2., 24, .,, '-I 7 : - loviled'
reil estate ageny, No. 1i.: Ileeuas avenue.
for preclnct No. 12, hilth ward.
'Lten L,,tur otl~ e will be ft IloyleW' leeI
-state a.c.uy,. o. 1, 'I 1elen uvensue.
'lie hour., o registration will tb betw~en
10 o'clock a. i.. and 110 o'clock p. wi. on ail
Iegl in,. , iomntting the kunre froi 1.' to
on,. Ip '. and ail to eaven ,. in., from O)t.
9 t 1 . . ), botl, mc'lsive.
I', is ('AI. ,,'-n , It-sinter Agent.
L. 'I r HI ! - - l.[,; I 1i.i.1 .1 I1 I 1 ; I t l
7 I . .I .,~, rt ar l -, "1 . ,t, e.
4 r.ýr.r f I, w si. antd Ie-ntm it it JI. rt
a i. i.r i, on-ni 1j, a ill.. ; . I r" I
J \ .~ rii. , I 1raik n *I \Va:l[a..
|.1 L, I . 1 I. LLot "a
, ., . r i
.t f' .''.r . .. , a
y. , .. I ' "r , ' I ,"I .'y
II '
) 't .h . 'AI t' 'A'
La a I r. it
- ,1
L 1 'a .4In1 r..' u 'A,
* A*
T At
like Other Women
Ho0od's l'n
tt C u r e s
Ife' t , !iII It 1 It h 1 Ii III l Iu tl"~ , 1 ii.
HO~d's PIIIS' '' 11':"1.t'' 1"·1 id 111111 ",;i 'I
Helena Zwinployinent Ageucy
2I I iwar la Nt not. Iflru.h , .":39
I , L r, uIau an l wiili f r 1urhUg i It,.e ill
UIlllng tR rp '. el t r ,l 'ii, .N+ than ono.
Lall it, ton,,,
i uama mIIIr..r. gnui I~ttT u M .2 Z'._ cord
aicura. for liar 1.dukI'. f.ii
te.uI~ girl f--t I' .t II..ua. 57."
t ir. for I it tti ln t lu , *'.Q
2t t~l g;ansyl. liunt, tork fur city 527.
,1A1 lt)N W\ANlhh it) DO ( IIAUIIF'I
work or tiki faro of roumr. A111,ly stuon
bhost, I owor hill. Jolict it.
Lioltron to do light housework It mtnall
fanmily. ~'Q !%orth Itidmey streot
'1 ! ATI(IN wA'N'rFli ('0 ()U I' FII
dreeuawmake. would 1ike mwiwj by the day or
weeL Iall or adirese IOU;I treckiuridgo street.
'it I'' \ NO WANTE H\· AMEIII(' N \\t`
man. I,'te from the mst to do luight hu,,i
work and pAnla tewug. tm good cook. nolie but
hrd-clr- ieoitt' ewtl altIly; Olty or country.
Addreb Lone' %omnaa. thi otioe.
day or hour: tals to go out wuihiug and fako
in tauhkng. and will go nursing alt uotr wok.
Addr.e Ih onorh I)Davl Street.
girl a% norte In a hIioiitl; lestol rif..r
cnco., Address I. (dl Iloback strort, [it-lrss
Striotly tort-clsas, no objections to country
job. I., >'ar Oxwrlel' oo (all or addrim s ouk,
20 LetitotI aveItnue. helena. Mont.
or cbambermnaid by an all-around good
wortkr; b.'-t of refereunoe Addrias Iluuso
lawoper. thi soti..
hIt't Al IiN, I1 ANTIS)- 1tA1.l.
furnace or do janitor work. Addroee W. N.,
tli Mlluler and btueneor streots.
A wants Imean in city, country or mining
camp. Adlrcsb Q , Ih . . Q o.
a m atr r putr.) want. work. twenty year
i.1 OrfllnC5 rillibh. in 'very way. no -bi.otion4
to c.ir,,iy botl, or camp t I all or aldre-i
that, .u, Iluatuz avenue. hlelena. Motit.
isapiblr. Finder pijao leas. withi it. II.
loyd-dunga at Moalnas Aattunual bank bolld
tg arnd recous riward.
teaclore' in.(tdtite will bu hold in the
bll: School building, 1l.1ena, u. ('. I and
It tI.the diy of al ul'ling corte:irat,q in
the cuuaty to attendL tini. lO,%llute, nmorning nee
bIC~i dlh.iiuiln At 1n1e uh aru. Minnie 1. isjj
fenrath. (l uuutumiperilatenul"t uf )aobol9.
and rj"r14scnt a manufacturor. $.U per
wl-.k; small capital re-joirud. A~druvi with
Cant{ t. bo x 1:, ( oncord Jiitiotcn, thiEve.
" 'AN I .1 - t 'h' Ed LTY ADVF1;ISI I$~.
rant ae~eee men familiar with tlrozozuin
riorraot .rend'.; m000 1m\ a .,r of 1-.14 dt ii
ey-itradle,) . IarL lath auntrt. New lurk.
IW i )1 A`. ) lillAKI) WYANILI,.
" hUM AN Uhl ItOAlID M~ANTMI) 4', E
l Ad y IF J4r'. old vNant room and h ,atr I imm
Lrimnrto L.oil). A-Armmad I. , bLi II.,. city.
eam oneu
I,''" u,uu Ii, bmltrer. r,farezom,, 11 i.e tri. Ads
,:e, oh xI --, oitl
U1, 'ti an I ai.. I:'\1 N to ct mi l Ii
1. AV1, ly \ N. Adlam'. till block, ior I I
hI., 'ii aveumi'.
OI Ill NI lBlI(I·K ; ii KED A hi,)
ucuI lomt Montana bank hil'Lmnt. hart
;h, lard"'t 116' of .',.v,i, and eLTOru ut ts rC LI
I EIrl III \1 I I Kt\IMIIYl) ItiIE itt.
1 \ :. o I '" u', a i,[I in,
. \ I I I ::NI-III.A1 I.'' M
(l ir · ,L I. ·LI ui. rSI· ' I y ':, dv
Alr Parrr,
SI '
, i
\ ' II..' ,
ýýý ý \I r ýL' X111 v.11 ;'.A
11 1 I I' ICI º I. j ,I a I II.
,'r. rII , ' n , r
~' -A11fu'1 '1N ,
.1 11
\\ .4 I I r , I .1 I.E I I
Fr .
A.*.l'r I' · ·. A ·r .~ . I I;~
Urris Emiiployment Agency.
.. ioritt Mai Mt. '1 .Ii one Wll
1 brio 414"`,+ ;, 111~11~1 1,"au n ..,Io on fat1,0814
Cratt. o. d, , t 0 St ur ,,tt(. toUI.
n Iii irc lanrth. * i, , r1.11 It 1..Ir i'A Io ugm .
1: Inrn1 let. U1 . ii ii, S7, r ig W tI Dr,,.r
,"u. .ta,. Ma i t" A' r *. I Nh t
A. Ipl . \\*il Ia alE ale W ICY,
II [. 1I ll ei l W rI,. *iL'jlO1o liL
n r'n for .nt 'i n w,,rk, fro,, fare.
lI,,er minrin.
1I i nlru *lno I rr
S,;Irlh for Inun',4 rk
I4 1 i o r n. I... .. 1 4,rn
NI' ii I. ~ti L; ItIUl.ft \ IOtN. ý
~·:.~ · : 11 LI .I-1~I.1 ;1 ,%\ n(I II,' ZIOD
1 r "; '. nt h as , . l b . t u : 1u , 0 ol, a i
is 1 ,r \\ Illhwtl A rlal 1 Li utIn WCSAYrni.
il WA.N II It HtI) WI lT. III: UK
S) ceawed by the und.t esigaed fir enlarg
utt the dlte h on tie .lowij rreo ranoh, on
Sun rver. \1't -l ifte u hutnIdred (1.,(0)0
vtI w d of diea "ar tbe tlVedl, and the worl
mUst be emplet, I thls year
W. i. I' owvanas.
tuan Hiver, Monk.
i t11('t'l N) lF .'FIC OF COUNTY
cle k tatle of Molntna. untylr of
Lewis nu,I 'larke. Notilce is herby lrlven
that there will be a stcital meeting of Sit
board of countlt conmlllioners, at their
oikc|e In lth court house, Monday, (iot, .,
A. I. .1|4. at III u'elock a. to.. for the par
poas of nappolnting a registlry agent for
Enat lioleon, Irellch linr and Spokana Dia
. let, and for such other bnullae as may
legally com, before them. IIy order of the
board. J. %. Tomtan, (lerk.
Dated Helena. (lot. ', t'94.
.\TI i.1i 1 S.E PU1: ilC NOTICE IS
, heretir civen that under a deoree and
jndzmnsent of the I cltel Slates lroot eourt
at lieleni. Monlana, in oanes No. 311. and
on thu l1 d:y of ()ctober. 18d4 at 10 o'lleek
a. ii., at the station or town or f o,. In
Valley counte. Monotna, where the eastle
now ire, I wll' sell for cash. at publli ase
tio, tI. the IhIghet and heat bidder. 200
bead, score or lesl, stock cille. Title to
pass u:ou cntirmwnton of sale by coat.
('attle are now gathered and may be seen
at place of 5Clu. JAlES '. FioaT1a.
lRecelver and Master.
First Judicial district of the state of
,Montana, in and for the county of LJwli
and Clarke. Notice to oreditors:
Estate of Mathlas Bnokner, deelawLd.
Notice is hereby given by the mndersiauld,
administrator with the will annexed of the
estate of Mathinls Iocklas', deonasedl to
the creditors of, and all persona having
olllars athainsl the said deceased, to eolhtit
them with the lecessary vouchers within
four months after the first publicatilo of
this notice,. to the said administrator *llh
Sthe will nunexed, at the law ofibe of Ma
sena lollard, room H. Gold block, in the
etty of Helena, in the county of Lewis and
Clarke, state of Montant. the same btl-
the place for the transaction of the bbrid
neas of gold estate In the county of Lewis
and Clarke. JAI. M. T'caxIL .
Administrator with the will annzed of lhb
*atate of Mnthila Iluckner, deceased.
D)ated Oct. 2, 159.
regt tration district No. 1 comprietag
I nionvilln and the First. Third and llfth
asldain Hleleona, designated respectively as
tl.e eventeenth 4 17th ). FIlst Ilet), Seoand
(2d i. Fifth (5th,. aixsh (;th), Ninth (9th)
and 'tenth U10th) preolnts. Lewis and
Clarke oounty. Montana
The undersigned registry agent for said
district hereby gives nottie that by will sit
for the purpose of registration of voters
within each and every precinct in hies ele
tion district upon the dotes and at the
places named as follows:
October 9, 10. 11-l'P.ne's hotel, Helenan,
for precinct No. S. 'Third ward.
(otober 12, 13-Phil Conetanoe's store,
Inionvi Is, for trectuct No. 17.
October 1. Gi--Internatiounl hotel nOlee.
Helens, for precinct No. 1. F'irst ward.
Oct. 17. 18- -Bristol house ofltce, Helenl.
for p eciolet No. 2, First ward.
Oct. IJ, "0--C.apital clia- sto e. No. 28
ma;in treet,. for precinct No. t, Third ward.
Oct. .2, !:--E Insue house, for p'eclact
No. 1), F'ifth ward.
Oc'. 2., ~'.--1. II. Ashley's livery, 414
Park arenuo, for rrecinot No. 9, Fifth
Oct. 3, t. 7,. 30-Payne's hotel, for pre
cinct No. 5, T:ird war I.
The Lomo ofiloe w:ll be at Payne's hotel.
'Ibe Lou.s of reletration will be teween
II) oclock e. in. and 10 o'clock p. m. on all
loyal drys, omitting the bours from 12 to
o:nA n, . end six to sevn p. m., from Ost.
': to Oct. .1), both inclusive.
H. C. (.illsin TO.
t"IaI'titf n 1 ti ut!rn J. IIunth.r, Film i.U
I nnvr. Jais , 1 . I'hln*louroarhd Jin. iil ,mio'i ,
d f' Lndr, :
Sr.ldr Ir.l 'by irtun of an nr r rle an4l! tig
er. *t fr r· ,l..r anli naII iwA.It 'ut of the
di-triot court *.f the Yirat u uittil dtrutt of thue
Ita'r 'f .11trta'"a. In and for thue tcrnt of
JI ewi a dl( larks on th l, h dly fit p,' r, mbhr,
A. 1). A :' o th', ab v, t ntit.ttl artlon, wherein
luI t C 'e '.lt . T, iw' L lamedT tlaiIll, ob
tnut . a bl,l.ent andt dnrree of [email protected]" and
alt a .unt V .,Ialh J. ultr tr. in ', t/.
ii ' . I'I,. I *. II. ~'tOuIres ant Jane .IlIntrnr,
A. It 1 " Ior thi t. mIof .iy ''I i. ,l'e .,l' ' .
t,.rnt e. t'ts at atftr:.,y's fNe. wh.ei said
deCren' w' ,o tn*!, II 1. daey, e;,'orl'.er, 1 U.
J4. 'e, r.hrrd I, .tri'mt bn'"k Ni ,if said
cr,,rt at I m.' I am coi ultnaritId to I"11 all
th . rc, rtain 1,' . p .i'i, r parelo it lant, eit
iat.', 3l1. and e1.:i i tthe C .nt'y ; ,f wli
ard ( lark" Ta: , f M 'an',us, an! lhu:ts I and
d-'cr tel a, f.!''e, t- it:
I it. uT.. ral elm i:,I, 'b and r, nety
, , i ,, l n o,. , . , thr , , a the
r II j'' , f l e .t I ark.,
'I u n ' , I i lt* ' *''
. ,.n i, I, n l r f r . co of
AIil-I as 't nilook
4.ar. iir fT',
I A ' . r , 'h be
S i .' i '''I V ' ,. e.
, y I I I I, . " . . I ' +" ' ,,ernst
i f ' L it' II' I ' : ill
lItA' ', i , * , i . . i, :' ' .'
XI i I If rlT '' Pci;'
F /WA F, I' uandi
* r ,* . 9 *.u .'' r *1 f~d
I, .9.5
A , ' ' L at
* , . , I,.,'
·I II 11,"
I ' I
S.1 '.- . ,
9. ,i n 'l ~ Ins
I i ii.'
I, . S L
->· I~ * ' I,,
I~~ ~ ~ r.. . . *
leading Hotels of ileleolu
T A WAL W .Ma mm
Oinbato% hm m in t. l Petm.t I.lahta 3M. P
aO O xt u urrrd·
eirmil,· I *1 Wth} }.al 1.4ff CAWDnIMM
T II' (,tAN liOs-ZU LDr' I'b4 jo~reb.
L ii. QIArs. Mua raa.
('.atrli lota. Pin. tampF' rn'm fat
ao.mwuretml greyelml. } Irtvan care I , . SA(rut
depot 6'u7 IS s tnute A eAt iRI he balidln.
I'ltalu meal. to oepaatti·n with hoe l It
W Itc, W .1iI)J(t RoI'3?.
1 . .(11e.,iIUAU. Proprilatau
A flrtt-dlau tote' on the tanrI.an aani lam.e
paAU pla t e. ¶1 .1 . r nt Pi tt I en t %4D o
uurdat eat. liate o 5 re' dr aIn upwaitde.
S'1rotK EWLL-Imt a ua. . fhe ,h -,lw 1tel
rot mAt o tne toue tmh~ia 'lowly ftti -
ntthdtnl tit with aranm hdet ciactroc lgiit
.l-tlrir call mid r'r(.lrt ball.. in hot t 'I the
,,.uir ImtprOmaw n{{. . r*n'r'l!y !I.,ata t
Warren Cit., bear ((road way. Ii. A. Cit.' cll
SIte tY Ult..AttlA~tTI'tl. r
trtill' linrt Wars, with tm. ilect rio 6 1a(t,
atta ireat and tletttor serviro
At i. `Street Cuar Pe I the loor.
Cuot par Main anti Ctatat Irootm.
of the First Judlelal district of the
state of Montana. In and for the cuanty of
Lewis anid Clarks.
Charlotte Johba ea. plailntlf, v. Samuel
C. Baldwin. Lalls I. Italdwin, Frankliu t.
WaTllae. Loast C, F. Lots, assignes of
Franklln i. Waillae and Ueorge U. Yrgry,
'fho etate of Montana sends greeting to
tamuel C. Ital.lwla and Lullsa B. jaidwin,
Franklin 1. Wallas., Louts C F. Lotz, as
sigane of I anklin it. Wallace and Ucorge
0. Yorlr. defoadanat.
You and seas of you are hereby requlred
to aptear in an attion brought againtl you
by the above named plaintif in the district
court of the First Jadlelal district of the
tate of Montana. in and for the aounty of
lewli and Clark'. and to answer the com
plaint aled heroel with teson days. oz
-elaive of the day of service, after
the service on you of this summons, if
n-.red within this county, or, itf erve. out
of this bloanty but ai this district, within
twenty days, otherwise within forty days,or
judjment by default will be taken against
you acro ding s tohe p:aysr of slaid com
The said aotion is brenought to obtain a de
eree of this coart for the fereeloesre of a
certain mortgage desnribed In the corn
plaint, ozeoate.t by said tamnel C. Baldwin
and Lulls Ii. Baldwin the above named de
fendants on the tib day of Decambr, A.
D. 189~ to enares the payment of a certain
promissory note made by them to Olmetoad
& Taylor, a sartnership comprised of Geo.
M. Olmsetad and Charles B. Taylor, on the
same day for $3,000 in gold, described in
the esmplatnt herein, and whica by non
payment of interest sad taes u-en said
property has become and is duo and paya
ble, and for the appotatmeat of a receiver
to control said property. And It is alleged
n sanid complaint that no part of said snu
of $8,000 b boeen paid, and that the same is
new duo from said defendants, Samuel C.
Baldwin and Lull B. Baldwin, to this
plaitliff, to whom said note has been as
signed, tolgether with the interest a pro
vided in said ete. Also to recover of you.
said Samel . Q Baldwin and Lulle B. Bald
win, the sam of $8.000 due upon said prom
esory mote. Aleso for $136 totereat due
upon rne of the coapnea attached to said
note with interest on said last named sum
reom July 1st. 1898. at10 per cent per nan
nam; asio for $120 nterest due opeon
a certain cnupon attahbed to said promle
sory note with Interoet rtheeon from Jan.
1, 1894. at tie rate of 10 per sent per annum;
also for $120 interest on a eartral coupon
attashed to the said promissory note with
interest thereon at the rate of 10 per oant
per sunnm from July 1, A. D. 1814; also for
laterest on the said sam of $10Udfrom July
1. 1894. at 10 per sent per annum; also for
$157.4c; on acosant of taes paid on said
property with into set therson at the rate
of 12 per ent per auurm from the Arst day
of July, 1894, and ales for the costs of this
And. it is songht by said action to obtain
a decree by which said mortgage may be
foreclosed. and in addition to the fore
closure thereof, that it ihall be deereed
that the premises conveyed by said mort.
gage shall be sold, and the proceeds thereof
naoiled to the payment of said note and
interest and said amounts due for interest
on said prinolpal sume and amonate paid
for taxes on said promises, and In case the
said proceeds are not sicinesnt to pay the
same, then to obtain execution agalat the
said defendante, Samuel C. Baldwin and
Lulle B. Baldwin, and each of them for the
balanoe remanimng des. and that the said
defendants end each of them, and all pei.
sons elaimiul, by. thronah, or noder them.
or either of them be barred and foreclosed
of all rbiht title, claim, lien. equity of r-.
demptieo, and interest in and to said mort.
gaged premises, and that the mortgage
liea of this plaitlti be declared to be prior
and superior to any right or elaim to said
property asserted or elaimed by Franklian
B. Wallace, Loolis C. F. Lots, aselnies
of said Franklin It. Wallnoe. or Georse
U. Yergy, defendanta herein; and you and
eash of you are hereby notided that if you
fall to appear and answer the said aum.
plaint as above required, said plaintiff will
apply to the coort for the reolle demanded
in the said complaint, and that said plain.
tiff will take judgment aglnast you, the
said Hiamul C. Baldwin and Lalie lU. Bald
Is: ror sue mom or s.,,Ie, Ins I5.rlnepam
in said promiseory note mentioned.
24: Fe $186 and interest due upon one
of the reapone atteehed to said note. with
interest on said last named sum from July
1., 18:L1, at t per oent per annum.
8J: For $120 interest due upon a certain
:oupon attaehed to the sald promissory
rote. with interest thereon from Jan. 1,
1WJ4, at the rate of ten per cent per annum.
4th: For $12~ interest on a certasu coupon
attacbed to a certals promlsrc.r note. witb
naterst tbheesa from July 1, ]¶4.1, at ten
per rest per ensule.
bt. Four lterereton the sum of three
thousand dollars from July 1. 1,tl, at the
rate of tea vor cent per annum.
6(th: For $157.44 ea seount of taxes pald
on said property, wttl interest thereon at
the rate of twelve per acent per sanna fromn
the Iarlt day of July. Is94. and for rcots oI
mslt. Incalding as attorney's fee of three
hundred snd Offty dollars.
(ilves muder my hand and seal of the die
tliet court of the First judicial distriot of
the state of Montlena in and for the c runty
of lewis and Clarke. this iret day of An
uest, In the year of o.r Lord one tboueand
eluht hundred and nirety-four.
rAT, ' JOHN IKAN, ClorkL
fly Ii. (l. ii urrst. Iteputy.
(.nllen k 'loole, attorneys for plaintiff.
l'Irt L r bllcatiron 8,pt . 18N4.
l ((KSf()I.ILW Mij:TINL Til;'
earifnaI metting of it.* *tockholdnra '.7
tLe !Ntedman Foundry and Ma'hln orn.
ary wlljwil ta arl Ilb. oflicee of it.e cum
pA:'y on I bardsd. t tuoh~r 4. l'91, at 4
J -lork 1. m.. for tu e urpoUe of eleetl;.g a
lunrd of tri.etned for toT enosnug ,ena'. and
It.. trii.8tI'fl ' ,Utl I otliher bhUineiU as
may rroperly colls holfor It.
F·. It %rr,,mr Hecrelu"7.
lfyrt <, nunt.. Megpt. _1, 1P'.t
l f'I) W H(P)1 f'1 MAY t'O)N'lK":.N' 'I Ahi I
~tIre IbL. the ar dtajfipeid mhas I jI
Iy l. I liti lejjlltr ir' ( oit of t Ie if it
,ii.'!. u.l I'zq~ri.t of the Htatt e of7 L:tn
Io notn fo tlti r ility of L,,.is cowl I itL-..
he a ii. r'"lni vu.in that by .,rdrr of thi
ciab s rrt aIs name unta toe cIIaovd to
1tlot'r letf, and that he Intda tO p j
Ibe ..II up I Iatlon to the gaW Mo.L tI'l
the "''h day of 1ie1,tmber. lIl4, at the
t, 'hI:u* hoiii ..f noul ont that div cit ae
in, u Ii tvreetter as *oiauuel mlu, bo heard.
uro-a I rlVa IMuih'ui.
Ne'enm, Mont , HopS. ti). I14,4.
,,d fOlt :. a tIranalri In brow Ah
.. e.', ad « '1 or 1', ill, W
.,.. e a "- r retuuu4 guUr uonely. he
uIW.rvatwIn rethouC
1r4U;AMu:'IA 1EU1.L CU.. Buglese. MYa
ýHlK ll!'.t t.lt :- WIt.I.lAM ALI.KN 1Ill?.
tar, Johul A o(tlwnrt, and . waste flux` arl
egutol, ilalnillnti . ia, Antoitt'l ft sils.
James II .1 1. I raakila I' WaIae. Albert
MI. I Ioritirgb and[ L.uult C. F. Iute, useilgme
dot ndau'a
thlIe s.pi bJ yirtta. of aU noedr olf at es 1
do1',11e of foi',.suro. and rale Ihuh' out of lii
diatri't cuert of tkh b list ldlicial dstarlit of thy
stabt If hlMllzat Iii anidi tot tim Coihlt uo LA*wi
and larks. ou the hilt day of retle. .mhr. A.
I) IyWI no the abvev entitled action. whereio
Wtn. Alleu I itI'r .J oh A. tloCart ail I ( uliat+i
foytl..t reoll our of tie lsat will and testament
ot J bn oi. r revor .iereeIi, it.e aIjuve naD I
plaluindi ubtait a Judlgmtnt san deore or
rorov'oUn and ele aigainst £uainette b.
Well.. Jam a I .It -,ilf% It klia It.L Wallae.,
Altert 1I. I tlhrlitiorgh aol lulelt I V. lots. aa.
si i a, defandants. on As IS,'. day of WIpanber,
*. I. HIM. fUr the sum at a42ial test
besid lgtrlieLM coats Bud atturneys te". which
said doom was on' tle il. Jiap It eilnjniemr.
A. It. tutI. rieirdel In jIuLdmenlt book No. of
aiLd ouort atlc I(ag m tuullulallt to Beli
all II,,.... 1'rtet. lote. titoe or lafoels iif lan
situate. 11111 anixt twins In thll. Slltyalyo Ito.
Slid I Ihe, stat of hLeaUtO. sod beanded aa
deecrlbo t fuollows, to wl1
Io iiitumt.eel n1in1 hI),ton il Ut and glacn II 1,
In tluc'k uinibsrtd A'tt tour 1lit, of the 1.40.
sitltiliif t., tha city of Ilr ens. Mlo llnathe
5sal lots having a ri'lnhined trisuulta lon .Irume1
0I''i of siral ltii. Ithl fart anti a depLiof
otul lundred 11,1 t wiatieu 11211 feel. accord
Ill;: to and a' ilea ribod ultoll Ibo iutti a1 ilat of
Ith. rid numed adlditolnl now op1 5 Ie n tlel M151
1151 nrlloe I by taw in the "lls it the ClIu nty
nwrdo'~er of Ill, aidi countly of Lewis and
I lInt'
I','l cher with all unit .lngular the tenements.
hrinil tall :11a at, I l 51,jril thicg Onl) bi.
I ill IlutCo 10 hutreIy given that un tIji'day.
liel it lay of u, 1. t ,1. A. II. llil. at 17 u'oloq1
m of that .1st, at the front doiiir of ttoe cert
b. lii, hii5.la, I4WWi aSd (ll jrk , coinut). Mon
10110. I will, tItls..ilizcei.' lii a urdtr of sale
ai1d .I ','re , iof fir t' tI A slid wl I. *hl Ith alesIi
iisu..'nI tool iti 't, o r' tnOh bthtirieof a' mat
t) l.,iiwMt? Ito satisfy PaId Jllodglmln. with In
ter,': all ii,,t. to, th% Lihilret at llI b t biddor.
(liven onder iy handl this 17Lh day tf "iplutll
bi'r, A. Li lIAe
Rv 1all I" Illoli, I iider M~eritf.
Met uunell. ( layb rg ,t (tftie. pllaitita at
court of thI First ,Juioual Disttiot of
the state of Montana, in and for the
connty of Lewis and (tClnako.
WIthle A. Wa ran, plaintiff, vs. Albert J
WVa re., defendant.
I he state of ,Montaun lend.s realImO to
thbo bove named defendant:
Yon are hereby requl ed to appear in an
action boanght a.jIant yon by the above
named plaintriff n the district court of the
)'ires Judicial dtatriot of the state of Mon
tans. in and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, end to answer the complaint filet
therein, within ten dars (eoinusive of the
day of servle) after the service on won of
this summons. It servei within this county;
or if served out of tbis county. out within
tbis district, within twenty days: other.
wise within forty de: , or juingmen by de
fault will be taken against you, aeeording
te the prayer of said complaint. 'rho uid
action is bronght to obtain a dereer dis
solving the bonds of matrimony seisting
between the plaintiff and defendant; that
the cuatoJy of Alta Wa ren. minosr oh1d of
a..d parties, be awarded to plaintiff; for
cos e of sult and for general relief. ?'it'u
tiff alleges as a cause for divorce that the
defendant on or about the tenth day of
Mar. A. D.. I?. willfullly and without
eane deserted and absented bhimslf from
plaintif and ever since has and atill eon
tnues so to willfully and withoot cause
absent himself from the plaintiff.
And you a re hereby notified that if you
fall to appear and answer the sail com
platia as above required, the said plainiff
will apply to the court for the relief d
mnnded nt sail complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
district coont of the First Judl
[srAL.1 clal district of the state of Mon
tens, in and for the caonty of
L.wis and Clarke. this fifth day of eep
tembe., in the year of our Lotd, one thous
and sight hundred and ninety-foo-.
J.om lBr.. Clerk.
By (G. . F urweYs Deputy Clerk.
MAOsENA BmuIJ.eD. Attorsev for l'alntiff.
Iirst publication tept. 7. 1894.
will be reoivaed rt the ofioe of t11h u.
dersigned until 12 in., Got. 12, ItW9, for
grading t,590 lnear feet of colaty road in
Suiekly Pear eanyon eacordi.l to specielo.
lions on fie in this ofee. Tibs we k it
located on the ea0t side of the Montana
Centrol railroad, bellnnlnt at foot of hill,
sa.ove the water station, and about five
miles above Wolf C:eek railroad station,
thence southerly along foot of bills to the
old road at foot of steu hbill neer.y opto
site the first railroad b id.e above the wa
ter station. The road bed will be fousteen
feet wide.
Approximate estimtes as follows: 4 500
cuible yards earth ezeavatlon, 125 cable
vs de elate or solid rock exoavation and
four open timber culverts about 5 by 0 feet
Further information can be hal from the
county so veyor who will be on the ground
from the 24th to thbo 2th of hgeptember, and
thu work will be done to his satisfaction
and aaceptanee.
By order of the board.
J. S. Toonxan Clerk.
Dated Helena, Sept 13, 1894,
Lowell Caorpots have
beern ustly celebrated
fior no. than: hall a
century. To protect
t.uy r.; from decep
tion, tlhe word Law.
ell is woveor in capt.
tal lett'er at each re
peat of the pattorn in
the lack of
ý Wiltons
Ihe b,:,;: ,,,all ty, ,le.
'11.. ; t .p a: I.oVwell
i' ! i: ', ; iHio ,.k.(,k
:._I 1 1:i w C)L[ L[
I ., , u nt Un' . l
(loot Weather for Heading.
Uoud 1eaduj flur This Weather
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I )1t P $A.B-)-''FLAltl) 1'ItUPO~,S rl,
1wlllbe ru'ivsdat lbbe ottCi of the ura.
uore:Caued until 12 m., October .:1, 1+1k four
gredieg end timber couverts according to
epeeiflieatiiinIn l 9ii of the cobuty otd
torn tirsl Iwnter lintel tIo a olotn near the
cenUter .f Iertln ]b~ , Ii. 10,. r. 4 w. 'I be
riO ~w 1. thi. ugh IlIa reinu IIuiu,vur I to Ibe
1'! f. e wolf, 4 (NMIi t. our. tIheitrn 3,_0( lost
ti ennter of eectl iii I:. I, b, :I . 'it wide.
aid* oa earth exoavatliata and 13.r,it faut ii.
a1.p dos or t r lumber for 9 civoreti.
Al.o leading Montane Avenue county
road trim a polnt one-fourtlh of Ia Ilii
south of Ten Mile Hrlde, thb-uce no th 1°(
mdsec to Mir nins I 'oiveelty. The rieoi
way to be :4 tost wide. 1 he npp:oxim Itn
estnimate ti :.)) cubic yards irarh exobey
lIon and l1,rtM) feot IS.IM. of A, or vine
lumber for 1 culverts. 'lhe work will be
done to t1. anlliinitlou sad acceptauce uf
lb. ciiiiie OlryCoTr.
Ily order ot the ljoerd ot County ('oin
missoeuane. J. R14. T K"rlt, Clerk.
Dated lplan s epit. 22. IstlI.
'oTit I' Tol t (ITUIN1(,1- I1TATY. Of
Anon 11 I u.II 'i ni der we .ilt llA IbAE
tl, tI. o a'. ", h reby ')l is IM II.thl' ii a 1iu gno I ia l
u li.'Io. uii .rslnI eii,, r ia d'oa'uI.. I ·I.. eN lit
.I-ear-Mt to till' rLllt-It '.f, nu l nil l·er1· t.l1ay"
thiru, with tthe iaii'Osiif ,.tinie'r.. withlii flur
III ýosil i.t 'u 'ra th fist cuhinut iot Iof a t il" -r
Idlia. ,rai.trfor thIe utri~ntuit ot Ann h.,1-iug.
('Iir lt" .
Adnilnl·(r retor 4 111 orlrlo of Acne t. I Lail
( tan-1 ra·t r 11. IlLI1.
1&sa Illuuzri 1.}111 ,r.oue. your wigdhi
P 1 Al a I I YReza 12 to 1 pour . a
montb N0t itAUTI % sfi. .tckrs or tnjnr i
I.s I(7lI~ttlt1T. lhev brlt up the beuutb
sad busutiyr the completlio leatºIg %
gqIN h K 3K* or 61ao5 .?flI? 1 Au1J 41rr.
  NNA ai"d 4IM41u?`rea1bing eati ,e~l rlfreve
3O E MIBU.h13n but ae Ienti6e and oeC
Ilie ,ellie. adopted nly atr,. years .i "~{ Iri.
eaee. I1 urdat eggpiled direst from cur ..ttl.
ri.~ $1 0 r*4iage rr tbree ps"kbjoee I"' 1.00
by malls rAald. Teethmoua. sad vartbl
he, Iseald .1ta~.
"1l Cutr,.pnmdeeae I1,rleti ('eeddetlsI.
PARK REMEDY CO.5 Boston, Mass

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