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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 04, 1894, Morning, Image 7

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Tailor-'lade Dresses.
T'he Ihot Pi rnce
]Ul I I J,)rt U l (d. Ir -u l
uLA it ( v1oVut ,
1)D Lt. I'ricuu frrn
$12.50 TO $35.
Theso or ' I i'l lar
'Unlon, n tyle and
luanltty c(l.sidered.
Thunoe :uta ore cu.n
11ntad to :.:andu bios.
Fine Cheviot Suit,
Coat and Vest front,
s ttr (tly Tailor-ra-loe,
{ in Blalck and ltblue,
Fall and Winter
waeighti, -FrOnch
a Suit. Same etyl) in
C,,vort Cloth, Cuta
way Coat, and doublo
Vest front, E~llc t.t:d,
now shudo mixed tana
$17.5o AND $25
a Suit. Worth neary
* double theose prlcca
Ypsilanti Underwear.
Is unquestionably the popular, because the most
Sanitary, easily adjusted, comfortable, wcar-resisting,
economical Underwear of the present time. It re
ceived the highest honors at the World's Fair,
obtaining more awards than any competitor, foreign
or domestic. Also first prize at the California Mid
Winter Exposition, San Francisco.
l" t A ,
This extreor ilnary IleJvenator Is the most
wonderful idhIluvery of '!Ii, age. It hni hlbee
Inrdoiacr. by thin i'ntiu.glh ntiftic men of' Iulopo
mnd America.
fudyan is
porely vogo
Iludynn stops
fl. l e, dilwl; ar,,
Iu AU days
rri. s LOaP T lTERn
innlllipntlln, )hlaner+c, Fnllwin R·-lentnni,
Nvr o,' : l"t Ieiich:it i f tie r': . i 1 i .thor t'rts,
Strengtbheul., ili!g'orile: andl tuIt, tho ( itho
.:·cein. Iltudlya'i tt Iilch lt, N*'rv , ine ,
E nlituiLe, ud It. 'vilopisl oan t.! otres weak
4. ;. L . lautl . ii thfi' hau . ii'Le, I L. qy Ior
ulnihtll treo tplc:d uilckly. Ovcr .',0(0 privato
i'rcnuius llrt: ' 1 InlPntf s Inmlv Otln'1 . IIl thf firnt
afal'^. it is n ' i'itnTl oo si neil a' iikn,iseit l
tirtllitln,"-M. I iul eil o..oll'fl ifI .'J day. hy the
,tie of Ilti l.;i n.
IlTh nlew I ovlry was fIndei by i he Alerial.
Pbt, ofl hil feapumNs Huldso. Mfdlfcal 'llall
tit,. aL t I lthe.i et ' 1vltalit r mi.le. It Is
iry wu.r. . TI ,I liUt ihatrultni., i-0 i fir iI ,l a
,olirkt.i i.r ti pju knt.opi fir Fiii i'ui 1:4.Q l .
fixr'li. WVrllt.nir utaiisi 'e glfin fi r ei i. ro. If
Suit liv., :xLox .e, Icupl ii lllit eitirtlc ilrtif,
six mn re will hle seiti I youll fri' of nll iniI .
tit i,. ir ictcul "ri nlit teittitniiti.ls. A..:'s
IwAlNtin Ft iAikItn, thiktI land I.":a
"ArN 'Ii nt.1 l-ill. 1 tl.lF0sil .I..
A. K. Prescol
!arble AM GrdCib
Ir:,, HrA ,,.
IFe..ug.i MYatmsam
Washington, D. C.
Eight Iron Firo EL( upoa
IfRCH & GIB.P3, MaII:,~ r[.
Made His Appearance Before Half a . I'
Iroe P'ep'e.
i'T. ,Lot:01, Oct. 3.--Tho Mound citvy'
patron saint, tho Veiled P.ophef. aundr hlas
annual ap:onrance here last night before a
throng of nea'ly halt a mallion huom and
visiting elght-seers. As usual, ha .nte ed
the city accompanied by a mnaniflceot rIa
geaut and regal court. The floats of the
sagenut c.bsrctorzd similar laucents of
Moble, New Orleans, etc., and in at dtion
vreaone rreeJding pageants of the V\aled
Prophets, being, as it were, a revival of
rest glorinc.
After reasing over a ronte (o m tlrco
Illie in length with his gorgeoue pageant,
the \'rale.l Prophet disambarkeo at the
lie cbantr exchannce, in whose greit Lall,
beautifully decorate,. he, attendeo by th r
ty-two matrons and 100 maids of honor, a:
c.rvd his guests and uopened hie nunnoa
Sb.1. which. far surpassed his entttnrlt.
mnents of past y, ar. 'r b attecdanot eit
thl ball. though rlig.ly Io iUceid from that
of post seasons by the re.t. otion of Iavite
tiloe, was even ueomafoIItabl is 'go for
the groat hell In whiol it wai held.
Thmey Gi.em Thlir Itnmauoa
Perhap smomo of onr rendcrs woa'J Iiln
to know in whbt rep.;t ('bsaiburluin'd
('ongb tisw'y is b-tier than nay utottr.
We wI l tell you. Wkcnn this reuroIv Is
takori s. soon as it cold le.e been critrmcto.
and Le!o'.i it has becoin-i settead In Iihe s a"
teili It will ciinntergiottlio of. t of the culd
and crcst'y Ihren its severitv. aol it Is ti,
iii I. tnindy ihat III do t(ih. It Act')i u
S'rf c lie ninny with uiatuh.. ud u1 a
ziiturJ in reia,,n~y tbh lou.. ooiirij tIii
i'criltit,ne. Iiquefyin? the macnas acid unut
lIu its r zuliion (runm the gir cclls of uiji
luuk. end r..tnriia thio syemenu tn a struuig
slit bcuImtby iiiItiouI. s utheor re ii. d1
in the miinrlt I omaussel ttihe" rrmarkibl.
tr ;'sertiar. No othe" wit caro i cold lo
,louck!y. Fur l tilnt l, nil drtmggtlg.
N.,..I I' *EEIES II.*ii'.
t 'i ", ' IT, WI A .. 121 ii. I t Mr nin ic. 'ii
,ii,..:s of i''ria'e4 V. iln'd r11u11 ar:!t.r of
".A (Irena M. 'her.' "A' 1ue 'itsbcr"' nud
o ber )ip'ulnr boonk.
Urn. I'Ili'bit iL.'IIe, of J1unotiun ('Ill,
III.. \tInK lII by Ler dt tIre sI.e bad con
r :1'.11 t1 l.u l F nd tbil t he 0 ,ld '1 l~ot a t11'
bI r, tw IFi ,ttn.e ut fl)r. hIzje \niw
11 vry cunipIrtely cu ..I h,-, crud Al p
S it enctI her lifc.. Marr. 'Lrihioms I:1
:q. . .'Jl lure !n streot, ('an ' I Rciii., st
o'tiur a fr A dreadlI clr h. cold tone(I iing
1\\ I'tn ·t·lo- l I ''I. h YIh :l rrau!1, 1 1'ry
niii I Nw vv Iln,,vse ). fl.d Ill awi w'" i4.,
tis c'ir Id. li I , r turall thankful.liy I It ui
n1' rrr is. *t tibiI'i thieao nri nirii iS.
Ii, ) reý Itu wonrt itl 1 tt1'icv itrI. M
t" cu.: in c .1ubs tint colds. Fisii Iriitl
L t 1 'itn F ir , 1: .1 cents and ~I.
I'nr't: i 1)'.11 Iitiu('o.
N- . 1 nrdt Ma yor of 1 unioun.
I wI pw, lu't. I1 hir JIoaptui I nal.
h'r.oy t idoin, rotreLTsnl(u AlderrOs
vii , will t" kiiiy Ijiliall i vol.d tord 111ii1 or
o'Iw s I . ;<li F 'I s riam{ tu.
1,1'1' I Lti~i s'I lip. rI tit, mew t 4 ?o? tt
*i r, ( Fu nrhr it hI I5 Tnil " irn at I~ii
ih-at s -ts a; i1 1^ ii 'i . r 'I iI v"~ il,i *..
iutr r kI~s ratitil itf 1 týsae.IcIy I' uchs
I it n11 I orme. by l nthu~ e)ar trust
'1 i ' r't
Originutors of Low I'rIcch.
L AD I =- Money-.aving Week is-Money-Mak
A E Sing Week for all Visitors at Sands
Bros.' Those rich, elegantly cut, Viennese Cloaks, Coats, Capes
and Jackets. Those Prince Albert, French cut Dresses, all Tailor
made. Those Furs in Capes, in Sacques, in every variety of
Fashionable (iGarments, all imported novelties, will he on sale
this week. Those Parisian Dress Patterns bearing the "Medal of
Honor" for design and excellence of manufacture. Those Point,
Antique Laces, of the Ilarie Stuart period. Those delightful
Street and Evening (iloves, and the (igantic Handkerchief Sale-
are only a few of the principal attractions at Sands Bros. this week
IIHave always h:lad ur
very c(lo' o:t attcl' tion,
b.it thin 1'.1l our u -3.
corlmont und variety
of utyles 13 retlearka
ble for ori';in hlity,
I·coial rc0:o havinj
boon ygv.,n to the
pluckinrg. dyeinq and
skill!ul treatment of
all askins.
and Coats
In the most fash.ona
ble anid de:ura le furs,
all lengths, and only
in the very latst de
signs. This Fall we
are oquilped as first.
class Faurietr, and
carry the choicest
of high grade Furs.
Pci:os on a popular
basis will be a most
interesting feature to
those who intend to
r urc hase. Reliable
and wear guaranteed
new furs.
Dis. Liebig & Co.,
The Wall Renoawne SDEc1alistL
?RI'E. ('CONS( 1ATION riven toa al pereeft
uff. at . from , Ito ao I )vees. lcatare of t lb
Ell" lar. N so. J rost, I ovr, t tomloi. Kid.
I~lI riaary 4 rtv-at. ^evu and,, mo 'r.Io.?i
All cct ous. ho fra,1d17 Iltcrnieino g ntyu"tu
3taL.'nls In LlI~i laa d.I'uri4 cnrw.'er favallt't
sad a. ,mnd Ati, t. to, u..l whichl Ir.. L.:·eby.
k t a o .' a·f 1, 1^4 oftlce.. L In 1hr ,it,. 1116
i, lini r:"aro iif a dull auli'uriuol rEt.tna£"'
tal I,. xi r w I rrp rt all .'mpll'atl el. ca. to
L t rI t, lacy her. ro, s o rect ums ore mojlot
f all cue ati t he In rcttrtnIt adiopte rata
bran'';. acuig aits ep rbadi'i,. Lie 'n.r'jlica
Ih.d p1hn fr· I 0
eLvi r lc'se thai ;,v' o,,rcnua'Id Ia cl,('l~tl
V.a r.reutlta 11 onl ,very cat.Iv -1u~o..la.
l otto. l'ciunnaAlt Iift..: '. to, i',arp~ii'c)'i are
Eyviriy madel Nc *Irptanuctl lna-eiila:' m"p.
iuly,i the¶ i tr'. linte ti m th me h tines C ii '.al
I ý.ratlucr ju..v..d i'.uu'a' n.ft I h.. I .n mh e ' se", ..
Ifucir iL.u.'.iii h:0 t .r'-pn etih inul... inie
rae.~c8 bat.! hlf e tpvr. ,.ui c. looen matde
her t6' b e' lcacl nh:rllciYaas prounnuoed thew
Soplrlrral, Incurabe.
?eN! N is t h'i'ic alr'tlon% whether from early
.ieo'et.ome. %,ntrr" l Fl'coua""r. rontlni o
. kici','. I.'-4 cf1 ti mulcod.l lyphlfllu abnl nil~et
eflretlt l ti nocuuttt t!tm lim g i Kn of
th. ticauiree of if.'. ltratedl Iiu~l 01reI afIte
ubslcc:,ta fall'te by Utt.crr jIt' I~ieh11u .V 1'0.".
lytltoiluD for ii or noicr..lll.1. ,iirr'.. It
ti''sll thn 'Iele.t of lo.n ft wortld aide. alnd
tiufy hivo lauriutt 11 a ll 'M-Isa r. i"
lP ()Ol, N Ilu'.r acer.em t ft ml:.luiel to
Wnr"^n. ha. s I. alt ft. mitt la,,', cc. ""1at
ra':cdllr need i the vrlnc,'pal a.. .it aLf. al i Ie
init! cuu' ii I.' ' in ,L. ri ve!
r ',, i-eL' ' , I. ' 0.11 i. gi a .ii 0:
r 1 l .c. r I' r~ a.t e vil luc, li., --' +f" by ti.
tu IIi ·' '" tr :. l: '..· "w tines w , tu u
1'sll r. l~ r d erl.nd la""n 11t r- rl by the
find it (·(l cll (·1t "., r,'Ow :'n· mln l t,· h rlllP·: hl
San slat , tie ,r *e b, ittr? a:,.' I a tmntmun
siren to cuccr vU r.. iot. a adi luh.i rie mel Am
pllirou Ifl J.1 Eli th 5.
Rogular VI:dts Monthly
LI~r Geta I"' I '«"a .''. L'n to.
At Uuroitio ,I the 2 th(
At L.tiiujllt'u on Lbt. 30
M ,olana Ilivis& "u 11 Main ~ttvr.t. Rebu..u
IN urt2'rn IUini'i'. n , a, I r. aI'wa). iuth
t i:y* 41t:laII.
YuSvtkrm I)rLo,.. 1'5l8 Iitb Malt, W'reet. I
Auwrlý«, t n1 hl rnioi
( r..a- e I it), a k·er l V a
Wet(.rn I'tVl,n'I--U-( 4 wryI Htlrt. 8m F rma
.I lO~. C III1 ..r,..
Iatcr' I'aatgaum-104 IUandoub IrmL. Ckahlwc
i 1U11 r ·1""u ,. tlr . / tetra+,r
·ILI RN It 1 .111!' I',.,
A ll, n lrY u: 1 m II r atI aw ·I·.
I11I N it I,1 AI 1.
hlt'rn, &n,1A ..nne~l I at I raw.
KJIi rrýsin,ý u all, n a o! r'~,z'I In t'a
tat., 1 `on In I.,l 1 , II "'
IN i l." l " i1, 111 fý V1 111( t,1h· ·1 1 1'r,11
1 11 "%a tue L R Il.,e 1'u Ar ulu 11aa\ler9
..FJ0 RS...
.* it. aae* r a ya:alnl. na. oltif.. V,. l a2 II
Juran, Joahn V. Joroulaa. 1 :onkln l. \\alloaa,
AI'a~ra .I 'le.iarbl'a.r, saal Loauie C I. Lalt., a -
Ii,z 'a.. I f aatn aa'.
Under tand by *,atna. of an rn1praaf ea'i v'Il
dictmaaa at 121 3l 2a,ea 2,1 wt ale a. Lnnai all a.' aa
u ia ., . aurt In a na 2 a PL * lal dltl n, t a ult a
itmln a f Montmaa. Ia sanld for tha. cuwatty of Laowai
eaalt (lark on ta.. a, 1.":a:" of ..al.t .aaa A. I)
lbJa, II. hila al,a,, cultallni achaaua whantein
I I ~n ý (hn 'It .',. '1d . 11 sc.lu1 rh oel
A"' . 0t, nxa'ne't r. at tl, laat wl., an 1 a..ta
taao:a a ,IaI',. ,ara".."1' a. a. t *eIa.y, I
uanuo i iasanaift , ublrined a jtidganont and doom.
uf luroclaaurai Sad ,, lua I l'aaL ,,. 4 . .. aaaae
.la.l , 'lnaa.a, 2200i Li a.. a,' "a.I',V Allaath
ft' iaa ona t.c, oat han I.·ll alF, 2! .. aaa' a Oil tiAe. I).
Ihg,. far the il of br a 1,.',. . a.aeidal lfiniarit.
a,,.,. ruaA 1t110,27 as tee.. wiarcia mSAW dhyrO.3 wan
11, "I air Ia? A. II laJ . ri
eardat In jaaaigmrat batk No . f fai Cat4 It
1in.Y . I mm caaatala'l I' ,."1a all aa nla . Carlaca
foa-, daa,' ar toar r'" oaf Isa I 6111 .'. lyug rs a:.I
1aa e,~ it, ,:tiln cau!.ly of Ia.ai. ma, 1 aort , .2 2'".. a
ul, Eaarn. sod , aunded and d)'crllua i u Iuliaas.
to a2 at.
Iil., oz I 2w.:alala, Ir 1:1 fe.at of jal. Lua:
b roal %,, 21 A.1 'f lot a aaan oal. -oua 'I,.mail
U'o", a, a'aai 22m2 'ontlio Ia f ,"t 2a.a4 or Ie..
a.f fha taas2 bi an n t' L L s1n11 1 l tnd aLaly La an
12.. 1 a': azaI darahi, Ila'r L I .ea ,, ni at!f ala lIse
Jaaaairlas eiaid bal tmiaara 1 ato a.1 a. 1a bli ak
nu,,aharol thirty' aao .+1. of IL, a i..uo'. o1l
tlian I' " ti,, City · of 1i'iia&. aa o1 t To. ja11aa.a. ar
I .0ta.' 22 a In fl a'.aaaa·· rae ll, a 21, rpa t'aaa, LaL al.a
Illar~vu ·' land Innlhr .inl Ili",n rt pnlll. ul trly
.a2loc1 dlna tlaaa, I ao-11 a ala.Ia ar·, .' al.u 5 iiat
anal.0. aali h1.I.. a! a'i2.ilane I a,., iaaaaa 2,2 ( toaaa
*aaatl af tha a a0tiae,.a' a nn . .~ af 1a.1 1't ia alaa
teai' Iaan t.. (a, nil Lla i n'aaalaraai llaa rt, Itlre
(Ira flaaaai al~aalh, '.Vnt p.'1;. Iala eaaa .niata
of Il;,aldanl 52212: 1 t11n 'ao rall .' .-tI 1a,.h12
* '. u20. ha ar. aap lata.2,2 o 'aa."n tha' W~aa,
in. in, I no af aid I , aanx sdUiitiaa thau,'
nal'. aiatag tld areah. Ia . .ltry Gil.:aaaaaaaa
dura a. I aartaat Ive (11'a faa. rI a ,, mn iIota, tl
Ilat 'a In of aatSisu sIt.'', ta'La t '4.1 anad 220
tlaa'i **I1 ibota 1.0 al 'nlaiIa,. l iaarty-lia 11,.1,
..Lab, '1a;1 222,0, a.0ad n~att, eji.' 'f sea a aully.
I.t,. naa' .aanlha S... fa.aa, aaraor
lean, Ia n Ipoiat oina I la faaot !" *aaM ao! Ik baa.atjh
at,, r,.rnhr oat Ial It. Itn 1aaabaat a twa' U.. 2 ataa'a
Iraara. n a lt,2 2.a211.,aa I .. ',at lalita
Iiuaa.. 1 'aata I. 2 alaa',I2.r I aa,.2 aaaaa I atiatreal
a.1 al, , raIralana t 2an 22142 .,a I. La:1 bin; i.aL ma,.
aiaMr'pvaa' .aa a lie arafl~a tlant IIalt .011anmaaaa,
AaaltIat. aaoaa aa'a ti In tha 0atl,.a f the coauaaty
P22222.,' of! rail 1 210'0 21 220.al an 2222'2', Matan
I a. "'' or Sala, ill ail 1 .i. ,.alnr 2,2 2 aaaaaaaaaalate
Ia . ., n1n. a 2, a I I , ; ' , an I. 'l. 22. 02l , 1.
al a1,.f2,', ,at ao,. ar
11.4. . 'f.. ., .. . ', 2 2a .- .I l .va.a a, ' . 17i
u.'.l.L'.11 .ia1 " t' nna'P . r.' . f . It. ol..,,
a'..' ta ' ,, 11-'7" n,tl lia, .22'a'2. towlla 22,2,2 '"
:.n1 a.', i a, n' ,) I aa !..a2 t22 heai~t Ladder. for
ci' i1tl 'it a1I . I I". ahea.L
I y I a i I 11 . 1 a. a~r ,2, aaa I
\Il ,' a:oil, 'Ioyia.arij .\ laluaa, 12 Sl:altllia A
I' 4 I x 1 i (Il Il t
]{F I , l ll I' ,ii, 1. 1 i n L ' , 1"ty i +
i c t inher 3y 1 1i , that t. . I a ir In at,,
'a' Llliin Q r III" Ic t., d s ti a ur lk
" 1 l r"' I n ~ ull nl p 1.0. ' a u 11r t+11 O IIA Y l| t l,
. ll an'1 l I i li t ai I l r 1i Il . aliu .
,I '.... I' " .o I , .i l l g. t 1 . .11 N,"i
I' ' 1 ;,w a ' d· 1 h All I ., l
I t ' l i I l as t ir 41 & , I I i'
i .II * lrla t av . n i i. 11o u.1 .u
1' I I. t i I, l n u i , I I L. Ill il 4 I'' IO
L I hIa, . ;r a ai m r .' It 1, I t i'
S1 . tglii'u rii a n lltl a Ifl '.1, I t l ., I
a'. , I 1 . ," l , 1i l .'1 "ha g "
. ' t1 1 e r' I ,t ' I I . l . i I t - 1
I I Il t t lw I b. a' I 114 i l . I.
l1 , r'sl,1i Y " u+ 'I I> ( 1 . L • 11 , ' t,
. I ' ' II. ,s ro i, . sto aI.'( n y t i u ,l i +
,I arerit,+L Iil ,i tsiur ciii ,-il.iy
I ,I . Us l I , ai .i, I tl,' igl a " . I. I
ii , i ' i I 'r n t . 1i1ul I I ,
a . t I "r - e II ,fI ,d ' a '
SI Ii '1 .Iaaw 'l a lti.'li-t IS ,r I 1 1 i lil. Ii
I ,a N'ub lla i I.an I, "I 1". X 1, .
All Holena know4
there is Fur knowl
edge and Fur honesty
as well, in all trans
actions at Eands Bros.
Tho values are quite
irnpossiblo to dupli
cate, and our now
stock of lur Capes
present'; attractions as
to novelty, unluiuo de
ei..is and superiority
oL rcgtard.1 (jua;ity of
1 ur, which renders it
in overy repeoct a fur
stock ul unrivalled
FALL 01' (89q.
'I his fall we out
dtrip all former
r.ffurt", in riee uring
Imported Novel
ties in all Iltl
latest 1(,lhs .a d(
in the Illost Styli::h . )
Tailor-M1adl Gar
ments. We have
ransacked the
princ.ipal Elro ean
and American
markets, and the
result is the
immense display
of new choice
C'lo;ak-, C'ap! s,
Coats and Ja:ckets, wi h (,x ites, tW!,( ;li(lation of
all who visit our (;rea' C'loak I 'or.
Take Elevator to Second Floor.
Handkerchief Sale.
Two Iluncred dozenr , tra;,:I:; " ,,clu in
SWh te Swiss Elmnbr(,iercd anl S c.dil!d I land
kerchiefs, purlcii- ed .t a :, per. t y low b tr
gain price, and wi!l be on ,::alt inh; ,cck at the un
heard of figure of 3 l.mnl.crcli f, for "ýc.
Another lot of S.." i ; and It ih ,l I i.,ilordered
hlandrkerchiefs, beh,n:.r:., to tie . I,
Stock will be sold this \\cc,: :it 2 ! indkerchiecf for 25c.
g5 dozen extra quality :;uperior finish, will be on
sale at the nominal pri c of 1c each.
A large lot of lrst :.nd Si,.is Emrod.red
Ilandkerchiefs of exception.ally tine grade. This
week only 25c each.
A full a.sortment of gnuine P'aint Lace Hand
kerchiefs from ~I'r.o ea;ch up to '-o each.
This is the biggcst Ila,,dkerclief Ikirgain Sale
ever held in Helcna.
GTo The East,
To the West,
To the Town
That You Like Best;
btehever way yonu drelde to to
e ssre tlit your ticket reands just so
The Great Transcontinntal oule.
Passengers Tackcted t)
St. Paul
New York, Philndelp' ,n,
Spokane, Portlan I,
Tacoma, San I ranci:c.
. t:m x r 1 1..l C r .e !. I',,c . '.." c .. . ".1 I '
*tr e *t LI ' <. I I 5:1 .·& o
sae. &1rraine.
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N 8. lA.u pr .. AIatAAl
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Y,,.'Al rhlr ' ºk.LA 1!i. \Mt1ltol, I r ".. 'A
IA IAAuIA 'l trIaIA) with Ili, A il.n rr.,h'A
Ai a' I a",+ A'. r>AiAAI IL NI.ar&, [).n:~.t, .I AA'
Int~d And L~ullulu.
For frtoIrpart j ·i JAr' l I iii. 1 VIA'rL nt
,''.call lit 'A wrAIA l,. ouri *'tf1' .
Electric BlIastiog Apparatus
Mn28c !HHrA ,rlud ,, or
Latiliii & I(iatl Vim0der Co.
29 MUiHAY S(., NEW YUh L
Noti% to Gold Aoner&
AwalgamaIed Platec
For 8avAnIn Gold in
Oartcl, Grave[ or Placer
Mii incs.
made of Bcat !olt Lako Cuper:w
At Reduced Prices.
Our rlrhtes r, msta ifin'e'd, an4
by tiir' pXl'i ru ,u 't
tlti 1 i ii w".Qlit el' a. vucr uA
du:S1 i::!y. Old 1. .ir* hi -
platic, Lvlul4t ur nui I ,o_)drdd.
T11oub~cF o ~cl Ut rill 1110'
San I'r;aiii~en o'nve'lty.o'"f , -Sil
Ill, 10 ant 2 I' Irt *L. 4 Aa t ran l1.s0, ('at.
Justinian Cairo, Agent,
bDiI mud :.AJ Market St.. S ia lIuuuAtg,
VI-Al 1,11 IN
U MN LF~t I U!I It (OP
Agent tfo I ' :: \ 1 'Rn C.\r.
I ,: A. . R 1?i JPACL1
14 cvrITIrr
III 111 1 1 I I .1 : I A r Iý 1 .. 1 A 1 1 rllA1
r or F b. 14 " I' 11 aJ
I Il . I'. 1 h ar. .L u f
,J u,,' .u,,Ii &IM L~L I'a~a tv' a las.a L4udh
a. 44. W.

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