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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 10, 1894, Morning, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83025308/1894-10-10/ed-1/seq-4/

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-:,t .w. a! r ar alt ryl .. l '
.,...,.rtt... ::v t - ure , i ani4 &MIeta4n
Mluuldk .0 II, y I." µ r
1.1 . , I .ru.. a,.. t, n" w:a aa'ja~e ..
:1.11 .a..l.n,aa r4,aa a:'tag
Uaaa..& ga , irl1' : a . ,.' "".r . .. /1 N
&!I ~ tt . A .S . b' UI.l. .a . S
'.INt A" ' " tI " <.r
1 w ,r" . lht ','.l di l *tt -'.t, : `r..a
.a , '" . I ii " '1 . " w l l,
¶I,~I'ra' ... ."
lI.-1. 1 . f u r' . r ' Iý
liii ý " 1 r p .m,'"
1. al1 t, n I (. !. 1!iPa* . 1~ " ir. nlOat1.
"t"1 iciary t"ill atlnt .1
Tki1: I)L 1i('( I t'1 lC NOMINEES.
I or ('n r m;!n
IjAL. '. ( i~ IrT
L. .1. 1.l
Fo t;r* * u'h 1 '
JA ,1Il1Y
ml I 1 1' 'I'
Ihr r:".
(Ai L..II
1', 1 "l L .
ror " :; t.'m. t -
1For I .iA :.-ir
Wr . I. ;, r. '? 1A
For G" T,tio ti
I .I. IA. ( .1'\ l I1
Frtint. ill 1',.
T' PI.".-1 YIO EI
itt; III: (fI %'ti+.
John E. P': null, ,f 3ltwý ''hugntt' ,
a (!ti vrat if ltro- ::nl,!. ' Ii ugh
heaten to - .irtS .,c f r g verri r I)y
01n iivera tot! ::r r*y i' ia. incr
fully at o;toJl I i 'i .1 if I.:: jititt t .
load tuimt ti'rn ti Il ywor in thir !.l!
to ntu in'n n their i arty r r,; t:u:: t,,
tn a i arnc In ugleof u.0 th it ,.f y r ar"
to ArIne. ''. I ti, i p ilh ft 4 p'' -
hnteh Mt. l1 .usI~e &~ri K C ic-vt
tbo canUi . n ,... 1 A, it* r~ u
8<bi:n : una tilt1, )
t i , tv . . - o rgtt. I
ft it r I rl, fr. f "n t --as of(
]~~j Iry* o , p t
fbt: r.* ` " r -
I,..........[ i o P a nl:
p ;.:, if M r ' : t .I t e i
it \t-w r * . p
b , i t 1 1 r .
eF tt' .... :.. n
av , r I .;~, "I f turyinra
r n
I - t tr y t lit
t* 1 * l.':' --ý :u a
ILi t : t:.
* r I .* ,
I *t- *t.. . . .'
r ir
I .. I
ri r
t riv I t t II rlui' l :ionthL r 'I I' M
.2 ! . 'I~l '%o 1 f. r t III ( I :2l rl 'r,
tl ,, r '. :,l I *:4i . 4 , *i :11 n I V, '
1 i. it 'r t. ,
i ln l , t" 'a . *'I:1;1 IN " l:
i * . I , . I , T Ii t' . n of t,
rIL In ,l f t.Ih alm ' j',,. .r It th i ~r ,~
1'. t! n liii Of hose n i, tf r , not
rii,, ti t tlr!ut, f t, na. I b i'rl tt
rle i ~ott t totis t,~1or1 ulti of 1;t hissuttortsl 1~r'.l
the s's rrujt, mdt t.oipt the te.mali; atitc If
iidt.)u.4 s pi or reaiching for this ruoue of
go\-iri miit, ondoarornng to ga m lsy
f',ros LIi~ fr~ioil that fur the pou ise~on
of w-ti,"h nu rimt d ar,tiinient ('111 to
tirgud ýs thero iii tlis fit) reaiuon call~sin
ft,r thua ra~ors of the juszt tha~t (jil % )il
guir,ir~ Nlsntuunt Ii (h erou in this notim
ing to t~u ;tiL to I lii Standatrd Ih mu ra
jpri.'tvi nof uO 6Piursu treiutiiuflt thudn
'j u titu r~dicilu7 1[ iw,'vuor the Stflfsn
;rI ion .odiursssv mtself, it canntnI ilociseiv
thu! 'I ;o 5 I Mm ntinn. 'I'hey knosoi full
svsl. t lu st)nti sdi' of the cnliitmml coin
toot thatl itt resist meausns itithor Ciin
tI5;,alI 11.5 ~.rri'. to t'o .itito' itS a fruit
lat.], sr L, .o rotors.'. Iho alppeaml of the
0 ~uohsiif Iluis'!ss t i tt o loyal wontn of
all pi-:o o! ti.. mitate is n nppssaI f-jr
'lii ri'. lis tl.;um f''r IIloinsi, nute
bofsmrt irs"y n iseLs is' - misi lnr.Iv wi
i'it5O is it tae if theo lind thamt catn bo
1;.\rin,la.Ii ur,.tir; it 4.rot'i L'.il1~ about
ti u c . *ll r vi v':i friun Ili. p Qii ! tI~o
Ir,' hr t" it ).ag d ino t herte. But
n"1 vvIy t04icoun ty ror~1 d 'iet ay .
tiI.......................t.1,tl up t
Ii iirri 101 tvro I. :: 1 ti ul d wn furi
ilfI'I tlt ,'K I c I' wting ity r i n ~
1' , .. . .. . . IfIIL"! . 4 (
..... .. ..... ... ti l.t' (I -1
1 1... 117.. Ii I!eg nd "^i.t
*v r.r . ~ k . :_' I ,uit.1 . J. 4
't I L ,,' 'j!' I
ii t r"I,', I i . 1:v ry f n~r .\ I l i f
11~ona ^ce tr irt )p l ritr l (boat K
*' l t i i' , .: It " . 1 l count I"It to
upir 1,0 Iii Now on th i ehe I' n
"'~ ~ V. It10f1 : N1 %"Z
I'. I r n ', I' I.,
* .. ' . It'.  ý f
'- .1. it r
''.0 r ýt. *rr i .
I u r 1 I . .
(" . 41'. . f I t
"4(': (~ L ý~ i T, n u , t1,to
weu.ei zaed %Irum. wO rilg~ lu iOobpii o 'limr.
IstII- .4r to ire Thil mtiiid yoiu bmw.
tekru si 1,.it o iuttl to this iI.Ioald~i ofI titr
ii'~a mat r,.IIy Ithink we are o the will
it na. 'Iwl~ hits ou *ir a n i .a telr
I. , I Int ot',I, r.to gt it otil Niu' be looA
tirt for itwcul4yi your t~it In a~un a Meal.
tl~o I lte n lllti -II l oti ,tun~I e there yi
Ii 4 t 1 i ell It"11 i oa I~t nt. I% he i~tse aint
itiio ant 1.a nt hiit II. in 'trmtii1 ha no
firiiaitit ittidoq~, .'r tht tio run iMitti Itti
d::mre tit S1Ia ilte Irlk 'It ld .if itft ith
wo ' t. n t.. 'i It iii ,ni It y iiu h alace'lt
1.''i aislit '*-irt with iit, \., t~c, 14, 51kfW
I * roIu' nun iite --i it huii~ll Li tiks~i
'II t. all tuuul jCt tin ., hr iatii ittt thju
ntwv iid itk w.Iriiuic~le. tilul tit cvtilyou
I1:el I oI.litJ i ithe A i '-ilitt --ating~el
clit' IuteIf Wi~lthertuntlt l tile wo 1okr
uat . 1.u ii 1* u , ~ ttu -.ttIItl
Itin- u.. Ii..em,,,, lliey Are Sient.
1' 't ' I: %,~r 1ra
Thi eoi'e..t for ithe permaneflnt locationl
of the Montana %tato. capital it.1 been
wa1 ed for *.ite nonths past. and up to
Id:.te no runis, no. shaiildow of an iriumont,
tins b. on advanced to prove that Helena is
not the p o er pise' for rash location. The
'*uctIwi hae ?uem rjpaatedly asked, the ad
vo~a'es who the real city 1i5,e been per
sist utly pressed to name on- {food and
stim-font reasoni why lbs temporary seat of
germ!tshont~l not be made. perms
urnt, tnt rio liliwor lime been fortbcominog
to this rcqirii . 'Ibhat is not the sly.s of
campaign desirAd by Aniaeondn, since It is
welknw that ;lo such reasoni evils, and
any ttlemi t to Jtsruse tbs protposition on
tLac ling would er~d in diestalone failure.
ihti" In Ivbor' Prue Friend
Thl, Anaernois Cnrper company poste ma
the Alao in, mnii's friond, bint what show
Itiia the lstbirer in the unequal cofltuti
which thn company wageel rnaines every
onterprise lbs sliortLanded men 'nay un
dertakr. Anyl ody' would pruvidu Intor
Iwhen it t n decliir.' an immense proftl
t, or, on. ut tari tray bonafiator is the mnito
or concj~n thIt helps labor to ndvauco to a
higzher ttate, to attain tndc:n'udenco
whoe a it will n. t be compelled to put to all
its deay at mainual labor.
Tri~np. )fatte Dldu'C %peak of.
I nout c tin wilt silenl uon tbe questnion
nod to w':ieL vutes defe~ated tlh 1o~attou ni
the univer~tIty in Missouuua in II4h11 after the
bll~ fu itn I'catiou bad passe: the senato
and Coro to the buuae. lis d&J nt teJ its
t::at that joerl.ti of the house eh'iWathe
names of John 1,' 'hole and A.; liemp
boA" !,~ Lot .ci: it tbat tin.. ill th't no At
wmttt of tbj Anc.conIax cownpan; ), repro
svntatvot friom Deer LoJgi co~nty. voting
:.jeswat tiji bill, wh~eht ins onIy defeated
b1 a majo Ity of two.
11t. itito
1 lii. quc ~nst~iin to be mottled as tuba:
".-hell tho Feat of government of Miontana
ba enrrondsrud to a nun-r sadunt corpora
tion which halt tairoad b at it corded in the,
Wit~t, court hoajoe ,tuo tflaz of i, u.4xOC
to tt~t I; ths'hilds and which at n..y time
aqi 1 i'icnt; I'te~y tito the ha 14 (t o the
fore ýn mitt: ftin~es ' I hero should be
no iliaht .i"; to tho ejiswer. To do.alt the
obereitar of tho e:,swer is to im I eaerl the
bou'aty anui iitelli~zmnca of the hro It.
At ci. ,tr .*.. '"tyin ..r tiupaign.
Ilistrect ott ntito from tt a main issee
by ridica,. In¢ the o' i ot~t:,n; eXC~t Gaston
n".tI . ,t"- t'y :tilr 'I[IiI upon ttii'i1 nary
r,.t- '. tr~r.t the 1,111,1c to ;zittqiue
II. c0a Ioi,.ot tor .tr , and
fo r. irriu. "tto nit -nt trs--tt~i- is tho
k i ,,t3e 5tt~ 4.f : tnni jntfl so fiT. and
we di, nit * ii-v u that the voters of NMon*
c. 1it. tarn r. Montant,
Sr:. i' ti i. fl ursehod for two ncd
I. n '',': irr., a litl w as r( It f tii
11".t 1IT. 'iot 1.4 DI nFtar r ut0 'unt'
, rict I ty n C Il?-d roudtry t' i I r
t ililln 1 t. 1. t of Mil'l ('I InI T ; will
tPt fv to II. Lt! ,t!:L' mnaz u. .rintana
- n * v . v t" :, ir 't 0 1.1 4 a r t, at Ct a
t I rI . 4.e I i' t .r . ' y de
* ' . t I r A4 * c' n ¶ti l.
P ,'40. jl .I't 4' h''i
tit ' -, I Il" h' e 1 'n 1yi
:4 0 a Im~r+ as art that
t . 1 n V It. ' v1 V ' 11, 1
I It . .t e ,. q , n a
t '. ' 'I v -f
. . "" ,t ,.to : 1
I 1 o4r
r 1 rt >' . 1, 1 r
f '. 111, AIl
1 r r 1 I 1 'I* !;el lrat,
r .. t thS,.
1, t, r u tit ,:
1 I y . 1 ^
tn.. I. .
()I 'lltrtay c.1 % III sell at I uI'lic ,\u ction at
I .toolTII, coI'liCI I'LIrk a\'ttt'nu Intlt
I 'k.1 ,b sltreflt, tilt cthtSct of the
I.:, l 'crg houadnunr, tic
,(.t'ctI , collniistIni . ill pal t of
t1l;fl4, ('u.1ki11 .In~L I Ic t~l
"01 ('Sc Ii IUoId;lý,aii hoth' lunI.
N.LIC \\ :;It ( iiiulcflC( c 11 onlljtly
at .2 c!u. k p). in.
L'ub1ic :\dlnnuis't 1ator.
Ila dle I I xoluaiveJh by
line removal hie hbuinneo from under the Mon
tana N,.tiuual ihauk to the htol llIe1&n f irst
clea bathin to enncrtton with the barber whop.
kormer patrons arm iavited to call at the pew
Wil Rornovo to 21D N. Rodney
aftc Thursiuy, Oc.ol or 4.
!,.f5') Tron Mountait, it tota; option se
cared tor one woek:; sbippiug carload con
centrates daily. hest purchase in the
Usaid Batte-1,1.10 and 150 shares.
Combination. WANtpaborg.
bonthern Cross at a low tgure.
26 and 27 Bailey Block.
Montana Press C~ippinm Bureau,
C'1IA'. A) GuiEF;NIELr. MiANA(;F3.
Eelot. - - . - omtamu i
FOR WHOM? nflnrn'.iem*n
b tarn iiit. iI:i r~nt, , I, 'VS'It to, goit [email protected]%
It1up l' hoji..q, tl "; wt,:,t 'a~rliest news of
ii i " r..7Iu tLs: watt Sdite.b0U of
Tbe Amen cvicn I i'w ii .tll C 1.
'" ,'S :. r .I
At c B uIe'1ýi BOTTLED
A L , 1a'e FK~jt DEERS.
L;riuwti rv att St I.' II":r
Oppenheiner & Asch,+
LUIl I PfII-F f 0' rAr
A, nI Ci 4 ' 1
lieleua BooK
Stationiery Co.
Th'n p'cijpe of ultr (ity well unn
dhr ltan1 t tut wvo siafi ohifxz. W/
b1ivo 1i: IIy dvldallt uM of thizz, un't
nrýr'l'.OOLVlj if ifly tfaSlnloniiall8
S: o i 1 iO ! e +n, I t u c nl ulm81i and pro
: u i 11 inr Of 1l lr n
iii'.' iti1 t!;i~t t uiuilner3 of!
1"n 1ll 11 t01 11. ''tw eozi rt. Paiul
n ut tfiu vii.', anti cu~oalt tty ill
1- init .u:~ r fer ~Vlttk the lflkfUnu
*: ý 0 1tiL :1 tetl' BrOic I mal
ci I 1l 1 t 1 ~r I IITt 1 , L ty (ill'8
L1 u`'V lu it p' i ti ,tif "~ dt10.MIIS
\4'n 11iit Il ui it ,00 Ioxei of
1.. . .1 : tile) Oil 1, alli (t v - i uf' o
lr T if" 1 ;un t .0'C, or oni'oru~p2,.
on :ý all '".".l t~ilt til1fli oil Saclo
th11: 1 iooi1 ii ii t 1 c per box~
't'hror aro only !UJ bov.oz: left, un~i
ito nut xutIio thle olpurtUflity to
LU vinear4ly.
We hvo a large ns~ortmnent of
IH:ink i ccks uiil save you fronm
to i) 10 er cent on l rico..
Letter Copying Books.
Havo you ever used the I xten
ssoa Index Copying Poo <s' We
have them in the bet pipers and
all s.zes.
Butterick Patterns.
It is neodloss for us to say that
they are the best patterns made,
alwayA up to date and leading in
styles Catalojuo for the asking.
Only a f2w left Clos:n] out at
Mail orders solicited.
Helena Book &
Stationery Co.
G~To the East,
© T the West,
That You Like Best;
--BUT- --
Whichever way you dreldo to to
Be sure that your ticket reads just @so
The Gfeat 116" rJsh iti oIt Route.
Passengeza Ti cketed t0
St. Paul Chicago,
New Yrnk, Phila de'pfia
W'tnnipe r~
Spokarrc, Potand,
Taroz'na, :an F ranrisco.
I NDi ALl. I'OiST, N4IfTU, &ot'rti,
t* n i l..! Its I L''a t l I n1 reL 1 .q oal l e
, a te, a ,nu " . I cl ' t /rpad a
'1.1 '~I ý r ''Ap "
' n4 .ir , 4
. I 1 tý. I r "I I, r'~
-, I '"t I '''I" . S.t I V.' It "n'I; I'
I I. r In;. .IC ' ,~ I' Tlr,. ~ i ,r
'S vs " Ii L AJnne. D.'' L C~te, lo.'
*it 1':fu. -
I'. U 111 '5? Al I I ~ "
t I ~~~It: ^,cep,
k Ii F" n i A'I
,",Iý , i , I ý. 1
.part *u,t S .5
14 CITIES-.ý
In shr I r') . ' nst I°. 7. I n 2tt ,si5ti. si
r,. kI ' ýýý1 N l Ii. t. he l... 19rrh t n 1
7st tfli"t~isltg budi :'L I stt I., " hrrs uuIutLA
of u.ttw.
F irs t J\ational Barnk
IlkIb,l:NA. M(JNV1AN t
Paid Up Capitaa.....". $5cW1,000
Surpluai Uzitd Pcotlt u.... t$fM)O,OO
De.)ouizate I Depoaitory i.1 la
de~pu~.it b .u. fur nut.
P. T. IIAIINFII . .. 1rouileut
El. W. KNIuII I' Houu 1 ViL,.-l'ro.ideuiL
I. It. KL"k.I NN('IIM I t . I *ahit
(ikMU. Hi. HILL ......... Leelsiat leebier
llnunc re.
N.I.linen., 1', M. Ila1e,
IW. 4a~h. .I~~mgg A. *alb~tt.
A. J I *yp", !S V. lhuigt..
J. t.:. I. urin. ('~,zrad Kuhr.,
Iluo.j kioum.
A S.nelelte hanke.
First National hank. fis..uta.
ku1rt:at Oiunai baenk, Butte.
MrC Karts Natiornal
Pa~d in Capital $ 350,000
Surplus and Und vi :cJ Profivs 1 1O,(J00
L.. a. IlPk~itBHPI.lI)............Presldent
A. J fLAVII'SbN..........Visa. oideadem
AARON h'IujllVA~tt;Ll..............Ca.tilr
T. P. IIOWIAN ..... ... ......Aust. (a.&iou
tutarost allowed on .Iel.o" it% mad. I.. a Beech.
Led ti~n.
i1ran.t.r. of morn., mai la 1. teiogaapb.
I sni~ango sold uun t h" pil~..i~aI cities Of th
lUnind btstot a00 kur..ie
Iie.u fot 'rent at t"'iri',1 ratas tO oaf r
rat burglar hintr g1 .qt . .. ,."'a,
___an JNatio a
TIIOP. A. ML!ILWW...............F~r~eediot
UHOIT. I.. Itc(,OI A luU.. Vi..a. YPrel leat
ALBYHT L. P4MlTH............ Va.I.I
K. B. WhiLAJCK...............~ t. t agalag
Thai. A. Marlow. H. V. Ga!.a.
jhLn .I3Murphy, I'.tr I areon.
it. . s~nfti. Henry I rat uLA.L
I)1vid A. (ott. IL (-V. L s
JiermSS ('ama. A 11. Whldrr.
li.b~ol Im uaieal. (C. J. Mo'tama,%
IL S. Ford.
General IlaakIn, l: ,ea,,s. Tr:.nacte.L.
No. 4408.
The J1eIena Nlational
CAPITAL $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking Busi
E. D. 1 DBERTON....-.............. President
c. K. ( O1E............ .......... Vice-President
(,EU. Y. 4 OE ....................4 aqhier
JNO. W. I.UKt ............... Asistant Cashier
Colletions a specialty. Interest paid on
time deposits Accounts of Tanks. Corpea
hton, thirms and Individuals solicited.
Fastern Cerrespeadents.
Merrantile National fank ........ No wYork
tt. Dearborn National Bank.... ......hiesso
tomnuercal National (lank ........... Ehicage
Merchanta loana A rust o a........... 'hia
Mrrelants National bank.............. t. Lou q
it. Iaul National lank .................rt. Paul
Incorporated under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
T1. ,MAq CRUStE..... .........Presideat
lIIANK II. CRUSE .. Vrre-ndes
WM. J. (:OOK..... Amat. Treas. and boeret'ry
WM. J. UWEt.Nt.Y............Treasrear
Trne. s*e
7Thoma Crye*, !rank N. Crusa.
Wm. J. Cooke Wm. J bwse.a'.
John I ag:a.
A Ilowa 4 per rent lnterest on swingu DIt obitt,
rompou'ded Januiary and Jul,.
I rensacts a aleboral luankoh' business. Drawa
excra.nige on all prin-ipal citiis of the United
t ise and Karopa.
Ilsle in all ceunty sad eity bonds, sad makes
Ian.s on real estate mortgages.
(flice boars from 1o a a to I p. a Alto on
Saturday arn Mogua, evoneIgs from 7 to S
---TIll. -
A mericar\ J\IatiornaI
1'. (. 1 "Wri PI . .. h'rridient
A. J t~h,11h(,M4N . Vkn"Pr'r.1,Wit
A. C J If NnON .. .aahko
'I* ('. 1:, iri. A .1. Selijgman.
A. C J iiun.n Ii lsrln L.uolas
"Ia la ijl lvan.
in. i.ra,t ~iiI pai caw 'I rio 1i1iie1f P tarh ai
nniadaal. I ir'.i Irinnhr .'! jlpty i ads
hI(. f n 1 iity htr FIt" .' uL'iuhilO t ught
anti ,, dl
W Ill Lanigo lh'r *ctir'dnl an n
Daily 4-Horse Coaches
( irP'at. [a Ik 7I Ii Leivisto~wi
Nekm Im tit p '1i). COno Day.
Vial I *&t, A rmn1r'jt'~n I urn. (i'ny~er,
UL.ktftuni. .tlaiiiiitl Utiau
aw S iji 1,..
'I r rtlfl.. 'I' '"n .1r1, wi'rtrlvtflfor
tz.e ltr''i.t Min i~tt 1 Cuzimp-t of
IiIt [~dge, Spntteid Horse and MIaiden,
"'totn rtrd"Ie o1 hr Flume" Cuxiors
I i /1 ~f
I meaI t un~lu ouoa
tn nII.
I i i ullt, Chtmijitl to P'aeth:IuuyrS
acid e~ljniO3i
J. J. DAVlkS, SuporlutLoLsLeu~

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