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October and November
Standard W iskies.
Wholira's Pletal
F'r Proof Ual. l'er lal
M. V. Monir h, elr.ng
1P8) ................... x) 9.25
Nolo i, sprirg 1880........ 4.21 4.50
Old Crow, spring 188.... 4.25 4.50
Hlerm;tate, spring 188l.. 4.25 4.30
Guckenhelmer Rye, spring
1888 .................... 4.25 4.50
W. H. McBrayer, sprin
1887 .................... 3.50 4.00
Bond & Lillarl, spring
1887 .................. 3.50 4.00
M. V. Monarch, spring
1887 .............. .. . 3.50 4.00
J. E. Popper, spring 1887. 3.50 4.00
Old Molirayer, spring 1800 2.25 2.10
Woodford Bourbon, spring
1892 ................ 2.00 2.25
We also have in Lourville. Kr., free bonded
warehouss 10 bble Old Taylor, siriLng i1l, which
we will sell is 5 bbi. lota certifiests all tree from
any storage and taem, at $200 per proof gallon.
Also 50 bble. J. IL MaoBray. sorin 18021 i
U. . bonded warehouse, in I bbL lota COo per
The following wines, in bulk, at
quotations as follows:
Wholesale litai
Pr UL. Per Gal
Port, Sherry, Angelica and
Muscat ...............$1.25 $1.50
California Claret, 5 years
old .................... .73 100
Cslifornia Zlnflndel, 8
years old............... LO0 L25
Holland Gin ............. 2.25 2.50
California Brandy........ 2.25 2.0
French Cognao ......... 2.75 3.00
Jamaira Rum........... 2.25 250
New England hum....... 2.23 2.50
Blackberry Brandy....... 1.50 L75
I. L. Israel & Co.
Pause in your down
to %n career and spend a
fe', minutes at Schreiner's
Their Big
Removal Sale
Is Not a
One Day's
I ut a straight, out-and
out, bona lide sale until
the goods are gone.
Tell your neighbors.
Hl ing your friends, and
Come yourself.
Cor ith nnt Main.
Trlolhono 41.
lib •
The People of Livingston Show This
by Their Immense Helena
Joint Dubate in Which the Argu
ment. Were All on the
One 81id
Cosedate Adds Its Voloe to Those Who
Are Opposed to o111ing the Capital
t Hagall n aI.
Special to The lads.oadetL
Lrvtinrcro. Oct. 1B.-Matters have been
renollg anythiag bat smooth for Ameoanda
boos at end paid shoaters Ia Livingaton
for the pant few daIe. Cltllsne ot all
--elase are bn eelom asresd and whea the
fGal vote Is takes tie oity sad the scoaty
at large will show that the votie are on
puareheale by the As esida em;SaY.
Lite tle afteaom* a j )lat dleuaselon
was arranged oS take plaeo Is leorsla's
opera heme I the evesnlag Geo. Hallots
sad Hwasrd Yoekel, el. imial lawleys o
Iat., to represent Asnaenda, sad the Roe.
T. . H Cater of Helesn, sad E-iMagor
Tleuot. of Liviageton, to take ep the
gauntlet for Heles. I be oper Lhouse was
well dil.l this svlagl to listae to the
speakers. Mr. Haldors started the siga
moa*, it argemeot it nlght be celled, for
the copper elty, bet owlag to a sore threat
he talked but a short time, advaselam ab.
:olstely so argemeot bIt appeallg to
prejadlo sad rtteklag the pooeer "Helena
After Mr. Ha'lor0 eame Mr. Tat sett, who
prefacld his opeak by laying that he de.
aired to mike a few remarks, Mot as the
paid rmprelsntativ of any espiti eemmit.
te,. bat aso a sltsem of Livlispoa sad Park
consty, ed to give a ftw reascos from a
Livingsotne standpoint why the eop1al
bouild remain at Holnesa Re then pro
doee sand read the following addroes to
the people of Livingston and Park oses tly
The undeosigned reeldents ef Park
counly, realse that the "*atest for the
leeltles of the state epial is nat merely
a Iseee betweea Reesa sad Adaensda.
but betwsn all the people of the state of
Mantana on one hand sad the Aneaida
Mislag empoan, a forelita eOlera
tenl. I the oether We are
soafrontei by the feet that the
sntimenat of the people of Park sonaty Is
being misseproeeted at boee and abroad
be a slbelsed prose and paid Indivldales.
We sre emphatlally of the opltina that I1
Ia the deay oe all gillens from oew to the
evenaing of the dey of looetes to asem their
ntmeat sendeaveres to lrevenlt the eane -
motion of a threateaed eOtrap upo ea r
slves and ear peoterity, and we adept tale
merhed of urlgng overy patitleo resldeal
to anite sIa a semselr pseent to deytl
the prposes otf Iorper.elsi who t1a11m
ha. been dad now is that the steadard of
morality In Moolas Is so low that the
question of looallng the seat of state gev
-ramoua by the sautrages of its elinelss has
simply become a csek prepoeltlon.
We remeat the imputation as an lnfamous
libel on the bo oesy of oar follow men. We
do not believe that the free people of a
peerles state will deliberately shsokle
themelves to a cosliton of abject olavery
at the bidding of on allea-owaed corpora
lion, when they psase to think tha1t sup
their aso1 now bangs their future happlinea
and well being a.1 the fIte of this oom
monweailtbh. 'he danger that menssaoes our
reedom hnnot be overeetimated. We are
brought into daily olaltae with bhe glaring
evldoenes of a oorruptin( laflIenee that is
being uaoe to detroy tibe otaº's laIdepend
nse. The paidJ ag nt of the foreiga mon.
red power that Is direstilg the esmpaiga In
the Interet of the Anaoouda company are
seeking by every ensuing device to array
one part of the state laglust santher by ap
pealing to the projadliee of the people. and
to distrael attendei from the real la-se
whleh is oonstaind It the qestolln whether
it ls bettle to ploes the os ptal where it will
be under Ith eotlrol of the people, or
whether it is better and safer to head over
the funoetons of state goverameal to the
absolute distatien of a fererla corporation.
Iielleving it to be the duty of every
ptrlton and lover of liberty to take no un
certain stand on this qaeslton, we appal
to bsi people of Plark coany to show by
,ulsr ateons now sad br their votes on
Nov. 6 that at all time., end partlelusrly In
bhii emrmasocy. th y ttaud loyal to these
prinolples for which the Immortal Walb
inglon fonoht and op n which was founds t
Ie reatrest not on upon earth-the U t d
Htvt a of America.
'The eoroios oarneltnesl with which the
imn ter was taken up and pasused poa
Ieaves no room for doubt that thi great
majority of the voters of Part county will
te found trrayed aisleut the glant minilg
,rr;orratio on eleetlon day. Mr. aleoth
xapislned that oltisels here hba been mis
represented by the press of this city and by
one of the losal orator, who had recently
made a speech In Great Falls, represeatta g
to the people of that city that Llvisgston
and Park coalty seat words of good cheer
for Aosoenda to the peeple of Great Fails.
HI said that the very appolite was tree,
and that the people of this section would
hereafter asert their manhood and proe
claim to the altizens of the entire state
bow they stood on the vital question of the
locntion of the permaneat lest of govern
Hon. Thbs. H. Carter, of Helena, fol
Iowed with an able rguament In defense of
Hlelena's a ime, and anihed by rroporld
Ing a number of questions to the speaker
who was to follow, all of which Mr. Pse.
ebel. of ltite, who oloseJ the speaking for
Anaseonda, utter. Ignored and made no
pretense of answering. The questions
Is it not tr~e that the Anaconda Miling
corniany has defrauded the revenuee of
NHlver low county and the state of Mon
taon by falling to file a statement of its
groes output ed Ilienels and aet pro
ceed. at all time prior to W1l:.
le it not true thast he Anaconda oampany
haL defreaded the revenues of Deer Ledge
couaty and the state by fraudulently ob
Itlntng through the commistolunere of D)emr
Lodge soonty an under-varluatio of 8,000
acres of land owned by the company, for
ladivldeale acting asme its test*, ser
rounding the toweeite of Anaconda.
Is is not ten that the company or those
meting for it have f anlutlently proonrel
the asossrmelt for sati of abot ,abot ,000
arres of land serrounding Anconeda at a
frnetlom over $1.2. per serP, while land of
slmillr ehreerser In Deer ledge county far
remote from any townsite aid va eable
onlm for reash upepoee have been asseemed
at from $10 to $.0 per aore.
Is it aol trele Lth Jsamse . Ilaglln and
other partise ilatregted Is the Aaleeada
olpampar "eoperaled with the hobeams
kinge of Nevada Ia preen, lag absolute eoa
l a eover the government of that state.
Ie it not also t as that bthe power over that
state and its effrte was ezereleed witheut
regard to the pnblto's Intereste. for the pit
vate gaine of the eomblnatlon, util the
astso became am emnsoalated. Lumlllated
and rottm heroeghb.
Iso t not true that She prianlpal owane of
the Amseoada compelr, aow seeking to
.omtrol Montana, were and ae thle chief
n oaere sad the domuatming foroo in the
flemoetake In Routh Dakots.
Ie It not aleo true that the HIomestake
(Ounsototion romoear procured control of
the b1lak Hill easotry under the false
proetee thet they were the friends of the
laboring man, and that after seaorimap on
trol of the eoltleell, finanIeal and 1l
duetrlal situation they emplored their e.c
quaied power to reduoes their wager to $3t.0
per day. and to filh from citizens their
property rights without due praoese of law
or ijlst compensation.
Why does the Assoonda compeny pro
pe the espeadituere f $1,000,W0J In this
eampaign to secure the sravitl of the state,
unle it be to scuere dietatorial coat cL
over the executlve, leltelatlve and judicial
dpoertmeots of the iovernment.
le It not true that the Anaconda Mimlai
comlpan parc from , oaents to I1 per day
Iees te Ite emplore than to paid to weork
men for the um hkind of servioe at the elty
of uatt., only tweot, miles distant.
Why should these people Inoeavanlenos
themselves and their iosterlty by removing
the capital of the etate from a point 10 mile
distant from the senter of poeplation. at the
aonstlea of the two great transoontimental
railways painalg brough the state, where
the average itizen controls and may assert
his rights, to a point near the Idaho line,
at the sad of a stab railroad and an eeo
twith, where a sgadel mintig eorpPoratrio
di.l.Jnste and controls the entire citsatlon.
The Helea. Fpoeaker Meet With as Em.
thbnslutle Rooeptles.
peanial to The Ia.lseaden.
LlVrnuarTO. O1t. 18. -The busy pros.
pereus village of Cokodale gave the Helens
speakers a meet eathulestlo receptios to
lIghL. There was a brilliant display of
Irewerks and the boa tr welesme to the
pakeors wa farther attested by the exple
alos of glnt bombs. The Cokedale head
iL lts brilliant uniform dtNsssrsed most
szoellet muslle, givian proof that
though one of the ounlgest maries orgesa
Isatlons in the state it would speedily tak
rak among the Arste. As the hall the
speakers were met by a committee of
twelve of the most prominont cliolties o
the plce ad eesctrted to the rostrum. The
hall, whlkh was beatifully decorated, was
p.oked to overfowing, man, of the ladles
of Cokedale grasing the oeuesron by their
Hen. W. K Celloe was the grst speaker.
Ho said he would net iteult the ntellltgen
of the sundiene by showing why the eapi
tal should be retained at Helena, bat he
oeuld undertake to demonstrate why it
would be the msddet folly to turn over the
state government to a ingle cerporstles.
He was followed by Hon. J. N. Clemoats,
who In a ane, powerful and forcible
peoek showed onolusively the holloowaes
of Anasonda's olaim that she was
the wide earners' friend. He strongly ad
vised all wae earners not to tut their tr.et
in promises mae by the agents of power
fulat eorporatisas, whisl time and aga.n
had orelly betrayed them.
The melnag .treq.1uely appla•ed the
spikers and Cokedale may safely be plaed
In'the Helens column by as overwhelming
majority. The maendlin club was enjoyed
hr the appresative muse lovnlag portio of
the aultenose.
After the meeting elosed the elab played a
few eumbers, so that the younger portion
of the audilean might trip the light fan
tastle too. It was a matter of mutual re
gret that owlang to he eztreme fatigue of
the elua', it haeing placed for the meating
at Horr to-day, sod also having to return
to Livingston to-night, the daneo had to be
cut short.
U. De.ies That His Men Are Reaing teal
t. Mosemse.
The followlng spesela dispatch from Chl
eago wa publi.hed Ia the Evenlag Telo
gram yesterdry:
-.mcaoo, Oat. 18. - For oveal waeks
Plskertos detltives have boeo leaving
Chlcago in small squads of two to ouar
slah, sad a epelatiao has been rife among
those who have knows of it to what lis
their mission and to what seoton of the
osoltri thle are bound. To-doe it devel.
oped that they are going to Montana to
work In the latensse of town alltted Aum
conda. it being made stood that an eoort is
betag made to change the eapital of Mon
tana from its prsenat natone to Asmeonds.
These men are all trained detetlives, and
are understeod to have a~ oel lnetrlctions
to work partlselhrly among laborting me.
W. A. Piankrton. head of the detective
agemey which bears his name, arilved in
iaelona esterday. lie was soes last night
by an I|nraEnnT rerorter, but all efforts
to got from him any confirmation as to the
fasts in the dlerstab from Chitese were
nwless. In Ilasglge more emphatle than
elegat hbe denied that there was any trath
Ia the storl.
Mr. Plakerton announeed his desire, in
cas he coald find the writler. "to pit in
his eye." He said be was on his way to
Portland and would le0ve thi morning.
The Rtlere of Servla and Germany Meet
at PItodam.
I'OTIDor . Oct. 18.-Aleosnder, kinl of
ervia, arrived here last evening from Anada
1'Pstb on a vilst to Emperor William.
Great preparations had beeoon made for his
reception. and It was generally understood
that his visit had Iollttel allgaslfance.
The railway station was beautsfoulr deor
ated and a guard of honor was drawn up
on bth platform. The party whish roeelrv~l
the young king was a brillieat one. The
emreror greeted the young king most core
dially, and after an inspectlo uof the guard
of honor their Irajeltiel drove to the pal
a.e, escorted by the guards. A grand gala
dinmer was given at ailbt at the new
The HIarllgeonm Is All Righ6t
fT. 'trr., (eot. 1 --With r4f1renae to the
report that the liarlington will not be able
to run its first train ihrrngh to Iillinge on
()at. 24, a lIntended. owing to a hiteh in
rperfe.ing the lramo agroemeut with the
Nertheun aclbfio. (teneral Manager K-*n
dricke of the latter sail he had no idea
where such a repolrt could have orlginated.
In far as he was awarl tberr was no troubli
and he epsects the nagretemnt to be carried
I'E IN A .1l
M. F. Lynrb, of Elkhorn. Is in tbh oily.
Mrs. John Ftedmnan. rnoom isteeter of the
O. F. N.. left Yeserdaytft or Piblipsburg to
install the nfnloit of the mew euburiluate
healper at that plaee.
I't. Lamberi. of tbe ('117 lttE store. i.
reeelvile *ott'atttl ltirse from hill mtl
Irteede. The ceses Is the Arrival of a
boumelmi boy at hi. bhtue
Ntzfene Merer, one of the proprietors of
(bb (Icr l)rl store, started yesterday on a
bulsnee. at p through sealtrn tMontrS aud
o werk for Helena- for-the-Cp tliaL
Johon Hrrom. eandljete for Ibe leglele
lure on tLs repoblicans tiLket, had a vIltur
to his liy borne un Warren etreet, Wednes
day, in the person of a little daugbter.
His Physicians Have Given Up the
Idea of Taken Him to
The Feeling I. That the End May
Be Ixpeoted Any
Relatives are Itarryleg to the Iedlideo o
the bring EImper.r Fron, AIl
Over Europe.
BT. PTrr nran, . Oct. 1e.--It is announoed
that the condition of the ezar has percepti
bly oabaned for the worse. 1 he symptoms
of general debility and weakness of the
heart are moon pronouned. It is alo an
ooaneed that the zeia's pbhysieans have
given up the ida of having him takes to
Cerfe. Orend lDeke Zronalus and Pal,.
oothbor of the czar, started for Lividla tS*
day. An emfial dispatch Lldloatin she sad
des gravity of the sals's sondtttIe wee seat
to Darmstadt yesterday, and a reply re
solved today sayntr the grand duake of
Base-L)armlstdt. and the grand dokhese
of Ufrtle., his sister, had started for St.
Ptetesbars. The ews freeo Livilta
eused co~sternato In to St. Petersebrg and
thNre is a agenral feeling that the sad may
be espseted any day. Ceonsequntly great
eualty is zperiensed regardill the eones
qaenee of the ezar's eadden demias.
Te fleamous Pere Ivan, of Cronstadt,
othewise knows as Holy John. who is
universally revered by the Resioan people
sad who ls often sadled to the bedside of
persons dangerously il to pray for their re
Neery. has started to Lividla to pray for
Sthe #sen5w at nla.
A bulletI leasne at seven o'elook to.
light states thee Is so sange In tbe eon.
dllsI of the etao .
B.us. Oat I1.--The Cologne Gaette
a a dlspatsb from St. Petersburg stailng
that the eau ypparsO to be dylag. All
s.mhers of Ithe mperial family are an
r ot to his bedside. It to repoted that
flir the roeseien of the Prlasses AliZ,
the earowl.k's betrothed, late the orsho
des bhreb. a quis wedding will follow.
The-arriase will take ples befite Nov.
0, as which day the great faste of the
ohbis begins. The dnal appointment of
the esarewiteb as regent is hourly expeeted.
Is is persistently stated that Poble*
dou.sd resiged the preesratorebie
oI tIe hely synod a week ago but that his
rsealgastln wee not seiepted.
Pins. Oet. I-The statemet that the
sea-dltle of the osur he hanged ames
pedsdly * the werse is confirmed by news
to.l af, t wohih has resJhed this ity.
The rend dike Vladimie, olest brother
of tsezar, and the grand duke Alens, the
1R a high edaTiral. ested brethe of
t r, leave Perts fer l. Psersberg to
Loxnow. Ot. 18.-The atuiety regarding
the health of the cser was increased to-day
by a dispatch from iL Pstereberg distiset
ly sameasnlag that the condition of the
esar be peoptibly cheased for the worse.
The o.fel meseonger at SL Poeterhor on
Tuosday, is a special edition. .ablisled
the following bulletin, signed be Prof.
Loydln. Beahalsi., Peop! and Benjamlnog,
physilees In ,atteladace on the esar:
"After Ilesltltlou we id that the disease
of lbe kidneys shows so improvement. His
mesiy's strength has diminished. bit the
physiciales In attendace heos the climate
at the soath eost of ecrims will base a
benefielal teelt upe the health of the
A correspoadent of the British Mediesl
Journal, telegraphing P frm Lividls,
arys be has Ine two of the esar's
pbysiless. The sorropoendent adds
There ls io les eanes for anoiety than a
fortnight sance, although the sear ealero
lose from vomiting and headaohe. His
imsediate removal from Livldia would be
beneficial I one sense. but the Larl's week
Snes increase .
)olby Reaehes That laseltunten Under a
(laard of Militia.
Cornt.U'~u 0., Oct. 18.-Jasper Dolby, the
negro sentenced at Washington Courthouse
to twenty years imprlsonment for oriminal
assault on Mrs. Mary E. Boyd, an elderly
whit. woman, was landed In the
penitentiary at seven o'elook this
morning. He was escorted by Pherif Cook
and Deputy Boleck, and eaoompaled on
the train by troops. The prisoner was
taken from the train at I)ennison evenue,
and walked to the prison. The military
remained Im the ears and were carried to
the union station.
Just before the troop left the death of
O. V. Johnson, or "Mao" Johnson. was as
mononed: making three dead. He lived at
Kyles. Intler ooanty. Frank NIderkonee,
aged 70. bshot n the leg, and etferins am
patalien eannot survive. He was the only
prominent citizen Injured. Theodore Am
merman, aged 22, at last saeonatells still
Ina oritllio eodlldtiu.
The Ivre Beard of I)treeters Cheose
Without Oppoeltilo.
Nrw Yoax, Ooa. 18. --At the anaal meet
top of the Northern l'aolOo railroad atook
bodere to-day, the lvas board of dlreeters
was eleeted without oppoctlloa: A. llelmoak
1i. I.. lBnettl J. Horaee Harding, Mar
cell, liHartle.. E. C. liaggier. ('iyle heae.
Itertnard MoaKar, Hl. S. Redmond, William
C. Ilogers W. F. Panders. Joan E.
hearles, Wilfred tSmith, and (herie
manle Tower, Jr. The now members
are Iosrneto. Helglepr. Iladwed, Rogers,
Hearlee and Tower, who take the plaies of
Ando sen. Ilarney. 11all. LivingteSa sad
l'lSten. The total vote frar he tieket was
I he anInal report of lhe Northera Peolle
railway for the per eadeld June 30,
I,1t1 ahowe lole earnilus $17.
W: n731; operating elpaenesl 1.l:lliin;65,
nlil nearalagal $4.M521; lchareu for reolall.
mtoerest, taO,. $11,915,IE : dohele, $.l1.3,00(.
Anlther Hti Itattle Reported.
1 l-r Tnam. Oet, 1H. -A dispath from
l'fir Arthur dated ()t. 10 ilates that the
JapIanese have abandoned Thornton Ilaven
aii1 proceeded to ling Yang inlet, which
thrre r. at ionly folrlllfng. li is Oepotted
in ative iolrcles here that a areal battle
had been foubgh I etween the ('illnes and
thel Jiapanee foree., on the North Yalu
river, on Monday. ticl. 15 No detail. are
obtainable. 'Ie (Chinese autholitle la·rm
nolt to hllve any hkowledge of each a battle.
1w. Solidesm and so Wedi4ng.
err ClIrr, Long leland. ()et. I.- 'rho
hodedi of }Elliott L. T'ius aged 2. and
Mary B. Dai, aged 211 were foued In the
plSrate bath bones belogllng to the irl'se
fathlr late last nlght. Ilhu shot hinlmsel
in th- head after killing th, girl with chln
riff 1.s. 'I beI were to ihae been mnarliei
abatly and 'loseday night woI for a walk
from which bher did4 ot retors. loth be
loaged to proiiet fmilieslll.
Itelnantle rt..r ofr To I'*e p'l Reunilted
After Iwoemr Y.ers.
Nrw Y,ta. ()Oct. I.-Edward M.beilill,
of Melborne, Asetarila, and Mlles. hie
wife, of lfeleua, Most., met Io the law
offie of Itlebard V. loyd lest night for theb
Nlest tlime twentl yeare. Eah blad be
lieved the other dead. but sash had re
mrlned faithful. Nearly a quarite of a
century agm. In Uouthasmpton, Eglsaud.
behlleld, the mcptain of a ship met and
loved pretty Ellen Marshall. Willinrn
Porter, a yeanm merchant, also loved her.
lint the ble sailor won the girl. Edwari
and Ellen had been marted two years
when Edward's ship was chan·red for
Brazil. On the voyas it was, w'cked
'Ihe sailors took toto e rmall boat6fn,
wee lost. I he esptain cluea for Jare t"
the wave-washed bulk til1 a paosilnn
schooner took bim aboard. lie was landed
friendlee sa4l vpenllese on bthe Month Am
erlcsa coast, and turned his band to a·r
sort of work be eeald find in the wretabad
hoeath Aelean towns where fate had seat
After years of bardshbl Edwards Sraped
togetbher enough to take himn hore, only
to find his wife gone. Edward Inquired of
his eld time rval, an I Porte, told him ma
Iloiauelr that Mre. Nberlsid bad gone ofl to
Amerits with amother man. Lbe poung
man left at once for Australis, beouht a
small ranch near Melbourne and took to
sheep farming. Sueeses was slow but sure.
lie beesese moderately rich, but be never
married. though he heard his wife was
While going threugh his oil eas bches
some months ago bheffoeld found memo
rasadme of deeds to NI) seres in Montana
which he bought for a song 25 yfars ane.
lie wrote to Clive Pritchard, a Lo ado
lawyer, to look the matter up, and see if
the land was worth anything. L'riteha.d
wrote l.wyer Boyd of this sity. and he
commaeasted with a lawyer in Helena,
whlebh wa sear the land in question. The
reply was that Mrs. hefileed had abshow
deeds for the land, and sold most of It at a
high prie, as sliver bad been found In *ev
ersl piees. Mrs. hheAseld was a widow.
the Helesa lawyer reported, and living at
Mrs. lheffild was oommualea.ed with.
ihe wrote that she took the deeds for the
Montasa land and earm to Amerls to see
what she sooald sell them for. She was
amesed to And herself ries. As for the
story that she had ran of with another
mas, that was a fabrisetloa of Porter's.
u.abead and wife hastened to unite their
lives ones more. They doldoed to settle
ln Mentana. bhemeld sold his Australian
ranch and erossed the water, and Mrs.
Sheffeld came east to meet him. They
started was at ea..
Pest. Way Is Overoeme by Dpely CGa as
His teom em istte StreO.
Prof. Walter H. May was found iL hi.
room on Btate tl ee yesterday mornlag In
am sneooseleu oadltleo. The lu was
turned N s lad evidently bad be eeeopig
for several boars. The usaortauste ma
wae gives Immediate medleal atteatlesom. At
last aoaeeont he was ome better, bae wv
still set out of danger. Prof. May has
bees In ill health for some time sad a sub.
oeat to failntin spells II t sr peasd that
e ws attSeed by a suddem fastages and
thabs Ip tathe he strmek theb r
mealdeatally turned on the mal, p gse.
Prof. May i. very well known In thia
eity, having Ilved bher a msmber of veer,.
He reeaded atil reegatly at 811 North
Her Fad Is Steamsklp Travel.
Cmeaoo. Ool. 18.--Mrs, KUia Caron.
aged 70, whoae son-in-law, Julius Rehrbeek,
abed for a comervator that she mlght not
sqaander her P$0,000 fortune in her fed for
eeatesooss steamship trip on the Atlanti..
left Chicago last mlght for New York to
take another vovagei. Her son-nllaw has
withdraws his applleatten for a eonervator.
The Fire Gotten Under Control.
AstrrAULA. 0., ONa 18&-Fire broke out
at Jeferson early this morinlg and for
awhile threatened the buelneas portion of
the town. It w"e gettea under control
after destroying one big blildng. Lees
S1 oo.
Wa. J. Dilton and Jerry Lawler have
filed netiee of loeation of the Hogllhot
About thirty people received their Anal
cltisenlhip pal era is the distriet court yes.
Col. W. Sanders. A. I. Loeb sad E. A.
Carletrl, will address a lHelen-for.the.
Capital meutil at Claney to-night.
There will be speolal meeting of Morning
BStar lodge No. 5, A. F. and A. M. thsl
eventg at 7:80 sharp, at Masonlo temple.
Judge Gage yesterday osetoneed Theo
dore Sebmidt, who pleaded guiltl to petty
tIreeny Wedneaday, to three months io the
coasty jail.
A memorial service In honor of Oliver
Wendell Holmes will be held nest 8snday
mor'ing at the IUnitaria choarb. Rev. J.
HI. Creeoker will give an addres.
Mrs. N. 1. Walters wishes to thank the
ladies In her portion of the Fifth ward for
their doatllons to the Heli a-for-the
Capital committee, amounteng In $50.
The ennoert end dill for the benefSt of
temple Emnanu-EI, takes ,lae ellst 'Trne
day at the Auditorium. The advanl e sale
of tiekete warrants the sueroes of the saflr.
Mrs. John O(bsen. ohalrman, Mle. K.
()am. Mrs. Fred Lanrl sad Mrs H. C.
iHoston from the Sixth ward committee of
the Womeu'e Helensafor-the-Capital elub.
(Go. Riekardes esterdsr iseeed a requisi
ltion for John Williams. who is wanted nto
'Park seouty for ho e stealing. The regql.
eitiun LI on the govereor of Wrosaleg.
Willltam having been loeated in l)oalas,
In that state.
liest. (Go. Botkln has reeovered hib
watch that was at first thoght to have been
stoles. It seeme that the watch badl been
only mislaid and was found in Mr. IHot.
kin's reeldesoe very soon after It was
repoorted stolen.
The First Ward Colored elub met last
nibit at 10l Cutler street. (,eArgo Mitoh
oll presided, with J. Brooks satinIg as as
rltary. lpeBebehs were mad. by (lee.
lMtehell, (eo. Warflel. J. Carrenler. W,
lialbert. A. U. (Broen and A. Frasier.
lbh (old I'ar lode, on Ilook oeekh, sad
the $ltver iri and Maow Cloud lodoes a
lioemple dlitrtit, have been looated by
lieubra I. Hewitt end Samuel E. iowltly.
The latter hase old a fourth interest in the
elistm tu Harvey B. Nichols fo, $1U* .
The city .nunoll bha ordered the iolice to
strietly enforoe the amended ordinace
whclh forbids boys under 1; yearls of ase
fronm walktinug on the storelets after seven
o'elok at nllbl. Heleafttr the polio. will
take in charge and lad found on the street
after seven o'clock who has not a wralten
permit from hib parernts
I'p to the losen of registration Inst lighl
the city listricts had poaistereJ as follows:
Agent (IlljpatlOb, 1,016i; Agent Weston,
1,02:1; Ageot Cameron. ~1J; Iotal, 2,411. To
day anu to-mnorow Agent (tllpatrlok will
be at the Helea (Comutesion compoup i'
store. No. 0 Mouth I's k iLavne, and Agent
Weston at .1:4 Elihtb avenue. Agent
"lsmeron will remain at the nlith ward
posteioe building on Hiolema avense,
evoryoes Iveited
To oill and see a eompltle lies o ehlal
glassware lamps, ilverwarei aIl.
risesl to sult every pars.
liest goods lowest plte.
F. J. Ibvwans i Park Avean
Perry Beal Parhnps Fatally Wounded
by a Highwayman in a
Narrow Canyon.
He and Ill Wifr Were Driving
to Butte With a Olean
up of Gold.
A Man Wi. IaiHad Worked fnr Him Ib
Arretled em hupoerloko(-Other
stat. N.w..
HI n.ia! to The Indlper.dJnt
Bizr. 0(o'. 1. --l'lery leal, eon of Dr.
Ueal, of thli cityl. ws shot and perhaps
at',1ly wounded by a blhhwayman this
mornlong about six miles southwest of BiI
Tvr hlow junetion. ie was on his way to
the city with his wife from German guleh,
brioning a lot of gold duolt. Mr. and Mrs.
Heal left their boneo in (1r.a1 tulch about
mine o'elock and were bringing to town a
lenusap, amounting to several thousand
dollarte n gold. About ive miles from
their bone the road goes thronoh a rough.
narrow seayo., lo whith the timber and
brush grew up aeto to the road. They
were startled by a shot fired from the right
side of the canyon. Almost Immediately a
second shot was fired, which struck Mr.
Heal In his right side. He threw up hie
hands, exlasiming "1 am shot" With re
markable preseee of mind Mtrs. Bel took
the reins and 'ged the horers forward, at
the same time holding her husband.
Olanclag back Mrs Beal saw a man erosebh
ogll behind some brush. He bad a gassn
seek palled over his head and down below
his waist, with holese ot for the eye. He
had emptied both h.erelsof his su sand
made no altempt to fellow the tem.
Arriving at MeClsary's resah Mr. Beat
wes lifted oat and eared fo sand a meles.
gret as lfo ofeefe and a phyadel. Mr.
Deal had been shot with part of a lead of
arge baekshet. One ball had eatued his
arm and another hise eld The eatent oI
Injury r nse et be told.
Oenrs sad sveral raember sad lassee
started after the higbhwema as sees as
possible. The gauny sack was found neer
the nmea of the attempted mrder. From
thre the hIghwayman was tracked to
eabln about a quarter of a mil from e.l's
place. The man who ltee helr le IFrea
Bandit and be was arrested on m-easules.
He had worked for BeIt all nmmer and
was the osly man who kaew that Deal wa
eoming to towa with the gold. Dindit do
altesoII nowledge ef the sl at.
Wurmttmae of the ame..ms gotl aes the
Ietde Neow I Bu.elawe.
Bpeld te ls ho ladsemdL,
Bolesau . Oa. 1--The hotel Bomesas I
ag-im eloeid, nd the .aurltr was ae
oleod of to-day pe" by pleas. W. M.
Nsvltl, who bought the fumrltuse lsme
time ago from L. C. Childl, I d1olg the
selling. Nearly half the comatels of this
beastfUsl, A hotel have bee eldd
and taken away. The ule was a
lively one. alt about P$600 wus
takes In. The bar fAllrees we beught
la by 1. M. Bleak, for $600. A lage naum
ber of towe people sad frmes teook ad
vamnage of the bargales. some partle
from Bette and HeeIma woe ales pesalt
making purekmases.
The old Laalde hotel has bkms opened to
the pMblle, after baen bkem sboroughlt
renovated and furnished. . T. Baruett,
uho formerly managed the Northern Pam
elle hotel, Is the lmadlord of the 0ew
ive at Caseasde.
Special to The Ideepadenet.
CAsca.o. Ot. 18.-At one o'ooest thil
moringt the saloes of J. U. Jeferies was
totally destroyed by Are. The origin of the
are is unknown. Mr. Jeteler' loes is
about $3000; insurance about $7TO. It was
very fortunate for all the properlty holder
of this plas that it was a very still night.
It the wind bhad been blowiag it would
hbey endangered all the buildingJ on the
north side of the oreat Northern.
•h'pplnr Their tattle to MarkeL.
Special to the Independent.
CAscrAn, Oct. IA.- In the past three
weeks the stooaken of this vilelity have
been shipping their beef. Nineteen eare
weo shipped from this point. and there
wi-l be ibout fifty cars shipped from
Armlngton. The prices range from $4 to
$4.S5 per 100 poondl.
Threhblig a Chbeelat Valley.
Special to The Ilndeeadeat.
CIaA.an. Oct. 18 -Fred Erkre, pre
prletor of the threlsing maehlns, givre the
follownla estimatee of grain threshed in
the Chestnut valley sad sauroundinge:
Twenty thousead bouehals of oats, 15000
bushels of wheat sad 5,010 bnbhels of bar
iiAI S ('O)ILLK'I'r 'L'O-ull;lr.
The I)·aneratle MtandIed Hearer to
Speek at the Iuditoerlma.
list it. ('Corbet, the democratle eandidate
for congress, who by his matohbles sad
Gery oratory bas become known as 'bho
Miulsola ('yelone," will spook at the as.
ditorllm to-night. From ov,y rlare
where Mr. Corbet hlis spoklu In Montana
come reports of his convinoinl argsmenns
In the eausl of democracy. ls oas Sl sig.n
has been a busy one ever stile be reeiaed
the dsnemoatit nominastln. Its hs been
i,reaking wh.noevs he was sot travellng
between different tolnts. Sad making
friends wherevor be bhs been. An as
dience each as such orator y deserves sbould
greet him to-night. A. II. Nelson will pr,
side over the meeolin. The I willl be mastl
and a irnor. son, and everybtody will be
repal for the evenig'lus visit to the as
left le m,. n,1 Ct.tld In refe.r.
Nrw \'ouii OA I. 1. -Tlhe boiler of an
illicit estil It a tenew.at bons. oln C(inton
stroeetexplded this ,noroig, eov-rely seaml .
ta 'Pauline sand Jeutiie Ilteank, mother
and chili and Juoh Jobei.l. ?'J *r*ie u.l.
'bho woman's hashand, lie Mia, i seip
posed to IS the owner and opestir of see
still. lie ra *wifr after thse eploslos,
IaTsIIg his wife and child erring fsr help.
A elood by the Nlme tof MIteb.
I'ilta .inoturr's. 0., Out. lit-Lest alght
at Carey, two nelaht:ors, lart and Weoek,
sit up with Joak (reen., who had bhis Ig
amputatel in a boiler esplosioLn ystoerda
mortnng. 'loward midnight Ilaok tol
art he woueald reaals the r aef thIe .le

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