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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 19, 1894, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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alone. tre.oe suspected sometbhln and
advised liart to go for a nothabor. While
Hart was gone llack Leat (irens in an an
anerolftl manner. The injures. twas rose
fala'. The reaa hIa no parallel anI the
eitliseI of (arrey are frenrled. Black was
brought here and Locked ul.
-m FeleOettInl Iels llal4read Ro te Selet.
the tead
Tbat afor Is .ctlleut an I mnol comfo:
alle itoilltte- "' Th Milwankne."
'Ibat traverose a del~ghtfal and plctor
esnue portlon o the e*untlr-"'The At.
u auke."
That bas--nd merlte-the reputation of
ltreaglh and relablitlr-' The Mllwaoake."
Thnt euJys n .pularitir and is ntamred
with publto approval-"Tbe Milwaukee."
'Ia bat hs In mubs t tianl roadbed and moat
tfequent train serviee-"The Muweaake."
'Ibat regards, always, Sei comfort, .au
and safety of ts patrOns-"lbhe Malwan
Shna furolshes the latest private eom
rartamet oari and latest library-but.i
smoking eare-"The Milwaukee."
I hat furaiellm elegant drawlug room
parlor sars, free reolstaga cbhar eares an
enaptaeao dianag oare-"The Milwauke."
That hals eelaire nse of the eleotrle
betk readiag lamp--"te Milwaukee."
it.. Milwaukee" sombinae all the above
and more too. Its trains are estlbutlel,
heated by stea. . electria Ilihti an . na
serpaseod in lnaIrlone appotatmOents
The immorta Linsota said: "Follow the
teople and won cnmotu be far from rik"-R"
The peolIsl use "the Mhilwauke."
J. I. CONLIX, Age. ten. I as. Agt.
rt Paol. Minn.
NOre.-Five tralns daily from 'win Ctt
see to Cl seatoU one to bL Locals and one to
Kansas City.
MEzxctroBa TIter to t 'illforlala.
Take the short and by twenty-four bhaur
the quickest route to California. Elegant
l'ullman palaoe nnd tourist sleepers.
fhe dlning car routo. Tibs Union Faciflo
has pieced on sale deily tickets from Hel
ena to California points. limited to sixty
days going. with p vlilego of returning any
time withtu six mlonthls good for stop over,
at following rates:
To toia Fraucsco. going via Ogden, and
returning samo out, $7..
T'o ban F anocisco. going via Ogden. and
returning via iVo:tlnnd, antl vice Yore., $)J.
To Ben Fancico, going via Portland
-ad returning same route, $7J.
To Los Angles, goitg via Ogden and
saoramento, and retnrnmug via pan Fran
crseo and Ogden, o: vice verea, $~r.
To Los Angeles, going via Ogden and
aEn Francisco. roturning via San Francisco
and Ogden. $93.
To Los Angeles. golng via Portland and
returning via baoramento, or vie versa.
'Ihough sleeopng ear rose vations and
fauther information can be bhad by calling
on or addreesing 86 North Main strele
Belena. H. O. Wtuaon,
Freight and Pnuenger Agent.
4,800,000 Farm Oweaer a, lbs t'nited
This number will be greatly inelUed an
mdlry in the future by reason of the immi
gration heuded seotab ard. Already many
iorthern and westein people have become
convineed that the upper southern states
ofer great attractions to those seeking
smal fuans. homes, basinoes locations.
etc., and are takLIa advautage of the op
We are offering farms, eonvenisnt to
eastern markets, at prices which can't be
deptoested elsewhere. Our special list of
heoandoabh valley, Maryland and West
Virinta properties is now ready for free
distribution. Western people can take
half-rate exearsions to the ibenandoah
valley, over the Baltimore & Ohio railroad.
from Chiclago, t. Louis, Cincinnati and all
B. t 0. points in Ohio, lndiana and lili
nole, Oct. 2 and 9. Nov. G and Dee. 4.
VCloe and see the country. We will he'p
von locKts. Address o- call on M. V
Iliobhrds. land and imu..gration agent, 8.
& . It. I. altimore. Md.
UnbO I'aOileo Isystem.
Overland train leaves Helena at 8:30 a.
m. daily for Salt Lake. Denver, Portland,
Ban Fsnselsoo, Omash, Kanus Citr, rt.
Louis, Chicago and all eastern points.
Ovea land train arrives at Helena at t;:10 p.
m. Inily; through Pullman and colonasi
sleeping cars; elegant chair and dinlng
For further information, maps, folders,
rates, et., ca I on or addess
BI. O. Wi&u,. F. & P. A.
Helena, Mlont.
Hs? Aim Wal Certain, Anyway.
KtOXvtr.riLi, eann., (ot, Is -Thomas Fo.
Eartr, a 8onthcrn rnilway fireman. wre
shot and fatally wounded by Mts. Lido
Rhodes just after cniJnilht. Fogarty nt.
1 uted to enter the woman's hoose. and
bad kicked the door down when she op.I'.e
Ii o. It a Ia. ly' li wig arrested anu gava
I A I. F1tsrty t cr le, to bolle,. the woci:a
wad uo uncortait ol:a actor. e
'I b Amrerlca bouty owes tier rresltt
Io DI iu t CilIr comopkkIiot thian to auIv
other rttr~but . A cut. of 'icrn'. rio wi,.
Cunbe' , 17 one~ to p"Seiri5 i o. It r+, aiita
sktu it u rItuve-, 1iur led acid tbvt a-ltu t
muddy leti:. 1',rk's 'I , I% cuedJ ty thunu
andi of I ed *i fr U. gt e plexitiu. WitY!:
out b Lui. it ,ut' .rc t it curlS itilti; atlLOtI
bold Ly I..ro .,"-)'Atboul IDrug ( .
I. I ted. Ints th rSain1 .
I'tul ruedl otrn:k a cairr:e'll t a cr, se:u.
haif a au.e c.et of town. Mrs. (ieo. I: l
gend Mrs. ILaiutor, W!,e were in hu carralr:e,
were both lail'e..
71 ) dl,, f ,rt rd dust in a railway jiirney
itchk. I? I,. H ra h' I.? it if Y"tu traw.l via the
terrat Nor'I.ru.,." t ant' 1 , ati.'oyaiio. It,
r a iI. d 1i ci,, Iarl~. ani f it hi~s ti ,saul tebi
*r a. Ii-u ita i'nc. it is tru fr,,. dual.
t .,anio n c in travciin.' i, tit a one Li eig tie
Ci iI I rav "I ci r',. No rthlria, ail yo
wi lI ".ý , ii ii u ii :t a it. hal . r~cs haP
lasrte rc'rai~ 1
Use Pozl,: 1; r, z ,, , , , ', P 1rfhr !, '.Iuse it
I o" . , P n hl I.u ot
E , ,L 1.' , . 1 ' ), fA I r Iµ 1 .
L r r f.
I -'. r", ,'. , . f . , , it "r ... hr ft,.
, , , u , i ,, , r . , I r,,,
S1 , I .
at n l in n; of r..
,i , , ,. 1 , 1 J , r "t','a,
' I ." I . r , ' . , f
, r , tr. r~ nt It* au l f. t t1r , 1 . 9,
n1'I n f "'Lrr .'n , { M I 1 .., ,j
t h . ,, l t . . t , L
'' i A L.:1. bcretary
.l I O . r 1 -
" ' ' it.
IL' . , I l t r
[ It' ; ,h . . II.Li', Lrs ccr.Ja.r
iu· l'en Oct. 1),I l (It rJI . J, 1 r ·t..I
ti t
4. 1
i~i u
Mr. Jdoe PIe"
Mrs. Judge Peck Tells How
She Was Cured
*lor l hooiu 11)%iprr (pef(l s ti raI I . e1i lb. tt.
I oi ii flettr fro'nt Ni ~. It Mt. Peek, wife tit
It n! leek. a jitIdle it rrae) (ii .. iun.! a writer
oeftr~ wilth .lvl'AoatI P'rq.,' t
"I a dteop si axe I gritt i oe for th1w great
11,r '.rnl i". I hatie ter em t I " wi lie tiie 11klw
n to I toiii rulo mhlmtte. tmr 1ytn % I tmive
Iioi~u grmitt .mtCrmr fromt ity aIwtmmI atmI
Heart Trouble.
Ilmosl everything 1 nt woumld iI!tt1Sfet tae. I
lrter difflrent I reattflet' a ntt*&t ie lZI. tilI
full tI otommhm retmllrf. rw i years ago it frienId
mmiul I pimi mm' ii try IHoimm' SLrvapt.m~mlhi.
fm." Ii ~t bottie 1 nitiret hmlpemlw time, ,,, I rmi
it ?m~ii taut: it, It smJlid i 'me fluttil gamtw thai
iml il"n. amui ke if the. thmlmr ii euime. I ha~ve
ircemiem iiie greatl t'eieflt trins it thamt
Cladly Recommend It.
I new hate ;in y·feullet nRltmmtite ani ntIilthng I
eat oleo tlimr .. Isa. It miie k ip, up ily
Hood's 8". Cures
dish I I xtitlr In . I mo! Inrl pr-lmu elntit'
:ti.t. i ii L to" mmiii Nit.. It. NI. I'uY.4.L
Hood' D1P1IP3 ar' :aud nit II. I. ilnt perfect
Iit pr usrim' mm .tiiii::t n. ..m. a liii.
Helena 1mployment Agency
W. hI Cook. Proprietor.
24 Fdwards ttrtt. Tole:hon, 3aS)
Mining camp hotel for sale for lees than one
ihalf it. valu.
I nurse .trls for city, $15 each.
Trunk, to store at ~,o a munth.
lIn girns for city $20 and f m t
Man ato run hand windlars. $10* month.
uer?.ing house cook, $5J.
HIanchman, all wintr work. (SI
hotel cook for country. W$0.
good work; also ruos mad, of old ingrain
cargrets. Mr Mary Whippet. one blck north
o tary rschool hotue. Address Station A.
Jackson streat.
' towing by the day or take ham;: sat,efactio 1
guaranteed. Addrss M...(., thiu o:tio,.
or general housowork. country or city: good
rferenoe-. Address 52$ North iiodnoy street
to do housework. Address i. h.. 24 Penton
situation as waitrees ia hotel or retaurant.
Address Box 1). kort i entun. Monr.
IIUA'11(ION WANT.D-A ,OU1 ('oo)K
. ishe, to do general hounework. I'leseo call
at Ut tine street.
1 t \Tli)N WAN ED--A ('(IMPETENT
boLnsres. woman ar wsir. to chano* climate,.
can take uchare f otlliusry or dre.mntakui
varlore can liv' thu li.t of roforenc ,s. .tidre.s
'ir. nnio hallo3 .lr.Doumpol.l Mliau. 1. O.
box 33.
childl ooiriw work in the csuutry. ocnd
h·ni n rmorn f an object thau wales Address
M.1 this (111r..
IllVA! I' )' WANT! D - 'OIL N( (Dl 1
wisher ;ositi"In uti iets or t..re tor cashier
in reqtaur~at or l.ulol. Addrus 7, M. D.. thi
work i take care of rooms. Apply vtone
h.,ise Iu .ur hill. Joliel at.
from thn. east. with goo4 practical eri-ert
once ard Irst of r'fernncm. wants po'sitio'n as
b "as kIeal er or any kind of clerking for rvaonu
abio vlar). 5p k" 4,.,rmau innS Ingish. Ad
drtis Iliso. iLuntng., eilrns. Mont.
EDGtoD wants Wrk. Address J. CI. ndr
n. boar C. lle! us, Mont.
Irt·tIw r'hy jog rnan. stl'ligi I. do any
*t,rnu of curt Ad It 5 A. ).. j niyb*.~deut,
` ANi 1i) A NUlt iE (,lliL itlsrEiV N
t .'" of1! o an'lI '). Ap4l) ty Mrs. I. u.
Siary Vb A N I t' Ct .
~>\!VI-l()YIIIN(,MENlO I.IN \
n to a!nntu. on N. I. I.. IL nIul I;aS, ma
'Srunty I i:1.s £ atwsia, iiu I.ioni. Xl S. I
ft per monLh and upwards. ",:4 iFitgl av
ý n.Mrs Harris.
1'11It llA ;tI IV ill ,. s
I; U I1FNI t(lllhKt'i' II hlKIi t co.
ground ll,,,r M.,,anua batik 1,'iiihmnj haul
"ko lard, -t Uit of lou.., an I trurs tov tis city
FO It N.A f3? lt3r \.. I , rAF3M.
......-Iii---ý.-.--rte -
IT r. n , .'l u r r r.,
lrf" Nl l 1IA',r | hi ,If. i, '' .l '/ I) ),
tr bI, uK,+ , , c,, I. > A t r , no ,n r, ;1
'A. N 1A H, ·'IN I III i li, i.
' M. ' ' u ia I *,* , . 'IL ., A,,r I, r i
1 ' nia ' I . a , ..m A I.. A r ' r I .,
' ,% A N IIi I %(ll'f hl.l t iNI' 111 f d
\Ii \ . i I i I'' II'- I. i l E.'I , II Ill i
'I r I I... . t w o l , r ,tu1 n , ,, , , l n
X 11 , i I h I, I 1 ,11 1 I I , . N
I . 1, I '
I' L
], uc I.a. .. l ,II., 1 ., II t . ,
ua I t'1 n' A. i , ' ,j * i . . , '1a. r t ,Id1
, ra ' t r r y r if
i'"1 1l' I i r i 'riI g fl
t-a ke. ,"I '' . 'i 'trI r ' It , t, l
w ill t,.. n s. " , J
"nt. ' l, s,,, I I. (,
iani .y 'l, I lu ur ' , Ir , . r teI f 'u
t.'' . I I ' : .i . C I rk.
ijated l, iL. 4 IC'. ., ,
Orris Employment Agenoy,
;. ~,rh lMan tl. leteheiall.I
4 m n for r.airuad.
t),e t rm hsn t.
l iein o.r.ta weagos road., i>t t10 u
10 non f.r iunmbr wdtJi, *, tu .1i th.
thap I.h rder
I.irl1 ,r hon.s work i• country.
:ail inir r u..a ti ri ln eul ntrtr.
tieldiningroIot girl, ecity.
bhooanker. city
A. 1I. \VIE I3ER.
Employment and Real Estate AlCuy.
.\gent Rocky Mountatn ilumlanmdma.
cu'r. M Las and I wmarone - 'elephase 1
bi romn hous. for real. 111
.- roo.m urnlshed brick honeus with biat h.r
Dav. Ito, in ou,. location. for rent.
Hotel for .sa in good mnimtal town.
Hotel frnlurue anid hatarae for Gals aUd
building for rent in mlanla town.
wiell b) roeiveld a thel onr of tihe n
ueroigned untli 12 m., Oletober 28, 18I for
grading aud tamber onlverts seoordinl to
at) laoalions on Al. of the OontP on-ad
f.am Itroadwater hotel to a point nse the
ceunter of soctlon IN t. 10 s. r. 4 W. The
roadwar thIlrounah iaarilun Boulevard to be
42 feet wide, 4 (t0) rfet Ion& thenbe 8,00 trol
to, enter of ieetlon 15 to be 80 fooee wide.
'lbe approlUmate estimate is 2,8.0 cubli
yards of earth excavation and 1h.00 1feet 1.
M. pine or Ir lumber for eoulverls.
Also grading Montaun Avenue eountg
read from a point one-fourth of a mile
outhb of Ten Mile Bridge. thene. aorth 1%
miles to Montana :nlverirty. The road
way to be 24 fort wide. 'Iho app olllate
retinate is l:,t) cublo yards earth oearnva
tion and ll..U) feeo B. M. of Sr or vine
lumber for 8 olverts. The work w1U be
done to the sattifaetion and eooepltese of
the OOunty serveyor.
By order of the Board of Cousty Com
missionerl. J. P. Tooat, Clrkh.
Dated Helena, Selt. 22, 191k
tries court of the First Judicial di
r iot or the sate of Montana in and fe the
county of Lowli and Clarke.
HSamuel McConnell, plaintiff, vs. John C.
McCann. de'ondea.
1 he state of Montana made gre lagl to
the above named defendant:
lon are hereby required to appear in an
action bougLt against yon by the above
named Flaintle in the district rourt of the
First Judicial distriet of the state of Mon
tasa. in anl for the oountt of Lewis and
Clarke, and to answer the complaint flied
therein, within ton dare (exolnaive of the
day of ae. we) after the servioe on von of
this summons, if served within thisbetanty
or if serted out of this Oounty but within
tina district, witbhi twenty dayst other.
wise within forty da)s, or jnigmeat by de
fault will be taken iagainst you. aeeordin
to the t rnyor of said complaint. The said
action is brought to recover the swn of
four hundred and eighty-siz dollmrs open
an acoount for labor and serviee of plain
tif in transpo tinao Ore, concentrates and
merchandise in the counties of Lewis and
Clarke and Meagher. state aflonred, be
sween the fourth der of July. A. D., 1804.
and the twintieth day of l'eptember. A. D..
1t94, tertornced at the request of platatni;
and costs of iull.
And you ,reo hereby notified that unies
you so appear end anewer the said com
plaint, as above r qnired, the said plaintiff
will take julgnient against for the eam de
luanded in the complaint, to wit, the sum
of four hundred and eighty-sti dollars.
Oiven under my hbnr and the seal of the
distriot court of the First Judi
laeAL.] cint diatrlot of the stale of Mon
tana. in and for the oouaty of
Lewis and Clarke, this 15th day of Oe
tober, in the year of our Lo-d, one tbou3
and eight bhcdred and ninety-flo-.
Joan Bnwl. Clerk.
0. W. FEEMAN., Deputy Olark.
the time for the registraton of thebo
Iames of the qualified electors in Election
District No. 1, in the county of Lewis and
Comrke, and state of Montana, prior to the
'ieneral election, to be held on Toeeda.,the
Gib day of November, 1894. for .he said
rcunty of Lewis arid Clarke, will epil e at
1) u'clook r. m. on the 80th day of Oeto
ber, A. D). 1804.
Thel names of the several precincts or
rollin rli.ceq embraced in said Eleetion
District No. 1 a e as follows: First and
ascondr tr, oict, First wirJ; fifth and sixth
precincts, T'llrrd worrd; ninth and tenth
I ecmct . Fith wara, in 1Hal n.; seven
teenth precinct, Uolonyille and Park.
i. C. GILP'ATlICg.
R0gistry Acent Election District No. 1,
Lewis and Clarke county, Montta..
tho time fo, the reglstration of the
names of the qualilied electors in Eleetiun
Dslatrict No. two, In the county of IAwis
and Clarke and stats of Montana, prior to
the ge:- rll election. to bo heldon luneday.
thu iaxth day of November. 1M94, for the
said euonty of Lewis and Clarke, will ii
pi a at ten o'clock p. rn. on the thirtieth
day of October. A. D). 1)94.
T'he names of the several rrecineot or
polling plnces em',raoed mo said Election
lDiet Ict No. two are as follows: Precincts
Nos. ntree and four in Ward two; Precincte
Noe. seven r.nd eshbt in Wanrd four; Pro.
cincts Ne. thirteen and fourteen in Ward
s~ven, of tlio city o' Helena.
i.. II. HYToN. Itt.istr, ARent.
Eli eti n District No. two. Lewis and Clarke
couty,. Montana.
the tlim for the ruyistration of the
names of the qualified electors in Election
IDistrlct No. 6, in the coouty of Lawls and
(larke, not stats of Montana. prior to the
Meneral e.ctonrl, to be heldon I usday, the
es.th day of Nuvembe,. A. 1). 184., for the
e',id conty ofl Lwis and Cia ke, will ez
t at ten o'clock p. mi. on th thirtieoth
ti.y of October. A. D. 1H94.
The names of tb' several preelncts or
polling place embraced In said Election
District No : a:e as follows: P'r,.not No.
:iu. Fast lI,.Iena, at school hones; Peolnet
No. 311, Spokane and French lBar, at Ben
ton's hoouse. J. I. CLAun, Registry Ag1.
El'eotion Dit 'lot No. 5. Lewis nod Clarke
County. Montana.
N -01 ;l(I 7I0 1:I.1.1i41-4.- T(1 THE
P: Ir, of 1I. iC t W I i(. l tiot No.
crunr, rliif thin te',ie'l "u J ·ntt and
I. a17 FIll (larlie coulty, ustt of Mon
I be nnllerag'iied, trq'etry agent tor said
llltr It, bherey vIflyl notice that Le will dlt
f~r t he prun ue of tOgti~trtiton of votere,
witt Iin muIt and every precInct of hIlealec
tin dhi.trict, i-ri] tbh dates and at the
Illiceb n; f ,llwg:
lIn I r," I,. N,. 14, W4ard 4, I lct. 'I, 10 and
11, not teI 0,rT un h, t .I, WVaururi hteet; In
0v ,.r IC ~ Wardu 2, ec. I" ruind 111, at
`'' Is oud it i forrn',lv ludode, .n'n of
It~ I r .1 ,' ' t N rid JOct. 15
I 1 1,, at . N ', .'North 1d 1 , c'" 1 oll ; in
1 ut \,, " Wnc~ (J'1 1. 'rid 1$, at
SI r i, u od. 'm ,heot; tii I1'ro ,t No. 14.
W 7Irt. Ir e. I'I nd 20, at' I ,'0th ave
lp., lit I,,r, ult ,o I~t, Via, , Oct. 22
nn~i . t I :4 It ulwiv, e(rnir . .IBeattie
'I rcI It ''t !n . Wart 4. I 124, 26,
I n n I : ? ) , at Il I" I ,r iI hotel,
'u'urr a it ..V t
I nin tol, ,fire tail ie, ft tie, tirandon
tai' 7L Ii,o haP for rauiiuetniiI, will be
[ICI i. ito I, 1 1. '''rloiting the
I,. Tu fnil!_ to I riIi "o.ri)it, u ll)ll
I' IRc" l 01e i,5 Oct. t. ito I It },. otb in
! ,ý II . a i o (iti
ly 1'" l, fla t 1.r I aIl... Igae o
v\'I'!I cI llar Igr 1 I..f. I'. I itE I)1
It' ii.'rnt,. .f ti, u lntareI Ilmeoiat
tr ,f 1, ti ii.., II ., I are of.
II It ill j'a le Oletvrc, c,:-r ,p, a .nnI
tfitl lac',a.I1 t*o erit It wla, cth the
na-~ehqqry vyiuliur A t thi III f, months
aft.. ti ** ,, e A' a Ii r "f t 'e týllto. to
Magaeeva Ioiflo ii, i' ,n, tI;l I uoek. In
the. u' t of Ilalanma, ail theu , litty 7, I~ewiS
anl (0 tin'., et", if I' 1riti. the same
Ositig the Ialee t o to'. t,,n, i~ltn of the
'I luiSS o i rt wi estate, ir thte unnily of
I.vaati an(in itoph.
I. . '' II 'I, .'aVK.
Alic-,ui, iutra, r ,f tie, iit~tc of fulai~hah
Leadin lHotels of HleenL
Na A~sm __
9ILTmc _u~~~r IJl~W
bInlb ttýM .N_ t wta& kesl It
TB' W/O¶58USP,
A Blret-eleam A ..an ..
pe5II~~~hettm s eas etw eas eem
Lnt I.: sait onwa.d.
S TOCK WULL-b the Nam. of t be now hotel
lo.edtllto the pt htofl , tnr
S t esi.eltrie ligt.
TtlE 3Rlj Y3L r rbnpt.
ptrlodl frst-clro~am. w hp.oeetriey light..
tee lestsl sad e Alestr aerwic.
ýYsrnllt. et.. Mat sad htmcl. tReetl
o !royldol· brn rrr n
TIt BR M. ..L
a nLnu Olet tl .It Prop.
itrd. (o r t-riesla wlth pa ,auitrlelhtl
etao to et and metsptor awrrled t
ALeL petrfast h ne s .' ther Doer. r
reemeInable. rH c·DM
etts Patstand i tol. Stnreets
Itrn' ~:T g-Mr-YI. M. H· YJLYI in.
irst. lo on aroot`m I Noth trstoa
area..ofast raottae. s t istapr, r InIn
ea. Mai. str t his wll id j Dt. Hela.IMontt
pleas oOt a meal r spead . tow dy, w to
matte. ermtwetbm.. Hr terms ar rrl
Centrally lotuted rlh modern onrant..rl.
trust. CIA" aootrmsdattone tow trauhstse at
rraronhl. raw. Nwadgaurte fu mtulng
mos. Main street, toot of ()rnd. Deleml Mont
N l registratio district No. 1. comprisin
Unionville and the First Third and Fifth
wa+rs in Helena, designated respectively as
the revoalenth (17th), First (1st), Beonnd
(2d). Fifth (5hb). Blab (6th), Ninth (9th)
and Tenth (101b) presinetl. Lewis san
Clarke coOuty, Motans.
The nadeseigad regiotry agent for said
district hereby gaves notlice that h will selt
for the perpoel of regletration of voters
within seeb oad every prmelast a bhie les
lion distrest upes the dates and at the
plnees named as followse
October 9, 10, 11-Pays'e hotel, L elen5a
for precinct No. 5. Third ward.
Oatober 12~ 18-PhiL C.astmne's store,
Unionvi Is, for rrnetelo No 17.
Osohber 1 0. 1-106 8tate street, Helena.
for proeinct No. 1. First ward.
(e1. 17. 18-Bristol bouse oleor lesnam.
for p Gesnet No. 1S First ward.
Oct. 19, 20--Hlena Commlssion Com
pa'e setore, N 6 R.osth Park etreet, fto
preeolas No.. Third ward.
Oct. 2. 23- E ia. bouse, for preclai t
No. 10, Falth ward.
O'. 24, 2-H. H. Aebtey's Ivery. 414
Park avenue for preolaot No. 9, Fifth
Oct. 26. 27, 29. 80-Panrde betel, for pre
inoet No. 5. Third warJ.
The borne oeo will be at Paye's hotel.
The hbon6 eof elistratio rwill be between
10 o'clock a. m. and 10 o'clock p. a. on al
legal dare, olmtting the horm from 12 to
one p. m. and six to seven p. a., from o*t.
9 to Oct. 80, both Iaelorstw.
B. C. Ot1&ATrIc. Registry Agent.
Helen. Moeat.. Oat. 4 18t4.
the time for the registration of the
ename of the qualiel electorse I Election
Dies lse No. , 4 the sounsy of Lewis and
Clarke, and state of Montana. prior to the
ueneral eleetlon, to be held on 'l'uedar. the
sixth day of November, 1894, for the said
cnuaty of Lewi saod Clarke will expire at
ten o'clock p. . eo the thirtleth day of
Oeteber. A. D. 1804.
The names of the several preeincte or
polUing poIne ebraoed in said Eleotion
Distriot No. 3re as follows: Preinlot No.
11. Blith ward poetoffmo baildiln, No.
1407 Helena avonna; Preoinet No. 12. Biath
wasd. Boyle's osen estate agency, No. 19(1'
Helena avenue; Preoinct No. 28, Colle.g
Piner, Johnson's stores Precinct No. D9.
Valley, Warren's school house.
PraM Csuao. Registry Agent,
Eleotlon Dastriet No. 8, Lewis and Clarke
analy. MeaYso a.
rel.Rltratlon dietrict No. 8. corn ie
sug the Bilb wart. College Place and VAl.
le'.designatedrespectlvely so the Eleventh.
Twelfth, Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth
preionct. Lwis and C.arke county, Mon
tean. 'lh.e nodersigned relisty agent for
said dletrict hereby gives notice that he
will sit, for the purpose of reglt ation of
roter, within each and every preeinot lit
his election ditl let upon the datle and at
tbn I laces named as follows:
Oct. 1,. 10, 11-Boylu's real Nsate aency.
No. 1W8 Helena avensa, for precinot No.
12. iasth word.
Oct.'12. 18- Warren's school house, Vnl
ler, fo: prelcnct No. 2J.
Oct. 16, 18-College Plae, Johnson's
store, for preo.ant No. 28.
Oct. 17-Boyle's real estate sney, No.
1839 Helena avenma, for precinct No. 12
8lath ward.
ekt. 18. 19, 20-Northern Paolflo depot.
p letomie buildlng. No. 1407 Helena avenue.
for precinct No. 11 ixthb ward.
Oct. 22, 28, 24, 26, 26. 27. 2), 80-Botlee
real estte ageney, No. 1809 Helena avenue,
for preinoa No. 12, Sixth yard.
The home omen will be at Boyole' real
state saency. No. 1800 Helena avenue.
The hours of reglstration will be between
10 o'elok am. and 10 o'clook p. m. on all
legal days, omittnag the heours from 12 to
one p. . . and esi to evea p. a., from Oct.
9 to Oa: 80, both laelselve.
Prrmos Cvutso, iRegltry Aeat.
Helena, Meet. . et.4 18a4.
1pla lf J. J komas GOo. Luz (joff. Pat
rick Kell d AJohn V. Jerome, lasigne of
Ihomas +off, Mary it. * llrer. lbs Laraml,
I:aliD tMIl. a c.rpoatio-nn . Johu H tboher.
Filen 8. (lofl and John (I,,f. Jr . dofondanlts
i nde* and by vrttneufan urdor of saleaddI
croo of toreclosore and sale loinoel out of thi lit
Iriot court of the frst Jir clal district of lI..
state of Montana. i sad for the county of Iwla
and Clarke. on the 1h ddy of Heptemor. A. A .
IPI ia the above esltltad aCttIn, wherein 1 II
liam N. uaraum. the above named pllantlf.ob
tlned Judgment uad deerm of tforclosure
and sale acast Ihomas o(lt and Lizzie liott
et al. defendants. on the 1htk Y od ftiepember.
A. I 1.64. for the sum of "L176.1 beiLdes In
eruvat. coat ald attereyse fIees, htb said do
oree was. usn lbe ht% dy of iiep.smber. A. It.
I.l, ,eeorded I jud meant book Ito J of said
court at paet -. I am commanded to srll llI that
ortalan lot. pier, or pareal of land. ItIuate.
leing and belng ln the county of I wis aid
(larko. state of Montana and beundoi and 4d
lorl~tl as follows., to-l.:
Ioit unmberel thireen ,(13) in blook num.
bhred six 4At of the I*'eett addition to the cite
[lenal, said lot havllg a frontage on It lhkth
avenue cf fifty (t.) teet and a depth of one huon
dred and furtyl (1U) test to an alley. accordia
to and scaild lot and bloek are more partloulr
ly ldesorlot upon the utliclal pIlt of asll
named additon,. now oa lls In the man.
ner provided by law In the oflfre of tht
couuty clerk aid reoorder of sald county of
I ewls and ('lark
'fToseter with all and slnlular the teaormnte.
I,.redltmsnts sad appurt nane*a thereonto be
longing or lu anywise apprtalning.
Pnblln notice is hereby given that on I hurs
day, the 23th day of tothr. A. D. It19. at
It o'clock m. of that day. at the fror,t
door ,A the court house Slelena. Ioast an
tlarts reo 'llt +.intana. 1 will. ill ihdlience ti
said irder I ale., and tderre of fIre lI..
ure and slle. sell the above desorlbed iroplertl,
or i. r.lch thrrnof II nmar to nrcesaur to tatiL
fIy sIl jrllmeant, with iatere.t and rshll., to th
hIlule atnlt I.t lidir for rslh In hand.
(liven onelr mi band this, the It, dlay of
Colhber. A. I). Ihl.
t'llAiLtH It. (, UHiLd'l, ShrrlJ.
Py E.iFas U Ios. UIJnra l thelif
5ce.onrell, ('lIybarg " Ga , plalntilf at
J notiee that the uadetrled has thiL
dyer flied I the Dletrlot Court of the First
Jadlelal IJttrlet of the stale oMf ont.as
lu sad te tIe emuaty of Ijewl sad (Uarhe.
ble poalllom preylaL that by ordeo of the
sal osarl his msamo mar be eaubeod i*
Vlster Jay, and that he lateada to present
the said nppllastlon to the said seart on
the 9th day of October, 1834 al the
optlOnR bhour of rourt on that day or as
goon thereafter as rooneel m Lat beard.
Vcrrnm I rHIADANDs.Dr
Helean, Mont., tept. 2, 1094.
Rcal Estate
*.r1o-Nset 6-roam bk dwellia on Clarke
streeti beth. stable. tod. f 0o 0 dow
ik(O-7-roo.m brik dwllln on Harisen
avaeua u~ u 0 down.
.u-(k -Heulome brlik dw.llnla on Balte
avenue, within * awhaler' walk trot aala
-1 modern dwellita on West tidee na
ie;ton avenue, oern roolts, ltb 30 doewn_
1.5 per month.
l.tuWO-Neat dwellino eo 11 arv'neS, =ar
l d'otm aaveLnnnl, .eve0 ooms, stable; *MA down
balancu on .ea Item b
POt'--'ot dwellln of three rooms, mall
,table. eitl water, 1.t Oxltlt on south I odnOw
-;.,, - Hlandsume dwesllnr, Iope soums, bal,.
forums'. statlltnar tub,. talble, ilnlhbd in hard
wood; on we.t i~ldo; .POodowU.
*LLut--Neat ootage un hikvhlh arenn., am
o'ecutre Il1, four rooms, ocllar. closet pntry;r
80t dows.
line waoeh in bitter oota Valleo. Us sres,
tenee l. ample water. log house. oaben hera.
stable, granary, meet houns. shels and o9ialt
nsar county seat, aovent and ashool. t ll en.
chaunge l r elents propertly
it .ch miar l)earburn. O astr pitented.
h old r.t. thliber, Vater: mortgage uto StA, to
riu thlre tars. Will take luu ourds of woad
for e.ult). or will tike ettile or hreem.
Ilal:ch of Il smoe1 nears Lo, gan l l under cl
tivatlun, ample water, fnfecl. 10el aft hay
ranch. wll .lst ual to rommnmd 4.elea and
butte markets. ample boldhingi. itleo. itoled
ini a lot of farm Implements and twenty head
of horse, $1i.2.5 per ars
House. for rnt.
of the First Judicial distrot of the
etate of Monatna, a and for the county of
L-wis and Clarha
Thbe ommonwealth Title lnearanoe and
Trust sompsay, trustee, pJlalatt, vs. Elisa.
Loth Vawter, Cornelius L. Vaster, An
nie E. Barnese, Prsetr & Cbalmere
(a corroration), Borls. & Co. ("
corporation), the Oenet National bank (a
corporation), the Northwest Thomson
Houston Electric company (a oorpo sties)
the Northwest (naeral leletrti oumpany (a
ororporation), t. C. Johnson. George N
Knapp, Oeorge It. bitddird and Chavrle D.
Mlaonm defendants.
The stlte of Moeatna oseds sottng to
the above arned defendantas
You are heraby required to appear ln an
action broought gaglst oon by the abore
named plantldf In the distrlet court of the
First Jadial I dislrlt of the state of Mon
tane. is and for the oasty of Lewis and
Clarke, and to anewoethe complaint Oled
therein within ten days (zeclatlve of theday
of service) after the esrvie on ya of this
summons. If served within this conunty; o*,
if served oat of this ooucat but to this
distriot, within twenty dayli otherwiae with.
in forty dars. or Juadment by default will
b1 taken aealast yeon ooording to Lhe
prayer of said complaint.
The said action Is brought to foreolose a
certatl mortgage bearing date the 80th day
of August, 18tJ, sad recorded tin the omos
of the o*unty recorder of the sousty of
Lewis sad Clarke. in the slate of Montana.s,
In Book 1 of Mortgages. eo page 677. e.
snted by Elisabeth Vawler to Northweetera
(usnats, Loon company, to secure the
payment of her a romlser, note, thereia
reeited, for the tum of $16,0); said Elits
both Vawter having astel by and throagh
Cosnelliu L. Vawter, her dalr authorised
attorney.la-feet, in the ezeatilon of said
note and mortgage; whih said mortgae.,
and the mete sne obligation thereby sc
saed, have been dly amigsed to the
plaitsif, and it is sow the legal owner and
colder thereof.
lhe real estate deeribed ito and sea
voyed by said uortgage is all those traets,
ploees or parcels of land, lyina and being
in the ooeuty of Lewei end Clarke and to -
ritory (now state) of Montana. described as
lots number eleven (11) and twelve (12). in
blok number thbirty.three (3), In the town.
site of Helena, county of Lewis and Clarke,
M.antan., as said oets andl block are desit
nat(d and described :,non the ofelal plat
of said townsite of Helens. filed in the
offie of the county recorder of said county
of Lewis and Clarke, each of said lots
being thirty (30) feat front an the north
side of B:oadway and one hundred feet
doer. and being the premises upon which
is sita.tol that certain brick building
knrown as the MerchaLts' hotel.
The p'ayer of the complaint in this ae
tion, a sopy of whheb hat been iled with
the ole k of this oourt to- the defendants,
asks that the ilatitiff have judg
ment ra.inst the defendant. Ell a
beth Vnawer, for $16.&0J with inter
eet thereon frrm the :)thn day of August,
18tl, as the rat. of Isi per cent per an
nom, for "l,000 as an attorney's feu for
foreelosinu said mortgage and for all the
costs of this suilt; that the usual deo*ee
may be made for the sale, by the sheriff of
Lewis and Clarke county, of the premises
described in enil conveyed by said mo t
gage; that the proceeds of sale may be ap
pitet In payment of the amout doue to the
p'aintit , of the attorney's fee allowed by
the court, and of all the oasts of this suit;
that the defendnot Eiisabeth Vawier, and
all persons claiming through or euder her
subsequently to the eeuontlon of said mortl
sage, be forever barred and foreclosed o
all right, claim or equity of redemption ia
said premisee. and that the plaintiff Iay
have judgment and etcaution sgailst the
said Slizabeth Vawrir for any bilaIea
which may remain unpaid after applying
the proceeds of sale as aforesaid.
And yen are hereby notioed that if you
fail to upnear and answer the said com
plaint, as above kequired, the sald plalatiff
will april to the court for the relief de
mlnded in the said complaint.
Given under my hbnd and the iacl of the
diet ltt court of the FirtjoduaiolsldItisottof
the dte of Mon.aa., in aJd for the oounty
of Lewis and C:a, ke, this second day of 0oc
tuber, is the year of our Lord one thousand
elgbt hundred d nd inety-four.
EWAL.1 . JOHN 15KAN, Clerk.
Ity U. O. FRnEEMA. Deputy Clerh.
Endorsed: L IParker Vezsey, attorIne
for lalnt.ff, Great Valll MeatL
Firset publication O ct. , 1894.
S'l rIFFKr ' HAI,'- MARY |1. )II!' flRR
Slalntlfl. vs. Arthlr [ Pew et aL defendant
I Oder and by virtnis of an order of at s ad
decree of foroelosure and sale iesued out of the
dJatri.t uonrt ,f th-. first jidi'ial dl'triot of the
state of Morntaa, in anld for the county of LAwls
-an I'larte. on Iho 4th diay oi itober.A. 10'.
in hk abovenutitlel aelioo,n wtherela ar I'.
|Iut'or, the above named plaintif. obtalnu d a
pjdlment and decree of foroolosure and
sal* agalnet Arthur L Ilrw eI l. do
fLdantla, uon the :d day of OctoLer. A.
I) tIht, for the corn of $4.i1.17. bntAlee in
teret. e.ete an I attorneys' fees. wh.eh
sail decrne wan. on theo d dal of October.
A L. 1494. r1oIrdd la jldgmient book
No. of said c,nrt, at page -. I am com
Iwended to wsll all that certain lot, peon or
aresl of land. eituate. lynlg and elin laq
a.ntrirna and bounded and decr bed as foIllo-r
to wit.
I.ot nunlerel4 seven (7) in bIlok numbered
bve hlundred and fifty of the lust rly ad-ltlon
to tiet- aoty uo He ona. lontiana. aid Ito bavrlel s
fs oltta non He-lnd a reot of fort/-two '42) feet
and a depth of one hundred (10o) fet. accordlnt
.an, ial aid l ot antI bloot are more Dpatls
Ias. y ,teori.ld Iupon the e" la plat of rati
natud adlition now on fille the manser pre
lided b lIaw. In the rhlre * the co.aty aleek
-ni recorder of 1al4 ceenty of tI w s and
SIsr. ahe.
tog thar with all ms I etineler the teaementa
heoreltamentes and apnrteeaane thereato be
lon nl or t.a an w." Spperatetllnl.
i blue latce is hermbr o (em Irl
dyr. the Ltu dcay eof gi. o c?. D.N. 19L it
r'elcnki a that t . the frtf daer of dhe
rt lek felIei ll wts andt M ylee
ant serseep *a l forgoo g aad . w ahev
lir etes .4a eonea. to etk ifhet aid best Mader,
for reoh I han id.
Oitaa nade my hbal, thiekl4thdayof October,
A. D. J18t
AC'IARIIt D. ('Utril bbarlL.
Ily Vasn o lives. 'ader iltherit
M,'t (.rll tle CLA1111. & L. . JUI plalatil'
- lte rrl ,
U4Wtf ab . Sue It eo DC
00 11111 wr o bma trb..
Ul  thate a ui .
toth.1 jw d VOLwt~
de1. I
Ahe am 1 hea thi 4t siEOtob
rqaunrW. ebb
ine 3SWNWS at
tf. a Lgb .I 01 (1o161l . "d "d. I c t1
above d.Nwbe pro: urt r a arolh ttlunul w
(ii,.11 11r hsoA this I ( d l ot October,
~.D. WLCU 416ACOTN c~i{
211-:2 1 00dTr Illwil
! t r" t tt ts11 p'11i WR" N
tor·Dn 1·Lrl·BU )'U.~r
sthe tIe 1er thie reLgarwlati of the
name of the bestiled esileetes la hetito.
}Ditriet Nae feo. l tlb sloaty t Lewisl
'mid Clarke. nd state of Meataoa, prior to
he a.praL oeinlee, to be held e* T--
day, bthe dsl day of Novembe', 154. for
the sid oeanty et lawls sad Oakh. will
plre e tr a oeolek p. m. on thb thlrilth
Eh of OtOeber. A. D. 184.
''e umims of the seveerl preoinets or
polllil piLUesembr~ced ion as Eiseiaon
Ditleriot N. foutr. a s rfollows: Kectcl's,
Month of Naeses sid Betle .
R. . VL FID-JONsa, eOgiltry AgenIL
'etlea D)istries No. loar. Wie rnd
Clarke coaoty. Meatnsa.
the time for the reglatretlo of the
·mme of thb qasllAd oeleoto:e tn Election
DiestltNoa , mm the sooaty of lJawle n d
i:erk, sad statet o Moatena, prior to bthe
earnersa eletionl. so be held on Tusedsv, th
sixth day of November. A. D. 1W. for the
m-id soaety of Lwils end Jinrlb will *x
rtra at ten o'clock p. m. on the tbitleth
day of O:ober, A. D. 180.
The umams of hbe several roelnets or
pollina plases embreed ia s5ed E!eotion
Detrlict No. 8 arm asfollowa: Mitehl.| I re
ladet Noi.8 Cartereville prelinet N,. 8
Calllt psnlO NO. 84. yk Ornk reBai
p oeinet Na. 8N.
Josen as Itlr. rlsatry Agent.
Eleetlom Dietriel No. I Lewis m d Clarke
Ceoaty. Moeatae.
lo rte sof soeatedtesle district IY. 4
eomprileg est Hrlena, renrobe Bar and
p.hase of lewle sad Clarke county. state
of Montaa. The undentllned registry
agent for raid diatrieot bermby gives nottee
that he will ilt to ILe perpe*e of regisl
Saelens o rvuters within eaeh and ever
reelat of his eleotion district upon the
dat' a nl at the places as follows:
In preeoet No 80. Beet Helen,. Oet. 9.
10, 11, 12, 18, 18, 16 and U1 at the residels.
el J. 8. Clark on Main atIfet, East Belus.
In a reelet No. 81, Ota 1, 19 and 20 at
Deaona's house on Canyu FJerry ,ot and
Spokane oreek.
At preclast No. a0, Oct. 22, 9 , 94. 21, 2,
27. O9 and 8Dst the residence of J. t+. Clark
on Main street. East ioless.
Tho home ocea will be as the reoldone
of J. 1. Clark on Main street, Eistn Helens.
The boa a for registration will be from 10
a. m. . till 10 p. in. (omittlin the bo-as from
12 to one and al, to neven p. m..) on all
legal days from Oet. 9 to (lot. 80. both in
oloalvr J. 8. C.A., lteglsty Agent.
Eastaelena. Mont.. Oat. 48 1804.
heb books for the reglstraotia of the
qualified voters of Dist lot No. 10 will be
up'ned at my ofee for that purpose Il Au
goats. lewws and Clarke colnty, Montana.
on Tuoeday, Wedneeday and Thursdar.
Oot. 9. 10 anoI 11. and in t.i, town of Huoana
( the poetoloee build.n-, on Friday nad
Maturday. Got. 12 and 13; thence again in
Auusata Oot. 1. 16. 17 and 18. from whhob
place I will go and s.t at Mrs. Beau's, near
the Dearborn canyon, on Friday and bator
day. Oct. 10 and 20, and from tbher back
to Hopan the second time on Monday
and l uJeeay. Oat. 22 and 23, then bank
anaon the second time to Mrs. Iean's
Wednesday and Thursday. Oat. 24 and 3l.
thence back to my ofme In Augusta ~a1t1
the eloinga of registratlon on Ta:Jde,
Oac 0, 1894. Jºsn H. Swam.
Reglster( or Jl)ltrlrl No. 10.
plaintiff, vs. Ollyer M. Wbanton, de*
Under and by virtue of a order of sale
nd decree of foreolosure and sale leased
out of the district rourt of the Frest jdl.
eial district of the state of Montane. i
and for tbe county of Lewis ud Clarke. on
the 4th day of October, A. D. 1894, in the
above entitled motion, wheruan Mary U.
Batler, the above named plaintif, obtained
a judgment end deeree of foreelose a and
lea salainst Oliver M. Stanton, defendanrt
on the 8rd day of October. A. D. 1894. for
the eam of $2615 D0. besides interest, cost
and attorneys feer. whieh said deeres, was,
on tbhe rd day of Oetober. A. D. 1894. ree
orded in adglment book No. -, of sait.
sourS, at page -, I pm ommanded to sell
al thbon certain lots, rle**s or partels of
land. situate, lylng and beiong in the oourty
of Lewis and Clarke states of Monteana
sad bounde and desoribed me follows, to.
L.I snumbered twenty-e!gbt (28) nad
twent.nalne (29). Io block numbered forty
two (42) it the Leno a dlltion to the city
of Relena, said lots naving a combined
frontage on Winne avenue of fifty (50) f*ee
and a depth of one hundred and twenty
Ire (126) feet to an alley, aecordins to and
as said lots and blok are more particaler.y
described upon the official pDit of the said
named addition now on file in the manneur
rovdrd by law Into the ofmoe of the counaty
clerk and recorder of tbe said county of
Lewis aid Clako.
Toathebr with all r ni eingular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereanto belonging or in a.ywise ap,r
Pablo notien is hereby siven thaton
idrty,. the 26th day of Oolob ., A.D. 1894, at
1) o's'ook m.of that day,at the front door
of the court heone, Helena,Lswls and Clarke
oounty, Montanm, I will, In obedienco to
said order of sale and decree of foreclosure
and sale all the above described property,
or so muob thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said judgment, with interest and
eoets, to the highest and best bidder, for
nab in hand.
Givens oder my band this 6th day of Oi.
tober, A. D. 1894.
CH.ai.qu D. Cv.nTr Sheriff.
B FnD E Bos, Under Sheriff.
McConusll, Clayherg A Usan, plantiff's
district court of she FIlrt judicial die
tlot of the state of Monteus. in and for
the onanty o1 LIewI and c(ark.. Estate
of Cbharles J. Horoneon, deoeused.
Notice is hereby liven be the under.
signed, administratrl o thb e .t-to of
Charles J. t'oreoson, deceased, to the oted
Itor, and all persons hsaing eliome risgnsg
the sail decesed. to exhibit them, ithb the
neoearl r tuebern, within four months
after the Arst rublleation of this
modes to the sldi adminlestrati
at the lsw offic of Mesnen ihollarJ, Itom
R. Gold bloek, in the city of Helena. in the
coaunt of Lewis and Clarke, state of Moon
tens, the same being the place for the
,raeaselloa of tbe bestines of said estate
Ia the eooate of ldt5 end Clrke.
NA otatr Taniuti.
Admnisstratrli of the hetate of OCharies J.
S eeason, Deeaod.
Doted OoL 14 18,
* Ued to wae masr where ilanen pills and
SPt I sul now tlao.i. .Q la/ these gr'a
" elite are inhalhit.l hr toull.e of culture
" aiad good taat, and they travel via lge
* IarOa-Wa r am iLs 0 0

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