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LIPL A. MONT., OCT. 21, 1891.
wAltaz1Iaoe abraeJ will mIwai. fint Ins
!IEPEPDZND? on file me their favorite
vim1 AvehiA and Metropulltan. New
anWat. Minoaepolb; Ledwlu SRI I'aIe
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Egelasfeli. Ill.
be .pnat ofbis pniols
Ue'ottd for Tue IMDfrrmngx? dail, by It Al.
Crawford. Unitod llale ube rver.
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. .w- 11 z- I
laximnmim to ra~tum, 41 0II.
Alraiaum hnuttnrcure 14
Local forea..t for Ileisus' Loal rusne or
Snow Ie·hiDlt and .nsldaJ, slihtly ouulet.
Bilana . U t. 20, Wt
1e Ameoisto JustiQ%
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a R. PCJ1LLiI.
630. V. COPE
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wCheek ad Rmeorder.
1s Cmiit Attogne.
w Ameess
* 1 Iuw lSateadet of Schools,
r e FwPabUe Admulmttetor.
1 Cmw.
Iim iof.
Jr Jmstlae of the P.ic
IN fCseMle..
W. F. HUnxu,
Oi l, I Corbett's Appointments.
'Lb he. Hal . Corbett, democratlo nominee
*ta, emp. will address the citizens of Men
a te foliowing tilmes and place.
MinPhu B3prtaie .............Oct. 20
p ...i.......................... Cl ............ act . It2'
.......«.... . ........... ..ot
1L............................. Oct 2,
u.crt. an
*fe . . ............. ct. 2
....... Oct. 21
............................. ...ter. A1
S...............................Oct. .1
N.ov. 2
..............................Nov. 2
..............................Nor. 3
.v.. o. 5
The Anaconda campaign p~lat form Is
Short and to the p)..int. It consnists or
but six words'. Ilere they are:
Ilow can We biet fool them?
S The Aniaconlida c lnlo signers hove\','
promised the "h b iig rIl iiiry" (to to hre
diffe-nt l.aat:lns--all the while hit
tt nlihg to build it at Anaconda.
They have, Iiron 1sed. If the It 'his
Childs niake tll Ipurcllase, that inw
'pocks will 1.' built at three (]lf lI.
puiikts-tlnkowiIg eii ntirely a t' I
million .lo3 ar II; n I a! Anacol.' I
They have 1i 0'1.11,l - to 1. ni 11till
It., A. & P. extnsi'son by six F t. it
routes through ii' 'tlbw Amer Al 'utt:,1.
-all ti.. while knwu'they i...t .. i.
clhati'm wcet f A f: A iln:mt.
hIley hay' pr.op ..'i their n il' ;
to elry 11::.!I Iua2.zng "'' Iiii' ,
suppiort only3 iii' '$1 tij' y' b" it. t'
can inmake tolli of.
Thry Ircpu~t atI tit!err $11' of ti',. :I "
that praomnlnent eill tit lii.e ',
sIde atie for Anacnul"n.l \\h, u 11l l
they are for ll.n 1111.
They tell Catholic:; that MaIrc'. I .1
Is a Catholic, andi thty uOiuI,· I', I
unts that he i i.. 1':i;lI te fh. I -
*VU Mo t. II.! III,' y.,issCl thiatt ',:... I:._
has nitsi.,g to .'n with, it.
t# 1: it and t'. (,le II1'.
oar ,'apply, t1 lileiC 10i J'
coUjT~Y they 1m1 Ithiat J I th, . I
Is thf.Ooal f", u.'.
Thuretheyc.lllll.,h"' 'Mink,,' . n,,
t~IIIeat.'n. Th 1 Il, thy. .1 I , ,
afraldl, they Sttei1iipt t ruin.
In the fnl. of p..lII. ionof II i Ili, y
load their wu Olia "If t (x. iit!n tiI
tpul 111 11, I' i L id Irck' t fy . a1 I . , t i.
I/t'vi, llt· Ile' I fart thail(f I it (III.)
Uiwller inito at' jtl. v, reIU.IiI.o .Ii
wageus. they *l,'ut it, ii ...t I -fib coai.':IJ
that Anamond , i .1 L,,. a.
Notw'lth ttr.' :hit; I i i . - I IL l , It th'. r''
crt4. show the Atou ' ,i .lh~iIy
f wis xthe·ly urocveaIru 1I11,! 'Ii '· t" 1i
ý/ fNII y " tlltrig t' ia. L'uJ tin
Anacnnda company run Its talling's up
n114' htinbrath they Bony ally ownllr.
pll, in ftifte ofl f the sixt .'en powerful
I11:lllc' 1 vo11.( 1lr11( 1oi1s of AnC(II11a, will
tiI tile n" ,. th)li uKiot )" In IIolw jl thiil~
thilvts' maiIIIin ltlpi14r W)oIthz of prop.
uitterly -',talfs I llenti I one reason
lu nupi" (: rl ",f th 1.1t . 1 Hi I11 I1\. II.
(.'1111 1111. I, 11,1(1 11 1-tIIuII e1I1R on their
l4 l a Ii I, N. I hat Ie MII$req 11,l. 1 for
els ~I I, n Jh 1.1, 1 ,'e N . n ice
(ill . -hai i tl1ilI llt hIt; the
it 'll- 1t 1.1% i .; _ -1k
( II a iI .111iI. , %, 1 free.I'I I ,II I ,f
e . , 1 1 1 ý 1 1 - 1 1 , h , l \ r t : r n l :, , I r l )'
, I l.i i l . ; 'It ,i . Ii.' l .r r it l n ru' i
it'll hl, 1' 11\~'111, ; 111 $ l tl~) 11( 1: I tIr 11
V It 1>, I 11 t11p.11, lt. ili C I '1e11I1u I'L.
II , I II II ' I nit, I ,,> it II \\1im1 ptaI1
ii li , ti:Itioll. it.'. lit I o.uting y111 he
11 '1 11u 11, ,I I y 11' fl't'll c iti
l 1 I' 11,t ,hi ,ih, n 'I :l ute t i the ul
\1 1, al . .i ii I" 1ik," thte pip tu'
11I II 11114 , I , Iy i l t) II ;t
i, I f" ,., ,lith'al Mul v o n., llllt. They
h ti t . a ill thens t,1' I'.(r.'11 1e legisln
to!', litig's. c..tonrosimen. and sena
tors. .n.t' hIon'C th.lir eyesi on the
guhel natoritl h:air. 'TIhese anlbitions
are lauiIailll. 'Th'eto is no occupation
more honor .lde than participation In
public government. The luster of high
ottllial poI).tion sheds its light on pos
ternty for several generations. Mcen
and t.'nn.tn I'are prolud to be known
as det 'lilllats of a. governor or a sen
ator, le . ta, Ie ' ,hoo pant of such a
posiltltt ,,rdinarily must he an honor.
aI;e ;iol t:1,nted man, respected and
trust. l I.. It ns i It, ghors. There should
be nlo e.x il to tthis rule In Montana.
sMen shoult.l ,he free to rise by the force
their .own ability. The exercise of a
votinlg plinthi'g, should select politi
cal .,r\'vants uninfluenced by money or
patronage. (In these points there is no
roonl for dispute. Yet there are men
and publli Journals In this state sc
blitndld I, l,.'prsent IntCrest as to advo
cate the overthrow of an htonest fran
clhi.-e ad the delivery of electoral
controlt for all tinte to come to a single
corporation. No one with an atom of
brains can believe that with a capital
locate d i in tow11 owned by one rich
and domimnant influence-, and all public
olfi'alt' sujlject to the teimptations of
its wealttih and i protmise of power, a
free and unblased ballot can again be
had in thei state. It is plainly evident
that the money of the corporation
will be freely expended to perpetuate Its
i.'l rule, and that the pir.ects of
l,:eferment will attract to Its banner
tile monst venal and unscrupulous
l;s ,fa advei\nturers. These mln will
lo' pushed to the front to fill the of
tices atl verl'y s.nio a hand ofi plulnder
,,rs will Iet organlized fr mutual sup.
pIrt which will be impregnable to
attack. We warn the voters and those
expel.cting political honors that the
batttle must be fought on the pending
question. That creature' of (corrulption
kit, wvI as the Anaconda Corporation
is bes+linl g th, 1 . pe. le prepa'ra)tory
to d.tgitltition. Its nlmlnagers are ibrthi
in, willh : ,llty and pt.l nIses, or
,il. laing wivth threats ev'ery possilet
.IlIisitilon. Th, atre determin,.d to
p,.-s.:"s t .hemsel.:. of the caplital well
k,. silg that Wlih it .a.s all the
-f1trea sur. y mul | Il l illll l . p p or41 1tu liti 's
f l 'I illnll, r. Th.i tinei t, , ,F'.tlh the
sl ke is tight now h I,,IUl it has oipp r
in, ty t, ItVi it.. it pulsive folds
; ti lt d ti h 1 l..y I,' i oIt'.
n, fs for tiln iit i lua' l, S(,r'f tl, y y It i1
it f. .I:; Iin lti,. viinin ' tIi i.., u s l.- 'i
* IL .t i i l j' , , I .i i c].tihul It t
, I . in ,11, tt v. :I I, r . ,111,
tiiI '. I I .'
i1 t fa il t ,I. it t it . iI
It ' ' ill ' , . 1 l .11 '' l t l
I .t t - ' I' I , w i h iit i
1I , t l I,^ ' ! ' l''iSl. t fir i
t -\1t ,ll t tt i.ý' ,1. T i .--'1111i l il .
" u l t, ntl I, t ,, , tn th a tl I1 I l l
'I!l1, I I* i- l n Ils tH I
* , ti' ' t1 P . r t at1
I ]*
il ' ! .. I ll i l f.l r Sli
I t : t L rs 1
S, I1 h1 n I.,n, ,h ait I, r I, ,
S i' ~ I " . , 1 Ii if' r, I a t
Si I 1 ', I 't ' . t1 t,,
I I I . 1. Iht l IrI< - , I, ll thIil
I,. ·.·.. 11 ru n I.1 1 f thi u lt11 111.
I t , * 'i'I Ii'I*I t 11 . , rll II 1.1.
l i ' ,I 1 h i1 1 1 ' T i ' I t 1 11 .
1f I . 1II it' tri' I io t *' I 1 1 ftl y T
i ; I ii ItI m \ l' irii [I :i ')t<
t1, 1 ,', T i. TI 'II 1' l IT l 1 ,, ,T th,
n i p ,' , It 1 ten ith ?,I I T1 I I ni"
.1 iii I,, I JT-in -r i t T Iji 4ir 'tlT , t ilh t I T
1tlldI , 1 1 ,"u I it ill fm " A I. kt, 'I.i InI Lh,
Pills 11,, , :Inl l ,1 1 0. W Il" 1", %%h ,1 : - h , l1,t ,i,, '+;;s
,tlu' ha+ bh 'oll l.to IU fI'unt yubit t,)
point where Anaconda capital meet
Ings were heid-wt'rk ip the Iinterest
irevious tor tb. meetings aund bie in at
tendaimnce to urnish the aippilause.
Thirty newspapers ta Ii. inirrt lltainun
irri tetnin tha' praitraes .froarparatitat
i Ut, as e'xempififed bry the Anacoaraxu
si traition
Thesea'.rnd sucrh othe hu'aInnd reds as
the' Strrandard haint its close n'ryurjaalnt
anas with the subject may be ahle to
sin dry.
\\ hlen nr cnnnsidetrs all theae farceen
t tr hansm r alariet antad nUasaitily
hrav~y exn'anaa's. it Is tat dlifficult to smt'
thnat Min lirggln's $t1in,000,00 fundia is
ama n., tairg lar. Ir tinei juittianvaitna of
suchn it calarp, Igna.
ctnly two ee..eks I' the .tital canm
paign remtain. It %%ill he ta0 weeks of
great corporati on uhilth is '-ehing to
ip ,Itthate the atpit'tal of thi' 'tat has
Sagw|itI hate I' n|il rttnall ditlen ve it t
th, tidl,. \1ete, ihl %lte ,, to h taken ipl
day, nn ox erwhelming majory111 ii oV f the
itple of M'otitatna wttuli ,,tst thew hal
lh ts / i g a ln s t t h is i , lo n t or', l| ; a t i ln
that is seeking it rivet its fettters upon
litt the pis.1hl must not docttv, thin
sel\e.. The coffl'rs of th, great ctr
ilttratilont huit hoen opened anti thl' mil
Il nits . nti. nlty of which it has dtefittl -
ti tihe il.payl rs of the state :ar nw
being pttoared out in the hope of turningi
the tide of battle. The aiwful p,.c.r of
health in corrupt hands is now to he
fi'acetd Landll fought dlown. lThe aigents oft
corruption are infesting every lproelct.
The are attempting to purchase regis
try agents and judges of electiton, just
as in Blutte this week they have been
securing fraudulent naturalization pa
ipers by means of perjured witnesses.
All that can possibly be done to pre
vent an honest election, to thwart the
honest purpose and intent of our peo
ple, is being resorted to.
Let the honest voters ,of the state un
derstand the full Import of the strug
gle in which they are engaged.
The people of Louisiana whipped the
scoundrelly lottery company to death
in that state. Let it not be said that
the people of Montana were less brave
and less honest in fighting the lottery's
twin In corruption in this state.
That recuperation in business is
steadily going on all over the country,
is attested by the reorganization of
bankrupt railroads. According to the
Railway Age in the last three months
fifteen roads, with 3,187 miles of line and
over $180,000.000 of bonds and stock have
passed through this process, nine of
them going toward making up the new
Southern railway company which is
founded on the ruins of the Richmond
& Danville and East Tennessee. Vir
ginia & Georgia systems. Added to the
previous figures for six months they
give a total of thirty-one roads, aggre
gating 4,503 miles and representing
nearly $237,000,000 of securities which
have appeared under new names and
ownership during the nine months Just
It is a curious fact that Colonel Pink
erton, of the Pinkertons, should arrive
In Ilutte on the same day that Colonel
Peter Blreen, the professional enemy of
'linkertonlsm, made a speech in that
city in support of Anaconda for the
capital. Although C('lonel Pinkerton
registered at one of the leading hotels,
the eagle-eyed Standard contains no
comments on his interesting prsence.
Why this discrimination? So long as
Ct'lIInl Pinkerton and Colonel Bre.en
artl working for the same eml)loyer. in
the sanme cause, we (fdo nfot ,'ee why they
hull nmit he treated alike.
.\', alr inforlln . on gtol authority
that th1r. or fur thrifty rep. u llan.is
on th, ie.Isl'tive and cnutty ti kits
cure thi si ld vote if the city lahore1rs.
lMen who do nit fall in with this schemeo
are to be threatrened with loss of place.
Thlis contemptible scthme sh ould bhe
promptly headed off. It might be
workil without protest in a one-man
town, hut In this city every voter is a
sovereign and any attempt to compel
Lim t, east his ballot In tll, intrenst
f any Iparticular man will be promptly
Il , k, 1.
'h," Standardilr wav aroluseI ot of Its
t ,ror lint long en'iugh to put in 1a iid
f,. ." ( ts pror.] llti , the A o tcnn i l.n
11, I ip -nipnnv, and thin it fill i, k
* t 'I I I tng'-r il -pe llini g on ii
t, help him ,ut IH i s h, ,
. , iw I ur nll., hiu t that , n,11. .
' ' S' i .. f I th ii I-i.. II l it
sth l I 1 , I I. l t in a f. a ida,.
1 ',I r r1t vuil i,',a111 1 11,"I I 1( ? I,*
l Ity, at a Jay c117,!rt 11. ." ?
I"1 1 1. , 11 1 ý 1II I I- II. X11 Is (i ilH Ir,
~ll - I" :I tilI "itv l: .l tty
;W 1' S .. q a%..tel1 . li- W .
1.1.;)' I I t I r. n l\, 1-11, till r..lu ii . f t11,
.Iytng ;."t l i et u nuC , tt 11( Or ws 1,, u t .a
liinggt. .n1I IrltnJ i~I l.~
In no '.ont'-in t Eil , s.f the c.tizens of
I" opiy ora dotscitd war u..u the foresr
Thnt iso k'stkl oulYn) b. th1 Aiiaoondi
compeni to corrhm I tb. VItoll . I 1ra pI
port of its deseerate seheme to bay Ia
slate cartal.
With a sane regard for their own lateI
eats and thoseof the people of Park smanty,
whbll are one ano lnaelarable, they have
sounded the battle or oof frelom.
Fully reasiaug the blllghtlag fle poa
Montana's proireus the snooses Of the L a
ginu ooseplras would have they bisn iahe
u' the oudgel is defense of their bhomne of
their obtldres, and of the buoo and glery
of their state.
rheo appeal to the patrioliesm of the peo
pie of Peak county will, we have faith, be
suewrrod by the obheerng shoats of loyal
men which will be echoed and re-oebood
thoughbost Montana as the ranks of the
iomm&on people are swelled by the gellant
defenders of the state's sovereigaty.
Let the " be no slncleog, no hbsitating,
no wrong .saumptions. The tins iS clearly
and unmistakably detined. On to the bat
tIe and down with the enemies of our lad,
An O(limloe From Aftr.
The Otutlook.
T'll I)utlook, the 0eneo0lor to the Christ
In 'union,. Henry Ward BUsober'e pe:lodi
cal, has cautlht on to the situation in Mun
tana. It eays: "l ho name of the proposed
site (Anaconda) 18 moste beautifully in
kuepung wilthl ts ambitious i not with Its
rapacity. It I. but one-third the sta of
Helcnn. is twice as far from the nester of
bhe state and four times as Innooresible."
' ""'he Ausconda pnpr deroter ilse f
to ridicule of Helens. critioleme of its aril
locracy. denunciations of its pretended
friendliness to lat o: and most onatempti
ble oommeuts upon tbo chargoler of its
wonmen." " * "Moally it does seem to
mean the death of the state it its voters
slace their capital in the kesplin of Ana
Friendshlp for Labor.
Mlar. vlle UountaOaer
It anyone doubt that Marcuos Daly huas
always boon the to of organized labor and
that he attempted to break up the Miners
union, they can be convinced of the fact
by coming to Marysville. The • is a gem*
tleman residing inu our ity. who a ftw
yeas ago, was an ofeer of the Miner's
union and we think that he will tell you
that he received ofers of money from the
Anaconda company to disorganise the
union. The gentleman Is perfectly relia
ble and will give you the exact fate In the
case. The fact that the Anaconda com
pany reduced wages in Anaconda is as well
established as the feet that an Anasonda
company onaiei and dos bueinoss ln Mon
A RIeversal of Semtiment a Gallatil.
One of our Gallatin valley eo:respond
ente4 W. W. Wy:is, a farmer of theb front
rank. after writing as a letter on other
matters, adds a posteorilt as follows: "I
p scums you noticed how bad the Basemen
Chroniole *fe: about the letter I wrote you
stating there were some people in Gallatin
valley who were for Helena for the capital.
I have talked with many lately and bhave
been surprised to find that Anasonda is
fast losinga ground. Her campain of mon y.
bluff and ridicule, all without aglumant is
acting as a boomerang. Conservative men
who two months ago thought Anaconda
milght get 75 per cent of this county now
tbink the oeroentage will be reversed."
Helels Gainlag Everywhere.
F om every valley In Montana comes the
glad tidings that the tide is now rnnnlog in
Helena's favor, latters roar in from every
point of the compass eongratulating os on
our stand in favor of the people of Mantans
and in favor of economy in on: state gov
ernment. These letters say that the bone
and sinew of the lnnd, the freebolders who
have east their fortunes with Montana with
a view to making It their permanent home
a e for Helena for the capital. and that
scarcely any one Is favoring Anaconda ex
oppt a estragling few who have no inte est
in tlai state and are receiving money to
weo k for Anaconda.
Everyb, .y . III1 Do tIle bame.
Livingston I'erald.
Yesterday, in giving notice that it is get.
tinu ready to wi.e the tarth with the
Northern Pacifo company, the Bmandard
"Anaconda has friends at Livingston.
Wo u has been adroitly wbiseo ed at that
point that Livingston will loe3 her shbop if
lelena is not well sapported there."
If the Standard had said that upon the
result of the oapital contest depends the
question whether thn Northern I'aciflo will
morve all its portable taxable pro'orty in
Montana outside the boundaries of the state
itself, it would have come nearer the
Can't lirrow Ilutte's Plutmnae.
ieagher ('onty News.
lIutte, 11 lona and Great Fills ar the
three centers from which cotolprises em
Sloying luboring men originat,. Is Ana
conda the hreandarto for: all kinds of en
terpri.es? Nou A.aounds cannot shine in
the glory of Butte being the workiomabn's
Iradise. Ulotte is not a corporation town
that can be ruined by the command of a
corcrr.t!on to abut down the worka. Coa.
sider well, you worklogmen, and cast not
a ballot to assist corporation rule or nest a
slur on the fair name of Montane.
(ranilte County Loyalty.
Plilipvbnrg (t'al.
Annuc nds need have no fear al not the
";i, alty" of the people of (ranite county.
I bey are chock fall of loyalty, but it is of
a different 'mako to th t which ut,. Ana
cunda cop.ur combine refer,. It is loyalty
to ptriucple and honor and to en rilGce it
t'y voting for a corporation t, an owned
nod controlled by a foreign coinnmay, they
would die first. Ilelira clause little, but
she will get ru.lIh.
lbh'e Will El.,ct Ileelsa,
An blone replatretlou and en honesa
coint will give to lIeluna the capital-tbha
I. crare---ntrd het pe plO ire more tinn will
jug to enter upon any mutual irrilungement
with tO', Anaconda commiit~tOe fur gcuring
thu regC't.
U nr(.n.l· Ilet~reeu lie l1w·,
4 ~tI al.Ii e rnul..
Ani ~l'l ((,ti do bulmtie-S. in 11015Db
without caking leave of anvl-dy &se.. No
b uly (nn do bn.,nls A ib Arie,,rit , withont
the co.nverit of Ito Ancolpia itirp..rtiou.
-I 'I(iI Al,
hPrO)Iron H o rizitc. III lt.: (.on at
cue I fr onia wck; Chlil in,, (ira~l Coll.
eesuiralCA dray. hnIel jnurc:.ae aIn she
Bild Blutte 1.0%) cm~l 1'I "t shrs..
(uslui luftior. I'llu ipitrung.
tbouuthru (trust a a Iow figure.
26 and 27 Bailey Block.
Is not in it with some of
the Hatter sold io tbis
alty. In feet it reputs
tieo presdes it mseenl
bloks. Ours ls
=NOT _
O1 that klud. as the han
dreds of patrons from all
partsle of this coaus att
test.- Thel wilt some
from all over to bua a
Rood slitlole. As it is
with our jitteo: as It is
with our Malls ieup
We 1garsates there is
---IN IT- -
But pere maple sap.
No rlosose, no eSier of
other adulteration.
Walker Bros.
Telephone 60. We dellr all over t he elty.
Seen such good goods sold at
such low ligures as we are now
selling all kinds of Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and
Shoes and, in fact, our entire line
at lower than they can be manu
factured for, because we took ad
vantage of over-stocked manu
facturers that needed money.
SUITS-We sell a good Suit
for $4.00. A better one for more
money, of course.
OV ERCOATS - All kinds,
some heavy, others light, prices
according to quality from $2.5o up.
a suit up.
SHOES-From $z a pair up.
HATS 'till you can't rest,
from 25c up.
A BIRD-As a bargain there
is nothing like our Chinchilla Pea
Jacket and Vest for $5.oo.
nle Sam's Loan 0mce
Corner Wall &and Mla 1Strmols
VTat we dliply,. but not a hundrslth part as
tasy. and appetlsing u our stook of fOrst-els.
stsple and fancy groceries. Its as neatral for
people la He.lsa to come to nu for prima geods
as it ia to use ice to keep thins cool. lint
while ice kpp , cool only white it las's. we
keep our stock at the top notch of quality con
staotly, never allowing It to melt down into in
ferior. poor and uneslirable goods. )on't put
on your table any article tbhat on must cosa
himself to be able to eat. but make your bill of
fare cn ist of soumethin temipting and invit
ing, satisfying and delicious. Armour BoupsD
one-quart ea, 25e.
The Old International.
The old and popul"r Internatlonal li!ol is
open for business, both on the American and
kuroyPanI pla-. under the managemont of Mar
eus 1sisLer.
Rates from $1, 211 a Day Ip. 141agle Meals
1S Cents.
Diningl room under the management of Chris
'Ihn celebrated Liener's Mineral Water used
in all departments.
Elegant Mineral Baths in Connection
To Ituy Diamonds cheap I have
n lnr In :o !'.k of LViamonds that I
will .ell I: r 'he next 30 days for
les. t!au urt cheaper thaa you
canl Luy tlucn at wholesalo.
A. (6,LI)HFlRt(, 9 S. MAIN ST.
Er.lCh C elaalaj ml dI y.:ij. Fe.mrirDg byh
frenpp. vros... I lorL w *q. vsv.t. aau
.Ilk 4r.a~n. gen'lorn'iovrn g o 'rl ttk (I 1.r,..,
fentti.re. fnr.. Ia... ceraiin ..I~ mik an I i
un4erwwar and :oaotliein '.il.tctlun guaramn
lau Id 01 .rand .ina.L u4Sr IHotaL 41 I"Ana.
Hel.na. Mnotau . N'.L rrco alalA. fIr U. do
lefover o [nootbs t)r ot*S miala fur at san
peal uf tie city.
Ant eiAl Kii M-isi of
Filfiltera, ollosolhoI Goods,
Ilarnw.. WsjpoU, and, good of nil d.oerlptaons
I ti 0 adbw r. f is rl... fI.r U.w. asa, 1I
yuueaL Iwilurds Ie.L IaFtury.
Are Not Too Poor,
Not Too Rich,
Not Too Big,
Not Too Small,
Not Too Short,
Not Too Tall, to 3
Just the Clothing you're looking for in our Store at a
price you wish to pay. Some dealers simply strive to
get a customer in their store, sell as much as they can
at one sale by misrepresentation, and never expect to
see that customer again. Our way is to satisfy the
buyer, no matter how small the profit, and that's why
we sell an At Cheviot or Cassimere Suit for $9, a
better one for $1r, a still better one for $13, etc.
We are selling Storm Ulsters with big collars that
are wonders. Some ask $tI.oo for them. We sell
them for $1o and $8. A Beaver Trimmed Over
coat for $x5. Unplucked Otter aad Astrachan Z
Trimmed Coats cheap.
SDress Overcoats.
A well-made, perfect fitting, light
weight Overcoat, just the coat for
cool mornings and evenings. A
coat that will cost you $12 to $8
anywhere else. We sell them as
low as $5.5o.
When you come to stylish Meltons or
Kerseys, trimmed with the best of 4
trimmings and good fitters-we are
,the leaders. Others ask $x5 what
E we sell for $zo.oo.
The latest cut extra long blue-black
English Meltons, broad silk velvet
collar. We will sell them to you
for $x5.oo.
E Fleece Lined Underwear that is considered a big
bargain by many at $1.25 per garment, we sell for 75c 3
per garment (just as many suits as you want, too).
Here is something new that will interest every
E poor man. A Natural Wool Underwear, not all wool,
just enough cotton to keep them from shrinking,
for 75c per garment.
The quality of these goods will please you. There
has never been shown for less than $I.5o per garment 3
anything that touches this one. Extra fine, fleece lined f
Underwear at $i per garment.
Something in Laundered Shirts. All sizes and as
many of them as you want. A well known make for
one-half of what they are worth, 75c each.
Linen Collars at Ioc each.
Linen Cuffs at I5c each.
All the lateat shades in Neckwear at the unheard
of price of 25c each.
Have you seen them? Those Woolen Socks at
25c a pair.
All the latest fall styles in Hats, the Dunlap, Knox
Sand IIarrington shapes.
Our Trunks must go. We will sell them at less
than they cost us to get rid of them.
, r The
a Plymouth
ý Clothing House.
THE Jewel
One of the Be-0t Heating
Stoves made for
Base Burner for Soft Coal.
We carry one of the largest
stocks of Heating and
Cooking Stoves In the state.

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