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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 21, 1894, Morning, Image 6

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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RkNiboh BWUIU and
Areº r., alr
ýýaýºM-PN"u I 108 : t0 st. vu
Sash.'R. . iaI 016i mltrtz
,sa1Nalh I '.sm*SI hurbh -
Y Lasren of O el sb.rrr. will
1. m. sad Sr.un. All Bcann.ai
Oer.aa. liokobk al I'ronsecl
ele 11 S. U. d $ pp" i
to 10 m . týmeeYudbuu ;.::'.
Sm. .A. Debut.urS'
Wait MethodLi shurob--Snunr a
as $0 a,. s, preaehlm. 11 a. m.; in p
9ggheSIUe 6: pb a.i pns6161p, i:311 p.
"+r iare orn.. an. H. IL blolon,
i PibySIrlm ebureb. EleenPtb y...
' M a aa Ewing et,.e-P ve ktaob1 11 a. m..
d 700 s a. by 11e. DI. Uslyd. Sandml
a I1:UO p, m. Y. P. H. C. E. 6:30 p. m.
IiW T. V. Moore., paor.
eOatral Presbyterlan ehsatb Helena aye
a.'-pseeobina 11 a. a. am. 7.8o p. wi'.;
Mmaln'gbg sa ot: "Illeatt*Id sermon by
aneedota as artiglea." Sonday-mobool
o10 V. d. liev. F. WV. Pool, pastor.
Unitariano ehore. Orand Army ball
A memorlal service Is boner of oUirlr
Weadell Volmes will be held at 11 .. in .a
dv;nl adg ser.a mp
ChrlstaUb enbrob Ianton Yreoue--PrearM -
e IIt a. ta. and 7:81 p. . utobject of
aoraing sermon: "Iho Holy 8tprltl and
lia Work." Evenine: *l'aith." rul:;,
sebool U:46 . m. Sciety Chbrlstian I n
deavor, 630 p. as. er,. J. U. btrestor.
(oaugregatlonal hourah, l.elon avenue
padhprees street--L'b,Io*I 11 a. a. and
T:30 t). m. by lier. Theo. Cooper. 1,L. I).
uanday mohool 12:15 p. m. Junior En.
deaeor 1:15 ,. im. tenior Endeavor (:45 p.
*. All ale cordially invited to attend
three services.
St. Peter's Ep.ecopal chureb-Twenty
loeoad Sunday after Irialty: 8 a. m.,oele
bratten of the holy communlo; 11 a. m..
aeraiag prayer, Iltanv and sermon; 2::;0 p.
a... bnday school: 7:30 p. ma., horal ser
vie and ear on. All are oordially invited
tebttead thee seryvloe. Mef. W. W.Love.
Ut. Paul'e M. E. harsh--Preaeblng 11 a.
I. and 7'80 p. m. Mornine subject: "LL.
blitles and Assets." Eveanlng ubject:
"trom Afflence to Poverty." Sunday
chbool 12:1 p. m. Mislen Snudav-school
s charge of Apworth Lesgueo, at 3 I. wm
Tom are eordially navteld to tmes serviceO
Nov. 1 L. DruceO vaster.
I(bhoumatlm i eaOed by acidity of the blood.
3E .' barsapareI parlulp the blood, I ry it.
+""A J Mivbrtº * treat (bate., E*Ionoe
the 5fea
that lterds urellemt Mail mos comfor
ili fetllitiea-"Tb e Milwaukee."
Ithat Itraera a delightful and piouar
agqae perionol the eountry-'The MAii.
=m seritl-the reputation of
. eiaebaad rhliability--"Tke Milwaukee."
t eat re polularity and is stamped
with pblle appreova-"The Milwaukee."
That eaa s abetantial roadbed and most
*igeant train ervle-"lThe Milwaukee."
iThat oaarda always, the comfort, ease
af sty of its gatroas-"'The Mulwau
at funlishes the latest private eoa
~t are samId latest library bufet
searme-"The Milwaukee"
That faralshe elegant drawing room
pasr sas, trme rliala chbate oar an I
easptaa. diaitg o.s-"Tke Milwaukee."
that has eseasiive use of the electrto
Hbah rdiag lamp-"'Te Milwaukee."
h kMilwaskee" eomblaes all the above
Smins, toe I.t trains are vessibaled,
beate by steam elsecrie lighted anl na
giarpmi lazartious appoiatmenta.
s ImmoMelLineola said : "Follow the
gake mad foe aunaot be tar from right."
sel a sn "Thre Milwaukee."
. ' at O . Aest. Gea. 1-mm. Aes,
Lt. PauL Mina.
N.ks.-live trains daily from Twin Cit.
sto CiOaaae one to Lt. Louts and one to
Leu0s City.
abeaellom Tlekets to Californla.'
Take the abort and by twenty-four bon's
1dckest route to California. Elegant
PUllman plasea r.and., tobttel sleepers.
The dialg ear route. The Union Pacifla
has pleoed on sale daily tickets from Hel
mas to California points. limited to sxlty
day going., with privilege of returning any
Ist0 within six moathb, good fur atop over,
at following rates:
To San Franolsoo, going via Ogden, and
tuorating same Oouty. $7ri.
To .an Francisco, o oingr via Ogden. and
returninl via Portland, and vioe verls, $JJ.
To BLn Prancisco. gouinr via Portland
and retrolong same route, $75.
To Lee Angeloe, goi.g via Ogden and
Bierameato, and returning via San Fran
eseo and Ogden, or vice versa, $8:.
To Lo Angeles, going via Ogden and
pan Francisco. returning via Ban 1 raucisco
ann Ogden. $J9.
To Los Angeles, going via Portland and
retornuig via Sacramento, or vice verea.
'Ih:ouh sleeping car reac vation+ and
forther information can be had by calling
on or addroe~sag :.t North Main sr eat,
Helena. 11. 0. W ian',
Freight and Passenoer Agent.
4,800,000 F.'rm On.urs In the United
This number will be greatly incroased an
ualnly in the future by reason of it. imnim
aration headed south ard. Already rinlny
northe.t an d westen people beh. I~ cr"iml
oonvinced that the upper uonthrer states
ofer great attractions to those irr r .
small farms, homes, business Ira:oa.
Ole.. end are taking advantage of t1:. op
We are offering farms, convenrent to
eastern drttkets, at Irlces which ,cant Ic
dup rental e.eswhere. Our s~eciai l1i. , f
Shenanidou~ i vley, Marrland nvai, '.V.rt
Virginia properti.e is Io w ready for i: e
distrbution. Westelu people caI Itk.
ballt-rate exzorsimons tu the Pbenair ii
valley, over the iauti.lryre A Ohio ra.,;"i,l.
f our Chicago, St. Li w, Cinlcionatr i.i: I . 1
. . A ( . ats in (I! . Indiana a 1 . 1i r
uno. ' ct. _ and 9. v '; anid I er.
(`Cor1 and aee 'its .rtry. We ai r ip
y(I looate. A,\dldr., or call or. "
lichab le, land itd .l nngratton i , I
& O. It. It., lialtli,,re, Md.
( iy , oe1. JO.--liu .
gir.a ini tt~a cga, factrnesa ',veer tIr
duetiori I f c .tur tl macblnta .v o; r,
A thontnnd *wtltlras are OI'.
ireg irls smasbed the, wIILAYws ., -
Nodele ricsy , lli won' , LINO
she plact lihd nz.t Tb. pr; U. and bn
beeu da1'atchb'I tII, tbe ,i
I've aelaCet kQ U ry
A We 1 e~~rll ..,
it mnU.t l E. t, ,Ion
tbHt Nt.I (sI E
CLKxYrrIAnI, (ihlo, .'.t. Li. - -At !North
Datr last ni2,t fun, ti.,s'.ad Inmzu I attsr.r I
down the ir ,f the I , A M.Iblr in
factIlong ,'lupaou,, afier 1I ..,inul.' un
wsa ref n.d theta aeIIauj.:,. '1 teny Inr. I
and sgg'd (Is wItelmnp,. I'!ed. t!i u e
med b011 opi' wttL, C ostel. luy dl
bum obtain mahud 's,h.
Parkar (Sough N nnt;' c ,et , cooull. r··,. 14
&md comaaupvton. III .. t'5 bfrI. 1',". I,,
of Ia Bao, N. I arya· 'I tn Oni lrou.,,
f L's V. un ka M rt'p. It ohed IIl
r. lovpe1d my c(.igl, ant I no p.
Swell mw." ',.. by 1'*:cL~,I.
D' ebsel Drt ('t'.
:Lreaw Ma o l taie I. "' "r" a it ' *' 'n
Q .t LL IL e r.V.'. of 2'ii tarn,
CIiyyO tho KIuIl J .` tUb.: th*ud.
I- T n R anti 126IV
South Haiin St. E BEE IV E South Main St.
\\th linings complete. Th' prices herewith given in.
clude ci.,ht \ardl of ;o-inch l)ress Goods and the follow\ing
lindhng :
6 ',ards bst Kid Cambric.
2 \ .uld1 . Ltl iquahty Silesia.
i yard Linen Canvas.
i card Patent I looks and Eyes.
i set lE\er Ready L)ress Stays.
I pair Stockinet Dress Shields.
I piece Velvet Skirt Binding.
I spool Corticelli Silk.
2 spools Button I lole Twist.
I spool Clark's O. N. T. Cotton.
'Pattern complete pla.in Cashmere, all shades....... $3.45
iPattern complete Concord, changeable fancies, all
colors.................................... 3.85
Pattern complete All Wool Fancy Mixtures........ 4.65
Pattern complete All Wool Plaids, Stripes and Mix
tures ........................ e............. 6 .25
Pattern compiete in Tweed Mixtures............. 5.45
Pattern complete in All Wool Duck Cloth, navy,
black, bro\ n and myrtle.................... 6.85
Amoskeag Gingham ............ .......
Standard Calicoes ............................. 5c
hid Cambric ................................. 5c
3(6-inch Butter Cloth ........................... c
Adriatic Bleached Canton Flannel ............... 1 Oc
Comas Unbleached Canton Flannel .............. 1 c00
36-inch L. L. Sheeting......................... 64c
Extra Fine 36-inch Bleached Sheeting............ 83c
21 and 26 South Main Street, Helena. Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
'PILL LP.) FIA0 l·II1 I. .
NMw Ynmti. Oet, ".U I ar ,ilyar, r3 ',.
'I I,. stoc'ti .wirket war leavy at the opening for
the :eadn ; ndu.Irial salres ansd also aiRidy fur
railway list. biut all,r the i intloino of email
coveirg znuvuy'u~t jiric a q4uick Iy timproved
a fractio:t I I., alsaico. though slilgt, wa
fairy wel~l nmsnttio t,
( opar Cl, e.l tleio:, brok ors' quotation,
I sad-('lor.d lutes; browsr,' quotations for
bullion, 13 (AI
(,or.* ruhouts- 1' irm.
I'ottoleuut-:eal!; Nuovnmbor eloed at 82'e0
('lo'ing ('lalng
I'. F. 5a rag... 118, Nitrtb Amrrlcan 4
I . S. 5a r ou Li It. Northern "'acute.. 4.
C. N. . reg Illy N. I' trrf
I. fl. ls coii . 111' * ortiluc. rti.
I'plf Ce. '% ...tIl N. N. pr rs. 1I1
Ateritun...........V NY N. ( 'i ..i..
Adaie,e E .. 14 Pacific Mall..,.. I',
Airrai, I ap 11 Ilolain Inl
( rlata I arid: . I. L Ir)imck .and
pttrall Ia, Ib'..... 11a S. Paul 1
* p. ,t W. . 31 t I ail tprot lit'
1,1st rLI, pfIl I tout hero P a. J'i
Sall,. chre I 3.. Vt ~ u *' UM hc A'4
I.id lire.tt Itiloi. til Id
InL cI antral. 4:1 :M Fargo 114
5!u' ' ri I acift y t,.rflion 1 10
II. ". tirirdiaa, 1 . I' sri rl .i 14
V '.RJ *..a,.y at I icr r, t. Sterling enclianga
1 srevI sIeady t1 '.c( 4;t. for dixtuad, ald
t11 r',R* N 4 fir slty-day bile
1jl All'. 'Ci. ?I.V. lIbi-O.urie .0
Ieatl quall it ra it 'r t muarki"t IdiiI.
'.,elk anil tolr 15c dcersn'. i.- ran,. at f4..a,A'
',nfrlgbt ,t. l" 1 5, fir rough pi'ktiini:
'II.. I ' for toci'. *I.4'r 5 f hr tI.·a
1 rillSilt -hiitnlh 'Li. }L IU n, 6.fIII for tlca.
'.u f'.r we.. rh :t _41,3.iA lii,
'I ,.1
I',. i.l I. " ' o I: murk' t ~tadA at
,·. '.}., gnI .u it,., St 2ý" I au
. , 4 ':, ':l aIt (tit r i
r . ' eli r -
r, i' s i r * . No iifld
,n n I o a j, ,
A --'ip ot I nrkes 'I*., at night miourse the
CI.I.It. rwilrnlnj wltLuot pain or die
I, t. It i , nrcn t 1 with ('ire' arid
; , ir, lsr I"i l by l'acher-1'Aeheul
11. , I:..l** rlrllulr.ln)
. Ihn w.kty tnnk
t t. nit-fit, r" a , l~r. aInane
r, nr ~ > r...u2 ~:4
r ~ id ,,rk.,, " tI c .ta en attn,e
r, O ,; ;-I1' *.1 I .' t!,tg a if o.w II
S.' ty I'[email protected]'.,f I· r A 'tO' hag
I ., .;: I , . . Wlm..U I , , n
~IA· c'.r' A eumeiL f ..r~t
e.. ,' v '"' 'l. -" 'a~ ~ Ic. rto i I l, youre
ii' II~: r,unt ta Ir the roui cla asha: l
'.le ! f *.y Ifn ' to :arI I'a l 't a tt
y I. ( i^iL It'n Iut 1'0
' a I !, , :'J. A cI h r ll o f r uI t ,;
% 1til t fit t's l I)'Aebeu I'ac to I n". ' -
an, InIf IIc e nl o 1111' K 1t I w,, **vIe lst
tin lirdr, c: .1i . , v
1'~." n e .l.i fT N. A., `R, iI thro. O~an
014 1" m --'n 'NC a Ra rid Ii-," c ar.
tal 4 I It-It con en t 1'/ o:s Ir nu 1 ee
l'ul' ID, M L. 1.n l
Splasitiff, vs. Geeoge W. Baldwina. se l.,
t'sider and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreelourer and sale ianed
not of the dlet'iot onart First Jedlltal dis
trict of the state of Muetamts in and for
the eounty of JIle ls ad Clarke, ea the 4th
day of October. A. D. 1894. in the above
entitled action, whereti May 1 . Battler,
the above named plaintiff, obtained a judg
meot and decree of forelosare and sale
against George W. Baldwin, at al., de
feadants, on the 3rd day of October, A. D.
1894. for the sum of $1,432.66 beotles later
ast, costs and attrereys fie, which said
deeree was. on the 3rd day of October, A.
I). 18'94, recer4ed it judgment book No. -
of said court. at page - I am o*amanded
to sell all those certain lots, pieces or par
cole of land, altnate. Iying and belog iL the
county of Lewis and Clarke, state of Mon
tana, and bounded and doecribed as tol
loew., to-wit:
Lot numbered five (5) and the west one
haltf I , of lot numbered 8is () in block
iumberd fifty (50) of thie Lena addition
to the CAtr of HoleOs. elate of Montane.
.lid parcel of land having a frontage on
Win\ae avene of thirty-seven and one-half
7, 2 feat an i a depth of one bundred and
twety -fs (126) ftet to an alley, acsecording
to and as said lots and block are more par.
ticularly described upon the officl Dalt of
aid d amed addition now on ile in the
manner provided by law in the ofme of the
coenty c:erk and recorder of the coanty of
Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all anj singular the tone
meats, bereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or an anywise apper
labile notice is hereby given, that on
tonday, the 29thJ day of Oatober, A. D.
1.MI4, at 12 o'elook m. of that day, at the
front donr of the court house. Helena,
Lewis and Clarke county, Montana. I will,
in o edience to said o;der of sale anddeo eo
of foreclosure and sale, a.ll the above de
scribed iroperty, or so much thereof as
ot:y I e necessary to satisfy ald judgment,
with interest and costs, to the highest and
best b ilder, for cash in hand.
;iven under vy hand, this 6th day of
(October., A. 1). 1-'4.
( r.n e I 1). ( rl1ici , Hberlff.
IHyI I '.r. E. 1 I nd*, l .erllf.
McC.annll, Clayberg A (ia0on, plaintitl's
\0)1 (' 1: (IF BE ;INMNIN ( (F TIM I*: 'I F
It-f,(lralinn. Not;o' It hrr&yr thveu
t, timr and laee for the rldilqtratlon of
tb. names of thb qanllead electors in else
htun disl i-I No. h. In the coontv of LAewt
and ('irik., mIate of Montana. hrior to the
ponie n; eletion to be bhld on Teseday the
biIuIl day of Novembo', 1h94, for Lb. said
(ulintY ot Lewia end Clarke. w1i begin at
ten n'ei.i. k a. in. on the alath day of Oslo
1,er, 1^:,
I Le registsring autnt will be as the fol
iowlu! , clrrelal or toltig plioe5 tmhraod
in isid ":eltion distrlc No. M. are as lot
Iook c( ask hbasi. precinct No. 3) -tI
Mrs. \anrrnie H1e's house, (*lli be biomet
.f iee) on I )ctober :,. 10 11.
Atl artserlols, [rerIOcit No. 1(3--at Kiusse
ren. i'e, ni I ICIu I'. 1', ,it
At Mltchell. pres1el No. o.2--At Mitch
e'I'i on (l^.tobe 11;, 17. 1'
At (,ral ', j.rclnet K, . 1)--Al :l{ lierch's
hbltl roo ()Octoer 1` _Y).
A: bhms office u, OcItober r 22, !J, 24,
24;, rt. 7'..:J.
Iig.stratlon hoorr ten O'''o C a. M. un
tli ten ;,'enk p in
.I'br Api . III i, Ito'? qiry agent.
Wolf ('resk, Mont.. 4 )it, 4. Itl.14
1't tax tprptcrI I tot a wll rde"" Inar wr·jh$
PIM r.A A¶.k II rotIa 1 o 1 peemJa a
eel\- Mu vir tiaýY .Irtvirw or Lulogl
SVub, ",wuf hy bil4 no the Fr4(t
sain beaahfy the ..mpiezinm .avnag N49
N of aNK I. asnr 4abbl ese Ttl't ht
M a Mr wd diffi.rt brow hl m surely roli·.IJ
Nn %IV'L ..4MM n bntaw.m4vtitr a4 "Ape
ty , rell., aieptei l at'.,r yeraro *z aprtl.
"n.. II orde. eppIelll dirret Ir. .:ro "al
vrtS Ito, parkas. r tars. parkrgM fnr S
P, mall cotp a d. Teotlmoals Lavd WartA
.Arl 4 (r.m) Lttt
Alt C urr·ep.~nd~ner. Atrltt'y Coald..laL
I PARK REMEDY CO, Boston, Mass
We have a full line of Children's School Cloaks, sizes from
4 to 1 I years.
PRICES FROM $3.50 TO $12.00.
The Best Line in the City.
Also Infants' Long Cloaks from $i to $7.5o.
Ladies' new style Prince Albert Cloaks at all prices.
Call and see our line.
plaitiff, va. George W, Baldwin *t al.,
defendants: Under and by virte of an
order of sale and decree of foreclosure and
sale ltsse out of the district soart of the
Flrst jadlesal district of the state of Mon
tana, in and for the conaty of Lewis and
Cls'k.. on the 4th day of October, A. D.
1894. in the abors eatitled action, who.iqn
Mary Ri. Butler, the above named pllantiff,
obtained a judgmrat and decree of fore
leosure and sale anaenst George W, Bald.
win ot al., defendants, on tbe 3 d day of
Ostobe-, A. D. 18t9, for the mrn of $1,197.49.
besides Lnterest, costs and attorneys fees,
whlieb aid deeree was, on the 3rd day of
Octobe', A. D. 1894. recorded In judgment
book No. - of said eeart, at page -, I
am eernanded to sell all those certain
lots, piesem or parcels of land. ttsoate,
lyiag and benls In the county of Lewis and
Clarke, state of Moatase, and bounded
sad deesrlbed as foll we. to wit: ' he neast
eae-half (t ) of lut numbered siz ( and all
ef lot namuered seven (7) in block nam
here l Afty (50) of the L olg addition to
the sity of Helsen, esid r" o: land har
le a freateage on Winne'sa e of thirty
seven and one-balf (37y) f)4t and a depth
of one hundred and tweaty-fve (125) feet
to an alley, accordlng to sad as said lots
and blocks are more particularly described
open the official plat of the said noamed ad
dition now on fle to the maneor provided
by law In the eftoe of the om ty clerk and
recorder of the said seniat L'wls and
Clarke, together with all and singola the
tenements, hereditaments and Ip, arte
nanoee therounto belonging or in anywiss
Publl notice Is hereby glven, that on
saturday, the 27th day of October, A. D.
3194, at 12 o'clock . .of that day, at tbh
front door of the oourt houe. IHelena.
Lewis and Clarks county, Montalm. I will,
in obedience to ss4er der of stle and de
ereos of foreclosnrlk sale, sell th, abuve
deseribed property, o io much theof as
may be necessary to satity said judgmnent,
with interest and costs, to the hlubest and
best bi Ider, for cash in hand.
Glrea under to{ band, sbis :4h day of
Oetober, A. I). 1.
Cue D. Ctrnru. '-heriff.
lIy Furrao . Ilos, Uader Mberali
blc('onnell, Clsybrg & (Goon, ilaintiff's
No. 341(I.
Itl t AN 1ý.r .Aq Y, Yont , . tý9 t
Notlice to hereby alien. ithat oh.r' hIale Isa
t~ii day hl.d IUpllratfl.h for pateA', n.0r ito
minris law, f engr's.. for tie r* ar nt
.1:e. d ea Mut.,I a. iurvey ho 4. ' at4 1 .
Iliuorytau-1-1 ,,tio.t din 1i0'. I , ,,, , I !area
covunity. %lIrL' auIa [email protected] ti I 4 w,
wh., h clatum i, r,.crior Ithe ' *tq Ikde r"
cor2.r "4 Lw..' ar nd a lay eutt. helena.
Montanau,& sitt lS.cri'.el as !Jp ouv
ald .1 's? \o 411 h.etz at ''r '.."
1. fessia ehl'ý tiae initial i,.4iI. ir S, a'. .
{ w hars, a li ~ ur I n.,, ''1 a.' 11. It.
tI.hence a 1,3 140. F min" 31' + ft. 5. aO.''. f n d'
Ii' mu u,In*l ft. tI,'u~rit 3,.I *l..J , . ', w trI
1I. IC'Iue a L' dg "3 rouii w ?' t',flty a
'0.r's, 'ri ~w '.2 ft ti it,.. tila' r .
ounhra. uiC I. a Mr's u 1, a t''" a %n .'.tlu of
,at l al ou fte-III was tup,1Pt r. r 'lay ..f
L irat p.r bl at .,n F',5It. _', - ,I
N \ l 'i t I 'I : I S tl l 1 i % ýJ T H A. Tli A
A Liih l1 Ws for it,. I, etr ' . itf tilih
rnudes Of tljl qnal~f1iu *l.lu, a i' in.ertl~u~
Ite.t let Nn. St. ii the monnt, f .las :i i
C arke, and sutt of Miirutuan., r un. to ilis
ugfleral election~. to be hsi4 on I . liy, lhb.
sixth d.1 of November, A. U. 1- n, fur t1t4)
said county ot 1*rwls n 1 4' r . will "t
plre as L n o'ciek 1, m. nn Il' thil Ikib
day oft 1 tot,.r, A. 1) IF'.'(
'l b. rms. of the . ,s'al Ire, lrot s?
r lllnVni use's emb sd 'it sni r n c tnn
District N.. N Brll us folowi NIn ,, 1 re.
stagt Ne. 14, Cartersd~ pr a rot ni N' :$ t,
Cret* pueu'I' uNo. :14, Its, it I r .k Ihessu
prseloet N. .:S
lunt-u1n M. lr hr I I.. ry A'-nt.
lEmotlon 1) neil't No,. L', ue r It'l ('jacks
County. &lntutes.
Firrm i'ol to p'dlLt by Iru1 .1. 1 tantiea
00 wh.,ij tL-y fly frogz M. 110,11
Is t Ca'ic Llu. tud.w lui huiA- VSkTZAI
HELENA, Mont.. Sept. 28. IW9.
Following are the names of the cities noal
nated for the place of permanent looation of the
seat of government of the state of i ontana. hav
ing received the highest number of vote. at the
Ieneral election held in the state of Montana
ueday. November h. leiS:
Etate of ontana. n a
I. louuils Ietwitt. secretarl of state of thestate
of Montana. do hereby certify that the foregoing
cities hive teen placed in nomination for the
riae of permranent location of the seat of gov
ernment of Monltaa. and that the same had all
thereof were tpres,*nte to and filet with me
prior to rpL. N, l.'Siani that snah certincate
of nomination, containing the name of the city
nominated for the place of permanent loeation
of the seat ,f governmaent contained the name of
tho clntr wherein the same is situated, and
was signed by at leattwentr-fve electors reeld.
iag within tho county wherein such city named
was sltnated. n i cuntained with each signat.e
the place of residence, bnsines and business ad
dress of eseh e:eetor redpectively.
I furthor certify that the state board of can
veasore of the .tatn of Montana, on the 2Ist day
of L)eeomber. Is.h. duly oenyasa.d the election
returns "tor ple', of location of the permanent
capital of the state of Montane" and deter
mined from the abstrasts tranemittel to me, as
ecretary of state. in sail year, the votee cast at
snob election, and that the esatement made out
by I, on satd day. as secretary of state of Mon
tana and secretary of said board, showed that
there was no choice for place of location of the
perlanent sajirtal of the stats of Montarn. and
li.at ruch statement further showed that of all
the rcite, and town vnted fur at the general
election in leV2 the "t ity of Anaconda"' and the
"'ity ot Helena" wear the two citie lsocitang
the highest nitler if otes. :
And I further certify thet at the general elec
tion in the ynar IHI, to wit. on ruseday. Nov. t).
I~:. .thell lusetion of permanent locatlon of
tho sat of governmen' of Montana Is hereby
eulntitted to the i'ntifled , Jlectursl of tie stae
ill a- cordaeu. with the pr. isions o)f an act en
tined '"An act tpri tll fir ti seubm.insion of
the ,iuetLun of thl I,e. u.anoent Iocation of the
seat if nov,,rnmient.' attorovetl March tit. Itt.
and .ertou 2, art *' l \ of the constitution.
In toe ll rli.y whoerof, I have, her.nuto set
no il. 1 and nliasie the tireat
te.l of the elate of Montara, at
Ig.%i It leia, the rcapital f said ate,
tOi. this .th day of Ieptember.
A. UI. lIi1
Son'rota. .f stale of the state of
Mti"nt an
So IIf F Is Hiii;I 4IIw (il\ F:N TIIAT' 'LIHE
tim, for the re letratltai 6 the n·ame
of the quallft d .1 cior% in E Ction I)ui
trret N,,. 11. in the count; of L~ewis aid
(larks, and iatt of bl-,ntana, v riot to the
pent al election, to b" h. tl o~n Tuesday. the
111tb day of '4yeinht,e 1"1i1, for tbe said
eviunty o: Lew,g azid i Iii k.*. will ezvlre at
ten o'clock r. ii. on Itt thirtieth dar of
[Ihe nuii.r of the me v.ral p eolncte or
ro ['n2 I nreq ctrlb mood in cci1 1: *'rtion
1) eiint N... , i. i'r Is folows: 16'mA u
aiii Little J 'rni., ;rnI'nets
JIM' M. hlc t, Iag~istvy Agent.
Election iiieiriit No. It, Luwie and Clarke
con T, 1, klntaea.
Civil and
ROOMS 24, 25,
M or.gia N·tt sal
BWak dn dinj, holen a
A. K. Piescotl
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Iran UBa.e.*
N..aal. MN.aeab
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plaintlf. vs. Oliler M. SIsteOn, de
Under and by virtue of en order of sale
and deoree of foreclosure and aole losed
out of h1k district court of the Firet Jadi.
otal dist let of the state of Montane, in
and for the ooonty ef Lewlsand Clarkhe on
the 4th day of Oetober, A. D. 1894, in the
above eontitled sell., wherein Mary R.
Batter, the above named plalntif, obtalaed
a Judgment end doore of feorelnroae ead
sale against Oliver M. tatoem, deftndant,
on the 8rd day of Osetobr. A. D. 1894, for
the aum of $2,GI&80, besidee intert,. ooels
and attorneys fees, whkeb said decree wa,
on the 8rd day of Oetobe', A. D. 1894, ree
orded is judgment book No. -, of said
court, at page -, I am eommanded to sell
all thnoe eirtain lo, ri.ece or parels of
land, situate, lying nad being in the eunoty
of Lewis and Clarke, state of Matana.o
and bounded and doesrbed as follows, to.
Lots numbered tweaty-eight (28) and
tweatrnalse (29). in blook numbered forty
two (42) In the Loean addition to the city
of Helena. said lote Aaving a combined
frotalge on Winne avenue of fifty (50) fot
and a depth of one hundred asd twenty
five (12) foolt to an alley, oecordlng to and
as said l.s and block ate more particularly
described opeo the ofcial plat of the said
named addition now on file in the manoer
provided by low In the offe of the oaanty
clerk and recorder of the said coonty of
Lewis and Clarke.
Tosgether with all and singular the tone
ments hereditameante and appurtenanooe
thereuato beleaging or In anywise apper
Public notice is hereby given thaton
Friday, the 2ith day of Octobe,.A .D. 1894, at
12 o'eloek m. of that day,s the front door
of the court hon,e. Helena,Lewis and Clarke
county, Montans, 1 will, in obedience to
sail order of sale and decree of foremlosuro
and al*I sell the above deeribed property.
or so muoh thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy aild Jadgment, with lnterest and
-sots, to tthe hihest and best bidder, for
eseh in head.
Otven msder my hand thls 5th day of Os
teber, A. D. 1894.
Cuanrt.oc D. Cuarnr, Sherif.
By Fain E. lioiw, Under Sherif.
McConnell. Clayberg & ( On, plantlfr's
. electo s of rlnglt atlon dsltrlet No. B,
oomprllln.z East HeleMn, French lar antd
:-poksne of Lewle and ('larke conty,. stale
of Montania. The nadersigned registry
oent for said districts bereby g~ies nollee
bat he will lIt to, tre purpose of reglls
I atlon of vot'rr within eobh and every
I reeiint of hib letlutoo distriot peon the
dat.s an I at the plasee as follows:
In yp-oluotI No. 30, East HIlleus. Oat. 9.
I, 11. 12, :13 15, 16 and 17 at the resideune
of J. 8. Cl'rk ou Maim street, E*t* Heleas.
In I reeluct No. 31. (Jt. 1I. 19 and 20 at
l'enton's hone, on Canyon Ferry road and
Npokarie ersek.
At rcirlnet No. 30. Oct. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26,
?J. . ad 30 at the rlesdence of J. 8!. Clark
II Mlall street, Elst Heloen.
'Ihe borne ofiee will be at the resldenoe
of ,J. . ( lark on Main street, Eist Helens.
1 tl b·o a for reaoltratino will be from 10
,,. in. tIlL li p. n:. ,.niltting the hoo a fromn
12 to i.n aoIl al to' seven p. rm.,) no all
'al days froIm Oct. 9 to ( ct. 30 ltoth ia
o ..ret . J. l n C.M t.. . (, t 's Ag11..
:natll Ielelns, Mont., Oak M, 1N'1.
- tle bocsL for tbtL reglllttilun of the
luatiifle v"oter. of, Dllt let No. 10 will be
,p11J" at Iny m~.es fr that pnrpose I. Au
,Kita. Lewis and ('larkS county. Montana.
n T fueday, Wednesday oi 1 hursdar,
(I)t. ;I, Iu end I1. sad in the town of Honan,
,t the poslofmlr build,*', on Friday nad
halurday, (let. 12and 13, ShoDne aailn in
Auusta (lt. Li., 16, 17 and 1., from wbieh
pl a I will go anol at at lMr. IBeam's, near
tho I'.arbnrn canyon, on Friday and hatnr
.y., ()it. 19 a ao 20, and from tLee back
4t Ii ',an the a*eond time on londa
ofn Ineelay. ()nt. .. and 28, then back
.,.an the second tive to MrL. l.an's
We Inesday and ' buraday. (t et. 24 anl 25;
then.eo back to ,y office In Augulst until
the Ilolltg of regstration n in Tueada1,
|)ctL : e, IM41. JAr rn R. .IT1rn.
telltster for DistriIt No. IU.
N.. 3477.
U. B. LAn OQrc L
HLatNA. MontL. ept. 20. IAN.
Notios Ie hereby given that John Cameron sad
light C. hile,, of h.iminL, wil and clarke
eosntr. Montana, sad Edwrd Mo(overr, whose
poastofoe address I. liltta bilver ftow county,
Meatana and William Owsly, of Twin Iridge,
Madison oeunty. Mois am, and Loula liailey. of
ilver Bow couontr. M tana, hbae this day filad
their appli.ntion for apatent for 1,500 linear fee
of the Lesley lode mine or vein bearing ol
and silver, with eurface groand from 45 .5i fit
totOO feet in width, iltuated In noorganhi.,d
mining distriet count of Je.Ierson. and state
of Montaa., and delgnated by the field notes
and olsW plat on file to this flie f s uarve
No. LIO, in tewnehip8 north, ranges wet. of
principal btae line and meridian of Motana,
said surver No. $860 bing a, follows, to. wit:
Beginning at corner No. La tree Ift in diam
eter. marked 1- lI6, for corner No. L from
which corner Re. I of nrvem No. 2766 bears n 24
dog 4e min a L94.6 ft. and the ne corner of *so
IS, tp n. r5w., buaen so des 43 mm e 2.i9.3B
It, and raninl from theace n 63 doe .02 min w
1.511.4 ft. thense a I1 deg and 20 min w toU ft,
thece l 72 der 40 mine 1,500 ft. thence n 17 die
U0 min e 81S. ft to rmid corner No. I and the
plsco of beginning. magnetlo variation 20 des
-u min e. eontitaing Iu6.28 ares.
the location of this mine is recorded in the
county recorder's offce of Jefferson county,
Montana, there are no adjoining claime.
Any and all peronse laiming advorsey any
portion of sauld 4ttley lode, mine or serfacr
ground are rnquired to file their advwres claims
with the register of the Unitle mstates lian office
at Helena. In the stato of M ntana. during tlue
siltr diay' iriod of publication hereof, or thy.
wil be barred by virtue of the proviatons of time
statute. W. I. COX. alegiater.
Kterling & Mufly. attorneys for clamants.
first publication I:opt. 6 1081.
district court of %te First judinial dis
trlot of the state of Montana. in andl fur
thecoanty of Lerwi and larke. Estate
of Charles J. Sorenson, deOeaUsd.
Notice is hereby given by the under.
stand, adminslltrairl of the osete of
Chareri J. horenoon, deceased, to the cred
ilore and ll persons having elaim against
the said deceased. to exhibb them. withb he
neceseary vonobere, within four months
after the frst publication of this
motloe to the said administrat l-i
at the law olaes of Masetna ioallari, Itoom
8, 081d blook, to the city of Helena. in the
county of Lewis and Clarke. state of Mon.
teas. the same blnlg the place for the
tranesallon of the business of said estale
in the county of lwtse end ('lark..
Administratris of the Estate uf CLar.ne J.
o' oen.o.n, f),ooasod.
Deted Oct. I1, 1834.
the time for the reflatration of the
Lamee of the qualifSd gleetnre in Eletlion
D)istrict No. 1. in the enmouy of Lewie anti
('larke. and state of Mlontana. prior to the
reneral electtio, to be bell on Tue4al,.the
6th day of November. 14891, for the said
eounty of Lewis and 'larke, will elpl e at
1l) o'clok r. m. on the 30th day of ()to
bear, A. I). 1804.
The namIes of bthe severl preelnete or
polinus Icesi embraeed In said Election
I)tstriot No. I as as follows: Firetal and
aecond r,.rcoine, First w r! r fifth and elati
preeinots, Third ward; ninth and tenth
I, eaonot.. Fifth ware, in Hlnr; seeaaro
teenth prlec:ct. Uniontlle and I'ark.
Ugillstry Agent Election Ilatrieot No. 1,
Lewis and Clarke coasty, Montana.
the time for the IrPletranion of ,hU
n.lesl of th qugolified electors in 1Eleelin
Distrilot No. two, In thb eaonty efl Avis
and Cletrk and stati of Montana, prior to
the geleral eletilon, to b bold on I uesdnr,
the sixth day fet Noyveber. IW14. for the
saold senoty of lAwis and ('larke, will ea
ple at ion n'sluok p. in. on the thirtilth
da. of ()etober, A. 1). 1NH4.
I be nmamn of the several prolneos or
pollill planoe embraced In lsad Election
ieLtl oat ho. two are as follows: Precincts
Novs. Ihre and four in Waild two; Prerlncts
Nos. seven and eolih In Ward feaor; Pre.
elanut Noa. thirteen and fourteen Il WaIN
seven, of the city of lHelen.
UI. H. WIITON, Ite01atry AgeIII
Eleotin iartetol No. Iwo, L wis and Clark
coaotly, Montana

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