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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 27, 1894, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Fierce 8attI. at the
Ya'u Riror.
JsppflOO. Thougb Evidently Lt n
J)j1.4Vrntee, Canm Off Fully
At l Ih 3ta(.16. J *pi Will I... u. Dr.w
lag L.. . -%r.u.d lee. l.(
(hisse. (.pIt.1.
II , , rT. , .. - .
I.t. oM tL r. , ,t . l ý.
(I, 'I.. " .r Y .I I ..I., -- .' :.l
6 h, I. "+. f4; 1, . tl t 'il* I . 'l r ti,.:
I . , . ,rt. r l .r th. h .. .
t r ' ,t ' i r11 ,
. , .. f ' i .l .- ,,',t ,y , d
* ., ' F ' t ' . . . . , t4ot
. "r. . ,*
' : r . ,' . I " 1ar. Ir l In tr.,
.* .* r .'.1 * ' .'. r :r : n I . 1h 'rt . :,
"t Yr - . ' r ' ' .. '. I, *, 1att d t.' t th*1*.
I ".': tn ". r .! " . . g~ht- -i br1et. . 'r .
' a \\* N ..- : r . ,s t.u n Kua -
" . '·"" - . ' "- .'1 r. I:t uni rito d
. .. .*r : ' I It. . "· w t Ir I ( I' n t
k:. .*L o: J r.. ,3 t'"L ~I .* rbtll r''r
at 1 :. ., "y Ja;** e. 'e. .rd w"un .,d
a .~': t.; . , .,s hl , I the" .h'i .*- .lit
- " "-* m r.. sg t.. "i,. ia t upon Ku' tn
i. -l7,'. " '4 r : . . h i hn eIn
x7. .'. r:. m* es:- It 3r ur, -rstood
rofbahle a retwmy ir of t-h einvrn wu'il
PLs' :' ".rl t. a!' i rt t I xph. hlnthe. will
." "v "r a sI'.... 'r , attack u pon n the
tiohi by mdih if·! h- C'hlrii y. tou Man
s : in."itr rt . Japae I unt'k atnod
If th- JtY.-.p e. .-ld marhalt a plans
ar...l- . .rr-. 'ot i a'- the manr ,l ated
in the day tt nfr,,nu th. frmnt, i at
prbnlali* a netw,,rk ofI the invsIdert will
i}'n '1'rlt ar,,t t d thr e ('hlnis ,l pomo
bling th Jalputnese t'l attack at oawnhe
Iunday, but if th e Ja'amne, ma lumn'ps
ut rrresl in occupyin g te maner litin ate
ignetdl them prth.' iouth tho midnight iati
urdobly, it 'n beltle o the Ittadek will be
bl* rered tI the earliest pslble moael
f.omb dounigt tre exreti ud an tong tiher
anblln the asoanes. tr ar it the re-lawn
ofrted nirngth ,f the ohinteie positiont
lt Kli t s ihn.ll Iel the rtek wilal bthe
battrlver a there have een inrlble d mo
from three to ele\'el, but ln the ther
iand rumor tay . It i extremely douIIIIbt
ful whethlr all thre hrtcr hts arnte fully
armed. The espr'it dye eerpa and health
of the Japlanese troops ar' e texcrllnt,
and It I iReli to be the. unrl\ere l ambl
tlion to capturo Moeluklen but fore the
birthday of the emperor of Japan,
No .·.3.
Yokohama. (slet. tI.- Later edipatcdhou
from Yalu riwalr show that In thae flt
tie fought yesterday between ('hhiese
and Japanese 3,,00 oo('hnpes troops xe
all arms wYrl utterly routhtd.
uslaneeu Doeo at FImmeelal Centers the
Past Wook.
:New York, ( Irt "f;--The following t;a
tle, 'orniel d by lra:is.tr,. .i, Whoaw' total
clear.:ora -l at prJ31 t3 1:4I "llt-ns ana Ir
ir'ntun' of Irls' r'ta.. or tI 1 r.r1y(, ..as roml
: .I] 'I lth thi. or"lr.|,uJhln g w .C'k Ila4t
: . .... ........ i..;. I- 1.. 6.
]F . I.. 1,4I.- " I'1 _, v
. . .. 1.,
1'r'lt.:;, , . l; '
S m .... . 3 3 I' I
1. . 1n ''I ....... _, :, ,
:. lv n .. . ... .... . . " 1,
lakn p . ..... .I ' in . :
l' 'mk.lna" ............ I', In .
H; klv ',-.... ........ .. .,.S ' I f. 1S';
:1'. . I . . . n
rI", i'1:. IL ] '] 'r
ý111 or (n hallo.lý. If'llf, rýn ll,.
.\3 j ' p
Ci . ,.. . ,,, ,
(4 r .1 I .
t' "1 III· i
I , ,,
5 I I ,
,1 1 ., ,t 'J p t ll11 ,
'.111i; .. * '1 1111. 1'
f Iii 11!' llLltu. Li L a1r, n,
whi~ttn uudi biauka.
j DEUOCUACT'S 1 101?.
a SM~.Mwsi b a PWuKU Ib urn
Plttaburu. Oct It-Thu wau Asgow.
r a L!Ktit In this dty Tlher (and)
date f" r w¶.'rm r of Pirriy)hia·nla. Wm
91 ** ·i. r), alnd J H P kles. ca t
it . .-r . ! the . uroc), were. treated b>
nl au il.flo In Cranat hAs4 sl.oa
S trr.!. red t> r-&*ubli-ans In this dl..
tr. It leur t) thl mInectII a Ia
rwad. mad. up .4 moany damocralk
;..Ia h.1eade by distinguished uests.
rr.ar -.. 1 thr*'gh the. ;rlnnlpal str eets
r -.".' n, qvthualastte cheers and red
ft a
r1 .-it stag the hail. Plngerly and
t'>k .- i.re gre~et1 with great $1
t ase I $tr't!y w'aa the firrt .peaker
I:. rut ataln. " . h" ld We are dodgngf
.,,a u.- Ne at heettating 'i nn
"j. a!I""ra N'. lha v. n' ar'I'tctea 1"
t .r! 1ý ret ut f5 ali~ts ei r I
I. r re y kttlv' th. f c lillt, anf 1 I!
't tn I . .e r "th: n r ,i'" Its r . nrd
w 1 er."t liii. 1% t'~ t at-l.^ t
* ;· .''~ I. t.ksttr~rr s ! ¶..~·:;"n
*~r~r (.. It !..r I ·· 5'111~n·r··
"*t1. p. r t" 1 t!. I 4iLealt" thn
r' is "r.:." eI"r~ tI.re Th.i. th1,1 a I (
M"'KnIes bill war nit i m" nih drt wh .
the. ..untry) was wrekedr with lat..'r
I' ."iulhe, and i4i the three yrars .t Its
'-r~ .- th" re. a " r..r I .n etrlkee ..
>1 Fk." I r.",'.te his at.eer~' by saa
t h." tV. t ah."t . I. ii. -u e In a. e nr it Of
rarti.is. matters ".f *mfli.' inlte. at
A tiL r,1.¶fIJ ,hatu.it i. h." tii..n tit
tbi. ..s' ··r"ei.' . In the Iiglit of huiirn ase
I in l-aI; must urn nnldalatvl It drawn
t . rhi- r "llus .r that the two gneat
tv.. h-Iv witnessad nil aver the Inndl.
it i "h hat'i Injured the uridertaklnga sf
thii rst.pailit and withdrawn from IA
P. "r ite fIatly 1real. w. re the Sherman
elt'er at aniA th. M"'KIitney ta.rtt ilaIws
I.-· .land. up"ýn l$avlt.gK his ,lfli-r In
!'"'i hadl turned over to the Itncominlig
'int nnlttrntlnn a trasurpy full ton nrer
Fl" wing. 11;n his return to rcrai. hi
i-. '"l-c. A i nm i rn r Ysdent Harrison a
tr""aaury arlni .st dellete4.
Bos!a~se Indleatsio Mare Faverable Thes
a Weak Ago.
New York. Oct.. °.-R G. Dun & Co.'s
wt ekly review of trade to-morrow will
sy): Engrossed political excitement in
many of the states cause natural slack
ening in some kinds of business, but on
the whole the business indications are
rather more favorable than they were
a w "ek ago. Gold exports have ceased,
quite a number of mills having gone
Int., operation, and the demand for pro
lduts is better than it has been most of
the time this year. The demand for wool
is not as large as It has been, and while
prices have scarcely changed for two
weeks, sales are but 4,304,250 pounds,
against 5,778,750 In 182, and for four
weeks 19.451,749 pounds, against 25,744,
750 in 1892. Prices were put down before
the new tariff took effect so that the re
sults of foreign competition are felt
mainly in reduced sales of some do
mestic wools.
Failures for the week were 231, against
352 last year.
Three more days for registration.
Eliza Lond has been granted a divorce
from Frank E. Bond, by default of do
There were thirty naturalized in the
district court yesterday and about the
sawn*m number last night.
The registration by the Helena registry
agents up to the close of the offies last
night was: Agent tlllpatrick, 1.,53; Agent
WVeston, 1,5i4; Agent Cameron, 576; total,
For some time over 100 loads of gravel
a lay have been taken from the old dig
gings on lower Davis street to East
Broadway, where they have been used to
fill up the grade.
A Helena for the capital ball will be
held at Corbln on Friday night, Nov. 2,
to which all are invited. There will be
good music, good speaking, good supper
anl a general good time.
J. W. Eberl writes from Augusta .1.'
yving the story that he had discharged a
man who had refused to promise to rote
for Anaconda. Mr. Eberl states that he
lha. never used money, Jobs or anything
,.'ls, to Iprehase or compel any man to
vot ' contrary to his own individual opin
A .ew Li'..
ft whit rhina, fir d.ilcnriating. Just re
't,.1I1. N1"w 'v i lls arnd i+-w pIrir're .
I' J It'lwan , lland 10 Park avenue
.' JI I '. ' n1i! W\,. W. l*iT on, of tlutte,
. :it 'Th, Ihirna
S.i IftIf I Mnrr, of irlaKgher county, is
pt tI e Ir4runl I.'nithtal.
I o. .1. Willad, reprin.ntItng the Wis
,im tln I'intral railway, is In to In.
\iýb I.lu Ilathorn. 1lJ rk of thi bioari
if p.rd..l., hais rturnelii from a val'ation
i,' it In I I n l.li e
iiitsl t ,lulhlon ani Agnes Mavynanl
~ Si t I I ll., Nnt w r." mar rl, on
T I la tv i Ju'.til' \\'o ,lrirn, .
\' . I it JIa u, f1, ni l ly o+f II, ln
. . , 1 i'+t , f T i ,,n ,. i , ,, .
I' ! , I . .
,, .I 1+ n. ii* I I " i I . I ' I' I
I h , l , I, n 1: i , w ' i ,
I II I I I Iii ,1 '
" I , ,1 ' Jt \ Nl( } t+ I \' I 1 ,
". . , 1 1 , I ', .I 1. r`
' 1 , it n, *,. 1 " 1 1 , I ;
Arrtale. at t(l. * f..an1 rant,,'.
r ' , ( I.1, I. l 'L I ' . 1 I
rI r ,I . 'n I11 I r jI I'
S , ' k V A I4 I, . 'I
,I r,, 4\\', II lPr ,r l, r ' '; r
' I. ,, I,
* ,,. I r , I rl , ". I . . a' ý" I Q r
I l']1 ,.lIi Iv , 'n I I .! I I . , r
l N ;r I ,I, I'
*' nI r ,1r r , HI h II ,
I, , 'ý I. hhl, lI ,ult , , \\
i i I, i." It
Ih1 Ike lisyg lnada In low prion. (jlve them
" call
Ifakiy canrrla at motl ealt tIbM week at The
Dec lhne.
e.. Will w Lad InW t Caaa s -
San I'Fncttc.c &4Ct "4-4,lgor
Fletnw, , -;n:rr ^. r frrm tJe Cana
dlls:. g V. t , ¶ liiialt In the In
treirt , ! º I "anailan-Alu
trallyf cat: ar:¶i rr !,r.-r 'b. stellam
rr Alameda 1.-la, In an bteavieW he
"p Y. tt'U4) "'n HE. imuiotl to tle Pa
.in, :siarde. whie 1"r Rai w facoml
, nit1 1) \'. It .%Iercth . of the coob
rtn ir. I,"r UT, Mr Fletltag 4.
cdar. " ¶h.-r. waa Rnt. Ith secret about
their mTIshi' Tit- a nmmoeata of Can
ada an I A..Irraitt hacer reooh' to lay
a ra ull ' T',-r. arc a number .f
Iliafl:s in tih. I- ý"ri ii of Grest lin t
aits h.(n.-. Ai.'' .t aiad Canada.
a. rasa a-hi h a ,at ¾ might be stretched
as stepping el 'lna .ti' is the cean.
II It Ipr l""".i Itt rtach tnamoa by a
.t ri tratncrh tram TlIj and it would be
"it . t i r. 5t Hawai Iby a branch
i mr ut..- ... ,*tre m! It-'' i.4 station, at
F"' '. '-u ,- .. l tritich jI .srsslonf *"JI
!:. ":1 rimnt H no:ulu. Ill avoid
II.'. r.g ra- ! fl.1. It was decmed
n.": e·.r. ;, " 01.illn a route nearer the
h ý" tiat. i r;lut
lr" ,:"i-n.. of bntertcI ws with
t! .ti Ijclais of the Haw itiw i
". " " ,I :. , -r tial un'leratand,...
,. ,",, ! `'""f ;r"" ."or or l aepar tur . \ .
L."t ,,."h It'II --n rt i ,m(rIr um of aul
narý."r""" t t r nrnc ." fwhich we ar.'
I" " Ia"i I'irrne-"lmpit The arrtvlp
n: t !. ' uur s.'. suL )Pct to the ap
!' ", ..I .,I If , xI ,m ."nt+a ."ncern,-i.
orb li tit. i "'vo tinti thr 'nitl"
$tntes hi'- -n lt Ir{ t"; saty In the mi
"I li tip- trrms of l-?awaiie treaty -
r.:Apr ctty w ith the I'nited itates H"I.
wtaIl te frIo.ltlden to grant to any other
pu"Ianxy b~"+ i. or lien Upon, any
pr;i tin of hiwr t-rirtt ry. It is quite ui
-Irrat '.1 that th"" flrst at. p of the flu
wit ii In irorimi. nt will bhe to appeal to
Nish inpgon fIr ais""nt to grant the
iIrltvr.""g which we ask. NoI dimCulty
isat irtplxidt 'i
It Ii tInt; i.tAi that Messrs. Flrm
IrK :"nil 'It I "r will prnr-ed to \a-h.
lligt~i to ur~r' their cause. That th"Ir
Inri.stIgiati; n. ware madt. by authorlty
."f ti ii rilish government there Is no
Which the President AIsee Colt4 Wipe
New Ytilk, Oct. 27.-Richard Goebel,
of New York. who wrote Emperor Wil
liam. of t;*rlnnny, someL months ago,
challenging him to n duel, called at Dr.
Bryant's house yesterday to see Presi
dent Cleveland on "business of an ex
tremt, national importance." Dr. Bry
ant told him it was impossible to see
the president at that hour. Goebel was
finally persuaded to go away. It has
been repolrted that a body-guard ac
companied ('leveland. but none of the
ofieers were in evidence to-day.
Goebvl told Dr. Bryant that he had
been trying to see the president for
two years to wipe away a stain which
had been put upon him by Incarcera
tion in a lunatic asylum in Germany.
He challenged Emperor William to a
duel, but the latter was a coward and
put him in the asylum. President
Cleveland was the only man who could
wipe away the stain now resting upon
him. As he left the house, Goebel
promised to call again.
Assaulted by the Leu.sse
8. S. Walker, formerly of Helena, and
now of Seattle, has been getting into
trouble in the letter city. Walker was a
helper in the stereotype room of the old
Helena Journal, and was for a while In
the pollce department. He left here soon
after the Journal suspended. According
to the Seattle Telegraph, \\'alke was
brutally beaten in the Claney bilI.ard
hal by Big Fll, the colored "bouncer"
for the house. All Walker did was to
tell the police that he had been assaulted
in the place, and for this he wa. made a
prisoner and locked up for failure to give
ball for his appearance as a witness.
. . .-o --- .. .
Is.lt C'rnmpanr Ilvest'gted.
Washington. Oct. 26.-The Natlonal
Lead company of New York Is being in
v'estigated by the treasury department.
It is charged that while lend was man
ufactured partly from impnlorted and
partly from domustic pig, but that the
company received rebates ,n the whole
amount of white lead it explorted.
D)net is oe of the ehi.t annoa.oes of a treaas
coutlaenfal trip. but the lnreat Northera l ea
trel tree from i the re t dwar Is stone ballast.
Ladi ' fleBeu Jersey ribbed underwear oily
0.e at 'Iho eoe lilt..
In a tranecontinental Journey aothin sa e
keep oat of the ase volcanic ash o: alkalL
dust raised by the whirl of the .eslat traia.
Iut tht the rt northern is entirely freeltro
this anneraese. it rues tbrooeh no sand deserts
and its roudbed is rook IlbtLaLted
Use Pozzoni's Complexion Powder becau ilt
improves her lo.ok and is Ira rant as vlolets.
Nu. 3470.
U'. .Arr OrriA$ Q I
HgIi.fA, Mont.. topt. 0. 11114
Notice l bhereby gives. tluat Robert t. ftis has
this day bled aiplication for patent, ander ste
miinlug law of conr.oso, for the freloar mIil
,lts, d leunatnl u a sorvur No 4t.1l, situated i
Ilunorganired) mining lie rio,. Lewis and Clark.
count)., %oalola. toawghip i r. .rsnoe t w
whieb claLm is recorded in the odtee of the rei
Scrder of le.,asu and Clark.e county, at Helenoa
Montana. and describeld n fillwh
r aidt survey %\ 411 begloning at corner No.
2. from whi"h tl n initial int nt in ,e u. I, tp 1 n. r
4 w I)&ar. a d',' i nt . U *-0 o e 41.*St,
tt.atee s.3.dgu ',.uni,, 'I - ar, tt*, n, attl de.
ft u ,uan d ;, , i,. * . f! t'tnrre..,u
",t i w '. ftft th i lut t .,"i, uitulg
On br'. otl iti u wree, ' t wit. 6 .' ,ttco of
,outl aet.itaCt.n aq pstl tt, I:. day of
Sopttmblir. 1-L. W i.I. X
thr t puibliat on Lept. 23, 191.
`\ tlL· tlme 10' th. ,v'ia' " in of lOs
Danie fit thle sunljlirdt eleotonra iu, bIttrom
Il)trici No. two, lr the ruunet1. I1l41w1
aud (isarke mril at&ti of Unont A a rIor to
the gai 'ral *leltiti t be heLd ii umadstp.
tlhe lb day of Novytuci 1-'r4 for the
andtr atuit~ of i,euie sad I ian. will *z
il s ii tali o'clock p, In. o;, i in tihlrlet
dat of (hilubor, A. L). lh'if
he nurne .f IL. SO*?ii I r. t' a or
po l u,1 pln~oes Mua~bracad t in *l i.'ghlios
1)1.5 ict Ian Iwo~, are as folinwg i'reoi ots
N~i,. Ihre an fot ro in Wn twrt 1'r,,l
N'r. seven noij eight in Ward cry; Pr..
r tui Nn.. tI iteen sad fsnigrlr r I WerJ
vra, of Itn r~t7 or HlelenI.
I,. It. \%saer1i1 It. i(,tr, Agen.
It'!'tioi JIUttlet No. two, I·eag no i Clarke
e'uaotV. ltoutaos.
uIt'O U, It ofnut l.lIon 'lieo. t No. 61
I riimpriain2 lust lle e.ria 1'r". i hIr au)
Sp'ksne of louIs sod I Iark. ~'p, stae
f Ii intiar. "lhe oIl adengi r., I regiglrp
'Coat for anti dial, ci. hersey p se motlie
thet ha will sit f}, ti e Iu '.- ',' rejls.
I altos, of y'ite'g with,, "w. , sd tvgf
I rolni of Ihi ll. . 'hg r'rt on the
dat a ant at the p,.aot. ae filiowa
Ia p'eg nat No. 1i1, lIat Iir , rnil. I9.
10, 11, 14, l t Ir., 113 ani I li et. te sldeooe
of J. ii. Clirk ol bla geag I ulelea.
L5 tr'eelne Nn it. I)oi sI I 70i at
lentna'. boags us (ea,,. Parr, r~ .nsad
I'pokeng rgeal
Al prgclniit In, :'J, (lei ". I.ý, 9
27. 1'J sod IM) it iii. residence ~f .I i ;ark
on Main atudi. Meet Mealea.
The beam. aime. wit he is Ih. reeldeae
.f J. tl. ('le,k es Ualu ggteei, j~aal Hlemos.
'lbs born a for raglgiration will I,. frt.. 10
a. in. tll 10i p. mi lulliiuu the hue friom
17J to ant' ant 1us to .ýyen 'i,,.., ~oan
legal dapsam lion0l. 1'i (tot 11r buth Ii
elnciv.. .I, t. ('. iii, Iteagis t Agent.
Ivy Poisoning
light Yers of $ufferng,
Perfect Cure by MoodHes Searnp.ul
'.! it lI 4 C(o.. Lowet!. ?IIa
" Ilca; oIrs - We have tr crt Hoods Sana '
Pil!. sod ?n. It to be all p03 daiS ark It. ty
si": was i'lacct tyI yIvy .besa ya Msg os an. '
SIi for et t'years Ba iroobled every see
rith the breaking out and terrible ityeIa aed
ruing Ithought tler, was as tad a ca'' u
mn, rn eti hfil. She w as lta this distffaih4
" ndlnot every yra unr' she began to take,
!oItned fnrsnparlfa, which has eltectel a per.
:e t cure. without leaving any ean, and sheo
No Sign of the Poison Since.
Iw:e l t w ,ecl heart. 1 have taken Iloaits
Arraaparlia after tIhe glip with good results, and
1 tý e ilao given it to our four children. We are
'11 pit'tr.'s of perlet health ant owe It
isat. i lhlitots.
, tt. If you decide to take Hood's 9arsawu.
::I~ ~ ~~~~~11 t. ooeidcdt l' n ther insitea.
Haood's Pills sr' bhan made, and perfeiul
;. pr~port~a1t nod apprea:nce. :1e. per boa.
Given Away.
I will gIe a I40 Suit of C'othee tad. by me
to the man goeasag the nesaet to tIU'eae'm
majority io the olreal.l eoat.t to tak. place
Nov 6 The wmit to bhi gi.n s soon as the
ofieil result is anlounoed I the esavaesag
I guess Helena will have
........majority in the
capital contest.
E Cut this coupon oat aond ad it to
C, M, Bitsch, Merchant Tailor
Helena Employment Agency
W. B CoLt, Plropriet·on
NI £dweds. sM. Ihephees 1U)
Eeaond airl and tee houose irls for loty. $2
S teamster. waNos $ a d7. board 'I a day.
MiIotsa smp betel tee sale fe Ises tha. ea.
half Iti vmsue
Trunke s sto e Iart Oe S th.
! olar oase gil fee elt.I $2 In mnim
wishes to do housework. Please call
at 49 Pine street.
SITUATION WANTED-By a good cook,
in city or country. Addres M. K., this
SITUATION WANTED-By a first clas
cook. Please address M. S., this of.
BITUATION WANTED-For second girl.
Address K. L., this office.
SITiATION WAýIT-D-By a competent
girl to do general housework. Address
816 Fifth avenue, Helena.
good work: also ros med. of old .hgraia
carpeta. R6rs Mary WhIel, one bloak north
of 'Cary ehool beets. Addrs tation A.
tI * h . J,.,J4 W, A."T l'.-W-Al.K.
A JAP'ANESIl COOK wants a situation
to do general housework. Address Japa
nce, this office.
WANTE~D-One or two furnaces to at
tend, by a competent, reliable man. Ad
dress I'. C., care Independent office.
from the east, with grood prultial erpeel
eocs and beet of refsnres. wats position as
beoot keper or any kind of elerking for reason.
able salary. epeaks Sterpas and .agllh. Ad
dress Theso. tsatia. nilens. Mot.
...... .s. -r.-m - - '
news aeont on N. P. I. IL: muat have as
enrity. Inaquire t Lows oice., Mlena Mont.
FOil H14NT-V- RNIIEth tb 1OO8.
lFO I RENT-Furnlshed rooms for house
kerping, 424 Sixth avenPue, and at Holler
hlo'k; $6 to 115. Steam heat and electric
I able for hoosekepilg or roomers, 1Si It1l
line avenue.
' per ua.ntbh nod upwards. 1.4 Liihtih a
e i knr. ;lr lthrisL,
S roesnd floor Eontana bank hlidin., hbav
the larse.t last of house, and store. is tl acity
F'Rlt ItI'NT -I'n. h Nann iIihing h llm..
'w' t-II -twO al ily turnilhed rooms.
Apply to I 'lu- Hkint.
ill AI.V flk..tlri. ll Hl . I.kl , t.
bl.ontrta anuk. wll sell a new motern 1
roml aIudO.eme hono., ti.0tO, any teaml
i M Ut I.I.Ah N r.%.
'tilt ALIlm-Furniiture at tiook. at pri
vuo.' 0;lie. J. It. $lnltpion, Keriwuoil.
Ilarrl.un avenue u n<r.
A or bouht. P. .O h'ee.r, Kiacas i it. Ho
tma. ot., ob.*p. Address Porter. 5.S
i.erknnrlido str.t. Helna.
., 1 -A) Hit It;.Uit it hi- At dto,
I Montsaa bank -reims, hariaoe., wagon.
ltoa; will trade for wool, real estlae ottr o ,.
Mr Myrunar will meet her ilattlrdr morn
ts Fro.'ru clse at the uboitaotium sver, rlatur
day at 0i I0. '. A ftw prore pupile ran be ac.
iornnmsated. . olitn. . I1 pe moathk
Snotloe that sthe Iederelied has this
dap lied Ia the District Court of the First
Jedllla liltrlletl of she State of Moaltan
is sad le, the eoalty of Lew s sad (iark.
his pettlaio prylsL that by eorer of lhe
ets eoart isbll ame mar bo ehseaed to
Vlietr I)ay, sad that hl Ite4eds k presesl
bthe said sp$liatllon to the lsid eeart so
the 20th day of eobekr, 108, at the
opealoa boar of coarl oe that day or as
.oes tbhrestsr as soumsel ma, be beard.
lMeena, Moat., Sept. I0. I.
Orts Employment Agency,
7n hrru Nw r Tei - am
Icrsrwr gwr p
* 1"tI% $1- lb
t " rdw. 1$ p.1 SS.~hrL~L
ýr'4S .r".u'p & l.S)Y4I ho
tWmrraa c"L .ELI.
3itMo" teehr'w. l.4._t`
riv t.aaa lco"rwb o tp
Empleyncal iil RetaI 6Sle Aetcy.
Aeae 3"4h VOc tta 'aa Phoadm
0.?. Yu" .ad I awar " 7.pb.a" 131
am I$ tt a' l tfoca.~i bisma k 41x1
ur hoardlbs brte .:. o, o.wd ws.r.
Tra rooL ºouN or t. r1A
. r.'" fnral"OM I.'1 Rona pith b th,
ma.v. tie. 1" *1t la104 ttr rootl
f I'rl tot sol aed xi1 lo" .).
SFIrt jeJidelal dI~trit of be staolet It
cntaae. lI and for lbs eoast? [email protected] lwli
es. Ciauke. Notos to ewedt.elm
leetl. of Maths, flce r.u J*de.aed.
Nctee tI hereby r .ve by lbthe adertlnLed
dtlIlletretor ihlk the wUll alnael d of the
etart of Mathla luiokl. , doceaseld to
b. erediteri of, and all prsool haling
elaims agrlmst the slld de..td,. to exhibit I
thebl ith the ý.eseaj voscbt within
fot montho after lthb lr pablleialoa .t
lb.. ooets, to lte sald aJmllalleater with
the will aise&d, at the law els, of Me."
eas ltailletd room i. Gold black. lI the
itty of Ilrele. In tl. conaty of Laws cat
Clark., stat of Mntan. thel sname bLlni i
lhe Isas for the treasletlon of tbe bust
ae.. of rld estate Io the oetyll of Lswis
and Clark. J. M. h, .ess
Administrator with the wilt msarlj of tbe
lstate of Mlathls laIOekar. doesed.
Dated Oct. 2, 1te4.
Stlie court of the First Jadllsal dlstlelt
of lb sltat. of Mouatss, I n eJ for Lth
runtly of L wia and Clrkes. tllte of
i. alklab Blardlrov, dtIrsld.
NotItl is .e obr ltl bg the .mdielened,
adminlstrator of the estate of Reasktsh
lardarev.. deeas*d, to the redtersn of.
and .ll persos hlaving latme nlaglet the
said deleaed, to eshbli theI wIth the
aCeUlsrr YOacbtlr, wlhlta folr months
after the i8 i publication of this notice, to
tIb said dmtlnlistrtor at the law oie of
Maslses Bella d. room 8. Gold block. Is
lte ao:t of Helena, Iln th eounty of lAIle
and Clarke, state of Moalitas. te sam
beiLg the place for the transllsto of ile
buliness of sld tatle Io the county of
Lewis sad C.la .
Joen W. HAanoova,
AJdliilstraor of lth statle oW tiekiah
Dated Oct. 15th, 18194.
N bth hoe to Sts retlatrataon of the
n. mt of be qugalilsi eletaors ls Eleatlea
Diet lot No. 3 In the oonauy of Lewl sad
Clarke, and state of Monlas, F'reor to ihe
one a. election, to b beld on 'lodar, ihe
tsteb day or November, 1804. for the saId
..naty of Lewis iud Clark., will rapire at
ten o'olook p. m. on the kthltleth day of
Oolbehr. A. D. 1804.
The l'bnme of the sanal prelinest or
pollian places eambaed In sild Elettoin
Dilr let No. 3 are as follows: Ppeilnet No.
11. Stlzh ward postomoe buindius. No.
1407 Helenas velohl Prtoleet No. I1, SBluh
wadd. Blole's rel estate massoe. No. 180
Helea evoune; P.elISt No. 2 3 Cellees
Pla., Johuson's ltoret Preelmet No. S,
Valley, Warren's sehool beau.
Purr. CIauoaD, IoReltry. Aues,
Elselteo DlstltS No. 8, Lewl esad larrks
ouaty. Moatam.
S-the books for the rellrstraste of Ihe
qualild voters of Diet lot No. 10 will be
op ned at my olo. for that purpose li As
igats. LLwis and Clarke coUnty, Meates.
en Tuesday, Wedsesday and Thlrdedr,
OcL 9. 10 saod t11. ad Ia the towg ot Hof gan
at the pooteole buillad., on Friday sad
Saturday, Oel. 12 and 18 Itheo.a aals Is
Aguast (Jet. 1,8 147 ad 18, fnra whlek
ple.c I will so sad sit at Mrn. Bees' sear
the Dearborn eaiyon, on Friday nud Satur
day, Oct. 19 and 14 and from thaes beck
to Hopra She oeond time on Monday
sad Tuensay. Oet. 22 lad 28 khea baec
again the eoond time to Mrs. Been's
Wednesday and Thursday. Oes. 4 and $35
thee.o back to my oo0e in Augults untiI
the closine of rsgiraettion ou Tsesday,
O. 80, 1804. Jamxa . Imae.,
legliter fto District NH 10.
reslatration distrlet No. 8 com' rl
Inta the rth ward. College Piaoe and V.I1
..desllgnateldrespestlvely as the Elevnath.
Twelthb. Tlweny.olhth sad Twenty-ultSh
preolnots. Lewis and C.Lrke sunsot, Mon
lena. 'The naduralgad retallty aget ter
said distries hereby Ri0ves lotle that he
will IL, for the purpoee of reglet.allon of
reters, wltbhip eah and every prolaset In
his elteetoa diet lot upon the dates and at
the t les named ae follows:
Oct. 9. 10, 11-Boyl's real utate eeorsy,
No. 11109 He:ona arenue, for preolael No.
12, SIlth ward.
Got. 12, 18-Warren's sohool house, Vai'
lee. for prselast Nao. 2.
Oat. il5, 18-Colllee .Placs Jokihas's
store, for relcast No. 28.
Oet. 17-Boyle's real estate seey. No.
189 Helena venas, fer preclict Ne. .1,
Blthk ward.
O).L 1 , 20-Northern Plelfo depot,
postofles bnlldin., No. 1407 Hellesa erven ,
for prieliot No. 11. tlith ward.
Oct. I2 23, 24. 25, 26. 27. S9. 80-Derlee'
real stalte asney. No. 180.0 Heleas avensa,
to' preloet Ne. 12, Blith ward.
TLe home ose* will be at Boylee'r al
estate eaenoy. No. 1809 Heleos avreoe.
The bours of regiltralloa will be between
10 o'clock a. m. and 10 o.'look p. m. on all
legal days, omitting the hours from 12 to
eoe p. m. and tsi to seve. p. m., from Oct.
U to O:. 80. both Inolosive.
'rrza CAxItON, Reolltry LMeet
Hel.a., Mont., Oe. 4, 1804.
Ili the idlj it I t'iourt of tie' Ilirst Ju
(luitrl ditllict ni Ih. u"tat,, 'if Montana
in ilurd f)or the' ciounty of Lvwi arind
taionu,,I M (',ii n l,l, plalntlff, vs. John
C. Mr'"antn, def, dlant.
Thit statle t .o Mtintali- eridn Krtling to
the' ah..ve nuina d de(fAulanlu t.
You are hIer.ib rL.uiri.d to, appear in
iut itotihon bruglilt iMt.ItUMt you by the
Il,\v." nmnir l p,linittTif In ithe district
crrlrt of the First .ltzJllalh listrirt of the
atit- of Mont(llulin. In lll i for the county
of L.wist drwi ('lirk,', sirl t, .nnwr the
r. I l aI tIlln fil"l I II, l r 'Ii. w tllil 1"n (rll I av
iex.l lI vi , of th, ,'.y ,f" .e, rlvice) after
tlii e.rviie. .n 'iii of thil summonns. If
s. r'i l wi'thirl tIts r"'rirty, or if tservedl
ourt of this i'ointy, butt withln this dis
tfr, within Itwenty Idays: ntherw.Pr
within forty aluye, or IrIdgom.nlt l)y dni
fail wilt h. tsakoa ag.initt you arcord
lnK o i ' 1t: Irnt.ii r if 'rlid r'~rnlItant, The
pall rctton, I il) imniht to rTeciver the sum
of fIur holnir it |nl ,Ihlry-nix dolliarI
uIIII ailln ii. 'nl t for nhl)or and servie'I
..f ;,i tltiff i rn trnnS lthing ores, rinren
iritr e m nl a 111n n ri''altiitltlel In th i rn'unttrs
if l,,iw , i I 'l rk, nnor l M ,,ngh,.r, t state
atri.iesall, bh.twren thu fourth day o.f
Jutl . A ii. 1i14, an ) tin' th , ',ntie th day
of N' ,t nier, A. Ii 1t94. p.rforn.ied at
t' riequest of plainhtlff, nian inVsts of
And you anre hlthly notlflid that un
isr yo en . tp.ptatr c til an'wer the said
mRrlint L. rt e ai.hv.l repuir'rl, the mild
plitiintiff willv take' judgment nRgainpt ynu
for the nunern d,mriIed in the eornplalnt,
to wit, the isum of four and erighty-sll
eilve'n under uimy hntil and the .eal of
the listrict icourt of the First
(IEi.AL) .ludl.ial dslitriht of the state
of Miontana. In and for the
'ornty of Le.wie and ('iurke.. this Ilth
disy of ci(tother, ire the year tf our I.frd
or. thousandl and eight hundred and
nlet y-four.
il. W. FItr;iEMAN, Lerpuly Clerk.
;trndorsi; luke l & 'Penweill attor
ncys for plaultillt[
tu g ilotels of ilekn.
TLum mL
I.& Viii 'r
GIL., 1
B bit ' MI"1 Me. N IteaoMeaua
aaa s4 *r a VIIr ad Ii a...ti f
grIaoc toý tttaata ttS tt Sf a S dv t+.o
mak 'NlMs tN.uýaT "on.wtv we
.dU U ,f. rtlin a al
,ea.o . s. p«
dtrl~l mmqn iaaI. oma~mtnaleta ash
[Vira host ltr ut
AI.L aI or Mew. .4 (If IM a&a at
puN tO! (R-Mo C.M. *Uo NI
ILlnr 4onrdtn A .t 1 NorthS 50(0
.Mnao Riot I t, S I Is "opfo rl~tL l
arol Or 1.A.wllk ·It hhta
plr~ Iu 1" r of ata rr f 5/D bw h ot t
', nweuelr
CrstrJUy loeratM. w tº uy5 ..ands....
Rustr o~w ee6mmpdaQ j a he tn5.150t.
t.Man!!-- to I{pc uudrlwtn tnr ale 5s
moor. Ytln oasis. fat~t liCyd H...Y Y··
Sale anid xkhang
An Improwad nraoº Ibi. mlls ha. Whilt
U ib, MprlyU 1oisaoqa .bunt tl Srrs.
a"..e~t dow to tlmEhli. balance ntade suitu'
'ion. all an oc foloo. god snap a4jmakga~
hiss.. subh bask hbra iad etil. emi tewol v
oraia.I ss,. h ot. a1 gaod oJosr Crs
claw scat. of ti ns. EPles s3lo Si
wws A tiforeb, easat d m.oh. rn.
Noll s.ia tsio .t oharn. fog
t~f 1.a ryal ..ht..U ~
wall >.ela Dit. tb to
*[email protected] wter; m t wit S p11511 of nb ohdl s
asu rn,5 a U is hs fa slsi rani
sata. a l w a'. aullr fats} .Nhst Iu
1.9 boos.1 eaIM ser.ýtib.Srbaaet.radia
b,ýWlnelaeus ogfeqp 5, -Sill. os ore..
'.of It ofan able~tg ww gtOi n~t7 rwill t
.nshtaa. fat reidw.og i r .1oh.
Impr'wrod raseoti IOt aire, near fAoadoau.
Mimonri tframn eir bofe .tI fee reo~ti lo. lainr.
lpapps. sad push tries. t sets tlmpsr oak.
ahand wyat at: mano. Isaw5Us
obis.. fu fslosa,.tea eatate.
A I ssfi~ In -w small ltean
a~r of ~i nlSul~la~p s . It 005*~
A oust brisk ..tqao atwOe puoded-lg rooms
Ian.gr cllar rasttlatplnmblag a tbe.ro. m
sottsem sam a vera-ring dwolltg tall on
buoth Yaim sliest. t. trade for a gaol Naldeiaoo
on sailor weot do.
SlNo-Aitno e woNrn-room Iwelilmas. pas
try. tbýs Olasot rotlle, u10w waes. fats .s
west skis, near'siosto awoan.t .ai oa. Sloeh
fhim oarhs, imest .0 down. S t msnt.
.liolu l 10 dew a t ss
51,0100-A Iwreto.s iws la with sone, l.1
on' e alsattleswet: 510 down.
(tarts prspsrete In Lamponlobeeats.
SI-Moord es. ght-room dwelling, bath and
Third etrot. apstr Doetltla
!sres fae twut. fsnisksd aid natumniebad.
N the ties for tee regte trttoa of tlb
arsr ef the qeliktd eletlorso S.a tlela
Distrit No fee., la the mmaty of Lewi.
sad Olark, sad ata of Ma l toals prer it
the eastal eetlse. tos be held ea Tuag
day, the alth dra of Nolsber, 1804. fo
the sall e.usalyf Jowle sad Oiark., will
splire at bt eeleek p. a. ou the thirtieth
day of Oet*ber. A. D. 18L.
T. namIr of the eeral proelets
s~elies pleasm mbrasd im salt EllesL
Ditriot N.. fear ire as followe: Kele8rs,
Moth of Nalsos ad BalDeo.
R. . M.om-Joun. Roeletry Ablat.
Eesttloe Distrlet No fotr. Lewis sad
Clarke seuat, Memasu.
the tie for lbhe realstratlla of the
nares of the qoullled oloters in EIeetle
Dstrlet No. L Ia the ourlty of Lowi sand
Clark. sad qtate of oetasa prior to the
reer'l leetle.s to beld oa Tuedar.the
teh day of Novmbher, 184. ftor the ad
sosatyl of aLewis sad (Ilarke, will opJ' at.
0 o'eleek p. . oa the h day of Oato
ber A. D. 18 .
tbe seems of thie snral preelaots o
pollla ples.. *mbrued In sold Eloltlo
Distrlet No. 1 ae as follows: First isad
ertod preeaset, First warJ; fth aed slzth
proeelet. Tbled ward; Mnith and oath
preelAsto, Fifth weres la Melea: sevea
enstk preolot,. Unloeaille and Park.
IL O. On.Para.zI.
Re istry Agent Elosete DLstrlst No. I.
Lewis and Clarke sousty. Moutmas.
Jcmee Maulltn, plaintiff. vs. Edgar C
hRihards, Agnes \'. Ilichards, hil wt.h
and t. E. Atkinson, assistant cashier, de
I'nder and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale
ist1ied out of the district court of the First
judicial district of the state of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
on the 20th day of October. A. D. I11I. In
the shove entitled action, wherein JantIe
Mjllldin, the above named plaintiff, ob
tainel a judgement and decree of fore
closure and sale against Edgar C. Rich
ardq, Agnes 1. HIchards, his wife, nnd
R. .:. Atkinson. assistant cashier, de
fi nltrtp. oti the )lth illy of ()Ortcter,
A. I) I4,. for the Lunm of $2,7) l `t besidle
interest, costs and attorneys fees, which
nalid .lecrce was, on the 20.h day of (cto
ber, A. Ic. 114, recorded in Judgemuent
honk No. J. of said court, at page -. I
anl commanded to sell all those certali
Int, Iless*n or parcels of land, situate, ly
ing and helttg In the Mauldin addition
to the city of Helena, rounty of I.,.wia
ani c'lrke, state of Montana. and hound
ed and dienrlh,.d as follows, to-wit: Iota
nuiimberd seven T7). elght (I), and nine
(9), In btlock W, as slad lots aln hblock
are nlumhered, designated and dnescried
on the plat of lall Mauldin addition on
Mie in th e.me. of the county recorder of
said rounty of Lewis and Clarke
Together with all and singular the tnie
mernts, hereltalments and appctrtenalnces
therelnto belonging or in anywise spller.
Public notice is hereby given. that on
Thursday, the 11th day of November. A.
Ii. 1114, at 12 o'clock M. of that day, at
the front door of the court house, Hiel
en. Isewlr and Clarke county. Montatna,
I will. in ohbedience to sail order of
sale and decree of forerlosure and slile,
sell the shove descrlhed property, or so
much thereof as may he neressary to
satisfy said judgement, with interent and
costs, to the highest anld beit bidder, for
rsnh in hand.
(liven under my hand this 2.th 1 day of
October. A D 1194
CIiARLI:8 D. ('I'ltTIH. Bheriff.
By Fred E. Hose, Under sheriff.
Massena Bullard, I'lalntiff' Attorrq.

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