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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 06, 1894, Morning, Image 1

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i li"
Hon. F. G Higgins, a Son of Mon.
tans, Addressed His Netghbols
In Mlssouls.
Disoussed the Capital Question
From the Vantage of Personal
Anaeesds's shame Prrteielmee of triad
ship teor MiNoula Are Epioeded
Bretse Cerrsptieo etserted to.
Sp.cial to The Inldependelnt
Mlnsoula, Nov. 5.--At the close of
Hion. Hlal H. C(orbetlts address on the
"'Political Issues of the Day," at the
opera house, by previous arrangements
the house was given over to the friends
of Helena. Heveral prominent Missoula
business men took seats on the plat
form, nearly the full floor space of the
stage being (ecupled. None of the aud
ience left the hall. Hon. F. 0. Higgins
was introduced by Hlon. T. C. Marshall,
who irntroducied him as a native born
Montanian. Mr. Higgins stated that in
taking up the cause of Helena he had
united with some whom hehad fought
politically for fifteen years. lie did not
consider it a fight between two cities,
or a question as to whether Helena or
Anaconda had been themost friendly to
Missoula. It was a fight between the
people of a great state and a giant cor
poration, a fight to save this common
wealth from the baneful influence of
that corporation, a corporation that In
structed its employes to vote the repub
lican ticket one year, the democratic
another; that he had seen reach out to
put its fingers on petty offices in obscure
mining camps.
As to Anaconda's friendship for Mis
soula and Matts' assistance in getting
the university, he said he knew that
Prof. Hamilton, of Missoula, had writ
ten and collected the facts of the speech
Matts had made for the university in
thelegislature. On the fort question,
Mr. Higgins handled Ex-Congressman
Dixon roughly, showing a letter of
Dixon on the subject, and many facts
which disproved any claims of friend
ship for Missoula made by Anaconda.
He showed how members of the legisla
ture from Anaconda had voted against
Missoula Interests on questions which
had come up when Mr. Higgins himself
was a member of that body.
But the speaker stated that the true
question before the people was one to
place the seat of state government in a
city not dominated by one man and one
corpor ation; to put it where any one
could go and engage in any legitimate
pursuit without consulting the Ana
conda company or its management.
Mr. Higgins made what was perhaps
the best speech the people of this city
have heard him make, and he was ap
plauded to the echo.
He was followed by O. W. McConnell
and Hon. Thos. H. Carter. Mr. Carter
was frequently applauded and pre
sented arguments not before heard in
this city on this subject.
The Otly Re.e. e.t the Wl.e4 and
Special to The Independent.
Livingston. Nov. 5.-From the outset
of the capital fight It has been claimed
by those who have been working in the
interest of Anaconda that that city
could win without eastern Montana. In
Livingston the advocates of Anaconda
have said repeatedly that the vote of
Park county was not wanted, as Ana
conda would win on the west side, but
these men have suddenly changed their
views, and to-night they are out using
every endavor to cut down the large
majority which is promised Helena to
morrow. John It. Toole arrived here
this afterrmnon and has taken charge
of the Anaconda campaign In Livings
tin. Mlney has been freely distributed
to-night, and it is no secret that five
and ten dollars apiece will be paid for
Anaconda votes.
Word has been given out among the
workers that Anaconda is defeated un
less the vote in Park county can be
changed. That Mr. Toole is honest in
making this statement is borne out
by the fact that a barrel has been
tapped right in Livingston, with the be
lif no dloublt that a liu'ge' per cent of
the ito heire' an lie bought, and thus
tchange the rsult. i olut tio-mor,'ow these
Anaciiondi he.,lero will be fooled. The
citlznl of Livingstoiin are awake, they
will see to it that i no replresentative of
the Alnlconedla llining company can
come to LivingstIlon a2nd1 purchase any
,. ti, l-on lf th voitie. Thie sentiment is
ichanging every hour for Helene. and
Ill.ts 'r fr'eely offeredl 2 that 1Park couIn
ty will give lHlehna 700 majority.
Dirty Wort by *mmena4d
Io' itl to The Irtatspstlcio'tit.
I l TimbeIIIr. N v. . - Ataonda had
thi Iasi gru Ily ot ' ch a m'paglnllgti hunr li -
ntight wlth an ~i autsisns'e oft seivenfteent,
Hilo. ' lii w ich iwre htnistd for the oasia
Msn ii awl app1 is iaudl it ivery few Warsr.
A M.r. lIsuti aIntd Mr. Hweit. oif Itutte,
woi. his stattst. indt. tby telling t few
lhtiiis ltsS1iM "lissrls ksest thes isusietar' In
g.,55 st t"stit. I. 1in'5.aw111l got a larg'e
11111miJ. itiv is'o'r toi- sisIre v.
Tlh. 1ists. H"r carts ousat tilh evststing lIt
.it ext ixi sill st iitsl a hait expssist AnIa
stistusi dIrty iwork hit thiM neilghhbsrlhooss
tit te lbs tiat fo rt}-ight hiurs4. It III Ui
-nt51 ,it gsssl niiihsorlty that the'
h."rcf,- i'.r clW b all Arlacudi vt
issIsIis i'll-s ISA)~ li) l JIIKi ,\tissti lit~(~it
I. I'ie sltlln',siM sf tofPig TlimbIr are
tisllinig sistigli ts, tIsk' itt li ttisstiy lin
it. liiut wiltl ctas as giti big tAiajsr
ity iii hii t r uI Isc.nt.
1101en" Heling a110116 as fenotd
ziortsal toi Tit-e I ttslilsstttsut.
Mousilslsr. Noiv. G. - Judgs' W. F. Cut
Isti uttis Atisirt I. Lisil ilSpokss here In titi,
Il rst.it ssr Itelitii fisr this caiials ito
til g tit. tt Mtet wag w hsa In l tin ,li
c.i st itsmts' atnd wa MN I ll at tiendils,
dsti-te the' foo'Itl that I hi A niu'sndit
iii. hestiu werei liii.' t tsitfri'i willh a tsitn
i',frts. bii alt ants tinsltitrit peirfiirmanate.
Ws~in. Msisrrttu Itre's i'i at Ith.' Heliis i
meeini lg. 'IThe i"t"'''vlties werei welI ri
sa'Isi's. 'IThieii an be ti nio doubtt ii. t
a masjoisty sf ir -l"t osutt f 1JuuldeIr ands
vlvluht)y are fur Iiatsrlr
O ,
The Truth Plainly Told by Presi
dent A. S. Bigelow of the
Boston & Montana.
The Following Direct and Emphatic Denial of the
Malicious Campaign Lie Regarding the Boston
& Montana Company, Put in Circulation by the
Anaconda Boomers, Should be Read by Every
Business Man and Laboring Man in the State
of Montana.
BoITos, Mass., Nov. 3, I894.
J. A. CORAM, care C. 11. Palmer:
You can deny oflicially that the Boston & Montana and the
Butte & Boston Companies ever approached or authorized any
approach to Mr. Ilaggin or anybody else in regard to wages in
Montana. The only information we have on this subject is that
we were told that aMR. DALY HAD SAID IF WE W\ANTED "1O MAKE
documentary evidence to prove the falsity ot statement made in
Great Falls Tribune article, Nov. 2, but cannot forward them to
you in time for the election, as was well known by those who pub
lished the article. You can publish our letter of Sept. I8, to all our
superintendents, showing how long ago we went on record on this
subject. This is merely to give you an oflicial denial of the story
if you need it. WIre acknowledgement of receipt of this imme
diately. A. S. BIGELOW,
President Boston & Montana Mining Company.
'The following is thle private letter of A. S. Bigelow, which the
above telegram releases for publication:
Otlice I19 W\iashington St.
BosriNs, MIass., Sept. IS, 1S9t.
Cn \IiS 11. PAI.MIn, EsQ., Supt., Ilutte City, Montana:
1)ear Sir---This is to inform you that we are utterly opposed
to Anacondla bec'omin the Capital of Montana. We consider that
it is essential to the best interests of the \\hole business coummunity
of the state that the t.lpital should remain where it has been for
several years past. P'lease, therefore, throw what influence you
may have against Anaconda becoming the Capital. WVe wish 3you
to bear in mind that we always object to any of our superintendents
busying themselves in politics, and if this was simply a political imat
ter, such as an election to any ollice, we should say nothing about
it. But in the Imatter of the location of the ('apital we feel that i
is important that it should be at a place where aill the interests of
the state would he equally and fairly represented, iand that it should
not be located at any place which might be distinctly under the
control of any one col poration.
We have sent a copy of this to all our superintendents having
charge of our v.arious interests in Montana.
Treasurer Butte & Boston Mining Company.
Our Friends in Great Falls Close the
Campaign in a Brilliant
W. M. OookrllI Makes a Neat and
Witty 8peeoh to a Large
aesellle Iome Imeldate of the (Oreal
Northlerm Itrhe That Made the Daly
Leaders Winae.
potllnl t 'The I , ri.n l p ,n nt
ai;r .nt "alls. Nov. fi - Aft."r An.ronn
lon' $4,t1 dis.1pl.y ,of firlw,.rk4s. p.".Ile
Kgatlh.r.d iln Irl.l. m,,netlng tc, IIo l,,n to
Ith. w..r..s of IHilIona .rtor'r. iThe' Mur
'ltiy- ~' I. Ihly tr,. r l!o .. :1 a 'c row e'ed
:it tihl4 la't gath. ring h.fore th. vi'
t ly ,of to m ,llw,... (' nth| nee in 10,."
"ana'H t)rlm tdh waI rnllalnifetit 1on -,;IlI
of the hauirn "l. of KglintenInK fRe.. lulu
t.-rnorrow th h rl,.ea "r and their frrit.,idi
will go .arly to the proll to cast nn
ho.lest vot. for Montana's favorite city.
W. M. ('Ckrilll, who opened the even
Ing with a witty and telllnK addresn.
relate.d some. of his campaign exlprl
.nces, which brought out laughter and
al'lilause. lie had found the unhought
y,'mnenry of ('a.U ade county a solid
Iphalanx for lle.hena, and bellaied the
city would not fall behind. They were
not to be Influenced by a procession of
lot boys, nineteen men and lsxty-flve
uniforms. lie was ashamed of such
a processlon, and when Tuesday was
over we would celebrate In a way to
make them to blush. We will have won
our victory on hard benches, but would
celebrate it on cushioned seats.
He reviewed the capital campaign of
1892, when Great Falls had been used
as a tool by Anaconda and tricked and
swindled; how we had played "no Chin.
ece allowed" for a winning card and
found it won too few votes to count.
lie touched upon the promised refinery
and showed the absurdity of it, when
the Anaconda company had so much
copper on hand that her works must
close directly after election. When the
Great Northern strike occurred and
business in this city was paralyzed, a
petVon was circulated calling for a
mass meeting to consider means of alle
viating the situation, did any one see
the signature of Paris Gibson or Bob
Vaughan or Doc Sweat, or any one now
prominent on the Anaconda side, at
tached to it? Not much. Even in the
celebration of Its happy conclusion.
Paris drew aside the -urtalns in his
ofmce and peeped out at the procession.
not daring to declare himself at that
late hour.
Then followed a rapid survey of the
situation, at whose conclusion a tele
gram from Butte was read, stating that
plenty of Helena money was offered.
but none taken.
Itepeated rounds of applause greeted
the Introduction of Col. Banders, who,
in his usual masterly eloquence. sooklr
at length of the importance of the pres
ent election and Its influence over the
future of the state. Ills speech con
%lnueod to a late hour, and held the large
audience to the end. The feeling here
to-night is in favor of Helena. Men
who three weetks earlier were anxious
to put up odds on Anaconda on general
results. or would bet even on her get
ting 7)T per cent of Cascade county vote,
refeuse e'ither bet to-night, and say she
will be lucky if Helena's majority in
this county does not equal the earlier
estimate for Anaconda.
"UOmlast" Floats em R.enrd
Special to The Indlependient.
tlre·at FIall, Nov ti.-The long prom.
iF..l "*ir.atest parade Gireat F~alls has
,.v. r seun"' took ;acu t lo-night, . gl
n"""r.el by Anaiconda for capital. (Jut
of t he flambeanu clubi, whiiich, by
i oual pu.11. filvors Iulcita by a mnajorit y
,.f to, ilict ' w it two hudred riro
In ltine, andi of these' *oe hundre'd Ner*.
I.H aind the rest tlurgiy maii.' up of
tiridirs Ti..nxj..rcniici a ppeialing
to liiJOulii.', which woviu iiitcitdi to
stritig out for biocks,. had to bunch up
1,-l t abrest for lick of snot,' ott, ito
i~ ty lb. t E videtf~l ty A naj.'nda
Ii.1 h.as gJi o'n out or the hebads of the
intint.i ar' s.eariug; that tIii,.i n (si Ib.lTl
I. fortiiuntinIg to-tight tIi.b wiII be a
rhil" of ho..t in the' morning.
tien. flst P. Corbelt Makee a Grand Close
of Itt. Camtpaegm.
tipe'ri.i Ii 'tb Ind uuii.uil.nt.
'Isi.cuuit. Noiv. , - Ity pi"tl bluR ar
for a *i'ii..a,.r ItI iiii otpira h"uitI t
I" rt liid fir it II"v Liu'ilptial nuias
hull1 Ilk.i' it llitins It Il bIoix. Thiere wan
lii,40ltIVy itt r.iin for anothtrr per.
sit. .oil mtauty w ire itiurnd away. Ati.
iii uttei ntts Iit tro,itt, "I, to ihi nu~ll
cli.' liv litii. '1'. C. NI.,rPsbll. II.' war
i'd S1iiium it ,.'te I:1.. it uIi.uI·kl I. iih tit
.·c ~~11 t h" c ut," t, ribvtt of it (noV n
Vengeance In St.Ie.
N."w okk. Nov., - Dr. (han. P'ark.
Ih vt I -laty deport.-d frain his
Li 1." ustom o re·lralnlit g front
p~IIlhitc tl ,4iewuwt n iii hlab Hun
I-a. r~ ni .anid launch~ieai lInn di.
win,aaIaIlaa ll%. a ilaaf IiKalutlaa 'IFuiin~aty
hll. T ailot' Iaai pal thata ltlISna the.' ,a.
oiti,1 oat ,aiTaarm lit Nw lak wits ilNe* I
II' rhailI.a, Galo waaaallt awaaak Ills a~o.
Mat a a.. ipanit ha' ally, aii ha dial oni So-loin
anl ti;Uiik aava'la.
U'rgin 1'11. 1. Mar.ie d a
iNun Farauiaa1.,. , Nov. 5.- Fire brokea out
apt 10~ o'la" k this runarhinmg In th.. estaph
lhiilitiiriit or i Iabalallaai ILowaIl & I.alr.ia.
tI aaa the blahldliagº nal list roylflg itmach of
ti, lalaori. t IMrn awItl aalhwr stoal. 'I he
raaoomls a, the Irisnp till IJ. ove'rheu . wi.lt
Itn I1lwoalnlaI., e.re eantIrly tirsrOyew1d
loitli onI bullaling and coulaent *IIJO
cuv. nd by Insuranlce.s

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