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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 06, 1894, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Plenty of Helena Money Waiting
Around But No Takers for
Many Thousands Over In Butt.
But Nothing in Sight to
Oover IL
Agelber 11617 If Cerlled-1th Feel lling
Favers the ajsen ('Cty Is
Every 111y.
Considert n tiel Inter; 4t and t h
feecttlig thut hias liit tititl"t.k'iL
thrrllltghleut ill,, r 1lt.i r1 Illdllnll'~(..l
liut italkinig tn. by tiile. tnt ii
utppiet, a't Ait' xi In It tix. A n i.n t
trtbul," et by I~ ill., .\nar "1 I1 rent \. 'I Y.
it is rl~rluullktlllll 11"%% H IC%" I is o (f ill]),
ant11tunt1 11 1" it Ills of Llil ·ll., )I: hav e b ''U
th, 11 11~ Il.' %\t,11''t pl,"n Ht f ll rl, nI1
toi. I\ ci I t en th," . t I. +ut,,"$ ~f thisI`
t ltv, 1: (I- Lu in 11~ut1r it it' dittlrult to gut
u1U11 2 e It 0'6 uii~nl y un 1111 1 t."d1 '
na~turall ) . L" , rlp.'.t ed thait it wtould Ite
easy to tint11I betting Ilrluln. y . ;III( n t th
lust nhtitt a tyu'.
Com'ltlll ntlllllt ipoll ol rI t' day thatil
lilenaNi will win the ca:ipitl fight.
hlenty of snall beta off'ered thait lHeIl
enat will w il. but there are ioe takers.
Thousands of ipeople arc nit the sireets
to-night inud a great deal of excite
ment preevtil o,\.r the capital tight.
Politics are lost sight of."
The $.,tlh r f rr i to in part of $f0,00i
that was i,.i~.d ti Itutte by friends of
Helena to Ibet ni the capital fight. St
Marks. in w'hose handid the monlley was
placed. postledi notitie of the $5.000 In
the Combination, but no Anaconda
money couhl be found to cover it. It
Is understood that there in another
$100.000 ready to be put up on Helena the
moment the other Is taken.
Ed O'Ilourke was In Helena yester
day and made a narrow escape from
placing some Anaconda Imonlley. He
only had to express a wish to do some
betting and Chnrley ltanchfleld was
after the Anaconda money red hot. At
first i'Itourke wanted to bet $500, but
when Stinchfleld offered to take him
Up the Anaconda man began to hedge.
He wanted the mlonfey put up on the re
turns as received from the counties. The
usual way of betting Is on the offical
majority and the oflicial majority is
that made up by the state board of
canvassers. Tom Cronin, who was to
act as stakeholder, refused to take the
money unless there was some definite
understanding as to what figures he
was to take in deciding the bet.
O'Rourke evidently didn't want to bet,
as he insisted on having the unofilcial
returns. So Stanchfield lost the chance
of making $500.
The two largest bets reported yester
day were one at Hoseman and one made
by wire between Helena and Missoula.
James Ponsford. of Bozeman, managed
to make a $1,50o bet with an Anaconda
man. Helena people, through tele
graphic correspondence between a bank
here and one in Missoula, got up a bet
of $600.
Other bets, ranging from small sums
up to $1.000 have hobn offered by iHelena
and Butte men In various parts of the
state, without takers.
Pool selling on majorities was active
at the Atlas last night. I'p to midnight
149 poel had been sold. of whih h num
ber 124 were on majorities for Helenn
and twenty-rive on majorities for Ana
conda. All the Anaconda money was
in the, dIianr podIs. The favorite pools
were oil Helena for 5.000 majority or
more. The odds In the pools ranged
from 9 to I up to 112 to 1. Outside the
mutuals the odds were 9 to 5 in favor
of Helena, with no Anaconda money in
sight, An ier f $ of $ on Helena w'as
posted, but there were no takers.
Th, shale of estlmnattRIon rtifltteat In
Helena closed last night. The number'
soul at the different places throughout
the city was larKg. The maijrith is on
Helna rangedl from It few huldlllll lIp
Into the th,,usands, some ging ;as high
as 13.044L.
tI i'*.. F* 'i ,,n1
Lnulsville, Nov. . -F'ir Ibroke not loIn
d i, a r t. 1., ,n * ,it, l th i l , ,,,e u , il. 1,,
t! 11 ,. i 1 t , xIlo : - : ,I' nIT l n li t
It - {+,;'I "1 tInl m -h l . " ' o. u 1
Crll ~ 1· lh ." I lit '1 .': 1 1, , i I 1. .:
Reicht. , ut ,n t..l, ,f hrea .
* our Ii?'lr %flCt'rflt
;I\ITlT. th*, ii,.., ' l r! I, ' . flri tijitri
rt:k, .ps I ll th' :I I\ r ýI u ý III I :lrinsl fur
til nl, Th f ll,, ing forlu r e' lli, ,. haltv+,
i'T li' - 1 i II ' ', T¶,ut n l ' I I n {.7 '' l
Til 1'. I , .. q . i. . 7 7 ' I !l.' ',
.'''"J'a' II..I b , . .ra t L ) , .
ti ,ld I b Irr, ' It , II, . ,
,+ ,h nt t I . 1h ... . ',.. [u k !- a .\ I
tel .l H II th + , I, t I ,. I : t : ', , 1 : 1 1 ,"
f! '''':1 ' r'n i
1,' I t.: I ,J, * t". I, , ,n" I ' " , ,
1t 1 1 I., , " , , , , * , 1 , I
rl& , X, 1 t , , ',, ", I
G r 'o' t I 1' I 1, a . r
T i' ' I ', I I ' ' . t l
1. 111, I. iT I , . .
'il i, : 'I. i ,. . r,' .7u'
; I ' ' Ti' I I. r', JI, \ I .' I' ' ''i I IT, -
to' T I ', I T
I-" h sI,h h, ra, , I s , v I. lan l i , ' hI . I
tl Whla a Ia.ad Ii, aa giv I tiitel
L '~nI I L I t 1 HI I 1, tn], !i
t I ' !r +, , ýý"
Wh. n Pally w-ms mi h w. ra's hor r"'lt ril
Nhu f," wa. nor a flub!, Ihn cri,,l fr , , atorIt,
L' n svh' bi.tu, Mum, .h. , Iang t., ' m.ru
Wplai sah ha.d lhthidr,, she grave them C a .4l
A refined complk.0ion must use Pozzoni's
Powder. It produics a soft & beautilul skln.
Only a Scar Remains
Scroful Cured - Blood Purified by
Mood's SarsaparilHa.
" I l1l',o & to., Lowell, IMaIes :
It .+ ith pl raure that I send a tetaelm al
rc.m.' nl:g i ha.t I lood, x ar aparillla has do.
II my IV ti.I!ightr. It Is a ' ,ondrfuil nuodl.nl
.1; I ..Ainmwit re.omime\ d It too highly. BuaraI
wI sI toIrt,'mni years Tld·, has be.h
Afflicted With Scrofula
ri 'r sin'c. svhe was one yes. okl. For five years
hll' Ih had a runlinimg ore on on sidLe of her
Ise. We tried ei.ry remedy recommendedl. but
nll.thnlg mIl her y ood until we( eoImmnced
:tlmg IImod' Nl itrs Ilia.p Mymarrieddaughter
ads med me to use lood'sa Barapaeril because
Hood's Cures
iI had cured her of dyspepets. She had bee
tIr ubiled itth that eomplatnt ltiae childhood,
s.'t .~lire hIer cure she has never been withouit
tI,.itm of lxtood's strsapartill in the house. We
,,mmm.menced giving it to L raih about one year
ag-., and It has croquered the running sore,
Only a Scar Remaining
as a truce of the dreadful disease. Previous to
taking the medicine her eyesight was aeocted
bumt now she can see perfectly. In connection
with Hood's lareapartlia we have used Rood's
\egetiable Pile, and find them the best." Mae.
MARIA GIlttrN, Xenta, Illinois.
Hlood's Pl , cure nausea, sick headache,
idl.csUltn. tll .uineris. Sol'l by rU druft it&
Given Away.
I wll ie $ lt sS0it of Cloth" mai b me
to the man guesiasa the nearest to Hofe:a's
ma.orittg i the capital contest to ake plata
Nov. t The suit to be gives au soon ms the
ouietal result I anmnoeoed be the emswing
I guess Helena will have
.......majority in the
capital contest.
. Cat this coupon out and aed it to
C, M, Bitsch, Merchant Tailor
Helena Employment Agency
W. B. Cook. Proprietor
24 Edwards Street. Telenhone 330.
Cook, $1F; second cook, $(0.
Mining 'atmp hotel for sale for less than
one-half It value.
Trunks to store at )io' a month.
Chanmermald for Min ole., $25.
Waitress for Missoula, $25.
VWatr-ss for Marysville, $25.
Waltress for city. $25.
Woman 0ook for city, $40.
posltion to do gefneral housework. Ad
dress M. H., this ofloe.
SITI'ATION WANTED-Ily a competent
young girl, to do general housework in
small family, or second work (second
work preferred). Address &40 Hillsdale
positionll as chambermaid or to take
care of baby. Address Malmie Fulker
son, this office.
A (;()()1) color'dl woman wants a place
for housework, as cook. 3'b Iteattle
Htt "elt.
S;\1'IN'G WANTED--Boys' pants and
Soattr ; also I.Ird Flauntleroy suits; 10JW
Ninth i 'ellll, corner of Idaho.
SITi '.1T'I)N WVANTEIl-- Py a compe
unt girl for .-.bTiat housework or good
Sik in privat. family. Inquire at .9
.\ NrT.: I 'hildl .0's .ewing anl plain
. t \ r r\ ' naonabl. prices. C('all
. 7i 1,I; I"rl. l .tre.t.
IIIl All'.' V. A\ ATI I -_11 A .l.
\1.\ N .il ++I,-. nouk. no 'hlltrb·o. wnnt
0",ýk * I{ , ,IIIt! hotel ,I" camp alUtl l or
Ii Ir,"ýý, 1'uokr, i'Park avenue, IJcl.na.
W'ANTEh-tino or two uIrnacee to at
t.rit, by a cot,!i."t.Iut. reliable than. Ad
SrI. Ii I t. rare I zdepeniden t office.
\1 A N'IT-I: r, T V Witli~ ktr1fly nt Mrs.
Ii.' CT,,' 'l---ruakting parlors, rooml
I, I A'L 1't~ k.
ill I P" V. A '1 II, I.tK I.E.
\\ !1 ^l Ixnth ~I, o IT a+,"
}I ~ n. tI k hA,. 1', I'h. o1
neus a·.nrt v n N. 1'. It. IL. muIt lure se
cuT.ti lan roa, Cnews office. HIena, Lunt.
Af.1.N IS IVA'41RI)
* \\ N " *-i '- . k II , t .,I all 411,
1 )ilt RI. VT Vt It N IItU El) ItOEI)tq.
l· it NI 0 .1 1 R UIh? IKI) 111)t01 tHIUIT.T
ablu fut iouusekeeltng or ruoomers, 64 Hot
tine Lsb·nu.
- ~i I It N'1'- I<;.. " rz:: m -rnl-h," I...
li II I 11·1 (l)1lI w.It,"r and 1111111 I I,.
1 UN IllN I MENT IRT W Ititgo, ,t com
l,'Ui lErN Ifatr Montan e bank tli 11 , half
t" Imr4t1w~t list ot foume nd Ier.w tU L ,G cItI
IA rI 4 I 111 n ' ,i 1i 1 ,' I 'I 111 1 a a -
hagl1111. It '-a.aI for I. i II a tr y I, L12
111la( MIA1 A N ftflI.(
IF alt iAL" (.1 fr .,Ia k of haardawjres,
I a. it Ia. N m. 1 " . . I a"r 1 k. 1 . I. , r l t -
t*arne Pie eI~aL, Adine. I'OtiUei tll
Intl ln~lf ltrr;.i1,11 1 il ~ llh no,- Al
14111 r, .I". I~ru r. I BiAj.lI . U 111 n
A~ebe ea eem et.. waHe
.Yo;tll e for b wnk , rTwine, haule ws
eta.; Will tritd or wood, real sliet. r OEM
Un. mUal,5I U5RPJS 3. RUb I CO,
 o tofl beak, will sell a amy 7..
rema baded'.iS 0 he 1.7. 3. ~mi taens.
aoýe as Ya eaudltoila seer r
al lgbIe. . Alew were p.31Mmt as
.cnmmdtetd. A slica.4 $1pe ob
Orris Employment Agenoy,
III Norat male Mb TrilapkeaSW
3rn' maker.
Maeer cook. 84f
ouwn ur eucfltg wagon roed.
Uowwo kaeae 0l.25 le ur edtk and
RI ib. M it,
2~ia .1,1 . jut s bltOtk
l11l bour koaeaur. Woc o
EminenlsEt and Real Estate enocy.
AgS t Beek, Mounminl Huahmaimmg.
Ca. Mais sad I syrerna TeI phonetel.
Wanted -3ee went..r weak cm read mama cty.
6168wpa deoj No1 ogre toe carged.
Was .Ygrl oe geserat kwc Is. Girl
fo aler boIn fod wisem twn.
Na coon fr ea. ll
hote rueisleIn god mningtewa
Laiiong Hoteh of Ieln.I
L A. WAtm, I.W
natetllb qLoelfllft.n " lm~s
com.rnll tnrvelm. ltrie eas. to sB d te
Under the Grandon hoteL
The best dmining room n the city. Homd
cooklng, home dellcnles. Board by the
day or month.
P. k Otsn lCavha. Prfop e
SrTae~klrsm heli oea the ABerlet et Ae
pean pia 6twe Bam hat an, i feex t aeslthe
metlass. luates N.+ ..^ 1*. and Dewaw,.
8TOCIL ..-Ithe enaoe f tihe sew hoels
ot te bte Neo ewlny fa
olletri oall ad re oen b l. Is lan fe 4 a1 b'
ýaoders Iaprove.nl tentral leoat«t.
s sear l war, . A. gokweilL
º-.. 1 7 .0Iý T. Prop,
-riotly IDrt-eLsUb w M E h trp Uight
Steas heat and evator servico.
ALL Street Care I'sm the Door.
Cornea Main sad Btate 8ltl
I"sBr cOT'T4OI--Mrn. C. M. Kellogs ills
her boarding house, at M North reatsa
sresa leet l Iota ,. ]a t I. ib t
namd. Oar trloe will fd !it httsh
place to eat a meal or spend a few dar, or to
msake a .rmsuent home. Hie tbrse ame re
J. O. I. Sullivan, Proprietor.
Centrally bloated, with modern con
veniences. First class accommodations
for translents, at reasonable rates.
Headquarters for mining men. Main
street, foot of Grand, Helena. Mont.
Denver Block.
The most centrally located family res
taurant in the. city. Easy of access and
the table Is the best to be found any
Shere. Terms very ,easonable.
Sale and Ixchange.
An improver r rch thre miles from White
Sol`hur .pringsl 160 acres; about eixt armr
welled down to timotlhyl. LJlaes nder enultivT
,ioo, all under fence; good ranto alasoeat good
hone,. with bth,. bars and stabl.. cornrt t& o
ranauries, shl.,. everythilng n good orer; fret
cia.s water rthbt of NU Imohee, always it8 of
water. A thour,rghlr equitpd ranch. rile
S4.200; will s.l on easy terms or ecbaaage for
lolens rest estate.
A well located ranch of 270 acres In the Bitter
Hoot valley. four miles from istevensvllU tie
count. seat: conveniest to acluu andl chureh;
amp e we er; under tense: plenty of beildlaee
ntl corra a. WIll exokhane for ileleoa reel
estate. Will include farmilg implements%
Ianch of Ilt aUres on Dearborn river, hawed
log bhouse cabia, table, barns and enrral;
nuildlngl insured for 1 o' mortgae on prem
isMe of 40 to run about three year. Will take
Helena real est ate worth $400 for eqtity, or will
eechagtfuor cordJwoo or stock.
Improved ranch of 110 acres aear Rendeam.
Miasturi trainme house of tree roome ; 100 bear
ing apple anwd peshe trees ItO acres timbr oak.
asi and wainut: no lanounhran . Will -
chang* for Heleau real estate.
A neot tfor room dwellnlg with tanll lot and
a batin, es Il with two buildinrg on i: toeil
rhange for a ranch.
1 neat bricik , attage of five g,,oi ,.,rd rooms,
large relilr. tIarlti plumbing a th ol-ro.,ti
Ce,ltllee and a seven rioom dv..*lg all on
rouoth ain. str cL to trade for a goo I residene
.n neat or \%V.tt vi..
.l.:5, alttractlvt seven room dwlling. pan
try. throee clostls, cellar, city water. Isro* on
w.,wt ,,d.. nar entoatn asonll InDI one blouk
from "%r lin, $"00 d1wn, $2" t,,r month
$1 .'d5 ,est rottaes on .tgChth asenue, near
Io'tri. line: $:2I5 down
S1,05) A five-room dwelling with coroan let
on t eattie ,trr.t. IostJ down.
Quartr rouevr tt in Lunmp gulch for sale.
IIII' FEl FH(lt liI NT
$1s-Moldern sight-room dwaellbo, bsth and
furnace No i ,htlaut street.
14 Hts.ot-room dwelling with bath, on
Third street, noar Plattu
Itou.ni for rent. furnished and unfuranlhed.
1( 1111·rllll 1 *114A :I!1l 11 4 . ~ J(
h.al".I liiia are nilc.k" 1,,r I:l. ,rs, a two
IrI.n1 1..II? M hnMwuft . I granite
lh, jjtv " I Uri. M .%l n':. .1 IIcb s will
Ii. Itii l Ihitr flu li I r il right
~ r. J't any amt I'll 1-1 ' 1,..,,, ds to
Ih" Inlari. MInrIting , ,,n o Mon.
Irma, 43 !itovutsuv Nih, .I I".uok build
tug. tt.1, nu, Moist si I,
u, A 8'. IfIAYD,
8. retary.
U..nspt1Inu I..,,lI " 'I at thi
t'.rtplnnt h t~n I... p'.Iu,, q t lPthii
isr.Im," i';l .*vntrv N' :i .Ir,, O(t. *2,
no' a,". tfnlu~ i, In n.h .' * . rane 5 W.
to I ..',. I and i'tark..11 Montana.
with ., vt.-w to th" sit, llst,n,, of said
i"ntry. ih. 1 sil jsart(. or. lnvty sum
Ii," o p... i it'I,..,n t e 3t
(2.ntjgJICRkRM IAI l'()t, I.9
k iltecelvel'.
le reeaattle lo O s-V t O.
Corbett, Hal 8........ .IDemocrat I
Hartman, Charles •.... RepubllOas I
Maiden, Uenjamia F...IProhibltion I
Smith. Robert B....P.... ople's Partyl
Assueeate Jwstie-- ote for One.
lunt. William H ....... IRepubllcan I
Luce, UIewellyn A.....IDemocrat I
Reeves. George W.... IPeople' Party
-embers of the louse of Repreenatatves-
Vote tfr Lghbt.
Anderson. Clifford H.. Republican I
lBrown, C. K........... IPeople's Partyl
lterger. II. J ............ People's Partyl
Cope. George ........ IDemocrat I
Corbett. Michael ...... People's Partyl
Craven. Arthur J...... Republlcan I
Davidson, Anselm J... Democrat I
Herron. John.......... IRepublican I
h~ler, Nicholas...... Democrat I
hIorky. John...........IRepublican
Howey, Robert H...... IRe ublican I
Huseby, John H........IPeople'e Partyl
Minix. Phil A..........IPeople's Partyl
McCabe. John P.......iDemocrat I
Miller. Charles B....... Republican I
Mitchell. Mart.......... IPeople's Partyl
Murphy., James H.....IDemocrat I
Nolan. Cornelius B.....IDemocrat I
Oker. Joseph..................eople's Partyl
Peeler, David R........ Democrat I
Preultt. W. Green....IDemocrat I
Shober, John H....... IPeople's Partyl
Thompson. William B.IRepubloan I
Wade, Declus f.........IRepublcan I
Ceauty Clerk end Recorder-Vote for One.
Adams . .................People's Party!
Muffly. Charles ...... IDemocrat I
Tooker. John S.........IRepublican I
County Auditor-Vote for Oue.
Campbell, P. H......... IPeople's Partyl
Featherly, James 8.... IRepublican I
Wilkinson, Raleigh F.IDemocrat I
81eri--Vote for One.
Becker, 'Conrad ....... IRepublican I
Curts, Charles D......IDemocrat I
Jurgen,. J. H............People's Partyl
Cemoty Treasurer-Vote for One,
Burns. Alex. F.........IPeople's Partyl
French. Eugene 8.....IRepubllcan I
Garrett, Clarence B.....IDemocrat I
County Attorney-Vote for One.
Ballllet, amuel A.....IRepublican I
Crutcher. Thomas Z...IPeople's Partyl
Purcell, Richard R....IDemocrat I
County Aueswor-Vote for One. "!
Fischer, Jacob......... Democrat I
Hudson. 8. C...........iPeople's Partyl
Tilton, Henry ...........IRepublican I
County Superintendent of Sekools-Vote for
Baker, Maud Davis...IDemocrat
Retfenrath. Minnie A..IRepublican
Turnley, Miss C. l......IPeople's Partyl
Public Adlmislerator-Vote for One.
Shipman, William W..IDemocrat
Whitaker, William F..IRepublIcan
Workman, John........ People's Party
('oroser-Vote for O te.
Bullard, William M... Republican
Carmlehael. Daniel L...iDemocrat
Rltchite Dr. J. H....IPeople's Party
James Mauldin, plaintiff, vs. Edgar C
Richards. Agnes V. Richards. his wife,
and B. E. Atkinson, assistant cashier, de
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale
issued out of the district court of the lFirst
Judicial district of the state of Montuna,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 3Uth day of October, A. hD. 1l, In
the above entitled action, wherein James
Mauldin, the above ilrmel plaintiff, ob
tained a Judgement and dericree of fore
closure and sale against t:dgar '. Il.h
ardis, Agn's V. Richardcs. his wife, alId
H. I:. Atdknson, assistant cncshll'", dIe
f(cuIante, on the .21th day of t( tol.'r,
A. 1) l,4. for the sum of ;2,7115, beHIIs
inItestP Pcosts and attorneys fee", wfhi ti
said dlecr'ee was, on the 2th day of 4)1 to
t r, A. I). 1t94, recorded in Juidgement
hook No. J. of said court. at IaaR . I
Im commanded to selI all those. e.rtalu
lots, pieces or parc-els of land, situtI.t, ly
ing and being in the Maulldn addltion
to the city of Helena, county of L.'w.is
and Clarke, state of Montana. and boundI
ed and -des'rlbhed as follown, to-wit Ints
num lbered ' .e n (7) , " Ight (),. tanic i.ne
II., in block W, as ashl lots and blick
are numbered, designated and le., ribedl
on the pIlat of said Maulllin otlltion ci
fil]' In the' offlce of the county recorder of
call county of Lewis and I'lurke.
Together with all and singulair the tene
mT:nts, hereditanlents ali arplur'tennne.s
Ihereunto belonging or In anywise apper
PIublie notice is hereby given, that on
Thursday, the I5th day of November, A.
1). 1894, at 12 o'clock M. of that lday. ni
the front door of the court house. IIHel
ena., I'wi. and Clarke county, Montana.
I will, in obedience to said order of
salIe and decree of foreclosure awl sale,
sell the above descrihed piroperty, or )o
much thereof as may be necesscary to
satisfy said judgement. with Inter'st iandI
cos.Its. to the highest and Icest biddelr, for
. ash In handl.
ilven under my hand this ith lday of
October, A. 1). 1194.
('HARLK tI . ('I'RTIR. Rheriff.
fly Fred E. ioss. U'nder iheriff.
Massena Iullard, Plaintiff's Attorney.
PN Nt 1'i . cdýMm / pound. IN
NOb *TAMVa.'O... 4011 or Iejnti
IdPUSLWIY. 1º.r buld up OhS banUm
96II LK. lbe· e l. *.0 .A wa.
Nhr WpW$d ../ .ta .1
lye rt denta sop ad difM ' f~.01
vlI au 00 iNhal.e tlrhin OhgmeSL
PARK REMEDY CO., kost.al Man
Ceamty Warvenor-Volte Ik OUe.
3hikel, Paul B. A...... IRepubllcan I
Keerl. James 8........ IDemoerat I
Lombard. A. G.......... People's Partyl
Jumtl.es of the PeI're, Helems Towuship
Vote for Two.
Davis, Samuel K...... IDemorat I
O' onnell, Terence ....I)Democrat I
Rose, J. W..............I'eople's Partyl
Votaw, Alfred C.......Republlcan I
Woodman, Benjamin FIRepubllcan I
Coustablee, Helena Towaship-Vote for Two.
Bennett, J. Y..........IPeople's Partyl
Hamm, William.......I Republlcan I
Horn. ('harles ......... I Republican I
Huber, William........ Democrat I
Quirk. John A.......... Democrat I
Bt haubachlager, la- Pryl
ren .. ................. P ople' Partyl
Juatices of the Peace, Belmont Township
Vote for Two.
Brady, James F....... Democrat I
Bramble, John K.... IDemocrat I
Matthews, Lyman A... Republican I
McGiven. J. C..........IPeople's Partyl
Padbury, Geo. W.....IPeople's Partyl
Trevarrow James...... Republican
CoUstables, lBelmost Township-Vote fr
Harvey, Joseph ........ Republican
Hendricks, James A... Democrat I
Jobs, Fred .............. People's Partyl
Jullan, L. E.............. People's Partyl
Langan, John .......... IRpubUcan
Shea, Michael D........ IDemocrat
Justles oet the Peace, Augeuta Township
Vote for Two.
Meyer, J. L. B.......... IRepublican I
VanEman, Andrew R..jCtlsens I
Wagers, Owen J....... (itizens
Woods, T. O................Republican I
Woods, T. 0...........IIndependent
Co.stables, Auusta Towaship-Vote for Two
Barnard, W. H......... Repubilcan J
Berthelote, Louis...... Republican
Payne, Edward........ Cltlsenls
Weaver, John M......ICitisens I
Weaver, John M........llndepenent I
Justices of the Pease, Spokae Township
Vote for Two.
Abercromble. Robert AlPeople's Partyl
Clark, H. H............ rDemocrat I
Ramsey, 8. T.........IDemorat
g-- - . - -- - -
Constables, Spokane Township-Vete fr Twe.
Butler. John............People's Partyl
Kane. D.................IDemocrat I
Marsh. Tom............Democrat I
Jatleea ef the Peace, Craig Townshp-Vete
mfr Two.
Anderson, John ........ lndependent
Billings, Edward E.... Republican |
Constables, Craig Tow.shkp-Vote for Two.
Billings, Harry L......I Republlcan ý
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a
correct list of the nominatlons as cerut
fled to me.
Witnees my hand and seal of said
county this 25th day of October, 104.
(Seal.) J. 8. TOOKER. Clerk.
For Place of Location of the Permanent
Capitol of the State of Montana
* Vote for One.
City of Anaconda ........................
City of Helena...........................
tries court of the First Judilal distrlet
of the state of Montana. in and for the
rounty of Lewis and Clarks. Estate of
HBashis Harprorse, deeeoad.
Notlos is he oby lgive by the andersntaed,
administrator uf the estate of Hseklab
Hsrdgreve. deeased. to the ereditore of.
and all persons haviLn ellams asaist the
sild deeeased, to exhibit them with the
acessarr voucberl. within four monthe
after the 6 at pableatlion of this notie. to
the said admlnistrator at the law ofmlo of
Masslle Ballead. room 8. Gold bloek, in
the city of Helena. in the oeeoty of Lewi
and Clarke, state of Montana. the same
being the place for the lranaseliom of the
busineo" of sid estate s the oounty of
Lewis and CIa ke.
Joai W. 1iAaDOSOva,
Admalnstrator of the estate of Hisekiak
Deate Oo. 15lh, 188.,
No 3477.
I" H I.andt f (iCe, Helena, Montana,
•il't. ), M 'l194.
Nortl". Ic hereby given that John ('am
Proi and Ilight C.. iil.e, of IlIlmini, Lewisw
alRi ('lark*. counity, Montana, anl Ed
ward M Nit..v'r n., whir.. piotomttlcr ad
driss II lltot., Hllver How county, Mon.
tlin, and WillIam (OwlePy, o Twin
I Ildgesi, MNill.iri iron anty, Miontana, and
f.llailH IItlillPy, of Sliver How oiuntl,
Montana, havel this daily iled th.lir alII
a.ilon for il patlint for l,,O) llnear feet
of Ih". tall.ly Ito. minp or vein henring
oidl iniI pinvyr, litlh Iurfaci'e. groulnd from
- : f-1 to lnl ft1 It In width, pittateid in
no orgullz. l l irinIng ,la|trit,. county of
J. ru'ls ii, anil state' of nMontana and di.
lilnnti'l by th, f1eldl notes and nr lll. Iht
on 111. In this offlre ias survey No .~i,
in townsrlitlp north, range 6 we*t, of pIrln.
elltl bailll lit' anli merldllan of Monanlla.
pall oii\ t.y No. 31I hbeing as follows, to
tt.glnnling aIt irner No. I, a trip 1 ft in
dnlal, telr marked I :. l, for i.-rne.r No.
I from which icornrr Ni. I of luirvey No.
17*4 hear' n 24 dtlear, 41 min P 1,.194.4 ft. alnd
Ihi. ni I niil t r otf .i. ., twp Is n, r L w.
i.,ri n :n .eg 13 n it e J.9i1 Ift, ntil rut
nlllt firom tIh.in i. i G3 .1 l li* Iitin w 1.1,1 4
ff. Ihence a 17 'llr and 21 min w tuil ft,
th.iinc.. 72 dlegi II min . t,fti) ft. I, .nt., n
17 l.a ·w inton a 346s 5 ft to alld corner No
1 and the pIlace of bheinning, magnellt'
arliatlon 20 tleg 30 mln I, containing 16l.21
'The location of this mine is retinrl.r. In
tI., .' ounly rel'ordlers ..Ic of JP'fterlnon
iitintyy Montana. There are no adjoin.
Ing laim.
Any andll il personrs lalming ariversel)
aniy lrprt(io of mali )osiey 3Ioe, min- of
nIrface ground are req uired to file theii
adverse elams wtllh th e register of the
United MLtate. Iannd o lIhe at Helena, In
the state of Montana, dlring the sixty
dayls' period of publication hereof, or they
will be hbrred by virtue of the provisions
of the tiatute.
W. I+. COX, Rlegistr.
Sterling & LMufly, attorneys for claim
Firt publication glpt. 3. 1W
Great Northern Railway,
The enS e a rsamel w oMm of the Grad
eptbura Welluw uw he ,iaeaatd t to (ored to
appieat gare oer a of the tiubhitIedas amast
e)ow. as e. a al d the amonat at pastave
tated aifte. tk. It b i- d be audeltouod
that thee boejk, maps ad pvm phlete wis pr.
vper at senaderoab coat sad are worth In
eah iea may tiams the postage. Ther will
prove of mach aitewet to prsons who esntom
plate a trip to eaI part of the sorthweat, or who
desire the laforeatie al latelll.eat peopole
ske.ld peaei eesraag vast emorestat.
lmportant aid greowlg part f the United
Itate BeveaL fa these sobtleetos have beet
aypplle Is quaatit.ee to publil schoost at the
rnqueat operlatieadl6te and teabnrs, an se
coast of the lastrcottve ad etal laoIempation
the estala.
BOOK FOLDER.-Send 2 oants
for postage.
.bis pblieatluln coutaine complete tlm
cards, erule of trata raute map a tlatg map
of the eouetry. a labia iving firlt sad aaeood
elaee pvaeeepr rates. and tragL tariff oan et
tiers' gooda from lt. Pasl to all polnat on the
line;a a tabtle ehowlag tributary polate reche I
by steamer or staye; throbur oa seloic. and
eonasetlona Important bagage and tiotat
regulatiten, and mukh latoereetla desriptivr
matter. I. short. t It a heady rolae of ready
relreasa for pa~eragers abou localand through
sotles on the Ola Nerthern to all parts at the
northwest and I'ul eLe eat.
MAP FOLDER -Sent free.
This leutaine the rtUls? time sehdulcs; a
aieo map of the oounhtr west of tibloeo and
tt. Leil.e bsgga sad ticket rpualstionsl so
other laifrtlen ol valu t to travelers.
WEST.-Send 16 oents for
po^*" -e.
Cotsalue emplete maps of the Ualted Strtea
Mllaeeste.the two Daket.s. NMestsa, ra.l
sad Wehlnete.J shrsowla peatiesees * Jua t
34.l with every Important gecgroglisal sad
tpegr.pbhial featuae breatht dos to date.
s.. pritned Is the lhihet sti~e at the
sep makter' art. Intorestie denrlpdtvo
bhltrlesl und tatIt.el l laferatioen appear 1
with neo mlop
S2oents ftr postage
This is la m of the onantry west of Chlicag
and It. Lee. m maed on pellers; si la--Lhey
aemplete Isa eer prtlealer tro latest use
gel fives mot deal of the Notee t. wth
ehoap sad below the laterasoea botsandwr
lmo tfrm the Grest Lakes to Ylgt Gsnd
eleosatly prato I and ed la Isn eemr .n sad
eohoed hW bee asked for by tuechers In all
parte of the orthwest, on I ooepls sri now
helug to the publo ee als of meay towns
sad cities
From Midland Lakes to
Western Ooean.--Send 10
conts for postage.
Thins ttretive publicien lestas assril
10 Nerthwester views, lsu li sad in gamps
tebed freo phloa.reh orammmnta~Uy embel
lIked, and aempanled by d es Iptive mutter
ead ~bhreeterle nlitW besatUtally printed Is
roler a.n eltogether fe a esus of the meg de.
pat beek o the klr L ever lomed. It 1 equal
to at hoMb whlh setl for a doellr or mr aend
atmelas w mes lesm semrmal Ilmattlo and
4ad es ,li.
oents postage for eao h.
A serles of Ulostra 4 publiestions ea in
ewt, toe Debaoes. I aase sand Waehalgion.
Tre.ut of the isteas. hietory. ellmate, sr. ,
egltali. pateebL minsel mad limberal re
soreas ea pedaeta of eeh ao theua Import.
sat sates.
BULLETINS-Bend 4 cents
postage for the two.
Thse pEblioatiom esatala the gs and fis
lawset the lethww+emsa kState ad very meek
imlaetim lafbh-natloa abeot varioue kinds a
same sad Lk, asd loealtsle when fesad. with
nmar Lbe illustration.
YON--Send 50 cents eaoh.
Theoe beastlfal art mpredaotlens of strikiag
Peanes Ia the monltalua of Motetaaa se tOul
I.chee a siae, and not Ia large quantitis 11.00
each bmt eae sld at ha't prieO to introduce
themo. Caly 'e of each will be sold to any on
addlea Ilheywill aso be sold in a rhoIeo
frame with gles at t,. or half priooa As
emament to either soil. or paroir sad do sm
entala say advertlstag.
-Send 2 oents for postage.
ShLs pltty seevem· a contains twenty-4· 1
views of Washlnatoa exhibits at the World's
lair. It oe s l2 eat a oopr to priLt.
COUNTRY.-Sent free.
This sontanas lahge variety of facts of lnter
e.t to .w totties, a.nlouJng dkegrame showing
the sliplleitl of and slrr'.s, a brief statement
o Iand laws, and a map of the United Stats..
TRY."-Send $1 6).
bThe reat No\rthra has speally arrntged
with a lale. publishing house for ma editlun of
it.aderJ's Portfolio of American Views. ap
p·earl In slatws part'. each part containing
slateon views ad retaillag for 10 erats, or $6L0
for the statlon parts Blsego photographs of
these views cannot be hsa for much loes than
.)0o each. but It it is portfollo 200 manifilcent
reprodt :los of striklng pho:ogralph of
astoral ad crested seeims in all parts of Amer
tea sre to be had fora more eominal sns. Ieah
part will reutaI matter andt ltlotratios
epeelalll added to gIve Inerened value to
an rthwostern subseribtr or those nterestled is
tko northwee. The prts will be furnlshed
lsigly or in whole numbers by agents of the
omro r as arY poles
for car of the above publicstiome or laforms.
ties about robas or restel to the Northwmet al
Feaeio Chat, eddies
F. I, WHITNEY, G. P. & T. A.,
it. Palt. Mi.s.
S'*hntion this raper I
Notice ls hereby given that the firm
known as the Twiford Furniture com
panl, and doing bualness under that
name, hae this rhay been dissolved by
mutual consenit, James Twifrri as.nuling
all hills and paylin all debts of the corn
J A. IM)t'1iIITY.
Itelena, Mont.. Nov. 3, AIM4.
N' )TltcE TO) ('RII)ITOltt.
klitate or c'harlls Nelson. dreeasedl.
Nothice i hereby given by the tinler
signel, ninttlnnstrator of the estate of
'haitl*. Nelson, lde.aern.l to the credit
ore of and all peIsons having 'lalme
against the nsaI dieealed,. to exhibit
the.l with the ncessnary touchers, with.
In four 14) months after the first pubtl
cation of thls notice, to the said admin
istrator at his re.lltnern,. Ni I17 irnad-,
way, city of fltlena. the Iame beingl the
place for the transaction of the husiness
of Paid estate In the county of Lewis and
Adminlistrator of Charles Noelta 4d
cease. O
Dated October II3, 1IN

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