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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 08, 1894, Morning, Image 1

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the coastep
Washington, Nov. 7.-Reports re
ceived up to nine o'clock to-night Indi
cate that the next senate will have forty
democrats, forty-one republicans and
lsx populists, while the attitude of the
successor of Benator Harris, of Ten
nessee, Is still in doubt. In this classl
flcatlon, Benators Stewart and Jones, of
Nevada, who were elected by republl
cans, but who have announced their sep
aration from their party, and Gov. Till
man, who will doubtless be elected by
the so-called independent democrats .f
the South Carolina legislature, are
placed in the populist column. Tillman
will probably vote with the democrat.
on organizatlon and Stewart and Jonee,
of Nevada, and PefTer with the repub
licans. This would throw the balance
of power Into the hands of the popu
When Chairman Babcock, of the re
publican congressional committee, left
the republican headquarters to-night
he said reports received during the day
give the republicans 230 out of 35H mem
bers of the house, beyond peradventure,
while there was a possibility of secur
ing twenty-seven additional members.
Mr. Babcock also stated his Informa
tion leads him to believe there is a pos
sibility of securing three more mem
bers from Alabama, two from Illinois,
one from Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Ne
braska and South Carolina each, three
more from Minnesota. two from Ohio,
two from Pennsylvania, three from Mis
souri, one from Arkansas, three from
Louisiana, and three from Texas. If
these claims are realised it will give
the republicans 257 members, or a ma
jority of ninety-nine members.
Denver, Nov. 7.-Gov. Waite concedes
the defeat of his party. "To my mind,"
said he, "it provesuconclusively that the
Money power has dominated this elec
tion from beginning to end, and the
democratic party is most responsible
from the fact that they voted the re
pubican ticket instead of their own.
made up my mind several years ago
that there was only ome wap to resee
the country from conditions now ex
iating, and for which the money power
is responsible, and that was to flght
them tooth and nail. Consequently, I
have never made any bones of declar
ing my opinion of their course and ad
vocating that the controlling power
which they have exercised over all legis
lation be destroyed. I believed the in
fluence of Wall street must be removed
from congress."
When asked if he thought the popu
list party would ever regain power, the
governor replied: "I believe it will, but
it may not be for some time. I do not
know exactly how it will be done. I
think we will have to do it right over
their heads, however. I advocate this
being done In a peaceful manner, if pos
sible, peaceful revolution. Of course, I
)elieve the ballot is the proper method
to be employed. But this has not proved
efficacious in this state."
San Francisco, Nov. 7.-About half
the entire vote of California has been
counted and the result indicates that
James Budd, democratic candidate for
governor, has a plurality of between
6,000 and 7,000 votes. Hils plurality in
this city will probably amount to 10.000.
With the exception of supreme court
Justices and comptroller, sufficient le
turns have been received to ind!clte
which party has hten successful with
the remainder of the state ticket. The
republicans have elected one supreme
court justice, Ilennshaw, and the demo
crats the other two, Temple and IBridge
ford, the latter being elected & fill an
unexpired term. Colgan, republican
nominee for comptroller, is also elected
by perhaps 6,000 plurality.
Returns now indicate that the repub
licans have elected six of seven con
gretssm". Maguire, democrat, In the
Fourth .Atrict, is re-elected, while there
is little doubt that Camenettl. present
representative from the Second district,
;Ieary, in the First district, and Eng
lish in the Third district, have been de
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 7.-The republi
cans have carried Kansas by a plural
ity of 30,000, and will have a slight ma
jority over all. Rtepublican Chairman
.Leiatnd claims also the election of the
congressmen in seven districts. The
republletans will elect ninety representa
tives out of a Iipssblhle 125, giving themn a
majo'rity of forty-five on jIlnt ballot.
Wichita, Kan., Nov. 7.--tov. Liewell
Ing said to-day: "I do not concede
the defetat of the populist ticket. O)nly
the cities and town precincts have been
heard fwronl, and the country can eas
ily overturn the showing there. I do
not, hwe er, io.k for monre than :I,t.o
plurality for e.ither repuilil'tns nor polp
tlis4, and only the official counlt canll de'
dti.' the Iresult. Tthe dl'mcrats evidnlt
ly aid.ed the republlians. Woman sulT
rage. hurt the pI.opullst ticket."
I'llrt land, ( )re., No . 7.- (ongreSI:
Ih rmann, republlean. WV. It. EIita., re
p1I1nbllcn, are eleC'ted.
I h'i Moitns. Iowa. Nov. 7 -The repuIh
Iliris nl hiane' eleted the entire deIlegItltin
to congress.
$.aittle, Nov. 7. --Returns faromt oler
oeit,-half if the state show that the re
piihllcal plurality will be more thu n
I,ll0I0 The leginlature Is repuhll ot In
Ith irutirhes. andl on Joint ballot by at
hIlnst twenty- flyve.
Nashvllle, Tenn.. Nov. 7--Offimlal i
turns show that psvetll y-sIx diemtr.it'ts
hai'' beeln lel'tedl to the i'Kliatllltr.',
withl s.' v'ratl (ountlel toi h|arr from,
which given the demonl'rats (Icntrol ill
hilth htIouses.
Nt. I.ulsa, Nov. 7 As nearly as rnn uhe
ste'iilttii ,. tih' dhemoni'ats Ia v'i liaot th|
Fiuirth. Iift''eenth. Thirteen'th. Flirst,.
l'Third, NIxth. l':ilghth uanl Ihlt.e nth lon
rasilllrnal distills. The ilefeated deti
"lllllvI lare \\'. l:l illn. t'. 1II. M I
gun. J. It. Foxl. W. I llaltch iantl-Up
tilo. A M l)iuokeiry, II. A. Ie)PArnaiil.
IIt I' Ithinl (4liver Dick) and Fil'led
,ollek N1pet'a'lI. respel)tively.
4I .lio'rph. Mo Niv. 7. -A splinahl to
thel News from .lJeffernon ('Ity, 1ays tllv.
lllne o ''eedles the legKIialtu'e to the re
p ul b tll ll s .
%'hieliig. i''. \'ia., Nov. 7 The re
putlicinn stIte commnlittee tnakes the
f Illowilg statemeIt to-night tlIe il
nr. rel'lblilan, itrsat distril. elicted to
ingl'res lby ,:14:3 majority; IDaytoni.,
lecond district, over Wilson. 2,.200 ma
Jority; Hluling, republican, Third dis
trict, 3,500 majority; Miller, republican.
Fourth, 2,000 majority. Both branches
of the legislature are republican by L
majority of 37.
Carson City, Nev., Nov. 7.-Returns
are coming in very slowly. At many
points the count is still In progress.
From the meagre returns received, the
Indications are that Jones, nominee of
the free silver party, has defeated
('leveland, republican, for governor, by
from rU)0 to 800. The congreseuonal elec
tion Is close, but the Indications are In
favor of Newlanda, silver party candi
Bolse, Idaho, Nov. '.-The republican
state ticket Is elected by 20,000 plurality
or more, and the legislative returns In
dicate that the legislature will be repub
lican. The new Mormon vote seems to
have gone heavily republican. The pop
ulists have lost in some of their old dis
tricts and have gained In some sections
where they had no foothold two years
Cheyenne, Nov. 7.-Returns frotm
eleven Wyoming countles show 8,00
plurality for Frank W. Mondell, repub
lican, for congress, over Henry A. Cof
feen, democrat, and H. A. Healy, pu
list. Wm. A. Richards, republic n, is
elected governor by 3,500 plurality. The
republicans will have a majority in the
Detroit, Nov. 7.-Reports indicate that
of 100 representatives lin the Michigan
legislature, ninety-seven are assuredly
republicans, two democrats and one
democrat-popullst. Of thirty-two sena
tors thirty-6ne are republicans. The
News' latest returns on governor show
a plurality of over 86,000 for Rich.
Philadelphia, Nov. 7.--Complete re
turns received up to midnight from all
but half a dozen of the sixty-seven coun
ties in this state give Hastings a plural
ity of 233,378. The republicans have
elected twenty-eight of the thirty con
gressmen to the state.
New ork, Nov. 7.-The total corrected
vote for governor In New York state,
outside of Hullivan county, was 1,208,259,
of which Morton received 667,585; Hill,
514,164; Wheeler, 24,511. Morton's plural
ity, 153,346; Morton's majority, 126,238.
New York, Nov. 7.-The complelxion of
the congressional delegation from New
York state, according to nearly com
plete returns, is thirty republicans and
four democrats, a republican gain of fif
St. Paul, Nov. 7.-Returns from all
but nine precincts in St. Paul give Nel
son, republican, 5.116 plurality. The lat
est estimate Is that all republican can
didates for congress seem to have won.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 7.--On joint bal
lot the legislature will probably stand
republicans fifty-two, democrats twen
ty-nine. The republicans elect congress
men in all but the Seventh district.
Louisville, Nov. 7.-The republicans
have .elected six congressmen and the
democrats four, with the Seventh dis
trict still in doubt, with the chances in
favor of Owen, democrat.
Omaha, Nov. 7.-The republican state
central committee concede Holcomb, fu
slonlst, elected governor by 9A000 plu
rality. Republicans probaly have the
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov. 7.-Returns
from twelve counties give Catron, re
publican, for congress, about 2,K00 ma
jority. The legislature will be republl
Indianapolis, Nov. 7.-Indiana elects
a solid republican delegation to con
gress. In the legislature the republican
majority on joint ballot is thirty-three.
Redfleld, S. D., Nov. 7.-South Dakota
republicans elect 100 out of 126 members
of the legislature. A republican United
States senator is assured.
Chicago, Nov. 7.-ll1inois has elected
twenty republicans and one democrat
to congress. Republican plurality in
the state about 125,000.
Little Rock, Nov. 7.-The democrats
have elected their six congressmen
from this state by majorities ranging
from 1,000 to 6,000.
Charleston, W. Va., Nov. 7.-The de
feat of Wilson was conceded by the
democratic managers to-day at noon.
St. Paul, Nov. 7.--Minnesota ,hts ~ a
solid republican delegation to Ioulgress.
Neither of Them Did Much larm, but
Added to the Eealtete.t,
The fire department was called out
twice last evening. The first alarm was
caused by a fire in Ham Lee's wash
house, on State street. The fire origi
nated from a defective flue. Thu loss
was very small.
A small blaze was noticed under the
sidewalk in the rear of Wise & (ood
kind's block, corner of Main and Sixth
avenue. The alarm was turned in while
the great parade was moving up Main
street. The fire apparatus was turned
down Main. but, owing to the vast
throng,. the tv ms we*re switched into
Wall street and down Pa'rk avenue. The
fire had been extinguished bel'ore the
department reached the place.
Marshal Iteece says that more can
tion shuldl be used in respect to throw
ing rubbish away. It should not he
placed under any sidewalk grating,
where some passer-by is apt to throw
a cigar stub or lighted match.
Hart at His Mine.
R. A. MlcDonald, half owner of the
Montezuma mine. liminl, was brought
into this city yesterday for surglcal
care. AboI)ut I' I0 yesterdally ftilernoon,
while filling tre's near his rlln, hi ,
was badly Injured by t deald Iimh .strik
ing him on the head. knoking him
senaelesas. tnIl culttling him oveir the hift
ye J. lienn1osny, his parltner', b.r.lught
hiini to the camp), iwheire he wits gtt\in
every attention . l ssl ,. Vhln he ,e
g.inl l ons'nci. +lntss, he ,,ns ht ought
| to Ieleh a.
U1, ml. t a treet Car.
I'hflllid.'litfln, Nov. 7 An express on
the Itlfdltg road 'truck a staril( ear titt
?'iceltatl l'n. 4 hu~rge ' 4 tijd. th
drive . autd \Vi'. It. HIIIhuin. it pitsitui
K r, w'er'e Cat It 11 y' iiJ 11t ted.
('hay 1?~i. Iu-Ilj-f, of NI it le. v% k s Ill-,
Alf the 11111h out f Iw1li 1,"1p 's at'Ii *tiJlly..
Al Ihe ' cr t,trllnili kil illy Ill r t niV eih,,t.
1.1122 I 1 1 , t.lc , i. ,r Io
'rt Hil;tl IN on. ick ply 11n1ui . i 01144I fil
9'11." II .-Iin $utnlnt Ittlefi huik t''o hi
cluts' tll. .1 . l it.u IaIrtIA Util Iuf"1 uJll II, ,'
IirsuI' 1huI1 heII rir: ti will ,hut 1u ' I"%mIII1L
A* ··11 l me lbcI. n' I " I11e'IC* (e ul,'t."ý
tor 1 l, t p ttldiu I he' n jut J '. iNt ,IIl
(hlnl l y. l lHlyy IIIn, ·~ll I1I
A 14gw LI...
TI whlu' ehina. for .I'cir.l it Ing. lusr I'
Wil. . N.'e IV fu2)2. uth 0ti (.W t 1,1
Vn." J.L'dwarduy, Shu an tiu 10 hn a't- i'~t
Republleoan Get Ten Members of
the House and the State
Chairman Mantle Glalms a Re
publioan Majority Over All
In the Legislature
Wigr.es That e OGives, and Opllleas of
Other .ate Cha..rea--Bartmea
sad must ooteed.
Special to The Independent.
IButte, Nov. 7.- The republiranna werpt
this county so completely as to letave
soarc'ly a thread behind. The entire
repulblian county V tickeIt In elected, with
the possible exception of a county corm
mli.loner, which may be saved by the
democrats. The republicans elect ten
out of eleven representatives to the
legislature and the state senator. Thos.
Kilgallon, dmcocrat. is probably Plected
to the legislature to keep company with
the republicans.
Lee Mantle. chairman of the republi
can state committee, says HIartman
will have a majority in the state over
both Corlbett and Smith. He claims a
large plurality of Hunt for associate
justice, and a majority of from 10 to 20
for republicans on joint ballot in the
legislature. He figures solid republl
cap delegations from Madison, Jeffer
eon, Granite, Teton, Fergus, Choteau,
Park, Yellowstone, Custer and Dawson
counties, all but one from Slilver Bow,
one and perhaps two from Beaverhead,
two from Ravalll, three from Misaoula,
two from Gallatin. two from Cascade,
two from Deer Lodge, one or two from
Lewis and Clarke. Flathead and Mea
gher are conceded to the populists.
J. H. Calderhead, chairman of the
populist state central committee, con
ceded the success of the republicans.
The popullasts elected nothing in this
JI RE. Kenyon, chairman of the demo
c state committee, concedes con
gresmmay and the legislature to the re
publlcana. He has no figures on the
state at large as to the legislature, but
admits the republicans will have a ma
jority on'the joint ballot.
Returns as far as received In this
county give Hartman a plurality of
1,29 over Smith, and a majority of 70
over Smith and Corbett. Hunt, as far
as returns have been received, has a
plurality of 459 over Reeves. Charles
R. Leonard, republican, is chosen state
senator by 473 plUtAlity over Calder
head, populist. Henry Mueller, demo
crat, came in third best. Those chosen
to t legislature are Cook, Booth,
Braf Lawrence. Williams, Cunning
ham, Paschal, Metcalf, Monteith and
Swett, republicans, and Kilgallon prob
ably, democrat. Samuel J. Reynolds,
republican, has 1,408 for county clerk.
Hill, republican, has 674 for county
treasurer. M. L. Wines, republican,
has 1,177 for county attorney. The
county commissioner is still in doubt.
Prof. John F. Davies Is elected superin
tendlent of schools over Miss B. M. HIol
land, democrat and populist. Carlos
Warfield, republican, is elected county
assessor; iGutellus, republican, sur
veyor; Richards, republican, coroner;
W. J. Janea~n. republican, public ad
ministrator: Wm. L. Boardman, repub
lican, county auditor.
Fall eatures Make a Comfortable Show.
lag for Itepubtleloa.
Special to The Independent.
Itozeman, Nov. 7.-El.ctlon day in
Ilizeman passed off very quietly. "It
was1 expected that with polities and the
capijtal contest comlnbined there would
I.. great excitement but such was not
the case. Anaconda workers were out
hi force and the betting was lively with
pI nty of Helena mlloney to ',over all
I.ets. The Anaconda people clai'med
this county by over 400, but official re
turns give them 250, the count being
Anaconda. 1,292; Helena, 1,042.
In politics the republicans swept the
field clean, the democrats electing but
one representative, sheriff. surveyor and
public administrator. There were four
parties in the field and 2,524 registered
voters. lion. t'has. lIartman received
at handsome vote in tiallatin county.
The following in a complete list of the
canildates. Iprtleen and voite Iii tiallatln
county: t'ongressmanat-}Hartman, re
publlican, 1,275; c'orhett, democrat. 425;
Smith, populist, 366; Malden, pro'hlbi
ti,,. 53. Justlee of the supreme court
lhunt, repubhlican, 919; Luce, denmocrat,
I.lt; Reeve', p opulist, 275. State' repre
*sntatives--- Alerson, republican, 912;
I.ynide, repulriban, 94$: Moirris, repltli
ieni, 793; Cooper, democrat, 9162: IFrrlis
emorliiirat. 903;: appington, democrat,
'i; l)avis, populist, 233; Reese, populaist,
I't5; Edwards, populist. 4': I'rbllly. pro
hIIlhttiollln, 95; MillIer, proh ition, 74; Wit
11,r. prohllltlon, 79. Sheriff ' alhdw'll,
,,moeirat, 1.191; Nrflev, republil ii, 927;
I't Ire, populist, 177; Stone. prqohthilllah.,
:;'r TreaS'r l,lamtme., d'nemoc'rat. 96l;,
N.'wtol. republlian, 1,04:; I',ttee, prohi
liilton. 74; Edwards, popuI list, I99. 'ouni
1) clerk- - l'.s, repl.ill .an, .,11. 1 1 X I
utln. popillll , ?Isl. Martin, .ilemunrat,
si1. Assessor W' Iti, prohlbit'l.io, ,
liv. dimocratl. 810; Ultlrnett, ireIlilani,
I i .'I, Austinill , lpulbst Io ' ill0t ati -
,.Wey "hresherrl, IdenuIiat, 9T, I lo-ll.
\\l..> republ ,.:ut, 1 _.l llperlinlendli
.f schools Kity, Id n ei'.lit. it 7 i; \\ l
ilth, republicaiii, ; l, ,nt11 dwaill, t1
list, 641. Pubilh adnilitii rt ator Martin,
t'.ple, popull.t, 363 Co'lulnty Slrveyolr
iVllner,., populstl , 216:; nSmith, 1repub
ii t.hn. M3: Thorpe, democrat. 992. t'ro
Keni. .1 An art.o..
'I'Ilmilht tilk f 1Nov. 111' I fl ;,bi I bIi
.. -irI' were drf,"at l,"d I.:~wo1 II.. -m iiiI
ii 1.- bibb' t bE . bil1 4114 I. iltiu'.t f r ii',
.- huh'o r aunt, 'I, I* l n l U, -. ii
n U~ ti~ hbit ,bbIritE.1 ~I'~ .Ivl I.~, ihI ilE
. u.rii for "Ua 1 Nl.111 t, r h, it Nnwll 1.11111 1I
imlllru n u.ntbhiI lt I tt.1~r hut I "Ii ti,"i ""
iiihIutIVc iI. g, l l.vt In hi t1l 1. 1 º , I II E.
EIlthiK. Lalinil Is nI ri -r*"rllbhllit iI
V. W. terry. who ' w dimri¶f,'itt.I tIn lt.,
.11IIIr~~ Im- N$ II~ ~~ I~*·*II
I-% Ihi.' hargKt.t jE1l1r'ih1lY KIl'14E balt>' rbl
uhildut. The pbihbEulhIti cibiillliil" fnit
,' ) Warn bh.'v"t.d.
Park Cfalry.
I Ii hInmntoa. NoIv 7 Th'Iii' t Ii', dmo
c'rutla Uctket Iuprobubly deftvatcu by
,trnrgii nua)JnrltIt..,u Twonty-four pt,
(1.114 'II? I'u thirty two in IParl( .oinly
Klv." Illl(Itnlll 1,442.~ Hmllh 6 111, l'or.·
h."t t l,
V.l StI.. Iltulls is !ellrwsteme
Hla."rhl to tIh Ind pj.ndert t.
IIlllihigrl, Nov. 7. Ntn.rl."1"1 prnrinr(tt
Klv." ('urh."t·t 2Z., llftrtmari 753, Smith~
1141; Hunt 64R(, Lwuc'r 233, t."."ven 1211
Probably Rlellrs It Dmsa's Happes Two
Wear Age.
IndhnApoII4 s, Nov. 7 - In r.'lspe.~n4e to
a request for an exprt lession of hin i.* ,w
re'g rdinlg tIt, r"iult of y."nterliay y :
Pler tI t,it 1x I'r.4ilnt i, llrriln "l lH !l
"It wan' th. m i..tl *,xtr 'idlin.ry 111. l
tl atl r,. ,lul ti. th,. ,.ountry flan e,, rI
wlitnt.l'.,il . J 1heri,. . r th,1r4 . wo a i.4 fr.'
hllot lh.' v,.tl of ,r nftnlllr. glv, it III
1832 Ito tIhe, dt,4ix rat.ic party has I,4 I
re4.alled, and it vte of utter and final
rtl)Iiatl l.i I4lbhstllitultd. Th' , l44,'h*r
rtnce of th,. dni,'mruti lparty wai ro
vealed the mfl4lment 4power was given to
It to) deal with natlonial affalrA. The
Inlnt.rlity of lts platf'orml was exposed
wh.'n 'h., It .inacte..' rook the plauce of
'be It r,,esolved.' I .r thirty ye;ir pa1rty
expedielncy asn tWe.n lsubstituted by the
I,.adern for party princliples, and expe
dll.n,'y had Ia4 manfly faces as thn re were.
congressional dlstrlc(tn. JEvery 4.ct4l
trh cross currn.t of popular pIrejudlce
was followed ax If It was a gulf stream.
c(lalsen were created and Inflamed to
outbre.akx and disorder. In one state a
dehtuched curre.ncy and In another 4,
tiallsm that was near to anarchlism
were given a bed. Property, especially
mills and factories, was invested and
assaulted, In one section, and In another
trusts were secretly coddled. The old
democratic doctrine that favored the
levying of customs dutlis to the limit
of an adequate revenue was abandoned.
A deficiency to be made good by bond
Issues or by Internal taxes was pre
ferred to Incidental protection that ade
quate customs duties would give. The
silver question was dealt with in. the
most vacillating and Irresponsible man
"A vast majority of our people believe
in a protective tariff-never so many
and never so strongly as now. They
differ as to rates and schedules, but not
as to the principle. They believe in
reclprocity as the first method of get
ting foreign markets. They believe in
a progressive and an American foreign
policy. The workingmen voted their
prejudices in 1892, this year they voted
their patriotism and their love of home.
"The enormuos falling off in the dem
ocratic vote everywhere is not less em
phatic in its meaning than the majority.
The great victory secured by reformers
in New York city ought to have been
mentioned in the Thanksgiving procla
mation-perhaps it would it it had
come earlier. It gives the assurance so
much needed that there is an adequate
recuperative power in the most ring
ridden communities. That this popu
lar government is equal to its severest
test-control of great cities. The les
son? Trust the people. The duty?
Exercise of duties they have confided
to us with highest fidelity and patriot
'About Indiana-well, language fails
me. I am proud of her."
Columbus, 0,, Nov. 7.--Gov. McKin
ley, being asked what he thought about
the situatoln, said he preferred not to
talk. He would only say: "The sweep
ing republican victories indicated at
this hour are impressive; they need Ino
interpretation. They express better
than words the revised and deliberate
judgment of the people upon the public
questions involved in the political con
test now closed."
Frak Itooel W.a.d.e by eoary M.aroe
oa 3dueoy SreetL
Frank Steele was shot while stand
Ing on North Rodney street watching
the processlon fArm in front of the
G(overnor's (uards' club house, early
last evening. The shot is supposed to
have been fired by Henry Munroe, a
member of Company 1, who was in the
crowd that was preparing to march up
Main street. Mr. Steele was thrown
down by the shock. Ills friends started
to carry hint home. They met I)r.
Tracey in a cab, who took the Injured
young man to his home, corner of
Ilreckenridge and IHavis streets. Oi
examination there, I)r. Tracey found
the wound to be of not Ia very serious
nature. The ball, which was thirty
eight caliber In size. entered at the Iha'k
of the calf of Mr. S.teele's left I g and
ploughed a furrow across the bone.
Later in the evening tifliher Irwin
foutnd Munroe and took hi in to the stia
tlon. M.unroe admitted tirinig it shot
accidentally, but he claimed that It was
from his rifle and not from avl.olr.
11ie said that he put what I palll,,aposei
wits a blank cartridge In ridle, It
slipped, exploding the cartr dge. lie
sanl that he had no revolver last night.
Munroe wits allowed to go without ball.
lie will cIme Iup. for hearing lto-day, Ibut
there will pIrobablly be no c'harge pre
ferred against him, as the shooting was
entirely accidental.
Fatal (nollision at Prmmmivaals
'ltlrhlra, Novv. 7.- Train No i, Ilaltl
nior." & u hi.', Iliit *d, tontlntt wes. rnit
Into i\. li. 11.a LrteoI. o lf the ed at. FI
train at Itu,+ enslul $ idluall two I tIU .'s · Cr t
w'clioll. I tn. Nhe i. 7.- l lltlillla thee
i'"ri Net iI .1, itL ~ rn ,Ln rig I* I 14 ut . blier llt -
attl Ftte, n rt'i hIan ty unkow IIn , rmll
.1.'rks or 1r>.brr ·l. i x n 1." ( ,!n [. ( II1I
Th.r1R11. 1111 L.'11 is Hwd
.1.'1" sail. ah. ll it h.,usy w a frl hlen.,- th
'rs,4b Sga .r ofAmn neon (tattl.
I.IIIlIIIJ Nov. 7 )W'he pr.,h I1 1·1 11 ag ain-+t
Alxla '1rolalt ftt-. l 4k., :)nT"1u'? Ii.."t-fl
rI1 IliuftiIIlE. itowI nu that h , I ts tI i Irtrll
hI'eUK 1i'e%? AM - Inttilt Id to ,i t,011 h., t dt
itl.-- an. now~ ih.Ijat liroid ;' ta I. ihiuli"
lichitl iufutiM. lt tinirtk I hllllnh+. 'tit.,
*Il.tittflihiii ot Nebiiiurki, a ll " III farmh
I"ý',, r ti moll.. It IN 'tuit-.. thin tIl..
liiiporlt ot Engisth cat tl lilt-) (it 2101,1)
"111 aINO he pro hibite.
'Abre 1 now "el·C.
S 1 ' 1 cribrtnin Nov. 7 ---rhe u,.mr I,4
,howhgp( Kti'at activity lii niisNWitNf
thi. rawily teligrgitits it j'iuituiht lie tutu
rv IpreihlIMl oit iioyaty w hch ii.' rr'
I ""v. N, ant the Intprrlo. on piri'viiii lhi,
rIi II tiv'nK til tg . d tnu.Itrat thi' tact
hu A et h i curt rout andt gnial, atud thatA
Ituata in extremely loyal.
Later Returns Confirm the Predio.
tion of The Independent as
to Our Vote.
Every .seaon to Beltave That the
Final Count Will Show
2,600 Majority.
Additieaml Returns From Several Pte.
elmete not Prevloulu!y Heplrted -Some
C'muties Are Omlet.lly ReperteI
(inly a few adtloilll returns were re
r'lv'Il hi the ( tlatl oIte' They do nlot
mriiteri lly Liffrit. Ithe p lr,' htll ty of
Il'lent hllm uving about 2JIr intJortIily. The
li+rlsinlg jprec'nl ct: are irmstly iI the ri
ril di trt'Ht o.nt the etll t l'ri, l rtoi re
turn: from the . Meflo('ti + liv. h ,e.t
uniformly famorabitl to lIlii., The' ro
turn re'el. +ed yesmterdllay bronght lno
dtia.:pointmnltM , a in nearly ev.'y hi
.t t a th, vote had 'tw eslimate.l at
lpra lt ically what the returns showed it
it he. Just what mnajrlity Helelna a'1l
hlave will not Ihe known until ufter the
county boiards have canvanted the preo.
ciiit ret urnM, which imust he udone with
In ten days after the election. But the
result in now Ieyond dispute. lHelena is
the pr loperly chlloIonii pen.rlmanent capital
of Montanl. This Ifact is conceded by
.even. the riost zea:lous supportel' of
Cappelr C.l.trs Thrnwa o(
Special to The Independent.
Missoula, Nov. 7.- The l ., tI In Mis
soula county was closely c..I I ,t.d, and
at no time was there any t'lvl~laty as to
which aide would receive thi most votes.
I'p to two weeks ago Anaconda ap
peared to have a strong lead, but the
switch commenced then, and there was
a strong tide ioward Helena. This was
rhecked somewhat the day previous to
election and Anaconda rallied a little
on election day. Excepting two small
precincts, capital returns are now in.
and give Anaconda 148 majority in Mis
soula county. which was a very heavy
fall from calculatidns made by the lo
cal copper city committee, they having
figured on getting at least 700 majority
for their city.
Itlvr Sew Is fatl.
Special to The Independent.
BIutte, Nov. 7.-The small precincts
of $Slvet Bow county reported to-day
on the capital vote. McCune's gives
Anaconda 74. Helena 5. Ralston gives
Anaconda 24, Helena II. Oregson
Iprings gives Anaronda 28, Helena 4.
The returns, with slight changes In for
mer returns. Vive Anaconda .l Met
ana 2.W.; majority for Anaconda In the
county, 2,498. The four missing pre
cincts have about ninety votes and will
probably give Anaconda a slight ma
YIe oweten nf Cnnty.
Special to The Independent
Itllling*ma, Nv. 7.-Eighteen precincts
give Helena 120 majority. Six precincts
yet to hear from will give majority for
800 sJoeltl fore alela..
Sp.alul to The Independent.
Livingston, Nov. 7.--Helena's majoN,
Ity in Park oounty will reach full 100.
b.he taadatrd (ut Dewn Its Vtlare.s blut
Cldlms a MJo.rity.
Speclal to The Independent.
Anaconda, Nov. 7.-The Standard to.
morrow will say: "Whichever way the
capital vote runs, the Standard will
withhold no true returns. At the same
time. in view of the extremely narrow
margins shown by the returns, we ask
our readers to be patient while some of
the lagging returns are coming In. U'p
to midnight there had been accounted
for, In this otice,. 4:1,3.3 votes. These
give Anaconda a majority of 196. There
is a West Side vote amounting to about
o00 votes, in which, beyond a doubt. An
acohndza will score a mnajrity that will
ktl her in the lead by close to 3.30
votes Still to )be aIemounlted for, in
:ilt ion, are s\'veral East Side country
prei'i ts. In some of which, with rea
cin, II.lens, may ciilm a majority.
W\'hat he total will amount to we do not
know; and we Ieat\ the question to
ablt' thei result of actual returns.
"ThIN much is trtue: The claims to a
majl rit> sut t up by Ielena yesterday
were not founded on the returns; at the
latest hour at which any daily news
paper in the stlte' went to press yester
daly irning Ann.,conda had a comfort
nhble Itead. Again this nmorning. In the
face of nietual returns, Anaconda holds
the lead by reduced figures. What may
iesult ftrlm Itast Side county returns
remnlins to Ie Seetn."
OMaster New Y.rk Carrlt.
New York, Nov'. 7..--I 1tu4r1 for thi4
eIIy tall Bltrtoklyn on the t;ru'titvr New
Yo'rk t hemit I ii II it ' tt'Ihat Ia majoitti y
or ,1.. 4 h1av1%. Ih.'s rut' In favor ofl en
'til 44404 1hn P1.14444 for 4444d M3i)04 aglil11ti
it, itt,'.,ti~l n r,4,691, w.'re f'tr anti ',I27
trt'lIatlll. New fork niti IBr*ooklyn,
th'. %t hll' oI ItIhiuriti anti KIn ,.4 tttlf
41,44 with paort 1414$ tf WIFtcht'hl'atar alind
Q3ut ains. 41 Iu I area of ;117 sua~uire milest',
with a popuhlatio of tilre 4 llliuilW
*aiOO.SSoa ofl ut torm..
New York. Nov. 7.-Netherland'i
lilt I tIis uwun f114 i i roml Rottetardtim.
ailter iI rIoIt temelslt tuIs Vttyaget. Nhe
aIs unhh to c14 . ail at 4'. logne' fo r pap
34 t 441d 31 Mlhe' exP4'perie'4tIed a Cyclont aind
s~t mg 4Ka lti 144we.ra xpe~rltentct u p Ito
Nt f, wheii the4 s~hipl rain I41to antihtiir
hritc4 n ant It astlrti foulr hot 4r i. The
Lt ItIlln waIt It itell t dll tt by vivid iigbt.
uing uud hloa(H\y rain.
1 allru··e· /tees.
Saln FrnnrIils, No. I,- 141K fIrlonwg,
tlaWo «. \d.II, It w Hush. I'm.
11H. 1 12 M. : lI, llln---It I'co rllllr .
hIkklji n. I1.1 taidle anIdI one-nlxu"ntet .
hIurdle INIk () Malleyy. MorVEt). dlnbad.
1 !f; llft·lrl--lxttrl.nlhc-Hi'l dy Ik. Po
Ihkl. 4)ht1, a, 1 :N, nlx furlongs-liunts.
tnau, (Ii1u' qwr. *htiau'Iu. 1:12.
Vtttstltl Ait *p.r4tatd.
touluntue, NIv. 7.- $Uweriff Cook. wt
Washtgltutn ('ourt Ilnus, who prevent
rd a nsob trout htatgitig a negro who cott
t.ealls'I to rape, tIan was s..ntCnced to
twenty y'*ure. was defeated at the cI..
t(iot by 1,ti:o. II.. was a repubfllo i and
bad 1.UQO vuteo Is his favor to star wtI

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