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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 08, 1894, Morning, Image 3

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As Asaerleam istIe IlwAs swallowed by
a WhaOe.
Hartford Times.,
At the head of a grave In the t(len
Iybelrty oumetery, at NHonedalee , Pa.,
Is a weather stalited marble slab cnn
talintng this Inescription:
" ll enmory o Johnlithaln I. Huilmon,
s5ctend mate of tile ship Arabella. wihl,
was killed by ia whalhe ff the southwest
e'oast of H$outh Anmer'ica, I*)e''emllber h,
1847, aged .5 yearL.."
The whaling shill Arehella salle'd from'
Hag Harblor on August 8, 1847. Site felli
Illn with a lIt of sHperIn whilesl on I htenl
her f If)olowingK, off tihe' soiuthwest oast
f BSouth Ame'rl.a. T'hre.e, big fellows
had been killed. and the lbout crnlunnd
ed by Se'condl Mate Halllln started ' in
pursuit of a fourth. HalmIoei woa a na
live of oit ne)lll talet'. They go: close
en'ough to the w haile for the harpeonner
to launllch hin weual ll succe'ssnfully at
the moniister. lIthfet,' the crew of the
e)nt o'euhi lpull ow +ay, the wounded mon011
ster t'truck it *i uje\warlr blow with lits
lerriblh luk e. The blut was lifted out
of the' waiter 4e'v'raul feet, see high that
it turlned enliieily uo,.r in the' air. Hal
mIl(n fell Ilear tihe furious whale, still
having his oar in his hands. The whale
rushedl uIlpon him, with lts trelnelndoun
jaws while u pne, anll engulfed b)th H.l
Ion landl hils ouriI. It was the otcir that
stavedI Hanon fr t that taime. The whale's
j;Lwn came togetei lher lon the elor, which
stuck ,out lon t'ne'eh side of hil Jaws so far
bIalck neear the' hinge's of the' Jaw that it
ke'pt the huge' moncuth from closing sutfl
clently to crush the seaman. ltufore
the whale couldl change the situation,
Halnmon umped freom his mouth Into, the
Sea. Anotiher eoat, in which was a
brotther of Halmon, who was also a sailer
on the Aralbella, hall (come up by this
time', andl HNilmoln succeeded in reaching
it andl was rescued from the whale.
hut his slllfety was only momnleentary. for
the whale treated this beoat as it had
the other. Htalimon was thrown into the
water near the whale, as he had been a
few minutes before. The whale took
him inl olnce monre. This time Salmon
had no oar to stay the monster's jaws,
andl they clomed down upon him like a
gigantic trale. The whale went down
out of sight, and none (of the crew ever
saw It or their shipmate again.
The story of the sea tragedy, the
memory of which is perpetuated by the
stone at the tenantless grave in the
l.onesdale cemetery, is rec·alled by a re
cent visit to this village of the brother
of Jonathan Salmon, who was with him
on that fatal voyage. The grave was
made and the stone erected in 1849, in
which year the surviving brother re
turned with the news of the other's
death. (The unfortunate man may not
have been literally "swallowed," for he
would have been too big a morsel even
.for a lbig-mouthed sperm 'whale to
swallow; but he was probably held fast
in the jaws of the vicious beast, and
drowned in the lower depths of the sea.)
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He Wae tI Motlon.
Detroit Free Press.
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wish I might have had a photograph of
myself taken on the field. She-But
they didn't take instantaneous pictures
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As Immediate and Wtdegpread Preop
geads Peelded VIpea.
,iLondon, Nov. 6. --A reporter had a.n
int'erview to-day with Htepnlak, the
ItuIuIItn nihlllt. lie utterly r'epudi
ated the nihililt manifestot recently pub
lished alnt i cled Wednlieialty lasnr.
ipeaking of tihe presenu t .lluaition,
Ht. priilak iaidl "The future al r not Ilil
fret.hiI, but I am itrirly li.'.u(rlded
that the new cllar will follow it 1il,1,"
liberal plic'y that hius 1 atIhl. Minld, I
have no iilllullnl regarltdinK the nlew
czar. lie may inoiit I. s*l,.ior ito ht i
atlhter. Ill any clilne hel cunl Iinot he
:a'rse'. lia fatither'i only guid, Intlilt
wia his foreign piulrhy, and he has dlnei
a kind thingK i dying, au I wonlt he m.e
.ere oin 1hi1. HIsl dealth In tlhe oppor
tunfe momennl, t fi, it IIlI Ve ill it itheiral (Ii
recitlon, andl for coi'intitUliIoIiil chanKie.
for which the counltry Isn quite ripne.
W'ie lilhllelt have drtcldel utpiri- an inl
miediate, fresh anmd whlilepr.etili propi
uanlid. It may be revlutlulnary, but
not ii the name of dyn ltllit.. The' reignt
of Iombna nnd dylnmlllllit In 'nllid. Al
though a feW foiil isay advoica(r It,
all thlnkhig and replonllrible nlhilllt.
reptlllhtt it. WIie want aI powerful but
li-gal agitation oti' an ope rev luttlon,
whl.h, iln my upini)IIin,i would be moire
.eff'ITirtv thllh tlh) propKgadll. I in
tnl tio ulitutie un"lety by the pri'easiro
or. piublic uoplliin,11 1nli not bi y e, xlhiveslv.-;.
A mnve in thei right dlrsection ha juLrt
tibeen made bly a ltu.uian goverlianlient
utacill of liberal \'Jws, who h1s drafted
a. sch'eme for nit dlemloc'ratic cmonstItutin.t .
Including the et a blilshlnent of ielec ittiv
local and pronvlnctal lparliameltes."
tepnlak concluded by saying: "I
wislh to Kay to my friendsn In America
now that Ituslta in entering a new
lphase, that Americans ought to think
of the olutragei againslt lil.erty whi'h
they committed by colncludlng alln x
tradition treaty with Russia. It is ul
worthy o(f great natiton like the Uniten d
States for its Koverinmelnt to support
such a government an that of Russila,
and I trust that the earnest efforts ut
(leorge Kennan and other friendsd of
Rurlas will lead to Its repeal."
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t.IIIV..rI(Y1·nt f. I,,. lino do mnot kI. , Caa4IrtA r.,m. IN."
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vlinneapolis and St Louis Railvway.
ST. LOUIS- -.... -
'"'" L T A N'
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P'ope ! O'Connor, Druu·tata Helena. Yontaaa

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