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Iesatikls ietser.Ite"ei of Ihe Plssilb.
se. of let ra.daI Elt..
Wauhington, No, ?,-The Assoriated
Press announcement that the Berman
authorities may ouunclude to deteirminei
the poulSiblities of the intruducUon of
Texua fever Into the empire from the
expert opinions of Amrranl vet"lrtnari
an., which are now beinlg translated,
was received with great interent by
ti.cretary Morton. whose sdn ' at.y of
retaliation by requiring a slrit Inslpti
tinn of (.ernlan winei and lljquur hua
heren told In these dlspatither. The se..
rotary has Inlvestlgatetd the qulstllln,
and finds that authority to tnltirely ex
clude lJrnlnUll l ocnllu t in 1I. ILlllt tuin
for dlecrinlinatlin lK:.Inst nurl gnud in
vented in the prIruhlent lby the tuxlmiutg
law, a law whcllh huln b"".,n herlInfri.*
overlooked In the diclcua.en of the qul en
with the renliat 111111, hn, thte law t.ii
fore him. Th.*r. I Is the UI'ilted Htates
statutes an not providing for an inspe'
tlton f nioals fur explorrtillon, and por
hiblting the lhnplirlatllul o adulterated
arthllis of ioot I or drink. :tand authuriz
Ilng the 'president to make a proclamna
tion In icertaiHn lases andi for other pur
pose)T. The slrl'tary b1 llevc i t his law
Is the keiy In the s1ituationl, furnilshlin
thins goKv irnmlIult with full 5power to re
tallate upoln (;Grnlaly for the exclusion
of our cattle, either by the prlicy which
he fIrst KuggiestitI of i equiring strict in
Ispectilo n If lhirl' a HItis or by strolnger
meas.U rel.
At the istate department the attitulde
of the tieranan g.verialn.' I pa i'piI IIK
our cattle Is regarded as a natural and
proper outcilme of the strong repri'sn
tatlion made by Minister Itunyon. The
negotiations hadI reached a Iplinat where'
each goiverllment wans cotent to rest
Its casre ulint quesltions of fact, first,
whether or not there were gellnuinet
cases of Texan fever among the cattle
Ilnlmol'ted iliit) liernany from the Unllted
S(ates, anld second, whether or r not the
dlsease cnnu be cotmmunicated to (llr
man cattle.
If, an stated in the dispatch. (tIr
many has so far receded from its first
iolsition-Jlustlfyillg abliolutle exclusiilon
of Amnerican cattle without raLi, I/nle
Ilproolf uplion thee imp rtant piilnts
then the state departllmentlt iliriial fuil
that our cattle shippllllers have little toi
fear. and that the (Iermain Kgvernment
has assumed a very lberal attitude and
one which is likely to speedily result itn
a removal of the embargo.
It has come to the knowledge of the
United States embassy that the pre
tense that the prohibition against the
landing of American cattle In Germany
was based on sanitary reasons Is with
out foundation. It apipears that the
Hamburg sanitary authoritles passed
the two cargloes of cnttle In question as
healthy, and thereupon the Prussian
anllltary iofirers weret ordered to Ham
burg, and subsequently announced that
the cattle were afflicted with Texas
fever. ('attic shippers to Hamburg
are Indignant at the actuin of the I'rus
alan authorities, as they have recently
built four cattle steamers for American
service, and these have been rendered
useless by prohibitory orders recently.
Pittsburg, Nov. 8.-In clearing away
the wreck on the B. & 0. road at Roe
teel siding. the body of C. W. Minar,
a brakeman on the freight train, was
found In the debria. This makes a
total of six killed. Mall Clerks F. A.
Williamson and C. H. Hooten, of Balti
mnore, were severely but not fatally
injured. No passengers were Injured,
beyond slight bruises.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins. 'hattanooga,
Tenn.., says: "8hlloh's Vitalizer savel
my life. I consider it the best remedy
for a debilitated system I ever used."
For Dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney trouble
It excels. Price 76 cents. For sale by
Parchen-D'Acheul Drug Co.
U RN IIntending purchasers in our lines will find it to their in
[ terest to call and examine our immense stocks. We are the MU S E
largest shippers in our respective lines in the state of Mon
tana. We occupy as salesrooms only, five immense floors,
extending through the entire block from Jackson to Main PIAN OS,
FURNIT URE, street. We occupy five floors, seventy feet front, extending
CARP]iIETS, from Grand to Breckenridge street, for reserve stock and the O. A.S,
wholesale trade. We buy from the manufacturers direct for S.HIiEETJYI MLUSIC.
W ALL PAPER. SPOT CASH ONLY. We handle no goods on consignment.
We make straight carload shipments. We carry high-priced
goods, medium-priced goods and low-priced goods. We can Musical Merchandise
House Furnishing Goods please everybody. We want your business, and if good goods,
Go sI good work, prompt attention and low prices will win, we
will sell you every time.
Very respectfully, ARTHUR P. CURTIN.
Bedroom, Parlor, Otilce andl Dining'Room Furniture, Steinway Pianos, Sohmer Pianos, Briggs Pianos, Weg.
Couches, Divans, Turkish ('hair:;, Rockers, Book Cases, man Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Organs, Newman Bros.'
Parlor Desks, Reed and Rattairi (:od;d, Easels, Pedestals, Pic- Organs, Clough & Warren Organs, Music Boxes, Piano
tures, Frames, Mouldings, Window Shades, Draperies, Cor- Te~VeOtt RO fi'igerators. Lamps, Violins, Guitars, Music Cabinets, Banjos, Mandolins,
nice Poles, etc. Cdmforts, Blantkets, Mattresses and Bedding. Domestic SowVing Machllnes. Piano and Organ Stools, Piano Covers and Scarfs.
Globe Let ter Files.
In all departments for the
next Thirty days to make
rooml for fall shipments.
S3Bed Rock Seon.)td ] Iand .iurniture Ho1soe= -- .-----'
Furniture, Carpets, Stoves and Bedding of All Kinds.
The goods in this departmeut were formerly sold on the installment plan and returned, and are, in the main, good as new.
Celle t. lIar Nerletpe.
|llore.ne'e Itlylhe.lilneklty has virtually
C'ome Into possessolo of the large eltate
whI'h rontestants In thee t'alfornla
Iurte nu resolutely triedl o wr**ut from
he*r. tlenerally meiiakinl It is worth forn
*4,,IU).U0) to $6,(UlU.0tI. It .onsists uof a ian
I'rtanlcon block, oU,.o nerres of land In
Ilan Diego ,lonty, 44,1j11) acres of land in
Mexrio, adjoilning c'llfornla. and en In
terest In I.1*,tU.N acres of land in Me-xl,tn.
Just what tIhe illythe esetAle Interest in
tIhIe's. I.aIurI~t ares In will hlave to be *Ie'.
lded.I by the. M*exian cucerts. A cult has
blee.eln roughtl to delterninllel the ls. of the
Illythe Illtrrest In the large tract of latl,.
Tiehre Is also Sla6,$Mit IIin rilash on pioned he
leelnin to Ihe. eltte-. ''hls will go prtin
tlleally to pay the eaznltlle* of iladit strallitlt
thll of the' state.
Fear Hti lteeseis.e.
Having the- neededlll imerlt to smore- than
lake good all the ladver-tleing claitne for
thern, the followingt four renee-dlel have
rI'teIhed a pIhelotenal nale. Ir. King's
New Discovelry for ( o tllllptione. , 'ougllh:i
aind ('olds, e'ah bottle gtaranteed'. I'lre-.
tel' Itlltelr, the great rer lnedy for IIver,
Stomacllh arI Kidneys. ItucIklens' Ar
tileet .alve the best In the- world, and I r.
King's New I.Ife i'lls, whlich are a p,.r
fe'et pll. All these renlellet. are. Kllgurail
telt to dto just what lea lalimel for thenm
a11d the d ,lellr whoen, Iiarne Is attlcheed
h,,rwith will he glad to tell youg more of
them. Buld at P'urehen-ll'Acheul D)rug
aerasmie Is Ge(t is.
Washington, Nv,. x, Illndatilons are
that the Fifty- fourth conigress will
opreI with inumerIous cente*ts for entis
in tlh' Ihoutse fronm seouthern states.
Itelports r'ceive.d at republican head
quarters make it plain that unless
there is a chainge either of mind or
condlitons I(,there will be. at leant tllle.
collntests In Loulsenllla, one' or two II
Virgilnia, some in Nrth ('arollnii and
Tennesae., with the Ipsrlbllity of co'n
tests lit Alabama, Kentucky and Ar
Thke Iest PImaser.
Dampen a piece of flannel with Cham
berlain's pain balm and bind it over the
seat of pain. It Is better than any
plalter. When the lungs are sore. such
ocl app!llation on the. chest, anci anl
other on the back. between the shoulder
blades, will often Iprevent pineumoonia.
There in nothing so good for a latme
teeck or a pain in the side. A sore throat
can nearly always be cured In one nIight
by applying a flannel bandage dampened
with Pain IBalm. 1( cent bottles for sale
by all druggists.
Net a Ottit Sevyte. t eae.
Washington, Nov. R.-The civil rer
vice commission has received an opln
tIn from Attorney General Olney, re
garding the cemnplaint against Leo, 1).
Craig, of soliciting campaign funds
from employes of the Han Francisco
crstomns office. It is the opinion of the
attorney general that the offense al
leged does not come within the' civil
service law, and Craig was in no sellee
an employe of the government.
The discomfort of dust In a railway
journey makes it to be dreaded, but if
you travel via the Great Northern you
save this annoyance. Its roadbed is rock
ballast, and it has no sand deserts along
its line. It is free from dust.
Fire ia I heatler.
Chicago, Nov. 3.--Freburg's opera
house, on Twenty-second street, was
damaged $20.000 by fire to-day. Dense
smoke ascended to the dwelling apart
ments above and nearly suffocated
Mrs. Lucy Frleburg, Mrs. Charles L.
G(robeck and two children. They were
rescued by firemen.
Shiloh's Cure Is sold on a guarantee.
It cures Incipient Consumption. It is the
best Cough Cure. Only one cent a dose.
26 cts.. 0o cts. and SI. For sale by Par
chen-l'Acheul Drug Co.
Chronic Nervousness
Could Not Sleep, Nervous
Gentlemen:-I have been taking
your Restorative Nervinc for the past
three months and I cannot say
enough In its praise. It has
Saved fly Life,
for I had almost given up hope of
ever being well again. I was a
chronic sufferer from nervousness and
could not sleetp 1 was also troubled
with nervous headache, and had trled
doctors In vain, until I used your,
1ervine. Yours truly.
MRS. M. WOOD, Itlngwood, ILI.
Dr., Miles'. Nervine&
Dr. MIles' Nerrine is sold on a posltive
guarantee that tbo Srat bottle will benefit.
ll druggistseu ll it at $1. 6 bottl,s for 5b, ori
t will be tet, parpld, oa re.Ltt of pries
>I 6t b e Ir. MllU..c' C c , & ikat E.. ad-
BOld by all dugsui.l.
Are just an old, old remedy
In this new shape.
Doctors have always given
this prescription-in water!
We have them in this shape
simply for their handiness.
PANS TADUL are Ilke an
arplo over his l a.u
aIpo~Etl maebtiny 8lvln· a
Iltue aaorr7 luUlotolttl to
i the ymadrl parta: 'I'P'A' 1
TAIULES do this tor YOU.
oatistll , Dlzzlaes. Name.s,
spelJansd Mal-Nutritlon
yield to Rlpans Tabul.
At Dru ore or Sent by Ma1l for PCent.l
luaW . Cw.a .Co10 BprUe L.New York
4%- Odw
During this week an imposing and stately column of Blankets and Cormfortables will be
advanced to various points of the store, creating an exhibition of splendid winter values.
'ECIAL OFFIEIINGS zIoo bolts Outing Flannel, positively for
to-4 (;ray or White Blankets, soft mel- this week only, per yard........... 4c
low finish. Sold everywhere for $1.25 2 bolts Figured Cheese Cloth, especially
This sale......................... $ 75 for Comfortables, this week only,
o10-4 Nice quality Gray Blankets. Worth per yard ........................ 4c
every time $1.75. This sale....... $1.40o lot Merimack Skirting Print, light
1o-1. Heavy Gray Miners' Blankets. colors, this week only, per yard..... 4c
Worth $2.50. This sale.......... $1.75 Best quality Lining Cambric, this week
ro-4. Splendid California Blankets. only, per yard .................... 4c
Worth $3.75. This sale........... $2.95 Twilled Toweling, white or cream, this
10-4 Germantown Blankets. Elegant week only, per yard............... 4c
values and worth $5. This sale.... $4.15 American Blues, and other standard
Comfortables for camping purposes. Calicos, special ................... Sc
Worth $1. This sale..............$ .79 Amoskaeg Apron Gingham, best made.
Comfortables, fine white cotton filling. Special ........ ... ............ 5c
Worth $1.5o. This sale......... $1.2o SPECIAL---ElegantOuting inrich color
Comfortables, splendidly quilted, oil ing, 16 yards for ..................$r oo
calico covering. Worth $1.75. This SPECIAL-heavy Upholstering Tick
sale ......................... $1.45 ing, 16 yards for .................. $1 oo
Comfortables, satin finish. Worth $2.50. SPECIAL-Extra Quality Black Cash
Thissale ........................ $.9o mere IHose, 4 pair for .............$z oo
The New York Store is savagely prepared for trade. Note prices that defy the low
est of eastern prices. Read carefully every item of our this week's offerings, and then visit
us, or send. The New York store does not throw these startling prices broadcast with any
feeling of exultation. No! But with a benign delight that our fellow citizens, our customers,
will reap the benefit of our prosperity and success.
Agents for Helena for Foster's and Trefousse Kid Gloves. Beware of rogueish imitations.
New York Dry Goods Store.

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