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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 10, 1894, Morning, Image 7

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Originators of Low Prices.
Sale of
6 Cloaks...
Momentous sale of Cloaks
to mark this auspicious event.
Entirely new creations. Ele
gant, exquisitely stylish and
exclusive Golf Capes, Kersey
Military Capes, London and
Moscow Chinchilla Reefers.
Prince Albert Coats in Cable
Diagonal Cheviots. Chil
dren's and Misses' Cloaks in
all the newest styles. Cloak
prices at low water mark.
Everybody's week for Cloak
Elevator to
Floo r.
OurWear-Reslsting, Sanitary and
Hygienic Blanket Stock commands
the same "rushing" demand. The
Low Prices will at all times tell in
goods of this description especially
as every housekeeper knows the
value of Blankets, and that to why
Bands Bros. control the Blanket
tCa4e of t. enu.
The "Mighty Carnival" in Cyr
tains will in itself make this week's
selling quite eventful at Bands
Bros.' It will be a genuine Bargain
Sale of English, cc tch and Irish
Art Lace Goods In Curtains. "Irish"
Point" predominates; Nottingham.
Marie Antoinette, Renaissance.
Louis XIV.. etc.
Our Mall Order Department Dispatches All Orders With Utmost Promptitude.
S.eria of the Vremres poelt mend Ie"
Owaer--EI Prestige Wastes.
There is one veteran turfman now
gradually working his way with one or
two breadwinners toward the New Or
leans meeting, whose life has been one
continual succession of ups and downs.
He is Jack Batchelder, over TO years
old, and still one of the greatest lovers
of horseflesh the country possesses.
Last winter he raced some animals at
Roby, but he became tired of wearing
two overcoats and an old-fashioned
shawl scarf watching the animals race
and left for the south. Many stories
about this veteran can be told; how he
once dropped into a small store In Chi
cago. before the fire, saw a faro-box.
proposed a game and in an hour owned
the store, building and lot. In the
"Bonanza" days he had been known to
deal faro when the stakes before him
amounted to $20,000. But now the man
who has raced from Montreal to Mexi
co and Maine to 'Frisco, sees his prest
ige on the wane. He is Jostled by touts,
who care little for him and his history.
The old man is entering the stretch of
life's track. Here is a late story told
of the unique veteran:
He was manipulating the paste
boards one evening at Cheyenne when
a bold, bad man, fired with villainous
whisky and armed from head to heel,
burst into the room and threw down a
bag of gold dust.
"Gimme a stack of chips. quick," he
yelled, "and tell me what your limit Il
or I'll bore a hole in you!"
Jack never looked up, but kept on
quietly pulling the cards out of the box.
as if no such personage had entered
the room. The tough was getting more
and more infuriated, and finally he
pulled an ugly looking gun and, shov
ing it under the dealer's nose, repeated
his question, accompanied by at string
of oaths.
Batcholder looked up quietly and
gazed steadily into th,' fa''. of thI'
bully, while he rnmark.,d calmly: "The,
limit in this gan' bI from the green
grass to the blue sky, sir, iand when
your mloney is gone, jump on the table
and I'll turn for you!"
The feat Pl'1atr.
Dnmlpen a pleoe of flnnel with Cham
berlaln'r pain balm and bind It over the
seat of pain. It In better than any
plaster. When the lunns are sore. such
an applicatlon on the chest. and an
other on the back. between the shouller
blades, will often prel'sent pne umonln.
There In nothing so good for ;a lame
back or a pain in the allde. A sore throat
c'an nearly alwayts be c.tluredl In one night
by applying a flannel bandllnge dampenet l
with Pain Balm. 60 cent bottles for sale
by all drugglsts.
IIvnalwIne llRplonded.
Hllntington, Ind., Nov. 9.-Fifty pounds
of dynllamtle e",llod'I ell it ,von a. In, to
day on the Hallwood & Keilfr newer con
tract. John tcHartlman and Mairtin Kle(lfor
were killed ::ret Jhtn iFlynn iatally in
jut red. R hl,,n c'e, wenr, hadly wre*' k l
The( damage unoutntcl to ncinn thonlllll,.
'Ilevn tren werlu datc inglle dytiatmtI' w hn
it explodeld.
Ilt.r, l it n ielR tta
Ft'om a letter written by ev, J. (dmn
.rrmcan, of Ihmll~ndale,, Mlch , we are c'cr-
Ilntte.l to make thin extra1t: "I have no
heesit thicc inre coro nnnoicn. Dr liw's
N.w |lis,'ovrv. ic, th,' ..c'its wpe cl
ino nmtrvelous Iln the ct.e of my wife'.
hlhe I was pastor oI* rhie Ilpltl.t chur h
t lie',' Junitllc hlu e unL . bcluuc ht down
Ith p't'ntnlmoatit sret Itnrg in gII5pp1
rl t Iarcn. 'dlll I . ' I I' ter. i it. ' lIti ltl, lnl
t ',rl I a .l It lch c ,,ail n.l it lcit VlV'e
herc. A frhtnci rt''ommnccneli'd' I lr. Kinn' /
'ew Ilisccvel y; It was quitck In its work
nd highly satlsfwctory In roesutlt" Trial
tinttlc free at I'arc'he'nl-lh' Arheul DLrug
u. Its g'tlar alse 4k`' iand $1,
Tthe" best dollar cunderwealr in the city
ladles at the Bee Hive.
Silk Waists.
LADIES---An eventful Waist sale
this week, will bring comfort to
many a home. Our Silk Walsts are
every one of them new, both in styles
and coloring. All have full fronts
and shirred yokes, with neat fancy
collars and belts, extra large
sleeves, plain colorings and all the
new changeable effects, and also the
newest shades in cardinal, navy
blue, pink, cerise, etc., etc. Event
ful sale prices make It very interest.
Take elevator to waist floor.
new two opeets MNssed big Wilaaigs the
sems D.ay.
Chicago, Nov. 9.-Dreams, especially
when they relate to horseraces, have
little attraction for Hardy Durham, the
well-known horse-trainer. Had he pos
messed a particle of superstition he
could have made considerable money
at Oakley by playing the animal that
won the race in his dream. And Dur
ham was busy for an hour carrying
away his winnings in a sachel-in his
dream. That day Durham entered the
ring and saw 6 to 1 against the horse of
his dream-Pittsburg, of the Westches
ter stable, which also contains Vernon.
But instead of taking the dream as a
tip to play Plttsburg. Durham persis
tently overlooked that animal and
sought out George Beck at even money
on which to place a bet of $100. Pitts
burg won.
Strangely enough another man had a
drepm the same night, and about an
othbr animal In the Westchester stable,
Vernon. "Doe" Davls, a physIcian,
thought that Vernon won. When he
saw 25 and 30 to I on the slates in the
ring on Vernon, Mr. Davis related his
dream to friends and they tried to get
him to play the choice on superstition.
Going to the rail to see the horse warm
up the dreamer waved off his friends
with the remark: "I don't like the way
he looks and won't bet a single dollar
on him, dream or no dream." The big
fellow was chagrined to see Vernon win
in a gallop. He had bet $30 on Conjec
ture at 4 to 5. On Vernon this wager
would have resulted in a winning of
lear 11g I smeraes.
Havlng the needed merit to more than
make good all the advertising claims for
them, the following four remedies have
reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's
New T)iacovery for I'onlumnption. (.t.ghHt
uand ('Ilde, en'h hottle gunranticd. ,Ele.
tric Hitters, th.' great remedy for Liver.
Stomach and Kih1,n. .. llkhl n's Ar
lcni Salve the In·e III the world. and ir.
King's New Life ]'Ills, which are a per
feet pill. All these remedierl are grunran
teed to do just what Is cilninel for them
and the dealer whoae name is altached
herwith will be glsd to tell you mior of
them. Sold at I'ar'hen-I)'Acheul IDrug
Le* e sat oaf the Cma.,.
Cleveland, Nov 9--The national hank at
lhberlin was robbel Ilust nlght, the safe
bhung blown open with *d) natnlie. A large
sunl of money wns stolen The robbhlers got
aboutt $U4 In sliver. They ctle two rigs
to make their esHpe. 'rhe vaults were
found open, butt the safe Itht contained
$I ,01 was not touched.
eals.kesa Arpaia a'l*..
The best salve In the world for Cuts,
IPruises, Sores. IUlcers. Salt Rhetim, Fe
vet Sfores, Tetter. C'hHappe, Hands. C('hilt.
blabln, ('orns and all sIkin Eruptlons, nls
posiltively cutres ples, or Ino pay requirel.
It is guaranteed tu give perfect nit afac
tion or money reftlltlel. l'rice 1.5 -tnlts
per hox. 'For isle by the I'archeln
I Acheul )ruig company.
lltsnene the lnt ai
l'hevelaud. Nov. 11 -In the lnlitl Rtus ,
1 Iltrl t l'r t to-t ,p It lury I" the 'au , of
Oh,, I' Sit,'l 1t:ates uag lin t W . S .1."1,l r,
gcp*'rrl Initinger of Ithl l'eft1u. (uruPrert
tire iInsurna, -o.itpanyilV, itlughi In a
VI, Ile I"f guilty of usingI the n.hll.. (or
II..udulent purposes.
When Baby was sick. we gave her ahstorha.
Whe.n sh- was a Child, she erled for ( 'oatorka
When she became Mi, she citin to t'Iastiai.
Wh. sh ba ChiAaMkr, she pgavethes Ostola.
Two Mom entous Evnts
LADIES-Tbe irrevoooable flat of the citizens of Montana will
have gone forth, ere thin week ends, loc ating our beautiful city of
Helena the seat of legislature the permanent capital of the Treas
ure Statell And the public announcement of Sands Bros. PEUCIAL
BILK SALE is the other event of greatest moment to all the ctti
sens who are endowed with practical economic bustlne. prinfl:plos
Twelve yards firocaded Bilk Crepe.
Usual price $11.60. Reduced to $890.
Three Patterns Black Silk Crepe.
Everybody's price $7.75. Now only
One dress pattern IBrocaded Taf
feta. Worth $10. Only $5.87.
One dress pattern Fallle, always
sold for $15. Special sale price this
week $8.9&.
One dress pattern Brocaded Rilk
fancy colorings. Value $14.66. 1pe
clal sale price $7.60.
.t,le dress pattern Fancy Bengal
ine. Eastern price $21.50. Capital
woek, goes for $9.90.
Two dress patterns, green and
heliotrupe Or, n Grain. Standard
value $23. Eventful week $11.
Two dress patterns Excelsior
French Medal DO designs IL.tu
lar price $29.50. Momentous sale
price only $14.25.
Dress patterns White Moire, ex
qulsite finish. Market value $31.75.
Will sell Capital week for even $15.
Eventful Silk Sale.
Ladles, we desire to arrest atten
tion right here.
Eventful prices in Black Surahs.
Our elegant 65c quality reduced to
37%c. ( Our superior quality from
95e to rOc. Our special price in the
$1.10 number, only 6Sc. Our capital
week price for the $1.35 quality, only
98c, and our Moment ous Silk Sale
Special price for the $1.55 number is
only $1.05 a yard.
Eventful Sale Price In Satan Rha
dames--Our fine finish $1.10 a yard
we sell this momentous week for 78c,
and our Extra Quality Satin Du
chesse from $1.55 to $II.
You can also purchase Capital
week, our Elegant Number "A-l"
Duchesse, always selling every
where for $2.45, this momentous week
we ask only $1.65 a yard.
This being an eventful period, his
t r,c.i, eventful and momentous in
its -.eults to our commonwealth,
we desire most heartily to commem
orate our triumph, and we cannot
conceive a more appropriate way of
"Shooting off our rockets" than by
making this demonstration of gift
offering to the ladies who have so
kindly and generously patronised us
during tole thirty y-ars of prepara
tory trainlng for the glorious event
which we all Joyfully celebrate this
first JationaI Bank
Paid Up Capital........... `600,000
Surplus and Profits...... $5000000
Designated Depository of the
United States.
intiast allowed as time depaistt Ossaui
blaking business tuneasod. Way
Idsusit hoxes far sa.
L. T. HA0USE..................... Presldrat
J t'. E.V .M .. U NVi-Pmideat
k. W. KNIGHT...... ....Uses Vie.Psld.t
T. H YL nIit;MYIDr..... .Wuo sl
OIW. HI. ILL.. ...............4il( nI Onkr
[. T. Rages. H. 3. HaiLe
I..W. Hoch. J s A. rslbh ..
A. J. Uibai LW. Knt hi
area t'. tlllstta H. I. Ham toa
J. t.Lnrtla. Conrad Yohbr
Henry Klein.
AsnIeat. Haksh.
First National Bank. Mkimta.
)first Naltsnl Husk anti.
-- ITh. -
Merchants National
Paid in Capital • $350,000
Surplus and Undivided Profits 170,000
L W. HRI6RRFIVLD.............. . ent
A. J.. DVIIBON ...........Vie eat
AARHON IIit.lbHlILD............Cashier
T. P. BOWA .................Aset. t.linoe
Interest allowed on delpo*its nade rora apert.
Ged tIm+.
Trrnn.ter of mrneAy male Iy tI.lnrapb.
I sc heale lid on the prlurltpl cktlee O the
UnDI:d Sattae nsd ?:urote
Iloss for rent at * -'. . .e*I Io v oetlr e
rad bornlar ,rX.- ' * 't
A oritana ational
T-lOi. A. MARL) . ..............Prn*ldast
liOH1'. I. oN('l..LR ...... ..Vie. Pr.lden.t
AL .1NT L. 'MIH..... ...... Cashier
I. iI W lurtI. ...................... sst. Ceashie
flae A. Marlow, . P.F. oGaioles.
Jh't'. Murphy. Peter I arson,
JI i. MeICull, Henry I.ratnobe.
.rid A. t'er. IL tC. aeeora.
fermea s (,aa A H. Wud.r.
i,~es Ie aleer. ('. . Iresmara.
It 8). .Frd.
G e neral M, t am in e *, " ". .
-.Till' -
f meriCan J'ation al
T. r", III .POWRrwIdnt
A.J IWLI1,MAN ....... Vlcw·PlasCl ltt
A. C. JOIINhON ..........·. . · s ....a.... 1LLer
T. t'. )',moor A J. ii sUanran.
A. C Johbs.u. Iiehsvd Looks,
J~mw tnlllrqn.
Inlenira Is wed nn tlhu deomita. TxebBng.
Issued . l ,rlnapel sill.. uof tit, Uittdt ntmt..
('nue sad I surope ITmnal., of mrnoue mas.
by telsigaph. (ulaUtns prompt, t " ib
1is.c. omats mail stat sesuriUw s
speciaI Silk Sale--This Week Only.
.ultirl, IIcI, of lilur k Ialle Ite
duclrrl price. 81.10r. Nr~w onily M':,
Fi. f1lI n r'-laz..d i'. $1.40. Nuw
Iani' I~l hr k~ 'nly $2 OS ai yard.
sold formerly at $1.91,. t; p~ccla male
An ''1. uIIJmbl)r In 1Il:.rk Fauulle,.
,.Izgluu rly I -uittlrul fabric woul
be chi a1. ..t i3.46. )'.. otful sulu
pri"r" $1 .u
()l'(A',lI IN 1:XTltA( 1111)1NA I!Y
MarkcH .ur 'i'.op-Notch lilackI
Falllu fr.zur 32 'o to only St.h6.
(Iron~ CGrln. good quaity andri dye.
Hup.avl'r filn sh $2.15, only $1.471,5.
Oralua, e%,. viy..dy, pire $,;76. kljae
cl -a' lrI alI' * ic e ..
il BE :A I,1 N E$ Iutl C palale prIc'e
--A full IlIu' l.t':.,nt gla.1. ('heapj
In ordlina:y times at $1.55. This
Lvrua i, i 4' IJILtl wee-k redluced to
'J7'Ac. a yuird.
for rIl,-"vtM ti JuckI-IM, , .., with
Mitre far himlrlar .otinahnttlittp. Ip-.
duced from $1.35 to 90c., fIroml $1.45
to $1, from $1.59 to $1.10, from $2.25
to $1. 50.
A M.,mentous and Eventful silk
Dress Goods
French, German, English, Scotch,
Irish weavers and producers of
dress fabrics, all are represented
here this week, and tnload we nmust
and will before the new tariff free
wool law goes Into effect. The
styles, every one of them, are per
fectly correct, and the prices are so
low as to thake it worthy the oc
casion, for it really Is a Momentous
and Eventful special sale! !
Sands Bros. are sole agents for
Ypsilanti Underwear.
Intorpohtee under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
?U0M~ CROUSE. .............Ir. eFlidkm:
G ADI VNE. ... Vioº1reside
a J. I .....Aat. Tres. Bad Slaaffi~rA
1/ . ............... ............... aleare
Ur Cror. Frank H. Crov.
a J.Cooke. IY. J. bwsenl.
John Fagan.
AliIwap mset Intewreten Sa kngaDeIposll5
compound" January sad July.
1raa3aj.aea l=b ~ ak boaLfs Draw.
arneban "all y ogopdalpra cGilua of the ln (tJ
lllatand and kmps
Deal. n all onty ad olty bondr, and makesr
kars on uk State mertgagea
Office ews from 10.m I to 4. m A I"
atnrdy Wi Monday eytnlnga from 1 t
No. 4406.
Then elersaJtiI
CAPITAL $500,000.
Transacts a General Banking 13uei.
F, 1. FD iF.RTON .................. rrldent
C. K. l'oL.................. Y ioe"lrVa'i out.
hKIJ. F. CtuK................... ahor
JN1I V LUKR...... AItflst 1 ashler
(-olloetloaa a epftldty Iutrs'at paId 0:3
limo Jdeioolt& Acenuut of 'ans., Corpora
110u* Lirms andl hudlrldoale *olicltol
Ea.Aqra .," A rop..niIonts.
Moro-ntiii Na.djonal I'n ... N' v
tu:lt~n.r gal N'ltIt.3&u 1 ..... . 1'hica :
Mrrrsant Naumual hIank........... bt. I W:tl
t. IA al Natoal A auk . ....... . .........
The Original & Genuine
(.OUU14» I T4'n:l r.Hilf.1
tmlbrt the most d clor.. ltame and irt t )
RIoll & ('old at'nte
U I /IIi
I -4
Take None but ra & Pb rrns.
$Innltr f 01 ('ntr h.,twdtt .f ýrlI;nl A I;. 'i It,,
JbuLs Dtznocu'e Mq.n, Nev a..rk.
sad .rI. InAf Aeeoe5
('el. " ,sU~dt ter edowythlats
tttr le
Originators of Low Prices.
LAI)llES-P'lease don't
miss our Momentous Fur
Sale this week. We are
progressive Furriers, that's
why we sell all our FIurs
in season and have no old
Furs. We are practical
FIurriers, which explains
the general satisfaction our
Furs give. We are relia
ble, because of our Fur
knowledge, and this means
Fur honesty. Our Furs
are fashionable because we
always lead, and keeping
in stock only new Furs we
never need to follow. For
price, quality, fit, style,
finish and dependable wear
you all know, everybody
knows, that Sands Bros. is -2 ..
the reliable Fur Store. 4 r
This week our Carpet exhibit willl
be on a royal .ale of magnllifeence.
Prices will ,pe most tempting, and
the variety without precedent In any
city of the Northwest. Rugs and
Linoleum figure prominently in this
Momentous Sale.
T.tble Damask is a spe-lilty with
us thl, season. ,We hnndle only re
liable Linen Damasks, with a corre
spondingly fine line of napkins, and
profit does not enter Into our scheme
of supplying every one with those
household necessaries. Towels in
damask, AJure finish, knotted fringe
and Huck towels ae on tl'is week's
bargain counttr.
Notice to Gold Mineis'a
Amalgamated PlateG
For Saving Gold In
Qnartz, Gravel, or Places
Made of Best Bon Lake Bupeila
At Reduced Prices
Our plntes :ire Guaranteed, and
by actual experincco are proved.
the ~est in wmigat of uilvor and
durability. Old miiinfj platos ro.
plated. bought c. gold reparwed.
Thousaud.L of ordrn Wliod.
San Franeiceo N ielty.flo'1. Sil
ver and Niclel 1'latini Works,
so, @o and W $lire 1.S.. sea Venehee.. C.L
Justinian Caire, Agent,
531 mad $33 Markel 5t., Si. Vv··aLa.a
assayers' and MiainQ MIateria),
Battery Screens and Wire Clotg
~~UI~U5VF1~ bp ntelj..aI
Corpulency by'l~
Gad ý iýI~tllllr tfrattsen l.rr. .rls
l,*a.".. ri'sdu.I tormanebfl,. We
*,,Mtnf'i. B fU. or rItuDd yo, aua.v. N.
s aI t wL CO.. U sele M a
Flannelette Waists.
yoske hack, n viry p'is:;t; K:gartheuL
I'l ltel .. j 111, ' . It. Plrl n
N,. . t lii is i; Flannleti' WVaisit.
1-h1t- I )tike 1,a, k. This wi"t-,"k irly
lin- French Fiannoel W.ait. ''ir
sr d edgs, ih. in lbra . IIpI1..I ysks
Ibstck CispiitaI treik slpciail sale.
I)ellgi:ful Fine T'rcot Waist.
pilaiteid Isack atnil fronlt, winel, blue i
and blaiicsk colosrinsgs. E":entful sale.
Extra Fin. Prsepped Flannel Wnist.
cs srder d edge., oislit atind pslai tsd back.
Speci s:al als.. lI' Ice osny $3.
French C'alhmsrss Waist. In blue.
plalteds hack.('acade frsmnt; In an
elegantly srnmart Karmennt. I'rlce for
capital week only $2.
Parisian (Caishmere Waists. rape
collar, neat and extra stylish waist.
Momentous sale. IPrie only $3.
FOR- -
Prospectino Mineral Veins
and Deposits,
Boring vertically, horizontally
or at any angle to any desired
depth, takin out a cylindrical
section or oare the entire di,.
tance, showin:g exact character
and giving a perfct t section of thi
strata penctrated. Ali for bor
ing artesian wacls. Machinsc
for channelinl;, gadding and
o(her k::.ls of qu: r rv \eork, shtll
14n1 ain , ta:nl a n.;s , :f :un : , rait.
road and all classes of rock bormi.
The American liamiond
Rock Blorig Conmpany.
IS (br.teim4nt 84%@ * . ew Term.
Electric Blasting Apparatus
Manufactured and for sale by
Laflin & Rand Powder Co.

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